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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shrub so you're not for the do the right things since 1952. This is a playoff we get a should know trying John Morton Isaak and shoot presented by red tailed off center's spring tent fell on 1080 Jo Tran. Following Joseph may contain adult games not suitable for our children. But you know up. Where the incident. Man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And the lives is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. I know flattened Glen his time his sleeve and it's. Then the voters towards preventing kids. Yeah. We agree. Yeah yeah yeah. And now and in the play fresh yeah oh. Who did Davenport. Squeezes hard did you want you can't deter any weird pull. Wow yeah. All right let's get serious okay. Tagged to sports. He's got done talking about tennis ex. And amp in the loans on its fourteen and a half. Folks. It is good hour. This is where we give off to see dead got lit on fire at the Denny you. Say hope is this thing no. No I don't think it is only crap. That is allowed Serena yeah it was like start there are kind of walks there's an old man 69. And he certainly does Denny's to living that's what you'll do. Is there anyone that goes through Denny's besides the olds and the high or hung over. Are you and counting drunk as high. Up inebriated. Yeah then now now I think that's I think that's who populates Denny's. There's really no other reason to go there and maybe do yourself a grand slams so this old duties sit there by himself isn't doing his duty thirty. Perforation pretty Grand Slam breakfast to and every guy going on. Dude in his twenty walks in sits down in the Booth and right behind him and then proceeds to turn and throw gasoline on him and throw wrenches dad. Susan critical condition in this is over. On it was like 82 is over in cockiness Denny's. Noor isn't anything that money's put the hell yeah and it's loud and I guess. He's in critical condition. Yeah like I thought when I first heard this I can they go you immediacy is coach come on fire right. But I guess they say it was it was a fair amount aghast in the and he was and gold mine. Critical condition and that's. Think that's one of the worst things that can happily that's not something that you easily recover from even if he makes search every business dying in record scarred for life. All because some dues and you decided the lights went on fired at pennies they said he didn't know him know why would you that I you know that's just that's scares the hell out of Greg this is said they're gonna go back and interview someone a week or two ago someone at the. It was it. What are the movie theaters mad at the waiter baby was at the clock in the cinema that was that they had gasoline throwing. And the person just played off as a joke and now they're gonna go back it'd be that person again to see it may be you know these things were connected. It doesn't freaky. If that's the thing and there are so went out there that's a freaky thing because if you get it depends on where you do it yeah. Because I guess the Denny's staff was really fast innate you know. And you did you still don't know what they did the last Sunni fire as it is true we have or waters of water on can be so critical can you imagine if years. Just it's somewhere where you cannot it is not put that out is not axis of means stop drop and roll I suppose that he. But it sounds like this is a pretty large amount of gasoline and which would just mean like instant. He did it this is there's almost Adobe Flash you know like a big yeah. Yes so. I mean because he could hit first you think well how he gets so critically. Injured. So faster than you'd think he can manage that you know. If someone did that tee to someone else to do with this rescinded all those people around in in a restaurant. But. Obviously it's harder to manage then bleeding and and I imagine if it's not at a restaurant. Well and if if the flames go up or no one else is around if you breathe that in that could be where the critical things come into its not just like surface burns. Do you breed idea that he dinner goes down your throat then that's cements it can be a world of I know they've got they give you go on go it's on Twitter it's on all the the the news sites. Let you know they've got video of the guy. Not be a little fire but they've got video and still shots of him walking in and out of the daddy's. Hey just introduce a nondescript twentysomething who's where and you know sweats and a hoodie black cap mean it's I don't know of anyone eat it you're gonna be able to pick him out from that photo. But they have a pretty clear shot of him stand at the Denny's calendar. I hope they catch the senate would be that is terrifying if that this is a real thing in this was truly random. It's horrifying to think about that sums are on their lighten. Played anyone that lead to some friendly senior citizen go sit at a breakfast let's just all talk about ways to if it's. Unfortunately any missing counter this now. The best thing to do I think it's mother right. Indiana blanket yet the only good or if you've got I mean if you got a fire extinguisher there it yeah yeah if you don't have access to a you know a picture of a bunch of water you don't have access to a fire extinguishing yes mother. The Q you get someone on the ground in the China padded out. I don't know how to do is to stop drop roll in does that even work. Then that's when you were killed when your kid writes a TV gets up are you stopped off and wrote I can't imagine him. That works as carrying it out on the ground there are rolling so maybe. I'd never been lit bonfires I don't know who won and you just panic to again imagine the panic now instantly inflames freaky the hell out. Did. I Israel when I saw that today that I don't know why maybe this is the fire thing and that it's like a real visceral. The reaction to open Venus give all kinds sheeting used before every in this one disk. This once that gets me is especially cruel that your it is might mean someone on fighting I just ran off they're still looking for Emmys a Tony year old guy. And Alina but they see these seasons he's six feet tall. To be medium to muscular build. You know black cat flat brimmed hat and a black. Hooded jacket you have user in sweat pants. Just seceded in local news a lady got hit by a train hit by a freight train which he did her own. Oh really yeah where Beaverton. One was looking at her phone was struck by a freight train in Beaverton on Thursday afternoon yeah peeved him police spokesman Mike wrote me a micro. Sid see the twisty Joseph Louis and around 3:30 PM near the intersection of south with Lombard avenue and beavers in Hillsdale highway. The woman was located her phone and was at a crosswalk which uses. That did train safety barriers were down in the warning lights were flashing. Which. God bless you for having the ability to block all that out you're in the middle of the tracks must've been some good. Porn I guess like the lights come to light starts flashing and the did. Ring ring ring ring ring and you just decide to say after it I do not they really can't warn you any more than they did hold. They really cannot. Flashing lights the very years come down and they're really loud ringing but this lady was enthralled in her phone. And yeah. Are they required to. Blow blew the whistle when they go through every intersection to. Lump assuming so well I would think if they saw something yeah. That they were gonna hit yeah yeah witness that sucker witnesses say the barriers are down the lights for flash scene and that the horn went off several times. The train operator could be heard sound you know Warren. Well into the distance medic stressed the woman to the hospital she suffered significant injuries to her legs. Chris at the women's injuries were life threatening your name was not immediately he really does is she's like yes let the my thirty injuries. In other local news and animal is the Oregon zoo you know there's an elephant on their names shine yet. As tuberculosis. Hell. Pristine day in Portland news. But you know by the way you can and you TV. No I didn't but now that they do. I wonder if they elephant. Recall them open wranglers. Of the elephant handlers all of that ring there. Lawton I don't know that we'll call IDs is due to the zoo keepers they clean up of duke and staff yeah and work with them only if they can spread it to the people. This young people can get TV get an African TV from the elephant in new study here I was gonna die because the monkey virus no no no. Elephant tuberculosis. That's what's gonna take you down. Well I eat I should know that. Pray for shine. Well hot local news he had and I got a concert he's coming in next dishonest and becoming minute because worthy of mention but might not think the details. Mean this is going to be right up your Alley we need I don't know I think this new gig birdied Caesar the thirty hitting in someone's bringing yacht rock. To Portland and I'm talking about Drake randomly showing up at a concert yesterday here really yeah. Clearly that not more clearly that was a big deal. When Evan what do you do well he was in town yesterday ends one of the guys his own one of his songs was doing a concert here so we just went to his concert and it's and saying. But rafter would ever. Cool both Wear what show look like I want to say crystal ballroom but not because at the memorial coliseum was it okay. And they still concerts at the memorial coliseum. I didn't. Was less and you went to a concert at the memorial coliseum by the minute billion years. I I've been there occasionally for a winner hockey game but outside of me where my game it's been the places and Anthony dump it's been 25 Kurtz. Since I've been in the glass palace. The trailer still holding concerts there. And apparently drinking showing up. If Jake showed up at a concert you were at would you care. No. And when you're negatively would you Billick ought to ought not drink now you're our only chance I know this is this is gonna be a bold statement right right no drinking is I don't know one song that he. Is easing me dizzy wrap. He wraps you know at least one so no I don't hotline blame no now I'm going than what is. How might just looking at me like hot like what are you an idiots look at me what about me says I know how hotline bullying it has nothing to do it. You'd like you wrap that song was the most song for months and losing commercials he was everywhere yet we still would famous I have no idea. I know he's a big deal and I know he's really famous I don't know one song he seeks. So first off I'd be AK is draped I wonder if he's gonna do some song no clue. And they really don't think any of the concerts I would go to Drake would show up. There's a whole thing on social media yesterday somebody saw him in Portland and it was like a mystery during Portland and then apparently lunar. I go into Jersey boys we can't can we Drake show up in the middle of that ninety and start rockettes like a four seasons to the Jews start doing like oh what a night doing the little movements to it. Will it be cool if it's true it would be coolest artists started. Like crashing concerts of artist he would never think Democrats like if he crashed yeah procedures you boys are like penalty. They're like Eric church in the garage area to record a show hey it's drained Clinton fan and an ace thus out in the election teens. I think if he showed up for the Tim McGraw concert would really get a big reception burden. Picked. Present for the I know he's a big deal and who stepped back where it. Apparently Drake Kim. Travis got through song together called Portland our own bad ass and that's why you hear that maybe I just can't fly a bit. Still but isn't it shoots it too though that I like that Travis god it's either Mike said. Jake was probably in Nike is that what you think when you think of any celebrity being in town you know gather probably on a ninety yes. And every now that we hear something we here at the employee's story you will run into. Someone that's famous. That's the old and define things around somewhere that you recognize I go hey. The navy guy who clearly played some support debt you know under his neck in America who drew deeply toward the PS I do think that that's the only reason anyone comes to work with is to go out to you Nike. Or in this case you're tee seeing a outlined lingering in the early signing into. Tomorrow because well certainly it's not believing that I don't know what that is hotline Blaine is no Jacob tree. No hope no it is not an accident. They Mikey come back with some heartland in the Jonathan tree. I'm kidding. The that's still the best thing you've never said that YouTube sounds pretty good at Jacobs terrific book. IRA now coming up next. There is concert news and Boston Marathon signs on the man. God into an 82 of them can. Concert news. I'm by the way that a drinks on. That Mike played free and yet. He should call me on my cellphone owner. Your is that right when it literally you used to chromium is ultimately the real quick call you late night when they need. Good point break out my rotary phone. Us and use a hard. Yeah that's a long time you know BS when your calling in the office for only lives. And I don't call it an office I've made a phone call in this office and continue your thought is set to street divorce. Yeah but what they need to be instantly messages good luck with that. So. Yet that. Drake video has been viewed over one billion times on. YouTube in her heirs make calls it thinking to review the tubes of new one billion dollar amount that. Lee hill and not that's why I'm surprised you haven't herded because that song woes gigantic. I need some type of JC reached that point where I get Rolling Stone. Magazine even though I don't subscribe Judy just shows that the Amador and in the back they have like the little that the charts. It's either officially reached that point where there's no one on the near enough one I might let. Or is like hey diesel the songs of summer or this is the tour is that you have to seek not want. Don't recognize the damn thing and I always feel good when there's one that I like hey I know that one. I just I've given up you probably saw the means of the video all over the Internet though because he dances like immediate. And there's just means constantly of him dancing and like that was the Super Bowl commercial right. Is that what they did MacWorld he'll be Edwards joining the team a long enough that so that was to that song dip look at. There remember that they got they were like given in suggestions like on. The caddie Jesus song or whatever. And he just agreed to all of them and hilarious fashion didn't know it was a real salt glows sticking with the theme of this probably only interest. Only Meehan. Birdie Higgins is going to be in his nobody young popular kind of Roger Waters is coming to. See that's. That's more then this big that's a big deal push Roger Waters of inflating enjoys doing the wall right. Wasn't annoys do us and them okay so why is that just for you that's also. Well I just meant. I don't know I just didn't like I don't know why he says that. I feel like I'm the only on the likes painfully around here we are not repeat that I don't know might like to your fellow evangelist. Is very you've probably never heard of on the well I kind of feel old they've got this maybe you've heard of it you know dark side of the moon of the wall eyes. Don't either one of those fans and everybody says they're like but I mean I'm telling you I really like them like they're wanna make it's they're awesome feeling and Rolling Stones are like that everyone says they like the Rolling Stone. But not everyone likes the Bruins don't pay you if you don't know when just wants to admit well the needle The Beatles and ultimately yes I looked. The Beatles you have to if you don't your. Get your views like an asset yea you know worse but outside of leg be like three songs Noah knows who it is I mean I think The Beatles are good. Yet it's not an adult ideal thing for you I don't like I don't ever put on Beatles music really know who you are. It is approximately the the older stuff but. And put on the monkeys. It's. Love Neeson when cast my guess is that wouldn't be cash element you know the later stuff later speaker of the early stuff is just straight late sixties pop yesterday's sixty like. Could I got. Hiding out weird yeah yeah I an octopus is garden so I do listen to some of the high in got we it's and homelessness and with so little Paul and John stuff. Strawberry fields but yeah I'm finally join up with him and like. I I can appreciate the idols number gnawing. Number nine I mean this is writing about The Beatles can't legs at. That those are not my favorite bands. But he doesn't let your human but the fact that every musician. Everyone says that those are their two biggest inspirations. That's it lets you know just how good Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are it may not be your particular favorite. But Malia you better appreciated I do have a handful zeppelin him for The Beatles songs yeah I'm not. I'm not in an aficionado would either one of them. Could not allow file go to this Roger Waters show. The CC ruled plus thousand David Gilmour. Guy. DD humorous and indeed that's like I'd stupid CM I think he's still. Touring a little bit I think they both go around within the shows but not together now them together for years now. But this is gonna be June 25 at motives senate the us and them North American tour with. Raja waltzes that's cool I will go to. To gets 55 dollars all the way up to 200 dollars and this is my thing when it comes green does see him I would go see if they really do a sure thing to. How old is Roger talks yielded an hour and this is my thing. I really regret not seeing them. When they were together Pink Floyd. Looking to see how old. He's young he's got to be innings and 73. Looks really good the victory. I feel this way like when Bob seeger came around when Roger Waters concert Tom Petty is in the when he's doing jolt. I don't seem because here and there's got to come a time here pretty quick who year. You know you're gonna read TMZ and that you know what the hell yeah going to be who would you like to see him in his prime yes absolutely but like I. I've seen Willie Nelson we've talked about this before yet it seemed Willie so many times but I still don't see him because. It's like the right I never got to see Johnny Cash and that pisses me off to this day and I would've gladly take an old. Not good Johnny Cash. Over never seen him before it's I take covered duties for guys like this to go around. And in symbol more time because you never know when that the headline comes CI go the other way. Because I don't wanna remember them. Poorly via. Waters. I don't resign seek Gilmore is there's still so I he's gonna fear musicians of all time who lives licks yeah. And so I would see in even though I'm sure he's not obviously he's 71 and so. He does like him so much they team otherwise. I wish I'd seen in their prime and I didn't I just wanna kind of leave it alone and. This is we got a heart takes in from Sheen to give room is there a ticket but he added to the cells that are in front of the most center he says that he saw Roger Waters last October. At the end desert trips showed city was the best act their sound was incredible. The other one where's the stones were there all night guys got together news and on them so and waters the wow. Aren't and that's last October's that may be. In May be able to give one good final ride at a Roger Waters. I'd actually go see Pink Floyd we set painfully cameraman. It's real famous. I actually did see them once they did all my guy and do what they do laser show yeah it it is regrettable I'd see that the currency Roger Waters that cannot sounds weird. And probably in the minority there I'm really looking fluid and it's. They really do agree it. They're on point and really the name of the band though we got we got a confirmation that a year ago less than a year ago Roger Waters sounded incredible. Idiotic. Violence go. Okay. I final bill. You Brian I think it's called the machine the only as the band. Visit their name yet they're really didn't always those tickets to that he gives to its lingo. It's party we do live look trip bats I've few trips them. UN trip balls notable for a bit on mushrooms once at a concert and it was the worst experience of my life. It ruins the concert. I was not able to handle my guess. The dude it's okay up next funny Boston Marathon signs in some of the stuff the most expensive so possible tonight. Here is mind. Yeah. It's all sinners on 1080 I love for another. Phone. You okay over there yeah. I think waters was already come and I think I think this release is just the added to show okay. The meat to America. Only sizzle on Sunday June 25 but really I'm in Vegas somewhere I figure out impacts. And biggest like every other weekend Debra you do like your residency you'd take it for Britney while she leaves. She still there this is leave it. But she is yet theater runs done and announced the end of it and you know it was a lip syncing you can handle there I there's somebody that I know that went and saw her pretty said she was great. Let's say she some life. Twenty I'm. Never. Did you see Kate Upton lip syncing with that with that stupid show on spike. But the mixing down whenever. You know where it is celebrities sure Kate Upton did it to me baby one more time and dressed up in the schoolgirl outfit. Wow that's the best thing Britney Spears ever done thank you it is leading to the Qaeda didn't. Britney Spears dressed up slope right to do blood you know it is well you should. She crawls is she still had Justin Verlander yes. And I guarantee after their performance she wore that home and crawl around it's good to be Justin Berg. Hey guys she's leaving Vegas but that big hole my job I told you the first like true second fastest video than it. But Don I didn't fare full cleavage like calling on the ground shot. It should be illegal. The prohibition no would follow it can only help keyed up to them and yeah. That any use those Vegas or is deceased that's the best thing ever that they get paid. Tens of millions dollars a year and you only have to work like on the weekends. You read the really hinges off but the reform like every night no I think like Garth Brooks was like he was echoed Friday Saturday Sunday thing. Paid these flight to Vegas that we jump in some sort high roller suite. And you do a couple performs is for busting drug biggest people in the thirty million dollars a year that reminds me and now like Puget artists that are doing it. You're gonna make it did. Next time you go anybody listening. The next time you go to Vegas. Goes see Anderson. It is that absinthe is the small. Intimate. Cirque show. That is at Caesars. But it's an outdoor tent. And it is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life really I hate. S unite we were it's not we were just there. And it is raunchy. It's a circus so they show it to Cirque show. Mixed with comedy and just to. Totally un PC like be written for a while don't take the kids are gonna be offended you is sagging EU will likely be. He's easily offended don't go like you just know what you're getting into it like is there going nudity is it like sexual sort of thing. Nourish. Now really tees gist. Go to XOK it is by far the big show in Vegas it is a right spirit though and it's an absolute riot and what's it called written it's called absinthe. In its at Caesars. In a tent but jeez it's like in the Alley behind in seasons yet it's kind of in a walkways you walk into them you know the Caesars you know the shots and stuff. It's outside it's it's a real it's not a big show it's a small show announcing your sitting right next to the stage and they pick they'll pick you out of the crowd and they will take you out there and they will humiliate united to end up just a friend of mine and his wife had seen it. And they said we have to go. It's right up our Alley I've never laughed that hard in my life in you've said some funny stuff you've heard it from time tonight I am not a radio funnyman catch my breath. From laughing so hard at such YM and it is now. I do enjoy Vegas but my favorite part of Vegas is seen the shows I love that. Yeah I know everywhere they did some loans uncool and drinking and gambling and all that I love the big issues I love that you go up and down the strip. And C world class entertain but so are better than others it's true. But summer duds this one is not a dead if you pay to go Yule. Love it yes there are some bad shows but the ones that are having someone to run forever like some of the circus shows the search for solutions raid. Thank Conte or Jim is really good car. With the the flow into the water one is really good I see no one exclude ever Carol quote yeah so that I was like. Tanner a lot of things have been around for the Bellagio on fled instead of the opera is that is that the that's at the Paris. How wins I the minute they got their own Peter built for that I just and then some of the images is that that's that's bitterness. Credit Taylor is really good Lance certainly didn't cover this awful. Who's the other. I have never gotten up and left in the middle level performance but that's as close as I've ever come to give up and walking out. It was Seoul has been bad if I ever seek your fate Criss Angel I'm kicking him in the job. Is IE in those shows aren't shows he'll levitate away from you before knowing you have and I'll see the wire as it goes. But I just I've never I don't know how that show is still in business. How the word has gotten out of wood a piece of crap that is. It's a deluxe or she should know because there's no reason to go to the books ever. You look at it down there. Times titans with. Puzzles and you don't wave the. That's what it would be sent. Home ruined it important that. You're listening hell what and I say yeah rob says it takes district what did I what was I telling you. Get a Baylor team at the last ten words I was putting him reminder my phone that doesn't know glossy ads in OPEC now we've already blown this. Think he has some you want to get to idea one lead to the funny Boston Marathon signs that we can do that anytime bone I had 151000 dollar and McDonnell let's snooze was struck that and on the people's republic and we'll get your brother so. Someone on days spent. Forty her 141000 and changed. 141700. Dollars. On a sauce pack. From Asia McDonald's. From 1998. Special on sauce. Because it was in that it was featured in the cartoon American morning. And some went on eBay and dropped and not like it tasted it a little sauce packet you 151000 dollars. Because Dedrick and more young will know. And American morning on it. In the show the show they reference it I moderate a morning person I've I've seen a couple of similar American morning it's a cartoon it's like an adult cartoon yet. Some were in the show. One of the characters references that sausage being a whole reason why they're doing something yet the interest yet that sauce so someone went on eBay. And found out that someone had this it's the moon launch. This one sauce. Sets sets one sauce. Red leather yellow leather. The human torch was denied a big Cologne. And from the movie move on when they released this. Anderson 1988 ends and the bidding got up to 141700. Dollars. Making it the most expensive SARS attack ever so I don't understand. Understand. Someone had 151000 dollars to spend on a suspect this show is like a cult hit yet it's a really really popular show. And in the show they referenced this as being the whole reason the show exists or something like that so somebody had it. Put it on eBay in some fan of the show paid almost fifteen K to get the sauce which just goes to read how rich do you have to be. In order to drive fifteen K on a soft pack and then the real question is do you eat the sauce. It can't imagine it's a good not for fifteen geez it's. Like it I it's got to be spoiled by an hour right little did his McDonald is McDonald's this is that's us is good for another 25 years I don't know. And I saw that today and it blew my mind and the US so much money would come out here to tell you how you spend your money is for human whoever you want. But that's like his last fifteen green I don't that's rose what I need to know who this days you just some eccentric billionaire. Or is this did you literally scraped together fifteen grand so you can buy a freaking saucepan. He literally can hazard 125 I do remember that yet they're winning back when 611117. Seconds. This this text from north plains at a mr. Bezos mentioned the show Rick him already is like a cross between Philly guy and Ren and stimpy. With the main characters a parody of doctor Marty from back to the future. Him and by the way yes everywhere and Sid be searching their cabinets for old sauce packets as we speak. It is a big long fan out there so and saved Rwanda sauce. Since 1988 and this someone was making fun of them make you an idea of this old saws latency. And now 151000 dollars he managing his guild like open during your kitchen and there's a 151000 dollar. Like ketchup packet and got my name. Input into the sunny day that's only worth as much to someone's willing to take in some dumb ass was willing to pay fifteen large for this. Okay John wraps up next on the thin. Northwest 22 and can be. Yeah. It's. This is a mariners momentum builder with a big John's attempt. You can't go to sister from both bush about a worker and I don't think. Yeah I have. Contagious illness lasts it's a bringing John hello. You guys river cripple SPD ill fated crystal got you yeah yeah. You have to talking about your eBay and Boston but I would if I thought the senior high school. They came out with Crystal Pepsi and I've I saved a bottle of like a little twelve ounce bottle and I stayed because it was a clear glass bottle. They have the past few labeled but it looked clear obviously crystal got yet thought it was cool. And I caved in I'm not just kept it could a couple of years ago I found in a box in the garage and I was just gonna topic. Somebody was like you should sell them on eBay if people to collect up stuff. And so I sold a bottle of crystal that's the only faith I got like 208 dollar amount. No kidding. He hit a bullet often. It's face I would not do it out quite well. Children and went on eBay just now and looked up vintage crystal clear gonna see it's not clear anymore it's. It's like it's it's all it's turned some sort of bastard yellow national. But the fact that we'll might with the mid conditions so it sets to write it 208 dollars in depth then there's nothing better and I don't know if you guys. Even there much you wanna love you but there's nothing better than selling something you don't want this just crap and not only beauty money's worth the getting a lot of money's worth. Yet there's if if you. One original full crystal clear Pepsi right now a sixteen ounce bottle this that there one it's a 129 bucks right now. You're up I don't you do now. The so nobody doubts but EB it was kind of like yesterday's news in their own. In tennis are easy. I don't I don't know that it's his popularity used to be that I've I've kind of like these days it's a giant. Dropped open if you don't have to deal with the people sell their jobs are kind of like I'll. I'm with TI use the eBay quite a bit and I I have a binding on eBay you know it's replaced eBay for me is is Amazon Amazon and I did go on Amazon I can really find anything Iowa what is does seem like everything is so cheap on Amazon. But I don't know with a major that is what is it really like. I don't know maybe it's just those little think marked down things they put on there gets like they tell you guys that we pursue and I can I thought I did my mother and go to the store has seeded Smart dumb like Tony since the same thing. That's that's my carrier up on that is that if you get tell somebody. If this was a hundred dollars but mark you do the little red line through it and then you say it's fifty. They speak they're needed to get deal even though probably never look dollars. It to your point so the other day I was I went on Amazon and I but underwear under ideal by any anything on there. Yeah I bought underwear and then I had to return something to the Nordstrom. Nordstrom rack. And that same underwear that I bought on Amazon that I thought was like this great deal it was cheaper than her Oscar Grant Hill down. It was only by like a bunker to repair but the exact same thing that was ban on Amazon was in the store it was cheaper bit of the time I thought I was getting like this. Amazing deal as likely because it was like 70% off. And I was right there but I didn't have to leave my house yes she's eighty years old ways. 70% after the lift off spray and it had to go down don't do Norton is the same price and his Johnson and the Greek night in game. Thank you know her. And they plain and moraine you know. The Mets are news. Found no again the the freaky Phillies royals to learn scored Cruz can't hear. If you wanna see a bad hitter. Wants this month to seek his. The royals but he is hosting a few families prospect. Right now he strode. All right he. Some owners themselves. They're unedited press guys. Great show great you know future broadcast component yeah I can. I'm tomorrow. No guarantees and Freddie could help me. And playing golf in the morning Newman and even shoes and clothes the United States.