Primetime 3.22.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, March 22nd
Some NFL notes, Cavs came back to beat the Raptors last night, talking LeBron...and IN THE NEWS!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. The basketball party continues. Popular. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime advertising consumed. Rusty but they ate away the titan of Hawaiian restaurants. Two locations 2454 east birthright for 52 and Woodstock primetime on 1080 votes. Price for a four on the pink and an opinion. News we're gonna take a look at what's going on and a defeatist. And they notable. Death. That's I wonder if it if it resonates with you and listeners as much as it does with me is that causes no. It probably doesn't. However. A present it to you anyway. Rest in peace. Us gotta be at 430 coming up in our next segment that he thinks have the last night in the NBA we should probably talk about also the blazers have a pair of back issues. That'll be at 415. Quick shout out before we leads the NFL I got to sell you ready for this I'm ready. I heard it last night's hot corner with Harrison lynch. Was incredible. Down. Is the rumor on the street. There's a lot of buzz going on senator I was at the the GUID that's where I like to hang out my cruise it just 'cause he was gone Tonya. Lot of the seventh and eighth graders buzz and about big John in hot corner last night awesome show last night man did listen to it on my way home I found the the opening of the baseball faxed. I thought that was fantastic I got the worst baseball packed in the history of a spike is was livid. At the cards that he opened every year they do this my brother brings in some tax than to open and my Q that was indeed. Mean I'm not received the worst but it's that's on the medal stand for worst cards ever. Who has the best player. I got an Anthony Rizzo but it was a reports are Clemente award Anthony Rizzo not a real Anthony Rizzo and they got to the Padres closer I don't Brad here and piano player he's a Cleveland steamer or. Well. And exact those are those are my two best records is a good show Mike Lynch Patrick Harris. John Skinner was on last night and Joseph Fisher I checked out less front podcast any need to pin dot com most of those guys. Every Wednesday night after us baseball what was opening its next week right next Thursday Beirut Thursday got to love that every single team players. Yet there's no none of this crap open in Australia or Japan or whatever and it's easy is it true opening day. So why did the giants trade Jason Pierre Paul so I just kind of a money thing you know they paid him 22 and half million dollars Gasquet last year. Decided to have a big contract and drafty bloopers and it Dave Beatty he played now actually was was pretty effective as they signed a four year sixty million dollar contract he had he a pretty good year last year but he wasn't dominant. And it is just he's just now he's just not what used to be in its value his candidacy is age. I think there's probably a little bit bulls so it sounds like the giants just were kind of like maybe a little bit a buyer's remorse and realized that. They did want you pay that rate and the giants are going to do a little bit of a turn over right now on their franchise and I ended they certainly didn't get a lot for him it wasn't like it was a that their third round pick it is not some sort of giant grab for the giants this sounds like just to move of clearing Claire in the money off. The books a Jason Pierre Paul a straight about the giants to the Tampa Bay Bucs and so the giants and Bucs swap fourth round picks which is only for Mike it's always expires not a huge deal but the giants do you get a third round pick which is that it does number 68 pick in the draft so basically they just got a third round pick for GPP and. It has its interest in that I think you see this quite a bit in the NFL now where teams arm our punt team on their mistakes really early. You see is where you know you you sign a you sign a guy and then one year later it's like and didn't quite work out the way we're hoping for but I. I don't know what you're expecting that Jason Pierre Paul is not worth 22 and half million dollars and is that but so then why do the Bucs take him. So silly so basically reshuffling of the deck while they're punting early. Because there's still value to where another team will take yet AC guy yet. Chances are to be honest in the GDP is not gonna see probably a year for this deal to ever pilot status as well you know a lot of the guaranteed money is paid up front by the giants. So it wouldn't shock me if he goes in his decent in Tampa but not great which shocked me to see them get rid of them after years this is the nature of the NFL now where. It's just a matter of two who has cow our salary cap space and who doesn't and it's a reshuffle lien of of of players. There's lots of people that want Jason pier all just that a more manageable number and by. In the giants paid him so much guaranteed money last year makes the contract a little more palatable for someone. And you can probably get after it or get out of it after a year or two without much other than to say now we lost a third round pick. Dims eighties still effective player in the last if they would get a second if he handles seniors. Knowing so. Now he still a good player but a guy losing some digits is gonna affect you. It did though is that the end may be used three plus is common and could hunks of I think two others. Church yeah complete with fireworks people. Okay well. Until I Tampa Bay. Tensions in his speeches we always kind of go Tampa Bay and again they. They feel about but Tampa Bay with Jason Peter pollen Gerald McCoy who. Pretty intriguing Tampa was supposed to be better than they were last year and fifth wire cutter milk I was still there SE they won't be any good. But to my point of trying to reshuffling. The deck chairs this year this is just in in 2018 and for two weeks ended 22 and a half weeks in the start of the NFL season. JPP Tyrod Taylor markets Peters. To leave Danny Shelton. Visited to various Randall to Sean Kaiser. Jarvis Landry Robert Quinn dear worldly Torrey Smith Alec Ogletree Michael Bennett Alex Smith. Candle Fuller. Korda Paterson Jason recording all of them and that's just kind of of the highlights those have all been dealt. Here in these last few weeks and some of those guys are still very effective Pro Bowl level players. With pretty hefty contracts and every one of those guys and then some have been dealt in this off season. It back Ogletree was another guy he was the team captain last two years and is coming off a really solid your for the rams and they just signed him last year. To a for a five year kind of mega deal and they ended a shipment of Matta town. So now since free agency they have reset the odds to win the Super Bowl means Super Bowl 53. Or is it Super Bowl 53. Three reversed five. The Roman numeral of that. You know the odds on favorite is filling out Roman numeral that would be L and then three at three Eisner LII. Well BO I I I yeah well that's or corridor robbed and it is to have B I'll I. Well. Because he can't remember correctly and it like 53 Le. So he thinks favored us. Failure Minnesota and guess and New England. With the pets and I'm 2102. Eagles. Three vikings. To the ads and have New England before Steelers in the five Packers. He believes the rams are in there. Surprised a little bit of agree in agreement on Syria have been. Now and I haven't seen I didn't see anything today about where sue is gonna sign I guess it was down to what the titans saints and rams and they said the decision was coming canceled the meeting with the raiders but I haven't I am receiving cents. To think JPP or hook. Since he just Tampa. Hello. Got to enjoy that one. Did. Now is it a hooker do you get you know normally the if you guys get the two books. In the hands out of it can grab things together he and a Intel atom are that probably not only got to be some sort of rules violation by the niners are next though. Like a sick I don't know why he couldn't have a cool robot hand. Missing some of those would they allow that in the NFL. Guzzlers aren't that because of that the guy from Central Florida yeah the and what he's is that she. Jack Griffin yeah but it's the it's right but should children from both checked Griffith Shah is Shaquille and so. You've let's go to linebacker from Central Florida until we can confirm that. I don't know if if they were glad to some prosthetics they have now our current -- the Gillick those bionic arms and hands I don't. Don't know what the rules are on that could you have but the blade runner can he go out there with. They those carbon fiber Blue States could you run around on those. They could carbon fire belabor you put my cleats on the bottom. Very controversial. I don't know what about air bud gonna have a Golden Retriever not that silly little helmet on and teaching because ball deflated a little bit OSHA team that's gonna say it didn't it should team and they can't check out Jack Griffin. Because she keel. Plays for the Seahawks that's his brother he had twin brother. Okay c'mon. Political story because the older brother the weather plays for the the Seahawks I guess he was a much bigger recruit. And he had a chance to go play kinda where everyone in Agassi's dream school was Miami had a full ride and turned it down to go play with his brother. In Central Florida was the place that that offer humble. Worst odds to win the symbol to win Super Bowl 53 worst it's. This is still Cleveland. Now Cleveland is not even. There are 12345. Teams are worth worst odds than that of rounds where scientists find teams yeah jets. Browns are right there with the bills. In the cardinals. Yes the jets are the worst GTS jets jets jets turn ons 100 to one rub the colts probably don't. There're 62 on their head of the pilgrims coming back on the Bengals are second worst at 921. The red Ryder Ayers. Third to worst 81 and dolphins. Seven need to. It easier for worst love the jets by the way there gonna draft a quarterback they're sitting at number three. They're gonna have. Teddy Bridgewater. Josh McCown Christian hack and berg. Bryce pay. Bryce Betty Anne's whatever quarterback they draft. Not everyone's making it to that roster well Haq Emery he can get rid of these terrible petty you can get rid yes. And bridge they might get you to join them right down to. Okay is a big big can get rid him for a sort of season only gonna look like 500 grand. A single look at last night in the NBA a few things to talk about 415 on the fan. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime. Tides against suit grabs you by the Airways the. Hawaiian restaurants on 1080. He's commanding ten minutes into eternity. Sister Jean had been fired up before the game. Systems every kind of got together into the fund. Like none and I guess this is the team chaplain and a team chef she is yeah she's been there for. Eight energy like ninety years old or something. They have this weird interview on the pre show with her and I guess there's an about a fan who's at a young. Girl and an eight year old girl that's been on a big thing in this tournament and they did the interview together where that is talked retailer. And she gave her an about a shirt and a guy I was listening to it but I was really confused doubles happening. That song below sister Jean OP global people you can't hey Donald people. Did you see totally old sports fans over the vikings. Woman then yeah I forget what are nameless and ninety's but there's something like. It's you can't blue old people here in ninety largely blue and old. Let's cut that you can't even if you're not a failing to appear to be here in Nevada and you can't blue sister Jean. You're getting is some ninety year old nun and it doesn't work that way so you said she's. Yes she's 98 yeah sister Jean signaled that I thought on this issue that's pretty good for herbs she looks great for 98. You see Stephen Kobe or head every Peter Ginsberg on the did you see that bit now he had they went to the gym and then they were working out together how old's she. I think she's in her eighties. But this seasonal they'd they'd think they went to the gym and did a full work out and she had like a diva assured on it was a whole thing. I last night in the NBA few things can ever one. Apparently the spurs had a players only. Meeting 85 by the way for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Our BG for food. And that they had a players only meeting via club they will knows the players only meeting to ask. Quite Leonard to get up possessing get out there and help them. It's so weird it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen it no seams of knowing hey kids it's like a problem he's got some sort of like funny day he says so they had a players only meeting. And I guess he does is from were huge. He's like Manny got you know got emotional on the senate. And they just said Leonard came out of their. San not sorry guys but I have my reasons for not. For not playing the only Everett is that they keep he's a free agent right coming up and there's some talk that he doesn't wanna I wanna risk something. And that's the only thing I can possibly think of a white and why else wouldn't you I don't Bakken play I it's one of the weirdest things I've seen in a long time. What's going on at that did and obviously Popovich is really good about. You know kind of a bees he he just he kind of makes it seem like there's nothing much going on and it's a gallon in loans would just keep on without but there's some going on and nobody knows what it. Yes no and it's the weird thing because quite Leonard he's twice six years old he's one of the what top six players in the league. And yet this hasn't. Really beer and much of a story can you imagine if this is in Los Angeles there's this is in Boston if this in New York in you've got a top five top six player in the league that seemingly is sitting out for no real good reason. And yet somehow down there in San Antonio they've managed to kind of buried this a little bit. All right while. Money Jolie came out of that meeting that's where the quote came from he said look we're risk and operate as if he's not come back. So that could be good news for the blazers because. Right now. It is blazers spurs first round of the season ended today and I looked up his country he's got a couple years left so it can't be that the guy was a freeagent. I'm looking here in west there's like maybe an option but I am I looked up at is that he's got a free agent told 20/20. Well this is a player option for 2019. But that was so mean 20182019. Is under contract. So he can't be a free agent even if you wanted to until next year's so you think it has some duke Aldridge. I don't know not not wanted to play with him do you really think though there would be this much animosity and he would just sit out. Now I've never seen that as I guess it is just bizarre something's amiss with the spurs man. And yet there they are women I think they've won for a five under and around they went last night again. Me and those that did enough they won five RO man doesn't like the Derrick Rose and Abbott and Derrick Rose is falling apart. Seemingly quite letters injuries aren't that bad it's it's Maliki has career ending your career threatening injuries. There doesn't seem to be reasoned and and then the report was right that the spurs have medically cleared him. There's say that he is not playing because he is. Himself and they'll he's got in pop says he's gotta zone he's in his own trainers and stuff and yeah they're the ones understand now Kelly but that is going to be. It's not an injury now it says something else is going on and I wonder if they win the season's over. If if more of this comes out there are few kids dealt in the offseason move him W big NB a big one audio big shift. Blazers have a pair of back issues. We thought there really healthy are they are not. And in turn use of Turkish have lower back issues general probably play tomorrow but sounds like an Eric is questionable against Boston I don't. Member turner having this but your pitches had this a couple times this year right he's had the lower back stiffness. This doesn't sound like in the majors this kind of sounds like oh Wear and tear sort of thing but that's part is aside and errors listened dusty camp. Quite they're not quite minor but carrier being is gonna be out from Austin. Yeah he's out ego but that the lower back thing kind of scares me a little bit his ball had lower back. Problems when he gets tight ye you know you wrench that thing up once can be tough and there there's a couple weeks well a week at least a week in Turkish is a guy that. Really I think is has has a nice second half of the season for he took a lot of crap at the start of the year and near each has been a big reason why this streak here. Has has happened in New York H is rounded into form and I don't know stood near fever is ever going to be quite what it was split. That's a solid future you can do without you can't replace and or catch it if he's out for any period of time and I did it up as San Antonio has won five camera. SO last night. We reported the scorer of the Toronto Cleveland game at halftime it was 79 to 64. Tried 79 and half a pathetic Cleveland scored 64 was down fifteen at to have right you saw that Cleveland won that yes Cleveland came back. And some are saying now I did not win guide is seen as we were on the air and I went home and I'd just assume that the Toronto one. But was watching a heartless and read about it and there are some people saying that that is the best game the LeBron James has ever played really happy Bullard. As well there was the first time ever a player had to win. A certain amount of points in the says that he had with zero turn over yet people are calling it basically a perfect let's go get hills along perfect basketball game and look at right now and I'm. I tell you should he scored 35 points seventeen. Assists. Seven rebounds no turnovers. He was eleven and nineteen from the field. Twelve of fourteen from the free throw line plus twelve. And the last two LeBron James is anybody questioning that he got Tyrell who took the stuff away. The second Tyler stepped down coughing up blood or Ron went into full juggernaut mode again and he's a god written it and if you do this make Erik Spoelstra look. A lot better Tia. No I was able to handle the media makes Erik Spoelstra seem almost worse on. Yeah I think it makes closer look at liked coaches have really hard time coach and LeBron I understand it yeah but I feel like that peak LeBron. I feel like anyone was gonna win a title with those a guided expo straight it has what to NBA rings right. Exe or both of those in Miami was an incredible you know does anyone gives Spoelstra any credit whatsoever well bet. Are they wrong is the question I mean he's he did a good job with those guys. Many kind of flamed out like it finds out. LeBron LeBron to porches coaches bit the same time you should you have gotten more out of Alec that's that series against the mavericks. Well patient and give him credit EU would have to give him blame yet gain in some blame the key is to blame would go on the bronze he is very hard on coaches they he creates a lot of drama but the gun certainly outweighs any negative that he brings thank Spoelstra in in India in the gospels as you look at him. Since LeBron laughed. Pretty geared. Because he doesn't really have much there that's true but it's there they seemingly every year MAME is that a sixth and seventh seed in the bow out in the first round and then players meet anybody good Chris Bosh Chris. Chris Bosh the hole that I hope Al thing he left this and I always got a nice guy question is Spoelstra is is both very good yes. Good coach yeah absolute tear great coach he's one of the better coaches in the league I think I think if you talk about the top coaches in league you're talking about Popovich. He talking about Carlyle. You're talking about. Dwane Casey you're talking certainly Brad Stevens Steve Kerr curve for shore. And I think Terry Stotts is in the conversation as a top ten guys don't Felix Spoelstra gets a lot of gets a lot of credit because he hasn't don't like to be fairly Qi said there's novel he hasn't had a bunch. But I just feel like with the brawl on. No I would get Citi credit enter and Tony yeah there's just the sense that LeBron is the coach he has been since he's been in Cleveland. To Tyrone who won a title is Tyrone knew it a championship coach Tyrone urges get the hell out of LeBron Dwyane when they played Golden State McKinney says same thing about. Curb school stayed here it doesn't denigrate I would feel that way though with Kerr at least he doesn't even get that label none on saying the same the same thing you sing about Spoelstra you have to be sent that occurs only eat and some people have said it was a bit like Mark Jackson was a good coach and then you know Kirk kind of came in and a just gets out of those guys is way. Yes he had I think he deserves a lot marketed for national council Phil Jackson thing too right. Yet the best player but it does take its tiered G gets it's a valid points and intimacy takes a guy to be able the Rangel. Those sorts of personalities is and certainly the biggest personality in the league is LeBron we just look at how many coaches flame on dealing with these guys in if you don't east I think just. Universally should be given credit for that it's a hard freaking job and people are saying that is a perfect game that LeBron had less than the did you see Dwight Howard. Yet it's Rezko on next he had 32 points and thirty boards so did you ever to see any of the 3030 stats. No return around I think I did see that they said that that's this the second. Thirty point thirty rebound game since the early eighties yes one other one side I saw someone out there had this remember where aside. But they had a list. Of 3030 games in the history of the can be hectic week and. The second set it was Walt Bellamy. He had four in his career for 30303030. Games would you care to guess who was number one. On the total number of total number in telling me was second he had 43030. And entered this year what's the cut off of this is its all time all the time. Will well wilt in security guess how many will hat. Still don't get these second what levee had four at four well. Head at least 5100. I'll be missing a 124. While second place. For her. Now we'll Timberland. 124. Times he had thirty certificates. Can. I saw that it went oh my god the end different animal they elicit them and agency they were scrolling. And men they'd they'd just jumped from like sixty founded twenty and then counted down from there in the got a Walt Bellamy and I know that someone would more than one that's crazy L one of the think. I don't LeBron beer what's going on there I don't know are we doing now it is. It's it's a strange shepherd and lead to many shows no mustache he's got Andrew Luck thing going on in the hair is struck between its. It's not a I don't know it feels like the hair is doing better recently than it was earlier in the year he chipped never know I feel like each. There you go outside in your mom looks good Yemen Denny and I feel like Mohamed wants him pretty good. Like four or five days later in the visual weeds and as a dead spot that's his hair he's cut it to bed I talked. Matt has his beard thing yeah he kind of looks John Quincy Adams. Tamara he'll pictures of if you were him I do remember him. US president it has where he has the white fluffy like chops all the way down to is to his chin but no mustache is weird because he hasn't really about it. He does real thin at the years. And then you're right it expands almost two Wolverine like proportions on the side. And then gets thinner that she and any goes no moustache. That's what I wanna know is is LeBron James capable of growing a mustache. Why does he grow the beard but no mustache or beard like that I would imagine you could grow a mustache and with your. Or is it a fake being urged not looking here if you Google on their plaudits for his face. Google LeBron James mustache he's he's had a mustache before. And it's and it's fine he can't he can definitely grow a mustache or white guy on him look at that. Why actively shave the mustache that now let's let's don't rode a giant beard we had our times by the way he went just must SEC on James Harden on us. Is he gay is he trying to match the beard. All right command next it is time for in the news we'll take a look at what's going on out and indeed as you know about another look at it that does look like it has the makings of its intended that are indeed they're the beginnings of Arden beard here's my. This is a final sixteen week edition of primetime thighs against suit brought to you by the ate away the titan of Hawaiian restaurants on 1080 slam. I running behind for 39 let's get to the new and never happens it is Marshall I said in 2018. I mean and newsman. We have. It looked a deal is. Is gaining ground on Nike boots Jilin. Yeah I heard a customer wins of this of the Alaska appears that if it is is doing pretty roomy as their candidate they're coming back indeed is now I don't know. Really wide. I know they got a new head. About 34 or five years ago and ever since anything gaining ground what they're gonna begin construction on three new buildings. Late this summer which doubles the size of their campus up there in north Portland. So this is like the shoe capital of the world because under armor just built a facility here I guess moved into itself. You've got the three big issue companies all I guess not. Under armour and his is based out of Maryland but they have headquarters here in the Nike obviously in now ideas doubly mayors same spot so I'm assuming is built in onto it. And it is that none of their. We are they couldn't seem like that big of personal and I don't know where you would it's not in really cute and Nike campus enormous abuse doesn't seem like that. Find again. Parking issues and I think a lot of people that. And others that part of this construction they're gonna have a that's undergone parking but them and other. The people who live over there bitch about it all the time but you know they had they are moving their employees Stiller and move in an average of Montgomery park area. So that will keep all the real breath. And I AM can I ask you while they're doing these renovations can we get a double XL in the employee's story ideas can we do that. They don't like you kind nobody here maybe make some wide shoes to please just you know pairing you guys are right now they're like little soccer gets the same had been. Everytime I go and there's a whole bastion of people out there who would gladly. Buy your stuff if you offered double XL in for you shoot I just don't appreciate the racquet shame. If you interview these employees store. And you ask paid do you have anything in double XL they've literally wheeled out. Like a separate little cart I call the card of shame. And it's not even good stuff it's like a polo shirt with three snags in it did someone like why there are swift. There's appear like hot pants that they roll out there they're like what about this here's a double XL. Mean really have you seen America. Were large big to be a double XL until then who waited TDs. And they a seed they're saying that. They gained 16%. In net sales last year alone. They have 17100 employees at the that they employ here in Portland has answered North American headquarters over there. And this could allow them to expand a 2800. That that being said after Marion I am wearing a pair of stands this right now Harry and I love him why do you think giddiness is gain IN. I guess they have gained in the in the issue market little bit. I think. Two things one I think some of the classics like I do I like there I like their classic stuff. And then I've heard a lot of people didn't like their blue shoes. But there's. But writers and in the front for Bruce the super popular yet people love that I never owned a pair I've never would appear to deal is that was it like it's and to make the superstars who stands miss. Those are the only thing that I own that's indeed is. But. I've heard a lot of people that veteran like the running world and what not loved food loved to boost even the basketball guys. They card issues I think so pretty well little urged. So they made some inroads there but I still think that EA I think Nike is bigger than all their competitors combined. You know I wonder if it is this is begin at Yad Nike still the leader yet with Jenkins did juggernaut that it. But I know indeed mrs. has really. Hit under armour herds you know in this fight for second place. That's the one that I always read about is that who struggling is under. Yeah the idea is has been an armor now but. I wonder if like because I know I'm just thinking about my own world and damn if that up. Has any effect on you know kind of to have that this is gone but. To meet athletic gear. And and that's nice I read a quote from the fetus. The head of the genius tidbit that we are an athletic company. But I think that athletic gear has become cool enough to where. As lifestyle here. There's an element of that you have you seen one ladies' Wear it like the yoga like workout pants everywhere. And I have seen more guys that Wear. Like stylish athletic ability of the idea where some in my golf stuff I'm a Nike guy like ninety but I can Wear a lot of that stuff. Just from that just every day. Not golf you know you know in I think it Venus does that he would when he got stuff it's like okay this is for running this is for. Golfer this is for. Yup that. I do you do is I stuff and different people where it just regular I think there's an element that I have but compares indeed as golf fans that I love. And I will Wear those. Just casually out there I'll Wear him in golf shirts do you have a good golf sure you Wear that other places than just on the golf course. Yes owners that has changes that I don't know. That's a speculation on my part I don't speculate do away with the deer rack of shame that's all I'm saying when you move over to Montgomery park. Stocks and sizes I want okay so there's a notable death and when he gets it next I don't know if this will resonate with you at all I did. See I would use this as sort of dig him in the exist but stayed geared to. Deanna I don't died yesterday and today I don't remember seeing and vote on Tuesday I don't remember seeing anyone Diane clenched he's he's well that a feel like lynch is not going T. This is this is may be more year and I ice age group okay. But in older and older people wait I mean you're trying to. I did see some good today but it was a today about someone dime and apparently he died Tuesday so we'll talk about it next in the news on the fans. This is a final sixteen week traditional primetime Isaac and soon. Rock you've by the airwaves this tighten up Hawaiian restaurants until maybe a three room. I'd have time to time these commitments ten minutes so. Right now though we are in the middle of India's commercial executive does and eighteenth and here is the. The notable death I want to tell you about. And see if this resonated with you Bozo the clown died yeah we knew we're seeing that I asunder racked my brain in the exclude our right to their members CN a little blurb on this day in and during the break a citizen Bozo he said yeah. To prove is that not resonate with me because I glanced over indeed even read the story. I decide to head nine Bozo the clown died and went Bozo. Yet the original Bozell. Frank fabric has died he was 89 now he only played Bozo. From 59 to seventy says he's actually one that I don't remember I remember him as those of the Bozo I watched. Would you guys that were on. WGN and in Chicago seed now I ain't too could've wise Bozo you watch those I didn't because we had. Raymond rock I loved those of BA guys had your own Dan. We had a room guy it was all about when you grow and no offense to Bozo. We ran Enron it was about going to the rambler are showing give him a button. He wore like a browned smock. And you would bring him buttons that he would put the buttons on there that everyone would go crazy and play cartoons that would run. I mean the guy drank he had he had to be I've heard the name those overconfident. Nothing but that's up from Iran and run guys and to dust you. MI can't lose your little TI he was rambling rod Enders did Elizabeth on exist when I was born in 89. Was Selig still happening on TV eighteen Antonia heat they would they ran him on the way up till I think 2002001. And he does on their end they say that. Bozos show on WGN. Specifically because there are a lot of local buses and Bozo the clown and I never his sidekick to keep you do remember Kiki. There are a lot of local bozos. And it is so. And I don't like Baltimore has some Bozo yeah give it did did the WGN one since that win national the national vote that's a wanna watch grown up. That is recognized as the most popular and successful. Locally produced children's program in the history of television. Threats of an attempt it to be -- though this is why don't maybe give Bozo is much credit because there were so many bozos. He just seems like he's gonna put anyone in there where Israel would arrive at Grambling rod had to do it on his own Alia it was a brown smog and a smile winner. That was a big deal when you with a smile winner yeah I read rod show I have to go back. You watch a little look a little Bozo and see if you know it it's I think when I was really get or can't what was I thinking guarantee doesn't but I remember watching those I loved Bozo. And there was one famous Bozo the clown you know who the debt that there's a famous person that played those. Yet he inning like one of The Smothers Brothers don't give her something close but actually at at expect this was in this was a local Bozo in Washington DC. Willard Scott's. Played one Brasilia from 1959 to 1962. On the local. Scene in Washington DC Willard Scott was it was a close. What happens when he's proud of that. Nobody you and I don't mean to disparage Bozo the clown or Fred Rogers or ramblin' wreck I had. Or any anyone that doesn't TV show. I deeply captain in the front of it they get to your captain Isaak could you feel like you should at a TV show if you've got captain in your name. I automatically assume. This year up to know get a I feel that I can kangaroo yeah. I feel like him ninety member Captain Kangaroo and all know that the only shows I remember watching as a really young kid over fast history. Barney and mr. rogers' neighborhood. Seemed like those of the three that are members distinctly watching as a kid I am I the only one who thinks that the guys have played Barney is probably a sex offenders deep down lately definitely on the picture of those pick the Barney had sort of a treacherous yes count that's at play Barney we just talked about does he he's the guy whose whose end like the hotel into XX yeah that's right now so close like cheeky wink you had to tell attorneys. I assume it's it's bad it's it's I know that it's not based on anything other than my own prejudice good. If you have. Have a TV show that's cheered deal you spent thirty years like taken buttons from kids to put on a clown at bending her six year old all day. I think you're just some then I think there's something your crawl space I think you've got bad videos are you computer that no one should see and you should be in prison. I just a sweeping judgment I get now looking back I don't look like Rezko or reverend rod was my guy. But now lookup ram rod. And look at this photo and tell me that you don't think yeah not just a. That I'm with nick hedge your remember the story about casting kangaroo. He was a bit of the curve to your point oh yeah there there was a book written about him. And it kind of revealed that he was. He was pretty dirty he may not without as a means eat and that's just think he was done and I just feel like that's the that's the only reason to go into that form of entertainment is you're just look into ideas. Sheep in wolves clothing is good and hang out with a budget. Preschoolers to better deck cording to deal last stage manager standing by longtime CBS staged manner manager Daniel Morgan Bob Tahitian. Who played Captain Kangaroo. Before going on stage used to flash his sidekick Hugh lumpy Brandon. Unbeknownst to the viewers captain Bob would take it upon himself to take out his wean it put a pencil hundreds and wave at him lumpy. And I tell you if you Google Captain Kangaroo is telling me that that comes as a surprise the bad guys a sex offender no. Look at him right out of central casting someone brings up ABC in the wiggles. I don't remember the wiggles to do this this is some wiggles are like a modern day thing Mikey I'll watch the wiggles growing up I had not seen that was like for Australia Brazil placing songs is like fruit salad indeed yummy yummy and they go on to work. If you have a kid sensitive creative and can you just look at and they we're turtle necks yeah there's things going on their member Steve from blues clues the original steel Steve's got to know get Steelers have to all sorts of noted Stephen had led to edit torture basement I guarantee did mr. Rogers every get cut for anything like this when. Mounting here ever had to being tied to rumba. I'm I've put them all under one umbrella. This. We have Fred Rogers again there's just something about it it's very very unsettled. By trying to kind of night is Rodgers was just. Itself wasn't cost him a friend Rodgers who don't know about Fred what he had going on he's dead now though. All right that is in the news from our Sony second half out of five is coming up next Jason Pierre Paul got traded him to tell you where the Mariners suffer another big injury blow. And at the latest on the blazers injuries in next on the fan.