Primetime 4.20.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, April 20th

Blazers destroyed by Warriors, Aaron Hernandez update, and more!


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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Trying to him on 1080 Bill Clinton column drives in from the right cause a problem. What's it dealt with the left at the book store like best know go to the free throw line for the chance at a Playboy playing. This is a playoffs we condition of trying to I'm more guys again soon presented I've read some golf centers Brington sale starting Friday April when he pressed it. Sunday the twenty bed where you can save up to see. 50% of everything golf and get a. 50% now this country and this is golf red sale dot com Brian more on Jenny you share them. You. Thursday what's up everybody how we doing so are are it's yeah. Carpenter might come or so ago gimmicks clear Michael's arm I thought it was I want to hit it. You really know our whole bit so Donovan guns I thought rob could figure it out for sure and not he should not because I was yelling at it I didn't notice. Well I actually went to hit the button I think I might have hit the cough button. If the fact is I went to hit with a Whaley of Koplan you confident that either one of us ever uses I never act. Gotta cut down the reality nominees are you ready yet. So I'm talking in nine Gagne in my Cairo and compute how. At that time that's cup but it turned to my golf is dead now. Look at that and I've been in radio for fifteen years. It and I have never used to cuff. And I cough all the time if you look down we have this little 'cause I'm smoking is in there's a little panel there's an on and off a talkback which it was this button news. You have Calista do you have like the five. Bidders numbered one to do for fun now I only get four buttons and you a whole thing that I had a whole thing man when I go sit over there when you're out NAFTA goes I have no idea. What's happening over there I've been doing this for twelve years I don't know what any of the buttons here Eminem hit this decision entrance. In my on now your off no gun you. Know you're on Torricelli my antenna here on. What he was also hit anymore but and so there. What's his blue buttons. Are you just messing with them no I don't think he was on the whole time unless there was I couldn't hear I could hear him and it means you turned the sound in your steal off in Minnesota on Iran. They're still studio monitors yeah that's that is. I'm glad you know the we've been doing this show together for over eleven years and were just an on air figured out what. Do I think it was a child that wanders into a movie begins asking questions you're out of your element Donnie. It's it's you know what it is we're not real radio guys dole which is not apple who just happen to be doing I am talking monkey. I'm sitting here and there there might goes on and I don't even do you do know your job way harder and sometimes in my doesn't hail on point and say until we talk about that for second at you wanted. You wanna delve into that right now you don't wanna get to the hot game she taught. Thank you Zach threw breakdown Meyers Leonard. We will talk about that is an act I was handed a large sheet of paper with a bunch of audio clips should we played postgame audio and the people yeah I think that's what people demand that would real radio guys do from the bottom of the well. They're getting to a man on packet that stood. No so just just a note now slow side note just to cite site borrow on the jets come on over here son I'd like to talk to you on doing radio now. You're very good at what you do thank you okay and I appreciate the SN and here I appreciate that. In I probably wouldn't be in radio if you had somehow. And the gunfire left now. Because I'm not doing it solo at the end I don't wanna do with anyone else I love the feeling is mutual but. It it appears the qualifier bear Flemmi taste I don't mean to offend you but I am back to offend that. SLU this is an offensive you know this yes and I think deep down you will agree with the I've admitted it. Your job on that side of the of the table yeah zoom way easier than mine I'm gonna save by a factor of at least ten in the only way at least I always thought that yeah but I finally win when I was so low and you were in Bali now. I am looking Anderson in here and he sat over here if you're tired of doing the shows so looks has gone for two weeks a year like no until it takes I'm taking it day in a move it over so I moved over to your seat all. My god. Now I'm not saying I did is get a job as you know I'm not saying in the ratings would be worth a crap if I were over there but I'm telling you yes. You've got to may be a smooth sailing and I try to does that really does speed up holding the Mike in his hand and it was great because it blew out of something that I wasn't into sedan I would just Stonewall and make him go to it is you just change. I don't really care I think the show once member we're down we heard a bowl game and my back went out in a stunning development I did the show from the floor I just laid on the ground. And held the Mike and away we went when I hear you. I think what the differences what you don't have is the pressure of the massive amount fresh. Only god Eric to a surge in this is steady hand of coming in so we're a defense of nine point that I life is on the line with the what you decide to do now the mat just you have to you have to outline the show you do. Yeah do you. I did news when more than people think. In so. That is like it's like writing a speech about sports every like you know how public speaking is kind of a phobia for a lot of people yeah. Imagine having to put together five days a week. A new. Fresh speech based on what's going on sports poll I know and it's not forbidden under saying you have to prepare that idea to think about of the you know I think but anything over no you just react in ages talk know he's so basically the equivalent is. They year quarterback on the defensive line yeah it's what this I'm Jerry dot you have particularly third on nine no pool would debts that which you wanna be. In your Kliff Kingsbury if you're anything may be a slick portals that allow the royals a Chad Henne called us you know and I think I am. And under par I'm taking their car I was the same portrait 01 period and then we'll lever he lets Johnson. Alex Smith who opened read a lot again Alex so you haven't yet you have a lot the you have to do priests now I just run after the quarter. And just go get that guy over there in and it's not to trivialize your job because you have to be good as. It's just looked far less. Pressure we had just does go who. Yes it's it's an easier gig because when your dog a series when your dog and I have to go over there and do it upsets though it is a entirely different animal yen EIE big Sid go over here and there is a lot more that goes into it absolutely. Lot more thinking than. Well I just wanted to get down to clear the air just so rob is now let everyone know that the true star in the leader of the new program that's not what I said organize a gruff no. You are the star of the show. There's no question. However. You got to me via US could do is not bad until mine quite frankly out but the neither one of this is digging ditches. Well. You and manual labor it goes hand in hand it's a bit of a grind but I play golf in the morning now I'd say this when you go home and not that I am going to go home to complain to anymore about wind when I used to and you went home. You don't complain you Kenneth you know well don't get addicted to go home I'm like kids. Those dancer so selfish you won't believe what that is labeled your kids ever even ask you what's gone and you're like hey how are you at my kids every day our you know my kids every day ask how might it was that's great and I and a lot of kids don't know my kids do it every day and I have to just dropped. Is it you know high and they always ask Kaye did anything happened and my answer is always. I talked dies a ton of stuff could've happened you're not on the Pentagon's as well and thinks that's good all the sun and no one's gonna get fired up. Howard good have a roof over your head. But when I wouldn't go home. You cannot go home to espouse the significant other. Richard Simmons whoever it is that you're going home to you Barry Manilow you cannot go home to that person and complain about. And this it doesn't work. No no let's listen to it now no one my cubs are not have and no we Cinderella buddies and they'll be talking about work in and I'll bring something up and if they just don't like you I will willow. Time did you go to work today in 230 what time did you go home seven shot up. Like you go to hell no just listen to it now what my friends no one believes that I actually have a real job. If that's what I believe don't. Will no not really when you meet people for the first time that's like the first question is what else Steve gimmick that that this is this team we did passages Hawaiian now. But it's unbelievable yeah. Them you meeting EU meeting gal now that's the thing that's the first thing shorts that idea real job late yeah public insurance think this is what you do and I'm like I I swear it's you should it puts a real job is that. Question. A 100% I I swear you I was. Asked that question myself what do you think about this Mike Tony Hunt takes on this radio talk. At you guys ever made it's great we didn't mean. I would not I thought I'll take I don't I don't really have that he differing opinions the nice short shift K when they will be on. And you'd like finally. It's about freaking time we're going to be here for like 26 years we're going to be the Ed Whelan. We've been here for over it now you don't know my contract demands now I know what you've got going on over there with it that's that I'm rampant MI demands from an X deal. And they don't given to me how many Roscoe on honey. Rest golden palm spring Roscoe a leg up and then you're gonna realize right to you about nine it's a young probably a year after your gone. Six of these rich Michigan where proceed again it's a pretty good gig. A go down and work with Anthony's so Leo San Diego. Only sent him not teed him up with some softball fund would. Philip decades. Well anyway. I don't. I don't know overdoing it and you know all this talk about how I'm preparing the show on Ellis cut in a line animal yet another blazers are we're just. That was awful boy that was. The dust is that beaten with us who put up the worst blizzard demon like three years. It was pretty bad news pretty bad I keep my kids who aren't really the not real sports fans but it. Make the same thing like man I went home and and my kids last media to watch something for work now most the times like now he gonna do you want as a gag got to watch this we'll talk about it. And my son was watching it with me. And at some point he just looks up goes the blazers sock and then just got up and left the room and not take and I was I was like you know a buddy I'm gonna share your hot take. How to say with a about two minutes ago in the first quarter. Sun gets up with the blazers cycle leaves the room. And then my daughter wandered in received midway through the third and looked at the scoring goes will were not when he turns and leaves the room you were still watching in the middle of the third quarter now well I was kind of put them back and forth but yeah I was. I would. Don't was very uninteresting series all the sudden it is it was but let's talk about it. With woods delve into it than we have nine days before game three Lee hell well we only have two days. Seems like now I must win on Saturday unite download T got to say injuries a must win with a great Lamar Hurd told me yesterday that it's not really a playoff series until someone. Loses on their home floor so that other spin and that's another spin and it I heard it. You know what goes stages and there is supposed to do now is time for the good do they got a new to hold serve as. Well I don't know who thinks that's gonna happen but many well. Yeah maybe Turkish comes back room during that continues to sit out. As cold Turkey buckles in the TNT crew said they wouldn't play during until at least game five if it just sit him. He's so weird yeah maybe they likely said warriors weren't a good defensive team know he's a Dallas in the number two defense in the Texas he taught efficiency team in the NBA. They'd have a lot of possession they play up tempo so the times and give up some points but it. I know you're talking about the give and I think their their number one or number two and steals they get in the lane isn't it more balls than anyone on the got a dream on green in the back owned by the way. Freaking Bill Russell apparently plays Foreman has the image of only GE holy hell all right well let's talk about it we'll start there and that's me Aaron Hernandez stock was in nineteen know what's going on today. What does Russell west. This wrestle whisper things fascinating you watch fourth quarter of that game no I did not watch the forum on again row. Unbelievable I did see all he did was grab the bond just kept chuck and use like four of eighteen I think three of nineteen now. They saw the when I went there and I watch the highlights and as I read the box score he was ice you know I've prepared to different Padilla. College football ran Adams who I'm not timing and duck depth chart news we have. I don't know how much of this is just organ trying to motivate everyone but I their quarterback battle this kind of interest in down there at. On the stomach perked up my ears little bit. All right well we got to want it and got some pregnancy news and I mean. Sports to knock someone now. If I knock anyone out to be my wife. Not someone captains. But I don't wanna be presumptuous just kind of keep an open ended and you know I've said this on this rerouting of the times not happen and that if I had a Jeannie and I had three wishes one of them would be eight. For years ago five holes and slipped one by the goalie. And just coming here one pages denial. Just a downtrodden nude and have to announce that there is gonna be a degree drop is quick coming on today. Yes 530. But we'll see if quicken for the positive spin on what the hell happened last night you know what take that data. Is take it. They are right game to recap. Next. This is so playoffs we can they should know primetime what Isaac ensued presented by red tells golf centers green tent sale and Jay Nady both Shea and I like the Mac folks. Nice Eddie long it's. It's 420 good at. Look we've got a really big you know from corporate employees to begin debate broke no I don't think. Should they broom tonight. So a lot of doubt it's all about. Gonna go to big emails and corporate today telling us that we can't promote Biden open that in Seattle that sense yeah I was like you know supposed to say that the incidentally did you hit there the answer is something not even though it's legal in some markets is still in the legal class whatever drug in the other blood all camp promoted dome then so the federal. It's a federal crime I glanced over yet still federal crimes so apparently a heinous state do not promoting you son of a beat. Obama notes. It was only kidding don't smoke and if you got. No he got him thrown in the toilet not even April 20 he was lying. Late it is and where I can now with hope with good mind blown. So the blazers lost last night they did just lose they lost his big tacky other fashion as opposed to being in dude do listen style. What yeah I guess that style. 11081 was the final year and known Palin known really even. Had a big game for the the warriors I mean I know hurried. In green neither one of them had or all three of them didn't have a big games step curry couldn't hit water if you fell out of the Bo let's sell revert back to yesterday's pregame show that we did here yet. Our hot pre game to a member our pregame show I do remember that if I told you during that show. That. One Kevin Durant is out which Armenian. To drain on agreements or six. Three staff curry would be six of eighteen and Klay Thompson will be six of seventeen. I think more women are almost got a steal that game this thing could be good yeah yet they lost by 29. Really bizarre I think it just shows you how well they playing game one the blazers now doesn't it. Well you'd usually Welling game one you do it more. Gonna get 75 again from Damon CJ I just don't think you expected 23. Mean CJ was 417 in in game five of seventeen O for four from Byron York from one and one for three for the other though. And then eat eat you still look at you look at total assists in your you still what are around like what 1516 digits. There's no ball movement and so it's it's fuel ball and when hero ball doesn't work. Yet you end up with that so was it. Better lawyers dean or was it just these guys didn't make shots I think there was. I think Golden State plays good defense despite what Charles Barkley says gold thing plays good defense but that's their Currie an arrest of Korea but Steve Kirk. He said the post game because I'm not gonna take credit for their miss shots he goes yeah we played we played hard our defense a goes but they just missing stuff and it's it's a losing game one the Davis CJ just hit circuit shots. I mean there there are times Virginia among green was upn CJ's grill and he did that step back jumper or Dave would attack the rim. And hit a no look floated this you can do about that and those just didn't fall mum to those not falling into. But the old wants. We're we're at least he had decent looks a certain contestant one's been going so it just. Everywhere it could go wrong did go on mine as well liked in me that six minute stretch in the second quarter of the game when Mike on a 1418 to four run. And end and they cut into that and they cut down to one or two outside of that. You Portland did nothing all game long and this thing is still amazes me in this series is just the easy looks. When Portland is gored they're still contested tough shots. It goes it ran a lay up line. In game one and they had it again in game two actions prize now. Without that blazers defense is terrible and we know new markets and and really no big in the middle it's just but it's not that great with their PG nobody is they have had a beta they have had a terrible defense is if you wanna talk about it you have to boil down. The difference between last season in this season you know. It's defense should Stevens not news analyst usher but if I told you that EU were going to be. Down 02 you're going to be blown out and one of those by thirty. They shot 31%. From behind you are we've yet to see Golden State. Put on a I guess a Golden State performance we've yet to see them just went where they knocked down nineteen throws where they shoot 56%. From bond they. They certainly haven't gotten hot but I would give them a little more credit and say. Look to break the blazers are not very good this year we know we just knew that the minister without especially without her kitchen in the depleted big exiting the plumber he's gone davis' her. It's just. There does not get which is why someone in them to tank to water pistol to a gunfight. I'm because in the MBA playoffs what's interesting is it's not like other playoffs where you get in you've got a shot in the NBA playoffs if you're being realistic. Going up against this historically good team this version of the blazers had no chance in refining that. And that's really rare that. You have the playoffs. That you can't compete like it most other sports if not all. Playoff teams have a shot now it doesn't mean you aren't an underdog or a big underdog but you have to shut. They cannot compete against this team now which is why someone into just avoid this altogether but that's neither here and there. I just what you want to do you file your ass off and mean you get your opportunity well I think if you look back well at I'm not you know to simulate back now how many people like Jay Wright does does suck this is torture. F that you meal lottery pick them. But again neither here that when I was gonna say is the warriors have not. I mean that they they haven't gotten hot but their plane. Really high level ball they're locked in and this is what I said at the start of the series that this series will go as long as the warriors let it. That's a good they are if they have their had their ass make coasts like they've been known to do blaze is stealing game may be too you know. But if there are locked in the blazers are gonna get slapped and they still you know blazes may wanna get my notes but but it does look like. The warriors are absolutely locked in when you can shoot like that. Curry Thompson without your best player start some guy name a cop in win by 29. Take take the number one player as I did I just don't think this is much as much of an indictment on the blazes as it is just an absolute. This team is the by far the biggest favorite. It in the clouds for a reason. You just at the number one player off of their team arguably the third best player in the league and they won by 29. Take the number one player off of any other playoff team what are things. Golden State is still the best team it's unbelievable how good they are and Kerr was talking about. How old feel they are because of the injuries to Livingston Barnes and her and a they don't seem thin to me now he east you run the car there you run Ian Clark is on our gets minutes you run JaVale McGee out there who. Again turns into DR Andre Jordan can hide it looks great. They're filthy just filthy and not only that you mentioned you take Kevin Durant one of the three best players in the NBA off the day and you have an off night. For. At least two if not three. Your three best players and you win by. 29. And that's how good Golden State is tied I don't know if this is. Don't know if you should be embarrassed by this hurts wags say this shot in August swipe credit for this. He said a lot of teams this this happens to Golden State ghostly embarrasses people. You know that what went organ love was in the their heyday with with with old Chucky buckles with Charles Kelly. They did this to teams. These they embarrassed and the UDD beach or by forty and it wasn't necessarily an indictment on your team just did you just weren't good enough to play well. I think that's an and I think with with pork that we know Portland is not a great basketball team. And without their kitchen they were not a playoff team so you take your pitch off. No big men in the middle and you played against a historically great team. It's disappointing. That that was your effort but I don't know if that's something to be embarrassed about I think this is is more par for the worse than it is some sort of anomaly. Well I think you're right but at the same time let's not let the blazes up look they're just not very good new without American so I think you have a confluence of one deemed as being great in another. Really is not a playoff team no without America not just not so they've had an unfortunate injury that sucks. And now look at them as so you win that windows to me that's what looks like well on the Martin without derail. We know the margin for error in Portland now is is minus near kitsch is so razor thin and the two guys that are that margin dating show. And that that's gonna happen I mean. It into any Golden State it happened yesterday clay told the staff curry did shoot the ball very well six of 186 to seventeen. It went for 1960 to peace and not very good from behind the arc. When that happens to did Damon CJ you lose by thirty when it happens to step curry Klay Thompson. You're able to weather the storm and that. I don't think that that's a lot of people you know kind of thrown shaded in Damien CJ you that's gonna happen in the playoffs you're gonna have off nights when you have a great team. Your teammates can mask that in Portland they can't there's no one to pick up that slack it is either Dave Curtis CJ and there's really nothing else all right let's say you know. Feverish forebears Tex signed can be reached at 55305. Will be diffuse your techs coming up next and then on to Aaron Hernandez here's Mike from. These guys out there about the blazers here. Some interesting developments near Hernandez. Situation which we'll get to hear about them. Stop this guy's yelling and is here and the. Stop attempting to all those have been three lawyers. He's yelling. Very angry take it at all that'll solve the pro digital line but the did try to take in the whole goal they were sending it back out the other end when working so well. Is it that the blazers looks so underside is you can school they are down. Mean I wouldn't bet that's as wild as it blew what yours are small yeah. That although that they've got generally generally but they've got some Lankford and they've got bigs and your lead in in median drama green plays bigger than Denny the appears it just. And every time they didn't go that in Portland does take it to the middle don't you just you hold your breath because you're waiting. You're waiting for the rejection to come they close down they do. Step curry slightly better than her answer will say didn't really set their best player over got X. He in my point. The blazers to lose by a hundred I would still be fan well our Sama. No one anyone was really expecting other than any Q were hoping maybe to keep be keeping competitive and maybe the other games are now. Yep one game that was that was good for three quarters one that was an ass kicking inferred three quarters Sox. And maybe the truth plays somewhere in the middle name we get half of a good game if Durant stays out which he will now because they just feel good about series yeah it'll when he get the only game in Portland I think I hope so well I don't know I don't know without the wreckage to be honest with you. I think you couldn't Turkish plays and is effective. I think my nine I think they can still the game I think if the big fellas done then I think they get swept in Europe because you're even you're still waiting for stepped courier Klay Thompson to go off you know what's gonna happen. Like the defense has been tremendous irony is well thanks minorities and yet story done. A Klay Thompson vs the blazers this year and this is from three. Of seven. One of 4107261. Of 63. Day. He's shooting 21% against the blazers from three this year you know what I'm officially gonna say now is Rubin was the Kobe stopper a mega CJ musically stopper. Think they've done a good job on him or is that just they looked all sorts and in both games in one in two and I don't know I'd have to go back in and look at what else they've done it but I'm just looking at the two games obviously you did they just got done client. Klay Thompson instead of curry both have looked out of sorts especially clean looks kind of out of control. We've seen him kind of stumbled around and the Sundance Channel takes bad shots are holed a couple of times did he just he looks frustrating he doesn't need one of those guys looks like during a real good rhythm. And I don't know if that's. Something important is doing. Or if neither one of those guys is is just kinda got a Dow then but I thought that last night a couple of different arms especially clay where he just. Looked awkward on the court blazers were a hot mess all year wish we never made the playoffs is is directly west Brooks falls with nothing to look forward to it the week being pong balls. Mound I guess that now they do have weak ping pong ball well they don't have anything on most now but the picks are not that strong. However with three of them. They can make some news on draft night in you know Apollo strap nights he should I think his opinion should really be looking forward to draft night they can do something there on we'll do that somehow at least one of those gets packaged and you're able to dump crab turner or mean god help us Meyers Leonard. They may be year of the package that gets someone to take I think they can trade turner. But crab and Myers. I don't know when I don't know at least crab meat turnovers good player. And crap shoots the three. It's inconsistent but maybe someone thinks that with six extended minutes and and a starting role. I don't think anyone touches Meyers Leonard but again every year. The UT you know because those are now three year contracts so they become more attractive as the as the time wears on some maybe you could you could package. That and then hopefully you're able to move up and and in May be taken that you move up and gets up in the top ten maybe if you get if you get a impact full player. In this draft one way or another however you whether it's at trade where do you move up or you just you know you in a home run at number fifteen. And you had an impact full player a front court player. To balance out the roster a little bit in your able to run out game CJ his looks like neither one of those guys go anywhere that's your belt and around New Yorkers continues to develop. You know fingers crossed that the injuries just is kind of a fluke thing. And you find a way to get an impact player let's say that band guy at a Kentucky is able to rebound and play defense. You put him at the floor. So maybe maybe that's some enemy with a wooden Dirk it's the last. What seventeen games. Eighteen games you won that the two or three best teams in the NBA. Not trying to say that makes you contender or maybe it's in the Memphis territory. I'm maybe it gives his seven series is still purgatory a well maybe Utah are something like that we maybe you can I think they had a lot of work to do now. But I'm I'm trying to shy in this thing. Apple they do have some some visas to build around the Russian they're not as far off as lot of other teams. A couple of others well you know as Intel used a down outlined in this morning get my driver worked out. A year I took a lesson okay with my man Bruce down there will you fix your club you break it over your knee. No just a little wayward that he usually get that sucker straighten out to get though the power but he had a route fade down the office so maddening and you go twelve rounds or whatever and I. I was really requires that and then you go to the you know say you have like the yet so I spent when he minutes with him in music you do this now. That's what I was done. Announced perfect night until you go back out on the court right and then overtime rule slipped in and take. Ghostly tale Billiton spokesman they they really know their dogma. By the did need lessons what are no Bubba what Bruce said to me was in its a good point he was like you know the thing about the series. It's you know it's lopsided we all know that. But the one thing you would hope could happen for the trailblazers is a guy like Allen Crabbe. God forbid a guy like Meyers Leonard or Evan Turner. Or somebody you want to move some salary do you wanna move among its agreement audiences go if they had a huge series. Thank you Alan correct he's the one is Allen Crabbe. Just would you get hot and have a huge series here someone's someone would fall in love with him and wanna trade for him instead. It doesn't even look like he's. With the team now where is bad guys not wanting to shoot the basketball with three attendee was the old the old for six from behind the arc. And. I don't think that that's a product of Golden State I think that's a product of of Allen Crabbe. And the inconsistency can be mad. Kabul another tax here in the Morgan move on. They're getting past it but at least they're cultivating that playoff culture. And not getting on draft and ending their might be some circuit as a how many people going going back would. Would choose this a lot of people wanted it's this is what well. They or OK so just to be Claire yeah. The blazers were in February 2 and a half games from the fourth worst record in the entire league it's they're very close if they'd pull the plug in which is way early but. Teams have done if they'd pull the plug then. I you'd probably have a top six or seven pick just to be safe so hindsight and I know that there are some people like you if you bring out this up to camp he will punch you and yeah I get a it's a definitely a debatable tigers I wonder how many of those people might as cam because I don't wanna get punched. How many of those people now having seen this in the way this is going as well as warning how many people would look back in and say boy had careful what you wish for it's like do we want to know I think. I didn't see this coming while I think that's a thing it's not just about. Not making a playoff run it's that you knew we were the only thing you could get was DA and you knew what you're going up against a historic. Historically good team you just. You just can't compete this this league it's not a one off game Michael. This isn't Chicago and Boston that to your Portland why why go for a Boston was staring you in the face then maybe this is different but it wasn't busted once you're last your stick like last year's team yeah totally different story. Four or five seed. Got a little luck won a series. That's useful. There is no way they were beating Golden State the way they're playing this year it's just not gonna happen now so basically what you're celebrating knows. Youth youth finished in the top sixteen out of thirty. Big Geffen deal and now you're gay you're asking do by the way. For those like and now camps like this because he's really competitive yeah it's it's it's. To me it's more competitive on the other side to sit there and have to watch your team get their ass kick like this. When aren't you more competitive if you're saying forget that he wants that. We need to to flip the script with a great draft pick because that's how we're gonna get better and win now it's this it's it's Obama root for that it's not a losers mentality at all know what I think is a loser mentality is. Rooting for. For. Easy demise. Now it's it's like. Going up to the bully and punching him in the face always seems like a good idea until you realize that the bullies just gonna be Chara has. I there's it's like a fairy tale Writely you punch the bully in the face many faults I thought I'd never been hit before. Time sometimes you punch the bully any smiles and laughs that's it is like yet. Now this is gonna happen. But I think for those people at arrowhead and I keep reference again just because he's the most. He's adamant about government about like he just. DNA he does not have it in him. Even except. That the notion of of any detained in the right word of I don't know just eating your friend judging direct guest changing your friend president. He he is he can't even fathom that. It's you never convince those people but for the ones that were kind of in the middle I wonder how many of them are looking at this and and in May be saying. Retain their points in emea humble side is isn't the best thing in the world there there's no question their points in nimble side there any owner and if this is the way the rest of the series goes is there on her in this is there some sort of in a band like Damian said that there was his greatest accomplishment. And I get that Mickey feels really proud that he had the second half that he did he took his team in the playoffs but I mean it is their honoring in this is. Or artery and slaughter. Their honor and be a martyr and a known Lisa made it. The honor is in that stretch run with markets that they really played well in Bayreuth Turkish would make a difference in the series. He wouldn't. Will you know they may be more competitive anymore he's not if he's that guy is not changing this series that lunch no that's a good gold status so anyway. You know people on both sides of it. But it's over and add the blaze is just three draft picks but they're also just. Their captors so aft up now they get about eight million for the two home games. Hey Vasquez eight line now Paul Allen's pockets eight to ten million NA you know what these two games over these two games will be fun right. Saturday and Monday. Well they get to watch get home playoff game three should be fun but if if game three goes the way game. Two went in game four won't they know that that place will be dead. This is just it's as well if you view gay you're asking again at home like that. I I don't know I'll bet you be if if if this is down 30 it's another beating out bitching get into the in the motor center for fifty bucks. Night well we'll see Saturday's game third is at 730. Saturday in game third. I hate I hate that we have to wait uses. Yeah the moment not just a waste two days to watch them lose by thirty again it's just. Maybe they'll forget about it by then I just I hate the way the MB clips just. Our icon next some news out of the Aaron Hernandez story 348 on the thin. This is a playoff we can they should know trying to more than Isaak and suit. Presented by red tails off centers. Spring tent sale on Jay Nady both Syria and Aaron Hernandez still day to day. Fourteen kills. Just death so I don't really think it's kind of put to rest no. Yeah they finally they've already wrapped up their investigation. Yeah so. Jose Baez chooses attorney he's the one and his agent were coming out and make a lot of noise that he in no way would he killed himself and so now there's more details he he had a Bible risk Bible verse written on his forehead he wrote three suicide notes one for the general public to be said for individuals. And then he had jammed cardboard and other things in the and when you called me to the tracks of the cell to prevent them from opening the door and then the medical examiner did. Conclude that he he died from expectation from from hanging himself for the bed sheet so at this point I think some of that stuff has been put to rest I think yesterday that was kind of the you know that kind of a hot topic there and I think all of that already twenty for hours leaders is done well you see that the state was pulling on his brain it's. You have this kind of a weird things I guess the Hernandez family wants the brain to go to Boston university. For CT testing and in the state has or at least it there were some rumors that they won't do the testing. They are now down but it they originally. Were holding on to his brain they they gave the rest it is remains of the family. But they kept his brain that and and and so they are they now do that while the family didn't know why now in Iraq what the hell's going on we won his brain to go to UC TE testing which of course as you mentioned as a right there in Boston where. We're all the of this is how his brain was the is being held down in the Boston office the state office that's in Boston via medical Examiner's office. And what they figured out was. They were just holding on to bring these are being very vague about wider do it they were just holding onto it until the investigation concluded now if so now what they're saying is this is new here in the last hour. What they're saying is they are going to go ahead. With. Two. Accommodate the family's wishes they are gonna give the brain to Boston University. So this all becomes way more complicated in that now that he is is dead. The conviction for the Oden Lloyd murder gets thrown out soda the gun charges. And he was acquitted of the other two murders so. There are some people who think now that he is going to be do some bonus money. The the New England Patriots voided his contract. Peaked because of this now they don't have to pay out the full contract but there is some bonus money. I think I saw somewhere between three and five million dollars and and don't really sure exactly how this is gonna play out. But there are some people that are saying that that the patriots will be. Forced to pay up this money now I also read that the patriots are so mad about this. That they would rather spend millions in court than ever give dollar one to a murderer's family they're obviously pretty pissed about this. And then the old Lloyd crew. Is saying that it doesn't matter that you've thrown out his conviction we're still going ahead with symbols. And ever once say that that this is is gonna be. You know on this financial windfall to earn and uses them to remember OJ Simpson was found not guilty. Of two murders and OJ Simpson was found. Civilly. To be responsible for. So Oden Lloyd's family is adamant they are going to continue to pursue any money that Hernandez gets the other one about this is I know this from the I get these letters the concussion lawsuit. For the NFL you know the billion dollar settlement. I case of CT even in a fatality in a suicide it's five million dollars. So Aaron Hernandez if he ends up with CTE he played enough time in the NFL to get the full amount that would be a five million dollar judgment. Because there's no he's not a criminal or anything he would get five million dollars from this. Concussion lawsuit settlement. If it turns out that he SET and that would go to his family but then owed more spam week would obviously be suing to try to get their hands on that so all this money stuff. This is gonna play out in court and it's probably going to take several years in the attorneys are gonna have a field day with this one. What if he'd. Does have CT I think that's an interesting question because he was only 27 any only played football until he was 22 yeah. Let's talk about that next let's Pozen animal connect dogma that and I'd next hour I have the baseball. Segment you do I do well a baseball AD box are you baseball grows we're getting we're gonna get in some baseball we anti about the nearly lucky Bruce. Others he got a burst yeah did you see some comments that the people or make it about him. About teams yeah. No there there are some major league baseball players that are thrown some serious. Early data is there sand rides yes I will get to that story coming up in next hour as well on offense.