Primetime 4.13.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 13th
They're on location at Moda and the MUSIC IS REALLY LOUD...some CFB talk with %chance to make the playoffs by conference, also the Andre the Giant doc.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. On that time. And you can find the time to spin you actually yeah primetime were advised against this. What bill all journalists and I'll go. Think yeah. This is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and Robin Jason singer Janet grit prime time. Jane ADP. OK I think we're I think we're on to under the hood seeded fifth we are. Yeah that's really all you can do we're on the year hate it so robbins' suit I think that the but I can't hear myself think but we are this is first of all what it do. Very scared and frightened I feel like I Mena a bunker on the battlefield right now yeah taking incoming fire that it's quite loud however. We press on that we're giving you a sneak peek behind this year. Tomorrow night's trailblazers. Intro program. Yeah we're out here at the Nike hoop summit today and that game going on tonight but what they're doing now is there go to like the dress rehearsal from the pregame stuff for the blazers. And it's pretty cool. You know we're here what to do unfortunately. Is. When that when they're tested it they they crank up the house speakers when that happens. We can hear nothing we can't hear the station we can't hear each other. And so for the next half hour or so we may be white luckily in this. When the music goes up it's going to be great so we're told that that was edited 330 ill. Hopefully. You know it's it's it's not too that we were not aware that we were on the air. 27 minutes of this we never know when it's gonna start and when it starts were diskette is power grid and hopefully appearance with the that's about the best site it is I don't have I I don't have anything else like it and now other band if you would like do you describe what is to your left open. So why not go in there describe it no listeners. I will not. We're appear high in the crow's nest. And where the believes are broadcasting. The right where we'll I'm not gonna talk about it one no. It might be so scared that whole thing makes beat beyond uncomfortable why does that make you so I'm not touching the poor man's injured no. New. All right we'll find it seeks sitting next to wheels group share. Rate it's nice pillow no everybody should have won and no it's not thing not gonna take that they like it's one of those not it's not not go there. All right well hey let's let's get started with the broadcasts that we are here for the Nike hoop summit which is a very exciting it will be here tonight. On the motors on our floor it is that you don't know what that is it's the eleventh year in Portland. And added it's been going on since the nineties but the eleventh straight year it's been here. And it's the top US senior high school players against the top international players who are nineteen. Years of age or younger and didn't you look at some of the past guys that come through here in this is that who's to of guys that are in the MBAs though. I mean a lot of the guys you can see tonight in what within two years are gonna be in the NBA yet the couple ducks there. A bull bull. All seven foot three of him will be here tonight bull bull is on the stand last nine games island Democrat. Yep into dynamic interviewed I did not years the bull bull interview. You did not did did you get a reviewed and does. He's young yeah. Do you remember so we head into wigand's on the air months at this from this from this Lex he wasn't. We we taped an interview we could play it knows that leftists too he his his reference into yeah Adam Opel is you know he does. He was given and you against the run for his portrayal. Yeah 1718 years old that can be a bit awkward in front I do remember the wigand's interview where. I don't think we got more than one word answer I think at one point you were asking the question about his game no I said what what do you best score. Then there's lots talking while we're waiting for. For something else and know just to score I think at one point mass you know and in an event like this do you ever get nervous. And the response was no. And then course now that was so mean Buick that's an engine definitely that's just not. I prefer that we got. That crap that you just gave me the no yeah and so we're looking at some young guys that Taylor you have the best. He's the best players. Under nineteen yeah. In the US and from around the globe I mean you look at the pass guys that have been in this game. But Dirk Nowitzki duo and he'd Anthony Davis carrier ring John Walcott markets 'cause it's a who's due in each of the past eight. Number one overall picks in the NBA draft approaches ADT's talent level is very high bull bull is here he's headed to or again. I the other five start kid or guy king is. I think he's a part of this but he's not. He's not playing yeah because he's injured but bull bull will be plate and I also the number one recruit the country's going to puke his name's RG Barry. He's in this game so hey if you know anything to do on a Friday night come down to the end Nike hoop summit. Here's the here at the motives that are yet to get rave reviews every year in the case that it's what the eleventh that it's it's been back here and people have nothing good things to say about it will be broadcast that welcome about. And say hi to us were appears in the broadcast perch Yang you know or to find a certain. Now the night via the it is makes me so uncomfortable week ago I just don't understand why you're so comfortable with that it is what it is it's it's just we all fight battles there's very few things in this world that make me uncomfortable I price kind of pride myself but you can't really embarrassed me. You know alt well I think we can't let but we found but this is you have found my Kryptonite eight shots makes me yeah on our you don't like talking about it or else grants light do not OK I understand. Well we will have friend official appear on set he's here covering need Nike hoop summit he's coming up at 530 he's at ESPN. But I did dead directions we can get a chance. Wow. Other dismiss what is it little poop. Well that prize went that's. I'm not kid like I've full jumped back. It's a couple months. Hit it little but a heart attack I was read about it the comment the fact that Kansas has two guys here are blurred as I was out right is asking them about being held. It was right about the save data that we got blasted with the the wake of the sonic boom there. Would have got quick and Grimes and senator David McCormick are both. You can't commit that school so I or them. I'm sure they're arch I'm sure they've been I compensated on their way to Kansas does it say at a difficult. Let's let it the last time they play an oil will now pay today but if further reports are getting kids to know about it. They weren't up at 80 that's all we are and I bet he has. We're gonna talk with France to show what talked about that yeah and the united to me it seems silly to think that any. College coach doesn't know that's that's going on. So well last meeting coach acknowledged that he would be the first street it zealots you don't know what kind of level of you're gonna get that I I. I still believe that it with the exception of maybe like Rick Pitino and apparently Sean Miller. I always assumed that Odyssey was the one thing that surprised me out of that whole investigation. I assumed that if you RE eight top 100 player in the world of college basketball you're you're getting paid in consumption perform. Ice it was assumed that there was the the back and possible that I ability to note that that is really the college football model is. A lot of a lot of teams have a guy and he's not on the coaching staff. If he's not immediately history he's just lose the affiliated and that's just kind of what he does that from the coach is that it will be I had no idea. Skype not your official capacity. So when the reports were that you got assistant coaches. And in some cases according to them that the report he got. Rick Pitino and then into oriented. Some. Sean Miller. Not only were they involved that it boat worked directly involved and that's kind of blows me away at the you know I heard his denial well of course you know he's completely innocent FR. Both of that no misunderstanding. But if it is true they still employed that I don't Jon Miller still play but we had realistically. Though that did assistant coaches were direct involvement as an. The media just a brazen nature of that just kind of the well rate you know whatever aid will will pay these kids and don't come directly from our staff. That surprised the hell out of me I guess that's the one thing that I wouldn't have guessed that that. That investigation I think the brazen nature of it leads G news to believe that everybody's doing it it's just asked what you have to do it it's like it's almost like. Because it's so brazen that lets you know how long they've been doing and just how easy it is and just how normal is it for them to do. It's one of those things right like I know this is a weird analogy you know I'm not trying to compare that it you know one to the other. But. It's like with drugs rightly if you if we ever went broke it up to a guy that they'll be and it wasn't me it was the big mystery right. People knew the guy that dealt here and how horrible behind the scenes sort of thing and when something is normal as. Everyone knows that that shows you just how like out there it is that was cutting your. With if they really what this raises it head coaches work openly talking about this all on phone calls and assistant coaches were directly involved in this there was no middle man that goes to show and yeah it. It would be illegal aunt yeah it was. Against NCAA rules. But much like the whole week they don't want him or it was without. By and whatever and we'll get that but we don't really care just goes to show you how. It was not take it very seriously. Which is interesting because isn't accusation they can take down an entire program and litter and yet people will be so cavalier about. Well clearly can't because Sean Miller coaches. Although that means BC political enough how much longer be on the job anyway apprentice show will be by at 530. Quantities of brands global talks about the FBI stuff but. Also the Nike hoop summit he knows the players here while he knows the international players well. There's one of these kids I think is gonna be outside traffic if I'm not mistaken the Evian and has and then that the big international kid that's that may go number one he's not here I think he's he's overnight T. And bull bull also folks has a brother named Chris multiple. And that is true story and the only person that knows that story these first nine now is frame for Sheila. So therefore you'll find out about bull bull's brother Chris mole and bull. Further life certainly is mobile and Chris Mosul. So all right let's get started hit a lot of different direction we can go to Friday. So weak that makes it nothing built on grade giant time. Did you vote to get around him to feel that I finished it last night that was. Really really well we have on this giant. Or we can go a little college football. I've got to an interesting little nugget about these quarterback class coming in great in the pac or. They hit some places Kelly's game one I pick your poison. Let's go out but the little ball over we'll work with Blake 313 on the fans. Notice underside of the 48 team and I do you summit. This is prime time with Isaac consumes god intended. All right welcome back to our show we aren't. He's Nike hoop summit we are inside. The voters center where there currently if you hear. Background music and noise and various and sundry things they are currently testing tomorrow night's trail blazers a pre game operations yes we have been threatened. We're not allowed to take photography of it there will be no photos late who said that. They came out over the loudspeaker audit here yeah they threatened I can't hear any thing. But they are it looks cool it yet if they can measure tomorrow night you're gonna love the the pregame intro split town well that was the. Senator gets rocket and it really is one of the best venues to see a basketball game in in the country out. Also never forget that big route that they had in the playoffs and they they've played Houston a one year. With would be Roy and those guys and it didn't go over well obviously yeah I mean that gave ones they got slaughtered but. The pre game environment and that the noise that tip was one of the better things I've seen. And colleges for a first round playoff game. He imagined it if it is blazer team ever does that make you the conference finals or an NBA finals what this place will be like it is an amazing environment here. When these fans get cranked out but tonight it's them Nike hoop Summitt and debt apple feature at the top US senior high school basketball players against the top international players nineteen or under including what are your parents the number one suppose the player in this class and he's on the international human comedians some blazers pelicans coming up also some monitoring the giant -- And it is Friday the thirteenth Sonya are you scared now. Knowing him not although it's less that he's head up god is expected it that may cause that (%expletive) scared right right there. What tops your daughter is it's like it a movie theater went like this that village jumps out it does make you jump all the. Larry I have a series superstitions have a guy Norma at the yeah well it's like it's kind of hard when your party that is. With the guy that's you know when you don't have a solar you leaves Iraq it's hard to wonder about users but later I have a freaky story for cited as their team before. But the club has. It's good that. A battle that he had made it sort of start with some college the thought I was reading through. Yes and projections about the situation room but let me just something that. Yes regarding yet. But first nuggets do what they're saying. Out regarding. Peace yeah. What got this this state college football playoff. OK so they don't fire put out there. Died rejection to promote his show which conference is most likely to get a college football. But I guess that's yes. Right to the senate and as I well the at the SEC is that. 84%. You know at least one top four teams. The Big Ten is at 80% at least one team. The ACC is at 65%. This is for the upcoming us currencies based on strength of record which at its second. The pac twelve is next at 51%. And get this. Independence. 34%. Big wheels. 26%. Oh my gosh not. It what this independents will be bolstered up by Notre Dame. Yet that ray put out are they including the non horrified and independents. In months without go like a Central Florida because the only independent. That that has a shot at that as is noted it because the only other real independent. Is BYU and I'm here to tell you that view you as the 0% chance of making the played electric coach I know I love their coach or teammate of mine. But a less ya the average size 24 year old white guy all the sudden become the dominant college football player. I doubt they're making a run at the because well they're certain that hostages be based on on Notre Dame alone. So they're out there Dave it is those percentages on strength of record which measures how strong team's record is given it's schedule. So it's based on the chance of an average top 25 team having the team's record or better. Given the opponents this team has played in where they played to date look I hired a look at Notre Dame or schedule a higher strength of record indicates a more impressive accomplishment it means that teams win loss record was more difficult to achieve so. In the four years of the college football player out there are still far fifteen of the sixteen playoff teams entered the post season. With eight top four strength of record the only team that wasn't. Was Ohio State in 2014 bills team that played organ. So their full projections. They have put out again just stupid projections based on what they cook. Based on the win loss records of each team tonight they they go to schedule and so. Obviously the SEC. And Clemson actually sorry the SEC is the favorite to land a team and also the 20% chance of winning two team. Look the beauty part about the SEC and and it can argue all you want I'm not here to say that you're you're right or wrong when it comes to this perception that. The SEC. It it's the one conference that you're guaranteed even a one loss champion gets in. Right there's there's no way that one that we we talk about a one loss pac twelve or one loss big twelve isn't guaranteed to give it one loss SEC team is. I also think it's the only conference that has a better than average chance. Are they two loss team still fighting their way and it just eat it pays to be in the SEC. When it comes to putting that team and and in the college bowl playoff that we saw last year he put into based on this there's a 20% chance of at least two. Top four teams for the SEC. 26%. Chance level of one team from the big well. That's how. How skewed this is in favor. Of the SEC is supposedly called it. Twelve of the title don't have anyone to blame the cells that they're not good conference is right now. Mean last year just it was that you want. OK so here's what it. Well I'll go to the teams that they project to have the best chance at the Kosovo playoff and then. I'll tell you what may be the one that may be one shining. Sort of nugget of hope you've for the pac twelve which I got out of this but Clemson. Has a 54% chance. Based on strength of record of making college football playoff best chance in college football. Well this is gonna be like you know Dave Barr to console makes matrix talks about this all the time that there are a couple schools that are going to be from the talent standpoint that much better than everyone else they're conference I'm assuming that Clemson and Florida State. Our head and shoulders above most of the teams in the ACC sanding with Ohio State in the big twelve or it got B twelve excuse me in the Big Ten Alabama's 240%. So Clemson at a much better chance to spit out this and I think that boils down under again probably the talent gap with Clinton at UCC vs Alabama. You know that there's going to be some other teams in the SEC from the talent standpoint that are. That are gonna be on par Georgia 38%. And then Washington 36%. Yet the there in the top 4 o'clock then others are independent Notre Dame at 34%. And then your usual suspects Ohio State 32%. Auburn. 23% Penn State by 21%. Let's take a look at the dog ease of what they have. Come from a schedule standpoint that's surprise in the U dub is is that the other pac twelve schools are bit down on the list Stanford's at 9%. There than they have the next best odds. Based on this and then you've got by USC 7% in Oregon did make a list the only analyst about. Thirty teams here or it is at 2% no and about it we don't know it's it's gonna be hard to pick what organ hasn't in obviously new coaching staff but when you look at organs schedule. Or schedule on papers that tendencies it's the easiest schedule in FTS according to this article idea that that pactel actually has the toughest. And the easiest schedule the toughest is UCLA. This this upcoming season and organ actually has the easier yeah organ on paper should have a very nice season I'm looking at what you Doug Scott so they start off the year. You doves is not a gauntlet they do you play Auburn neutral site. I think that's down in the that you was that Mercedes. Down in Atlanta and a so they got that that's certainly don't lay out don't of that team. Give yourself two hours ahead of time at the Atlanta airport you have to learn that little bit of buzz saw there and learn that that it hurt me but. Then they get North Dakota. Utah Arizona State BYU. UCLA but that's that whole organ it's at home Colorado Al. Stanford Oregon State Washington State say it. Really they're there to biggest gains receive outside Auburn that won their two biggest gains let's go organ and maybe you see a label those are all. So maybe that does set up pretty well for Washington. And that you have to replace a bit on defense but it you don't hasn't really had a problem replacing defense of players during this round with Chris Peterson. OK so the pac twelve that. As I mentioned the pac twelve is kind of middle of the pack 5050 shot at getting college football playoff team and that's of course obviously the odds on favorite as Washington is mentioned. But it's kind of you know it's weird to think that as bad as the pac twelve was last year they're also losing alternate quarterbacks. Maria right and that Arnold on while her birth that rose on. Fall on your right Herbert is that respect him brownie is that PA IG branding says not all of them but there you're you're losing the main. Yeah how Washington State replace their Stanford as to replace there's a though. I guess you know with with Dan Costello is kind of a back and forth thing. But yeah a lot of the the big marquee guys here or are gone from the pack to a school which which should bode well for them beaches the conference was that with them. But there is a silver lining. And I think you wanna hear this it's pretty exciting. And I'll get to it next here's Mike with sports owner. And I'm back here at the voters there for the night blazers pelicans and won tomorrow night here. Exciting sports time in the area sports that are constantly and yet that a heartbreaker last night. Who else do we have the pickles. They get timbers the timbers the two seasons going on right now so yeah I goto the thorns. I don't know foot or two ago if only Major League Baseball Dolan and to our. Now or the NHL wouldn't be guys that will argue going on right now though I want baseball. Well I cute I mean that's cool I want baseball to put it that jockey comes out they this. Takes that thought right now it's not enough government finger wagging in your face. Yeah hockey is not a doctor at Seattle is yet it offers a target but if hockey were to come here and impede. Major League Baseball from Africa having your idea. That would (%expletive) me. Boy it's it that's that's because they're my two favorite sports to watch. It. Now boy that's that's how I. I would rather have Major League Baseball. Simply from the optics standpoint of I don't think there'd be anything better than that a summer night. Go down watching the game in the short sleep tells ya I I would end its double switch yeah they're great you still get it but yeah it was a heartbreaker last night the they went up in the spent about six seconds that you went away each element pickles no winter hawks lost a heartbreaker and I was down 31 in their series Everett awake during the playoffs yet. Second round. The donor clinic a week like. About the way that takes place was correct I had that they were correct you'd done is actually on the road. You see alien organ where I was reading the schedule like that the home team with the top media but you don't does have to travel on the road to organ into UCLA all right so here's address document out of the pact well there. We re ESP ends of strength of record projections for the college ball left Clemson 54% number one Alabama to a Washington. Was three. At 36% they've pretty good odds. Based on just the news just schedule. So it's you know the pac twelve trip comes as pactel is about 5050 in of course their hope is is washed in the big twelve is really the team that. If they don't. They debate club as a 26% chance based on this model. Of making college football playoff the SEC has a 28% chance of getting two teams in the culture it better chance getting into the big twelve as one so. The big twelve as the team that's really gonna need team to at the conference is really gonna need a team to play well. To get it there but my point it all of this was it's kinda scary to think how bad the pac twelve was last year. And they lose Roseanne Arnold and falcon capture their other quarterbacks. On some other teams that they lost to. To think that the pact calls suddenly get it be any better we we went into last year. They can't GAAP axles can be really good look at all these quarterbacks well it wasn't now here's the silver lining though. And this was pointed out by Jon Wilmer. San Jose Mercury news yet the Wilbur hot line. Of the top fifty cornerback prospects in in the country in this class. Twelfth are headed to the pac twelve and four. Of the top ten are coming to the pac twelve. So you have a list of where you have JT Daniels or these people on campus now or next year yes they're coming in now okay they're there yet the library of refreshment of the press. JT Daniels USC yeah. He is number. Three. Overall game in the I I've read about him people that you this year all hot and bothered about him in and kind of going in order of of their rank but these guys are in the top ten JT Daniel Daniels USC. Hitter Mickey Stanford. Dorian Thompson Robinson. Wilson ericsson's net with Johnson and where's he go. He is going to UCLA is name's Dorian Thompson rounds of that he'll be a Chip Kelly having hurting them and then. Tyler Shia. And he's the kid that that a lot of people think will be the back at these RD on campus that organ and practicing and yet people think he'll be the back of the Herbert this year those four freshman. Our top. Head at it it at their position well and I do you think that of the guys coming back I know Jake Browning hasn't Justine. It was a bit of a love hate their between. Between him and you'd. Jim Browning is is gonna have a peak year and that you dub is going to be fine so with with brownie there at the Calcutta. Help. Bolster that a little bit and then I think just in her dad's Chiat if he stays healthy and things go right for organ without off its one in the run game they can find a receiver to. Just in her breast chance to BA Heisman type guy I don't think he wins exotic or it's going to be good enough but I think her per with the number two what he showed last year. One I think this is Herbert last year I think he's gone after this year Eric is that he's gonna get top NFL guy. But I think he's got a chance to really kind of beat that next. Part to a quarterback that gets a lot of hype because Braude won't put up nice numbers in UW have a big year but no it's good to a mistake Jake brownie for a a first round. NFL guy in here the other quarterbacks that are just outside the top ten. But these guys are ranked really high you'd talk Ike hit bad anemic Jack Tuttle in and then the two Washington kids. Collison yank off with her that he's there you go up right. Don't look at me like that's like that's his name yeah he's he's he's like replicates like it over their diligently prepping for tonight's will yank off it's gonna have to battle it the Georgia transfer. To replace Browning next year member they got that Jacob says what the hold on. That you'd have also got Jacob servant. So those investigators are kid yet those two kids are quarterbacks that are ranked just outside of the contents of the guys really high but outside the top that are Jack Tuttle Utah. Also yank off anti conservative who bulls still are committed to watt at that they're going to watch yes and did a decent with a five star kid that one of the that two or three best players in the country. Went to Georgia started as a freshman and got hurt. And now it's it's been it's a planet that's a huge transfered yet they're loaded at quarterback is it'll be fine there's a couple of other guys outside of the top ten but these are out there. Top fifty. Quarterbacks can't rent sorry Kampman is in Hammond. Cooper he's going to Washington State. Stamford got another kid by the name Jack west. And then. Arizona got two guys and it also in the top fifty just barely and is adjective cart who's a local kid don't know or state all of those kids. Every one of them as a quarterback and they're all jumping into the pac twelve this year now it's gonna take a couple of years. Yep but maybe at another you know two years we've got a class where weekend we've got 34 guys the pac twelve that are really gain national headlines and don't forget in Arizona. Is a schools that you mentioned you know then giving them a quarterback and and people economy wrote the rise about that that's given somewhat now. Down there at Arizona so that may be an an agency went to keep and I don't know what type of player can eagle and get because he was viewed as such a dynamic recruiter Texas they'd damage to people wanna play and that offense. That's that's something to keep in mind as well but for this year in the pac twelve. You look at it all the guys who lost in the the Washington State on these whose fault but then unforced the other terrific. You know with him accident with with Tyler and its key youth you know obviously tragically took his own life and and that puts Washington State you know a little further back because he was gonna be the next guy but when you talk about you know contenders which is kind of what you were that's how this whole thing started. To make because what playoff. You know USC which is traditional power house replace a lot including their quarterback. You know organ I think there's a ton of question marks. About the ducks although I think organs got a chance to be a sleeper. Stanford I don't think it's going to be what they've been in years past. I think that some of the shines off them use Elaine don't know is known no one knows what to make with a brand new coach. At a brand new offense and no Josh Rosen. We really the only team that does kind of fit that profile of the team it's it's loaded and ready to go if you'd done. And then I make the argument if things fall into place. And organs got a chance to may be yet to our course sleeper team and our conference. It's a minister back to this court acting one for one last little nugget. And that is so I just aim twelve freshman quarterbacks four in the top ten. All of them in the top fifty that are coming into the pactel so seat for comparison. And we don't know I mean that these guys pan out we don't. But I surely there's studs there. For comparison welder threw out the best class quarterback classes ever in the pac twelve. And I'll let you decide which one is the best but I have. Four options four K so. Currently so it's too early to talent these guys that yet Tate. Herbert. Tyler Utley Costello deterrent guys yeah pretty high highly touted recruits but if you go back will go 2001. You had that a classic had Matt liner Kellen Clemens Derek Anderson who's pretty cute really it 2011. You had Marcus Murray had a Cody Kessler Kevin Hogan. Berkett VT. And Brett Hundley. That's probably added to that's probably the best that I need to talk about the debt the Heisman Trophy mixed in there and people forget Kevin Hogan wants pac twelve titles 2013. You had Jared golf fluke fall and you Solomon. I'd just Rory Williams and so filled with now from Colorado to solid class less than him to take the second one and then 2015 we don't know about the NFL. Yet with these guys but 2015 had Jake Browning Sam Arnold Josh rose. Yet it's not because I was take in the NFL out of that I was just going off of productivity and and and what you meant to your team. And yeah I'll still take that second one now that the one you just mentioned the Browning the startled. That may end up as far as NFL goes in and where you are deputy drafted with fault. That means that be in the best of those draft classes but if you wanna talk about just what you meant to your college program I think it's Mario this class you pick frowning except. Prospect I don't think so I think he'll get a crack. But he he reminds me of he gave this that yeah. Because it's it's not a knock on anyone but. A guy like Kellen Moore who is played in the NFL in the back up. Or you know Dorsey got to Miami when they are winning national titles. He's a solid player but I think he lacks some of the the basic fundamental skill sets that you need in order to to to excel the next level sure he's gonna get drafted somewhere and if he's a Smart guys that housing guy. Can be good in the in the in the classroom and pick up offenses. Then there's chance that he sticks around the NFL as a back up but no I don't think it Jake branding will ever be a a starter yet. Felt OK so just the point out there there is so hope for the pac twelve a lot of it quarterbacks. Are coming in. This year yeah again welding company here and we have Herm Edwards senator isn't yet so so all is grow and grow and give it our rights are coming up next. On the raid that giants. Talks that that we talk about that occupy that it blew me away for a moment. By his 345 were at that Nike hoop summit at notice that are its eyes can see on the fan. This is and Nike hoop Summitt and Chenault primetime retires against him on Portland sports leaders and eighty. And I'd street fifteen where it's a modus that are tonight's Nike hoops on it. Is it 73 it'll be live here on the sand broadcast by. Jason's like darted ST Sarah is now the cheating signals that me that it is actually seven. Well he's already here are deep breath. Yeah I would have him line to talk about it but he hijackers show that's true. But don't you wanna know something about this tournament yes he's he's the guy you know houses here knows all these guys really lousy Internet make you know the fans got this thing dial. This thing covered up. In big time talent here tonight so if you look at the sound I hear that you'd get lower bulls seats for ten bucks. I was gonna go down who political on the court but I Wear my boots today and I think they're gonna frowned upon if he can just go. Sox go Sox he's down there like around like Tom Cruise show ball ball what's a good there are able able. I I I actually looking forward to count seen him in person seen what he's O. Now he's what seven foot two he's got a 78 wing spin this goes back to that. If he played. Really legislate in a bounce in is that any point I am if you play at what I want could you get a ball over the top of him. I just cut throat that bookshop idly that. One of the no I don't think so if he's if he's really gone he's really got out of it with a seven wingspan and I don't think so I think he would have thirty blocked shots against you. Yeah I mean I mean like I've made. Game names may be able to be here and get one off stepped back. You know at half court three right like it really adds a fade away over the head you know. Prayer issues and that it is when that I that I just hit a that I just make fun and fitness and the bull bull sucks and I got that shot obligated to block my shot goes in the third row well anyway. Quick notes. The Andre the Giant documentary which is airing on HBO and it is the you have seven foot three yeah. As apple is they base anywhere from like seventeen to 75. The Wiki with bill that and then that documentaries that when asked to dance it did it when measuring them and it's his quote was. He was over seven feet tall and after that does that really matter. But there's photos of him in when he was at its prime concludes but it's got older he kinda yet did too. I don't recall lead over the bad back east but there's a photo of him at least hope and Wilt Chamberlain so. And we Chamberlain was 71. In Audrey was taller than Wilt Chamberlain so they they say let's say 73500. Counts all you guys. Gotta watch this docket he get the chance. On trade it's aptly named Andre the Giant out and it's about an hour and a half and it's out just reviews the life of untreated giant and just. A lot of interesting new kind of stuff and there. There's never been anyone like him now and I think for people old as old as as we remember him though. And then of course people older Hampshire remember younger maybe they don't but if you're younger maybe that you know the princess bride has been one of those movies this kind of become part of the I'm into the fabric of of did that the country it's it's it's costs we get what a scene that night I would think that a lot of people know him just from past. Yeah he does them well if you don't only mean he'd use it professional wrestler. And professional wrestling as many in the northwest now was. Local yet territorial territorial. And Andre the Giant came over from France. And he was actually you know struck me about that doc. One thing was how you know sort of like them. How thin and handsome he was yeah when he was what nineteen and twenty years old yeah he he wasn't really. As big then as he became later in and unfortunately it sounds like he was in so much any. The older he got from the from his body edge again it's a schism that heat he passed that with. Basically food and booze it was no longer. You know could no longer really exercise and obviously there is that that the pounds came on after that yet but he he's so he. Comes over from France and he wrestles mainly in the midwest and putted it made it interesting point on there that I wonder if the mystique of him could be duplicated today you can take this in any sport. In any walk of life. He he was word of mouth you know he was buzz because of of no social media UConn had to. You first of all you had only you could only read about him in the magazines if you can live in the midwest that didn't happen to see him wrestle because get that was very territorial. On the wrestler which is wrestle in their own region's. You hear about it through those resting magazines but. You know he he he he kinda. There is this mystique that was built about him that you you had to go see him. You could just Google it you couldn't just go on YouTube and see what he was like you had to see him for yourself that we nude did. It was he was shot dropping in his size of is going to be there's never been anything like him and I just wonder. If that could be duplicated today you know fought treated Jack right next day is he is big of a marble. Because the mystique of him by some people not be able to see him but but have heard of them was kind of what what fueled. By his popularity now you can. It have anything like that again we've become so cheated on with everything your fingertips now that impresses is nothing impresses you mean you mentioned the other day that. This is that is a generation of the what we're having now wouldn't this generation of kids in Europe right now. They even to the notion where like they're not happy about having sex because of it is important. That people I think the art it is don't do it it's pretty well. Yes it's it's because it's everything nothing impresses them and hope not even bat when. When you were eighteen pockets but even the idea of sex isn't impressing eighteen year old anymore so now we've become. Alex had no idea that's tonight that a third united though it still impresses me. But yet this this this notion of economic gain. A statement that at the gym have you heard it on near your squat rest. Yeah there's there's nothing like that anymore and we. The of the idea of something that's so unique that you have to go see it. I joke but I think Jesus could come down now and half birthday. I'll watch it on YouTube and re just isn't that kind of musty a entity are it but for those people in this in the seventies and then. What would Andre came to town I mean they loads. In it that were in an entire community would come as as these little towns that west they would come out to see something like that. It just it was. Is that that's a once a lifetime thing to cannot be duplicate. Other couple of other little thing Alan you know like kill all day with this over to get to some blazers pelicans tock. Coming up in our next hour we also in the news hate in the news. Yesterday asked Tony about Fleetwood Mac yeah how they kicked Lindsey Buckingham out of the they have speak don't. Today I have more popular band you know we have another. Health issue that is causing a very popular bands. To stop tour to. Interest yes. I haven't seen this gala I'm gonna tell you about that fourth third infantry yeah you're gonna be pissed at these guys are no longer out. But I just a couple more things that wanna talk about the Andre the Giant document a very fascinating stuff. We'll get to that next and then we'll talk blazers it is 357. From the motives that are you've got Isaac in soup on the sand.