Primetime 4.20.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 20th

Jason Quick joins the show, and what is going on with the QB position for the Ducks? 


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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Trail blazers are back in the playoff. Sport like golf club like. That's okay this is a playoff Wii edition of primetime what does it consume. Presented I've read tells golf centers green tent sale starting Friday April 21 event data 22 Edwards you can believe that just the 50% on everything golf can get there. Percent bonus on trade in visit golf Rendell dot com prides month to an AV. So did it just forge rose what's up. But do you have any good game he really do hope that. We do. Stan. Puzzling for some do you over there. Do you really hope yeah I don't think you do it and now I do hope it doesn't really matter do you. It does matter to me Jason you very cold and love people wanting to have good days here people person. Well it's a zoo on the man of the people love love big crowds and interacting. Kind of in the club tonight six to seven we have a lot of that I news stories Richard Simmons speaks. He does. We have the is fascinated with what I you know am I can't get enough for Richard Simmons I'm telling you there's nothing glare is sending going oh my holiday is his drug use did. We also have a big concert news local concert news happens when he bigs coming to town White House photos cause and a bit of disturbed yet apple thinks Steve general relief. And that's were freaking out about and I've got a funny Boston Marathon signs to show that Boston Matt the bus marathon is known for its. A fan signs I did not know that kind of like college game day there's some pretty good ones there young and I've got a list for you when a deed is they beefed it with there. Yeah there than they did. Email is survived the Boston merit. Books yeah I don't know what that's an honest mistake though it is it is the one that probably someone should a cut. See you would think he would. You know what if we have time. I even have some tennis items. Some hot tennis love making news hey nobody covers there's an open mind this show. They know there was a Sarasota open he do now I do. And so anyway we'll probably not get to that but the main things coming up here this hour Jason quick CSN 530. Blazers warriors. See if we can get an update on or did you though it doesn't sound like there is on. And then nine next segment. Is very quarterback controversy in Oregon a little notes. Duke is saying there is. For storing arms intrigued by what they're doing with the depth chart this year yelled I went that at 515 in don't. Take that everyone lighten up it was I wasn't. Spamming him kind of serious we don't follow one place kids' tuition Herbert Hill for one day we had a new starter in Oregon and it's back to Herbert would still. Are laid to rest of the ones while he was listed on the depth chart as it as the number one guy for all of you for all what one day beyond the so AM we please turn off the Braves and nationals and yes you're usually too much royals are on a day to day as the Mets are on good idea doors kitchen when we flip over to that. He's not pitching well. Hey there's the royals Rangers but let's just stop there want to stop was is let's parking here hey let's get to the upside to five big big news today let's go. Odd topics and opinions. We thought they aren't aren't and there. It's time for the iPod I have been fine. Let my mind private vibe Phillies. Knocking him around the news release. Refresh my cougars come back when things get hot love with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing. Out of number five. But still we have here. Jelly let's dig into the tickle trunk as you look panicked and missing a story another it is. This Alabama kid ribbon Foster linebacker yeah tested positive. He had diluted urine at the NFL com I had the same one by the way they got sent home from the com buying for giving new basically a verbal altercation with a one of the hospital staff there waiting for an MRI. You waited take like a sure fire top ten draft selection and screwed up because you can't mind your p.s and he's an MRI. And apparently he can't take it clean urine test he's claiming that he had food poisoning and you're trying to rehydrate himself and that's why I. Food poisoning. OK any he's begging teams to please believe he does he really get that yes but he's already got a credibility here he's got to take a tumble but he still by far. The best linebacker prospect in this draft and is an absolute stud. Someone will take him but I'm guessing he is cost himself several drought spots with this come. Number floor KL one. Is a Thursday without a Tiger Woods back surgery and a Wii seems to be a lot of these non. This is his fourth back surgery in the last forty months yet another when he announced on his website. This time days to alleviate pain in his back in his leg CNN damaged. Disk removed the Wisconsin nerve problems that he ever had back issues that's the problems not just you look back and go back in your butt and go down in your legs and anyone that dealt with this there's no way you can swing and now. Portland for for for what a blow out there. You little real game you just can't function. As a golfer went bad so he's claiming that this one we'll find me alleviate the pain but. I think we all see the writing on the wall here six months recovery now. He hopes to return to a normal life and pro golf within the next 72 years pretty big giving season is before you shut down. I don't think it's in and I think he's gonna keep trying to especially. By age fifteen when he can get on the senior circuit and make some monies. It's true that you findings probably got. No ladies you know that you know him competitive if did he what he should have shut it down dynamic has and tell you only need to know for Baxter's. Foreign forty months. Aaron Hernandez and death ruled a suicide investigation is complete. No there was some kind of bizarre story out there about how PS data Massachusetts is holding on to Aaron Hernandez brain. Meanwhile his her remains Christmas remains went to the family. And they have since released the rain in they are going to follow the family's wishes and send the rain over Q BCT center there in Boston again. Boston University to bring banking and this is going to be instinct has. Lloyd's family is going ahead with the civil suit and asked if he if it's Germany ST TE that's a five million dollar pay out. From that concussion settled on top of any money that they're gonna try to recruit from the patriots. I'm wherever money he has left as a member he's not convicted murderer anymore that got thrown out so. There's gonna be some serious legal wranglings over his estate for years to come to. And I was an article today that this has become the sad part of this you know who's gonna get paid it turns out the attorneys are gonna suck this thing ground. Hopefully Donna it's. When they said that even the patriots because they this there and understanding now that he's not a convicted murderer we'll probably go after some bonus money. There's to be boosted the patriots are so pissed that they would rather spend those millions in court fighting this if they don't wanna give Hernandez and the guy. Playoffs tonight LeBron James. Is losing badly. In Indiana. The cavs did it 20 series lead barely seen. Simon halftime and it's 6443. They did not look good ones in this entire series. Against India. Brighter news for Le Bruni fans he needed just twelve points to pass Kobe Bryant became the third highest scorer in playoff history. He has done. Yes thirteen museum is. Barring Jordan's chasing. I'm happy to Karl Malone no it's Jabbar it's it's Jordan line and I think mr. Barton. The broker hold. Was Kobe if if he's plays for his either tell he's standing late thirties I think I could tell every record pretty much. I'll also want to rafters but just underway. Give the spurs agree is tonight's all I'm Andrea the bears out for the jazz as they host game three against the clippers tomorrow. And be prepared because Memphis is gonna go to the free throw line seventeen times after the the coach Rick. Parent. On the ice payments to Blue Jackets nothing early in the second. In Pittsburgh Pittsburgh looking to close up that series Canadians up. Where is it comedienne sued the Montreal Canadians there at 21 on the Rangers exercised it to peace if you. And number one NFL schedules are about to be released you know they did is they pomp and circumstance but. They're almost the day a lot of it was being leaked here. Guaranteed Canada's. Cliff notes yes. The highlights of the patriots will host the chiefs on Thursday night to open the season that was reportedly three days ago before. The giants will be at the cowboys on that Sunday night week one. In the Monday night game or at least one of them will be New Orleans at Minnesota. There is a good week one game. In Tennessee where the titans host the raiders in the broken leg ball. The return of Mario and and now mr. Karr that ought to be good. I've seen knocks have a tough opener they began and Green Bay it's the fourth straight season they have met the Packers in the regular season. A week two is the Seattle home opener what they'll play the niners. Week three Seattle travels to Tennessee to take on Mario in the titans. Elsewhere on Seahawks schedule on day had they week eleven Monday night home game against the falcons. In May be their rematch it may be in their new stadium although a new and who's now that seems to be ready this is Seattle but Louisiana CN NC yet he had the falcons' comeback Seattle. And the falcons spent. Yet thugs to Mexico and to see us also be at Dallas on Christmas Eve of interesting little game. I too Thanksgiving game as we know the cowboys will host the Los Angeles chargers. On Thanksgiving and will get Redskins giants. That's a lamp. Will that. It's just came out so we're will be able to pour through that the regular season schedule is out but obviously it just came out to notre ago other Manila April podium a record of chargers Broncos yeah it charges that Denver and then you mentioned the saints at the vikings. That's your not cited five folks it's refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light. When things get hot. Cool off for the frost brewed Coors Light course like whenever your mountain. Climb on it. Change. If you're keeping them like that he's fully Kevin Garnett if anything has cost the registered over the it is fifty million dollar campaign. Well Lisa is about bus marathon. That's will well played in this thank you go out and you send me no. Not well played any okay a little Oregon football hockey and it's so I have some. As tennis news. This there's an open. I even wondered when we're gonna get to this there is an open don't you think that's a good time for like a regular prime hour which is now this hockey tennis that's what people want to talk about pat cash. Pat cash small pat cash call in the event. All right 514. We'll talk some blazers with the chasing quick CSN can appear in fifteen minutes on the fan who's warriors team's second last night. We did speak a lot about it in our one and you can podcasts are surely in the back and listen to anything you missed dvds go to the new look. 1080 the fan dot com with your blazer fan that's never speaking again because that was really really me. Really bad. I'm Jason quick CSN with more on what happens now in the series coming up in ten minutes. You're saying that Albert Dotson during their depth chart interest CO. Yeah that's they gave. They've got a big metallic board I guess they put out now. And every day the depth chart is posted and you know as I've been reading through this now the prices are open and who think every day the depth chart is changing. And and crystal ball their offensive line coach in Vegas now offensive coordinator is basically said that last year everyone got complacent and they're not gonna let that happen. And it is it's this weird kind of motivational tool out and how serious an Nvidia is but. You know we all kind of assume that just in Herbert was like this this budding star. But it it sounds like at least from down there at least from a perception standpoint the child she also has really pushed him. To the point where the other day he was actually number one on the depth chart yeah and now today you know Herbert was back being number one but. It's just interesting to see every position including the wanna quarterback we thought it was gonna be may be beyond settle the had a quarterback they've Beecher and it was really high on him. And I don't know whether this is for show I don't know whether this is strictly a motivational tool. But things have certainly Jesus organ and they are putting everyone on notice including that the star quarterback from the your job is not safe and did that go one of two ways in that can cause you know resentment and and kind of bitterness and kind of you know fractured the a team that your your cause if you like your jobs on the line or motivates him wanna make sure that much harder integrity is obviously bake on the fact that. You know it's it's gonna make everyone compete it's gonna make it work that much harder week. I like competition yeah. Yeah I I think that that and I like the latter of those two not that some kids wouldn't get all but heard about it but so what. If you but heard about that he can't earn the job then they don't want you to tell what they're saying. Just did you see that and and I don't think this is gonna be the case as it moves on that it literally it is fluid it changes every single day. And I think that was kind of their point is you have a bad practice you can find yourself down and this is one of those ultimate motivational tools. Look if you have a crappy day of pride this year clearly better than the next guy you're gonna get your job back. But for an 181920 year old kid or Saddam it's not their fault this is this it's this the Bloomberg module competitive thing of home and I lost my job and you get out a way to go back improve the next day and it seems like Taggart has created this environment where people to watch these prices just say that it is. Mean it is intense in more so then then we've seen an organ a long time would be fair. We didn't get to see organ practice for a long time but I I like what they're doing down there and there's a meth to do is madness and I like kind of the as the Taggart is bring into the program. In they needed some edge and I don't think it was pretty M yet it it did turn to little. Steel wheels and soft I think that was deadly tiger brought up as they want excuses well when you have the facilities you become a spoiled rich kid right you know we heard that some players last year the U show up in you get all the fancy uniforms and everything's kind of hunky dory and you get all the fancy shoes in the facilities and it's easy to just sit on your your ass and say well we're organ in this is what's supposed to happen. And they Taggart has stripped a lot of that away and I think bat. Is probably the best thing he's done there is eliminate that sentiment entitlement forcing these guys including Royce Freeman. And and and just in Herbert did kind of the two marquee players to have to light a fire under somebody. Well I would bet. Everything. That is in. My savings account via the just and all three dollars. They just an her will be the starting quarterback however is Johnson beats him up. That must be. One legit quarterback because. I can't scene of good things about Herbert he showed you a lot easier if you're a freshman last year to really get excited about this season but I think you know. New coaches in you wonder if they're gonna keep doing it this way. Or if just this being their first year they got to get a look at everybody you know in got to get a look at everybody with different units right with the ones and the twos so. He wondered if this is just part of then just kind of getting used all the guys and kind of figure out what they have I'm. I'd like to think a lot of this is strictly motivation. I think as a coach you have an idea and I did that always bothered me the idea of a one if you have a bad day you Luke. You lose your starting job book it protects against heart it's that's a Jim Harbaugh just Harbaugh and and it's it I've always found that to be kind of ridiculous and in can Wear thin. And you can't do this by the red the NFL level guys won't stand for opening college again. You you're dealing with immature kids and these sort of motivational heavy handed tactics can work. And it sounds like at least from Asia and the initial report it organist. This is a pissing people off it's motivating people given some great work down an organ scare tactics maybe it was still bull Durham thing right when he meaning goes and crash Davis is is I don't know what to do he says they're young scare him. You get that the shower see where he goes and throws the bass starts yelling at everybody and there's a real element to that you're dealing with a young immature kids that may be felt were little spoiled and thought. Scare the hell out of them. And I still think that with the talent on that team there's no skis organ not to be an eight plus win team. Here think in Barton and I went to display are gone he says seven or eight yeah. Really special season is nine. And I think that is fair expectation thing in the short of that they tigers got some good answer for us but all addition notable. Hey the NFL schedule is out. I do I know who has the we never in my candy cat in the NFL schedule in April did you see that new Marines are you seven point favorite. Over duke Kansas City an increase of the line and then you can bet in Vegas right now Canada. Think new England's sake hidden doing and lay the seven. Yeah that is you can you can place your first official bet. Has this got leaked a day or 2 ago in this morning you could go on to five dimes and you could lay down and a seven point spread for New England Kansas City that Thursday and opener Sina as the toughest schedule they've already put up the rankings. I last year's records with Debbie soon a tough to these exit they always give you know the better teams tougher schedules does not going to be New England can their division sucks. Go someone. Maybe someone new chiefs Broncos raiders. Dallas Dallas. Very few weeks spots in the Dallas cowboys' schedule let's bring. New York should be good and Washington and game in Philly even with Wentz there's no push over that division and who they have non. Non congress on division. I'm looking here so outside of the division they'll be at Denver at Arizona. Pose Steen the rams. Hosting Green Bay at San Francisco. They'll play the chiefs at home they'll go to Atlanta my god so really the only break you've seen so far as the rams in the niners'. And then at Oakland. Hosting Seattle enact and then EM division games wrapped up knows the problem is is that. They've got the AFC west which is tough and they're playing the falcons in the Packers down in middle cross slate seemed first place team about that. It's not easy well endowed lot of giving Dallas is primed for a little bit of a regression yeah and of the year looking at Dak the defense lost a lot secondary. It isn't. You know it's just he got decimated their free agency in that may be. Maybe Dallas comes back to the pack but you could also make the argument that often to lies don't anywhere you still have a dynamic offense that's another year. A deck press god beat and that's this remembered he can even get a full offseason last year is the starter. He when he was thrust into it when when Romo got hurt and when who's I think Kellen Moore got hurt as well you've got a whole year of deck press god now. Easiest schedules according to football outsiders colts. Steelers and they have. The Seattle Seahawks. Early on here you know through the central quick yell gimme gimme Seattle animal get to Jason quick. I Seattle is gonna open act Green Bay then they have their home opener against the niners. In their at Tennessee. And host the colts. Fun little first four games snow then they are on the road for two at the rams in at the giants. Home to Houston and Washington. I'm an Arizona home to Atlanta that's Monday nighter. At San Francisco. Home to Philly. At Jacksonville. Home to the rams at Dallas home to the cards. Seem like a lay out the nice part is you play in crappy division lower Arizona and they let last six games manageable yeah will you get this every year there because again you give him the division and now you don't Jacksonville in there. Mean and but who not to make this is the weird part is we can also appearance say that exactly is schedules gonna be easy and then watched Jackson will be like a twelve win team right in a team that you thought was gonna be really good but the giants and have fallen on their ass it happens every year. It's so hard to go through and and pick it tough for easy schedule because you don't know who's gonna be any good. Okay coming up next the a blazers are lawyers. It is a must win on Saturday. I would say so yes chasing quake. Breaks it down CSN. He's been covering the trailblazers down and Oakland he's back in town and you'll join us next will Turkish return. Here's Michael sports there. This is a playoff we get a should know trying to more than Isaac ensued. Presented by red tail golf centers bring tents sail on ten AV OK and I listen isn't working hard this year guys so everybody in your cars. Wherever you're listening Guam I don't know. Let's give a round of applause it is chasing quake struck. Back in town. REIT. Couldn't be any better this sounds like you're on a walk free walking down. I am I'm actually. In out favor where there is apparently to come for twenty cents as it's awfully triggered smoke. In the contact our bags. Well the Willie Nelson show Jason now with CSN of course and Comcast sports net. Yeah I don't even know what to say I guess. I guess maybe. I'll ask you this first. Do you think this series in the results so far is more just the warriors are locked in. And there that did or is it more the blazers are just depleted without merit pitch in there that bad. And probably more so would gold base. You know it's it's so hard to totally. Make a definitive judgment because the two games are so. Different you know August could. I was would. Respect joint and one and then came to. I was go to Byrd would go and who. Go David Brooks we have seen them play at the top level click on the court all that hasn't really got off. So once those guys did dawn I don't see how important thing you can win. Anything can happen you wouldn't do it Indiana's current size. Cleveland in this out period of change. With the kind of. Into the America's staying. At this point is there any reason to bring him back do you do you think your your opinion that is changed do you think at some form seem in the series. Yeah I would say in my opinion has changed I mean this as far as. Think in whether or not he'd get a player not. You know early on listening to am talk. And watching him work out I've there's no doubt in my mind that is a play. And then now all kind of you can't think that the organization being ultra cautious about this because. You know on and taken to the bigger picture look at it that he's really. One of three guys that. Really have a future reduce organization I think you know being able seated in Kirk. Are really point three guys that absolutely you have to hold onto I think everyone else. Going into the off season is expendable I I think even that most guys partly Japan's would be. OK if you got rid of Evan Turner OK if you got rid of well crap OK if you got rid of Meyer's record. You know OK if you got rid of Greece are pushing the down the line. And yeah you might like commit players. It's not a brickyard they got rid of them per upgrade. And I guess I'm saying is there's not a lot of guys who are good luck played themselves into. He parole on this team outside of those threes so. I think they realize that they don't want to jeopardize. Especially with the history picnic here but. That being set I still think there's a chance to play them interns stop new rarely did any information out. Decide outfit yet there is a chance to play in this series so I guess the you know maybe even by tomorrow's practice. Whether or not. They're gonna Safeco quite. Now down to rent an am assuming drip sits again because I just feel like the warriors. Know that they probably have the series. Let's just assume to rents out for game three in Turkey does play how much of a difference does it make. Well it's it's gonna make. A huge difference is because. I think. The start the series so far for gold it is good to vomit the media outside her credit hungry hungry has been an absolute monster. Of all we he has been the X-Factor in this. Series both games he's command and he's changed. The whole complexion. To put his energy yeah and that BP is given Terry Stotts had threatened right now because. Terry didn't really have options to stop a married he could Meyers Leonard Leonard and a lot right. And last for 22 because McKie you know. It's really score well lob dunk which is. Pretty much all he does in pretty much all you need to worry about them and it is still able to expose him but that. And I'll try to Myers everyone else's is physically challenged against him you know no land. Pin Alfred to meet our 69 and they can't elevate like like McGee does so. That's a problem in circuits could help neutralize that and and also. Outside agreements seagate. There's no mean Portland hero mr. masters talking Kurt could provide. At least an element that know and dream on stick with the big guy like that. Does Wagner pitched a dream on and foul trouble that would be. Big problems troubled state history month and so important book often to point B principally. So I think yeah it would make a huge difference at their place is because he'd give them some. Of advantages on offense and would help neutralize what's hurting Portland on on deep. Did did you look at Golden State in it hasn't been from beyond the arc communities they just they have not shot the ball GP well you haven't Koreans are remember or are they have not shot the ball well it's it's a layup line I mean it it is our policy just it's a free pass to the middle. In the end you know the you know the scary part is you know a messy one of those guys is gonna wake up but yeah it's. Without Turkish in the middle would no big guys there is zero deterrent for Golden State in the middle of that defense. Or bearded and stark reminder of why this team was out of playoff contention or the entire year until now can I mean it's got trampled our guide me so much in the game. Mainly from the deep sense of perspective. If you remember. Up until February teams were scoring how well. Against Portland and side hand it's like Portland had the thirtieth ranked defense for much of the year. So. I think it boils down to that meeting if you're put an amnesty it never made that trade corn and wouldn't be in the play out. Now that he's not here in the play out. It's looking pretty bleak so. You know if there have a chance he had to play. OK so Damon CJ. Great game one and I sitting game to you. Just highlights. How well the blazers playing game one they really do they played well and eight but they took the lawyers best. In the fourth quarter and law says is it lawyers is that good. But then they lose to rant any comeback in game two they still won between nine. What is it anyway what change do what was the difference in game two for C Jean Damien was it just about shots not falling or did they switch something up. No I don't think he's adequately that it did anything different. One and I think CJ. Did miss some shots I usually make and then early on. You know there ripped three bunnies. Lured mr. lay and heartless. Particularly in TJ mystical way and and then there were some just brutal passes I mean Kevin turner CK art close out this just. Right to Golden State and that just leads right into their straight defeat you have to take care of the ball against gold create nineteen turnovers dark side. Don't I don't think it would he'd think dramatically different. But look goldfish there's a reason they're number two defensively in the NBA this year there. Very good and as bad as clay Thompson has been offensively. In this series C. He's been pretty good. At least he he was very good luck or didn't. If you look at a seventeen assist in the nineteen turnovers 31 assists for Gomes made it's it's like really all Portland has its hero ball between iso ball between the two guards and you know that's not work in. I don't even know what else there is so important and even try it. Yeah I mean it's gonna and you know yet to like roll the dice and hope. Al farouq Aminu has one of those 63 pointer tied score Allen Crabbe has one of those eight pretend night. As we know those happen wrecked once every fourteen intra or. And whether or not that can happen in a playoff series against the best team in the NBA with the second best defense. I would say odds are not gonna happen that stranger things could happen. All right well. And your high your big daddy your mind as Portland has so. The pro level and now again you ranked. Did you have fun on the road though it is yet aging fun and Oakland union delight spoon in your hotel rumor. Well we didn't get it go to between student services go. I would not really cool walk. Atlanta in that state park and had this stunning views. The Golden Gate Bridge. And so that was pretty cool. Outside of that I. I was pretty boring. Let me ask Israel quick if if this series ends this way in and we see a quick exit and then it's it's of its of its a 44. Game sweep. This change at all. The kind of the feeling this season had because it went from being just awful in the wind where it was fifteen year last seventeen in the whole new rockets thing does this just kinda. What what does it do to the feel of this season if anything goes this morning. Well I I go back to what we talked about probably about a month ago and the grand scheme of the team in the big picture thing with the team during his seat and it. Are you getting closer to a championship that you make progress towards a championship. And I think beat in the result could this team no matter what happened. Of the playoff series. They've put the addition of markets this team has gotten closer. To a championship how you know they're still mile two miles away. But compared to where they were last year at the end of last year I think with Dirk it's having a big guy with that and a prominent. And how young he is I think. You have to consider this a step forward this hard getting closer to being a championship game so I would say that some marginal. A big treat for this team this. And yet they went bad guy has changed a lot of opinions like if you think about them not pulling off that trade. And yet a meaner people would be killed and employ on the elude leaves for nothing. We were mean hell yeah he would have been gone for for nothing got nothing back for me would left anyway it would just looked so bleak now you know but he cheated change a lot. Right sir thank you we'll see you learn more season. But it figured yeah this city. Serious I signed. The other night and empower. Rocket will not ninth seed market I when I sit here to host the show with Il ya. I can see the fan extras mean that they play on the television Sion yeah. In quick was filing a report from Oakland as a muscles playing. He looks thinner please walk in you know our pocket and he looks great respect every time a doctor now but he's out cruised around on the trail you know. He's getting married this summer that's what it is so that's all this is of course we 'til 34 month and that marriage and no go right back to not give and it's. All right hey I am not tennis news wrap of the hour for sick not just regular tennis news cirrus and open. I have news we cover the Sarasota open here. Is there anything we don't have a free for all over the place of 547 on the thing. Yeah yeah. This is a playoff for commissioner O'Brien time what Isaak and zoos. Presented by redstone golf centers bring tents sale on Jay Nady drove shares to a solid tennis is. The ball and send in your reading independently you clear. Huge ball is delicious for. Did you see via Sarasota open story so I saw it. And I. And I heard it in out. We can't really play it because you can't well you can't release final. I just that he could hear it you hear the player yelling can't be that good. So there's two guys to bros to tennis pros playing determine. Yet the series that open and there's like nine people in the crowd little known fact the cirrus and open not answer soon. I don't know ultimatum. As a guy who is gonna make the assumption that was it probably is now who cares. So they're playing them and it's it's real quiet you know very problem tennis when there's no one there miss if you Google there's a very sparse crowd yeah it's not like there were any tennis she can't shut up before they serve innate you know telling golf and knowing. Well read where this guy serves. He down you start here in this Roni Lynn it's written by a lake in this some apartments right there on the why there are. And the announcer the television announcer our own to come borrow borrow this was on on TV yeah. The television announcer says you know emissary print she can use that. There appears to be someone with the device on its loud in the the tennis player stop cities like looking around Italy and got a laugh and in this woman is you know she is disagreement there's some thought revenue going on seven a good time. As she is well you know what who doesn't have a good time Robin feet and happened some time to time. And add to guys like who you apologize sounds like it's some adult entertainment on the device. Is on it is not a device. Or maybe it was true he's an atlas in but it wasn't it turns out it was. Oh really those two people where were they. The alias it is like right on the water in the empire is in the apartments I guess I was like Gallic maybe on the deck follows Santa and was you know. There are rough and they're rodent races. And sometimes he gets a little I think it's a rough they were so loud from apartments that were adjacent to the tennis court now that it went into the tennis court in it was Thursday bound to borrow. Don't they say under despray Blakey C that's in there who played for the kids in at one point the one of the guys you pose a top aide kept me. Good and then he hits a tennis ball in that general direction. And the crowd laps and it went well I can't be that good. Sounds like a little bit of jealousy chemical Lilly and its growth is you know Baghdad eleven feet right at my point is. Why is this distracting tennis is nothing but sex noises that's true that's what tennis is this a lot. You. Open. Food the food. All my new taxes next. It loses the hot milk the EXE. Says don't Iverson. You Kim is in there it's very let's listen to it it's hard as they got split its way. But it's hard it's hard and. Once again love fifteen Kruger. And still opponent deficit situation. Well that is. The most bizarre situation it really I don't know how to put this folks but somebody's phone. Going off. In the stands. It's is it really that bizarre yeah it's two people you don't. Engage an incident vigorous exercise with an AM I'm surprises as an app more off on the part of those people I say thumbs up. Good for you work things out over there. Let's just old Steffi tennis pros not Gionta and Sarasota to ensure a did not know you know I think. You re down there we were there you needed Jayson condos were hit really count their rent an apartment for a month. For one permanent burdensome to send. Yeah I am other tennis news if it was vacation and I can understand because when you're vacationing if you read someplace anything goes. Don't at that point. Is a whole different animal when you're talking about vacation for relevant. Vs state and only then did some like vacations that was vacation sixth that's without 'cause. That's hey I would pop in 399 for this Condo on the late it was uses getting my money's worth here let's do it. Serena Williams is pregnant by nerdy white did you have you see the photo of him carrying her yeah he's not comfortable doing. No I wouldn't either and how he's straining as she is. Well I've always had a thing for yes I've seen her in person like her and it is amazing she was dating. It's a stupid receivers. Malcontent do you share in in Tampa Bay. You show Johnson. Why couldn't come up with a name. I'm getting old but she was it's supposedly. Dating Kee Shawn Johnson should showed up one of our practices it's done via. Alia studied in person way better than I ever could have hoped for. Well anyway logic to this tomorrow now but you know that she won the Australian Open pregnant parents' eyes she's twenty we spread it to be the sort of backtracking. Is that the greatest pregnant sports accomplishment. Analysts. Yeah. Kind of intrigued by this now but it's gonna have to wait till tomorrow but did the and he was the founder of red it is the guy this year is Marion. And there's a photo of him like carrying her. And he just that there's a vein like ready to go hope. He's just doing everything he can't be that so many yet. I've got this reality she should be carried Hemmer. He. Don't ever say we don't talk tennis. You are hot Sarasota open talked you know we'll tennis segment there you who would match. Oh who cares only knows find out coming up next we have concert news. And funny Boston Marathon science. And Adidas beef unit at the Boston Marathon. It is at 558. On the fan.