Primetime 4.13.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 13th
Blazers/Pelicans talk...looking at the PER of the players in the series...IN THE NEWS talks hipster cities and the Holocaust. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less rob tires sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against him. It's church. And compromise sports stuff without the sugar yeah. Poor things dropping since mechanic. And he. Best in sports. This is trying to get sued. I welcome back. It's 403 of brand for Sheila ESPN has been covering the Nike hoop summit where we've broadcast from Spain you'll be joining us next hour. Soviets at 530. It is Friday the thirteenth suit is thirty professed that he is very frightened. But that we press on we're talking about the Andre the Giant documentary. We'll talk next about the trouble is I I've gone back and forth about the series. With that New Orleans but I feel pretty comfortable might pick and that. And going to reveal that. Money couldn't have been any closer I think that you can buy in the four scores. During the regular season as a one point difference in favor of Portland. Both wanna game on the other once or. Both of them are hot Gordon into the playoffs. Portland skid delivered down the stretch there on the last what five and then you know be Utah's though. This is. About as close a series as you're gonna get I think all of on the outside of maybe. A Houston in the first round I think even go six San Antonio with no stickers got a chance to go six or seven. So it's that coming up but this untreated giant documentary on HBO has really did and one. If it's Big Bang cries in it which. Holy crap I didn't think that guy had art yeah. But he does well I. I think he cried at the end when country. Either ask him about Andrei dying in its basically said look I have a really strong ability to issue of everything down inside me that'll really show emotion but then. They said loved it did under his death affect you it is though he'd just start he got tripped Leland is that he was he was special and I literate at the free. This is the question is NASA's do you think that wrestling existed. Well of course for this and was gonna have success the matter what he had the right idea but boy did untreated giants at at that time. Wasn't I mean he was such a huge keys and I've. Why that and I think that's why it's got emotional I'm not gonna say that it was you know it's based on one guy. Mean Coca had it must do that any when they talk about that in the peace but the reason why Hogan was able to to kind of get over was because of Andre the Giant and based I think Vince knows that his bits is worth a billion dollars and a big Vince knows that he built that billion dollar industry on the back of Andre the Giant and and you know event since is known in the wrestling circles as is kind of being obviously a bit of a cold hearted bastard in yet. Everybody ends up kind of coming back and having your relationship with him despite kind of having some fugitives I think. If there's a push pull that some people really like bits but note that Vince would do whatever it takes for business that to move forward he's a businessman above all else but it. He's also a human being in and he knows that some guys were were special and yeah I I do think there was a real element if he knows that his company has built. On the back of laundry and by the the accounts you hear from him. He could've not been any sweeter. Or nicer war. Better man. But no one country yeah onto the giant and it's a guy I think I think the fact that they had a falling out of the relationship wasn't good words the end. Yeah I think that was real emotion on the part of its beak. Man guy that. I got the feeling that Andrei what Davidson there and since even said. Andre thought that Vince just used him yeah and there was an element at the end even when Vince was getting emotional that it's like man. This guy really didn't care about under the giant he just care that Andre the Giant made him into lake he said median into a billionaire so. It's harder read Vince McMahon. And and I wonder if giving you could probably do a whole another documentary on that relationship yeah in him. I thought one of the more existing parts the relationship was with Hogan. 00 kogan is a cultural phenomena I think for most people that are a measure your bit older. Even that Hoch at the bigger star than on. Because Hogan came about when he was younger and and resting became nationalized became you know that no longer regional. But T here Hogan's reverence. For Andrei and that relationship and how close was in the seat hoping get emotional and talk about what Andre meant to have. That was the one that that really got me was just the the connection that Andre the Giant had with other wrestlers. And Hogan and Arnold there in those guys don't have to go in the area and talk him up like that happened that showed you what he was that he was a giant amongst John. The guy he is a great guy and the Hulk Hogan was very. He's very interesting in the document Hogan is very thoughtful guy and he he put in perspective a lot of why under the giant was a revered by his peers but it wasn't all them. It's a matter of fact he he said that. Hogan it was on the set this under the giant new. If he had the power to make careers yet still feel like cute. He would make your career he could make your career because he did buddy buddy with you that you be on TV and hundred giant machine that everybody Asia. Well he hated green savitch strictly hated the Mott the Andrei dated march oh yeah and so. They he tells us about out they're all in the back getting ready for a show one night and much demand rolls in and says. Andre he would. The broader deeper under what are we gonna do and Andres no baby oil. If it like that much of an oil themselves well I'll get it because the same with iron sheik I guess and she could go into the ring with Andre the Giant. It on tape would absolutely. Kick the crap out of him because he'd like it. Would be terrified of Sydney with with macho man and there was one there's a guy by the in the big John study choir member of the eighties. And they said that Johnson that was like 68300. Plus pounds. And loved to kinda be a bully. And they said that on great hated bull he's even beat Condit was one. And they said he'd be John stud do lineage of his faith and after that the match Johnson left the rink and ran. Let rant and they're like where you don't think he's gonna kill me. At the age difference that giant amongst giants these are superhuman. Freak men that were all terrified. Of Andrei. And that was the part that was interesting that Hogan just said if he didn't want. You to win if he wanted to hurt you if he didn't want you to do anything. Artery had the power to do whatever he wanted and that in all those matches everyone was always a little uneasy because you never knew if aren't there was gonna go along with the plan. How the rest mania three yeah where the biggest moment probably Grassley has yet no question knows where they're in Detroit net 95000 people or whatever it was Hogan. Was gonna fight Andrei and they were friends don't know it's passing the torch up until that time and then on you know they had the whole deal were on great turn bad guys out. In and they fought and they didn't know how that matches and and Hulk Hogan went into that green they'll not knowing what the hell was gonna happen it was all based on what Andrei wanted to do. It was set up for Hogan to win and pass the torch and really make Hogan the star. And hope it's at right up until the part where you know I pinned him. I had no idea he was gonna let me do it or not and that was the key even despite Andre on the verge of basically die. He still. Had the ability if he didn't they didn't want to give Clinton could win the fight but he was really hobbled at that point he barely knew him and he just hit it so well there is this the real that's the other thing to gotten as a real sadness when you're that big. One the physical pain that he was in and how much you try to mask it but just. You know the taunts and and people making fun of him and poignant and staring that is it Gina Miller an idiot announcer guy yet he said Andrei would. He was here and everyone respected him but he also cry because of it is insecurities. People would say that artery had a handler and he said just wants. This is hand there was a normal guy McCain camp who hung around committees today he called the laws that you'll las. Just once for one day I wish I could be EU. And I could walk around and just be a normal guy and you know they said even on flights hundreds artery couldn't fit into the bathroom and so they would have to you. Put a curtain around him any repeat to a bucket. In the near empty the bucket into the toilets even something is as small as that. It is going to the bathroom on an airplane he wasn't able to do it confined to bed that he could ever sleep on chairs. Would break when he was so dominant. And it was kind of humiliating that it wasn't subways that very tough for the very lonely life for a while he said. Andre has quote or is talking about how people at different disabilities. The world adapts to them general helps them. Big guys now. You just have to fit it. I can't do anything for it does nothing there's nothing made for you so he was very sad and but they also said he was it a great man a very nice man he loved parts to hit that included an ogre legend or was it though Oakland said. Big man big heart and they said they would go on for thirty seconds to a minute it would rattle the room where you were a bit. Anyway to get the biggest kick out of forty million deaths and be quite possibly the world's greatest drinker he they said his that the drinking stories is another level of the mythology with him where he would drink. Was it. Flare said he he was that he won ninety drank under six Beers. Under and six Beers and you know a case of wine in. This this is at a picture wary of his hand holding a beer can it's the most that's might look like one of those little tomato cans into what it you know like that little tomato juice cans it's it's one of my favorite photos of that is. With him all the bad and they said that. Israeli was a size 124 bringing and you could put a silver dollar. Through the middle of Andre the Giant ring to think about what how big a silver dollar it is etiquette pass through the middle of laundries rating that's amazing on any way you should see that dot. Areas so worth your time. You don't want it ended so did. Discuss the his life it's on HBO and it's aptly called Andre the Giant now it's it's very were that I really enjoyed it. All right let's talk blazers pelicans coming up next. I have an official pick you can make it can it be courageous Jason no no I probably all you can hedge I'll probably adage you get to the pelicans. Home court Portland yeah Portland. I for thirteen on the fan. Guys against him on an eighty. I coming up in the news for thirty. Very popular bands don't Victoria. State that is why. Plane slapping. This is I don't think is afraid it's gonna be like smash mouth or something like QB forty is no longer you'd be ignored it beyond two or read read one can no longer here red red wine in concert we'll look. It's it's it's a bad time like prince died. Neil Diamond has parkinson's. Tom Petty died eight vote lead died Glenn fry England Fries diet. Jim was Jim. Now he's glad that the Fleetwood Mac lost Lindsay bucking him. AC DC can't tour anymore right McBride Johnson got some sort of the medical condition and now this. But that's intimate via. Blazers pelicans game ones are okay so I've scoured. The item. The stats. And I think I'm I'm pretty condiment picnic. This a tough series that kind of predict Leo because. While the means a similar teams. And there are a lot of starch right I got two stars. In the rope when they're gonna get theirs and so the question as. EO of the role while rolled eyes. That's kind of a slight to guys like seat him Coleman. Giroux holiday you know the mean they're veterans Annapolis. Generally. If if you save it. Maybe the stars opposite in this series. You can expect good things from Damian Miller an entity gave a sort of sand and our guys you know these are these are players that coming up if they're they're. Good some nights they're not good other rights are better home they are wrote. A lot of guys like that so hard to predict. How insist that any of those guys going to be which makes it and plus these teams are just pretty close all these teams in the west outside he's Google typically pretty close so it's hard to predict but. I have determined. That the blazers are going to win this series in six games were OK they're gonna win it on the road in Newark I I've toyed with. Blazers and five but I just don't think that's giving New Orleans enough credit. Yeah I'm probably gonna go if you put a gun to my head and I hate predictions but I I'd probably say Portland at seven. But do you think this is gonna go at least six. I'll give New Orleans credit I think Baltimore probably steal a game on the other score we saw that the four games during the regular season. Each one and the other is building its I don't think there's a huge advantage one way or another where someone's dock and be able to come and get one but I think ultimately game seven at home. And I also think that the the role players report and because of that I I think that will be the difference. Not that it is not that important that certainly has stars but I do you think. I think yet that it davis' it's better than Damien Willard I think you're you're talking about aren't easy to beat guys but I think that the best player in the four will be Anthony Davis. But I do you feel that the supporting cast. And the depth of Portland is better than what New Orleans has and the fact your plane at home. On the go ahead no I'll give Portland the advantage at that. Answer the I was looking at the the he ER. The numbers yeah player efficiency rating members of each individual in this series. And it is you know it's just if you just base that offered this season. It is really close all the way down to number 1234567. The tenth guy in a series back and forth like Anthony Davis is number two in the NBA in PR this year David Miller's numbers yeah. Then you know who's next you know that based on tis the season they're having Dirk maybe. Dark ages next at 48 you know who's after that your legitimacy here are darling she Argo literally. Now see Dick. She can go are closer to meet you near to Mirotic 54. And he's been playing well lately yeah so you got. Z got Davis alert at the top. Indeed gotten her kitchen Mirotic. One from each team then you go 64 is Jrue Holiday he's actually next so that it CJ CJ is PER is 85 yeah. So those two guys and then. It goes back to New Orleans Oca offers them playing while he's a 104 Ed Davis comes in next at 129 in eagle back to two worlds of Rondo and a 137. So I I I I feel like. Even. And you called emerald eyes just the other guys I think it's really close in that department too. Which is why. The places I mean they aren't tad deeper well actually not just a tad deeper if they get heart was back they are definitely deeper so that is you know one factor that. I feel like Terry Stotts. Well I think you can trust him and I think he's really get any better than now to gentry that matters and the blazers defense I feel like that. You know that. It's something you can count on their their top. What seven defensive team yup I'm New Orleans is defense is better than some give it credit for but blazers have the better defense in the better coached. And for those reasons and a little deeper. Pat beaver for those reasons and home court I think the blazers need to win this thing could go back to New Orleans to close it out there in game six. The work that has I think the second or third best offense. In the NBA. It's it's funny that. It I think that's. Due to say that Portland is this is the better defensive team in the new world with the better opportunity but I don't think they go into the season or even halfway through. The that would have been a real public narrative. You mean this may boil down to if if if one sided that kind of grab this thing and at that five or six. It. I think it's gonna be a role guy you know that that steps up and has that big one whether that's mower editor. You get a big contribution for somewhat medium knocking down threes I mean what went when he becomes that fourth option for them. Portland is so much more dangerous and on the other side of the things. Keep out this race Rondo. Over his over his career has been a playoff assassin he's averaging ignited I have to say is it's like fourth best all on. In the post season in November of last year when he was in Chicago before he got hurt Boston on the road race Rondo was lottery. The Boston Celtics they were two of them Rondo got hurt. And Boston is that coming back when he Rondo is a playoff guy. They just he lives for that it's so that's got to keep an eye on as the series goes are you looking for maybe an X-Factor. If you're New Orleans it may be the play of Rondo culminated in just being cut that gritty guy that's that's been there done. Yet New Orleans is gonna win this series. It's gonna be their guards. Because they have a really tough matchup with obviously Damien Miller to unseat him com Anthony Davis is an average 3812 yeah he just it is he's awesome. But I I go the other way I mean I I get everything you've seen about Rondo. Ron does not quite what used to be a year I mean even last year he he he he doesn't break his hand. They knock out Bob that Boston and they have a you know. Yeah he he's he's nothing not to be messed with. In not to be I guess overlooked. The other guy village Jrue Holiday in that he is. Yeah is that room this year he is good if it's heat. Stay that the key to him is he's got to stay healthy and he's finally healthy and if he's I was listening to. The play by play guy. It is name he is on dirt Sprague shows we're driving an. Holidays. Healthy. And if he's aggressive he he kind of had some off court stuff going on last year. Contract stuff and in personal stuff and so he he got a little distracted but right now he's in the good plays in effect guys aggressive. Watch out if he is really good and you could make the argument that he is CJ McCollum if not better. And people don't. Talk about him because Anthony Davis in Rajon Rondo as you point out who has proven it in the playoffs those guys get the get although the public. I think that if New Orleans is gonna win you're gonna see a guy like Jrue Holiday. And Rajon Rondo that the those backcourt guys really rise up and meet somebody called holiday Al Horford at point guards. Because he's just kind of like he's just kind of overlooked. The but he really talks. Because he's a real solid player and maybe even some exit. This year he start to get more national respect that you see just got a little bit of that because he gets overshadowed by the name. But make no mistake if if Portland is going to win David c.'s you will be the ones that to carry. I mean yeah you get it is not yet Davis yeah exactly you're gonna act Colin you're gonna need a role player that's gonna have a nice series for you where that's mean you arc with it becomes backcourt ever bet. You are talking about an X-Factor but use this will always BA guard based team this team will go as far as new markets leather and Colin take them. Playoffs are or about stars play in likes ours and they need those three guys to have a big series. That's kind of ones into town hall on you know like after after Anthony Davis. That's what New Orleans needs to have now it could be it could be near its that guy you know. With when they space the floor with Anthony Davis yeah. Near portage they're shooting that is really tough to guard so they're gonna need to give the blazers problems but I just I don't know I I thrust this iteration of the blazers I do you would. Dirk explain defense or defense is better and of Willard avenue an awesome year to get home court I just not it's not addressed it. It's not a baby. And again for a guy we mention you know Rondo you know big moments. The abilities of writing that his career. He just eat more opportunities in the post season hope that this is another chapter Willie died when other stats from Matt Moore who is with. We called action network now he pointed out that the blazers are number two in scoring efficiency office pick and roll which we knew their very enough of that but the pelicans are actually number four in defending the general. I don't think a lot of people would've known is just a fun matchup yankees there's a stats than to kind of go back and forth and that's why I'm I'm gonna go seven I. I want to go seven use this should be your relief fund series. All right what man has to shut it down the but now I keep laughing you're gonna cry next segment when I tell you who it is. Afraid of what that is why can't they just have a feeling it's not stressed that no news report. It's a bit about your tone that I don't fully dressed I it will kick off if he's at that cabinet next on the fan. So. Live from the notice senators sided tonight's 98 summit this is primetime retires against him on 1080. CNN. It is USA gets the world. At the Nike hoops dammit we're here at the motives that are brand for Hewlett coming up in an hour to greet you tonight's events talk a little. Stayed at basketball. We're watching the team's warm up before it in the news a lot of what's of the now. I don't really know these guys here and I don't see bull bull he's the one guy would be able to recognize that seek not yet so I was so we've got one team warming up on one side of the court once he Mormon up on the other announced watching him warm up and it took me five seconds left to figure out which team was the world team and which team was the US team and you care to guess how I figure that out. But it. Yeah the it's crazy and report ball movement that bugs the the world team to watch the US team or you have got guys who just jump off the charts in terms of just their look in there of what a schism yup they're blank. And they're all skinny now just. Inside or outside the three point line chalking up Rick. After Rick. After Britain is not this or they issued an exhibition and there's no there's no formal like that I don't even see a coach there's just they're just all shoot it's just you know. Can you come over to our side of the court and he wants to international team their run in there running passing drills they're whipping the ball around the perimeter. Their run in planes well placed their you know there is it ain't got a very well choreographed organized. Skill. Sort of adults who were the warm up exhibition yes Alan on it's it's very interesting today it is a stark. Difference in the way that two teams are warming to notice project all right that contrast it is eight brawl. Eight. And thirteen random port Aaliyah fretted thirteen move. April 13 he doesn't. Eighteenth app or is I mean it is and here is news contributor Jason's and it. OK so here it is I told you yesterday Fleetwood Mac. Lindsay but you know the band the it's about time because he's the answer the music industry now we have this cue the music might keep you would. It really that the bad. Did you do it though war you Lewis and the news have canceled. Their tour dates moved to look at the news and Ewing and we're still jury. You're looking at someone who did I did not know they're still out there and he's awesome. Have you ever seen him mind I've seen him do it seems that there is he still with a noose gets there he's got the news. Now. He has canceled his score because. He lost hearings. I was that is that right. That is the left the tonight threaded the ball. I don't know what it's called a lot of the musicians that up with that it's the victim calls for years you is that he was. They get out before a show in Dallas and now we can't hear music well enough to seeing doctors told him he shouldn't before those are good group. And that he suspects he has. Big ears disease well which is a disorder of the inner ear off so. This is I guess they thought they'd say but is that if you think it was tonight is that it is. That's right just that he's. That's why do the same ring were guy he did you. It took to get here's a saint that you you're not gonna be on pitching. Spread the brutal yet that's what he said so they're hoping he can recover. Knows. You know acute illnesses he did but it Peter Jacobson. Got a little at the last however every hear about you Louis we deputy Jake that nobody was doing its. His golf tournament and and Jimmy would always come out need to be apart battered play at the after party beauties give up their duties at 67 years so you think about that you know for god has been in the music industry Pfeiffer 45 years. Think all of guys and and they played back that it now it's the people are little or. No cost about this you know covered up but those guys are neatly for 25 years with superior protection rights but I prices that have. More on what I think for a lot of the older rockers that it does a lot of you guys they can't hear craft. He let it rest needs no you don't know. He made an album called sports but that's the one. Now the great album that they've hit the use the man back to the future it's yet each evening to you guys. All right another celebrity is Will Ferrell was injured in five rollover accident down in mission Diego count this scarf lifts GAAP. No word on Baxter who is the is your take is what I hate that it's it's about the could get a base that he is at K. He was down in San Diego dealers. Ron Byrd and eat it the Funny or Die run very the bit so he's on his laid back. And that his SUV he was right in with sites like night at a vehicle and in his car overturned they wound up on their side in the middle of the freeway. Three others were hurt one. Was it was a dramatic injury haven't seen an update on. That person but that they were all writing wolf girls cars nobody else was hurt in the other car but will fearless. Not Rangers. He's mad that they can that you pull up like your paramedic in you have to like. Jaws of life open a car and there's Will Ferrell if these dresses Ron Burgundy it's fixed and not didn't ask is it sad and it flipped over SUV. Don't. They Will Ferrell world we're not ready for now here's the story and I teased from yesterday. We didn't get to it so we have promised we get to it today and that is that pink cougar has overtaken Portland. As a true hipster haven't. The work you know my Hitler mustache at the door right now. So of course Portland is known for it's it's yours yes you know that. Tattoos craft beer bushy beards. My favorite is like eating. Go to do this every time. I saw this last year it was the most important thing ever it was it was kind of one of those like hot nights. And middle of summer and we are going to like injuries over run that well. And I side guy wary suede shoes. No socks. Cut off shorts and I mean like high. Ghana towards. But that shirt boat I don't let. If you're in tilted for the war in and I thought to myself. Wow you know that was the both Portland human being I've ever seen in my entire life city idiot son at that it's. Out of what we are driving by and let the good replaced apart and I just. I doubt about wrecked the car just there you know it's like I have to look at that Spezza and you know what people wanted it to you. So I think there's a lot of people like that around here you know just going down to Georgia. And we drove a lot because we are driving from Atlanta and Athens and happens to have Dustin got to get a couple of hours so yeah absolutely in a lot of the roads were not mean we were not relays viewer we were driving through towns up and and I guess it was that just doing now for three days I think coming back here I have suddenly started to notice. How many people here. Are walking along or just you see them they stairs aren't like that speak out to lunch you just have to stop the so many don't need to be but just select. Mother nature of the beast I look at it right it will tell you what what they have what I saw a lot down there doubt that we never see here. I saw at least four dogs. On the south I'd just like on the freeway aired on the side of the road next sisters aren't straight odds delicacy when your. And countries it is that is that if you travel that are actually that it the other thing you'll notice is the ducks have dual masters in other parts of Earl is a zero. They're all day I decide Sesame Street I definitely don't see that you know they orchard guy talking to himself yeah but here I came back and went low if you analysts. That rhetoric here OK so here. Cooper like. Rinks so the relocation. Planning outfits do that has created a US. He hit her index to gain some attention but it. So here's what they have compiled a by the way this is just the hipster is no longer he can't afford to live in Portland so he's come over to our side it could be part of that is element of that. Business insider points out based on. That numbers does that list was compiled based on the numbers of microbreweries. Restorers. He can't restaurants. And it's tax you parlors and her 100000 residents Wednesday. And rent inflation over the last year is the yeah it's it's it's moved over there because again that would move out of Portland so at what's coming to Vancouver they're jacking the price so the good news for Portland hamsters if you feed out Seattle who. Do you win or lose. Every night. Fast enough that you feel about that that's bad news is you're not even in the top ten in the worst news Vancouver and three other northwest towns. Land higher up on the list in Portland would have the northwest announced via spin to. I'm gonna have to. This streets. Although Portland Oregon tips to enjoy or suffer the strongest hipster connections and pop culture and with good reason. It's been comfortably beaten by northern neighbor Vancouver Washington which tops the index with a score of eight point 23. It spread of microbreweries their stores the restaurants. Tattoo parlors and of course gentrification. Is unparalleled. Go to education than a 100% I can't say that I noticed but he he can restaurants but I'm not look it but. I would tell you that the number of Marines that popped up but they're two of the last number of years is astronomical. I mean it is. You make. I'll betcha there's with it. I five files at my house I'll betcha there's ten of them they are everywhere and that that was definitely not a thing back in the day. Yeah I don't see the other and they have to click through the other organs count them student days at the top 25 here. The top five hit your town's main Cooper Washington won the Salt Lake City numbered zero about that. They get more liberal that are thought though they'll shut that down a little bit or not. Number thirty Cincinnati. I could see that some would call it since Nevada you know it's never for Boise Idaho. Clocked in at five is Richmond Virginia. Yeah again I can't see which guy. I just don't have that they've been deployed yet that their but it ties but not fifteen years on the popping up. Anchor for his tattoo artist I don't want to pick a Vancouver. Third ballot. Would not have guessed that what got tattoos so. On I go to bars that. I space guys that you haven't Egypt now. You know that would help and I feel like that need to buy a Fedora. I got to hit it adequate nor out of it. I am yet here's the problem with you thrift stores though and I Justine it's. The peak of restore faith. Mike you've I don't know if you've ever been with its state. Have things for big people in thrift stores that's going to the fair stores like going to that the U store it's all large event. I can't walk into it restore like go run off the warning that where's the double a cells they like us are gonna turn up the heat we're gonna ask you to leave. Doesn't work. Time. Coming up next. You know yesterday was holocaust remembrance day. I did not know that I did not. Remember the Holocaust well sorry it will honest. And I saw something. That startled me a little bit. About what Americans Americans know about holocaust my guess is probably very little it's it's well it's not necessarily very little everybody knows about it it's just that. What they're kind of saying now is that the Holocaust is fading from memory of bits and outlook gave me those numbers when we return we'll also tell you what's going on in Portland this weekend as we continue in the days. Different about a senator it's 445 on this. And Nike to summon an issue in prime time guys against him in Portland sports leaders to an eighty of them. Ran for Sheila from ESPN. Is getting beat by. Sit down this here at Nike gives them coming up at 530. Rough a little early tonight will be he'll until 630. Events like art in dusty we'll take over. With a live broadcast of the Nike hoops and a live here on the stand this is in the news for April 13 2018. Hi yesterday was holocaust remembrance day. And as I mentioned as we went to break there what we're finding is the Holocaust is perhaps fading from sales some people's memory. But here times had this. What percentage of Americans in the lineal do you think. Day two million or fewer. Jews were killed all that I hope this numbers really low. Because obviously you know is over what six million or so a seventh seven. 35%. 31% of Americans. 41%. Of the only. Meals and it's it's gonna get worse. Though it'll continue to I guess that number's gonna continue to grow. As we we we get further further removed from it. And I I think that's the that's a shame because anything you know whether it's. It's. Any tragic event. The further you get away from it the less impact I think it has on people because he is it's not get a touch those individuals. You know maybe you know distant relatives but it's not gonna touch mom it's not that netstat. Graham zug Graham you'd be so far removed that it is they're just it's gonna be that personal connection to it that's changed. What does she think that it gives. No one should ever it. So what should ever and I think forget about the Holocaust. Under Sainz. It HTTP pot and we should learn. Forever yeah about it right but don't you think it's in in some instances it's normal. Do you like for example I know more about World War II that we're one yes. Am sure that Nigel let it will be did it. The forever of course you you mean that we you know we lifted diet picket there is some semblance. Of this that's normal. In line. I get that I just not that should be again I just hope we we get that video raced through Ellwood field that it right those who forget his you're due to repeated. I would hope that that listed sticks but of course that they can see not just in our country but especially over in Europe see a rise of fascism now. You know whether it's in Italy and and people embrace seen moves in the Ugandan and the rise of white supremacist with this kind of this new. Is a nationalist sort of of mentality and and that's the part scares me that the further you get away from it that those lessons. Gets forgotten. Yeah or get forgotten him I'll never. Maybe the most impact full thing I've ever had that I've ever done in my life was this the only when I lived in Europe and you get off the trade that you see designed. Insistence that that would outlaw it will never ever forget. That experience in going through there and reverence I had. You know for Roush which it intended to see that you see the museum and it and and by I just think everyone would be better off if you if you had experience like that. Get a chance to do to visit. A location like that would take a tour of a new museum or or to see holocaust exhibit. They've had that kind of burned in years your soul and consciousness I I do think you're better off for food teach your kids and giving them a better understand of what that was that he can do that. We delete it teaches the schools and we need to learn. About it so it is it is a little alarming now what percentage of Americans and millennial cannot say what outlets was. Oh god. I guess this is gonna be even higher 404045%. 41% of Americans noise it is 6%. Of colonials. Cannot see without it was and and then would have no idea where it was or right. And 52% of Americans think Hitler came to power through force and it happened as it adds so the issue is not fit it's not that people deny it made a double thing on holocaust and tires that it. Very small percentage of black or lactose. It's that. We know it happens but a lot fewer people as we go through the generations are filling it details and that will. It can look at and that's kind of my point about lake you know he if you forget his you do your repeated. That's to be that the most disturbing one in that is that people think that you rose to power through violence provide for us. I know that's. But I just said there's a lesson that there's there's a lesson there for that I about how that can happen that you sit there and say well. That could never happen today well it's not that long ago that this occurred it did happen. 300 years ago. Mean there's there's people that are that are very much alive that went through that and that's that's that's kinda horrifying. City here's some of those numbers and they said 400. Thousands of holocaust survivors for me. Did you see in Israel to that. There every once they do a two minute siren. On national holocaust remembrance day. And they do it for a minute siren and everybody literally stops. They defeated pictures evident now I think Telus even sent to everybody stop like traffic everything stopped and people get out of their cars stance until the siren. And who. That's pretty powerful it was a really powerful videos you'd. Gagne did you check that I I did not know that yesterday I business entirely I didn't see that it was. You know it was a remember. For beverage they at all. This weekend in Portland don't forget about comic on gifts I don't know who's here that they can relinquish here so far this year awkward bands here that what is at. I know him as a cart in what is that they're the god that does the movie the Jason Obama who might be the most handsome man on the planet you utter. So ladies you go over check that out who else here who think who else was here there. Sprint yet the guy from and wrote Gardner we got that I forget what it's made his that was character from about rookie of the year. Think adults with the was here both got good enough about my head but that's at the habits that are all weekend couple things elsewhere conine. Well we interviewed ample whereas yesterday he's in town Sunday Nomar is at the stats I think on Sunday so instead of comedy for. Rich to bruises on May never done that I have not done. And any of those little things. So I think you think what you do as you might run if any drink. It's been this because it's gonna make you sound just like at least the American and its history I don't like to mix activities that with Mike Ricci. When I drink I just want a drink but the experts shared files via okay president. I don't know any outbreak you could have been that they may have here we get on those that's probably get the pedal while you drink if you would. Now it's a terrible thing I've done a good drink again I just might did you get here you don't drink on the bike you've. Buy your next location mentoring there's kids it's terrible thing though I'm not just get a new. And it was funny but it was no sweaty. This. What do you got a bit strenuous activity that might drinking. I just wanted to. In the words of Bert Sugar and splashing around out there. And we'll say I got drunk a lot faster because I was working out losing some one bit but at the allows the FO. The there's I wanted to point out there's a show called parrot but the other dealer and adds its Alberta rose theater on Sunday. Called after the flames. And it's the science behind big eagle creek fire response and I guess they gonna have a member of the team that examined the damage and walk to anything he's gonna talk about why they went about it the way they did the see pretty cool to be pretty interesting I thought that Sunday at outward rose theater it was a percent at industry get. And of course tonight the Nike hoop summit and then well that tomorrow the blaze lasers. What a great week a lot to add this was the crappy outside so what does that do hopefully inside. All right that is it is for April 13 coming up next let's get to the hot 552 white Howard claims another. What the latest that all the key injuries the NBA playoffs. And at the Dallas Cowboys do on from a key player all next on the fan.