Primetime 2.22.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, February 22nd
Mariners have a new slogan, we guess...College basketball sucks...and In The News!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right now welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going on. Her peers have never known as an unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think he links and everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's again this kind of show. And he'd do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. I welcome back grows in the news coming up at 430. Our lead story today will be the latest teen trend and they were teased as yesterday yes I'm worried you shouldn't be it's funny. So we'll have that at 430 odd coming up in our next segment. Shall we check in on the state of college shoots laps what is your trigger could be going down very varies. Allows document does is talking about it's a horrible horrible to watch it's caused basketball son is the definition hadn't. Is very good team in the incidentally tournament and I'm such. It's pains because I grew up on caused us ideas I had such a hard time watching and now we bitch and moan about cancer die but how good their but I just a G bills put out his twelve to talk about how bad they are guys that was in and as OJ bills could that is twelve teams acumen at all in Kansas is one of them. You know that's a that is a glaring. Indictment and the guy and older I was on college basketball. But the pac twelve is the is there one good team in the fact we'll get to that and our next segment the Mariners have their new slogan for 2018. Guys love this baseball teams always have a slogan on May be on the net them but they always have a slogan remember with the royals. In 1985. You know they they want all they're they're slogan they're here was you've got to hit on your hands. Most of that school that's adorable they also had a couple of the others remember catch the thrill. And it's a hit the even though it wasn't. Thrilling or hit the mayors have had web believe big if they've had all of I have a list of the Mariners if you wanna go with the different Mariner's slogans we've had yet would you like take a look at them you know what are yet. If this week Woodward Campbell pulled up for you yeah. OK so this year gracious self. The Mariners slogan. Is good. But but but but that's it. No I'm not saying it's kid and saying that is the slogan and a good I guess the guy's head teacher it's all left on their chairs during spring training that growth. Said good good yeah. And are we out of slogan just war. Jim Harbaugh likes it now are we would. To being great or excellent or right. T enough but do you critique I guess is better than scene pretty good didn't exist. I don't get it when you're you're you're at how does good work as a slogan I don't know his thing on their TV commercials is going to be like because Seattle Mariners baseball yes good yes I saw on the ads ads or yeah. That's what they the web that's what they're doing any better than any worse than true to the blue. Well there have been some veterans they're also been some villains like the Mariner's some of the littlest of bloodless wasn't true to the blue wasn't that last year's afire member correctly that was 2014. OK actually so I 2013 and fourteen I remember so did they brought it back whatever reason I always remember those stupid commercials mariner baseball as you watch in a route that screwed the blue. So I think the best one the Mariners have ever had was 2001. Soto mode GO. I remember that that was us to get is that team. Mean they can't they were they'd be losing by three runs in the ninth inning in just knew they were gonna win yeah. Soto mode joke but if you wanna go all the way back we can do it together. That was the first repeat that go along with her race for every. Think everything is up and if everything is awesome when you're part of that team. What is that from the public the Disney special at the Lego movie if you have you ever seen the Lego we. Now it is phenomenal. If you ever had to go see one movie the yet to take kids do but you would enjoy his well I would say the Lego movie can it's freaky fantastic and that's the that's the theme song as the conformity everything is awesome you. It's an all star summer. Coming on strong all season long and that's in 1980 I joined the lineup playing hardball. Anything can happen. See it happen you know what I already on sale in that good isn't that bad as far as the slogan big league staff. Picks. Play in for keeps. Like death. Here's how about 1989. I believe in baseball. It's RX. 1990 news Seattle managed the surreal thing like where someone sits around and comes over the daddy's of their marketing slogans. They had yes yet of slow indeed need to support ahead what rise with us. Yellow thing if it's that big with the NBA began they did demise with that and that's not a bad slogan that they are rebuilt scene and try to think if there is any others here at the blazes that I can remember of government has. Use SES safe at home refuse to lose you gotta love these guys. That and I did like those commercials that you gotta love these guys got arrested you kind of funny commercials here watch Mary's. Soto Mozilla's. 2001. Mode Joseph rise in 2002. Mr. Zoom get Olivea Haiti now. Really in just eleven Howard Stern today and now. I think that it's more Dave Neal stress that they need says that that was the house you know. Eyes there was a Nigerian I think our roadster and they did down for two years what a show. A new day new way. It's an hour just on to believe big ready to play get after it treated the blue. I'll else last two years they've had. Are you ready. Well apparently not Imran I'm not a mystery from Bernard and another one is what it takes or whatever it takes. And this year it's good. Not pretty and not trying to get a good just juiced. Baseball. Did. But it's good to us. That's gotten. I think his team's gonna do. The I like. Define good and it was good the good. The beauty is in the simplicity of that all in good better and average better than fair. And winners is only smell like feet. Has diagnosed the boy as I said though a mariner baseball. This is Seattle Mariners baseball. Good. Is that the rent instead be on its luck pockets are against big it's heavy it's woods yes. All the gets up and gets better than bad it's good. Agent and there I forgot about that great call back evident that that's that the commercial written Stevie act. Stab again he's a prologue I here's one from one of our techsters mariners baseball. Expectations optional. I want elect analog data on a patch may be so that on the cements me uniforms as somebody else a Texan in. Matt readers expect it. About the Kennedy's son did about we don't need pitching admit it was that the photos they have a fine. If you got game winner steps can be just the other pitchers. Like packs since I don't know who will be the opening day gotta be packs and Felix price should be taxed in but they'll they'll do it too. The above role Felix at their not to (%expletive) him off right. And then tried to do it yet. I'm pull up roster resource right now irritation. There rotation is. Felix Hernandez James Paxton Michael leak. A Roswell Ramirez is Marco Gonzales. Now that's again they got from the cardinal cards. Okay Torres career Ramirez back in the rotation so Ramirez is going to be did leak packs and tee it all depends on if Felix now into Felix skin. If if this can be what he was which is sleaze I knew he was but if you can just keep it together and pass them as another nice cheer you gotta you gotta top there teaching Arabic legally innings he can have everyone on skid hit and you actually have to have a bullpen and Edward Diaz can't decide to be good every what six today. Mariners baseball. A lot. Some pretty funny and they should have a good they should have a good lineup mariners baseball did a they see me about your docket. And please don't fire. Mariners baseball do something. There's baseball kid is never good enough you have the the ducks would do some slogans and do something is something when the de water of the bam do. Wells smoked the bamboo I'm trying to remember other laser slowed mariners baseball let's pretend second base is home plate. We're just getting mean yes is he doesn't jerks. Mariners baseball good enough for who it's for but. Mariners baseball Mets trade coming soon. And I guess me a lot of trades. As an. Look inept or is it to see what other blazer once they have so when I can think it really is the rise with sinners baseball. Not everyone can be a it. At sergeant someone asked to be in the middle. And Aaron. Okay let's break coming up next. Let's check in quickly on the state of college basketball. It's pulled fourteen on the fan. Primetime rabbis against duke guard sanity bills end. Don't think the blazers were talking about slogans as the Mariners slogan this year is. Could not a good slogan did it it's just. I think the blazers should just have rip city. As their slogan every year that her that is I just think that is the coolest. One of the coolest. Mean knowingly honey guess is slow them but you know I mean. Also this I think the blazers in general as far as the marketing standpoint goes as a class have some of the best things going in the NBA first up at the uniforms are kickass. I love alternate one's in middle school the pen we'll is a gray color schemes grade everything is good did rip city is just it's just. It's uniquely yours know how else can tread on it is timeless fantastic classic they should just do that every year now. And I don't know I don't Vinny did he do that the MBA slogans aren't as big a deal it seems but they do do them but in baseball it's like it's huge yeah it is a big deal. But they had red red hot roll until they're sure of but it seemed to me is Canon. That's that's baseball hokey red hot girl and there's something good about rip city simplicity. Like good. Maybe try a little bit harder than that good. Appreciate the effort Seattle Mariners. Have a good look to. Fear of the luckier in the Pacific northwest. Timbers of billikens doubling the mayor's gear is good lasers. Awful look and stuff out there but the ducks. Yet the ducks have great stuff beaver is exciting that's not bad it's gotten better it's an acquired taste. A black and orange in granular cognizant of schemes to work with. But the thing about organ is if you don't love greeting yellow you don't have to deal with that because they have every color of the rainbow that is a dead color. Some of that twos and help stab Nike. And they're pretty get out the outstanding university in ninety. I in the news coming up in ten minutes the latest teen trend but quickly checking in on college ask well which we do not talk about much here neo and in the mean lamenting Kansas. GM is number one country if the Villanova. Now their third it's Virginia or Virginia army and the only got to about probably Tony Bennett. Beat in Washington State for Virginia enamored when he left there is like. Siegel and there Virginia these bill we talked about you said it thought it was a sleeping giant. And you know they're there they're 24 and two. So but who else that the Villanova Michigan State right probably. Top four or five they're two duke. I got to pull this up the present that is we are watching and Virginia's one Michigan State's two. Villanova is three. Xavier is four and duke is 50 guy zag when they had Xavier and can daggers at their bit like in that. ABC some like this he means like the people. There's even Logan's Agassi except north a lot of the national pundits again snags a lot of love allied they're good. We counted we will watch in a big twelve game like mariners are kind of blown away by the fact that I realize this until maybe two weeks go to Texas to act. Who's leading the big twelve Texas tech's sixth in the country. You have watched them against Kansas they beat Kansas they've got some really good guards. But. They're not. Well and they hear a big two ought not to it is the only basketball cause mass by watch anymore is big twelve and he wants a pactel I have a hard time watching it. It's nice not good man in the big twelve gaga wants impact to a because among the treadmill all all of throw on one of the pac twelve games are there was on the gym so I see the big. Twelve teams because of Kansas. And they're all kind of the same kind of number are. Our. Our grace. And I think the fact Kansas is gonna win that league again this year at the speed fourteenth street that one LE which Kansas fans the big deal I think that's awesome. The fact that they win that league this year in most likely will be a win on Saturday. Is assessments of that league Nabih Berry gives you lamented Kansas all year yet their eighth in the country played great coach I mean Bill Self is a great coach like the era that four guard line about it he well they have to because they lost. They lost a couple of days and a couple. Things happen with a couple of freshmen they got a monkey at one guy knowledgeable of the guy left. And so they just they're not working with the full hand. And so he had to kind of he had to kind of switched things up he instrument Bill Self is tremendous. But they are not as talented as the typical Kansas team she think of they're just not they can they need two things to happen to win. And it used to be they can beach and a lot of different ways traditionally the dukes the Carolinas they can Beecher a lot of different ways wrecked Kansas has to shoot the three well. And they have to have that Azubuike guided they won big guy he's pretty tough. But if he gets about troubled debt. Well and then you look at the actual by the departure of as one ranked team right that's Arizona. And there are fourteen I have I have not launched a little packed a basketball. See I've seen organ for a couple times I'd see new dubbed play a CU CL SI Ayers posted the start of the year seniors on a couple times. But again it's it's like a sit down and watch it a ton of basketball if those games are on and it's one of those teams that go all right. Is to grow watch it but it's it's so inconsistent even Arizona what I've seen more than anyone else in the pac twelve. I sued Arizona look like world beaters they need you would you watch him play someone else and Arizona looks terrible and one of their best players just got dean for a PD Ito has been he's out for the year. His second one yeah. We're not for an outstanding and amazing postseason format. I am aware conscious of being the we all rally around that NCAA tournament bracket in March it's fun it's awesome but man is that product. Horrible to me I can't watch a very good I have a really hard time watching that you asked me couple days ago you you really might have you watched. College basketball this year have you had to be reminded that Syracuse was playing. My answer was yes right there to give their Dave from like oh crap. The game is on the and I used to be like every game we know it was because we glued to TV announcing LA LA thereon. My most of mine is have promised socks we watch it in here as we watch Kansas basketball when it's on her Mike will flip if there's a Syracuse game on. Which is what Syracuse played the other day they're playing North Carolina. And if I'm at home reform at the gym and I'm flipping through and there's a pac twelve game on. Also put over I'll watch for a half but it is very and some of that is just for work purposes. It's almost like I should try and like I feel like I should be watching some packed a basketball. But saving mr. with the Arizona which outside of visited the under eight guy who want he'll think will be the number one overall pick to be seen him play. That guy is a physical freak. He's terrifying as he plays for Arizona ease ease the big seven and a I've seen him for Arizona and not much they just you're like holy hell. That guy's been a different game but. Although that's the du Canada. Market under yeah evaluate disk if he's healthy decently in the same sort of thing you just watch him playing you like you are different than everyone else split. You know everything from organ to U dub to heiress and a state. Every young UCLA is like this there is so much inconsistency. In the pac twelve its most it was going to look at Oregon last year this year yeah it's it's it's hard today they losses and ordered by the way probably not immune to make a terrible but that's what I'm saying they. Loss of ten because that's how it is now it's like you just don't build toward Jeff Austin our boss and I were talking about this. Today off the year before the showtime just don't build teams anymore you you real load if you're the dukes north Carolina's that you don't build. Like a member those old teams the duke teams of later in early you know the you know beat teams and stacked did they what they played for. Three years at least right together think about if guys stayed. All the best players just state this whole time. Had been staying for three or four years before going pro at a team cargo vessel be awesome folders they want it once was. Sauce their say that this is the worst Kentucky team. In in in two decades under Calipari. That that it's not very good and then you know that guy re loads better than anyone in the country. In even he's Phelan the sting of that the last two years you've noticed Kentucky's slow he's following from their elite French like how money is how many times can you have. For starting freshman. And expect to be an elite eight team do you expect them to be back in the next couple years I am sure Hillary unless these kids continue to go if you keep having bad years and you still have the same sort of attrition. Then take you by CBS and the best we can add to Kentucky's it's of these kids realize. I need to stick around even though we weren't very good and will build for the future I also wonder if that indeed is. FBI thing now a one if you think coaches may be. It's it's felt that coming in possible and and backed off of some of their practices will think about this that that's missing question whether or not these people out of that in effect are pretty. But if if you listen to the or read did the reports about the the fallout that's gonna come from that FBI sting once those things go to trial. And all those documents gets route gets released. And I mean he's talk in the top sixteen programs the country from what he's hearing. Could all go down I think what he said that the payment of players I think it was if you the last three years if you had eight A player in the lottery years. Let a player in the lottery look out. What is in the coming the next year to. You had. Let's just say for argument sake the top twenty teams in basketball there there a year and year out. We have twelve of those thirteen of those that are ineligible. But what you do then with college basketball what you got to Kansas and an Arizona. An ad in a Louisville and Kentucky and Syracuse and North Carolina. What do you all purged from this turner meant what what is the winners this year or maybe the next two years who knows. If you think the products bad now. What happens if we if we change the landscape of that if if the fallout is as bad as some people are saving could Obama be better can she get fewer of the wrong one and done guys. Now EA got. Maybe then you gig in Zagat. In May be given more teams like that did you build and they're good yes yes I write for your guys that is get on the meaning Neil Zach owns and and a gesture. What to depart ranks of the day is what six in the country. And they had a guy that whit what did Collins going nine to finish used tunnel on Latin love eleventh somewhere in there. What are any he did start forgive died last year made the national title. That's the sort of stuff that he can cause gospel I was mad need right you get like Anthony Davis comes in and Anthony Davis is a freshman. They win a national title and it's like clearly Anthony Davis is gonna go to the NBA and is gonna be an. A dominant player right away you can live without the one and does. I think the frustrating part for college basketball fanning college basketball coaches are not seen any get Zach columns he should've gone so we'll tell you gonna be a top ten pick. Freaking go the money's there but your guide it didn't start. Forgives Agatha played sixteen minutes a game. Anyways on a team that was a half shy of winning a national title. Think how good the number sixteen in the car issue would be if you brought back is that Collins. Editing those guys leaving it's not the Anthony Davis is the world leaving they killed college basketball is does that call ends players or they Kentucky kid. That is is a rotational player then that leaves those guys to me that are killing college gossip they let. If I had a sports wish over the next handful of years this would be near the top of my list because I think this trickles down to. I believe that what we're talking about as a problem that is not just college basketball. I believe it has affected the NBA game. And I believe that it is affected a huge game in high school games there and I think the stay I just think in general the state of basketball in this country. Is very very core I think that. It's got a lot of problems if they fix it it can beat is phenomenal I feel like it's bullied right now by the best players in the world. It is fun to watch Kevin Durant LeBron james' death greatly Davis he keep going down the list. And basketball. Sox begin and it's a product of what you're what you're talking about and it sucks it trickles all the way down. They need to fix that that would be near the top of my list of sports things that need sixteen. Soon sky is basketball. I mean it can be real it's a great sport but I just think their route and it by how it's structured right now. I was so desperately want a three and done system like you have a college football for college basketball because. From what you said the beginning teams or be light years better in college because players or were there for three years together. It would help the MBA because if you look back at the last like four drafts how many players in the top 1520 or not good. A lot of them because they weren't ready to come into the draft yet to come into the NBA. So three and done and then even for the Kentucky thing right Kentucky realism freshman every single year or they wouldn't be able to do that. If they had three and done so maybe other team is now get some of the best players and in high school parity kind of increases have been now it's not just duke and Carolina. Received an out of exceed two things one if we paid kids maybe they'd be more likely to stick around better quality life. Or just go to a baseball system where it look if Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant don't wanna go to college and they're good enough then they shouldn't have to give him in the MBA. But if you decide to go to college. I'd like to see that three years either go right out of high school or stick around three years and I think that would make. The game that much better I can't fall I got I use that called him just 'cause it was up the top of my mind. I can't follow the Collins if either one of us were in that position would you go back to give that for a 400 dollar month scholarship. Would you leave and take ten million dollars go play in the NBA can't fall back Katie made the right decision it just hurts the game. So Tony Bennett at Virginia Virginia's ranked number one. 1234. Fire last five seasons Tony Bennett's record at Virginia and 133. And 32 could ward he's done. Thirty and seven what they are important to show they are easily on us thirty and 730 and 429. And 82311. Another 25 and two in the they've made a final 41 year right now at least now I have to admit up front they know Israel made a habit of flaming out in the tournament yep yeah eight elite eight what I remember is that a loss to Syracuse after having like a seventeen point lead in the second half. Yeah of atomic so well anybody pencil them into the final four this year even other Italian beat them one overall seed. Probably not right at traveling. Okay Kansas cut down the nets. Not gonna happen to wrap to it it's not a Muslim girl not going to be seeing Kansas knocked. Hey. Now now it's inadequate routes to take that personally I'm OK we got a little caught bass while tied for the up next it's time for in the news the latest teen trend here's Mike. Tickets to god Kennedy fan. RH 439 we've got to have another local mascot controversy beat them here. We have the hotline at five and twenty minutes is very big sports news. But right now it is time for any news every 22 2018 and we noted newsman I need my news rob yeah. EI native give it to me now I'm OK so this is the latest teen trend. With kids. Is what they're doing. It's pissing people off I've got teams tonight I haven't seen anything I wonder if they've done something like this. That's not just a lot of people off because in order to be pissed pissed off by this you have to work hobby lobby. Cam and need a further explanation of what are we what is. Hobby lobby you know I have a lot of tickets jeopardy question hobby lobby is a store like. Like Joann fabrics. And out of store. That has a bunch of I could craft warehouse like Michael's idea yet there it's like that. Basically it has a bunch is that the you don't. You would never won and you would never go in their right now at hobby lobby encased in a wondered I was wondering if you can set up our prince right now and 50% of art prints. Including Dr. Seuss so you you might wanna get on that but like ninety sale of these I love the kids loved I loved this generation I think it's the best yet I think the Smart. I think they're thoughtful I think they're inclusive. And I love what these kids are doing all across country regarding gun violence. And this. Is no different okay. Date what they do now is they go into a hobby lobby. And they do there what they do them. Pictures in the flower section. So they don't they go in there because in hobby lobby I guess they have. I just flowers all over the place the nearest one by the way in Salem if you wanna check got a hobby we don't have a hobby lobby here we do now we have one in Salem we have one in Albany and we have one in Springfield I have never heard of it maybe it's super first time women in the last regional. But I think it's a Michael's against what is so the kids go in there and they they shoot they do a photo shoot eight they get a photographers intends to do on the phone has been announced yet. And can they bury themselves in the flowers. And do a photo sheets of Jerusalem. Social media why now. Well it's kind of funny so like it and it looks it looks good leg it looks like. Here in some you're hearing and sort of goes started moving votes comical guy and the did you register and I did that. I went and I went I went Boston there have picked a. The breeze block and Don Nickles gates blogs and slowly and how deep it was. Kicks yeah like the tyrannical god and they give you take it and wonderful so the pictures turn out great. But what's happening is they're just they're basically just sitting in the I'll hunt you. It's so the so their hobby lobby people are getting pissed because. They don't put the flowers back or certainly in all of the IL or just isn't as well. Don't know you have to use Selig and so on please think and hobby lobby people to see those uncomfortable family photos their dogs and sort of wooded Glen. The doors opened squatting down in some tulip exactly and so so they're they're resourceful day I don't know. You go to hobby lobby take he had shot these flowers you'll never really difference but you know I'm. I'm not gonna lie I kinda wanna go to a hobby lobby now in this this I think it's intense that a bit like a punk kid it's a 39 year old man with a male pot and her male pattern baldness it's in the hobby lobby. Hobby lobby coming to class and listen apparently really you know. But then you know weren't taken mine expert who shoot yes that's that's at their dinner and ask you did it moved on from the tide pods challenge now they had stacked but when you put the photos out. I have tagged hobby lobby challenger something like that I'm so hot yes he should ask your daughter about them closely did you go family photo of a two way. We've never to quell my wedding yeah totally that's the last time yeah. I wanna get on the line some video scrapbook. Care. Purge your wife doesn't force you to get together and clearly photos are so much efforts using carries you to meet you guys all we're like matching that no matter is that when where's that was the thing delight later yeah we're white shirt with jeans why is that in the edit in some sort of force called. Tonight why does she have a haircut yet at least lighten your teeth yet hire professionals that's what the the women on possibly begin on your iPhone and ultimately what the women want is what the women get it because epic ever. Every every guy's hat did nine never had to do that no decision yet another reason why I love my wife yes she she thinks those are stupid deaths I feel like every man. This married. 90% of what he does is simply to avoid a hassle. That what you are made sure whatever. This he looks fine. And I've been if I if you behavior someone of the regular route to city they can't fight that no guy's gonna fight and now he insisted it is used. Busy like if we get that stupid men gave her like a place the garage he can sit and be ignored the most constant console online so. You know cause that it's time for spending yet frame that crap. Difference or spread the because what you just hanging above your fireplace and stare at your own family cheesy every day that's what people do. But if you're part is my kid does this win when you go some where like without the trans and they take that photo. NATO facility at the end for like 900 dollars and my daughter goes up and takes a photo of the photo. Like they put them on the wall like that in the preview I have. But my daughter will go up to just take a photo of that be like good enough and she always gets yelled at by the people yell at so we have some molds. Photo lightly damaged by the enemy RH has all photos or acts that the printed out photo album sometimes when you take a picture of designers can delight right. If you take a picture of old photos it looks pretty kick ass and you can't tell that it's an old photo of you think it's digitally remastered look at us like the new Star Wars but did you ever do that with people that are selling those. I'm telling you they get buried very touchy about the whole thing. All right so that's latest teen trend coming up next another local mascot controversy for 45 on the fan. Can get not five here in ten minutes. Her nose. Let's we are in the middle of the video is from February 22. Are correct sir it's number. How fast 2008 Jesus you'll Colin Cowherd on music humble mobile. Non unbelievable by the wind perfectly believable. Okay. Remember earlier tiny mouse south Eugene now. When you. Can't let me remind you it was the the act as men voted to acts as their name to the acts as you couldn't have the accident anymore it was the sexes. Yes I don't like they Canadian National Anthem had to be changed. Is he used to be an all by sons command and apparently you can't say that anymore now it's in all of our command and it's. Inclusive that way. I think south Eugene should went with the ax people that they didn't they just changed it actually acts community if the ax high. Accent the actual royal we the editorial we so we got another one now this one tiny fill out this on this is in south of Albany Oregon south company high school whose mascot is. The rabble. Okay the rebels don't like that knows that a southern rebel yap it is they have like the mustache and all it's well I mean that's really. Going to do as rebel come from many other. Mean that's the origin of the the rebels and I don't know at an old news if they were sent out when I think of rebel. I do you think like you'll miss mask I think you know Billy Idol rebel yell they go he said Billy Graham Billy Idol the only an old British guy. So sound familiar of rebel and see where that turned him yet said it's pretty much from the civil war idea I don't I don't really know how else. But why else. They were the victims of David Villa. Says it is a person who rises little opposition redolent rebel rebel assault now. This says that the person who rises and opposition of armed resistance against an established government or rulers. So in front of the problems of yesterday they especially after Charlottesville when there was you know the protests over as the removal of the confederate monument inning got violent yeah. It's getting a little too hot and for the folks south only sell them to warm their principle guides hundreds of emails. Apparently. And letters. Calling for the rebel mascot to be retired they are over it but you know. It just comes from the word verb to mean it comes the word rebellion and revolution see you good. If you wanna see you just changed. The messed got a little bit lays it might my daughter's. Middle school did this where they are the why these two warriors and it was a native American they just change the worried to lakers yeah Spartan thing yet they could do that I mean it this says although there are no longer images of a confederate soldier on campus the name rebels remains. Emblazoned on the school's athletic uniforms and the grandstands in the end zones the football field. Just change it to like an American patriot rebels they do you think is 1776. Rebellion sort of thing happening there and we're really not offended by this whole thing I think we are. Yeah I think we are now when none sensitivity training at times although saint. That one's probably more there's more grounds to change that one in southeast keen mind. Yet the accident one was really dumb I can see where if you did have like the old. Colonel like southern colonel in click again is that they understand that move along and says. It is it is weird that we. That's like a thing that celebrated. Rent in this country I am faster as the whole point now it's like now there can only thank gonna be hitting it. Didn't touch. Him cannot afford that thing and again we have. Bottom line is that we. And uncomfortable history in our country that we don't really like to it if that's right but we try to take the moral authority and high ground in the world and I get why. I think where the greatest country but we do we've done some stuff sort that we don't. Really lied to him didn't. Drug should also ban rebel without a constantly. I make is controversial statement enmity I don't like overrated gets up okay. And everybody Ohio Jim Morse and take. About Jim Morrison wouldn't be Jim Morrison just mores and if he had died. She James Dean. He Medina GAAP. Yeah ray movies old Jimmy Dean was then it is not that many 107 now I think it's like six. Yeah he was not. I'm not gonna fight you on the EP was not in some sort of massive. These these massive hits. Ernie thing. Okay and that's you news. Everyday for thirty. Local news you can use. From me and news men. Local news. You can use during that guy and who's the guy now that's the slogan Gary Gideon's lose it all that is that is the news of Gary GNU. When your diamond. That wasn't what it was was it a bottomless. What was the Gary can you slowed and Dino might know young I think that's what it was in the it was all the news that is the news's Gary GNU. I think that's it that doesn't sound close enough to his name can you. Though as a person doesn't want to call it Guinea is in golf the good news that Gary Guinea or some crap. Anybody know we're talking about here iceberg and I was out by the way James Dean lifeline please three movies. No can it yet this what it is disguise wreck no good news is good news with Carrie it is it doesn't military but as a great that's a great month. Gary and Eminem I do remember nobody is is good news that Gary Guinean military and they didn't remember the slogan as well as they should. Okay. And out and we know that James Dean was overrated. Please. Somebody is using like a 22 year old girl by the way does this one right here you know my favorite movie stars just James Dean really. James' favorite movies are all I read those those three movies you made you know my parent of the fifty years before you were born that's your favorite movie star Paul Walker putts. Big party the fast and the furious movies area AM he was passed Jeff Bridges county soon. OK so the hot file advisor for the real answering hard to answer I'd like in the wide apart every bit. At all because as one the siege of bridges that I love you. Other hot fighter five is coming up next time let's say how tiger did I would get another baseball team tanking and the NBA is considering something a little Lackey. So. Today they're right and its direct act.