Primetime 3.12.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, March 12th
Sound of Music talk, followed by the Blazers ROCKIN IT, and Evan Turners comments about his contract. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on 1080 they'll say. Basketball party begins. This is a tournament which edition of primetime retires again soon. Roxy by George McCoy attorney with Warren Allen attorneys at law been injured in an accident George McCoy can help you get the compensation you deserves a good warned Alan dot com. Prime time 110 AB program. And let it. Good Monday it's nice to concede it is a beautiful Monday in you know soak it in because there's your last one for awhile. It is yes was weaker after the rest of the week once again but due to weather out today ping yeah. I don't unit alone I normally don't go to the weather and you can check yet you can check the weather in the AM and I don't view what its. Those to be eaten today we get like 68 in sunny and then the rest of the week we get their reign in classmates you know what I mean OK it's march and take and it's like look at this last weekend on weekend was perfect to me it could have been any better got outside did some yard work at me. How did you beat the heat but somehow I managed path this Chrysler electric turned off the you know all the house opened up all the doors and windows. Thank clean kind of a screening air kind of dominant in the spring air dizzying fusion did you stuff nostrils and anxious Munis had the first whiff the ball game of the year as the weekend excellent you doing yard now now I didn't I Geico did just that -- it's dedicated not go to yard with out eating it is well and I do I hit left handed the cabbage out of balance everything out. And I don't really sweet look I'm completes you know when I'm playing with children dropped a TDs mimic it gets cranked. I get to go I'll Adam Sandler on and teach them lessons now Marmara we go left handed to me too we try to hit singles normally swing for the fences that leave that to the kiddo singles out. Before balls on the home runs doughnuts don't run enough and don't really need to dominate the twelve year old become a football sees out twelve footer down out. Your girl. I was think it was think she's younger roster he's children's their team this year close you're close to three kids in college already two kids in college countdown clock will Bob hey he's got two years left and then it's just it's being in the of the of the one little. Yeah yeah that you got to get her off to school too that's true so you've got a ways that the key is once the two were out of the house then just moved like an apartment so they can't move back into. As a gadget guy got a downsize. So to get dinged out of like open up like cried he studio look at Dojo and like their brooms they can't move back yet okay usually does bring kids like just yet as they leave doesn't mean they come do this would meet on I don't mean it's gonna leave but trust me they'll come back and I think. If I lived I never did go back and live with mine you know back known mainly because they were in a town minimum it and that's true you know had they lived somewhere like. They were in San Diego you come. May be out but. Yeah resorting to make much majesty of the day about the boomerang kid and how unhealthy that is well and like my you know it's not unhealthy is not bad for the kid you know I just kind of as it is but it's. I was reading I studied the data they were talking about how bad it is for the who for the parent of the bearer at Jack is date is like you get used to that. You know that empty Nester lifestyle yeah it in the kitchen and Ackerley tranche style I've told the the oldest is getting ready graduate college this year and I told that the DC can't make scholarship fund is about running out she's not happy about that. He reached that point where it's like. He's got two more what he's saying well for her oh she's almost out of ever heard this this to get a scholarship which has been going on for 21 years. That's about to expire occur. Like those tax breaks are about to go away and she's not too happy about it. Well. Policy as it turned toward when this year and well I don't think mean. Well we don't need to get in the tax minutia hectic and I talked tax cut here tech's tournament. But no it was wonderful weekend yeah and so the range this week one spot and you can deal with I don't care. At Hague at aid lovely lovely weekend outside to even web solve the sound of music. They bills are alive with the sound of drop now that was inside that it was still nice walking to and from the theater. That is exciting RT what. Me walking to and from the Miami fan of the feeder and senate music has always been kind of like a particularly that wonderful blew me away. Thoroughly enjoyed this at a music I let in my weakened. Not that was some of the two no way although once again if I still was singing to myself the hills are alive with the sound of rock so that's the song that you go to. Yeah from some music in Athens enemies I'm a smaller guy but this now and to go with like. Hi you're sick and student Judy Collins said it on done that and what's the main one isn't I mean I would won at the end I would think that they will racing's Kurt Weldon the easings farewell to the was that. Yeah there are veto Zain or whatever it is goodbye farewell Diana yet Alan Diaz Alan. Think that the mainland though is the actual sound of music that's kind of the hills she's still alive she sings at a cease let. C span Eamon yeah they played multiple times so they're ethical and it is. And the great Julie Andrews and then there's one other song it's catch heeded the chimney sweeps thinks well of was this they may be the favorite things. You know that that's kind of release dollar a few my intimate thing it was can't do that when you go see like a band like Carter Def Leppard you don't really really know what to expect and you're like oh my gosh I know ten of these songs. The sound of music was like I'll army fatal mice is is from nominees utilized yeah it was that. He had known. This. And there if the boy who you learn appeared to lose. And me. Now did you watch did you watch. Okay in nondescript name. In it's it's on Amazon. And it's about if the US lost the war. Oh my god about the man in the high caste men and I can't zero Ossetia I saw pieces of it because that was the that's deleted that song is the is the intro to that had a hard time getting into that but I did see episode or two and that is what is hot. Hot as I did you think Tia. Coming in from the listeners two and it's the end if a few. Snickering that's not a womanizer I know but somebody great sound I kind of let this is kind of my point so I went into the senate music is doing I would ever some music and on midway through I'm like god this is eight did it does to you like you forget about all the great music and it was simply wonderful it. Was delightful listening to the sound of music. That's highly recommend. All right well go on to discuss today because. The brackets are out so he it's like it's like blind folding itself and pencil Kansas through the number one seed do not the and I Alice Thompson ready today you're gonna assume from from all of this. Spoiled. Edges bitchy Kansas basketball fan is. All they are nine argue it's just me not them then there and low. Mainly indeed there are no one seed a gig you're sitting here today and bitch and moan about Kansas about how they're not any good at one go. There are wrong he's not wrong though I'm not run you don't want. I don't know if this is how you're in the Mets where in the World Series is yet there are a number one seed to go bucks just happy that Syracuse is in the damn tournament alternate view FBI team. Searches lasting in. Of the field battlefield and you can't tell me that they that the FBI investigation did this of the new USC and my little will not make it it's. Isn't it cull the results are you in but it I'm not your average tends cans integrate I'm just you know just olden. You know I compare them to pass teams re like that's not fair to do. When you look at him and you go on this team sucks and he launching them. They do. But I am comparing them to deep past great Kansas teens compared everybody else and caused basketball they're just as good as anybody. Right it's just that's it's an indictment on college basketball that this team is number one seed I'm telling trust me I've seen most of their games. It's unbelievable to their once you get it and you know it's as loveable so he's held yes this is not a vintage. Kansas won all these ladies you come off as the yard insufferable as Kansas basketball fans are here you are bitching about Kansas beat a number once the sun it's about diving stick it there is not dead yet. So here is one I'll tell you. That it is 5050. They could. Go all the way to get get hot in the net good coach. Yes some meals like duke gets knocked off for some big guy is that is that Azubuike Azubuike is he healthy. Not really but he's going to be back because there's a sense that if if he plays that's a different team if he's out news older they're horrible without him up in Italy on the big twelve title without it without the Big 12 Conference tournament. But they could easily in the regular season. If he claimed he was only out for the term. So he he is in the injuries banged up but they say he'll idea. They could easily win it that easily they could win. However they can also. Lose in the first round as the first number one seed to ever lose Italian it's 5050 if you said. Put your money there either gonna win it. Well they're gonna lose in the first round of political and I don't always wanted to have in the first round ten. And Penn you may remember. Well Penn is it is that there are staple in the tournament really get Ivy League program. And leave safe free and don't see any coach there at one point. Now I know very little about and they're good program Ken pomp I think sect that guy's name yeah the piece like he does all the analytics and stuff. He says that they're one of the best sixteen seeds. That the tournament has seen in years. At the end. You tell me Kansas fan as a clutch a little bit about that if there's one team that will lose as the number one seed will be the first ever happened. It would be fitting if it was can't slow it should be to stretch likening month. There's only one team they couldn't they do that where is Belmont but now when we need. So. So yeah but the brackets are out. Deserves her. Playing well. Beyond playing well hottest team in the gulf Darden do you play golf darn NBA and in other what Miami's without three of the best players Roland in here tonight so the job only chalk up another W and that we got NFL madness going on as well and tiger Tiger Woods -- boy that you hear about kids and OJ news. Oh did you watch the on a special absolutely that was is worth a watch that was the most chilling thing I've seen in the long long time. He is indifference to all of that. Richard seed the HBO especially in the did the was called the ice man come up with a they interviewed yeah Bobby had men and it was risen it was a very similar. Feel that you got from the OJ as when you were sitting there watch Sheen. Like if a guy's got thirty confirmed kills for the mob same sort of just he's sociopath there was terrified. Yelled we knew that about ocean OJ do we we don't really know at this is gonna be like this if I did it interviewed though it was it was everything that. They thought it would do is call it yet it's it's pretty it's worth a watch out. I hate to say that because it's fine now. But it did say don't admit that Odyssey saved me from from thinking that I was kind of squeeze watching this is the fact that. The Goldman family Christopher Darden they all wanted this to air because they knew they knew how bad he was gonna look at it. And they wanted people to get a look it just. What an absolute six ought to be you know what OJ Simpson was if you had any doubt at all. And there are some people that are dead they're stressed the younger ones probably don't fully realize what it happened in and it kind of become like a little bit of a pop culture moment. That brought it back to eat just exactly what this was and and it wasn't just a murder that he was. A serial abuser that he was a sociopath and I think that to me. And the fact that the prosecutors in the families wanted this aired that made me. It. I have put me to ease that I was watching. Something that they're really was stomach churn. Don't let that today let's start with a blazer mania blazers. Our chests. They are there on hinging their job and swallowing the rest of the NBA whole ages they cannot be stopped. It's feels like they're playing great in the rest of the NBA is in the toilet it doesn't feel like that little feels like nobody else is doing anything except for them well in Houston. If they lost the an ad in Harden Harden didn't play it's Ike. Everybody sucks except for one team. There's only one team left standing in the NBA if you would have told me this two months ago I would have laughed in your face is 313 on the fan. This is a tournament week additional price and John Moore and Isaac and suit brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law. On 1080 Tricia nice to eighteen. On that the fans sports talk here on sports hockey club. McCain what stations this that's what it is confident. Yeah pretty sports here we do the sound of music and rob seedings and the whole thing we're so much more than sports I think you'll like it. Just leave it. Actually reappear radioed down right off the acquired taste it real and more total man yen that your ball. Used Hubble like knob on our idea idea because I drive an old car. My Carson 1977. 'cause that'll pick up like an international skeletal look my my let's see what it was truck and 08 Fatah debacle Lleyton at ten year old clock. Immediate starting to as I get up in the morning and look at them they. You know this is really not cool welcome at the the last time X I don't. We don't drive together and we'll get every now and then they will will go somewhere and on the car pool and when I when I opened up the the corridor and I see the ripped a pole streak that's. That's the I have fixed so did you yeah. To get like a sheep skin cover a matter made one of those old and probably gets numb my life went out there in Minnesota is still stood up for yeah that's that's trucks gate that gentlemen thank. But it's paid off right. It is then I'd drive that thing that's right this about it about Iraq is not them worsening car payment is the least cheap person you'll ever you'll ever go out. Thank rob is not. She got all he'll pick up the tab tips well all that. But there are some things that he refuses to pay for you won't drive that truck and tell it just catches on fire a will there's no way you go to you are gonna spend money on a new car gets me from point yet lawyers even easier just not a target and a couple of my. My clubs in the back. You'll have that all the debris to the dump you'll be happy old as I've. There's guys I am an only that but I take care like ours like. They stitched up let them let us. Are you won the last ready to give it to clear that community to hate. In the tape to get tape deck and opting so they're Ali there's no again there's a CD player you get my lifestyle hasn't it again. Purses and 07. And meet young asking it what year his car out. That's I was like when you get in the car you see the old tape deck bad ass it's gonna roll that when Ari I'm kind of with dropped it's. You know the car is a car wreck you know I'd spend leaders are amount of money on it over and over again it's just a two car right you'll need to be flashy. Ivan that'll pick a pitcher tonight. The old country sound cell. Red hot and ruling they want again and now on Friday beat the warriors and they beat them the beaten soundly. Yeah they pull away down the pulled way down the stretch back and forth and I gave Golden State could Augen gold's it was on the second half of the back to back and did nest occurred in that they would dollar. But it's not like golds they showed up and and didn't care. You you you took their best punch and you executed down the stretch late. That's that's a huge win and and you can only play you know who's out there and it does seem like for the has benefited more than any team in recent memory that I can recall. From from not having to play against full string teams put. Well I like to meet that doesn't take away from what they're doing the airplane some of the best basketball in the NBA right now. It's not the best. I mean. Utah's hot. The raptors might absorb Toronto Raptors might have an argument yet just beat Houston which would make it and well. Eight I haven't seen a bunch obviously of Toronto Raptors basketball day in the finals where you read through what some people the do you follow the NBA and people were radiant about how good Toronto is an and that they're just they're kind of the for 1997 gives I'm Abbas and her you know with Cleveland you can get it together it. You listen to people that. That watch the India on a regular basis and they are just singing the praises of the raft of the last few years the raptors have been amazing in the regular season and completely clam up while you have of people are saying this looks different. Then then those Toronto teams but so over the odds on Toronto Houston. Finals. At the start the church why you had strong auto and what do you do about or China Portland. Right I do think there are some blazer fans. I think most people have a realistic view of of where this sense but I do think there's a lot of blazer fans that are starting to believe that are getting the white autos theory. Did that that's going on out there you Dinah don't want not buying it but it sure is sure is fun to watch. 'cause I do think there is something the fact that you have been very fortunate to play teams on back to backs. And you're getting teams that aren't at full strength I actually think that that's that's a real thing and I I still believe that. They golden stated at full strength is no one's going to beat him in seven games. And I still think that Houston this day as UA's I think it ends in the second round with a one of those two teams. But I already got an out of the first round well I mean they've played this way if I guess you can't cancel them through I guess you said why not and I think that's why not. They're capable of winning a first round series or cable lose the first or answers the west is so close right now. You know one injury report that's given Portland has been so healthy if it has one of these injuries this snake bites him or San Antonio gets healthier you know who knows you know Minnesota gets healthy we Jimmy Butler coming back the cable beaten Portland in the seven game series. But certainly Portland can get through to the second round but you ask me why not I think it ends there with a healthy and motivated hues that are Golden State team. Doesn't change the fact that this is. To meet this is the most entertaining team. Portland has been in years we've been doing the show for twelve years together this is as Saudi team and it's easy team to root for and get behind. As I think we've had in the twelve years we've been doing this. A dot Friday it was a moment where they the warriors came on the second half. And blitzed them a little bit. And then got up I don't remember what the score was I think it was 7367. Something along that they had debut is 837. -- I think was 8377. And you just kind of gone on Peugeot is the rock area. And the blazers. I mean instantly. Instantly. Worked up tan now date they got down into that OS moment where it's like oh boy here we hear accounts. And she just refuse spirit note. And flip the script and I came in literally three minutes it was unbelievable. And they have that now the shareware where when they're at home. You just trust them. I it doesn't matter what side does there how much or lose them buyer how bad his plan all state kind of fell apart in Orange big. Solid people on on on garbage three pointers it was misty Klay Thompson air ball boy worse three's probably ever taken and is it just it was bizarre to sit dirt watch Golden State fold compared to his down the stretch in just. It just making plays down the stretch Hadley feel about Klay Thompson. Well I think they Thompson is really really good clearly he is much better what's up Currie is there next to him via yeah. I hate he drives me crazy if I'm a warrior fan because he checks out some really crappy. You know it's it's one thing when staff carry checks a bad shots. It's it's another to Neiman Klay Thompson doesn't it out like he he can shoot them. Well actually it's wanting ancestry and Kevin Durant do it. Beaches to rant everytime Durant shot what did you think not crap yeah. He made I mean what each would he score Friday priority of forty against forty something or easiest of the guys just aids. He is that we went I went to the game on Friday he is. He's something else to watch in person but he's gonna happen some of these performances. And he can shoot from anywhere what I mean is he keeps you from anywhere Stecker can shoot from anywhere clicks out is really good player really good shooter but man if I'm a lawyer fan he drives mean that's some of the crappy checks out he he'd. He takes some really bad shots. Well both state I think in general can fall into this at times in this this kind of I don't know lazy basketball and in clear. And clearly they're and they're not the same team doubts have Korea at it's it's that we. We have to say that says curry is one of the three or four best players in the NBA people act like if he's not in there that somehow that shouldn't affect Golden State go to war. Mean when we step carries in there and it would dollar and they're at full strength that's a different team and they were kind of playing that way but it but state lost back to back games right because they lost it. What they've they've lost to Minnesota right right after Portland so they lost two in a row. And all season long I think Golden State is kinda had this weird. Kind of league Z this thing about them where it's it's just not quite clicking. But there is a belief and having diverted that they get in the playoffs no flip a switch and they'll be fine but didn't we already say in the slits I didn't Demi come out of gossip rag on C lawyers and they they had that won what like nine or whatever was nine of ten there are ten of eleven something like that out and out period but now without curry they lose that date they have to come back against in trying to lose support and they lose to Minnesota. But again I I think were underestimated factor when you lose the third or fourth best player in the NB AD is gonna have a huge impact on you. But to me that doesn't take away the fact that. Portland outplayed Golden State in both of those two games and I'd get it they Golden State that's that's not a playoff series. But you went head to head with with goals in the last two times and Portland outplayed them the bulk of them. You can't ignore that. I mean this is ignoring it after the top of the NBA ready it's it's amazing to watch what Orleans doing and I never thought you could say it about this team especially again we go back a month or two. This is amazing to watch and it's really really find out what. Prop lower I think it was 7875. Warriors took a lead. They enter Frederick's Europe's Sarah's six in his ad pretty sure is 8370 S and he sent everybody in that range I remember having same spotlight well. Warriors. And then you're right they just flip a switch again and that's why I since topless last week passed. Do you think this is it a fluke or do you think they've found another gear. And I feel like this is another gear it's neat I don't think it's. Eat a big. It's not a fluke. It's definitely not a flute watch other playing they're playing well. It's it's also not another gear it's just the season is long look look at look at the ebbs and flows of every single team. Talk to talk to me about this talk to us spurs fan about how they're feeling right now when when they were. Cooking and earlier in year right Cleveland had a together but now they don't again. Toronto accused the everybody does this is just that the blazers. They sort of have kind of become a second half. Team like if you if you look here of the last couple legit last year and I think the year before they did it TO go zero Aldridge. Left date they are. More of a post all star break team they're just now. I think maximizing. What. What they all are. And I still think dole if you look at the less so they've got a two game lead over New Orleans Minnesota and Oklahoma City so they. They are right now hold steady at three the three seed. I just don't think there's an easy series no matter who they play out there you got to give them credit. For for inserting themselves into the conversation in this in the west to write like we didn't think. Without. One and done here we go again. In other 67 or eight seed we got to give them and Terry Stotts all the credit lit alert Stotts. And the bench exact columns are stepping up all the credit in the world. Four for jumping up there and saint Hayward player here too but I just don't think there's much of anything that separates any of these to know. And so when you get into a seven game series I don't know if they're you know they're gonna win in the first round because I think it's gonna be close no matter political. And that includes if they found employed Hughes Sarah Golden State. I don't know that they would beat them but I think they can give them a run for their money in a seven game series so they're not gonna blow out. Of Minnesota and a seven game series of Butler comes back they get a blowout the spurs you want to spurs. No well I mean did a climate of coming back yesterday vs Antonio know early on them but a healthy San Antonio. So there's no easy yeah it's as though he's this year pointed out right they got that two game lead but you know Miami should be a win man is without the three big guys but. They gave Cleveland Detroit eclipsed the rockets the Celtics. Yeah you look good to get three game slide there and and that's reasonable for any team can go through slide you can find yourself from the three seed downed the AC real real quick. That's what a meat grinder the west is and I'm with you that I don't know what separates. Honestly not just not just deal three from from 83 from ten. You look at Utah Utah is gonna be a tough out for somebody I did they Gergen they're gonna give middle class this isn't a whole lot separating it it's a play here there. But give for the credit because they are making that play here or there down the stretch but upon how these weapons. All right so Liam what do the guys say to get dejected when he said he commander and we'll get to that and Evan Turner. Is saying kiss my ass if it. The the guys take my that the whole contract thing it's yet he sand. He's literally saying kiss my hands I earned my money go to jail cell level get to his quotes if you haven't heard what he said coming up next there's Mike. Isaac and suit brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law all intimidate you both trim. Join us again for the best basketball tournament party on the best two days of the tournament. He Meno and I'm referring to him I do know your frontier there is a college basketball tournament coming up coming up we can't say what it is but it was a problem. Well as we want anyone cares about the CBI still going on. Do you CBI and there's the CIT is well loses four. Youngest four. The energy has like five pac twelve teams and it's like the title tournament all over again. Well that's the real terms and you know that's a BYU plays and every year so clearly I'm all fired up about that. Fan madness happens this Thursday starting at 9 AM at the station public house at 27. And northeast Alberta. And Friday beginning at 9 AM at the independent sports bar and grill at 225 south was Broadway. The fan will be there with live shows we'll have led to appears to be in quotation marks fabulous prizes. Fan manners is brought to you by area heating and cooling O'Reilly auto parts in the Nike hoops Summitt. For more info go to 1080 the fan dot Conseco I will be out. Both of those days of Thursday's show was at the station and Friday show is that the independent. Now bring year and ninety bracket is well and you know we can have some fun with that wish it saw in ninety bragging because that's the one that everyone wants LO wouldn't lead when lead. Do better job of that in the NCAA tournament bracket. I'd say like man what we'll get the bracket up later let's let's finish off on the deserters cheered the blazers. OK so they're playing really really well. And I just don't I don't really. I don't know I don't understand why. People have to make either more than an as a lesson it is and it just it is today degas. But this doesn't mean for me elect. When it comes of the playoffs or it could mean every week it is now it's really tight analyst but it's fun to see the blazers actually playing well again in yield the other thing too is at an analysis. A lot recent mean again school state illegal state was playing good defense nine other without guys key guys not country would also of their better defenders but. I'm gold states that was getting captured on defense and I thought man the trailblazers. Took such good shots like even though it was it was really good half court defense I thought by uncle say at least good half court defensive effort. The blazers really found ways to still get good looks and I think that's a big difference between them now. And earlier in the year when I think does guards were just. You know it was kind of second stun gun will be the hero ball sort of thing right in it and didn't take good shots in fine in look for better looks and he in now they aren't just. It just makes such a big difference. Willing senior Guinean production to wind when you look at the bench right I think what floor guys opt your bench were double digits. Ed Davis who has been a revelation here down the stretch and Ed Davis and seen him play like this before yet and last year they didn't have them right Davis was out with the the shoulder but Ed Davis what turner had a nice gimme turner had ten or twelve and then theory is again there's that Collins the dams acknowledge that they must come on is is coming along and then of course that the guy that has been a nice addition that no one. The the biggest surprises is she as she Basil that like aids when you're kidding we getting for guys that are getting double digit production off your best. I'd I don't think an idea and nobles they were shorthanded but I goals they'd had won only got one guy that was in doubled its after best in Portland for. So for all the talk obviously Ian and Leonard and CJ and and Dirk is is is. Some softness of the group here. Honestly one of the the biggest difference in these games has been the the blazers bench at a lot of the young guys are becoming reliable and are being real difference makers. You know without the bench year Portland has not won nine in a row there's three or four losses in here if Davis. And Napier and Collins are not play in this way it's crazy. How things you know kind of evolved and grown changes so unpredictable like use the three guys you just mentioned. Well I see you mentioned Evan Turner is he did have a nice game but he has not then no he is a key now. Like look he he. We're gonna go through what he had since a lot of what he had to say I agree with. And I get like he was pissed off and is pissed off of people coming down on him but look when you get paid that kind of money yes you earned it. But you also have to keep earning it it's indicative there and if you don't. You know people voices people will voice their displeasure and they are and I think he's got to have thicker skin to be able to handle it but. You mentioned Evan Turner and he and I scheme that game but if you look at the other guys he said so you've gotten Turkish he's still only make it three million now or it. Ed Davis. Is that six million great contract. Although they're gonna have to decide would they wanna do with him this offseason. In conjunction with their pitch which is interesting. And then Zach Collins is on his rookie deal he only makes 39 and she Baz 2.3. You looking between Damian Miller sees him cons contracts. And then those guys are just mentions contracts those are your main players and offer communion is a staple he's a 79 right there are three contracts in there that are. That total 41. Million dollars that you're just not getting much of anything out of it's crazy how this thing has. Has shifted so that's Evan Turner at eighteen and a half. Murray's heartless and eleven and a half and Meyers Leonard at eleven point three. And for the longest time it felt like that was like an albatross around your neck but with the lady. Of an up the Turner's been terrible at least you you do get some stuff out of him from time to time and but beat the the addition. Of the play of of those three other guys that are such bargains it really his kind of be raced. Some of those bad contrary she you're not feel it because you're getting their production from somewhere is give them guys that aren't getting paid. Yeah except that you just wish it they had spent that money better damn what would that mean like how much better would they be that it you know whatever it is what it is at this point they're gonna have some inching decisions in the off season. I am Kevin's rant. I got a sand kicked out a courtside TV show you don't who got kicked out the other night I hear was set Kevin Durant on that after the game. There's not just happened you know sometimes is several us again you know you had nothing to do was hormones smooth and not important. You know use a fan into game once again enjoy manually get involves these guys we get involved loosened and of course I just enjoy the game with so glad to rest that is that is. And I picked if so what do we know at that guy said I don't know I decided they zinc mine is just saying at feud now getting is a real original guy. They had a camera at the game that kind of had like half of his face in it. And it looked like you know just the run of the mill like you appeal last that a little bit it looked like they did and maybe I'm wrong is again I was at the games I've only seen you know clips of it. They they tossed him before derail it really. Some neighbors say no this was who is that the golfer. That Justin Thomas that did the got the got thrown out yeah. Some people say that it to me look like that the ref did on is all that they Durant wasn't really involved is like derail am I wrong in that. Didn't look like to read pointed the guy out or anything I mean during it was telling them. So I don't like to reappointed at MI came saying you know do something about this guy yeah. So I analyst at. In that one guy does security guy came here and did nothing and in the other security guy came over as a teacher get up let's go. Gag here the game so Durant did point the guy out yet he pointed at you was pointing enemy was walking up right human Pena on back to them. And then when the guy left the the woman with him kept Kara John entering a little bit too. I don't put my donkey. Let you sick this courtside is not everybody does have those courts that people. Some of them are just so dude she but the same pentagon agreements right decision watching game shut up I do agree dab at the same time I am amazed at how things can end. Some some guys can be a spry is she Lego but still. Mike Allen that guys want a good. The guy we just had a guy who accidents that's the second time that guy's gotten kicked out is in addition businesses this is kind of his MO casesa out held a GM got kicked out for flip the bird. GT and he's sits courtside he can't control himself so I I don't know it's not hard to control yourself rallied he does not those guys are thin skin but that's that's like. Victim blaming you know it's like. Yes they're thin skinned but so what I did write down their by the players shot up. Giant. I'd it dries these fans like this drive me crazy little worse part is tissues yank his tickets for the rest of year the worst part is that when you're sitting by one of these guys. Because if you say some don't that's the guy that turns around and just cranks it up even more. It's it's just it's it really ruins the game we you have to sit by this bro. But it. Really Kevin like your year that bothered by someone Jonathan F bombs that you be forensics. So I blazer Twitter had a nice one of the fan who took off the Kevin Durant her addiction to get up. It came under enters Xeon put the live and on over the top he put a Damian Miller Jersey on over the Kevin Durant yours he has the blazer fans going crazy towards the end we got swept the the interwebs. And that was what is going on there I need so much question. What is happening there. Clearly Kevin Durant fan this guy I've got turned into Damien could fan but wait. Why. Because that the gold Golden State lost so this is really no bid isn't there really people that do this. Did you notice the if a male with him was it for your Jersey yes yeah creatures I wonder. If he goes to the game with her worst the warriors Jersey to support her. In the blazers when he goes yeah I'm gonna go back to merits here and from Boris. Well look if that's the case then we can I didn't think we can all sympathize with because look. If you're trying to scored voice the gal in your trying to get her do you like him do something with yet she knows there's no end to what a guy. About how many dumb things you Warner pretended to like. But it got a long way because you thought that's with the girl wanted so maybe it was maybe the guy just came to his senses it was like no more of more than likely he's just a giant bandwagon deep and I love he had bulls jerseys thick accused prepared for either outcome I've never seen that they be went off. Yes crazy mortal like what is he live is he more of a lawyer fanned the blaze that easy blazer fan like you said that was just trying to appease that the girl who's from Simpson. I just have I didn't talk to discuss so much questions so much we tracked him down is that when found amongst those of media yet. Certainly like he's probably famous now yeah I don't know if that's the kind of famous that you wanna be but maybe he's proud of it I don't know maybe he's got a valid reason. PI figures don't think there is on it to go in a Golden State Jersey and then leave in a blazer Jersey and if I just. Yeah like if I paint that scenario in any other sport any other scenario. Housing except is has his may be a bat was lost. On acne true. In grave and what each of the wins yet you've got to put this on their brotherly Jersey right now and in there yeah that that's that's that's plausible that's plausible if he's afraid of getting the salted and I've seen people cover up their Jersey is they're leaving after team loses that's more like an MBA cholera. Cause of ball NFL things and never seeing someone now ago in god need illegal put humbly agers to try to blend in with the crowd as they leave a little. I told say whatever answer I Evan Turner is saying which. Rhymes with. Wis my bass or at. Solid yet that I did get that he's sink his Massa taillight and I'm next on the fan. This is a tournament week additional trying to what about is it can Sue Grafton by Warren Allen attorneys that are wrong on 1080 vote for him. Sell eighteen million a year. It's in half three years and Evan Turner makes king and he's average eighty points. Three rebounds plays about 25 minutes per game. Just. You know inconsistent a player efficiency rating of nine and a half so Jason Blake did a thing on him. And and turner is said tag your BS well equipped as a really good job with these kind of long profile pieces think he's one of the best in the business this silly I guess there's a stand at the blazers home games who hackles. Turner any funny. He finally turn around and told him to shut. F yeah I guess this has been an ongoing thing with them any column a dumb redneck well on this kind of goes back to the hole and we by the way we found the name of the Breaux who got the said he felt for that are Ed thinks if he wasn't brotherly signaled again these days construction guy in its it was a that he was a server herb what are the what are the people that did that gave us his name said it he or she was a server down there and I guess he's. He's had the seas for years and that the bank EA cities the Jai. Not about you now is there's one thing if you get down there in -- heated paying you talk about the trash but when it becomes awfully fun stuff those people that sit courtside that have that have fun back ports as players that's OK lettuce like this this kind of maybe think about given turner I think the fact you show up every single game. And you just decided Evan Turner is gonna be the I don't that the whipping boy for you in you're gonna take out your wrath on him. Again that's that's the part were I agree Evan Turner that. Oh for heaven's sakes man go fights on the nose do the time the issue ever be gaming yell at me because you don't think I'm worth the money. Or he can yell back yeah. I mean. Indy ditty call I'm a dumb redneck if any said when he turnaround in Kirsten county turned bright predict the guy turned bright red turner was chuckling about that put. Yes some people view it as well the fans pay good money to get in there and they can do whatever they want within reason and then. Others say want to speak as you pay your money to sit down their doesn't give you the right to be an ass that now so it you know there's two sides to act. I think there's a fine line their eggs IDC both sides of the equation you you can't just be kicking guys out some because you don't like what he said. But the same time you'd just because you buy a ticket doesn't give you the right to be. You know a foul mouth yes you know for for sixty minute. I just think it depends on you know what was said and like what's happening and what you're dealing that. You know turner sand. He says first off let me say one thing everything I've done I have earned my contract that's my bread I earn my bread so kiss my ass. Dead serious right that I earned that asking money. Which. No question exactly viewed as a gesture do you hit the free agent market in Portland you know pony don't know putting guys ended the anyone's head and made them sign Evan Turner he says all I'm doing is what my coaches ask them trying to help the team truly and genuinely help team because I've been on teams ramping up when he and nobody gave the game because. Oh we were losing. You know Vinny goes on to talk about his defense in the game over Golden State's he doesn't get enough credit. Said memories heartless but we know what he does and that's all that matters. At the end of the day winning matters is turner character matters in what you are willing to sacrifice match I think my biggest steps. In growth they're being able to compartmentalize the things that really matter. I used to waste a lot of time worrying about things that don't matter who gets credit on that stuff none of it matters. Then he says sag talks about how he'd love this he says this is basketball the should be fun sports for kids and adults mess it up for me. I was one of those people who overly overly overly took it serious to the point where it was a fun so now I just make sure I have come to that this is a dream it's a game lob that. Love that attitude I think it's great attitude Jason yeah. And then he says you know a lot of players Ed Ed Davis is a lot of players get judged on their salary. If he was making let's say eight million year it'd be like he's the best player in the league which on them but hey he would be easy to point you would you be viewed totally differently if he moves may consider a million as opposed aids but Ed Davis tells him I was tellem that's a good problem to have I'd rather have someone talks stuffed meat thus making seventy million year than 69 years that's a good problem. Spoken from the guy who makes its nine year who's played his ass off that Ed Davis. I don't mean it is this is turner again army to be harsh but I get tired of being brought up Simon's contract. It's really not my focus whom exposed to prove it to some might be of the opinion that I help the team a lot but as long as their radio personalities who are nowhere near the team. And there's people who have never played basketball giving their opinion in making up blogs. There'll be stuff out there and at that you know it. Estrich shot you hit my blogs. No my iPod blazer blog who has a blog blog cast tough yes. It's his son Evan Turner and Simien every turn are gonna fight now re birdies styles boxy thing to radio personality is like dirt. As Dirk been talking trash and of eternal life I've. I don't talk about I don't know who is been over the negative or may be just tuned in one time and in the herded the does this applies to more than wells is Meyers Leonard Myers Leonard is the whipping boy. And that this is a good example of Meyers Leonard made a million dollars a year no one would give her rep he didn't Myers that is mixed and and any time. Myers lender or Evan Turner gets brought up the very first thing out of someone's mouth is the money they're making an average order in its in defense Evan Turner turner is a is is that. A piece to this team. The guy plays defense IDE contributes he has he has big nights from time to time. He's out earning eighteen million dollars but turner is not a bad player Evan Turner is the NIC Batum. In that Evan Turner is a nice player he's a decent player that makes a lot of money and people expect more out of eighteen million dollar. Yeah and I think that's fair and I think there's a balance between all of this I get what he's saying and I get his frustration. But at the same time as long as you're not being in the can't be like calling guys' names in just. At I don't know is a senior home fan in your heckling him every game I think that's a little much. But at the same time you like as far as radio personalities or a some some guy who recovers the team and odds. I did you. Surely you can see where people are come from and you don't have to be around a team every day to. I don't watch the games and just say hey listen this is what I see says closets. You know fair fair and yet not like personal. He's got to get over that I am I'm sure it's this is probably just one of those where he was poke and prod and asked the questions and he's finally had enough of old enough to. Knows deep down there's some insecurity there if you didn't bother you and if there were part of this that wasn't true. Then it would bother right. Think there's a week we get offended or what gets under our skin is when there is now in the truth to write it's if someone criticizes you. And there's there's no basis to it whatsoever that rolls off your back. When some criticized you in deep down there's an element to it that maybe just in the ears subconscious somewhere they Euro little sensitive about that's the stuff you really gets you. Sure Evan Turner when he signed here thought that Evan Turner was going about himself. Was gonna be a bigger part of what Portland was doing. And all these guys are competitive and all these guys wanna be big tempers turner was the player of the year at Ohio State righty was a particular tournament three overall pick in the draft. I don't know yet he was me he I don't know it was number one but I think he was the second or third pick. In the draft Evan Turner came this week I'm sure at least you expected to light the world on fire able to get it hasn't quite worked out and I think they're probably is always an element to that to his game and Evan Turner feels. That he doesn't get the respect that he hasn't quite lived up to his own expectations. And some of this probably strikes are a little bit of a sensitive they're. Again may be that I think what he's saying is I can do more this is just what is asked of me on this team this is my role on this team so add few. This is what they're asking me to do and I'm I'm not gonna control how much state they're paying a mile what do you do that oh and I'm only putting up eight and three so therefore I'll only take ten lion. That's interesting part is that it's the thing gets mad about what someone makes. That why I never understood that that venom towards the player as if Hewitt in your job let's say you're at it's not a player to fear an architect your school teacher radios whenever. So coveted says hey we're gonna give you 500 grand a year there's a person on earth that big you know what. You can only work 200 summit go ahead and turn that money down until they. They gave Evan Turner that money he'd know should ever feel embarrasses and happy about what you may or anyone know your worth what someone's willing to pay you. But I think what it would keep the pressure it is it may and that's a lot of dough that they could handed to someone who. May be kid offer a lot more now you that's not Evan Turner said Paul that's exactly or I should Evan Turner ever have to feel like he justifies his salary to anybody in his last coach Jason Cook was I know this is just the way sports is into him much is given. Much is expected but. Perception is reality. And it takes a while to change perceptions he's saying hey look I do I do a lot this team. And you should be hat in others one element is finally got to go there's one element of this where it's an NBA veteran. Who many of these guys are so hard headed and so stubborn and all about themselves. That they would it settle into a role like this they would BP is Simoni and say get me out of here one more one more how about give him credit for saying OK I admit I wanna be more. But on this team they're not asking me to be more so I just got a settlement and find Merrill and he's done. Yeah and now it's not worth eighteen million belt again as you said that is not his fault and it's and immediately said he's not bitching he's not complains not be a locker room issue by all accounts he's been a good teammate do what's asked him in the playoffs and into red. Go fight the girls are doing your time and yelled at Evan Turner if he'd yell little Shea but he's not done her back there you go all. I'm OK it is a 403 coming up next hour in the news we have stock watch. And dabbled it's just an NFL.