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Monday, March 12th
Richard Sherman signs with the Niners, Stockwatch,and In The News gives you FIRE NEWS and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. And time months and maybe they'll say I am a master Bo bullying is a begins Phil let's go to. This is a tournament which edition of primetime retires again soon. Rusty by George McCoy attorney with Warren Allen attorneys at law been injured in an accident George McCoy can help you get the compensation you deserve. Good morning Allan dot com try. In months and ABC. I know for. This is technically eighteen minute segments going into that little baby boy who had a little more. On the eleven terrific you know a whole hour of hot blazer time. This mean jet 88 a for the most part they're the biggest we've dabbled in a little bit of using in the senate music UN tell all rob Von trop but other than that you know. We got into the bullies stuff so I stuck watches in our next segment. In the news at 430. I have a question to Acxiom ax to weigh on but. Well I'll ask exit in the news. But the woman who you know we're timeout that shootout with police over Hingis hollow the other day yet. That woman has been identified in her mug shot has been released and such who I have not seen this boy to a man. Central casting. Straight out of central cast my exactly what I had pictured in I would like to talk about that okay because that's what the lady that the sword this emirates are related to 911 attack also strange sort of thing yes it's like at what. We'll last that put in the news slip that Arnold let also a space station may or may not hit Michigan. So we'll give you that news it would ignite a fire today and anywhere notice CB fire import did the salvage yard fire yeah. But temp. Quickly here. I'm a big NFL. Sorry edges of the action I'd is that exactly what you take shares. Now when you heard that a woman was that's more accurate in this price soared ladies I agree necessarily sword that he had by green area may be a change your pace this one. Yeah right right at the Alley. So out of the NFL Richard Sherman. Has signed within niners' pass any supposed eventual signing. Yeah Keller is critical is so he had options but he chose them because their rivals the Seahawks are red the money what he's saying. That's that's kind of what he's saying but I read the Monday Morning Quarterback. Piece that I don't know if you you saw about the Peter King. Basically laid out the fact that there wasn't really any options well that's that's how I thought their kids is the niners called and said they would give me. Did have given him what thirteen nine year well now if Britain he's not making total but he's he's incentive it's it's people actually. Kind of being pretty critical of Richard Sherman and reacted zone agent here yeah and there's and the 49ers got over on him big time because Hillary from registering to make money is Richard Sherman to play like 2008 Richard sure rank and that that probably isn't gonna have a DNA real agent. That he would get a much better deal guests with with more guarantees of the base what they're saying is is that of Richard Sherman plays. The way the old Richard Sherman did he'll make the same money he was making in Syria is gonna make the eleven million dollars a year. But that probably isn't going to happen obviously because he's what thirty years old and he has to Achilles injuries and this. This isn't likely gonna end well for him. His deal like why can't he say it was awesome watching him at CX he's a great color depth. Why so bitter. Is this another is this our third instance of sensitive athletes. Today are any early retirement to re getting at Yankee down then Evan Turner. In that and now this like is he. What is up his ass I think it was just business right it's it's business knows that he's Smart but I think when women athletes. Finally get told that they're not good enough first that you do you not worth the money. That's that's hard to. That's hard except I mean Richard Sherman has been. The end all the be all and quarters in this league for the better part of what six years and I get that but this happens all over the leak yeah all the time in you don't hear got any guys you know I'm sure at least think it or talk to their friends about it but. Athletes are thin skinned this is. This is. Think the biggest. I don't know that the misnomer about athletes is that did these athletes are confident guys. And not old they're not athletes are some of the most insecure people you'll ever come across your entire life. And the way you deal with security is by putting up off the facade. Of confidence in bravado in and kind of look at me and how much as when in reality there all insecure because it can all be taken we tomorrow and I think there's a real thing with that with athletes. Is you're on top of the world and you know that hey it's it's fleeting because of Thai Thai does that defeat except in the case of Tom Brady or maybe Barry Bonds. But as you get older you realize that bit there's there's more San in the bottom of the hour glass and there is the top. I think guys are really trying to get scared and they lash out. Yes but I understand other guys take out ads in the paper think in the fans down in IKI get it it's you know got to move on his Sox wanna DC but a lovely things from your. This guy's just. Well it and they do as a member Richard Sherman so it I guess it came down the San Cisco came down to Seattle and a Detroit was the other. End. If you read that the Monday Morning Quarterback piece bed. San Cisco basically said look you need decide this we made some concessions do you give you a lot of incentives in if you don't sign it now. These are gonna be on the table later Ed Sherman was trying to delay this and try to get some time to think about it it sounds like San Cisco was saying no need to sign this now. And Sherman excuse himself went a hallway called Seattle. And gave Seattle the opportunity to match what San Cisco had had offered and Schneider just said no the incentives are too rich were not doing it that he called Detroit. In Detroit said no not gonna work out for us. Again too too rich too rich for our blood and then ultimately came down to San Cisco that if he want the ability to make this much money it had to be with San Francisco. And I think kind of lived eventual thing played a part nit but but also serves skill was the only one they gave him the option to make a bunch of money if he played real well. And and ultimately he ended up being a forty niner and you know it's it's going to be issues in the C. Jimenez serves as a uniform and his reception when he goes back to to Seattle because this is kind of Brett Favre played with Minnesota against Green Bay this is this is hated right. It's going to be weird watching him as a minor yeah. But. What. They can get rid of Richard Sherman basically after this should be weird if they have all the teams. Him going to the niners that's weird that a bit I guess think as the niners were the team used. Number the whole thing with Erin Andrews yes in Michael Crabtree that was the niners get minors and he kept them miserable with the tip passes one of the great moments in Antioch history. But I think it is important to remember that Richard Sherman did give Seattle a chance to re sign him. And Seattle said no and I think Richard Sherman a purposely pointed out that he didn't get heated one out of Seattle they wanted now out of Chicago yeah well I mean. They want him Vegas one name on their terms yes and he'd he'd he ripped up this. Achilles yeah. Any ripped up his other killing your bone spurs the other ones we had major Achilles surgery on one. Minor on the other but is is I think thirty years old and he's coming up to Achilles injuries icy icy Seattle side of it. Easily yes his side and it is just sour grapes it's business move on yeah he'll be thirty this month. I can the next it's our stock watch or buying selling from the weekend in sports on the fan. Size all 100 DI VE ORC heat today. Gas and fortunately does happen where you know you hate your life. TH UG HT issuance to tell you have a Nokia a 100 divorce right there's. I can. Because you play a conference that doesn't give you anything and you can you wanna get in is now large. You better play somebody and uncovers that's the responsibility that you have and a lesser confidence. What if they look at this and somebody says well I think this team is better from our argument. That's fine. But they're contradicting themselves left and right and committees should not be sending messages when they're charges to put the best teams and this is the national championship event. If there's trying to send messages. Then they should find another business that's not what they should be okay. Tim Miller is there a senate committee confuse a lot of people yesterday fire sell. It's clear you the NCAA punish teams who retired the FBI probably relieving now USC global etc. or seen them lower than they deserved a case it was. Yeah I think that's a deal I mean they said the USC. As the best. RPI. Of any team ever left out of the term they were I think 38 for what they 3434. And made the finals. Of the pac twelve tournament. And that people says sending a little they should have been a playoff team. Yeah I think clear that the FBI stepped it way on this but I also think that there were reasons that that the US he gave them reason to to leave them out. And it it sounds like within like Arizona State getting in a lot of that was the win over Kansas right. We've set this in the pac twelve that the Pentagon's attitude and don't know Xavier Libyans it is baby Xavier and they beat Kansas and and that was your better than anything the US he had his UC didn't play one in this in this in the nonconference so. Yes and the FBI probe certainly had something to do with it but. USC gave them and little gave him a reason. To even to even put them. On that bubble. Well you you said buy or sell its clear the NCAA punished teams tied to the FBI probe no question I would buy that it is very clear. You know you can argue back and forth Arizona stayed in Oklahoma line Syracuse who got in shouldn't have in UST global local mistake shed them like he said it's a debate either way out but USC from I'm in I don't know I've I've just I've just gone about what the pundits say. They're saying. USC should be in this field the others are a little bit closer but. There's no question those three schools were. I mean is there another besides Arizona that was involved in the FBI probe that that first Auburn. Auburn and they got seated they were four right and they got seeded Los Indy with the Arizona and Arizona Zealand as is clearly there was a you know a middle finger to those. That I think honestly I think they're afraid of one of those teams making a deep run in and and having to do vacated there isn't real belief. The Dodgers with those four teams that we mentioned there's a belief that. Some look at when a national title here and then a couple months now have that title ripped away wants this FBI stuff all comes out an NC game root for Arizona don't that don't blow. 'cause there's honestly give a term they had two wins I get it I get that they beat two number ones these that's fine but they came in 18 in the league. USA comes in second place in the championship game and they can get in the NCAA tournament. I thought this year I don't ever complain about this. Ever because I just always think there's three things are gonna happen to us is gonna talk about the seeding by tells the Lego about somebody not giving in as can be great term and in the end but I think. That this was awful by the NCAA commit. Thursday and docket she also on the bracket the committee in Arizona State a lot of people. Police in the western part of the country seem to be complaining about about the pac twelve who only got three teams in two of them in the first four games as you ceiling Arizona State. Fire sell the past told this wasn't good enough to get more teams into the tournament this year. It again I'm no college basketball expert but I do watch you know pactel food simply because it's you know it's it's here and it's it's what we cover but. I don't buy this from my watching of the pac twelve this year and and again a lot of it was or again. What series only half the times this year and and mostly when to when teams were playing damp so you don't play a little bit as well. At no point even with Arizona. That I think that there was a even a very good pac twelve team Arizona can at times that downgrade and it is it's filthy in Arizona so you Isuzu glimpses of that led. There wasn't consistently good pac twelve team all year so yeah I buy this the part twelve from when I saw this year with the. Definition of averaged. Yes they got airs on in as a four seed and then the other two teams that got in early in the first four hitless. And then five teams in the ninety didn't believe. That is bad. I don't know how you don't buy that like what what he's saying like that pac twelve got totally screwed yeah I've seen some people say the power told a little screwed mouth I don't think so you think Washington organs to be in no. Arizona State I don't even think they should be and I think docket is right about that. They're gonna think it is for the week night at USC obviously glad performance and use USC got like they have a great but. Now the leak there's one good team in this league. One hears. Him. The battle is on good practice for you do in the center in particular they were starting that they were preparing for this they're preparing for it to be gone. They're prepared for can be gone already gone they're preparing for this. Now I just think from talking to Pete Carroll at the combine I really do believe that he foresaw that there was some tapes that were needed I think it's gonna have used that football team. With a certain sense of purpose and a certain like the certain excitement going forward I think we'll still propel them to the playoffs and I think on their Russell Wilson that always going to be. You're fearless critic on the Seahawks rebuilt is pretty positive about it so buyer so would you trust Seattle's front office tax bill to make a quick turnaround of this revealed yeah. I don't know about you know in this year I don't know that if they make the playoffs I think the rams the 49ers. Organ of the class that division this year it's like I don't know Seattle makes the playoffs but I think that promises Bertans. That the faith of of a fan base this is kind of what they built this thing on right they've built an on. Competition they've built and on no one is safe and secure and over the last couple years. It hasn't lived that. It's big guys that it happened guarantees spots because you years stars in their tearing this thing down. And they're gonna go young and they've got a lot of cap flexibility now with some of these moves that they've made their gonna go back into the draft and this is how they build Seattle. So they did it once before and why wouldn't you think they can do it again this time they even have what I think is the top six quarterback in the league and Russell Wilson so. Quick turnaround if you're telling me in two or three years Seattle could back to contribute legitimately backs minister bowl contender yeah I buy that but I don't be it's gonna happen immediately. But a quick turnaround absolute. Yeah I'd buy that you the only promise a division in town with the niners golf and with. Other rams it's real tough but I I just think this is more of actually. And I think it says more about John Snyder and Pete Carroll that number of really really freaking good players they had on that defense like it's coming into. But if you didn't already noticed that now you are beaches you know. Most of them won't be back but US those guys that let that that defense. Was truly special and I think that it's it's coming in until light now because. They are leaving or are there injuries in and getting older and so the Seahawks. Yeah I still have plenty of him to work with with Russell Wilson and they're gonna keep Sheldon Richardson and Earl Thomas so this got a draft well I mean if you if you don't draft Wheldon you're gonna suck. Look at you look at that defense right cagey right drafted body right your draft Earl Thomas. Richard Sherman. Drafted. And then you look at guys that they brought in weather was bad Weathers gave role in reagents they brought it and who's due for dirt cheap by the way those all the great contracts that they got those guys were not those were big expensive deals. They built an elite defense one of the best we've seen in the NFL. And they they did it homegrown. Board they did with the very Smart deals so again that's where is that I think they've earned some slack on the ropes for people to give the benefit of the doubt that they can do this again. Drew Brees said on staying in New Orleans. They're safe to say where are going to resign Drew Brees and look most notably that deal's gonna get done here. In the next couple days have to get done by the fourteenth before eighteen million dollars action against the saints cap. But the fact of the matter is he still not sign. And they're still not close and that is an invitation. Other teams to cold Drew Brees is agent make an offer they want. Parish after on the jury situation buyers sellers actually chance for Greece on the difference in the New Orleans and I don't buy it. At this point in his career it's close is New Orleans got last year. And again remember that the fluke play otherwise New Orleans is Nancy title game Brees isn't going anywhere else guy is. Mr. New Orleans this is any New Orleans is gonna putts around the globe all of this is just a matter how many years they wanna sign and I don't think there's any chance Drew Brees goes. Anywhere sending teams have to kick the tires but he's not going anywhere all right that's our stopwatch it is brought to you each Monday by Goldberg Jones when it comes to divorce. Custody and child support issues trust Goldberg Jones to help 1800 divorced phone questions answered at no charge. Up next we have fire news mug shot news any space station may or may not hit Michigan. All in the news next here's Mike. This is a tournament reconditioning prime time Isaak ensued. All volunteer navy is okay. Let me. We haven't even talked about the brackets. Amid a breakdown the bracket and game by game your hot takes. This is my favorite time of the year where every dumb ass that has deep and or a Mac front and four in front of them pretends to know anything about. 90% of the teams in the in this in this tournament tiger Tiger Woods he all but right now march 12 2018. Lose every noted newsman. Definitely top 700. This side of the Rocky Mountains. This is this year the best newsman on and on news program based on the Willamette river about that. Right feel confident you're number one love them and that's that I agent you know and I'll take that as little. The little nation there it's it appeared to your sweets and haven't this love coming in for in the it is. Didn't think you'd like the beginning but now what they do with this thing now you explored the lord of the news more than giving out. Why has this great content will be club. But d'antoni. Those things. OK so. The mug shot of the woman who. Had a shootout with police over in southwest Portland in the day that kind of scoot up the morning commute over their heads Sarah Michelle Braun. Yet been released and she looks exactly I mean exactly as I had pictured yup. And I would like to talk about stereotypes let's go for it because are you to go with feed the black guy you'd go with the the cells. The self haircut there that was used like afloat be on the both. Just the general Matthew look yeah very payroll not much sunshine UPI's Dallas. Just in a bad complexion of looks like maybe a few things going on there yet it does crocodile that you didn't. You've been taken on the and then decide not to say and Mike Wynne went something like this happens in the same is true for the samurai sword gala tonight Khamis. Easy to KG nine and it fits like. Should I kind of feel bad about doing that like she did that. Yet I'm right. A lot of the time look. Stereotypes and generalizations can be very gave me reconciled us to succumb to have a chided to help out. Against surcharge generalizations are very dangerous right. Get does go around making sweeping judgments based on the old you don't know but that don't judge a book by its cover ranked. Isn't why those exist. And there's a reason why that when you're walking their bookstore in U Selig trashy romance novels like obviously to every like yeah I've not read that. And that attend your right so there is something to this whole mess these sort of buy it sure so where there's the doctor. That has the flu be your guide and bad complexion of that that he died but it's like some sort of brilliant surgeon. But I don't think if you let did they pick a light of day which one of these surgeons do you want are you picking that want oh and for the most part you're gonna be right so is the same. Applies to people who have done nothing wrong but look like this yet and word coming. We we look which does jet GI's in don't you know what there's something going on here and I don't trust you GAAP. I get a little bit this I understand that I look. Like a white supremacist. I understand it you see me walking down the streets. I probably look like I am going to step. And yes there are time's right get a little bothered him like you've got to be kidding me I am sir Richard Simmons Joaquin in my neighborhood I'm not trying to kill you. I'm just in my front yard. But at the same time I understand that I get where you're coming from and so I do think that. We can't just. Throw blankets over it when Blake at some of sweeping judgment but when you look like bad. Peel where Sarah be aware that the that's the look you're putting out into the university wonder why people treat you so differently. You got lucky cheap yes it looks app. Not it's fair adopted its rights but union and its related let its way to its. I'm and I do some development and I can't grow any hair and so we all do this down the can't change my dump. The way I look just kind of is the latest. As guests as you're gonna be right when you're talking stereotypes most of the time because that's what makes a stereotype. It's kind of like it. I just. Says that they don't makes bad judgments were scrapped and makes dad took it immediately. We do and you don't you always feel bad when your wrong but it. It's it's it's part of part of the size enterprises when you first meet somebody sees a log and illustrator of parking lot. At that terminator fishing going on that ridge scratchy got a computer image in your make it all kinds of decisions yet to blow up some bit. It can't get to know everybody know their back story you kind of look at them and get Agnew of it I'm gonna go the other directions. In the case of the old Sarah Michelle Braun here. Year in your feeling would. Peace bottle. But game next story blacks in its next during next. And every now. I'm gonna do another story in the Vermont and Manson of Toronto comes in here that it's all pissed off. A space station may or may not hit initiate and we had a local fire to fire news yeah it was a big fire big fire for 43 on the tea. This is a tournament week additional trying to more than Isaac and suit brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law on 1080 program. All right this is in the news from Marshall I'm watching that video. To you to be seen a ghost. Video and I. And you much sense yet I saw that today. Now is that I don't know that's. That's like new today here that's been making the rounds but I did see that I'd miss out on Twitter all the videos from. The site. Maybe even 2070 like January I know but like I don't know this is that the thing worth it's just now started to trend yeah I saw it on Twitter today. Pretty crazy Ali can't believe anything. Think he can easily been down by some ex exactly in his mom's basement there's all kinds these videos like I follow. If all of this thing on Twitter and turned it's like called. I don't think it's totally creepy things or whatever there's all kinds of videos out there there's one of a guy getting drug down the hallway. I like these shadowy figure you're like oh my god in the lightweight that looks like the predator I think they Schwarzenegger is villains drag him down. He never have any idea what's true receivers even if there was video evidence of big letters sent him like some post. No one would buy it is it's so easy needed to edit the exit. According just notes apparently they found. A few things that indicate that the video. Featured some clever editing yeah has been doctored yeah that doesn't surprise there are few things about that. Anyway that is not in the news today and bloody as is this. Fire over in northeast Portland you see the smoke out there when you're driving around today. I see the smoke by the and I was on this. The other side so maybe I didn't I didn't catch it that I saw this morning someone it was treated about a echo what's going all night. Turned out lakes and salvage your account on fire. Yet and is really not then. But generally seen annually on those. Well I guess it caught a couple of houses right after the did yet you did again to IBM. The photos are pretty crazy. But I guess is some old junky cars right bill cars on 75 and killing sword. Tyler scrapped cars burned adds that sets it back again it's. Brett battery William against gang killings were at that you've ever driven down. Just kind of in that area he can't get over it I don't get down that way too often can I and I tell you something. Don't big. Like every now and then use the it's different Alan in 84 will be honest I'm stereotyping soup yeah yeah on every now and then 84 will be clogged up and so like waves we'll tell media to go down. What might go down killings were to to cut across town. And I say this conversation the other day was on his Irish journalists I can demise like you know what I never come down here and now I understand why. It is not. This does it isn't you know what does it make a really nice summer home the guys that does sort of shopping here this a good question what is the what part of town within reason tunneling skip this yet. What part of town do you get to the east. That they get to him like do you do you see at least for me it is out that are. South east anything out it's out east of 205 out that way. Never over the now maybe we including suburbs. Like you said within Gresham within reason well that's outer southeast net's northeast. That's minorities in yet aggression like. That that area. He's the to a five you pretty close to that area that there's no reason to media and that's kind of why I'm really saying that there's no reason for me to be out there I done. That's it for basically. You'll fight he's not I go there's so little. That includes Gresham and happy valley and Oregon says I I'd never that I. I'm sure those are wonderful places bit. Generally say meaning that it just is just you just don't go out there well there's no reason for me to ever be out there now and at no point in my life much like you know what. Gotta make it up to Gresham a little more often they're really really needed to swing out don't you think Joseph I don't if you think about where you live. There's there's a lot of places that you really have. Know he's old now he maybe there's a restaurant in the area friends lives there or whatever it. It's it's amazing how little. Hope you visit. Other parts of the city that you don't live near. Well here's the thing when I lived on when I lived in the center anything that I had to get off I five to go to was right out. So as you already wanna meet up anywhere along I five and I to get off 55 you go to hell now at a live on the east side and they've been in Vancouver. It's editing along I five I about. Died needs to be on 205 or 84 I'm not dealing with I five is like there there is a real line for me. That I don't wanna crossover tee major freeways. And yet you're you're right there's just it it takes a lot to pull me out of my eight. Basically my route to work if it's if it's to work from becoming from the office. Then our ball for I'll go where you want but if I have to venture off that path to do I'm out and guessing for a lot of people saint John's is an area that they don't get up to use it's kind of tucked up there yeah. That's kind of color out of loudly you wouldn't like to know BA you know through it I guess that they got a cool little food carts there it's. In the day at the beach but he had no one's ever just like hit let's try it out that direction. Punishment to take pictures of that beautiful bridge is a B average. IE. And regret to inform me that night story about the space station is not pulling out of a I'm going to have to find an alternative way to deliver that peace means tees but to be honest with you the space station landed in Michigan. This is music to tray and it would really notice it is they kicked. And Michigan. I mean I guess they're worse places he can land. But then you know at least not let us for the as it is there's a space station. From China that is falling. And it's going to enter the Earth's. Its stake in a bit of a tumble. So we can say that we we know that's gonna land speed guy in over their eyes and allergies and yet they don't know where it's Italy and yet it weighs nine point four tons. And it is falling toward earth and they say that once he gets a little closer they will be able to pinpoint better where it's gonna Lambert right now. They've got for some reason they've got Michigan. Targeted now. I get that there's there's probably most that's you know empty space mean. And in the Atlanta one of the lakes but I would assume that that's kinda dangerous to have than that weighs nine tons falling. On this immunity very very fast rate and it's going to plummet to earth. Yeah that's kind of terrified I think it's 34 feet by eleven he and it'll probably break it. Called young gone one there but for it. But if that ends up and and in like rot house. They just goes to your roof violent in Michigan understandably so you do have a little place out there in Michigan and that thing goes to your roof comes the scary thing. Yeah I'm gonna guard your good theorized that the garbage targeted way nine dollar and turn. Nine is predicted to reenter Earth's atmosphere in early April of 2018. Give or take a week. And this chance that a small amount of its debris may survive being controlled reentry and impact the ground. Now so we're just again it's not error that it. Stuff falling from space will be fine yeah moves the guy hitting woods Bruce Willis this that this will be A okay. Got a better chance of like the and that the airplane terror it's far from it if that happens no little green men and so just kind of boring. But it's it's a hefty. To have trapped. Right that is in the news or march of 2018. Every day for thirty your local news for me noted usenet are the hot item five is coming up next. Void we have a lot of music that NFL stuff economic and soup. You know. Him I don't I. I would like to you ever heard him I have heard of him and Cairo. Wrong about a million things on the show on a daily basis. But this is another one of those it was without more dangerous than it was with a dummy can sue them by the end of this deal. It would be considered a terrible deal and he would not see the end of it and sure enough that came to fruition it. We also have another. Good breaks for your Portland trailblazers and did you hear what happened with pat Casey all that coming up next in the baseball signings. It's not by the five on the fifth.