Primetime 4.13.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 13th
Hot 5 at 5, Fran Fraschilla joins the show, and some Blazers/Pelicans talk. Also, a Dusty appearance! 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Private club hybrid club one. I don't want. Now this is the prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news you are source for the best and local regional and national sports. Our classically mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate arm of the do prime time on 1080. I. Welcome back today's show is live from the voters that are with Isaac gives you gets them let eleventh consecutive year that the Nike hoop somebody's here. In Portland it features the top US senior high school players. Against the top international players nineteen years of age or younger the game is. Tonight's brand for Sheila from me as pianist here covering it and he'll be up with us in about 25 minutes. Got some sports snort sport and our next segment would little hope for re on a Friday if you will have an appropriate before MLB evaluations are out. Also I wanna tell you how much Michelle beetle is getting paid that's what have you seen me the ads for their new show on the lesbian yeah get up. Yes both her going on right now it had gone off for about a week or so yes it is it has not been. Will we see really now. Teddy you know that because there's been articles written about it that the ratings are visible that they're paying a lot of money for it and then it people are. People are making fun it's it as you watched at an icy bits and piece that like regular aborted take my kids to school let them make you breakfast I'll flip on. And I've not seen its with its bottom of the background a little bit it's a legitimate growth they were going through the the Chris Webber timeout with the twentieth or 25 anniversary of that. It was a little different bits I haven't sat down to watch the broader route do with them but I don't. Probably stationery to watch one thing so it's her Q and Rosen and Mike Greenberg yes. They're dumping a lot of money into yes they are we'll get to that exit ramp for Sheila also a little more on the blazers pelicans security for game one tomorrow coming up in the club. I it's it's it's Friday the thirteenth at December freaky story Torre whom. Chemical goes story now funny kind of just a freaky story. You know it it's about a headless chicken. That rob had this chicken business in Salina Kansas now. Cool goes stories. Now I don't know that is that because goes don't exist I think at the it. Mike Mike Mike Bradley at the budget like cool like freaky story I have a lot. What involving my awkward with little creep who might cute with board and that's about it. Are right it is 506. Time for the hot 55. My job is out of millions. Are there and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private quiet prime time advertising consumed. Refresh my frost brewed chorus line download the reward happens start earning points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Number five. Both start with baseball only two American League teams have given up more runs so far the DA's. Oakland and Seattle tonight taking on the Mariners for the first three Seattle is six for the best teams to date. New York Mets yes Ted and why and you know that's on pace for. But in either math here click now wouldn't that 147. And fifteen I think there'd be some sort of record. The Red Sox are also strong their tendency angels eleven and three also at the new pace of play rules are having positive effects mound visits clearly exclude. It changes. Have been cut it. Have also like scheme links are down as is the length of time taken for challenges. And instantly tornado would have what's the average year through like 1230 games. You know you think I'd have them. I was wondering I thought that Jewish holiday dinner hour. I read them that they actually see in the article. It just that they were down and see what they were down by. Like three event that orbit it's probably something quite as well those lap that was like over time by seven minutes right. Dwight Howard planes and others Steve Clifford his head coach fired in gulf by the short Charlotte hornets. Just 36 wins this season they're now six. NBA coaching vacancies. Charlotte. Orlando. Memphis. Milwaukee. New York. Phoenix. So we gonna get what you re tripped or what you guys you've ever heard of at that Jay Wright of it well please dollars that coach the next person. Well you're gonna get this scale you know he'll get it to. I I think Mark Jackson could come back. I don't see things done be doing anything good or Rambis. He got fired Jason is breakfast as an assistant somewhere it was one of those guys got hurt Larry Brown. If I just like to believe that the knicks are gonna sit down with here right at this figures if it ago. Right pieces of a credit number that these favorites like W it's going to be those that Jerry you'll maybe that or going back to Villanova. That guy could get it asked Obama also there's sand. Hawks coach at my butt holes there has been given permission to speak with the sun comes up with Agassi's premiers. All right so where we never three Steve Perry says that warriors will be without stepped Perry for their first round playoff series against whispers. Currie says he wants to play and there is a reevaluation coming but it's likely to be when cook for that series meanwhile. There is no sign polite letter he has not been dispersant months. And there's no update on his condition. And of course pierce city he shot it quite Leonard played. So game one in Oakland tips off the NBA playoffs that will be tomorrow. Noon our time blazers are 85 and a half point favorites in game one. Against elegance of our identity here at 730. And one east injury notes. He sixers have ruled too well and eat out. For game winning its planes but they he will play at some point in the series a lot of people think game two yet that is broken I go. Like that would hurt. Yeah I can't imagine that I feel really good and I think it's more a matter. You don't wanna give him again now that the gaping it's manageable that you take another oh what was that thing. You know who's that guy chip Kelly's been hot after graduate answers. At UCLA neatly quarterbacks he missed out on page eight part of Samuels who chose Colorado State. He also with on Arizona. Transfer Brandon Dawkins who's this last week chose Indiana. But doubt ship has landed a quarterback former Michigan starter Wilton Speights. Is gonna transfer to the Bruins that he will be eligible right away we think about UCLA is all there quarterbacks on Iran after all you know kind of pro style guys. So except for that incoming freshmen yeah yeah they name's Dorian Thompson Robinson a lot of you think you mean that be the starter because you have that they're changing. It'll over the roster isn't completely from little old war or for pro style attack two IBC wood chipper wants to do it. You know that can be a big factor we. Changeover schemes like that it's it's quarterback play. But it's. Still it's daily shuttle crew to man. Number one. And better. Yeah stage he gets compared to Ben Roethlisberger. But when he was at Michigan he did play 21 games but he just was unable to stay healthy and he got. Wally hit by a younger guy that they brought in shape Paterson tear down there whose steal this transfer so. What state goes to UCLA at number one is that the Dallas Cowboys have been on from Dez Bryant the wide receiver has been released. Saves Dallas eight abstained against the cap he averaged just. 52 yards a game last year while being paid thirteen million bucks capped at sixteen million this year he was gonna cost them but don't he don't. Yeah I you know I saw some pretty hairy his stats Alan burns. These big wide receiver that they signed the Jackson virtually identical numbers now. But Dez Bryant is not elite anymore he'll be 39 years old this upcoming season Dallas it directly to your eyes yeah. A 100% dead Fred's effort basically archives of listed. Half when you look at Dez Bryant from what 2013 when he fourteen but he was at its peak. No doubt that that's why it was a great player that he is only elite now enable all. And so it. He'll be a nice piece for somebody if he's willing to take less money. He is no longer a ten million dollar a year receivers Prez because of the fact it's a pain in the ass off the field a couple of other NFL notes Mark Sanchez got pop for four games for violating the league's. Performance enhancing drugs while on the plus side he does have a team right now so we does that worry about it pays freeagent he's he says it is a supplement contamination of course because he had clean test thirty days before and twelve days after his positive test also the Seahawks have signed two guys quarterback Stephen Morris and kicker Sebastian. Genetic house who will never go away sea bass kick in this league for ever and apparently that'll call cavern thing. It anymore. It ironic that these Sebastian genachowski signing his kid. Because I see that is definitely yes didn't I he's awesome he's not awesome well not eaten anything he can't he's got to still can't he's got a big leg but he is that he is like if you look at his numbers is the definition of app have you seen. The Seahawks kicker yes. Thank you are personally I'd just say that. Sebastian genachowski is not the answer your problems on the plus side. Seattle has a lot bigger problems than maybe they can polish campaign trapped kicker second routers. Is that Robert was that going to acquire over whatever. I beat up by the five refresh by prosper of course lights down low scores lights new rewards out and start earning points or one of the kind experiences. Even game tickets of sports arts coming up next including how much Michelle deal makes that'll make you use it in France for Sheila from ESPN will drop by its by fourteen. The Nike and seven were at the motives that are on the fan. Eyes from the motives senator's side of the twentieth eighteen Nike new summer this is prime time when the rising concern. And Jay Nady though. All right coming up in our next segment for him. Ridiculous stops by and he alive Telus. The story of bull bulls brother named Chris Mullin able to think that. I have a hard time recommended her neck and it amazing that someone that is there another brother named armed group in the I double a maybe there I don't know so for showed him that our next segment. Covering a little bit at the Nike hoop Summitt and also wanna ask him if he thinks. He. FBI scandal. Is really. Really. Going to create change in college basketball this horribly do that differently and Russian I'm a little skeptical. A few sports arts for eons has Leo wrap of the week here Steve Forbes Major League Baseball valuations came out hours levees as the Mariners were like middle of the road yet their middle of the pack the Yankees are worth four billion yeah. Mean there obviously of the war so what do you suppose they itself probably six. I think sports fans mean that might yankees out and you just it's it's a license to print money so potter asked me this on Twitter so what it. If Portland got a team isn't let's say they got an expansion team. What would that would that new stadium be worse. We'll wouldn't be a huge stadium and you've got one of the smaller markets. Yeah I guess one point 25 billion what are the the Mariners were they were one point 60 yeah they were up there I pictured him more around in the eighties. Yeah. One billion to one point 25 bill that are valuing. The better stadium then that obviously with what's down in Oakland. If you know that the team on the stadium at the revenue for I think you're probably right it means to your gas but you know and and that one point 11 point you range. So let's bring Mike on here Atlanta are you paying attention at all yes. Sir can you explain so that's an accident that we're. It's not gonna lie off the residents. I need an explanation what is the hash tag I am Gary. It's all about now this is Gary Sanchez of the Yankees what's going on there so. His tweets Phillies when he first came into the league. He started every Ernie and every tree with hash tag Al Gary and every tree was in Spanish. And then he would do an English version. And is English version hash tag was hashed and I am scary. So instead I L Gary is cattle dog Gary writes in Spanish go. But any changes its eye and Gary and English and I just think it is the most hilarious cashed out of all time. But besides every tweet hash tag I am Gary and I'm. Start you at that L rob Bogut at the past he'll run a little runny eggs like the rock and a yeah he's that they need to get about twenty pounds there and that's it in my little. Can I just like you're Santa's because of this. Can't dislike you know I can't why this is neat. And Iranians c'mon this is a quote I am here as it that or he's serious. I'm delighted he's I think he's counts. I think he is miss. Type BR I guess not missed typing but changing it to English incorrectly from L scary it's so I. But what if I had that kind what he decided LB every youngest eighth time he's. Felt very means doesn't appear even it's not whether whether he missed aggregate I think apathy English between he was still has checking out here. Out that not like this. Now should immediately like you're his age is more that he cited ebitda here and I just like your pillow brought. So rob we get a call you doubt but rob. Please within any quit anyway this does our show. A the name of my fantasy baseball team this year is hash tag I am Geary and that a ticket outlets treading lightly I was gonna ask you about it because I thought maybe there's a charity game herself a bit used to honor them. It's not. I've known Jerry loves them some hearing it is it's a little LeBron James us yeah is that not a I mean what's he gonna do righted on the back edition of the issues when I just I can't say I am scary though so I won't remember it was via the NBA that allowed. No means a baseball that allowed the nicknames on for one day last year every all that. Maybe you know maybe they'll do it again this year as he can have I am get rid of the bat after the I think that's fantastic. I told you that Michelle beetle is making a lot of money given that get a show audience PM yes. Care to guess what very very years per year. I don't lie. I think gruden they said with a high ESP and like seven out go like 25. Million dollars. And I like Michelle meanwhile I think I really did bush veto on Twitter by the way is one of the best follows I'd love me some Michelle you know straight etiquette right now million dollar yes he's. You know and yet yet she's cool and make her die and Mike Greenberg make it six and a half elf that you could lowered. I don't know what Jalen rose's make it probably couple mil right so you look at it I mean that's the ship that's a fifth fiftieth that's. Let's just be conservative ate well and half billion dollar year's show is not doing too well to have that at this right after the layoff like 800 people and and it has not bid it is not that loads the they view there are a lot of month I think what many viewers I don't get it. I really don't well I guess fox took it on the shorts they spent all that money to go to get like skip Bayless and guys that countered that it it. Well it's work and Armenians in the glove that I guess that I guess that means it's worth a lot of that it moves the needle app but eight ESPN used to be the only one out is not anymore. No you know I mean they've they've carved in there. And their. Rico with monopoly here their shares their market should I wanna be Michelle beatle were important I want to beat Michelle beatle mania beyond cute she's single and she looking for a house husband. I don't know I don't know she's credit. Let her run she's kind of been all over Bush's column for awhile in Tokyo as she liked get the ball backs off with the women from being kubert you should the hammer out. So Michelle and that's what they're Benitez now the aliens out though about GM to stack the suit. Let's see what she started at the Arabs who was the ESPN Gallup. That was it is going to be at the national title game Ali wrote yeah that's not quite the same thing he once he did that that. I believe that the bit downgrade. It overall just from salary to everything. I feel like that's salary yeah I don't think how he wrote excuse biblical heroes make it five million a year. Well listen. I just think that's the level where I'm mad and and they show beetle is that they is that a different in a united shall be you know however you could have had Oliver outlooks re visit this for a moment for France Sheila here at the because I'd never thought about this but you are now single at the time you were not. And but now you far. Why not may be Greek and that claimed the mare line of OK Ali as hot. Obama are. You know like what Alan grows bring in the state legislature elected to bring with him a good. I saw load in the year I saw this I sat next and I felt let's stick with my German any that the holly gross salary. My teammates. Right take care unit only get life support eagle and it's five million dollars a year. He Michelle beatles' she's worth. She's now and she's. Penalty is up 51. The the movement that right out Koreans little need to hear ages to. Yeah she wanted to you were reviewed film. This is worth of good for her. Not impressive outward were ditto that that that I am alive she's worth more than you'd Aaliyah. Were like eight cents. OK so. Let's break a frame for shows coming up graphics like they're just when god is fertile area. For him for still wobbles from bird dog as well I'd bird dogged it there. He's a former college basketball coach coached with New Mexico. Some of that development here that's the broad brush here it looks like basketball you don't get that here with a co. He knows everybody that that that the brush all right so while we're live with Nike hoop summit here at the listener for a partial to its next on 1080 defender Mike. Grocery grab some flaws recourse light Coors Light whatever your mouth. USA against the world live from the mortars senator's side of tonight's night you summit this is primetime retires again soon guns NAV program. Get a bite you so that is coming up live here on the van after us coverage begins with Jason's life guarding dusty hero live from the voters that are in about an hour we're pleased to be joined now by ESPN's Fran for Sheila former college basketball coach -- who is now. But coverage Bernanke who sat here covered college basketball. There are all throughout college basketball season and now we're just talking with friends but then you you do have a great day you know these these. If this is only did in the last. Kills 1015 years where coaches. King king get out of the grind of coaching but still staying in the game and making good salary of broadcast feed it and it's I don't I'm not surprised that. Well group went back now but you know a lot of coaches say they they never go back to coaching they stay abroad and that depends on your out. It's like some guys I know it's true in football too they can't stay away from the competition. And so that's why you see guys all week there are guys that always wanna go back from broadcast coaching gruden obviously excellent opportunities in my case. I was a young guy that was a head coach is 3233. And my last coaching egos 4316. Years ago so I have plenty of chances to go back to coaching the last sixteen years. But I found something that really loved don't make quite the money but it make a great great with a hideous the end. And I got to I got a real really watch my two sons grow up and on it sounds kind of year that a lot but. I started to think about wedeman installments what happened I got a great job got a great lifestyle that a Dallas Texas great city. Which is even better you're from New York City gets it to the super not a great place to live but in all honesty. I'm a basketball junkie if you have never figured that out on TV. I love what I do them around the games suit every single day every single they have something of basketball. And then I get to come out here at court side and watch a lot of guys that are going to be good in college next year and I'll call their games there and then I'll watch it and. NBA and it's fun you know it's it's into the you actually have a healthy respect for all that you know. What's the college game now or whether college then you your NFL instantly. If they think coaches. Hate their families or anything yet that it. It seems like. With the with the body on the line that exceeds all competencies. And that this that he a lot of the people that are really successful it really does eat away at every urban environment. Hi yes believe it really does it away to where there really is nothing left other than he's set the competition. Yes and you know lot nowadays especially the power conference level these guys and make an enormous amounts of money. But I you know and I don't know that I would go on back to that level although I did go to that level at saint John's and then you know New Mexico. But I just came to a peace of mind if you will that I just wanted to see my family and watch my kids grow up. And I have a lot of friends who are still do and it's at a high level. Who wish they could trade places with me but there's there are great schools are making great money and done. At the end of the day actually gonna I'm an ambassador for the game I'm not afraid to be critical of things that happened on the court. That this whole recruiting scandal bugged you know daylights out of me. But at the same time I love the game we'll talk about players and done an about promoting the game when it needs to be promoted. Let's go to the recruiting scandal and then we'll we'll we'll get that done yet and then we'll go to that are what's happening here tonight but he you have to eating perspective seem to Cote beat around the game. And I and I told you off here on the can't stand on sweat bullets yeah I think our fans as well yeah is it possible. At all. The coaches. The head coaches don't know what what was going on with the heat isn't in the payments to some of these kids and their families. It's. Possible. On the other hand most of us who coached. And out of my took my hand up on this month. We're we we're micro managers. By nature it's just. How you. Most coaches were successful because they wanna know what every little heat build their programs so. There are here they're probably are some. Plausible. That liability issues that unite it it is gonna wanna know about it what do you NCAA has recently put a bylaw in when it with regard to that that says. And it's definitely bill. Even if the coach along route allegedly doesn't know if anybody's ever broken rules that goes with it because it's myself my take on mrs. These the feds are involved so we're gonna really know stuff is the NCAA is like they're like a moment god they're like a Marty thought through and that up you know those guys and but yet the ball lord yeah I believe listening I'm looking yeah. So the fact that the feds involved this is serious business when the time comes that people have been. Caught I say throw the book at him. My my philosophy on this is one guy cheats the other guy whose job. It's true if this guy's cheating and he's getting better players than me I don't wanna break the rules and I've seen this up on them I'd lose my job. It was an almost it almost becomes a necessary evil men can do it because if your job you're basically million dollars a year yeah the guy that you make it three million dollars a year if you've got what it used to have around you know what he's doing. It's just it's it's hard to believe that there are a number of big name program reductions could do a quote from lightweight witnessed over the putter you'll. Okay this way well I. I would say let's let's let's eliminate. Mid majors in the moment yeah let's say that power conference there of the most. Look at it on the money they don't necessarily of cannot explain and as you know and that does have so evident that the and that he then yes Tom. Carolina guys that are. Very happy with you know we'll put their head on the pillow at night and now. I hate to mention names but I will I don't think migrate those things are gonna commit and it's a double major one violation hospital. John Beilein is Michigan he make clear how how meticulous detail about recruiting. But Phil and Michigan got the final this year which it is more about his great coaches. But the reality is off the coaches who don't wanna do that don't wanna break rules say. I hope my aid these. Good enough that it with us when and you know X amount of games on the end to term and maybe we go to the sweet sixteen and now. Because if that's not the standard is you're forced to. Go further than that and the coach not jeans trouble there's a lot of guys not doing it. The wrong way to do it right away like. They wish they could. Complain to will be a little lower. But if it's hearing on an elite hit yes. You have to play that game oil or you don't or you don't get them you don't get them that well. You know for example is. In an actual job a year ago about a younger son who's at Villanova but if you look at their team this year. Taylor Bronson was heavily recruited but he sort of had a Qaeda Villanova whose father played at temple they know Philly. And it it was a good fit for him he was a top twenty players to rest of that team. Were all guys from 5250. Right and it just turns out that a guy like the kill bridges who by the way Richard as a freshman. Is gonna be a lottery pick measured at Richard a lot of guys so you can do it the right way and a lot of places. When you find yourself up against it's. A competitor. Those who are the wrong way to get it gotta get out. The other one that's different in the way that you know you look at Villanova and some of these movements in the mid majors over how to get there there's 234 years and it cannot yet I don't want to accuse anybody is doing and until the FBI says these guys that and then when that happens symbol. See how it all shakes out but. I've been clear about the fact that Keating's. It's unfair decisions but in college basketball circles you know who's getting that I think Haitians if they need to do and you want to. Can unite regional commuted turn anybody in while you don't know for sure and a house. And it's partly because he NCA never had the authority. To subpoena power to call pull somebody into some court somewhere now. We're doing the FTI in. And that is the Justice Department we've got some serious. Things I don't know this is ESPN's brand for Sheila witness here on the stand Nike hoop summit coming up tonight helps global hit a lot of aren't listeners are two guys he says that he's known or not he has a solace on here would be yes that rather seen progress bullet hole. I swear that's. I swear when here's a fields and Newt. And I and I never really gets a medium that's probably senile that's in forty clinical stage. He became very close friend Chris Malone. Was actually got from my neighborhood in New York City innocent dogs and I coached at saint John's also went to but I know Chris is his fourteenth. So Christmas Tillman story goes no no not really close and I guess he was I kind of personality. And he that's why it's so popular as an NBA player and utilities and tragically especially if you're helpless. But dude named one of those kids principles. Stress from tennis middle name is volatile interest. All right at the so that is a true story there's no figures on my Twitter and a look at so let's. Global all the book those give us the scouting report you know one he's really an interesting player. 10% of his games. These are things that you just to take your breath away. Eagle wow it would be just is that I can't believe he just. Reached over a 610 guys without fouling him grab that he went back and dunked right over and so that's at 10% that's the wow factor. That 90% is catching it in the post I hit triple teamed. Get bumped who's in the vault. From and that's gonna have to come around but he's very talented he will have an immediate impact adored him I'm just telling you. He's not just a big tall guy. He has some skill he's got to get stronger. Dana knows how to he had Chris Bootcheck A from people compare this to suit his kids I think that you're more athletic. This didn't have an impact of organs next year. How raw is him with what you see this. You know it's likely to be. There are NBA guys here. Left and right yeah I have played this thing but when we watch this you know is there a difference between the truth that the world team in in the US as far as your quarter wolf at. I don't know basketball IQ or raw after. Well but your go to different directions so I'll answer your question first. It's. Most of the world team it's a little different the last three or four years there's not as many. The international man of mystery in this in this because a lot of these world team kids are now kids administer from Nigeria your candidate. After playing high school basketball on states. It used to be when when Tony Parker Dirk Nowitzki. NIC Batum who was here obviously nick played this game. These kids were kids who came from overseas and nobody knew about him but that the world team is actually very town. And it's going to be pretty evenly matched game. But I thought you were she has what you gonna go a different direction these kids here when they play politics is that they're going to be equivalent of Dublin based. So there's still a long way from the NBA. Think about this is singling baseball tonight but he's content. Of the twenty geysers over it around and there's probably at least an MBA players here but it's gonna take whom. Read in some cases they'll be one and done but the guys that go to college in four years out here. That you'll see him when he played enough Nike hoops on the tilt the talent levels very high there's not a single guy out here tonight and have an impact on him being seen. And Tutsis and who's the best player here. That is a good question the guy with the biggest messes Arctic air from Canada. And he's going to do next here. I would say the best I'm gonna make you feel good the best player here I think he's Clinton's rhymes going to Kansas you know fifth at a Houston and done tremendous guard so still self compares them to laugh. Deron Williams we corruption in Illinois who on the feel long and his career. Conference facilities ESP and so a lot of people are. They they take exception to this could be compared to McDonald's game why why is that well how is this different it is it is a little different and there's a lot more seriousness about this game because of the bill USA vs the world this USA team. Is directly part of USA basketball so they're basically in the same family tree as our senior national. Men's team also known as the Olympic. Which the NBA guy. So there's a lot of prize to represent. More so now than ever before. To represent USA and the world team on the other hand. Takes they're older seriously. And USA has dominated probably. 12 and apparently reached for the world team has had some success throughout the throughout the years and and this team this game tonight I think should be very evenly matched it. Unlike the McDonald's game with Jordan gamers just a joke yet pelican also invite the world since it's not even that now and not even golf with him and it's. It's not so far it's. Is what it is just the guys just guarding. So this type of death but here there's a little bit of the you know wants to get shown Altman's. It's special because of well it is I think because of the USA. Vs the world nature and there is. And and his tradition here about that and also. This is the first time one of the very first times that and VH teams as a sanction. By the NBA so tonight behind adventures. You'll see a lot of guys you know middle aged guys that look like and the biggest outs and that's of the PR. As you bet that you said if they don't wanna guardianship. I've I was this was maybe a year ago I was listening to someone what to do it rose was talking about this new. JU culture there's always another game. Yeah and these guys are all buddies now that don't want that Kobe Bryant that Michael Jordan I will rip your heart out mentality. The way that. Fastball you know right now is is killing that because of a what you said don't want wants to keep. Well we have a big countries so we have a lot of good basketball we do we really do. But house basketball being Carty arm recruiting analysts who while we were gonna game tonight to your point who the killers. Who the competitors with the guys out here. That no matter whether it's a scrimmage last night the blazers practice facility in the game tonight or pick up game and some park. Are out here and we'll try to rip your throat out and there's not that many of those guys and they're dead they're few and far between fortunately. They're these kids are skilled as they've ever been in mind men have been around a scheme now going on 3540. Years. But yet the killer instinct. You know the Patrick you links that Isiah thomas'. All the guys think of as it competitors and years and I'd like this thing. And any follow the international game closely where they now line that they've obviously. Cause that the US team by leaps and bounds over the years went where is that now 62 international guys going to be in the NBA playoffs. You know pretty good 120 were on rosters. This of the leader international guys and the beauty of international basketball. As it's grown closer together like that that the world was strong basketball wise is there's no longer than him to mentality that own their soft Europeans. You know meal ignorant as him you know look at him he's gonna. A lot Bob. I'm going out of Portland tonight the event that the color and I see he's oddly his dad was a crook guys notice that come. Opera is seven feet 100 pounds and John it was a secure a riot police officer he worked like soccer matches. You know so America just you know he's not soft and he's not side here but at the same time. Time he's guilty. Yet there has there is this a that all of a soft element of bottom side though he's always get in the eighth Ali and I think that this is drawn dramatic you know you're you know players meet there is there is yeah they're good actors like I am. I could pantomime this to you guys listeners understand what they'll be a foul call and put it there yet her hands only about the threat of her now at the camp leaders Roma. No but that America it is a unique guy but who the soft Euro again you know the real skinny soft guy. That's out the window and he got Archie got small forward you've got big guys you got to this guy's got a hold onto the double dip maybe the kids think right. I yet he's from Slovenia Italy yet but he's played its beta. Dodgers could not shall be 12 or three. And dumb my description of him his. Part Gordon Hayward are functional. He's got it Gordon Hayward athleticism which is. Not great but good enough for the NBA but he's got the brains to know when he's an incredibly Smart players. For his agent 68220. These. He's not a point garbage can play like. Austin yeah a great target it is those really fun loved it. Some guys in always looked come Portland's great cities thank you for every Sheila from my ESPN right there will be right back to set up for game one blazers Alec. Understands. This is a ninety eagle summit and as you know. Advise against it on Portland sports winner 1080. All right thanks to a brand. It's heartening to him. Brand for Chela. This guy slid three times fast curriculum provincial curricula who got in your face it that they're through with what does that red -- young men there as tag L Rafa can be human torch was that they know rob. That's right don't looking like that dusty hey hey there then it is here the whereas the Nike hoop Summitt and nightstand and from the morning show. Will be on the call with Jason's like guard the action begins at 630 about 35 minutes I hear you have producer yes we do. Uncle buck as he started yet yet uncle buck right Buckley if listening to music you already oh yeah. The focal my whole disease. He's my age you know are older you 33 I turned 34 next month you'll bastard and now it's great. Clearly seen in the long and Alan this year dismiss people missed few days you're gonna say yeah so where this guy comes we. You personality on the fans get excited it is exciting. And. If he will be. Came in guns ablaze and horror we can would you rather. Which is our little Friday morning. Form that I didn't. Take the kids to school and I don't think you but he came in got what you'll fit right in Hubert easing him easing its way into it you know howdy as you work the board at what you never dad now. It's it has IC picked up an accent that's Taylor did Ricky do and it would that the Jason Sudeikis the soccer coach it's learning how to run the board I'm very sick right now. You. Yeah I didn't shake your hand but turned out that's right it hit a perfect if it did not take your. The OK so at that and who do you think you'll get along with Lee Stewart camp we. Because they don't it's always one or the other that we got a text this morning that you guys have a statement on media fights yeah yeah so. I think that he's very likable person. And he'll show up on time that's a switches that up or step in the right direction which means that that would. Won't bother KM like really at all yeah so camp can't expect sepia. Okay we're tired of the media fights in the Indian Portland and was at which what does that the first guy right right that he he punched a fellow reporters brewers game that's right consumers save most likely to do that and and I throughout camp and not only would cam be most like that you that you you would also murder whoever else that he thought. In the media wars. I mean. Yeah yeah yeah I have a rivalry. No you really don't reluctant because I don't night he'll let me. Actually camera buddies let the prices of the world joke of the great guys that should mean. Who start a fight and we need Moran media going to your man it's speculate that act screen T eighty bucket in all honesty if we get in a fight with a and other media entity whether he radioed views rants poorer. TE. Feel like you did eighties were tough to defeat yup I feel we've got some you're right we got the ability if if it goes into let's use. After reports of. On top especially now that Dahmer that WGN yeah easily he left that he quite there yet the heat factor you know eight eight out yet he's got the reach yet so again it really election eighties odds and we're doing all right. All right we got a break and we get the club coming up next it's only an abbreviated version I have since it's Friday the thirteenth have scary story preference rugs and tilts and he goes through there again. For diet you literally Hillary you would urge you were buddies. Isaac was just doing spooky fingers at the suit you let it get answered never expect eyes. And you know it let's play it. Before we go to break all the celebrities around the analysts lives spot the celebrities. OK go frame per Chela six I know you're not successful go at them like. That's all I got. It that second look the Patrick. Who exited that gangs that guy. Both bulls here and know that saw him. These enormous void there are no celebrities that you go to Q does the brokers wouldn't notice the disturbing trend in his. Basketball it's short shorts are coming back you won't. Title that is if you like you come by and watches you watching on TV there's a lot of the high turn there's a lot of high heater guy. Date it is disturbing teen USA scrimmage a practice facility you know it and watch it yeah they played a a group of college athletes from the area yeah. And one of the college athletes it defense this dance yeah. In I thought we were gonna have. Made it out yet. Bulked up if you look at the trend now in all you know that's an obvious it right now is that. If you got it on I think that's. My brackets this person that he's out I think what is that he's out back you can argue that you gotta go I think you mean the show I get it situated below we don't hide. Like my letter is guilt is this my wherever life goes there there's a lot of leg there yet he showed off the you know what they're doing now to is the short shorts but still wears the leggings underneath. Is that is a bizarre look it's strange that's really rich you don't need to do that with a bow bulletins were like boxer briefs and if he hits like the original book that you don't let. It they'll shorts on it. Any of us goes down below Arnie that issue's access like those European. Meats if they go six inches about Pitney ticket that means well we sure didn't make. When I accidentally shot. He can't bring on the broadcast and I absolutely get my hot snakes and there's there's two kids don't they can't this that we just keeps your Albert take us on that throughout with giving him when he's earlier others Roy Williams to get royalties no that's not that disagree miracle man there is about to talk about what are you to be here though. Could be an awkward moment. Which he dropped its key interest groups that threaten to beat you raptors aren't likely to think. And be lured no way to go route that both sides I think you dropped twenty dollar handshake at least at such a terror threat apple. Business picked up the Federal Bureau of Investigation lovable. Who we got a great Galley Avago club Canadian snacks on the fans.