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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not for the doing the right things since 1952. This is a tournament week additional frightened and exit and suit brought to you by warrant Allen attorneys at law and two and eighty for him. Make you mean it's our children. But go up. Where the incident Lou. And it does go well with the chicken. You smarter full disclosure morning it's not. Temporary super intelligent just does that affect the legacy dissolving in your back don't have. Yeah and what does he blew where I'm gonna lose the most here motor skills and we also gonna lose a significant amount of break. 72 hours already starting. Talking to your doctor about. Wow. Okay let's go blind. You gotta have a tight again. If she did it help. Mean who doesn't right it's all about having that type bag and and who hasn't showered with a bunch of dudes god and fill out. The juice. Was on that TV last minute news on fox. If you look at Florida sun goes fox dot com well they have and on the yet they have an on there. Well they did any. Actually thought they did a pretty good job with that thing I mean I know a lot of people give their kids and some flak for it. Lot of people thought you know it's like why we do business wire hearing this this was the interview did. The Jews did in those six I think can and he went to publisher gave wrote a book called if went I think if I did if I did this is how I did it worry gave a hypothetical confession. They filmed in and you know got crushed like the book went away. They bagged this special in here we are would have reduce twelve years later and they decided to air. If not really. Certain line needed that to but it but it sounds like the goldmans or afford it sounds like Christopher Darden and in the the prosecutors. That we did the anti usually people one of this out because they knew just how bad he would look into that there was a belief from some that he had kind of become. Like. Pop culture reference now and that people kind of were given away from the fact that. This was a brutal double murder just how evil this guy was and I think they want this tape for this interview released because it would give people another glimpse about what is socio path. That that OJ Simpson looks. So they they played it in snippets in the and he would come back and there was a woman hosting yet and then they had one of Nicole Brown's friends on there. Interest for dart in and not H. They have the woman who did the interview and then they had a couple of other expensive running periodically get the kind of dissect what he's saying the lady who did the interview with the publisher. She was and she was the one that. She the publisher had written the book with him. And so she was published yet she was the one conducting the interview. And as she kind of pointed out that. She's let him hang himself basically said that he wanted to talk about and that's the sense that I got is that OJ wanted to tell this story yet I just wanted to say that he did. If you wanted it was actually I. And I mean I get the people that like screw him he's murder don't need to see it totally get that you know but I watched it. Because I just think the case is fascinating. And you know. It was it was actually really good yeah because. He does. I mean it goes right into then. He can sense you right to the moment you know and he does confess and I just I'm I am just fascinated. By why he did that but what what was he doing he so he basically just says no identical identical but then he starts. I mean spilling the beans city kids say there's nothing hypothetical none. Christopher Darden even points this out at one point Chris Darden who's won the prosecuting attorneys. He says that yes this may be hypothetical but he goes if you listen to him afterwards he he goes and says I was fuming this. I was doing now I remember I remember this there's nothing hypothetical about it he's telling you in his own version I don't know if that version is. Hundreds and Jackie because that guy is. Full of caste based on the first what half hour just kind of leading up to to do it's of the murder about all the domestic violence excuses. Crawl the domestic violence cases and that guy. To this day. Is still in BS about all that any tries to justify everything right down to the murder that he justifies that he blacked out in doesn't remember. Actually committing the murder but that basically says look I mean not remembered but clearly I did it. Yeah it's I just don't understand why he did that. I had no clue other than him maybe he wanted to profit from the book and that's the only way that he could but that's money's definitely Goldman's under the golden I don't know I had ideas since done I'm Ford did is expect. Because I was half expecting to tune in. And just. They oversell it you know they do yeah they over salad in a watches like there's nothing real groundbreaking here. He he confesses to it to the murders in Darden even says they go to Darden right after he talks but the main part of it. And he does that was a confession in Darden even says if I'd known that that was on that tape. 25 years ago. I wouldn't have rejected I would never objected to a hearing just to putting it into the case that was would've here are the damn thing Darden was like I want everyone to see this because he's admitting to. In it then it lived up to the mean resident quote hype it was in the chilling part about it was how cavalier. And they key was last seen. The entire time when he when he actually says. What happened he says he blacked out each city took the knife from his friend Charlie. And then he said he EP blacked out and when he came to there was stuff all around and then deleted to their communities says. What's up and he goes well blood and then he just starts cac. They he'd literally just starts laughing. Throughout the entire thing he just he's he's played the holding company's chocolate and smiling mean it is a stone cold killer. Did the right there when I kept thinking about was HBO this. An interview from prison. Years despite ten years ago but it was called the the iceman Thomas and there was a mob hit man. And his nickname was the iceman and you know he killed all kinds of people. And they interviewed him from prison and it was no remorse no nothing just. Fact of the matter hey this is what I did nigh Q of the bunch of people that's what OJ had during this thing he is a psychopath. And it it was it was fasting I could not turn it off tonight I kind of felt bad I kind of filled sleazy for watched him but I I couldn't look away. But we learn anything let. To sit there and listened to him describe in detail. What happens. Is used crazy man but even thinking. That the murder stuff I think diary new obviously Julia I mean none of this is surprised but I was amazed it even that the how old how. Much of a sociopath he was on the stuff and beating up. To it when he's talking about the domestic violence death and beating up his wife. He would say yeah you know I should have done those things but you know she was the aggressor she was one that attacked me even when he was talking about. And they point this out even when he signed by beating Nicole Brown he was married with two kids his wife was pregnant. And Nicole Brown was eighteen years old when they met in OJ still finds a way to tried to make himself out to be the good guy in the act. They keep either he's he's really good at selling you know yeah he he's. He can see why he was so slick and everybody loved him as a teacher it's all lies that. He's good at it and that's all through I think he did this is he he felt honestly that this was going to tell his side of the story that he was gonna come out looking okay. B I think OJ Simpson believes that sentinel killings part I think OJ Simpson truly believes that he can spin anything in making himself out to be the victim. In May came out to be likable. And I think he crave that attention and this is another opportunity get in the spotlight and get his. Version of the story out there did. This did I know it's double jeopardy than it for this one case beyond field throw him back on trial. You can newbie soaps is obese such a slam dunk in. Case is there anyone that feels remorseful now about supporting this piece of crap. Because the country really was split there was a lot of people that were really happy in the static in Cherie. When OJ was when OJ was acquitted ides I wonder what dad that feels like down I get that they were obviously. Huge racial undertones to that and you know was viewed as is a victory. By the African American community yet as a rich right guys were getting knocked down. Of and Nina you know whether he murder and Rodney King rich rich white guys get out. All the time yeah. And so this was I think it was it was more than just about OJ it was they hey finally we got maybe maybe it'd kill them but finally you're seeing how we feel about. The institutional. Yelled at the racism in the system and I wonder if I wonder here we are all these years later it's. The big people they cheer they support him the free energy people. Were there were happy and celebrating that verdict I wonder. How they've reconciled that if it's still views the victory if you feel bad earth kind of ashamed. That that's treated to this point no one can really believe. That he citizen right that ship has sailed their pick or there's still a handful of hold out that did and they think that this still was all set. And you can believe that it rates are the watchman activity. In the NB experts who really get to date shed some light on kind of what you're seeing him. They get the the one at the end. Domestic abuse expert came on yeah and she's like he thinks he's saying all these things to divert our attention. She says I've been doing this for you know however many years. He is straight out of central casting. In terms of a batterer and what batterers say he thinks he's being played but she was like. He'd he'd he'd he'd fit he checks every box. Yes that its system right down to threatening her making her fuels fuels for her life stocky. Her the entire time he talks there about how he would shook her house was she was having sex with with after they were divorced. He would watcher having sex through the window and then go like pound on the door any acted like it was no big deal is that I don't of stock Peter is you don't. Does she was she was up to Gonzales using gazes stuff pounding on the door that left just happens the window right. I as happened to be go behind. A man all right what about HI athletes who gets attacked. Just think he can outrun his attackers apparently now we're out swim. Now not to give us your element of surprise. These attackers had chains had a chainsaw. Likely it was to Ole. Again I'm. And I guess it is like it is lucky. A lead that story next on the fan except when it is that they'll go on to an eighty of them can't. Alright to love our. Son. Hot and he'll eat right it is right now studied that nice yes success X twenty. Very bright out so out of public go play nine holes after the show. Think about that and he's he get nine in revenues for the budget darker like 730 or something but this in. These delegates must be crappy the rest of the week stupid weather news story for a period her story and ready for that story for you. This guy may eighth is the south African tray athlete you know. In the trying to pronounce name it's. Elaine heat while I'm sure it's good that she. And he was attacked. By two men wielding eight chainsaw. As he was training one day last week. Seemingly no connection here and that's where in the good for ransom or whatever didn't know the people we just. Guys the chains apparently with a next trigger and yet he still doesn't know what the hell they were doing. That they chased him down and grabbed him pulled him into some bushes yup. And started chain signed to cut his legs off yeah. He was he was slightly too so he was even running beat. You know but I guess either if you're right to bite you don't expect to be knocked over. And I think he jumped out knocked him over yeah they dragged him over in cease fire that chainsaw is shirts on his legs get right below the knee. But the chance I was so doled. Did they couldn't get to the globe you have to try the other way. Didn't work who didn't work and they ran off. Because I think of the key thing it's the booster we read said that he managed to escape in and crawl bit. They got security gets some help but they had to have just left to right they know they ran out yeah he said they around. As he's fine he's going to be fine I'll know he's going to be fine that's okay simply the doctor said that he he should be able to be eventually. A return to trap months yeah Agassi they've they've raised but 39 out I don't know what the currency is in South Africa. That the crew grid if lethal weapon two has taught me anything but dailies he's raised. Like 39000. For it for his rehabilitation costs. Which kinda seems a little low to me and you know as a review but they gay gay bakery year urged that the bakery there refused to the pizza place. Is like half million bucks. This port dude got attacked and it was at his licks on opera where only giving him 39000. That should be higher merely a flesh and no they got there but they just couldn't get through bold so that the mentally be used he ran. The grant but 39000. I admit that having the chainsaw a mania I feel like I can speak as he did I did not get down to my bone. You're that I try to solve my own leg off. But as some of that has change side may need. I can't fathom how painful that is to have someone hold you down and get down to the ball. That's that's brutal and didn't make their acting like it's no big like that he'll he'll be OK he'll run again unless certain of that. That's a very positive uplifting sort of attitude that holy hell. Yeah he says data and he'd understand the language they were speaking he he said that it really hear the words I couldn't tell what they are speaking. Of the day was not to the language that I speak and he said they cut me and then the one who was cutting Stockton and he went to look at something I don't know what he was checking with any came back and said to get a guy let's go. And and he ran away today and he says. I was laying on the roadside I managed to go crawl over to my phone. And I called the police or the police didn't respond. So then I had to crawl with this one leg. Up to the road. And flag someone down some security guard stopped their car and he said hey give me an hospitals Linton announced. We have I see here at least that the story every you know know this and they said they were concerned about maybe the nerve damage William thought they got. I think he's been optimistic that that's a longer road to recovery dimmed and he's been out he says he's vowing to carry on that. And then it caught the guys are right that we don't think so. No motive. No no I can't but I also can't imagine a time in my life that I would fight harder. Then they said one guy I was holding him down on the on his back and the guy I was holding his legs and the other guy fired at the chainsaw. I cannot imagine a time that you would fight harder than when years it was a lead down and you hear it chainsaw to get fired up. Thank god for gold chain saws rain. He had like. On and how did he not just bleed out and I know. The whole thing down the wrong and can begin that there may be due more to this story. Similar to be two females who were lost and it's now nineteenth is the may be on that cynically you hole it's just. The two players to should equal forward kind of guy in. This year is is odd that the demand now. Pretty wild in there it's still writes for athletes he does anybody have like a barbed wire. Yeah chances at their house my buddy it is my but he did Dennis the travel the world he took a year off. He said that South Africa was one of his favorite places that he visited and also one of the scariest. He said it was he said he could be a little intimidating. Be I've wins god you know armed security guards like in the housing complexes and bars on the window and things like that know produces had a little. Within China bug in the general Robin is just tackle them help them down. Drug and into the bushes and then started chains on and then inexplicably just like a doesn't like. Fade fun sheen's idea bid to you were a year we got to go. Just how well it seems very well yeah there's no motive to it whatsoever there's a really really good movie. When assays for nearly ten years old now or something is called foxy. TS OT SI it's a foreign film is based in South Africa I'm almost positive. It is it's not really about that but it's just it kind of gives you an idea of what life is like in parts of South Africa it's really really Kris it. But it's also an amazing group. Deadly launched his. Audio blade runner guy. Oscar two stories. This means out that he was in South Africa he's in jail now on is going to be for quite some time. Yeah I thought they did name. They had minorities as they've bumped it up he got a couple years and then whatever the Supreme Court there is like that adds that we're gonna attack on a couple more. Still be imprisoned for awhile right. I've got more I get APT stories if you want. He's got a whole bunch from just really durable yeah I've got a story about your legs are you I've got up here in VT folder to know but it's funny that I just I had this story in the hip pocket. About a leg that was successfully. Cut off. Although what happened to leg after words. Doesn't it disturb. Okay. People aren't happy about it it's important. I'm intrigued. By what may have happened to slaying of a legendary by your job to make led to a sawed off the PD training. It. But will. The two we come back the it is it's not it's a good there's some people that are in trouble probably lose their job over this and and I severed leg news. Successful the successful sibling news next here's Mike and Kim can. I. As deal says kicking a few weeks it's hot EPT tock here on the stand. Well to be fair the the runner did not give his legs amputated. Note. Was surprised the fact that they couldn't get through the bone with the chains. They keep and now even of gold chains it's still a chainsaw up they give you never chainsaw or something. Yes but I did I don't have when anymore when I lived with senator I had a chainsaw hence need chains on my leg. And I don't think I sharpen that thing ever over that is the Amano of the seminary years that I added. And it's certainly got less sharp. But. Ice ice still made it through trees and that's a gold earned treaty until you went to you might need like a hot knife through butter you know this is no offense to any view. South Africa rose yet. But they think you're about to offense that African. The chainsaw that I pictured here is not the chains. That I don't try to steal. Ian let's use our rich Americans doubt. Yeah I got a good idea like what kind of again and I'm picturing like. Giant believes spinning circle in and around here reality this is proud that one of those with the yet to plug into like a 110 outlet. Right the ads is like one of those city has like thirty seconds of Jews support guys like this and picked it yeah. But the electric toothbrush that Fisher this Fisher Price moderated but then again that's a good James I don't think it. This is not mr. Leon hots up. Your rights I needed I needed a better idea of what kind of saw with being used as. I feel like these guys are cutting nuclear guys were eighty now I don't either critters I think they're idiots today silent sobs legs. And then they tried tonight does as a working. I'm like they're just you know dumb ass because. Us ahead maybe like a big without skis sort of thing like a a big step identity of their elected excuse me woo. Is this posted this guys must be a millionaire yeah me to do we got the wrong guy and like. Sorry man. Are are bad in the necessary industry Rihanna and yet you go and now. Think there's a different trail leads somewhere that that should add as late solve this poor guys as cot in the mix. Now. Just I'm I'm telling you there's something else to that story mark my words and use the Fisher Price change them. Quick easy bake evidence insults. Us where down the road. It's like do when we heard the story about the ladies on the sailboat we just knew. You mark my words they'll be another. Another piece to this puzzle. When it comes to this one is something else will will pop up. Each had a chance does only experts are insurance money. And if you did act he paid to guys that strategy in those legs of he did many I'm telling you that you're gonna go that route he's had running trans you've got to come up with a sub industry added that the chains of that hurt. I put that in like defeated bunch angels. Nine and ended it radio you don't want to pay the tickets are probably did some leg does not make my top five most painful things. Well a look at outlandish in atlas that want your I'm gonna talk about Alia the case this comes to us from a India. And there is a group of doctors four of them surgeons that have been suspended. Because it is a government run hospital there employed by the federal government. In yeah there. And they've been suspended because. Apparently they. This Nim was named scooter Penn dash he had his leg amputated at the the knee and they were not slide. No it didn't sing in the story why he was having his leg shark. Amputated now. Seem like he's 28 years old. So he has is leg amputated there at the need. Ends. Can you ticket gets what they did with the link quality after he had his leg amputated. Yet UT's dissident and I don't honestly I don't know lighted up close the bus accident by the way and there isn't a bus accident. Had to cut off his leg and can't really they were short on pillows. In the hospital. So they took his severed leg. And they propped his head up with him while he was recovering. There are photos of him line photos of him laying in hospital in the hospital Jamie's dear it is Lego wrapped up. And his bloody severed leg is being used by him. As the pillow as he recovers. And apparently. Is not a good idea. People. Excellence in little unhappy with this blanket on EC in the photo. In which your others had poppy crop up. Yeah and we do it. Yeah yeah I'm gonna go and it's immediately that Linda is they're not like a hooded sweatshirt. Somewhere is there not a backpack they keep they used his severed let me know what happens with the hundreds torturing departure have on and its links. The severed leg does now dirty. I'm looking at the photo and I see that there is perhaps a pillow or blanket under his severed leg yes that's why I didn't date let them. The severed leg under the severed leg. And give his head to pillow and I think you have they cheered and that's what they did at that point I I'd miss that this is why you're the noted newsman Anke. As tough question he does have what appears to be a nice comfy pillows propping up in just bloody like. It's bloody east lake teased in its bids. Well he's wearing pay no offense to India bribes yeah but again. It's not like you're. Don't you know. Yeah it's not. Let's not hospital. And apparently the this is a board member here is that they have they have set up a four member committee. To find out who put the severed leg under the patient it. Strict action will be taken if our staff is bad apple. Would be a spot in the operating room. I don't think he put his severed leg underneath his own family he's got a weird fetish there are saying that. His leg got severed in the accident. You're so he rolls into the hospital with you know kind of hold in the leg like a football or something before. Did they have to take that what is it looks to me like he sort of BN. Triage steer Newton. And delayed was RDC average tonight well. This uses the pillows and nice camps. In his ages who in and they wrap up news this little stuff down there you don't see him saying like this looks like perhaps it's before. They get in there and you know take care of business if you don't send him. Reading here and a further article it says that his relatives at the hospital staff ignored the request that he be given at Palo. And then when they recent hospital there it did the relatives of the limits on his legs being used as his leg being uses headrest. And apparently they eventually brought in the Palo but only after the family complained. About his severed leg being used what is not clear is. Whether the leg was severed before it got to the hospital via work his leg was damaged and they had this Everett then they propped up. Now they I feel like to see I'd I've got this. You're dialed in here I feel like. His leg. Kinda came along with him yet and it was already it was already come up because it says the left leg of the bus conductor who got severed in the accident. So he picks up the legs that well maybe they can throw this back on down there so I'll take that in with me. As evidence in the medium maybe it would believe him came a leg severed no it's not hours or is that you know who have genuine. Now and show us a blunt okay but you're hot eight BC theories here so. So he comes in with a lag and like OK it will be with you will wrap up we'll wrap up your stamp beach golf. You know make sure you're okay for now and it was probably had that this legged animal to glitches and a doctor and. As I as I know of anyone. That's had been doing more. Freezers and this year theory on this hospital. Let me just this would argue this is that this is buried at the end of an article us on this they said that last year. More than seventy children died in a single week at this government hospital. Because they ran out of oxygen. And they didn't realize it so did the kids that were being kept alive and well one of seventy kids being kept alive on oxygen and one hospital only help. But against Iran analyst and by the time that freedom they run out they did daddy replacements for. And seventy people died and also this one from last year at this hospital. An unlicensed doctor was arrested just last month. He allegedly infected 46 people with HIV because he was reusing syringes. All at the same hospital. So to be with you maybe the severed leg. The leaks of the things that are going on at the government run hospital yet feel like this was a good doctor. This is like the responsible one if that's his. Even if that's what is laid down somewhere else would you don't know where it's good to go I really you know errors then I may have used the severed leg is the pillow for this patient. A big kill anybody. And I wasn't reusing syringes for six people infected with the HIV. To fear any India don't go to the hospital under any circuit. It's a Bob's auntie bankers and he says he's traveled many times to Central Asia and he says if this guy was. Low on the you know that caste system over there yeah if he's low. They don't care about him hence the severed leg though. They give like a one a little policy epic look. We'll give you and for the leg will be damned if or when it and if you look at the next patient needed a pillow and they came inning constantly. And don't look now. I'm all right we'll work Monday after mellow like John was offended by the left and I give me and I'm there was to juggle but that's bad and so. OK he's really funny but it's only getting an arm. I think the leg would be work yet he's a pretty skinny yet what do you think happens when he's justice of bloody stump pleased after the next. This is good darted behind the snow that was upside is badly needed but maybe it's both arms laid out would not somehow. Stories making me very comfortable. Maybe a blanket and sort of pull up. But they have like this severed limbs they keep them in like the pillow close at that we use their. Historic case audit Noah knows the difference. The pendulum. What kind of cookies do you use for severed leg. But I hope. They lose leaves like Alan Anderson used these. We're debating browns believe Nike donate those at the and he got his sponsorship to upgrade to that copper one. Look we can makes money from the hospital this. Bad. Really bad even for just the act there right dead John wraps it up next on the thin averages. This is a tournament week additional primetime went Isaak and suit brought to you by Warren Allen attorneys at law I'll intimidate you both Graham. Yeah. Yeah yeah. This. Season and Johnson do damage caused sanity and I well I here's John that someone upstanding. And above last segment is a joke was not use an entity that lake is a pillow for someone. John skinny aren't used. I don't think I use an acute lately it. Ooh that's the question. You know I don't know what you yet I suppose you could like he's like the lamp or something like together at night thanks soaked in from other items on that growth. But torture like if you were in a dark behave gently at the vet repeatedly. You could wrap Ian admitted some cards and yet the average. Valid point what if you were like star mean like on a mountain there whenever there's an active link would you you don't. Start on the fire. Yet you don't want it we've talked about it or articulate as deputy Cox personal. If you're if you're legitimately. Going to die. IP cannibalism on the tape. And I think it is to see that separates a lot of people but. I think the hardest just to. Like Deborah like thirty amputee right sides and it's and it's it much easier choice and saying hey wanna miss here is gonna have to sacrifice it sort of assisted dye grounds already dead. Getting word that always is like so oppose that I don't feel like anyone I know I I don't certainly feel this way. I don't know what it means to be hungry I think that 99%. Of the people. Know what it means to actually be hungry like a I don't eat for like eight hours like oh my god and start being. I don't get a cheeseburger my bad days I'm Lily give a duck you know I no longer and a yeah you're you're below and I am too. Yeah I think you're right I don't know if you know we certainly never did. Country to the point. That you would ease. Cannibalism cannibalize something that. We're I would be more worried. Like a targeted group elected movie with a play crisis I'd be a little worried that if I've been a group but regular people. They don't look at because I'm big could it be like we can all he got back. Yeah you know their tubby in element of that just clearly drawing straws you might be in general the trouble. Well has argued. You know again. I could get to lose a few pounds I think I could live for a while just gotten on bat reserve before I got to the point broad cannibalize. If I was CITIC Group with regular site people they are the leader that he's like hey. You know we kill that guy and we're all week until we get risky so I'd be I'd be sleeping with the open at. Yeah you that you know you do it deathly John as you got to take it upon yourself just kill someone that pervades. And then you're like well there you go over what you need on him no one's gonna faulty. This is the the duplicate these safety go to Wrigley. Beat the crap out of the toughest guy the first days and everybody gets the word out stated that the played barely scratches. And I just immediately kill somebody who are currently deck and just edit the. Yeah cinemas you gotta go right from the get go and let it be known that you're not gonna be dinner. Right the guy I saw that movie alive about the is that a tournament where the soccer team's front. It went down the ones but like archer neither yes something like that it it it went down in. They can you reach you you read that book you watch that movie. Again I just don't think you can judge. That that situation Peña yeah you guys you've been in navigate true survival. Situation maybe and as long as you make it out alive I'm not judge squat. I you have got all bets are off a totally. Hitting killing me they know they wordy and people were already dead and that's not anything like he says. I feel like at some point that becomes a no brainer he evidently what I have read the book in the movie they don't go into too much but they said in this in the book that I read about it today. I mean it there there're people there like this is humanity like if we do this we can never go back thinking even if we get rescued how we live with ourselves. And in some people refused for a long time in and went. You know days and weeks without. Without doubt that they just trying to. Just to do with how they just might not do we did him. Didn't people didn't think they could live for themselves if they think they did your candidate rural area you go back in an apology for the rest your life. Our I was like that situation I would like to have the problem look happy to live with myself that you are still alive. In remember too those weren't strangers that was the give that tainted the fan plane goes down we got to eat Mike Lynch. My theory is no stranger to sign or not and you know it's like just pick a little bit of his. Living here and go right back all of your expert who wears the best place to cut like. The math and it you know we'll think about like when you deck backstage again go back you've written. I want my baby back to detect an accidental injury at that led to easier it's their. And let them link my tickle alleged captor which you get pretty convinced it. But look again I thought middle there's been a pretty tender. Kind of denied. Barrett gave everybody these last few in his last two segments and each dark. Becoming excited they're we're talking and I buddy leader. OK you know. Yeah obviously giddy. Tonight and I have a great night books he really wants to coming up on our show. Is Ron Mullen smile receive. Prevalence of the on Wednesday I think dirt street had him on tomorrow. Yet the ducks but where he's coming on site about the women's tourney because the number two seeded salukis in the even the number six need. The Lexington region and blazers heat in Quebec tomorrow talk about all things you know sports and stuff 37 inning you know. Chip yeah. Okay.