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Monday, March 12th
Hot 5 at 5, hot bracket talk, and some NFL notes, including the Richard Sherman deal to the Niners. And Tiger

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. It's tournament week on the Israel and brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law. If XX TW JJ HD to Portland. Elin Woods sports desk as. We're going 1080 okay. South Philly digestive economist when you slip through your story in my college administrators group 50325512101. In the fan. Players are still at home play in the heat tonight at the most of those 730. Tips on ESPN's. Blazers look deploying injured teams continues in Miami is going to be without a sound bites and Dwyane Wade tonight. For for the blazers struggled at home earlier in the year that's way in the past now they've won five Greece and fifteen of their last sixteen. I've about a senator also with the blazers Dave Miller. Has been in the Western Conference player of the week this week and a team assigned our way vault into the standard deal. Through next season so little women's NCAA tournament knows golf oriented or your state make the field organization choose seed in the Spokane region. And to be very succeeded. In the Lexington region in the NFL NFL network reports that a few teams averaged out to Drew Brees to gauge his interest and signing with them in the same two reportedly not close on the field and get it done in the next couple days. Girls but it was a big yes salary cap hit for breezes contract also in the NFL the dolphins reportedly releasing Ndamukong Suh chiefs reportedly releasing Tom Ali raiders reportedly releasing Sean Smith amid reports that. He's pleading guilty to a felony assault charge. That's good I actually haven't since two year prison. And the cardinals are expected to release running back Adrian Peterson. Or sports closing stories in thirty minutes I'm Mike Allen Trammell was forced us film about a family value driven by. For all their ducks football coverage ten navy's. Okay. Hey Brian goodness and reason what it's like hey. Wolf US CS lead primetime on Jay Nady goes and the party is on in the Los Vegas. The wildcats bring home. Seven. Jimmy this is a tournament which additional prime time the guys that didn't suit brought to you by George McCoy attorney was born Allen attorneys at law. Being injured in an accident George McCoy can help. Patient. Good morning Allan dot com try and my virginity. Hunting episode that they're feeling it. And that's neon guitar. Slept in the days. Hey folks the fans legends dinner series is back with Joey Harrington at pearl tavern. After a live broadcast with myself and Jason's who can make. I will host Joey and former Oregon State and NBA star Brett Mary from TNT. For an evening of basketball tock. And great food. And I will be escorted off the premises once the show ends at seven as you know. Standard rules now there's an ugly rumor that Joey might let me serve you guys I guess I did try to get into one of these now. It's a there's a river that may be a problem to throw on a neighbor and and Mike carries and dishes or whatever I may be allowed to hang around but. I feel like gets and he's just placating mean it at some point need and I will be escorted out again. So you can be there it happens Monday march 19 at pearl tavern the dinner starts at seven seating for this intimate event. Will be very limited. Proceeds will benefit the Oregon sports hall of fame and the Harrington family foundation for tickets and info on this one of the kind of event. Go to 1080. The fan. Dot com you really are cool things and it's amazing one how affordable these are for. Ides I don't know any other way the you get an experience like this with some some true sports legends here in the state of Oregon. Yeah I think. The I think there are ten seats at the table there may be a few Marvin I think it's ten it's a real small gathering in their 150 each any different Oden and bridges at all let him get time so that will be. One week from tonight. Okay coming got. We have a lot to discuss about what's going on in the NFL we will talk about the NCAA March Madness bracket. It came out yesterday. We can pretend to know anything about Xavier. We'll find out how little we really now. Talking about the zags even though the final four will be played. I just obvious. And unite our own we don't know I don't know even though I saw as they under on a total blank. San Antonio there you ago yes San Antonio but it's being played in the is being played in the big. The football stadium right now that. Not to not Wear the spurs play correct. You know I don't know what's their what do they have done their belief that they don't Alamo Bowl yeah the Alamo Bowl whatever down there does that did they don't do the final four anymore in in basketball stadiums why do they have such a big the Palestinian on the who plays down their but I know the bowl games there I know that wind. Who was it New Orleans was displaced they've played their and there's always gonna talk to San Antonio wants a football. Once a football team. But I I think that the NCAA. This is basically said they're not gonna play basketball and means you sell more tickets buy back in. You know 6570000. People into these these football stadiums and in just kind of reconfigure them that way. He had the Alamo dome was built. Nothing was built in 1993. From ninety to 93 opened in nineteen anything. 486 million dollar site. A woman read up on that why the hell does San Antonio have a dome. A nice big dumb as you do that building del Villar random don't hear taxpayers a death a big City Council would be out of. Gonna like get anything to invite you to come here permanently but haven't eaten we can host these events should that will be an easy sell. But I'm assuming that's where the final four is going to be play out where lautner yeah for sure the Willamette arena. Still floating that's what I do it in inserts is right the warriors whose team is gonna be like on the river. They're gonna build out and let's just we'll put it right here on the Willamette. In bowed out to it'll be wonderful. Bridge the gap the multi purpose facility was intended to increase the city's convention traffic and attractive professional football franchise. It also placated the San Antonio Spurs demands for a larger arena. The spurs played in the Alamo dome for a decade and became disenchanted with the facility and convinced. Beck's or county to construct new arena for them. The Alamo Bowl the Alamo domes biggest regular tenant is currently. The Texas San Antonio road runners. But the yeah today they don't it's like in Kansas City they've they've built that arena there in KC yeah he's that it wanted to try to get hockey they haven't been on a tenant and it is those concerts and yet that's like 25000 seats like this is 72000. Them crazy. As Utah never thought about that when I was there. Coming appear we'll talk more of what's going on in the NFL. Will break down your brackets coming up in the club. OJ top can move. Oh Jason I feel guilty about it but I couldn't take my eyes off. Why did you feel guilty daka critics. We we talk about these fascinating AI I felt kind of slimy. I'm also I'm we haven't gone to the story yet but each athlete who was attacked by the men with chains us yeah you see that's right yeah I did weenie weenie Taiwan we don't talk like I think he's he's got to be okay. Yeah they say maven and maven run again. So that's all that coming up right now the hot side. Odd topics and opinions or our own park today and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot on private Bible. Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number applies. So the ducks and Huskies head to the end 1980 not make the NCAA tournament when it sounds like the ducks weren't even close. They were one of the last four out or anything. Bad there's there's there's a belief that even had they beat USC and made today as the pact without a game would've mattered because USC hammered organ mated to the pact without a game. And it dated makes turner who. So organs gonna go play a writer. On read yes I do as a writer anybody. It was my first thing when I saw this like who the hell is right here Knight Rider the brighter they're playing given hasn't led bank kit is like full sail university. Right editor is in New Jersey yet they they've been in this NCAA tournament you time to think. You think they cheated at some point one mile half. The F five pac twelve teams make the and I teams and only three pac twelve teams make the big dance in only one of those. Oh was. Was seated the other two users are the other late in games heirs estate EC lawyer in the play in game down. That you're for the pac twelve all around you got that and they went one inning didn't bulls. Didn't have a team in the college football playoff noon not a good now later. But it wash and opens up against Boise. If the husky fans care about that Stanford at BYU. To go along with a couple of the worthy. The actual schools that turn. Packed Casey Oregon State baseball coach has been suspended four games for contact with the umpire. He's already served two of those over the weekend so they'll they'll sit up next to you this this week but yet he he bumped them he bumped and I'm. Can't do that I can't and or is Dave Miley is good yet again they are fifteen and one. I think number one of the country to start the season. I believe they are I think I saw the rankings this morning on the owed Twitter and they believe iso organs say that the top considering quick name the top five. I the only one as it is is usually gets it beyond its facade they were never went went a full array. Let's go to rice. LSU Miami. It guesses North Carolina number two his Florida number three is Stanford. For Kentucky in fight Arkansas perhaps its best. OK. Robinson you know the Mariners left. There's spring training game over the weekend with a hamstring injury Americans and of god here we go again. Other turns out he's gonna be a case only gonna miss they say just two to three days taken hold now. Three signings tell you about one pitcher Jake Ariana. Has left because he's headed to the Phillies on a three year deal 75 billion gets to cash and fills. Lance Lynn free agent starting pitcher formerly of the cardinals have signed with the twins. One year deal. And the Yankees just signed second baseman Neil Walker former met yeah this one year four million number this is the the guy they brought in because they thought that Daniel Murphy couldn't lady Warren. Daniel Murphy just went on did you know we've batting titles watched Neil Walker pointed at me back up to Bill Walker are going to be dynamite now are. Is this the end of the big with with a period assigning. Yeah 'cause I think this is kind of the end of the big games BM stock is went back to the royal yeah. Honestly Dirk when he what was at there's a rumor their cargoes on back to the Iraqis to. Then he crazy bet on himself and what he turned down at the stock is turned on qualifying offer for eighteen million in what they signed him for 76 and a half million dollars. Hell freezing. All right in the NFL the dolphins who works. The dolphins caddie and Ndamukong city of yeah when Robert Quinn came over the deal. Everywhere I knew that that was going to be the end of it it was the most expensive defense by the NFL and not that sue has been productive but. He has not been what they thought he was. Or at least what he was when he was in Detroit is a good player he's not one of the four or five best defense alive in the NFL. And he was the most expensive non quarterback in the league everyone saw this one coming you'll drop any of interest. But his days of being at a 1718 million dollar player though those are those are long ago. In case you missed it over the weekend Richard chairman signs with the rival niners' three years the total is about 39 million but it's heavy on incentives you don't need these aren't. Sleep make you. They can cut him here in the next month and not owe him anything else that necessity now they're tested him out I mean this is really Richard Sherman is betting on himself or Richard Sherman plays the way he did in the past. He will get paid like keeping. But if anything goes wrong this is so friendly to San Francisco. It's it's unbelievable life in fact this is kind of like the Ricky Williams deal member was yours a New Orleans. I mean it's. Instead of give it is just don't happen in the NFL. There's no risk to the 49ers in the for a gets number 11 other NF donut the Arizona Cardinals are preparing a massive offered a free agent quarterback Kirk cousins. It's reported to be five years 125. Million dollars as originally thought it was down to two teams that it was the jets the vikings that was about it but then you know here comes. Again the largest off for the we've ever seen in the NFL and another break for your Portland trailblazers tonight they are now forty and 26 they've won nine in a row and a really good chance to get their tenth win in a row. The Miami Heat they don't worry pretty gave team their 36 and 31 they are in town tonight that they will be without bulls to Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside who are being held out for injuries a precautionary arena waiters either is that so three guys out from Miami and I integrators has been out for days been out for awhile. But this is may need to see continues Portland is been blessed but you can only play who you play and Portland right now is the hottest team in the NBA. But we we keep talking about as it is the arguably the hardest schedule down the stretch of any team in the NBA I mean after Miami here and there's like two games biz is separating where Portland is some that eight spot they gave Cleveland Detroit to eclipse the rockets. And the Celtics all in a row after this one a Miami Owen and Oklahoma city New Orleans. Mean their is there's just no room for error here it is a meat grinder out last. The hot try to five leisure fresh by frost brewed cores like duck in beaver fans download the new course like XP apple term points towards wanted to kind experiences and rewards. Even game tickets. Joey brackets next on the fifth. This is a tournament reconditioning primetime more than Isaak in suit brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys that flop on 1080 votes trim. All right NFL talk at 530 and number concede that Ritchie chair into the niners government and news. Including Goodell sent him junior's Denis keeps them. Lead cocaine there. The video that he said that's been making their hands him the total video of them can. Oh is it eight doesn't every step to use of that we we can date the video he got he's got some new week in the video he doesn't have the cats alone I've ruined as a breeder film this stuff now ten craziness that pat and I think your way years from but it's it's not recent. Tiger talk at 545. But a juicy little NCAA brackets segment here for you. Did you like the new selection show. Didn't necessarily bother me I just felt like it was very drawn out. But I don't think that's the way they they all are I feel that way when the they do the coast couple one as well as wish you'd you'd give it. When they were announced the team is lousy I was kind of like I had one eye on one eye off loaded. I thought it was stupid. And and it was way too Mon. Its its Desert Classic example of them over thinking that well I'd spent on over the you know they're just making more money out via. But. It it was not broke if it ain't broke don't fix it. That that selection show was fine it was used to be an hour in the a bunch post came in capitalization and stuff with you wanna watch it like safety cam but. When they they it was such a beating for them to sit there and rattle through every team alphabetically exactly knowing that but most of us out there. Don't really know who's on the bubble and who isn't so. Then that meant anything now. The wind wind when I saw. You know Syracuse skewed in I mean I suppose. I was follow Syracuse got in on I knew they were on the bubble butt yeah baby in half of that crap out with yet none of none of them meant anything to me you know stupid and then. Is. How did people knew like what was a six seed of what was and let's be honest when they were announcing those teams unless you're a fan that's seventeen no idea where anyone was going so makes. Wanted to see the bracket online and it got revealed I like the old format in a country say the drama of the last bracket reveal like that last yeah pod where. Bubble teams are hoping to be and it. But anyway that cares about that you know all about the monies are about the Benjamin's right. They are making one point one billion a year off that things let's not blow the whole internment does not pay the players. Eight used to be you know but you might never talk about the sexy couple friends brought us the same point up. In I think they're right even night I used to be really into college basketball I just think it's. Gone so far south it used to be you know you could sit down with a bracket. In a lot of us. And you can fill that thing out with hot takes an educated guesses you know. Now. I mean it is like playing the lottery is it not me it's like it's like blindfold and yourself and thrown in against the wall I have. I ever heard experts that do this. You know the news that that are better dial man say that Virginia can cut down the nets that Virginia will be the first number one seed out. A Kansas right thank everyone keeps saying Kansas is one of the the four best teams as one of the eight teams that can actually win the whole thing and then. Dated anyone that's watched Kansas there's a believed the used to be scared in adverse the one vs sixteen. Seemed gilligan's Baghdad the people predicting them to give back to the to the national ticket national championship game. It just feel like with college basketball it is. It's just it's getting harder and harder to follow and it's getting harder and harder to have any sort of real sense of who the elite teams are because there isn't. Really elite teams. SL. If you wanna one little. I don't know numb moniker or number. The jazz in the article that was reading a piece from CBS sports said that twelve of the last fifteen champions. Have been in the top twenty in both offensive and defense of efficiency you know. This year there are three teams that are in the top Tony ambles care to guess. How. Version though no no you wouldn't be offense Virginia's blue Villanova again efficiency so that Virginia is pretty high in offensive efficiency don't score a lot but they are outside of the top when he barely. Pretty he's almost in Villanova now duke duke is on. Who else would be. Zig and zag. On zag is too you know they're always give bad because it was two weeks did they we schedule and that again people I don't see a lot of people like Inzaghi to get back now winner at all. We give back so my argument than Xavier. I know the third is Michigan State media and that's another one of the Bayless there's a lot of people that are picking Michigan State to cut it down I've seen and a handful of experts at Michigan State Wendell thing I always go with. In if you think it about. It's it's not that hard it's the best players who are paired with really freaking good coaches and and that this year is is to fought three full it's Arizona. Width. Aden and Sean Miller that's there tough because they have a big time player. It's Bagley. In the do you guys with coach K even though they're young. And then 'cause 'cause Aden and Bagley Opel be top three picks in the unit in the NBA draft it is the big badly to meet is. He have you ever watched him play I'll watch him at the and nobody can really stop enemies of but he is a freshman. And then you know. Michigan State has two guys that'll be top ten picks they have miles bridges and Karen Jackson junior and both those guys will be in the top ten those three teams right there. Pretty good bets because they have excellent coaches and they have. Some of the best players in all cause that's what's not to mark it as it is now coaching always. I mean I think there's there's been just a couple of exceptions but it's always a top three C. I'd there's the problem is due can machines here in the same bracket yeah. That they have to go crazy and what was the other one I think some coupled. Articles I said that their high take is that there won't be an ACC team left when you get to the elite eight. Why did DB just because of the of the setup ladies match what they do commission and state. They think the ACC who I got they got what. Eight or nine teams in Ireland Italy and they just think that did I seen that a lot of people don't like the match is that the ACC teams have. And one of those again being that the Michigan State can be edge. The last thing it was 63 years. A first for team has made it past the B round of 64 yeah there's there's all kinds of those hot analytics like 538 does this where you can go through and just from a seeding standpoint. They can tell you think if you have all the the number one seeds going through no such as the said that doesn't happen if you have. A fourth fiber succeed in winning it all know that doesn't happen there is some real solid mathematical probabilities just licking its CD wise. That you can look at your bracket and say this gives me the best chance to win but I don't usually one of the eleven seeds in the first four has made double winner first for him and then went around a 64 era and after that kind of look captured some. One of them. I think it was DCU mated to a final four all the oil like five years ago and a bunch of wasserman in the second round but. It's one thing to keep an eye on when in doubt picked chock again the top three seeds they do real well in the Fata. Four you're gonna get three teams at least there are ones twos or threes and in May be you get the out Larry you get up you get a full or you get a six or someone like that tickets through but it. In that what was that. Right before that the commerce service started and he was ESP and the days get I think that there were seminary teams have a good one. Then had the statistical make up to win the whole thing. Is that added that historically speaking it's like what Dave Barr two does of the cultural matrix right he tells his heart disease and these are the only teams they can win the good the college football playoff. And the same existing college basketball we just being. That it's it's more open because of the brackets now because the tournament but a reality it's not. Did the same thing that happened and caused a ball be the same day that happens in college basketball the team is he said with the the best players. The blue chip guys that are going to play in the India with the best coaches those guys that are gonna ultimately go to the final four cut down and there's hunting guides you this. All right Texas brought up that's worthy of mention meaning he's not a first round pick in the NBA he's probably second round guide that but he stayed at Villanova all four years and that's that out Brunson kid dale Villanova has he is damn did. And you know. Again not maybe not as an NBA prospect. But as a college player he's one of the best and Villanova as is really did bishop now Xavier is a one seed first time they've ever been on seat contained camping out up. Now one damn thing about not a clue although I've also seen that some people if you're looking for kind of a sleeper to your point. Arizona did that guy Andre is probably the best player in the country I don't think that's a sleeper I think your most common one of your most common finals. In brackets is gonna be Arizona dude it's Arizona is a four seed people are saying that that if Arizona plays the way they did in the tournament. Arizona is capable of of point of cutting down the nets had as the NCAA field but I guarantee they're just sweat bullets they do not want that because the belief is that eventually. That did this title if it's Arizona's will be vacated and then the other one. And I know they won the SEC tournament is a lot of people are saying Kentucky. Could be a team that state lies in it you realize there's only Kentucky if they both win their first round game play in the second round. Who is not that's kind of fun because it's the 45 matchup that's that's real fun I saw interviews Calipari. Only on ESPN and he said. In his is probably just Calipari China Kana. Allen did he says sometimes he's full of crap but he said that. He thinks that his Kentucky team this year is the youngest ever to play in the NCA term yeah talented roster. It is all Avian like seven freshmen and five sophomores. It's that they that the youngest team ever and know the started your arrival was bass and say it was the worst coach K team or coach Calipari team that he's had to Kentucky but. Here they are just won the you know the SEC did the conference tournament a lot of people are urge optimum. And then the other when that I visas scene and I'd say is that I know nothing about them at all. But there's a lot of people that are high on Cincinnati. Today's the two seat. No clue really haven't senate to seat haven't seen one or heard a thing about Cincinnati if you had told me this Cincinnati was a TU. Isa he rapidly thing that's a snazzy to I don't know I'd like let there too. But I was I was reading about them and other Coach. Bob Huggins. And memo. Mick Cronin a few Beers at West Virginia is a list view. But I was has read about Cincinnati and they were saying Mitt Cincinnati is is a kind of we can million and they can play whatever style you want and if it ended up being Virginians Cincinnati. There's in the Cincinnati has the ability to slow down and play that kind of regular game and I was like. You know little about since that pick pick an expert that you like it means Jay bill as an artist gets they've by the am just gonna follow that he has a religion insider article on this camera and how worried deet tails every signal to maximize that date but does he have played against Lleyton in the fives I know is miscues they Wendell thing and I've I don't remember who he has I will go to prefer I. Left him and this is happening though we let a bit you know we see eldest of but the bracket and who knows what. Nobody knows anything. But is a blast Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and we are gonna be out for it. Thursday joining us join us at the station public cows at 27 the northeast Alberta will be there all day with light shows. And then Friday of this week will be as the independent sports bar and grill which is downtown. On selfless Broadway so that's rule before for for the bracket. Virginia this Rios the meeting at Michigan in the final opinion yet. And AMOCO they'll stick. With this filed for his Virginia Michigan Villanova missions to reduce the number. CD you're given Virginia no love. Known that he watched him internment. But they've they are very very ugly it is it is a slow it grind about a recent history of blowing in the turned out. Duke Arizona fun. Stick my neck way out there on this anyone that you've got to rest players and on the duke went in another troubling Michigan's one of the best teams in the tournament after how to play it lately. Yet some people think everybody can when grant like there's so there's somebody its technology to watch out for. Is Florida a Florida and it's my job reform actually know every once in the Florida is ridiculously inconsistent and I think Florida can Lou I've seen Florida. Out in a lot of first round against like like saint Bonaventure something eyes. A Florida at PKD. And wasn't really impressed with them. The den I I go back to double check what they've done all year. In another good now people are very without notice you know you're tired about no I have Florida and bloody so everybody is high on Purdue right there at TC did a Purdue. Tell me who coaches Purdue. And and visit painter is that the goes to us is that the goes to Jeanne Katie. Last timeout is the last time Purdue was in the final four. Was 1980. Day. For is good is that programs and and they are a top Tony in all in wins all time program didn't really Glenn Robinson. I had the last and the made it was 198037. Years. In a row and Purdue with a big dog I think you know who beat the big dog I think was Tim I. I think Tim Duncan's it waits for his team beat them crock. I would of thought that they they they made it done this new line. Okay coming up next let's get to some NFL Ndamukong Suh where will he land Richard Sherman to the niners. And more here's my. This is a through the midweek edition of primetime where guys are considered. Brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law. On 1080 program. Iran would be our. I'm Donna can see you cut by the dolphins. Just so it's been Canada strange career for him. You know we'll meet some of it is just it's been marred by it is. In of the on the field stuff fees he gets labeled as a dirty player and and that's certainly is is his fault. But it. Given because he's not really had any kind of team's success. For a while there in Detroit the guy was comedy was one of the best interior defensive lineman in the game and he got it for. I think he means the highest paid player non quarterback. In the NFL the time he signed that deal I mean clearly that shows any sign of respect. But I think there were a lot of people bad debt really questioned his impact on the game he certainly is a great player. Was he ever JJ water Erin Donald I I don't think so but. They shouldn't diminish his career the guy's been held a player. He just isn't an all time great. Well yeah and the united. I don't know I just adding it's weird to you in that in another sense that he just that are he just for as good as he is young was. He just is kind of polarizing and he does get a lot of low like people don't. I don't think people in Miami Marty talk about their defense being better without him yeah you know which is not because he's just so. But who could use a guy like that why why would he not make your defense better and yet he kind of has that label. He does well apparently he's not the easiest got to get along with he wants things done his way he he isn't necessarily that the greatest team player in the world and at 31 years old. He is no longer the the dominant force that that he was you Merrill and we had him in here yeah as a high school kid. Now he was he was in the NFL late he had he has left Nebraska. And I know. I don't think he was was he India as well because while on the news in the inside because after he was drafted out. And he was kind of doing some stuff around town of course being from here in and he popped in the studio and he could not have been any nicer IQ is. It was like he he he did an interview where Arabs like man I really want to root for that guy so this is odd for me to see how polarizing he is. As he's gone throughout his career is he's just not been. And there's something about it it's weird and I was wondering how much of that is chip on the shoulder how much of that is. Is it is is really him. And a that's less on sayings and I don't really. Maybe he just totally fooled us sitting in here. Or he's just he has that nicer guy just plays of imagines misunderstood I don't. Early on his career though that that from like 2012. To 26 teen. Ndamukong Suh was a dominant player when he was in Detroit knew he was a bad bad man. And it's just he hasn't quite lived up to it in non. In Miami he thinks Seattle would want in a lot of people would want them but again at what price tag does he still think that he's worth. This is now is about to sign that the richest deal for a defense a player. Does it dollar could do think that that's what he's worth ores and dominance you willing to take. I don't know let's say 89 million a year at at that price absolutely out of isn't really there wouldn't want Ndamukong Suh. He's up in Seattle I mean he was I guess he's working out there I don't know why. You know why why did BDP posted a videotape from C out he was working out early in the morning. So I'm I'm not certain what he's looking for but I guarantee there's a ton of interest like he's over the at least 31 years old his best days are behind him. But it don't zero can still be a very very effective player in this league gets healthy. So just depends on his agent on Tibet the what does age wants them and Republican analyst here for me as TN. Teams that would be tested in him and my target and yeah Atlanta buffalo. Detroit. Rams. Saints raiders. Seahawks. And Bucs and again that does say in their wide. You know what his price may be what he's looking for in he's made a ton of money some maybe he's looking at this point. If 31 years old you've probably got realistically three equality years left before really go south for you to you wanna play for. It did he actually wanted to to go play for contender or is it literally gonna be about again just signing of the big shaky can't. They battle a lot of that will determine where egos. Our Richard Sherman heads to the niners very strange. To see him in a nine green to form it will be yeah. And supposedly some of this is is he eats at its eventual thing he wanted to play. Seattle twice and some of that was Seattle courage as he's Meserve has goes on when I was willing to give him. Big money if he plays well but this is so one sided view look through the details of this concert that was mikes and know that add a breakdown of it. If it is it. You through this next month and they don't like that we Richard Sherman is progressing or they do different things in the draft they can cut Richard Sherman. Like it a month and have. They nothing on the book aside judge Thomas said his his deals whore it's passed Michael. What an idiot why why would new one an agent. Thought he could do by itself and get to beef to be very mean of Richard Sherman plays well then he ease ease delegate paid that this is. This is not the way NFL concerts are done certainly now for thirty you'll DB is coming off two Achilles surgeries. This is a very very risky deal on the part of Richard Sherman but it sounds like bridges Sharon wants to bet on himself and Richard Sherman wants to play Seattle twice so. In two years we have to find out whether or not. Richard Sherman is smarter whether he's an idiot it's kind of like is niner fans are debating this you know account Richard chairman. But it's a good deal. We'll take him is Kelly give Coby was at the end of his rope. In the blazers got like he still had some left in the tank built now and the blazers got him for dirt cheap gimmick I don't want to. Look at united thank you deal with this notion of of teams not wanting summon Al I think that's crap is that teens it's an advance that's kind of my points like everywhere you guys think so we think of the two most hated guy here in Portland. If Kobe got traded to Portland likened it did at the end of his career. We don't love him like whether it's Scottie Pippen or Danny Ager who ever in the coming near the end of the did they ended their their career. And that whole that whole thing goes away in Seattle fan ago buttered pissed about it but. When it comes time for him to retire and then April Richard Sherman's number up in their in the ring of honor. The Angel get they'll go love them again to Richard Sherman will ever be part of that that CR team that brought them their their only world championship. Guess niners try to trade for keep Talib definitely wanna go play their salary so they moved on protection and they wanted to lead and by the way I I don't know of San Cisco is really banking on Richard Sherman. I wonder if it because there's so little risk to them that they got him to do this. If your serves as coach this is such a no brainer for you. Because if it if it pans out for you you still don't have to pay him yeah pain about a estado money used pain away a fair market value would be for pulled operable quarter. If it does or guide you were literally on the hook for nothing. So this is this is a no brainer for San Cisco but. I don't think they're just gonna sit during count on Richard Sherman be in a lockdown corner don't make other moves this is the short term leaving for San Francisco. RO gets another NFL stuff tomorrow and other trade it went under the radar over the week he was Danny Shelden got dealt to the patriots. And they'll back him I'd junior video and I'd see how many fans want tickets in the NFL draft now that at all. Think about that tomorrow it's. Will last year member they held outdoors and it was a hole for it is a lot I come up next tiger tuck on the fifth. This is a tournament week additional primetime more than Isaak ensued brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law on Jay Nady both Graham. Those nice weekend here in the end there was less may have been outside. And not watching. Tiger Tiger Woods don't. Dolls are they rule us congrats to paint. Did on main open. He had easy at stupid trophy and yeah I think was awful still wasn't as bad as the pac twelve basketball trophy. You see that now look up the pac twelve championship joke they gave the Arizona. Street looks like. Participated Arab participation trophy for Mike seventh grade like girls' basketball league is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen him it's terrific. We got to cut costs while they handed to DeAndre and it. Think it's easier it's bigger than the trophy the worst thing in a scene there are those that thing. Like that's the best you can come up with cart in its tiny town embarrassing. While okay. Yet it is like give it's gonna be a basketball which it appears that it is yeah. It should be the size of basketball one would take some of the you can like cold over your head to our hot and feels like a softball feel proud about thing. Stupid. All right well Tiger Woods. Almost one that yes he did it he finished second. What one shot back of foursome players yet he is what you back and I taillight. I'm gonna play this to speeches. Well. It's just the tiger phenomenon people rooting for tiger now is insane do you think it is just. Whatever happened with him in the past it seems to be that no one really cares about that anymore they just one. They loved it did tiger fever they love the way he's hit the ball when he's in the hunt mandate is the par four. He's not a great dude read it's like there's a lot of people that sort of laughed and said they never heard from again the boy it is hard not to read for him he's back. Did you see the ratings tour now so I think you'd have like a five point is like a five point 65 point seven overnight. And outside of last year's final round of the masters which was seven something that the Valspar the pain opened. The final round on Sunday during a higher number is definitely higher number than all three other majors. On Sunday and there and yes so you tell me that did people don't wanna watch Tiger Woods or it doesn't matter BS because that worthless tournament. Jury better number on cited in three of the four majors. So he gets up to seventeen. And he has two shots back of the lead. He's got a really super along it's ridiculous. And of course any end up meaning on days is kind of hat he's kind of ho humming along around par and doesn't look like he's gonna win it two shots back on seventeen right. So he hits is cut. This movie speed. The bulls on its name. And. Yeah. The opener fit is because. Like the first time since. Well lessen my major was like ten years years ago but it's the first. You know back in the day when tiger was was really Roland he made every putt it matter now are the key if she had to make a putt it is a matter. Where he was on the green you'd make it's it was that's. It was like holy crap he's gonna do began he just made it it was like up. Sixty foot putt it was a wake you tell how long I mean you can tell when he hit it in the crowd sort of Mickey knows how long it was moved forward dropped in the hole so they made that. And then. Well Paul Casey ended up winning beaches he had just had an unbelievable final round but if Paul Casey hadn't been there. It would come down to use that putt by tiger and then Patrick reed. It no horrible putt on eighteen. And ended up play was only three putt but he ended up bogeyed the hole and drop back in tiger and he would've gone to play out there which would have been just epic because Patrick reads the guy. Who totally troll tiger and rolled out on Sunday in a in a in our shirt and a black hat that looked exactly well I'm night well below their top. I can't say exactly because look. That the tigers territory he doesn't look like tiger but yes he was wearing the use were in the Tiger Woods outfits just. Not quite the Tiger Woods' body to go along with it on the did we see tiger's hair DC when he took out on. Body wire wire ouija shaven that at this point it's close it's still shaved it it's bad Aziz could not trying to do LeBron. Like the brunt gonna storm but LeBron keeps doing plugs or whatever he's doing like he's trying to fight it. A tiger. That's. Is just is struggling and we just need to shade I go Michael Jordan and be done with a did you see the out. Mickelson not Tiger Woods stat. That Ted one of our techsters pointed observations on the broadcast but no I did not. Phil Mickelson. You know he won earlier this year or Emily Keyes 47 years old he finally wanna and one yeah you're one and forever. This that this that is that. Phil Mickelson. When he won. He broke a 1687. Day drought. Sunday because tiger's playing this week at bay hill then. Sunday at bay hill. If Tiger Woods wins that tournament. It will be 1687. Days since his last and oh. Every little spooky sort of connection there and at that when that piece of them though late would you. Is there any amount of money you wouldn't pay to see Phil and tiger on Sunday paired together at the masters. Dude we are talking today on the golf course like I this is all aligning for me because. I'm Connell now on 32 I would much rather go to need to go to masters this year the first time ever. And I wanna watch the fills in the tigers hey you don't you know I'm. I like the young guys I love watching Rickie Fowler playing in those guys but I just threw the moon to think that. On Saturday is doing day I get to go on Saturday. It could be the Phil and tiger ship but how painful would it be. To be in a gust lift. Georgia. Have Phil and tiger within a shot or two of the lead on Sunday knowing that you can't beat. I'll try to get him back you know Sunday god Sunday is yet to be there on Saturday but on Sunday and Yost again he had good luck with that. My feelings about what that would take to get in on Sunday of those two were in contention. I don't know what is what the idealist is on the old guys that fill 147. Tiger's back Paul Casey's forty he won a tournament. I mean health freak and Bob Estes was up nick did you eat prided wants attorney Bob Estes. If you had asked me what was Lyle a Bob Estes. I would've said. Well he's probably dead if but now. Bob Estes is near the top of the leaderboard and then I prime it was it was probably bother us as junior. No it was Bobbitt you remember Bob Estes remember Bob Estes he he he had a whiplash where was he that he does he was up near the top of the lead of forty ended up. Polity and a cheat and he was on their team and that. Bob just showed up military Perelman mom's house is she was Watson survived by stuck around and watched kind of that the final fuels their little golf. About the old old guys now are where's where's Freddie couples when we need him. He'll be there he'll get he'll be at the masters in and around and he's always good at the masters is it like hang around like two rounds that his back we'll go that it fade down the stretch that's pretty much yet. Had a couple of those right towards the end the and they wanted the British crews in contention. Do you see one of the olds you know they don't win but. There able to kind of find themselves in Mexico a top ten and these are icon next let's talk a huge sucked geez boy that thing OK Jesus thing was creepy club hours next on the sand.