Primetime 4.20.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 20th
Ropp receives a letter, Blazers lose big to the Pelicans, diving into the game, who is at fault, and CJ McCollum's future. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Trying to him on 1080 million burden. Couple run a little more port for Cleveland Verizon in the lawless hit the ball. This is over playoffs we get a chinook trying to more guys against duke. Drives you back I red tailed us and it's springtime sale Friday look tiny at an even when he backed up to 50% off everything else. Is that god bread still dot com for more. OK then you wanted to do. Local thing. Right ahead. No that's a good strategy is Damian. And that's why I think a lot of people aboard and are not avenue Good Friday at least that is never good Thursday eight LA holy hell. PMA's Suk positive mental attitude yen it is sunny out. It is warm out I had bigger day there's more MLB to Portland baseball news is. There is. Yeah there is an NC a a as the site with the had a bit of cash payment yet Paula countless. Well legislate that billion details on the offer and they're offered up another building in Portland diamond project offered a eighty million dollars. Cash. To purchase the Portland public schools building barrel as well. As a building on 82 in Tillamook which was the old Banfield pet hospital to give to Portland public schools for their new headquarters and put an 8000 unit apartment complex on the side of the baseball stadium and and long term plan to fund facilities gyms fields and more for problems well. Now all right so there it was. I did CNET sounds like that's the site when I clearly doing my job it's usually hand out. Clearly and this this is what makes me happy clearly they want that site. Like guys I know they're looking at others they made the offer and he yes I did they want to PPS site because why would you why wouldn't you want it down there on the river. By the Mota senator and all that stuff that's the one that they're going on and four and animal will see what happens. Well I can assure you that we will not talk about. Last night's blazers game in the first segment expect that. We're gonna ease into that putt you real. Really have to you can't necessarily cannon ball you're way out of that automotive editor edit it you gotta talk about any deal but talks to people off alleged today I try to do that last night on Twitter. Because I really thought some of the idea that he is he going into the act Emmett are right. Ms. Gardner yeah stop I have something better to great day bro as something better it is a great game and I stay out all these games again though he's baseball games and a new get postponed all over the country Portland's got really nice. It's beautiful out any team here. So I'm not got something better for you here on this on this for twenty you know it's four times I do you know it's 420. Big super troopers his cabinet to the odds were twenty pennies super triggers super troopers which I don't know it. How widespread super troopers was a fan it's it became a cult classic it wasn't big is like like about skier caddie shack. Movies were big when they came out but they bought but then they kind of developed. Like a cult following so I'm a little nervous. About the second super troopers but I'll they're gonna get my money because I loved the first. And I that's coming out obviously yeah today on on 420 so they hate hearing when people say well ally and is being blazer fan then and that's socked. So I don't wanna listen to it. In ninety here. Yes like it but some people like that like I'd be like that you know like a devastating loss lingers in the years like and you know if name Ahmed listening music yeah. I get that but we want you to listen to us anyway the uplifting Celine the Alan my heart says go on yet. Maybe you could give us an addition of I have some well I have something better I mean you are the song bird of our generation I'm not going to sing for. But I am going to read you a letter okay in this will take your mind off the trailblazers at least percent OK art. This letter in the mail and I wanna read T a letter in the mail and you'd see. Do less than regular mail this list yes boom that's it that's career when he knows the hate letters gracious. So he. Do you recognize that handwriting into. And don't and in. Kind of assignment wise. I don't know she's understands that on the on the rim on the nobody Colin with the return the return says. Between. I can't read it says between. Appellation and easier something I don't Sony says no return that's pretty broad area yeah between now clearly this person Boise and by the way this person did not sign a letter and it is anonymous ballot is this like cut out of a magazine should work. It's now the white powdery substance I find it entertaining zone read and get. So this is dated April 17 2018. Are you ready bring it says to Isaak rob that's me yeah. From. Illicit and its anti jobs. This tactic in this looks like a pretty good paper. With some nice stock if you will the so what segment do you think this person is going to talk. Of all of our segments that we've done recently segments will do this I'm I'm assuming this is gonna eat. Is no whatever rights to a letter that's positive and easily be political. So this is not political. In the news releases and the news though this was not and is in fact this was maybe David gave pills. Deep don't know this was from the first segment the opening segment where we generally talk about nothing it's gonna be with somebody talking about the that a little peek. Mike Neal really. Hot middle of the week letter. So my own set this up by saying. Mike's reported dad's Reese heartless could be back need we yes. The begins Tuesday and we have a problem with and that's spontaneity we get we determined on this Bergen that TC does not mean we came back on Tuesday. That's not been that it was initially at bats early in the early in the week this thing. And we we solve that these kind of problems we zone it's what we don't we tackle the tough issues. Shirts is scared here's what a listener writes so I'm listening to show on Monday. And you get into at least a ten minute shtick on what constitutes the meaning of meat we always leased him. Are you kidding me also called a shtick. Series maybe one minute would work. You work it into a bit that was an entertaining illuminating her funny. Even. Out now he says enough with the master victorious. Asked he's cranked it up and chair. Were your bits out at the comedy store or seaspan. Knowing your audience might be a good idea and that is with an explanation. He needs. Immediate need to say that audience. To integrate a nod to business well no that's all caps. I summation plenty era knowing all caps on these very little he says I solution after mile. I switched to six to money on the dial up. My goodness they were talking blazers what do concepts. I searching stations I've probably missed out on stories of how you broke your teacher. War noon your girlfriend and a fast food restaurant Oregon you're ged from a foreign country or your romance and big suit is coming along how many days he did shower to work. Up an unmistakable and now Rundle Roma. Rundle hot tock I don't have those things it's true romance suit but that's true but the ground though. Network using that word. Leads me to believe this this person was sublime yet because at least we talked about her lids don't quite frankly I'm I'm impressed and not that we're the only people to talk about it now. But that that is assign you a sense of flags like not Q you've many says I want your website and was met by a photo that you. You looked like a guy who just swallowed the canary. Or put one over on the aged parents or was getting ready to deuce the guy next year. He's now taking a shot you're looks this up but as a relief about her looks are about what you look like he would do and now. And he says get feed to an abbey in disinfect yourself in all ways. And had do you like we go to church. And them is that we are going on solar eclipse will that is. That's that's actually wanted to seamless neat so he he didn't like the fact that we spent time on now that he took the time do. Letters that fascinating and I'm not signing wet pitching he's a real geno and I yeah. Parties yeah I get the sense that he didn't like the segment now I do I do I kind of get that feel but you know an idea like I love radio to listen to radio -- do what I do and I don't like his segment and listening to on the radio with deputy. Sometimes. I turn now now you can't do now that's pretty much everyone does now. But you know we should know our audience better because we are the number one show important that we couldn't possibly know our audience after fifteen years it. The number one sports show where the number they want to show for men play the way we acumen Beckett that we'll RS sales guy can't. Our our main sales bro yeah Mike Mike yeah Michael Michael Mike I think this is Mike is Mike Mike yeah. I was talking to him and on ice and he said yes at my kids. Game the other night and somebody was getting on me about Clinton eighties like what the hell is that trap. What would Mike said look it's literally the highest rated hour and all of sports talk radio. In the market it's and I mean I'm sorry that. You know so I know it's tough for everybody bit. Well that's that's kind of the thing this just in we are not for everybody kind of populist messages turn the channel but what what compel someone to write a letter about one segment. It blows my mind the last has been really angry yeah that really that is what he and his bonnet. When I think about but he wasn't it's just it's an angry person the only thing I think about when I get stuff like that is how miserable people like that seem to be well. This is my theory on that and it's really my theories Henry Rollins theory would read any had her own staffers or listen to him other music which is kind of his philosophy in general. Not can I he's pretty Smart guy and he was on Yves duke Mike is a podcasting once and and he brought up the fact that. People do live in and put this delicately enable and asked. Colored world so to speak like it's their world is very brown around. It's all they try to do is spread that color to everyone else and it's because. That. That they are. No they're angry at anyone else their angry at their life. And if you're angry you're like you want other people to be angry at theirs and so you try to drag them down it's you thread is you throw as much. Crap as you can't against everyone else is walls because of ever more notes is walls look like here is that it's not so bad. That's my personal theory on guys like us. Yeah so slump this agree attacks could be a gallop him demonstrated its own Tbilisi are saying they consider too timid weak in the letter. That's right it's valid points from comic. What it was the attorney wrote me that the letter front and back. I know I don't remember what she was pissed about led to build lattice like he liked me I did something. I don't remember what you write the letters are never Oz no but he wrote me it was like a 23 page on a legal notepad and he was an attorney he signed did you let me know who he was. But he took the time to write three pages. Front and backs like six pages about how much she disliked me. Or something I said I I wish I could remember what that was the you knew if I did was the most beautiful thing I've ever got this awards at the time to write six pages about me I won that. Tip my cap to the guy vegan and god god bless you and an attorney at that. Mean that I assume that guy's time is important in. On how long it takes you right six pages but it. No thanks I'm guessing a lot of if you've written essays in the past and school O'Meara sixty opinions about two hours of work or these very passionate about said when did the said it was a letter from the list oh that's not good you know like one of our he wants his contentious not text insults do you like the rest of a sick excuse and not sending letters is the first red flag no question we're just listened long enough and will insult each other. Or insult ourselves. Our rates. Well that was just a little. Minor diversion that the little nugget. We wanna talk please let it reach that he'd picked a good cut. Kind of like the musical and a leader of that kind of cheered up a little bit today so now oral agreement yeah. Let's. Died and it says bring it back down a little bit let's take abide this turret sandwiched together exactly what if we take about eight. Do this in which together lit a bit faster okay it may be I'll say this before we go to break up. When they win the series that. Well no team don't you dare no team in NBA history if it ever now never Debra how. But there was a baseball team that did it. Who has I was at its bike that EMI with them to the Yankees team that the Yankees were up trio were thing. Now is that Alex Rodriguez is on the team Mike suburbs that were both number one right now to deal long list. I while blazers buried is planning. Yeah I believe earlier exists that photo from 2000 through 2005 a spider that's all right do you like rocky five I just pretend it didn't happen for thirteen in the elder just doesn't exist I pretend that rocky four lead right into rocky about like rocky six that we just you we cut it out I understand that bad that way if think element estate though that when you have 29 championships or whatever it is really be bad. It's cute. The point of Red Sox hadn't even won one dollars and since it was so that all unions my seventh school board at the it will give you one and a for heaven's sakes can't BP is he about that 27. Munich and I MBA it's our next by. This is a playoff we get nation Oprah. Trying John what Isaak ensued prevented by. Very intense bell on TN AV OK and I think nineteen. This workstation. Based on his music again now we're gonna talk about the blazers. On a better need. You put this yet there I think you I think frustration. Has led to anger. Like the old dark sides the star Oprah sticking fear and an anger that's the that's the way to the dark side and unfortunately too is if this was a really nice season for Portland. You know Miller it's gonna be first or second team all NBA 48 wins you had the win streak you've got third seed and an all of this. It is is just gonna be washed away it's it's just it's gonna leave such an awful taste in people's mouth. And the negativity an idea why I mean it's it's not the way it ends but. Or is it this is the way everyone thought it was and and but it just it disappoints me that it's going to taint. Everything that happened this year which was of which is a relief on year. Pelicans 111921020. And blazers won the fourth quarter that's those are the I do enjoy I say this I enjoyed listening. To the blazes announcers try to polish that hurt. I found that to be adorable. Lamar her death. It he attempts to do it better than than any one really got you also get fired and it's it's it's a whole thing Mike Meyers Leonard throwing down a dunk. With you know when you're down by nineteen with three minutes to go pro at its. And that sort of the nerves in the Meyers Leonard may be a key in game four might go wait some decent guy and a. Oh my god and I was I was a rag like that was in bears scene it was your right frustrating is a good word in. You know fans are pissed now because that that I am not I got a couple really. Big blazer fans who are buddies. And talking to them they they bulls said. That was one of the most disappointing. Games ever. Well I I said yes in the program that if you were going to get an effort from Portland it was going to be Amare. Because you you're down 20 they've been very close games you get chances that it didn't that's the thing. Yeah this series is going to be probably end up to sweep you read those first two games right there. You had four possessions with a chance to win the game in the first one you were up with three minutes ago in in the in the second one. It's why I thought that if you were ever gonna get that back to the wall. Do or die mentality you're gonna get one game this series it should have been game three the U should have come out swinging and just leave everything you have on the floor and then you laid that giant brick. Down in New Orleans and not only did you get your ass walloped but it was your worst efforts. Just just mentally physically Portland just look at broken and quite frankly they rolled over and die and that's the most disappointing part. To this whole thing is the way that game went down because of the one thing you could hang your hat on all year. Is that Portland had guts they had gumption. That was the team that never quit they had a great fighting spirit and I think New Orleans took her soul last night I think they they went back and Maine and they broke their back. But think that game really hurt because. There was still a thread of hope that the series may start to even now like there's this they'll still this idea in your head Republicans can't beat listed and we're we're not this bad. This can't be happening right well. That that's why that one heard it was just a nut punch because by halftime it was not just yet this is really happening it was in bears seen. And you know it was the salesman's gift of police stop he's already dead if it yeah I mean it he even knew at that point that the team. Is literally getting slaughtered by a five seed without home court and without a second best player. And it all became reality and then that was it thinks so the only thing I did Jason was I tuned in to this started the second matches you know let's see let's see let's see what they do here. They go on Iran can they make disclose can make inching him when they did and I turned it off and I didn't watch the rest of it. You know I watched the whole thing and I really thought if you wanted just an encapsulation of the entire. Series I don't never was yet a third viewers in the fourth it was a twenty point game obviously and liver came down face the hard double team had nowhere to really go with that. Attempted a three Rondo block it's blocked his three point attempt. Get him in granted nor is by the way is up by twenty at the time Anthony Davis hits the deck. Goes down and gets it leads to a fast break. And on and on don't remember who was eggs and maybe it was Clark and I'm not sure was but knew it was goes down to break gets a wide open three and and drains it nice that's the difference. The red Europe quite twenty. And you're still playing your ass off in Portland looks like there and fought. Manages. Well and what sensing about that is. One thing this year despite all the positives the could look at as a consistent. Thread was a data hugely to the fourth quarter was almost always close. They almost always let the lead trouble down their leg and make it a closer game at the end yeah if they had a big lead. Because they don't have what pelicans had last night where they keep playing at that level of intensity when their epic. Well look we can point fingers in our next segment and I and I will there's only one. Area to blame a man though when you know it's like. Whenever text or said. You know it's funny as as. Diehard fans the best part about it is you can just flip the switch and hate everyone. On your team in the matter of a quarter like say you go from happy and like hey this this can be seventy fire every one night so there's a lot of reaction about Stotts is a lot of reaction about littler. Dairies there is only one place to point the finger and I hate to plan harm but I've been saying all along so I think. Well will do that next segment I think maybe the silver lining here here is. May be more folks including Paul Allen is the most important one can see this team for what it is now. And when you get home court in year the three seed. And your plane a team like the pelicans that has had 00 playoff success. That has one true star player one like Q. You're probably. You probably have the better coached au and by the way they have their second best player. Out. No excuse this. The way this has gone down is embarrassing it's total demoralization. And it's just not good enough at this point. I I I understand the fans iron in anger I thought it would come sooner I thought more people would realize it sooner but now it's here. In I think it hit him over the head with these three games it's super frustrating. So maybe now I'll. More people will realize that this team is on a road to nowhere. It's capped out. Mean you can't. Sign anybody any YouTube you can sign her pitch you the pride try to sign her pitch and they need to sign near edited it will he needs to be a part of this yeah I mean Ed Davis remains to be seemed at that they're not. I mean there's there's nothing they can do the thing is there's nothing we can do this is your team. Well one thing you can. Well you can blow it out he'd fire the GM and and put a fresh set eyes on you and you try to trade CJ McCollum exactly that's that's really the the only but you'll prevent BU the courage Sheehan is not gonna do. He eases knock it gets a prepare. I'll say this. Prepare for the Neil Shea. Bull crap meter GCs through reach peak levels you see spring street last night I didn't Sprague had a wonderful one. All all all dig it out but some instead. You know I wonder what Neil is gonna say about this in Sprague got like four. Quotes and it was. Scary accurate. Everything from it's it's only years three of the rebuilds. Of all find it but it really was brilliant and I'll bet she did during the exit interviews. That it's almost word for word like we can tell you what he's gonna say yet nights itself is an effect. No that's true ye. You can't predict what he's gonna say but he always throws in a couple of seniors that make you laugh like he goes so far it is listed BS yeah this was race it was that what's the GM -- the GM broke and explain this when it's pretty -- this one quote where the youngest playoff team pro Zacks showed tremendous growth row we were just banged up at the wrong time but no NET pro Davis just entering his superstar pride pro and it was only year three of year five rebuild general with a three seed in a tough west bro yeah I don't that's IQ that is all going to be said on Monday every one of those in some shape or form will come out when we do the exit and. It's get a reach its gonna reach peak levels and I and I just hope I hope at this point people see through that crap. He's a really get spin doctor but he shouldn't work this time and I think in an out and apprentices were gonna break really comeback in greenery Samir taxi can text by by three up by. I'm at I think it's this let fans. This is a great fan base. It really is and that last night. Was super. Super disappointing and frustrating like I guess and I think that was a different kind of lost right there one of the worst. So the question now is. Are you gonna get over this bad series just like you've gotten over rather bad series and just renew your tickets in March like every year. Or are you going to demand change this time it this time. Are you guys going to be loud enough. To say we're tired this mediocre crap do. Something. So. People need to realize it's it's on you. Keeps Glock and keep demanding better you pay a lot of money they're ripping you off their selling you their selling you something. That is fool's gold medal on the plus side Jake they nearby and it Jake claiming got us on the grills. So let's come back and point fingers. Shelling I siege is brush over the big griddle things. Mean for Evan says he's not that means big dinner last night because Jake and and that means you get a freeze in the indoor arena amien. No here locally what are you awake below or I don't know what that nearly a hundred point player regime if you get under point two different girl had no idea. You can on the road. It doesn't matter what game three did little everybody you say we're being ripped off ice and we got freaknik. I'm trying to be positive here I'm trying to post this from trying to pull Lamar hurt. OK well let's point fingers if you had a degree it'll be at least some rednecks I've never had to make good on an island that is Aysu attending Donald's to refresh. Like to live the lesser paying case with a piece sounds cool yeah. It's quite good and I here's Mike was ports and. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien John Moore advise against duke presented by red tells all centers bring tents sale until maybe both room. I it's Friday that skid. The weather's kid that's it yes. The blazes are down 03 and not dog and I Syria fit into Portland that you like doing this we're taking center. Aside your grave it's weeded out that they called the lender doubt heard of the lender to it now was it did with their reports that it was louder than Orleans arena. That I don't know like the president by team by middle of the third quarter people weren't even so I'm guessing it wasn't that loud life Taylor does seem like they're having a pretty good time in there yeah they are fired up that first or they are living it up a little bit and then they had the the real embarrassing play where where Anthony Davis threw down that pullback on governor gets and then. Jrue Holiday. Pointed at him and laughed mean that. Yeah I didn't see that till today you wouldn't go to that live there was asked about it Lugar said well. That's what you do when you're pretty confident and he be basically said we're not doing anything to stop them so. Hedges that digital wasn't a whole lot of fight I mean he just seems dejected. That's the sort of thing that especially Millard the get underneath his has had a little bit like that that Bieber in the saddle and important is pretty chippy about those sorts of things but. When you get drastic like that there's almost just this Melamine. That's it's on us we we shouldn't be allowing this to happen. Well the the clear culprit here. As I've been trying to say for a couple of years is a is the GM. You know Damian Miller is having a bad series by the way here's a couple stats. He's an rocket either morning. Yes fifty points on 52 shots. India's fourteen turnovers in thirteen says he's really been frustrated horribly disappointing. And last night I was with. Post game stuff and you know quick even was asking him because look this isn't the first time that you have you've seen you know double teams and Lou there just I think it did the quote was they're coming abbey in waves are coming out yeah layer he can't and he doesn't want to do its. On him in and night and I get your frustrated with him and you want him to just say hey you're the star do it do better. You can't win they are selling out to stop you why because they know again. Re repeating this for the eight millionth time that no one else on the roster. Is is worthy of guarding. So when they know that they can just run guys like you said at the Willard in waves so it's not a Millard to me it's not on stocks. Your team is only gonna go as far as its talent will allow. You guys have watched the NBA I mean he didn't have a great series by any means I don't think that he could've tried a couple of other things but they're still down 03 if he makes the adjustments you all want. There's always somebody thinks he can do he has no one to make pelicans pay for selling out umbrella so what the hell is he supposed to do. Let the greatest coaches in the NBA. The Phil Jackson's the read our box what they have in common they have the best players there's no average team that has ever done much of anything in the NBA playoffs because of coaching. Yet at the horses Terry Stotts does not so you can win more games in the regular season. But you know with a good coach in in a roster that's. Fairly deep like this stars and they got pot may do it out of his mind but in the playoffs it's about Jim's in Joe's in the blazers have. Wine. In his name's Damian that's it and CJ McCollum you know I actually. Point up more of a finger at CJ McCollum and it would Damian Miller does series. And we can get into that later but I wanna stay on point and that that leads us that leads as of one person but if you really want him now there's some argue that may be saying well. Let's come down. There there are they're the youngest team in the playoffs. They're locked up contract wise anyway so. This is the team let's see what they do the next couple years he may still be back nine years to think that this will be any better any different it's not going to be. But there may be some that that are on that. On that ship. But a lot of people are pissed and they want heads and their and they're tired of this crap. And if that's you there is only one person to blame and it's the GM and and I'm telling you right now it's not personal. Because of what happened to me none of that matters this this is look at this roster. Look at the roster do it they're selling out on one. Guy because nobody else can beat them and teams know that end I've how many times have we seen it's it's we've seen it it. All the good teams they play do the same damn thing. In the build the weird part two is that like. I mean it has showed up this series. And it still hasn't made a difference that's how flawed the roster is is that even when a guy. His has been punished Sheen. The other team for fervor this kind of mentality. As you said it's still not enough and new warlords knows it new world woods knows that they'll live with those results lately so there their fate. Flaw was two years ago. The blazers kind of little lightning in the bottle. They had that young team that they in now those guys are free agent a lot of guys are free agency are kind of like well what do we do do we. Indian and I think he and Paul at all say and Paul Allen. Huddled up and said well let's keep this together we like this they're young let's see where they can go total mystic. Total mistake and it's and you paid a price now because there capped out. You gotta sign or kitsch so what else are you gonna do that the only thing you can do this offseason to make this any better. Is is just make baby steps towards. Potentially couple years down the road having room to get better. And that is trading in the contracts have been Evan Turner a Meyers Leonard that's really the only thing you can do realistically you probably get after a draft picks to get those salaries up your ducks will. Realistically you signed your kitchen because you have to at this point Turkish had a nice year. And and he needs to be a part of what you're building so. To me it's it's it's one of of two things either. You realize that this is gonna get you where you wanna go in you finally pulled the trigger. On and the only way to balance out your roster and to bring in a real difference maker that is CJ McCollum in if you don't wanna go down that road I I hate to do it but the only other thing you can do is stand pat for another year. And then use expiring contracts and after next season. To try to go out and and find a team that has some veteran players. A Jimmy Butler if you Willard or someone like that a real difference maker that just need salary cap relief and you can take on bad contracts because after next year. Leonard and it's not demo as a bad contract the letter heartless. Who is the other one. Evan Turner all of those guys will be expiring deals and outside of that I don't I don't know as to where it's too well yet it's. You know but in that laugh homeland and that last year you could do something. They they are locked in to use so many bad contracts is zero the fifth highest payroll in the league. And this is the team and that is not good enough though he had hoped that this version of its. Had taken enough steps to try to say OK maybe you're not that far off and unfortunately the reality of this series heads. It gets exposed the emperor for not wearing any colts SLA I just don't know what else you need to see. Then we Limbaugh wants the same series despite the BS that's gonna come your way. A from the GM who's gonna be looking out for his own ass. That's the guy to blame this is its failed it's just. Failed and failed to the point where you're not terrible rightly know you just walk wallowing in mediocrity year on a road to nowhere and by the way Daniel Hillard. Is not getting any younger. How old is he now I was 28 dish so he's you know he's got like three or four years left of crime it through your floor so easily you're getting ready here you think you'll see Zach Collins. Is that Collins looks promising that looks nice so do you think that Zach Collins will be. A state peak Zach Collins daring game dealers prime. Probably not because while Collins looks nice okay so that's that that's a non let's not confuse him with some rookies that that are really outs are you a beer right now Macon and that's right so that also means that any draft pick you have this offseason are moving forward or even younger than Collins that's so. How how are you gonna be drafting guys that if you if you eat in their picks aren't great any playwright like they're gonna be in the twenties or whatever. So you know if you Wheeling deal even in the lottery how long does it take. A young guy. To catch up to where load like you just you are stuck menu put yourself in a really crappy spot that's on the GM if I'm Paul Allen. At this point what I would do you here's what I would do. I would fire Neil all Shea. And then I would try to bring in a fresh set of eyes. Who would be more willing to Tracy's him a call because mile she is not new or she loves CJ McCollum he thinks that Damian Miller CJ McCollum worked together which they don't. This is by the latest this series another glaring example of what happens when you're two best players are 62 guards. It doesn't work in this leak hell even if you even if you balance out the roster better and have those two guys are still liability defensively. It's just not gonna work man so. That that guy isn't sold on that right or say thinks it will so he's out your done we've seen enough. Bring in a fresh set advised that can somehow some way work a deal. Two to either get draft picks are now I don't think is ideal because of the age of Damian Miller or bring back. A two guard its bidding complacent damn defense. Or fill out the three in the fort where you have glaring holes. Duke that in your on your way faster. To getting better or at least as you mentioned Balentien out the roster he can do that but I did about I don't know what they do it did they stick with the same regime it's gonna be the same crap. He did what you do is you have to wait two more years until those deals expire and not enough time has cut in half again yeah how did an era in anyhow he's they'll be you'll be limited to thirty. But I mean that's really that that's really know if if you don't do kind of what you relayed out there that's the other option is you wait another season and a half. And then use those expiring contracts to try to go out and and make a deal for someone because we've seen that in the NBA back to work outs are you ready to wait for two years and well unless your unless you want to make a change of fraud will say then that is that is ultimately what you are are. Gonna be forced to do a media content you could tear down I don't think it's a you know and I don't think he looks like do you think you have a superstar when you've got a guy like live there who is 2720 years old. Who's the first or second team all NBA guy I don't think you ever go full aired out I don't I don't buy that. And I do think that. When you look at Willard you look at markets and you look at Zach Collins. You've got some some pride that you don't CJ but I'm with you I think CJ needs to go I think that's the way to bounce at the roster. This is eight it's a nice and it's it's actually a pretty nice start to a core again it is a bad day and that is the three seed. Let's not make it Alec this team is is warmed over garbage but we do you see that there is a real limitation here especially come playoff time. For what you're what you're going to beat CN I don't necessarily think that that'll say has done a terrible job when you look at drafting leather drafting McCollum getting your pitch for nothing. Does that Collins picked. Mitt down the road that may pay off. But what I originally drafted on an emotional I know he's put having cat now but what I but what I agree with you on is almost like middle in Tampa Bay got rid of Tony Dungy. Like typical bay and Tony Dungy in the NFL is a good team at it but it wasn't a Super Bowl team and they needed sometimes you need is a front percent of fresh eyes. So alleged say look it's taking you as as far as Kenya Ivan the terrible job but we need a different set of eyes we need a different set of ideas to come in here. And the question about this is what does Paul Allan Bateman does Paul I love CJ McCollum that much is Paul Allen will lead. To go because what Paul says we we know Paul metals. Indecision in the front office of the question is how much of Tommy has Neil was a hat or how much does he have going forward. Or you know is Paul Allan in Cameron with him or is Paul Allen sick of him. I think the way to. I think that something that should worry you if you want a new GM is Neil assays are really got the gift of gab as you guys though so he's gonna be really good about convincing Paul Allen. That things are fine. You know he will he'll have to be really good at that broke because that's the culture that's treated over there it's self preservation in everybody's looking out for their own ask your head down and put spin on it so he's gonna try to save his own job and and you know that the next question would be does he try to save his own job by running Terry Stotts straight under the bus. CNN I think that's a mistake if if you fired Terry Stotts I think that's mistake I think Terry Stotts is a good coach and I think the players respect him. And I don't think Terry Stotts is that this is not on Terry's I agree with you as I said earlier however does not about what we think it's about Paul Allen and what you'll shaking convinced Paula aren't that thinks of that that's that's if you are if you are looking to buy some more time. You know you get so and in this series is gonna be a fall guy I don't buy that Paul Allen is gonna look at the end of the season. And and just accept the fact that they're gonna stay put so. Normally in series like this especially if you get swept you get another effort like that there will be a fall guy in enforcing a lot of times that is the coach because he's the easiest got to get rid OK so do you think. He thinks ball back. Not not who should be on saying who do you think is I is someone takes the fall I think it'll be Terry Stotts I think there's a chance he gets fired two. Our text 55305. We will have more on this got some NFL stuff coming up including the Packers. And I'm due to them. There in green being relaxed I think that's in Wisconsin Packers have the toughest schedule in the NFL. Followed by the Packers having the easiest schedule. In the NFL. I have two different stories interest both stating those facts in ABC Thursday at a football schedule. Yes do you sit there is it football what does it up and it's getting cranked and pay 600 orders play Andy at 600 billion for the NFL guys some good games but actually. Cited for Thursday a football. Let's continue on the on this blazers tip though and I like to talk about teach him that. 350 on the ten. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien John Mark Isaak in Sioux. I've read tells all centers the greens tend Sam and Jay Nady drove prayer and yeah I think it's time for the great great. Created a religious yeah. We don't indeed. It is a lot did I mean there's a lot yet to hear that but nom. Yet CJ McCollum. In particular. One of the reasons. Why the main reasons I've always advocated for them trading him is that I don't think the Willard a McCollum will work together long term. Somebody and texting and abide by a real fighting their cell right. Comparing this situation to staff Currie width. Monta Ellis. There is that a piece on the ringer today done that you go find links Prager dirt weeded out. Was Kevin O'Connor of the ringer that that that wrote this exact today and there's some some numbers to back up. And he even brings up the good. Golden State situation Daryn and realized they had to deal Ellis and then he leads us in trades and air yours for CJ McCollum. Obviate it explores the idea of would you be willing to build growth CJ and move game can you could get more now you know. A coalition is no you deal CO2 CJ. And he goes through 45 different snares on on who. You know you you might be able to get for. But they're they're so many reasons why those guys CCJ can work with a point guard that's more defensive oriented a bigger rank and vice Versa but. They're two similar so here's my problem with with CJ is is in in the NBA I think we. We fault too in love with points per game. And that guys know you know that's how to get paid and TJ's gotten paid he's gotten a big contract because he is a hell of a score enough. But he's not much else he's probably a better pure scorer that Miller it is but he's too as well listen thinks here you know he's he's two bald dominant. And that's okay if he's the only ball dominate guard on your roster but guess what. The star player of the team is also bald dominate in oh by the way they're both undersized. Then you have no interest in playing defense he's not very good defensively he is what he is definitely not gonna get better. End. You know I got to tell you man I don't think in this does not this is not a knock on him. Is much is it is a compliment to other players who have this trait I don't think CJ McCollum has a burning desire to I really don't. And I I think Damian Miller does not want that in my index does pressure that it and I and I want that I liked that. I don't think Miller does at err I mean CJ does I think there's a lot of guys in this league in the guy's sports that are like this ledgers that are cashing checks. They wanna look good on TNT and ESPN and BC news the work on their jumper and that's what matters to them does does winning. Truly mattered to Beckett is you have a burning deep down desire to win can you answer that question what do you think I don't think he does it. I certainly don't think that it matters to him the way it matters to live there if you're talking about that Kobe Bryant read your heart that mentality I do think that live there has it in. I'm not so is that I think that's a valid point I don't know if we know and in this point his career. If CJ has an I do think that over the last two years CJ has been concerned about improving his own personal game. And establishing himself whether it's as an all star or just be a big time NBA player. And some maybe this comes after he establishes himself yeah to me it's it's it's. One has that in spades the other one there's a question mark other two's mark now. And they're not good enough sensible and has proven this year to be a much better defensive player got manner and and I'm I don't think CJ waging hat. You don't see days. For. PE RS what is it player efficiency rating judge to gas you know data load seventh yet in the entire league yes which basically PER player efficiency rating. John colleges started a game it's your total it's all your stats. In one ticket total QBR right where do you think he has do you think he's a top fifty guy. Well he's not he should get top fifty guys who knows CJ gets viewed as a top thirty player. He he's probably a top fifty player you know just. Mean just raw skills like what's this what's in the league his PR his 85 young I'm stunned that he's next to Zsa Zsa. Or is it Zaza. Pachulia. Mason glumly. Ronde Hollis Jefferson. And check DL and those of the guys he's next to you Paul Millsap son or jerk. You know this down their team Donna Mitchell's down there at ninety and but. That's not he's not to see to it to me. I'm afraid it's CJ will become. Eight a good score in the NBA the kitchen 21 to twenty to a night and when the shots are going doesn't do a whole lot else where you and I hate to say this but other guys hate watching him dribble around and take a bunch shot there is a lot of guys in the MBA at that are you know who CJ could be. Jamal Crawford yeah. Arguing the great score and I think he's great scorer doesn't play defense and on the on the on the right team. Yeah buddy I see him more as a guy who's gonna go to a bad team and an average in and fill an average 25 points a game on a bad Tina and not care about and get his money. That's what that's what he seems like Tony. Instead to meet Tim mead the idea of which one do you build around I don't even think it's a question. On but ultimately it comes down do you does need a low shape or does Paul Allen viewed this as. A backcourt that that can't work and we have heard this over the last couple years time and time again that he will not even answer the phone to it. It's my question is does that company Paul or does that come from Neil I think just from him because he drafted and if it comes from Neil. Will Paul be able to get in there and be like look I know you love him but this comes from me I signed the checks do something. There is one way and one way only to balance out this roster within the next two years. And that is siege of Macau I go up the option you have the streets in my text messages of your spot that there are five next for a one on the thing.