Primetime 4.13.18 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, April 13th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaak the cool wind. Mind that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're up. Do the right things since 1952. Lives from the motives senator's side of the 28 team Nike hoop summit this is prime time where it's Isaac consume gone 1080 Australian. So following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's. But no. You were the incident. Food and it does go well with the chicken. You can be smarter full disclosure morning. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolving your back on capitol. Yeah and once those things where oh where are gonna lose the most here motor skills and we're also gonna lose a significant amount of break on. Now he's 72 hours forty. Starting. Am yeah. Okay. It is cheers. Put it between my legs. I just like the balls. He's got to commit to just do it and do all the guys. All right accidents and injuries that there's a variety of deployments tag line your unique kid that was a variety of vitamin and iron. Let's get it down here on the left yeah. Looks like Rajon Rondo. Yeah except that it's like 68. Eight dollars that he looks like he's got to Rutgers feel about us you and I are appeared next to beat Ryan Miller's group care. At the most inner. We're watching ample pool watching closely here we are scouting and he's very he's doing cow's teeth Baring all these stretches well have you ever seen longer lakes. Though is that a than the ones on the new. They looked even longer because he doesn't Wear the short shorts in the due date situated fluid accentuates the legs and I think what he's not is. This Bentley who died on what does that mean he's. He's skinny but I. Don't think you've bodies in my buddy was skating here in person like what I've seen photos of the big yard receipt of a person before. He always looks very tweaking wish Ed I don't need this you would feel like yeah I'll be. But he's not it's not as they've built and yeah if I would. Applause dusty says that you know dusty barely exists here he's called it game Nevada lately Nike hoop summit bodice and that's that's where we are but. It's coming up here twenty minutes on this and dusty beyond the call was like I was thinking that the practice and bull bull tried to go down and post up. Eagles can't yeah. Yeah organs they basically got beat it was played in this image tickled him threw him out definitely got a you've doubled up the root him out by the way. Hot lazy these games in Willard at the practice facility second shots late last night. After team USA practice as he was out there and with was hanging out kid that you got to get to know that about them that get the shots how does the fact that does he was hanging out of the I know why I feel like those gusty you I'll tell you what does he was doing and it was the same thing being an older student as a screaming newborn baby at home. Is they're getting out of the house through them he's getting away from these two rat Smart kid and let it get away with it screaming baby. I guess that's what they're doing a lot of children if for just. Few hours statement at a diagonal shot that in. I don't with the practice but that hasn't it I got to go face to drive when you what you want. OK so. The media freaky story for Friday thirteenth yes it is it's Friday the thirteenth and world and it will scare superstitions that. It beats that whether it's really superstitious. Like. I think I don't know who is who is. What let me take it you'd be so what I ever think it's real like no but we talked. Got this look like Mike Stanley it's like a ghost family like they really believe it like a whole blog. Excite budget of those stories and when Mike first told me that. Like I thought I was kitty good Mike is like a very rational when ice team that horrible down to earth guy and the fact that he will be. Leaves those things is very ought to be. It's hard to wrap my head around that but there are. And I think they're right and wrong. I would I am I've brought this but it's weird when you meet that what you find they are really superstitious like that like credit. Like they want to go out they don't like like so that's gonna happen because that's part of the thirteen. I've never really that like to connect I've met one other person. Like the late in the day that is very ended that goes yeah saying it. He was on it doesn't show. And let him. I think he's one of the guys. The camera guys if you think you tell me about it the I've seen that episode that is the same way as the LT they don't quite get what's been happening there may never find that. But. Yeah I'd that people don't really where there. Superstitions honestly don't I don't know what. But he did you get to know enough people would you do run across that that are very very superstitious about that sort of stuff like my wife. Was that big goes person like who we are right Europe everywhere everywhere we whet your by the way was on. Everywhere every hotel we stayed at every app we ran all caught. According to her out in the United States but Europe very very much in the the fourteenth fairway and the only thing the older. And if I try to question it was it did that well for me. I real predator and that was not a target that I should go to instill it I would like felt that you via the the cold with the the lights off the it's clearly goes like. Not agency that a thereafter picnic at the a can't get a freaky story for credit thirteenth to wrap up the week nicely coming up next on the thing. I. OK I think we're back. Although I can't quite hear that we're back this is going to be our final segment of the week. Because we are keeping away excuse the Nike hoop summit which is coming up. In thirteen minutes with cases like guard against the here at by the way I was watching bowl pool again. Because they can't take my eyes off him he does it in a field of Odyssey of the players is two sides that. Stand out. And I can't tell you at that time he half fast is the foam roller that they were all on foam rollers yeah rolled out there it there to season. And he pretended to be tying issue the whole time boy well the people they can't meet or loose we don't lie you know you have double fault. So here's my freaky story because it's Friday the thirteenth minute dishonest today and just because it was on History Channel. Did you know that there was once a ticket. Who lived without a head for years. Now. I didn't know that you keep cutting chicken head off and it'll still move around yeah were to use ears grow. That's clown story that's not your concert grow that's clouds schools your point fake news Bryce Harper hastening. Donald trouble that that story is yes here's the story that's mr. In 1945. A farmer named Lloyd Olson. Who gave void slaughtered forty chickens. By beheading. Makes sense. Is that if you do your job of their head job at the head you'd break your neck. That next day. One of the bodies. But give him the Clinton. Okay let me back before it came back Zogby took heat plots could be heading. And here's what happened he left 80% of the brains stand intact. And is it a minor miracle. Rather conveniently enough. There was a blood clot in the neck that stopped the leading them to check them. Right. So so it if there's pictures and you can Google it and had his name was Mike. And it it through three rounds it was it was a headless chicken that's out that was living it put it but it didn't Evan. Well they that it they that it through an eye dropper and they fed him directly into his esophagus. Are his little chicken stuff I get eight against through. Up behind him might add this to Mike the headless chicken now they what this does 1945 remembered by the way. Is it always happens like 1945 wood there's no evidence there is no evidence there there you see and who might guys. I told you you work eat that's that's my keep them for eighteen months that's a real really horrible defensemen. And Mike the ticket yet that the game at spike so listen. They've turned it into a side shellac and they've literally it was such a marble everywhere in the forties that they went on an international tour. The disturbing part of them but this is they thought might be chicken. Legs sitting there and then all the ground is Mike it just. Like. Look at some books that down vice yet that's one of the famous photos that's pretty disturbing. Yeah well so. So here's what haven't they they turned him into a sideshow and they go on this tour rank. Why would it ever gets in the years that this story you were thrown out there was real I think they take the tour they take an international tour and what happened was a bunch of other. Fame hungry farmers yeah. Began trying to it to do the same thing to re create my fifth district you know little. A lot of other chickens words like chicken works inside brutally murdered because they were trying to get him trying to recreate my. But while it was that just a freak thing he left 80% of differing standards act and get a blood clot in his neck that stopped the bleeding you insists that's not my thing is just. As their ship you eat hot. That's one of the more amazing stories I've ever heard in my entire life now two years later. Mike joked at a hotel room. And that's right for Atlanta that's wet down the idea they kept him. If you go to will. It's yet Colorado. There's a little more more probable I think Colorado. But there's the memorial that's that's that's where they were well aware Lloyd Olson well okay. At the port I thought it was a growing some town famous hit the student there's a big there's a big statue there to my the district. You know what you are gone I told the story. There was a boy it's pretty. That food they had that he was seven years old he was raised by wolves to the news night team and don't believe me either. They they help. I wasn't raised yet I lol yes he was. No he just lived with wolves like haven't wolves reasonable he that he was fed is taking care of by the he was three years old that is mum died instead about the woods headed doubt like to them about doors. Said that when he was seven we don't know it yet just a bit of a program offered his dad died of what it was set. Thought that was night yet no human contact and they found him. They can't live in a cave with the old. Kate's face with grunts and that as they serve god that language came back a little bit you prepare particularly with young. And he is now like it is seventies but he lived with your argument contacts indicate as they won't but when he was seven when he was ninety. As a wolf yes he's he says he remembers start Pete he was hit. And he thought that he was gonna die and he said that. He was he went up to the that they killed the bomb was beaten the puppies. For the putts that he will and he tried to get a piece of me and then the ball back to the way he was like OK and that they were double fault grabbed hold of me through it to him. He hated it and he said that's with art Sheen would provide forward until he was that provide on the go. And while I mean I I don't I don't not believe that this is like the ticket. I don't not believe that. I just think that it's going a little far to see if he was raised by wolves basically they didn't eat him though they they they made him part of the yeah they're acting without. Without hurt that we got right that's right they eat him that that but she was yes he was part of the pack. Act so therefore I mean is it's pretty simple life speak you know he's not like they're the eight minute. Perhaps no but they got they can they didn't expedient he he was just able to eat the food. And that they seek safe. Just. That's not the same things she hunt and kill it gave him the he look he he latched on to the wolf that evaded eat him they did not raise. That's ridiculous to think he grit he was just lucky enough to benefit to stay alive from what the wolfpack was. At the little the outside Europe so it's just semantics but it's it's it's semantic. Feel that I'm willing to die at the present when you were. You read that ticket story that was the first popped in my head was. I just got done in the old story like we go it don't believe me slightly above the ticket. I'd I believe that story. Again I think you go to the little bar that they raised him. But they've but he was yeah that's interesting that mean I guess he can do that. It happens I didn't know that that was a real ignored that note that you could yet this ticket do you think it. Went when we get beat UT like you know the UT and everything yep keeping fit. Like he youth so let's seemed as if it clean yeah we've gone to the queen breaks out. Teach your head like if you hit things like roll around. I think. The player I think they're yet seen yet if you look at the total management body so yeah I think they're they are how I think there's a brief period of time. That yeah I would I would say yep yep five seconds with no bed yet you think that your idea layer of highly aware of what house. How freaky is that. I'm serving their still bloodied their right up. Well I don't believe for a second or so I think we're I don't know how long it is that the reason I city UTVs because it's so fast it. We like it's different if it's a different way you know of the flowed out of losing your head you bleed out where but the heat team this night. Yeah that's what I'd say it's I'm guessing there's that period of time what they're still look they're still political activity your rate right where you had either. I think you're probably aware of what you have to mix it. Can you imagine what that would be like that it would just get bumped up here would you still be able to see. I I and I all of going off what it's like by. The rough knowledge I have of the human body as you he'll be able to I'm guessing there it's a secular to. While you're still aware of what's happening so let's say your heads roll around accident. Do you feel. Do you feel you're head. We went through your body I'd see that he'd go. It is there's no connection there that. That's. I guess in theory for a second chip you're still conscious yeah I I would guess you could still feel. Yeah he's back you still feel you're definitely on the fate. You can make like he could we get somebody in your way I think your private yulia I think it might be you hear you read this the time that. I don't think it's it's to take you know. That would be so lot of disturbing. Thought you are up its. At thirteen I guess headless chicken and that's a wolf boy that we'll look at that Atlantic he would keep that out over Italy. Paul Paul I gotta go of the nineteen of them it's coming up next thank you capitalism does it irritates like that on the call. Have a break and we're back on being at thirtieth. What I'm gonna start 3 o'clock o'clock 3 PM. Right here on that. Right shin so. Okay. Oh. We didn't.