Primetime 4.20.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 20th
Texts on the Blazers, a funny NFL note, and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Occasions just meant more. As the playoffs we get national pride and John McCain is against you. I T I read smell golf and it's springtime tailback right able to be defended attorney. Up to 50% up. Until dot com for more details Brian Taylor Moore and maybe she okay. Branded its next year and I'm real glad. It's about various thoughts from. I was here in place and I think it's finally coming into focus the that guy over there entity Davis that's the top five player that's a superstar deem as a borderline all star who can't carry data roster he needs help. C hopefully we can see that now. I just. I hate that that is what people are gonna take out of this series. Yes he is being taken out of his game and he has been bad. But Damian load is a proven playoff performer that is having an awful series and he's getting everything in the kitchen sink. And Adam did Hitler took this average roster and he willed it's the three seed. That this idea yes he's not Anthony Davis Davis is by the third or fourth best player in the NBA live it is not that inlet there will never be that. But by saying that he's not Anthony Davis is somehow that's an indictment on Damian Miller unless your name is Kevin Durant or LeBron James. Maybe step curry is there another guy that is as good as Anthony Davis. And I just think if that's what you take out of this series that somehow damion limited is the problem with the team your short sighted and you're just lashing out because you're angry and frustrated. Those says Damian and CJ and starting guards means the blazes are gone far in any playoffs page GM broad time to trade TJ that's from Bob and fair view. A the only way the blazers can win a championship is get relegated to the GA league to. Coach. Minerals to I have here. How promising does columns look when is Ricky numbers are lesser than Myers Leonard's rookie numbers. I understand that not true. I think some I didn't over. I don't nobody here in the Playhouse but. I did sees it with in the final month of the season. Yeah Zach Collins that the numbers are that much different I don't know if they're worse or slightly better but. His numbers are gonna while you but if you watch Myers lenders or the year you watch Zach Collins. There is a difference there is that calls is going to be a nice player. Does that content to be in a foundational player that did did you amber was talking about it and he develops into a dominant big guy who the hell knows. But Zach Collins are ready from an IQ standpoint from an awareness standpoint from a defense standpoint. Up about an offensive skill set is already better than Mars and it was a rookie so don't. Don't bring me the rookie numbers thing again this is sort of target about I think this is anger in this is frustration. It is just getting misplaced and lash out and other tech says is it time for all shady go back to All My Children. I think it's really sexy Diaz and maybe doubted. That there may be you know he was. He was on that dare he use a soap opera Gary's handsomely look at it there. He's an Adonis. Analysts illegals we have here. Willard has three more years. You better be on the assent that thirty year he's Lockett. See that that is something it's it's too early to talk about it too much because just inning just speculating but yeah I tell you what anybody that thinks that he won't leave. You're crazy. Heat heat heatedly. And babe he's that tax is right you better have something around and help. He even before the wind streak he went to the owner and sat him down to what we doing it. That that should tell you all you need to know that is not some theme that you should mess with. You need to get something around him in the next two years in that third year that's right you better be sending her he will walk there are a lot of teams that you don't want. And I think there's a difference I think LaMarcus left because that and he wanted to be here. Are a 100% believe that dame wants to do everything in his power to add to finish his career but. Yeah I I do think there's an element of that this can't keep happening but. I I think live there will end up here 'cause I I do think that they are going to trial these escapee years to put some other things around and I don't think they can be dumb enough to just sit here and say oh they been trying for two years they have been in the works now it hasn't but I just on. Just thinking that he's any different than anybody else in the NBA it's. You know I know he is a loyal guy he's a he's a good guy but do not think for 12. That he won't walk this on says this is really not that typical bad decisions in the past have led to bad production on the floor today it's clear. A G number oh is immediate pro. Most we have here. But but but O'Shea says the team projects to 54 wins with the media at the floor. He did tells them it is getting and as I said it's it's it's gonna get personal it is going to be an ugly offseason. Well look I mean I. Does have to be personal that that's what he set yeah he said that Nixon his crap that he spews is coming back to bite him because people see it for what it is. He's he's at he's a total snake many he sell he'll sell you anything and you know how oil is good at it in the huddles them up. Damian Miller missed like eight games this year deputy foreign habit and get hurt this season. One of the healthiest teams in the MBA. And maybe there's outlets don't know what else pointed out we've talked about as they are they where they are very healthy you you you were healthy the rest of the west wasn't and you were what three to four games from not even make little job making the play out there here's rich in Kaiser he says that very thing he says hey this team stands pat I don't think they make the playoffs next year these other teams are getting better. I mean there may be an element of that and there are well don't let that be the last straw I think he should let this series beat the last straw if it as a fan I think he should be pissed. And I think you should let him know your tennis I don't think you need to wait another year you you know what this team isn't mediocre at that. And I wonder what the conversations are going to be in the exit interviews with that between that the GM the coach in the owner. This is the sort of series. But not all series. You know losses are created equal this is the sort of one where changes get made. Because it's hard to rationalize it away if you lose a close series as I said you lose a close series in seven games. And games go back and forth and you know the other team just makes a player to more the ball doesn't bounce your way. Then unites it's easy to sit there and try to justify that you take an ass will open like this in this is the one that gets people fired this is the one that gets teams blown up and you know maybe ultimately I'm an egg and maybe this is just mr. bright side in me maybe this ends up being in a positive thing in the end because maybe this fund does force. On some serious change maybe this is the catalyst actually doing something that kind of forces you out of this. Oh. The rupture. Wherever you wanna call this kind of purgatory where you're not bad but you're not lead Haiti had the Packers have the best schedule. In the NFL. In the worst. That's right and as it is about my dog on the times in my Bulldog he's the best. And the worst hit the toughest and easiest. And I was a little Jason let's discuss fourth fourteen on the fan. This is a playoff we commission O'Brien John Moore advise against who can. Presented by red cell Paulson is suffering tens failed on ten Davy Jones trail and if you like peavy Redskins or giants. GM Ferrari NFL draft party next week it's that Thursday at Ladd tap house just text Washington or. NYT. And he goes specifically. Washington or NYG. Text 255305. Right now again 55305. Washington. Or NY AG in ill randomly select the one person to beat GM of the giants in the skins like to thank our sponsors Alamo about a family encore audio video. They give us what do 65 inch TD Elaine I believe Yorker mixer and Ladd tap house is out it's a run a southeast eleventh. Chairman next Thursday will be out there so our little palate cleanser before the news segment I've got tobacco news. And a photograph that his. That is making the rounds getting treated. Quiet a bit hot photo talk hot photo time yes. But first. I got a kick out of this Jason because yesterday. NFL schedules are released and and we we sat here really do that's good matchup that. That's a tough schedule win loss on him in its low we have the Seahawks won in fifteen. But the patriots fourteen into about the Steelers right I think that's what I read is the Steelers have the best team. That has the and not the easiest schedule already people in love with Pittsburgh's schedule us all the winners and losers and in Pittsburgh seems to be the big winner on what OK and then there's a football that was the other story because they actually. Delivered big time games mean fox ponied up like 600 million and they've got some of the really the best primetime games of the year on Thursday night including some playoff games like what giving games so we start off with falcons Eagles. Now that's gonna be weak one RBC says that's Ted that is still present football but then you get ravens Bengals. Jets browns vikings or rams defense rounds I know that's again they're not half does give it time we get vikings or rams that's fantastic. You got colts patriots if Andrew Luck comes back there we did Eagles giants Broncos cardinals dolphins Texans raiders 49ers. And now we get into that did the good part here where these are gonna be big time playoff games. Panther Steelers Packers sea hawks falcons saints say it's cowboys who jags titans charge sheets Erica there's a bad games starting let's go to November 1 but the quality of that football is still going to be mediocre and it's Thursday and now. Brazil so really. You're ruining great matchups by putting bumpers and for that at least you give us compelling match up will be launching that will be watching you and those are gonna be big time games I mean those are going to be playoff implications. I'd sucks assorted you know. Followed by the wayside in not making a pass because of a Thursday night game you have to go on the road good. This is the reality of the NFL everyone has to do it so suck it up go on the road and and you know give yourself a win. This is a big F and deal with a big F in deal Jay is chargers chiefs that beat that to be a playoff berth for either one of those teams not yeah. But digest browns game they had been at the start of the year. These broads are gonna have some young players may be huge stain on Harangody with. Let's be great to watch some browns and oh. Still rounds I watch it well the only thing they'll make image seeing is drafting two quarterbacks in the top five years I think they're they're gonna draft a quarterback and he's one of those and he's not gonna play. By their terra Taylor I'll astray you know whoever they draft whether it's Rosie O'Donnell there Allen he's gonna sit so you know we'll watch the Cleveland Browns it's not going to be needed that Josh Allen led to the browser to be Tyrod Taylor they should just keep them Natalie. Anyway I I saw this in laughed I really did I laughed out loud sports left early today in my house at. That's right that kind of laugh. At your creditors and that's part of and it was this I'll Regis from Green Bay Packers. Gave offers of all the headline reads. 2008 teens most forgiving NFL schedules Packers Broncos sit pretty. writes the schedule makers gave the Packers who jumped to a 41 record before Rogers broke his collarbone in week six every chance to get out of the false start again. They Opel with two straight home games in their only road game in the first quarter of the season is in Washington. While a two game road it's going to Los Angeles and Foxboro in weeks 89 will be challenging and require them to rack up a lot of air miles. The out a division schedule as more forgiving than usual K that's okay. Let's now go to use CBS sports dot com rivals. Right. They lists this is always the best one they'd be due date is due to a straight list of 2018 strength of schedule now and this is the ranking so. This is combined 2017. Record of all sixteen opponents are combined winning percent. You know who's number one the hardest. In the entire NFL. Green Bay Packers. In Green Bay Packers expect so they indeed they have the best. And the. Off the combined record from last year because we know year to year there's a 50% turnover. In in playoff teams basically the year to year and so there's just there's no telling who's going to be like the first it's it's sexist towards our year is on your schedule. That is if you go off of the record that will be viewed as an easy win could Cisco wasn't very good last year. But if you look at this version of the 49ers and there's no one that looks at San Cisco is like all great we got an anchor's. Sydney with the raiders and teams that are gonna be like that that should from a from a record standpoint probably lay ups. But when you look at it in reality aren't so easy. He's tech says no rob the only thing that makes the browns adjusting his if they draft two quarterbacks in the top five and played him at the same time. I'm talking about. And he needs Tyrod Taylor are running back yeah have recorded defeated three like Tyrod Taylor can play quarterbacks last slot receiver out. Josh and supposedly is a Cam Newton like gap the you can put him in in the back field they'll and then you just you're just Rosen are dark whatever key back stop that Wade Phillips. You you it. Toyed with this they had bad taste and he'll kid it was a big runner but couldn't throw the ball medium and they had after data the other kid was but they did play sometimes with. With two quarterbacks and and just let you know. That the Denmark goes away didn't. To be fair. Buehrle was very good but I still didn't Oklahoma do now with. Yet the bulk of the bulldozer yeah. They had done Alia I spell or something like that does is let the goal line guy they called them the bulldozer he was just as big like freak. And he played quarterback slash fullback and they would and I forget who the regular quarterback lesbian they've they ran into them there well my my my floated this with Tebow a little bit where they'd put Tebow in the backfield and Chris leak. Was that it national title and and and Tebow was a I can sub package kind of guy. I guess they just put two guys back there and the guy the synergies cheeses which one's attitude. No windows really get easily it's like. Leonhard. But the interesting thing about that position. Quarterback in and I was here this argument two of you know when they see you can't get your quarterback can in the here well what are you guys get it and in and tight ends get hit receivers getting hit and why are they able to do it because here's the thing about that. When you're running back you're tied and your tackle whatever you can play nicked up. Thank you it's giving everyone hurts but when your quarterback is nicked up but he's got a bum ankle if he shoulder is sore he's got a big cut on his hand only exactly big bet that's that's about right played down the debt but this is this is exactly what we're talking about here right if that cut. I'm Brady's hand that threatened his season if it's any other player. That cut is a non factor but what ever puts states is it throws the super group got a glove on it got me. But it quarterback the little details indeed real a guy. Yeah any player in the league become play with a bum shoulder but you are back with a bum shoulder and he's done lots of guys can play with a bum hamstring are in the year some bruised ribs. Quarterback has that it's almost like I'm in baseball right with a with a with a pitcher what blister a split fingernail on a guy's hand any scooped. And you could say are you want that makes him a Sissy but if you can't grip the damn ball and throwing. You're you're gonna be affected by and that's why you can't have your quarterback hit it's the most unique position. In all of football because he banged up quarterback that drop off between healthy quarterback and banged up quarterback is so much greater than any other position so this idea that it's not a big deal the U quarterback can't. Horse bleep it's not. That's really put to them back there where they get. All right coming up next it is time for in the news I have a little bit on tobacco. And when we return here on the broadcasters Mike. This is so playoffs we get a should know prime time more advise against duke presented by red tells golf answers. Spring tent sale on 1080 both Israel and clearly evident to. Picture correct in this yeah looks like just shoot. GM spots left. For our party at Ladd tap house next week that'll be on a Thursday gave one of the NFL draft. Looking for the jags in the same city by text Jacksonville. Or. New Lola. And OLA. Right now 255305. Rule round out our crew Jacksonville or Nolan NL LA Tex those right now. 255. 305 it is well. Unit you know a dated as I do we do it is it is April 20 smoke and if you got him for 22018. Type. Lure. And link at all. There we go. So unfortunately it was it is news Chuck Schumer said he's gonna start the process of decriminalizing. Lead at the federal love hope I am yeah and then let's get to states. Take that wouldn't you know but we're when he and his colleagues it's like him being a drink here and our. I don't need Saint Patrick's Day treat him. So I'm guessing. We're being gang we broke. They've sort of thing that. Mean you know his fortune money even a thing or is that just and a growth in oblivion if you break your at least looking at 420 in the afternoon what do you do you better be like a rock star or. They like is there anybody that does it once a year thank god for playing better. Now I think it's just more of like. I'm saying like I guess I drink all the time I don't need a holiday it is in with a celebratory thing but I think if you're we'd get a Mexican dream guy you probably do it on for twenty but not because it's were twice that's what I'm saying. Did the white we what is the deal about fortunately we guide doesn't care he smokes weed every age group in those listed don't we don't care as we don't smoke and figure out if we. Wicket before we can come from. With Freddie talked about it but I don't know I think we have that kind of effort to be kept. Yes any guy would it was a legal about a week. Guys check this story and a lot. You will not be able to chew tobacco at Safeco Field. Okay. In your face they're they're they're given that he broke. Speaking county board of health has voted to ban the use of smokeless tobacco and all professional sporting events in the county. And that includes Seattle to goes I know you could do that. And at Safeco. But he needs. Can't lie heater up except designated areas I didn't know if he could dip games yet he could add you can't. To back if I did know that. Anymore not anymore right that they voted unanimous right out to measure has been approved. We'll go into effect may nineteenth so CIX games. Mariners games. Can't get rose. It is disgusting habit. Alitalia flight distance and yet it was the hardest one to. Do you. Think that's. That instantly get its forces because it's like an instant wake. Ladies sit like utilities in the eighties your dragon as a practice like that you like an upper hand in did you say hey you know you know it's interesting to music. This is so weird because there was a time an eyewitness. And get it yet. Cigarette of that though. It was not hard for me to quit and I just wasn't that it seems like defeated you know. You closed edit your buzz. What street's been so my my the opinion of this news and more confused when I see somebody smoking now unlike. Wow he really you're still smoking. And yet with the confidence he's currently tobacco. I don't say that. Then it doesn't I see yeah you see guys Q and all the time minutes is the talent. But that smoking the heater that you're still stand on the dart out in front. You do or detect cancer stick going concern. It's that dedication to sync them. His view this is people will always say that I've never been a smoker I will have a cigar occasionally I do you like him do you like a nice car. But I've I've never guess I guess against independent. I've never been a smoker I'd never seems regret yet never smoked a cigarette in my life occasionally. Happens ago. But whenever when I was says like I can't please it would still smokes. Because we we know that that what that does do you but we never say that about the person that's at the drive through order in like a 4000 calorie meal and it's and meanwhile you know they're having a heart attack we just just as bad horse. All the time of pressure but it there's something about like Babylon cigarette and that we are snowed this. Still discussed we've ever seen someone might dig into like a greasy pork sandwich is not deserve the most appealing on there it's not appealing that we all do it if it. There are now my nose to cigarettes and that's the way. But I was and when I was with the Broncos I had a pinch of the bear in big pitch during today's kind of wake me up a little bit. And Al Wilson hit be so hard that I swallowed it and that we'll be off that Alan Wilson how we'll see it. He had the linebacker he hit me so effort harmed lesbian we're looking face he was phenomenal. And Mike says he is and we're looking ace I can see that. He's sixteen fellow but it was nice to me. But I think there are now Wilson that played demands. You think about Newman. Don't you mean yeah every utility guy Basra the twins. Mariners all over the place I don't think it's I was I think you thinking about it and but either way yeah I had a huge. I huge face buried yet be and that went down my throat and I thought I was gonna die I thought I was gonna die. First of I was gonna choke him and that is gonna vomit and he found it hilarious. And does that help me keep having to go through the hallmark Al Barton he played there as and again. There's some weird about him you'd need like. It needs to say that he played USC but Bonnie yeah. Wired that anyway my my quick Al Wilson is there's another guy on the team that was at Tennessee without Wilson. And there was a gun issue involved mean some of the football players at Tennessee. And I guess the former stood up and and the guy was that the fullback there was it was there in Denver with me. Said that Phillip Fulmer told everyone that they they had to go turn in their guts like I guess like a lot of players were carried around guns. And he made that the team Rowland Al Wilson stood up and had 8000 novel rant against in the team meeting and told to look forward to go. F himself. And he can dig is god you know no way to weed you physically come and take it from me and then stormed out of the room and nothing happened to him because. Apparently Al Wilson did when Al Wilson on its people in the land title right around there. Won a title or not but it can't Tennessee did apparently he was I don't I think it was probably after him. He won his that was T march month. Look at sea views on those teams are not blacks and garlic that apparently Al did whatever he wanted to do it no one was going to question him included that coach so. The Mariner's. Become the fifteenth. Major League Baseball stadium that has a ban on smokeless tobacco. In the momentum for such fans say grew from a stat among health advocates it shows last cigarette smoking has declined. Locally and nationally the number of people who use smokeless tobacco remains relatively stagnant. It echoes of but those same. It's real it's frankly this stigma hasn't hit the smokeless world like it has done cigarettes. That is really weird because by the renewable QE but talk to Jim Kelly right now and Kennedy's going through. And Tony went right yeah attorney who indicted. Our rights coming up and I hope in the news the viral photo that has. People talking today have you seen yet they have not seen this. But they would it's all about in your right by the way he did win a national title at Tennessee Alomar and Cassie so out keeps his gun we win a title. But out at the eggs are typically shot and issued New England should have coach it's up for 42 on the fan. This is a playoff for echinacea no primetime what advise against duke presented by red tells golf centers bring tents sale on Jay Nady both fair and. I just blew my time I'm. I can't imagine it was a bad rules that's AM like. It's been locked it back in the into the court with some words they sure did before we get back to that in the news. For those that are not following Major League Baseball. The royals of lost against dale that they haven't had a chance at pulling it doubleheader against the tigers. Kansas city's three and fourteenth in with them or get it now lost nine and ruin my posts that you threatening. The royals have logged thirteen at bats this season with the bases loaded they don't have. And then I went with this month. The royals have to. Relievers combined who have pitched eleven any snow the Grimm guy from the cubs and in some old retreads name boy here. They've combined for eleven innings they have given up 32. Run it's the best is you had that in your pocket like Mike throughout dads that Iran's reaction that's all I can beat that play every time night I've watched them. Those two guys are given up runs so I finally looking at him like I cannot those guys are getting to sports what it. Many rounds have they given up its 32 different than eleven meetings you want to goodness yeah only 28 earned. That's really it. Really and it's a wonderful time it all right in news sports money. I'm I was telling you about the photo. That everyone's talking about. It's been retreated to a lot on the tweaks such. I it is the photo to. That one of the passengers from the Southwest. Airlines flight thirteen eighty and then where the woman in the skills should sucked out the window we've spent a lot of time talking about that on broadcast. I there was a photo of the passengers who turned around. And took a photo of people. On the plane in the in the cabin just a still shot. Let photo has has been now making the rounds. Because. People are pointing out. That pretty much every one that can be seen in the photo is this with a mask is not wearing their mask correctly. Yes so I saw this a couple of days ago yeah every was put into the their mouth and out of there are no ghosts yet so these bait literally tell you exactly how to do it before every single flight depth and yet when push comes to job. No one was able to do it correctly. Is it to figure out that that goes over your nose wheel it adds a common sense right there you had a wider use and why are you yeah I don't. Anyway a look I'll give you this. If I was on an airplane I've only been on. One airplane were it was really bad case chaotic yet. And it's freaking out I think at that moment the last thing anyone's thinking about is is the little. Whatever that did the little demonstration. Point it's it's a little bit of the underdogs so I get it but it was amazing view the photo how many people. Can't figure out that it goes over your unique history. And I Britney did you read the account. Of the two people that were sitting next of the lady that got sucked out and again there's no do I wanna. It's just it was really look like she was saying that they they were sit there and the one lady on the Iowa's you have to go to the bathroom. And they gave the that this sit down right we're we're going to see turbulence. And she says she was talking to the two ladies next to her. About how she had to go issues that noise in the next thing she knows. You know the explosions boom and the hole in the window and she said the lady got sucked out and she was Wear your seatbelt. The lady. The lady that they got the guys that otherwise she Dodgers don't window. And she's at her in the league next year. We tried to pull back in and they could not. I they felt themselves being pulled towards the window. It's at least she was talking about how her shoulders were kind of keeping your battery dead end. I and kind of the upper part were were out the window when they were desperately trying to pull back but they couldn't and then choose firefighters. Eventually came over to males and they were able to pull it back to end it just kind of goes through what the scene was like in the CPR at. It was interesting to read her account and how scary was. And she said that it was sold Cole she couldn't believe it and then she says she was screaming for help but she couldn't even hear herself screens. Because it was I was so loud. Because they rat Griese announced yesterday on 2000. Uterine those windows are not yet no cop and everything and then Davis and ultimately it was blunt force trauma to the head and active. Italy he knew OK so. You know what happened right like the day engine blew deaths in the shrapnel broke one of the popular the fan blades I guess on the turbine in. That bro went through 'cause the thing to blow up in the shrapnel hit and now they're doing some sort of emergency they Wear their ass in every way to go check these gamble end in all day and all the or what are you surprised. Because at the one thing about dream was that those those when those engines blow it usually isn't shrapnel that's inside there yet. So. But still the idea that this could happen. I'm surprised this hasn't happened before right with those windows right there you know and that you know. Uniting all that shrapnel like how is this not I don't know if the engines do blow them it's. The amazing part is I guess what it is slow it's not that big a deal. Let's understand I got a lot of it is just as there is it shrapnel its internal and they can continue on this may just be one of those just. Dumb luck sort of things right this. Mean dot dumb luck against down. This fortune. They just happen to go up in it and break the window left listen to the flight attendants when they're showing you how to put the oxygen mask on don't take that for granted approval will be again. It'd save your life here's the thing if you can't forget how to properly put on the map as to how many people there probably put it on the lights just no question does anyway that's that's that's my first hours of that is they give you can't figure out the best there is zero chance anyone is getting that life jacket now there's probably people we can't figure out the DM seatbelts. I can't even though they showed they literally have to show you that. Oh this part I was glad that already find it a little asinine when they do that but apparently we need to do as kids and you can't hate. If she if that woman wasn't paying attention to never seatbelt. Beat Chile she had a chance to lift the idea she was gone she was out that window if she was not. The seat belts strapped in Houston I mean she's gone out with the people ask is she did not like it wasn't like half her body and they just said that the ladies that are head was out. And her shoulders has started to go. And they grabbed her pulled back in but she was where received otherwise. At least that that the lady said she thought that the lady was gonna go set the suction was so powerful. And they work thank you were trying to get some leverage owner but they didn't want to take up their seat belt because they were afraid that that they would go out but. Luckily there were two guys they got up and in the midst of all this and made their way over and pulled the lady back enemy that's. Those two guys are heroes and overly passed away but that's a bold move to get up from your seat. When you win there's a broken window. The engines blown and you risk getting up and and going over there and pullen of lady in god bless those two guests. In disguise says hey why don't even have windows on their plans. You know you fans you're not flying a giant battle to. Darkness right ABC bit the next step dirty test in his we're going to get its candidacy snow 360 degree views there. Basically what that their their target about is that the next generation of planes it is are gonna be that the top of the sides are all going to be screens. And then they'll do that the interest of the cameras like you have a car. I think the parking cameras. And then they'll put down on so it won't be like there's a tougher side of the plane at all love depth of even though it won't you won't necessarily be seen outside it'll be like there's no top. There's no sides on the airplane you'll be able to see everything is going on around freaky debt like caesar's palace I've got to like that that same sort of thing right now it's really that that will veto this guy it looks like it. When you walked uses the shops Cesar they say that that could be the next kinda trend would be like. I don't like an open air airplanes sort of speak at least that will be reviewing it I'm not sure if that. If people are gonna be comfortable with that or not NBC in the stands that seats their their client list. Yes they wanna squeezes in their like are being even more so they want us to the scandal if orbits has taught us anything it's that you could save 37 dollars people or women to do it no matter how in communities. I that's in the news for the twentieth 2008 team coming up next it is the hot five at five Eli Manning may be in some travel we have more. MLB to Portland news. And we'll update you on the blazers injuries all next on the fan.