Primetime 4.20.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 20th

CFB notes, and who is Eric Thames and why is hitting a million HRs. 


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. He's just meant more. This this looks like the condition of trying to monetize it didn't seem. Presented I've read tell golf center's spring and sales starting Friday it's when he says do spend it's when he buried where you can save up to. 50% off everything golf and get. It doesn't sound at crunch Reagan's visit golf Rendell dot com right into more than ten maybe she'll say. All right folks coming at this hour a lot college football random news segment Korean. Coming into that at 430. In baseball and ten minutes but Aaron Hernandez. They're gonna study his brain there at Boston University men and you know it is in interesting question. Because he's so young. What if he has CT. They found in high school players before they have the applicable high school players who have I think one of them committed suicide right. Well the only the only way you can find it is is post mortem we've yet to have a test for it when you're still alive so. Yeah they've discovered it in. I wanna say two high school players. That I didn't and I think. One was suicide that I don't remember the other world suicide her fetus died. Be dining car wreck but there is one there was an article where. It was to be losing GQ just a couple months ago. Where it was kind of a really. The sad story where they give the guy was writing letters to like his girlfriend in and do his friends and something's wrong with me I don't know what it is. But something's up you know please you don't you know I don't think I'm a coward and you know please test my brain he sure enough they found it and they said he had that the brain of a seven year old alzheimer's patient. How low whereas with this in terms of them because we talked about the said Nazr and that. You know youth football parents or whatever I think may be this is another. The information out there in some people have what they need to make a decision however. It was thought not that long ago that you really didn't know if I young people had CT they were playing football you just knew. You know like to do worsens and Andre waters in the U Jews CEOs. Eat studied their brains and almost a 100%. It is Ozarks that they had a that you just you thought oh wow you know it's only certain guys not everyone. And there date it's years and years and years. Well Aaron Hernandez stopped playing football at the age of 22 played what three or four years in the NFL. Yes so he stopped in 2012 is twenty years old and the implications of this if they find he had CT one did that. Did that cause his. Violent behavior you'll have no idea but I guarantee in the civil trial that his attorneys are gonna swing that one from the ceiling yellow I was wondering why they didn't. May be go down that road. In the Indy criminal trial room no way to know. Mean the year you know prove you know I guess and until you're dead. But can't you know the idea because if you do that and then what you base your doing is you're saying yeah we're guilty. But here's my buddy here's why and they're trying to play it off as well I didn't do this. In a year I don't they'll use that becomes out. In the civil dry absolutely the fact he can show signs so young if he does have it is. Traveling well I think anyone that's that's played and I started and I I don't. I don't feel weird about that scene is ML BQ in mind but you know me and in and Josh Wilcox of had this conversation before. Did you know both of us played but not. You know it's super long times are both had a a couple coffee. I in the NFL in and you went through a couple years and in he had a year in the ex FL by the year and in NFL Europe but we both played from when we are real little. And to meet the that the scary thing is is that when you have. These sorts of that symptoms or signs. You if you always sir to wonder is it something. Evil or is it just like if you forget where you're driving and that happens to me. Quite a bit quite in it happens sometimes run driving and I just drive by my eggs and I'll drive five miles before I. I I realized that I've done it or I forget where I'm going to know all pull over to the side of the road and kinda have to take stock of where Amanda K we're. Hell was I going along all right. It doesn't do are those things. Getting old or those just you know people like well yeah he's you have one of those senior moments or is or something else there. Or if you were your marriage does fall apart if you do find yourself you know being anger being frustrated real life for you do find yourself being depressed about something. Is that natural you go to a little depression because there's there's some rough times or is it something else. Because all of the signs of CTE. You know depression mood swings. Anger lashing out you know forget form this confusion these sorts of things sensitivity to light. They can be signs of a lot of different things so how are you ever supposed to really know. If you've got a ticking time bomb going on inside your head or you're just kind of going through some normal storms that everyone else's. And that's that's our real thing for a lot of guys that played big you are forced it to deal with and it scares the hell do you sometimes. I'm not gonna lie and say there are times that I wake up and oh my god hell that wasn't a good day. But then sometimes ogle a month or two with with nothing but you're also me and Josh are both you know in late thirties early forties. And so then neither is that wonder what happens when I'm fifty what happens when I'm 55 is gonna continue to get worse you know this. It is there's always things that go into it and when you play it just kind of become something that you're forced to to live with it's always in the back here market well I wonder how much you played in there and Hernandez like Dwayne seed. We'll certainly some of the criminal behavior and mood of the a rational that kind of jumping. Jumping to conclusions the U the lashing out anger a lot of that stuff they do say the impulse control that's what I was in fourth impulse control. Would certainly be you know signs that or you know what Jesus was an evil brother you know what and that's the things like this tax. I've tried through five great now we're gonna get NFL football make sure murder. Regular people are gone that I had been mean. While the rarity have a river Chris Benoit never the O Debbie Debbie does get a lives let's say is that it does get a little now. It's a little much idiot he's I was just he was a bad rockers are bad dude but if it turns out that the did head was full Swiss cheese. Any any had a rotten brain it's an interesting question but how do you. Theme prove that you. You'd you really can't let NL you can't pin it on football now you can't and I'm not trying to say that even if he does end up with a rotten brain and by the way I think. Any time something like this happens it's just. When they studied the brains 88. We're we're used to coming back positive I would be surprised if it did ten never really hear about the now one's gonna come on is it really doesn't think the numbers are in the high 90% when they study a brain most of the time it's it's coming out. On the positive for CT. And I'm not trying to say that that excuse is Aaron Hernandez far from an arrogant as it was an evil man whether Rihanna diseased brain or not but I think it does. I don't know it. It paints a picture of why maybe these things happen. Of why you weren't able to. Appreciate your life why you weren't able to just leave a normal life it was the the rest of the Chris Benoit he ended up killing his wife Vicky might kill this is kid too at least the wife. And everyone contacts by the so lots of roared rage and all that well a lot of these guys just have rotten heads. And not seeing excuse zip but if if you have an alzheimer's patient and they do something do we sit there and say that that person. Had their faculties about them or do you chalk it up to man that's that's tough they were battling that disease not a makes what they did okay. But a lot of these guys because they're healthy and they look physically together. We'll keep you can't control what's going on upstairs. Again I'm not trying to excuse anything but it does give you a reason for why sometimes these guys go off the deep end. I area all right we'll keep posted I don't know I want to take them to study. Brains. Well yeah. Not very long mean once it goes to the university of reality is is he to take care. You take samples of the death slides and you just looked under my kinder and it's it's called the tau protein. And it's it's pretty quick if they've if they get the brain so you may not have to wait very long to have these results. Well who knows they'll be publicly the family gathered and we gave this I've been quiet but I have a fear that if it is CT the fan is gonna be very public about it because they are. I guarantee that this will be what he's used in the civil. Trial for the only murder. All right coming up next June hardball how about this guy name Eric is pretty good. Human Miller yeah and a lot of former mariner a lot of people question the why. What he's very good as a murder weak weak nod nod but for thirteen on the stand. This is a playoff for commission O'Brien John Morgan Isaak ensues can presented by red tell golf centers bring tents sale on 1080 tocchet and right to baseball. Diamond Lehman Eric aims. I wanna contents. That might says that's not right now I've yet to see him swing but he is hidden for a way to open it up he plays for the brewers. And he is so lefty. And witness statistics here. He is seen as you said for 08 he is slugging 959. He's built like a brick house by doing cases now under is an old beard huge guns seven home runs. Twelve release did usery can and he scored eighteen runs now. Why is this the stories to some guy who's hot at a gate now. What's the story because. Well one of his few minutes Steris which I love this that a couple of Chicago Cubs who were were talking to known as John Lackey he had the post game and they didn't come out directly say it but there was a lot of like. You've got to guys like Alex Rodriguez Barry Bonds you wonder how did they. While they're smiling and Lackey even winks at the camera. All let's say in any case some which it says this guys that Mike worries in John like he's become the most obnoxious and baseball or hate him yet he is my least favorite player. By far. He didn't either angry all the time and now he's yelling at everybody all the time he's obnoxious so this is. He says in quote well the bottom line is he's hit the ball right now we got to forget a way to get him out all that other stuff a lot of other people worry about. Bees do SF that haven't seen in a long time start thinking about Griffey junior. Many Revere as we went to the Dodgers Barry Bonds it died about some of the greatest players to ever play the game yes probably ahead scratch or because no one knows who this guy is. And when he was here before. His body has changed but like I said I'll leave that to everyone else use got to try to worry about how to pitch you better get him. While so even though he did play in the majors before you play with the Mariners he bounced around a yet but he invoked Manny Ramirez of the Dodgers in vote Barry Bonds even dropped the body change and to be fair when you look at photos. He looks it looks drastically drastically different there really is probably is on steroids but she showed up John Lackey right it's like you don't give it. You think you don't have a teammate that's open something. To shop every need fifty minutes and 408. Well this guy in by the way it's 49 at bats yeah I mean guys do get hot and even guys like. Sainz who aren't big name players and it can happen so it's not. Now. I'm with Mike John Nikes of the pitcher but at that but how many times do you see a guy. Go play overseas and then come back and have this much success. Sit because said teams went. He was in Toronto for rob anyway to the Mariners hit 220 and he went to Korea and he said that. The green league by the way that he played in is the second best. League in the world behind in LT owed it. Many don't think it's Japan but it's not. But typically go there. It's to make a little bit more money but it suited to prolong your career before hanging them up now nobody. Comes back I can't think of another guy many of a guy and of their mr. baseball Tom Celek the you see the movie. He went over there resurrected his career and came back within Asian bride is only in the movie was quite lovely. Well this guy went over there he's been over there for whatever. Three seasons and in those three seasons he had a 124 home runs now he became Korea's first 4040 guy. And the Korean. People nicknamed him guide and because that's the he thought he just became huge celebrity now he could go out on the streets they loved him then he drew his bagel freaky beard and he's all added up and he just he has monster pipes like his arms are enormous but do you know what he. Says about how he's been able to resurrect his career over there yet but I read story can tell you read it I read is a good piece this could be on on his journey. But what he's saying is Korean pitchers they don't. Throw more than 9192 miles per but they spend the crap out of the ball they have all kinds a split fingers and breaking balls. You don't see you like the Major League Baseball flame to our fastballs over there. And it taught him discipline they're taught him how to not swing at everything got it taught him plate discipline. And that. Any just hot right now you know he's not gonna end up hitting 408 now. Mean you will maybe those. It's let's seize it and for a wave but he's crushing the ball in for a way to let he's as lapin so he says after going over there and watching those pictures of those pitchers are good in the thrown some that there are all kinds of stuff that moos. He says it's easier to hit the faster pages once you get used to them so you get in the majors and there's guys now. Are all just throw it EDT bullpen fireball or is there all at ninety miles an hour it seems like. Weird is it didn't seem like that long ago like I remember you maybe 67 years ago the tigers and the tigers are really good. They have those three guys that would come out of the pen and all through the high nineties and it was like a big deal. Again he got three guys that all throw like 97. Every bullpen in the major leagues now has seemed like it says three guys they just throw gas. It does seem like that and now he's saying that's easy to hit after after three goes your body adapts them. And I can I can lay off stuff now because that I just spent three years a land off Paula junk he just sits on the fastballs and he says that 91 miles per hour. Looked like a 101. Over there yet because because of all the movement yeah and I hear it's extremely you that you're part had to adjust these and I can deposit that in the upper deck and years if he's he's in the asset of the ball but I love the you know who's the other cub violated it was really lacking in who has legal Bakken and find it for you. I love the anybody who's hot who isn't a household name. Is announcer it's a lull of that which is go immediately to that they became possibly just be area that was the other one jig area down. And then Baggio so there's three of them and all audio gap there are three of on the overall weight Chris Bosnia still pitches who has the sixty. Hobby by I don't know. This crisp audio with John Lackey Chris Chris Bosnia and Jake area that's former mayor Chris does enormous it Cody my BA coach me go through in the last pitch in 1996 yet he's one of their he's one of their pitching coaches. They were all he's 54 the end they were all kinda. Don't put you know we came on just said that he was our droids but every one of them had those same go to the sort of quotes of weekend figure it out. While I don't know why maybe it's a Manny Ramirez sort of situation. But king you. I can see why they look. Yeah the guy isn't very gut Lindsay like he leaves and goes over to relieve that isn't as good as this one any comes back with arms the sizes you know. Tree trunks and also he's mash and I mean. We I get in and stumping yet to say it out yet to be do you she'll get back to be that guy I mean because this league Walid is sad starling marte. Get popped yeah don't act like. Ariana and Lackey you don't have someone on your team may be doing something yes and a brother Brady Anderson they were all brie and have guys. That that clearly Iran to be the steroid cloud and and yet wind just come on it's it's it's funny that. Known as the balls did you say is on steroids in God's wanna hit about right if that's what you're gonna do they just say hey I think the guys on something exactly. You know the balls to say it now in they put Griffey junior in there. Yeah for a reason or maybe that was like a Pallet cleanser. Maybe that's why is like hey we didn't say all steroid guys which is there one guy that was that suspicious and an. Everywhere else that was a huge. Well this team's guy names whenever it's Spain's right names. I'd never even heard of him before he's racan. I I remember him at the Mariners I do not a body was Marcus Thames whose brother but he's not hence the different pronunciation of the or maybe just don't like each other so they're going by different names on them. Well he used to be one of those did hoosiers to free swinger at him and struck out a million times. Now he's leading the league in hitting. Well I hope that it's it's clean I mean you always do I don't care if it's not. Robs for the all steroid Olympics actually seconds Freddie Freeman. Yeah Freddie Freeman sued yeah I saw the other day I was kind of looking through some of the numbers you like holy hell business candidate or forty they're doing and accuse him. Exactly that's not why he's good player now. Well what about does Garcia guy found I don't Garcia White Sox. He's at 423. He's maybe Miguel Cabrera steroids used to be on the tigers and he basically just. The app shadowed me you the whole time and now he's just trying to become ago Bruno look in his eyes Sarah it's that's good considering he's one of the best hitters of all time. I don't think episode RC is on the answers of all time known as the good about that other guy now in Amazon's Derek might lead Chase Headley now with the it's at least hitting. Incredible the problem that's. Yeah we'll also is freaking Daniel Murphy and I want him to die why does no one point the finger Bryce Harper. He looks like he's she's like eighty wanna talk about it doesn't look as he looks like he juices say that's. The problem like with guys like James is the they they look the part. Mean it's it's one thing to be really good and have eye popping numbers it's another thing did kinda have a spike your Brady Anderson Bret Boone likes paying. And this is why the Bret Boone thing is sowing seeds of boomer wasn't very good. And then boom got really good and then in game conjunction with the im getting really good you look like a bodybuilder it's it's. It's not hard to put two and two together and things falls unfortunately into that category of photos like as arms when he swings and looks like Mark McGwire. Yeah well let's see how his stats and up yeah or see if he ends up getting popped for. In what they say the game and knows a thing they say that he's already been randomly drug test is auditing give any earned him. Well as he doesn't fail what does that mean what does that tell you I'm sure it was random to. Who's this guy who's got a biceps the size of tree trunks of hitting home runs every time. They've got to be testing Jay Bruce then and then Jay Bruce tig I cannot fail a drug test and still no one believes them. No I mean the guy yeah I can you could just be hiding it well. Who can translate how many how many times did their Rembrandt pass the test before he got pop how these guys don't announce. Masking agents won't would a win win. Who has lived Balco guy. That was his name. You know with her own country can't contact when the draw I think came out he said to the newest stuff is. You know they they test for this with hey there's a ratio there's like a testosterone there's another chemical right they test the ratio to it. And they said a lot of these guys now are so scientific that they can keep the ratio right at the threshold. Or some of the stuff that they're using is so quick acting that it's out of your system within a matter of days. And therefore it just eight you have to get caught in the perfect storm they test you on the right day in order to get caught. I remember every member him talking about that that the that the doctors are so far ahead of the the testers and it's. You really kinda have to get needle in the haystack lucky door to catch one of these guys so unless you're like may hear from the Mets in your doing my Dinah ball. You do in android's from like 1984. So why does. Look like what he looks like and Marcus themes looks like what he looks. Who the hell knows man who knows what your body comes this is what's the stuff you're taken or you take an upper Ers are you taken. Like EPO that's like a blood boosting agent that's like with cyclists take. That allow you to unit to have longer and you work out you taking truly muscle building steroids there's so many different things you can put your body to react. I just eight year old is gonna be suspicious when you have the spikes in your your stats. And you look the way that thing was does and you came from Korea gas when you Marty we you know you can wipe it out. And you can walk into a pharmacy in those other countries a threat in a when I was over in Indonesia is funny like I had to go get. Flew the steroids bells that the android's. At a go get flu medicine for my from my son and you walk into the pharmacy and they do have them. Right there just like a whole self testosterone products now and then it's like they the fluid that for my flu medication. That is little tiny section of the three things to choose. But if I wanted to writes if I wanna testosterone and hormones holy Helen Tara wall. That I could choose for a so you're over there and it's not legal in all I think that's the other reason why. In so many people point the finger like why wouldn't you do when your room there right why a lot of the guys guinn popped her am. Yum the Dominican guys millions willing to just it's it's it's close acceptable to readily available trapped us a read an article saying it was in in regards to disturbing marte thinks. What's what's the downside. But he signed these all these guys that have been popped have still gone on and played for a long target. All the guys with the exception of the Mets reliever got POP3 times he's done. But you think's very marte is careers over a guy has a huge contract he's gonna have huge contract. Is it outside of the embarrassment sit eighty games this let's all be back every one of these guys that has been pop continues to play Yankee teams to play at a high level. He continues to get big contracts sit there really still isn't a Jai deterrent. If you're border. I got a lump marte is not an it department glass can't play no but he still gonna have a long career he's still gonna get paid millions of dollars making it must know. They're not Lisa Nelson. Yeah they they have the third lease runs. In baseball yeah. Been there and they're clearly it has lost their best hitter for eighty games now McCutcheon is back in center field and apparently can't run eleven of them I think there's just to get like Europe and coming couple years ago made the wild card game Danica hey watch out for the parents fell off into the rotation. Well all right I come next I have prepared a bunch of college football stuff. Got a lot of random going running college football while we didn't shoehorn in my ducks think the depth chart in this is low it's kind of fascinated by. In my brilliance Bryce Harper. Used public hello my. I hear is pain Mike was sports and I'm like he's. This is a playoff weakening should know trying to more advise against suit. Presented by red hill golf and here's greens ten of them all and 1080 tocchet and I'm more on the blazers warriors series of Jason quakes he has any jones' first Thursday hit. At 530. Might we see you satiric pitch Saturday and let out. College football for the rest of this hour buddy. Real quick you're pointing out that Freddie Freeman is a few nights were forty yes as the Braves Iran and really sees duty and that ass hole of a lineup that is the number X. The Braves suck. And he's hitting 440 in there. Yeah well I mean a day kind of thought of as up and coming. They're terrible the Braves the Braves up and coming. Bianca but the second worst record in baseball they're up and coming yet their lineup is filled with guys like Matt Kemp we the and I don't know can hurt. Don't know of the up and coming is the label I'm looking here. Well Bartolo Cologne hey gang are okay they did sign a lot of veterans your right is it Brandon Phillips up there but they are like Tim Swanson and Sansa night in the brick with smarmy Swanson follows cancer f.s knife that was way off other six and eight that's not too man. So hey. These are just totally random notes here and they're all pertained couch football did you see that. Oklahoma State. Refuses. To believe they lost that game against central Michigan or whatever it was yes so essential Michigan right. Is that that is one of the directional machine on the drinks are missing schools and it it turned out that. The final play should not have been allowed. They ending an extra on time down it through hell marinade freaking beat Oklahoma State wouldn't and so they went ten in three and they went to that Al mobile local state and Oklahoma State did so on their Alamo Bowl championship or. Aches incentive that need to it and three they put eleven in two bitter match it this kind of erase in that well. Meet your ring you can do you want that to be accurate payment you can make a national James your brings if you want what is worse. Engraving the wrong record. On your Alamo Bowl ring or simply having an Alamo bull ring you know who does a Al mobile ring you know. I never played enable as prestigious as the Alamo Bowl one Johns again losing has an Alamo Bowl ring and they gave rings for. Crappy bulls going out now I'm got a couple of and it's it's not horrible ball well you know what I don't have my have conference Newton. When we won conference championships they give us rings and then they they put the crappy bowl game on the side so. Do you get a ring for every bowl. It's up to the team's discretion but yeah I usually do. Now and quite frankly it's the you shouldn't go I know a lot of guys that have likewise are locked comparable ratings let's say since Nixon yeah yeah that's the should he should not get a ring for that now. BS they'd most bowl games give you the option. Of of having those rings made in minutes after the school whether or not they wanna spend the money. And so they make like a ten dollar ring from Johnson's and I'm going gets all like excited about it well did you see the North Carolina football team lose their S over the Jordan shoes in I didn't holy hell are they getting now. A premium on a novice when it comes to the she game yeah. Are they getting new uniforms no gym shoes just shoes they got a pair of retro Jordan eleven's. Did that in America on a football in North Carolina football team guided did that it is it let favourite is their coach Easton of the little podium. And he said hey just see you know everyone's get a pair these and they brought out a pair of retro Jordan elevens what the patent leather and Carolina blue and the team goes. Freaking not aside he knows that's the beauty of the NCAA is good those kids are getting exploited left and right and they don't really care because they got a pair of free. 200 dollars shoes if only cared about their academics think I know it's a sad dad's car every time I see those videos. I just kind of shake my head now Mikey you should want so much more led. You're just you're happy being dumb MB implied with free shoes and not North Carolina and here for the issues where they cool. I saw that to mean it is look like. Mean made it in sneaker at a world those are like the most part of the issues of all time. Are they really gathered Jordan elevens leave the space jams Imus does go for like you said to 300 bucks. But you given to players and you would think that they just won the lottery but the Blaine given vs Nick Saban is heating up. I Lane Kiffin. I tweeted that he doesn't believe in dressing down assistant coaches in front of everyone if there are which is clearly direct shot at exceeding one of the reasons why he left the main reason why he left is that nick would give him I believe Nick Saban called it an ass chewed them ever Simmons said hey what about the yelling match and Simpson that won the yellow and that was an adds to it. Well today Sabin fired back because you know he can't let anything go nu and he said that Jalen hurts their quarterback wasn't developed. So taking a direct shot at Lane Kiffin Lane Kiffin. The opposite corner even though Lane Kiffin to be fair led the two most grip prolific offenses. In Alabama history. But their quarterback sucked. He did it was Blake Sims didn't really throw doing Blake Sims and then deal that hurts. Els won back to back titles yet. Winning but they were pretty good Ide limit on Kiffin to viruses. Or you can blame well. That's that's not fair that defense got hung out to drive it's the defense couldn't hold them at the end but Alabama's offense did nothing in the second half of that football game to Dallas saarc. But you know. Lane Kiffin was there the entire year with them he down this is too big guy chick fillet kick off games are coming in early September. They're playing man and and you Atlanta's stadium yet the falcon I don't know what it's called it's commerce it's a Mercedes-Benz stadium is it. If he's seen some of the renderings of that oh it's awesome it's it's unbelievable what they're built in the Minnesota one is like that. Zeneca they could big glass palace in the Atlanta one looks even more species than that they're saying that they had there have been so many delays in construction that it may not be ready in time. In which case they would just go play the Georgia Dome yet the tourism Rabin toward honoring oh it is but not not yet via its literally right next down. I just hop on over there. But it's Georgia Tech against Tennessee. And in Alabama Florida State. Those are actually that the first is not bad. Led the battle Florida State had a hard time watching Georgia Tech plan via. With the the winged a year literally held Iran and yet they've produced two of the best receivers in the last fifteen years and you know now while go figure. No Alabama Florida State that's kick ass I'd love the fact that we're getting more more games and I think tiger now things are looking up and latitude in the Braves a skinny stadium. The missed their new stadium right here once and Strasburg pitched. And there's a big controversy because they really didn't need a new baby says Atlanta's is so horrible sports town but. This got a huge new football stadium in need nice new baseball stadium yup the good thing is that I think not everyone goes the evil in the Blair braves were winning. Division after division and we're going to World Series they weren't filling up that stadium. Running back wonder lick scores leaked. That the should be fun. What do you think he's so what is does it was like zero at a fifty years of something like that right if you score in the actually I think if you're north of thirty. You're considered to be pretty sharp yet I think anything in the high teens low twenty's I think is considered a pretty solid score for really yeah. I think if you're like in 1922 when he won I think you're pretty good if your quarterback in your in the high twenties it's most of the quarterbacks. That did that this peak for a reason this matters to people. But yet you get in the mid twenties and it just money is. On average yet though in and I think that's for the most part of these one legislature quarterback people are happy if you get average Christian McCaffery. Stanford can't. I think naturally people and assume it's Hyde bit and may be 2321. That's I'm disappointed and impact are you can't stand for education. Farce how loud Leonard for net. Issue again now we're just gonna make the assumption that it was terrible thing 1911. Again and it's that's. It's not anything. Lighting groundbreaking they're a lot of guys have gotten four scores Joseph Nixon. For Oklahoma. For. Now he's way smarter twelve. Our degree genomics. That not everyone here is is going to be a brain scientist. Who is the guy from Florida State there was a Rhodes scholar and a brain scientist in brain doctor is that it is that. Did the Florida State DB. How does it. Exceed your roots. Every he was a Rhodes scholar your keys he didn't played a football game to go do the interview for the Rhodes scholarship and he's now going to be a neurosurgeon. Mom yet and you don't remember that now is a force they DB and text please help me out on this but he if you would these exact name was but he missed a football game because he had to fly over to Monday and to do the interview for the Rhodes scholarship and the key when studied at Oxford. And I think he is now. Finishing up or maybe he's just starting but he's on his way to being a neurosurgeon. And we have more college football are remnants coming up next including them. You have some hot takes on the ducks' depth chart it was a role that was it was one of the rules. Antrel on trial. Of Zack sorry of that same sort of family yes I think he was his cousin all right for 48 this is the fan. This is a playoff week and they should know trying to mores eyes again soon. Presented by redstone golf and it's free content sales own Jay Nady both Israel and NFL schedule. Come down here. But there were his palace who are random you Brothers meaningless since about his own mobile remain 5050 cents to me now for the sake of. Well he said how many Al Mobil's if you want and I said well I've won zero. Point you in however had I won and now mobile that fateful evening in. San Antonio. Missing 1990. Now pay me eight. Nine. 96. Cameron parent remember I don't know that I would need a ring to commemorate it but. I think they be you meet their own I think they beat the mighty Baylor Bears. In that bowl game if I remember correctly. In their own backyard sort of can yeah dominant now. 1994. On his way off beat Baylor twenty to three in the also be. San Antonio Spurs back consider my team Penske at a bar or at that Alamo Bowl knowing it bring Hannah. Does this what I remember from the Alamo Bowl might miscue was in there is hitting on their offensive line coach's wife and they roughed up Mike to Minsk. That's awesome yeah random little notes the Dow soared to a strip club and Dennis Rodman came in and Dennis Rodman took like four strippers and left. Well let dozens at all did you miss anything though that's like a really obscure sports nugget is it only you can get here yeah of the late great George Yarborough who is their offensive line coach member Georgia passed away and was just my brother just. It has nothing but great things to say about a to mid skeeter and your wife was a former lingerie model and was had it all together in the right way. And professor Mike too risky was in was in a bar can you miscue I guess was given little get little row he. With mrs. Jarno and the players in my ticket and he went down they roughed up in each of Penske but that yeah. They breaks them outside of the San Antonio bar. Mike Reilly names ten or Lee has starting quarterback. Army arms or not they're for the 800 year. Where have you guys bin. Most generally I think what to expect in Nebraska offense the rank 75 again because it. This is the rare to star starting quarterback really the Aggies a transfer from Tulane. And when he was that to Laney completed 53% of his passes and threw to anyone picks old boy her nose that you seasons how does that Nebraska starting quarter I don't know I wondered that myself because I thought that and they got a big high. Profile recruit there a quarterback recruit there but. Maybe he's just. Maybe he's just creating competition you know yes but good old Danny laying store in charge of the offense their Lincoln. And certainly they've got the guy sling in the rock now and we're gonna run the ball a button while they better they're not sky Sox he's. Early sooners on paper who knows maybe he'll be great. Payout will hold onto your duck football depth chart tock you guys think it's it's he would organs doing down there and talk about this whenever yo get to it at 515 but up next it's the hot five at five NFL schedule news a lot of minority leak sold tea. A lot about what the Seahawks have going on. Of course the playoffs tonight new Aaron Hernandez news in another day another back surgery for Tiger Woods. All maxed on the fan.