Primetime 2.20.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, February 20th
Hot 5 at 5, Charles Barkley repaid by the Blazers, and weather/snow talk. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. I. Find a blood diamond club won the I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours Sowers for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would you please not do. Do prime time on 1080. I finally it. On the fan Robbins nukes. Here comes here comes the the it's a snow jam. Yet the snow is falling and are now that it will be a slow jam the ads coming down and any course in search stick so if you're still network. Probably just you know pale. It's a well it's 5 o'clock anyway got this for the rest of the show them. Yes. Golden as a newsman with that it is my responsibility to stay here that the best as we we are talking about is our boss is god. So no bills over there. Don't know our GM Jeff yeah water are Armenians by our GM is still here is really yeah he's he's fight through it. How he's doing miss just so when people come in tomorrow he Billick. A listener I was agreed to. But we were weird joke about these kind of rate we are joke about leaving the show currently a guy we gotta go we're we're out here. And then someone mentioned a swagger who is doing the Terry Porter ship yet 7 o'clock talent on the fan so my guests lag like maybe gets or the daddies and ended this show it's rags like I got four wheel drive then nothing it will start Jason Zweig guard. For doing the Terry Porter Tivo that's right I believe that you could have. You could have a a new regular incident and sweat would still show up. He will not miss well show we are contractually to contractually obligated to do that shows yes slack is not miss in the territories are so few people out there don't you worry no matter what the weather condition track you'll get Jason swagger are reported tonight at 7 o'clock. We were off yesterday yes because of the holiday. And so if you are in your car right now even though there's a lot going on on people stayed home today. You probably you know if you do likeness or have Angeles until some time to time you probably like chocolates I'm glad they're on because otherwise he'd be another day or it's a cat in it. Those guys Dylan. So it's Elise we needed to be here for you Miley hasn't been bad all day though. Let it always is coming down a big flakes yes sounds like it's any worse here are so so all we'll keep you abreast here on the banks of the mighty will limit river well. The Willamette river test which by the way this breaking news has not for isn't over yet so we will be not using it to travel. And you know they speaker system of the commerce on and a so in the meantime let's have some fun coming up at six. Policy. Tom oh have you seen the latest. Business. Who's news any business. It's key to life says science while it's about time doubly green Nancy to talk about the the Olympic lady in need to scheme half pipe yeah. This you know what I have that's slotted in for our next segment okay good I wanna make sure we get to because that's my fears are very of the Olympics is no question it's it's the headline right now makes me. Beyond that in if you don't know what's in stock and I'll get to that in our next and it just an NFL stuff only gets you hopefully this hour but. May be that well I don't know when you've got to wrap up. NBA all star weekend now is we have some some audio player from that. And down. There's one other thing. It was a don't know either forget it it's all that black Panthers break in all kinds of records I saw that this weekend. He Aaron. William club has now really care about literacy club may be listeners care achieve what you heard bastard you know review it that's what this is about an hour. Rob maybe. The first big gaffe in America in. Music. Super super here earlier movie directed by an African American and it was a huge so he can deal this week our game we better get to the odd kind of. Odd topics and opinions. We thought I don't aren't that day and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot and private Bible. Isaac consumed. Refresh my record slide when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light Coors Light whatever your name climb any. Yes Texas did this flag will give the eulogy at his own funeral. He well it's like delicious he will not miss a day of work in fact I don't think he's ever missed a day of work because of illness or poor conditions out here. Why is that when the bonds finally dropped the one man left on the air will be Jason swagger and bring you up. The number of guys come in on his vacation this. So IG remember reached show I do average Joseph. Former trail blazers general manager he's been out in Charlotte it's Africa saw him I saw him at PM. Is here at the collective Katie thing Leslie yeah. He's quite awkward yet the draft lottery remember he was used it there for the Warner embraces when he was here yankees then. Well he's gonna be out of job looks like Michael Jordan who owns the end. Via ports. Hornets yeah Sarah's gonna calm bobcats. That was confuses the he's got a fiery show he's not gonna renew him and he wants to bring in Mitch Kupchak yeah the members cut chicken that being the odd man out that who would that power struggle there in Los Angeles with the you know turned over to the basket but do worse at reading can object to work many many years the Los Angeles Lakers yet the the the knock on working in Charlotte is that while. Michael Jordan yes you can be a bit in the middle there he runs things weird that he doesn't really get hit with a whole terrible owner thing and he doesn't probably should they. They weren't too that it was that last year the. Where they showed promise and they signed Dwight Howard it's like hitting. Now they suck but they tried to give Kemba Walker during the break one other note the blazers have signed Brandon Rush rock chalk to a ten day deal. And he will likely not stick. Him and he does this that he was a ten year veteran as their Roma because. That's another one of those that I would not have thought it it had been you know men remember him he was on the Egyptian team now with. BJ at bay Buccaneers released running back Doug Martin that season about seven million toys to cap he's just kind of been banged up getting all. Also the Texans cut linebacker Brian Cushing yeah you know that's that's one of those again you get old and he got busted for ten games dvds. Assistance. That may be that may be time to move on TV he resurfaces. That's possible is a bad ass when he's healthy right well and when he's on the immunology is on the sauce. So I need to look at how old the year's end and what he's willing to play for. Franco as she will have a guy he's 31 he's got a job he wants it. It's just a matter of is he willing to to take a lot less than what he was making. And for some guys their ego won't allow you to do that. And imagery Judy Martinez over the weekend did it ultimately agree to a 110 million dollar deal with the Boston red side. He was forced to take a 110 million dollars organic he was bitter about it for the last three months than I was like fine. 110 million air cousin went to the Padres a three team trade today. Involving Mike's New York Yankees they just keep getting better. Yankees. Is it Steven Souza. Yes. Not bad player he goes say he's an outfielder he goes from Tampa Bay news is digging and everybody. Two he'd Diamondbacks Arizona gets. Well they replaced eighty Martina it's really Reagan's was Angie Martinez there's a trade yet he came over from the tigers with a big beautiful. It's going to be hard to replace Judy Martinez but yet his was one of the easiest guy they had that when he got dealt. He was arguably the best hitter in baseball when he went did his own he is awesome the Yankees get green and dreary news and infielder. It's set to. Look you're stretch there it's occupied ninths had stability for their gonna put two rookies or second and third and I got a guy is definitely experience. Yes lose two prospects in the number he's number fourteen prospect. Thanksgiving. A pace of play changes in Major League Baseball his breakdown of the new rules that they announced mound visits will be limited to six per team per nine innings this does not include pitching changes when you come out you make a change that does not account when you're six. But it will count like even if you get the second baseman that comes over to confer. With the the yield the curler there that will counts of such as guys command of the dugout. As has been the case there is a timer that we'll count down between innings. From 2054. Breaks and locally televised games from 225 nationally televised games and from 255 the tiebreaker and post season games. The difference now is that a 252 mark the empire will signal for the final warmup pitch in the pitcher must throw it before the clock it's twenty. It kind of weak and getting a little to the good it does seem a bit much but I understand trying to speed of the game but. It's great retarded about this day and I'm just a firm believer if your baseball's stance. So this isn't gonna making he's giving you if you're not. How many diseases is through obedience no pitch clocks. That that was on the table but that will not happen this year I do like he did it being spent I just don't know. Indeed it's gonna have a huge impact one way or let you know how they need to speed up baseball you know he gave here's the here's the ways it is now. Path there's move faster. Players move fast to that novel idea Alder slope look you can and you have to like all the stuff is just flat. Players teach your ass in the batter's box. Sat up and get ready pitchers get out their stop and Miller around with your hat and you're in rub on the ball and just we can play the game. And play it faster doesn't work that it's. All you have to remember they put the rule in place for you were not allowed to leave the batter's box on certain amount of pitches. Players are to leave in the batter's box it was never force them. We'll hear the Nomar ruled on this kind of risk lives do we need and this in there's no way to really improve. It like he wanted to and less the players buy in that they just need to move along faster that's it that's the end his ceiling real significant thing he did. And a little loses its appeal to the NCAA. This over the Rick Pitino. Assisting coach pain hookers for recruits and stuff. They have TV case they're 2013. And NCAA championship in June this it's the first. National championship vacation in the final four era. About like the sixties the a lot of final fours have been vacated but not championships. No word on whether it for Tino has to vacate his tattoos that he got after they won the national championship they also had to vacate their 2012 final four appearance in a bunch of wins from 20112015. I ask you to do you care. If it and not really if we don't know who won time exact everywhere and they were cheated and chances are a handful of other teams that really deep runs in the tournament we're doing the same thing. Personal retroactively taking away things. All right Olympic news is coming up next the hot five at five has brought to you by prosper a course like duck and Bieber fans download the new course light. XP app and earn points stores wanted to kind experiences and rewards its fight eighteen on the stand. I'd find too many three on the stand Tuesday. The drop and seek its cattle tank it is up up the chain eyebrows but it's Elena they're now. Yeah it's coming down the snow Jim is in full effect. Snow Jan 2018. So be careful about that that's a big thing. Like it but you know I get. I like the way I think my winner apocalypse to have more of the like. Don't seem sort of doomed filthy snow didn't means little to have he would have beat tonight at the Olympics we did get to I think we get Lindsay fine here in a bit. Do in the home downhill skiing thing. It's is it exciting thing because she's a big name. You make your mission is the biggest thing with the Olympics I would guess some woods and maybe her Sean thanks. The end we'll see get Olympic hockey tonight where the US is going forward. So many gamers USA USA. Although it's weird because now that they could prove his arm plane. It really watch much Olympic hockey kids and winning when it has now it's hard to Carol all the best players in our country fine I got so used to you for watching. You'll get your players over the last few Olympics that it's. It's kind of weird to go back now I was gonna bring up on so you know Ian for NASA used to host here yes the grade I in furnace yes. He sat in this very chair for two what is clear is that the privilege to sit there with a grid iron furnace you know he's night on the show anymore. But he's still. Making the show because casts a mighty shadow I wanted to read you a tweet of the sights on because I've not watched Olympic hockey. Bruises and I can't find enough. Hell he was treating these is on his Twitter yet he's a hockey. Clinically guy he just over the winter hawks stuff on TV and he was lamenting how bad Olympic hockey is out. In a forget how it included it was kind of funny but I can't find them anyway. He its Olympic hockey sense but page USA USA. So that's tonight but really the story right here Olympic hockey hard to watch ugly beer league guy in college player get together and have escaped brutal. There you go that was just it was fun on Twitter line no one's grown terrorist or can't find it right here 22 hours ago. 22 hours' gap he's ahead he's a hefty Tweeter. Yeah he says no on him he's one of those guys puts a lot of content out there. Issue because it's not only do you not have the NHL players and this is even the best of the amateurs. That are in hockey skates. These are the top prospects that we have that aren't in the NHL so it really is. It it's it's a now she is American she's from California. But she skis or hungry yes she was gonna speed meter ski for Venezuela a bit but somehow that seems to Hungary. So she her mom's from Venezuela yet. Don't know what have with the venezuelans Venezuelan team but her grandparents are from Hungary. And so that's how he's able to steeper hungry so. Her story is great. This woman is an inspiration to all of us. She. And she a pizza she's Harvard educated she went to Harvard yes she's. Kind of known for doing bits he once ran for. Governor in California at the age of ninety. That we about. Now on hold. Arnold I. Get to the job Arnold took her out. So. She figured out that. She could maybe qualify for the Olympics she she had she had released he'd until like five or six years ago yeah. But they do this. This being at the Olympics the ski half pipe where they go in there and they do their tricks and you know. It's gonna put John might does that I don't ski and Steve. And what she learned was that. In order to qualify for the Olympics and you have to finish in the top thirty and you have to and meet the minimum. Score requirements meaning you can't really fault them on you if you finish your thing. You're you're eligible you finish your routine your own. Clothes she figured out. That around the world a lot of the best. Olympic half pipes skiers were all competing at these major events or they would have these other bastard events. And she knew that there were not even thirty. People competing in the end it says she would go there. And and she would sign up for them and compete knowing that she would if she didn't fall she would finish in the top thirty so what she would do. Is not she can't do any tricks so you view wants food that half pipe near where they got me do all kinds of flips and stuff. Her theory was I just gonna go in skates key for one side up and then go down there's no tricks whatsoever but by finishing and not follow lean. She finishes the runner in her thing is that some of these lesser qualifiers the people are kinda desperate as they try to throw bigger tricks and making impede and a lot of people crash. And so is she just went around. And and in ended up fine for the Olympic simply based on the fact that she didn't fall even though she does no tricks. Whatsoever. You know she is doing eating she'd lose if you watcher run it's really funny. In his she barely gets air off the Internet that he gets got to write it be like you and I well. I don't wanna make it look like it's that easy because it's not even she does but you know I mean yes she skis from one side of the half pipe to the other and then just goes down and she finishes and throws her arms up in the air like. Like all the other. And it's beacon wonderful. Thing I've ever seen at the Olympics are she went to one free ski event like it's free ski half pipe and she went to one. And finished twelfth out of fifteen and you may say able. How did she finish. Twelfth well again to your theory she just a G nature she didn't fallen she knew that there were to the peak there would be other rescuers that would fall so she actually finished twelfth which. You know if again finished in the top thirty have the minimum score in euros of the Olympics apparently there are no other good skiers and hungry it's so she's like I don't go. That's got a free trip to the Olympics was there or better skiers and Venezuela where she didn't think she can make it says she found someone a country where no win ski is evidently and is like I can do that he got you guys have to go Google her run when you get home Snyder year if you're on YouTube if her name is Elizabeth Sweeney and they're literally no error and she's like snow plowing down and on my kids in the people are met said that this then there are a bunch of people at the bottom watching out and they don't know what to do I know they're just like blunt end is obviously their pissed yeah like out of the competitors are really that better because she's kinda become a celebrity and they're like BS and they wanna have some rules that that they they're traded like put some rules and plays that would. Eliminate people like this right she basically gave the system and she's at the on diseases anybody watcher like. I was a decent skier back in the bigs we go to Colorado a lot but I always had that look of a little wobbly regular. You didn't and yeah not. Y eight thanks you know you see this Alpine skiers is look bad ass and then gone down on the mound you know and dissing complete control their fine and a 108. Our panel how fast those Alpine skiers go I think they go hundred plus miles an hour. Other finite and there's in complete control out there she has a little element of that wobbly kind of pulls out like oh crap I may be gone down type of skier that you see it I mean you got them on did you see them all over the cliff she has that look about. Is freaking break it she's competing Chad Diehl of the Olympics. All right so her name's Elizabeth Sweeney should check that out. It's just right away the US is an on in my heart no we're not winning medals in Norway is which. I mean Norway's like they feel best country in the world they always do well because well those sports mattered. Well that shoe to date they but they're just better than their better life in the car. Ranked as is and Norway the country are always like the they have no crime against Norway and Sweden had a whole Scandinavia thing of their parent they got it all figured out there's so amazing now in there and made a vacation all the time in their modest in their their big help one another don't like the suburbs they're they're just. It's it's just a different culture our version of the Canadians and they say it's like the greatest country to live in and then in the world. Well apparently they're get a winter sports they could win. They could so there are on pace for this to break the all time record of 37 medals won games and Ellis set by the US. So Norway has won metal for every 200000 Norwegians right now. If we did that we would need to win 17100. Metals. And matched them cable. Let me just say this to be fair right the entire skit the entire country of Norway. I guess seemed like everyone in that country is within three seconds of the ski slope it's freaking Norway. It's not so much you know they do their kids it's harder for people from Kansas. To go find him we may be a country of 300 million people now many people in our country actually have access to winner sport. In LC do Norway and what a soft feature on them they don't keep score in any thing. In sports until the age of thirteen. They just train of your little aegis inept now employed. Now play for a score. Again don't winning in Norway is competing in basketball their busy spewed ski like that's their national sports you know that their workforce is made of the 75% women. Joseph that I didn't ever popularly back down. Since they're dominating us and respect doorway and Swede I think Norway's bad ass into retail can bite me well think they don't have licenses there. They're prisoners are all revolted. I feel like you're moving to Norway there's an article I read about it might have been Norway it's one of the Scandinavian countries where the prisoners in the present. All leave. Sleep in the prison. They actually work in real jobs in the city's new enemy get brought back to the prison is that right to sleep and stay there is they can't limit her house but they still work to help the workforce yet and there are a lot of cheaper prison rims are are really nice suit but it's not too bad to be president of the way to go Norway don't have a lot of crime. They don't have. They don't have homelessness and have a lot of poverty but EP Paetec. So that their taxes there's among the highest in the world yet the skit they he's got that they are all I think it's a lot higher than that this one neighbors gelatin is it. I know is income tax income taxes going for all the services yeah exactly well and also too there's only five million people that live in the entire country. Hearted view that any country of 300 million people league and all he didn't eat it not bother here. Are you get a little. And you are and get no pitcher like we'll have my land there at nine he's our way a lot of people all bashed in and dismiss them because they. A appear to be socialists like this person. But. They're government doesn't have ownership over the means a British it's they call cooperative capitalism. Where it's all year all in for the greater good everybody's about equality in modesty and community. It's kind of nice and reasonable furniture and gold medals apparently are. There's one guy who moved his daughter to the US use and are reaching guy any news to the US. And he was over here for awhile and he said his last straws reading is now online today. His last straw was when his daughter came home and said I'm a really good writer. And Hewlett to her in my weight where did you learn that how do you know. And she symbol my teacher told me that I'm a good writer he picked up and moved her back to normally you know why why they don't. EEE your ear about modesty there you are not better than anyone else and you don't say it really bright. Not crazy it's crazy and that's what Norway does in the summer games. Look that up. They may dominant we're games Siewert told the order nor is due when it comes it is running and jumping out there probably due to probably training for the winner to expect it is colder your and I. Be as it was Summers like up there it is quite chilly I think most of the year yes all right that's your hot Olympic tock for the day we did have that while there's one other note there was Janet Jackson moment out there. The French skaters do pop. You know we had a close of on the net which is so you know no Bueno at the world around the world can't handle that we had to wardrobe malfunction during the ice dancing. And doping in curling but then again I mean. By the way too early in the last summer games Norway took home four bronzes the that's it that's sit on the they finished 74. Adam 78 countries and it better than for other countries. Yes on that. For. You sound like a pretty insecure American right yeah I USA. USA. Recommend next audio the blazers cut the check here's Mike. I'm revising in zuccotti 1080 bells ring. All right. You know as much in the Olympic. Cross country skiing today. Well it was on an ounce on the track. Practice as they cross country scheme and it. Might be the most boring event in the Olympics you know I tell you update us though it is is not exciting now. But it's a race watching I think that's what it was cross country scheme could be called sending different but they're going to this course and and they have you seen some of the hills they go up. On skis you have on the cross country course is they're not all flat yeah you have to go nude it is like in how fast they go. Crews and up the hills on skis it's really I mean it's I was like. Possible only by June groped didn't across countries like just think that all you fans now you ski great yes but not well so when you when you. Let's say you lose is skiing you have to go back up to get a IE you know it it's like. Just to get the ten feet up the hill to go backing get the skier like god is the hardest thing every like sidestep then there's a reason why they're in the Olympics and you were not let these guys are skiing. Up those hills. Added very fast clip like they've got to be in some serious shape were they sit across at your schemes like one of the best exercises you can do. So I mean that I wanna see it because of being horror urged the I gently saves when he looked I was just pointing out that it was kind of cool policy you do that you are saying. Should we give crust Fisher's teenage shot is that what you're saying no I just think it's awesome that. But they're able to do that I didn't know that I thought it if you told me well it was a Saul describe cost cross country scheme like okay they're racing. I don't know five miles or whatever it is over terrain that ski able to you know why I know. That crust is your scheme goes up pills because when I was little and we played like the I think you'll commerce 64 in the big games cross country skiing was one of the things. And you did have to ski appellate socket like hit the button is that did you could you figure got to go to hell it was pissed me off when you had declined nailed as hard even hit the button I would just stop and walk up the hill. And then hop back on gun on the backside. Prescott TV but if you ever gone cross country skiing now it's it's awful I don't know I don't anyone. Would ever wanna do that doesn't work out it's really hard it's not enjoyable at all freaking terrible so we'd have some blazers idea for you as we wrap up NBA all star weekend which began was. I was pretty get it became down the wire they cared at the end people were trying to play defense and have a little thing. Some controversy with a replay there you know within going off and beads foot yeah I was in a bar didn't launch area too closely but it just got in and have my attention that it was tied with a minute left or whatever. But the best moment well Damian Miller only 21 point stepped in 21 minutes did not play at the end. He did not play at the end he showed up though on the set of TNT for Charles and Shaq and those guys this was sent as member Barkley bitch and about the fact that he flew on his own dime not to Portland try to create a trade and get him to add to the blazers at the blaze sort of like 1000 some bucks 1197. Dollars because that's -- paid to fly himself out in the early would have it we thought it was like the early nineties and easily be eighty's yeah. Two to negotiate. A trade for himself to Portland. Could have been ablaze did not work with the GM at the time Jeff peachy so here is Damian Willard. And I guess with the blessing of Chris McAllen who signs all the checks. I'd given chuck is money back. Always support them through the song to the more vulnerable and then you pay your own what does it put too well Hillary let me hear that again. One summer. Our food to Portland home hold down the Paltrow was only 1197. Dollars up so I can move. To a Portland one summer without him as a dog got a good team which helped him bully and a half court. You're not going to have to listen tree will be flew to Portland billet de with the Portland GM. Let's listen these are the gadget in your book committee that he just got this dad is Dan. We sit there for like three hours going over there at the ABC's. Charles argued back he called me the next days and we're not going to root for you. And I was pissed at the plural my whole battle for upwards of metal pay it back and I hope they would not go win a championship. So that was the other night of the personal and the blazers were listening to that big of a twelve McDonald's I don't know what they've got foot but we have Damian Miller who is. Diana and Erica Monday begala is is joining us is coalescing but he's a quarter of Rio's Coleman and Cooper reports it was caught on all the apple boy. On behalf of my team we pay our business are had to mention you get home believe in 1100. And that sort of the front. Of the camera. You're below larger. Wrong. Analyzes and I'm sorry yeah acute among a Marissa got money and LaRue as if it's this is Drexel lead America to include apartment looking at a truck stop Australian that I really appreciative of what you have an elevator. But I presume to trail blazers who listened to me. No sentiment didn't lose you've got a friend you know what is considered don't digital or Mosul or are they will wouldn't refrain from smoke canisters Menard got afraid that you've got a thousand dollars Manila home very moments jewel rebel movement Jorge don't compute among them compliments you are you going to do you. I hope and a couple away the most says Islam Jack I didn't pull all the checks don't don't just always thought. I tell you wanted to do today I got so much respect for the all of trail blazers. I'm Michael tested got a bright almost ran and got a private investors revenue going all the black Republicans to. If we could consider that almost an early birthday present for the torture couldn't wait they Shaq to San Miguel and him. Tenet takes to check another that was pretty cool to the blazers did as good stuff yeah that's one of those like Neitzel PR moves and the other on national TV doing that. And shut quilt frame and had a. Future Aqib buckles direct deposit buddy take a pitcher with your phone and then 90% of French action eschew anything about that sometimes there are limits on those. Can't do that firfer. Checks over the restaurant I think it's like five grand. Otis Yucca. To just you articulate the key and then put it into taking photos and deposited it well the ratings or end and by the way everyone did believe that chuck was gonna rip that. Erred that they wish shadow try to get that the check that would've been ripped. The rains there and more people watched the pro bull then the NBA also again. I mean we sit here we bitch every year about a wide ratings is that she huge deal like All Star Games. And was a male we have to justify and we don't they're not great we know they're not for everybody. But they make money otherwise they wouldn't album people show up to him people watch what was it what was the raid there in the fives both of them are in the finals in the fives and a I think one was a 58 homes a 51 so it's about the same it's. Total is the same ever be able wanna watch meaning his best game as though the wanna watch municipal. Yet that did the NBA game only yours on. TNT and TBS the what is as the Pro Bowl late ESPN ABC archive so it's gonna get more eyeballs that way. But cell mean. Just to put it in perspective Ali BA odds are gives great nobody watches in meals you know it's is that deals on watches the trouble. Except for you know there there arsons words fans is that around I wants part of it I watched the end it. NBA all star game flipped over to all right it is at 549 coming up in the. Club we have. Oh. Blue's news we got blues news we got furry news we have a chicken crisis got a lot to get to and I can't seem aria. People call in the police fleets can see. Apparently a lot of people now agree Britain I type 49 on the fan. It's a prime time where Isaac can sue god 1080. So I can report here on the banks of the Willamette river excellent. Snatch it has ceased. T snow this new GM has been delayed. Then went to whether or not cut well and went to the weather. Dot com app please shoot which is the cadet does anybody have a better weather apps now whether or not comment form I used when Leo yeah about whether it's the one that comes with iPhone that comes on there. Is right out right relieved that yes we updated to I see whether upon the weather channel. But pitched the weather channel app today has been disagreeing with what the National Weather Service importance and sang so it's beyond the controversy. But we do. Well I'm looking at the radar here a taillight you wanna you wanna see accurate go to the weather channel. Ray apple radar. Did you get the load and its money so it's kind of as you can hit the you can hit the future Biden and it shows you what's coming over the next several hours a great debt so that the way you say India though is that this Jim has been delayed but that it's okay well I'm just gonna go ahead right now live on the year. And as meteorologists lead Safina the trusted meteorologist I'm I'm going to do this on the air fetus and going to hit the future but here. And if I hit positive there it's over Portland. And it says that 7:24. PM. So we've got about another hour and a half. Before it really gets over Portland and then they're really snowy stuff is just after that then. He may be looking now you may need to wait maybe till like eight. That gives me put me time to get home according to the future map we will pass the area and be gone by midnight. Yes but it looks like from about nine to midnight. He's known prettiest in supposed to. They were gonna get if you live north. Of the river as I do apparently Vancouver Ridgefield battleground all that you are gonna die they're gonna get worse unit yes were probably Canada your dad. So I may need at least jacket tonight Republican right you Mike Lynch and here a couple of people who lunches when it might not too. AccuWeather my couch and then cam. Yes idea AccuWeather we have an air mattress to remember. It's that is the hot in the hot air mattress that's a nice friends down people assume channels fake news yeah that's about the AccuWeather. Cameras trying to out there. Who was looking for the latest and greatest apps. Load apps. Internet man are you that guy. Need a weather report I just was EG donkeys regimen that's all you two are talking about as the weather AccuWeather whether tracker yeah. Free humbly purchasing that it. If beeper Alina you'll be purchasing the free app down wonder what the difference is going to be between the two wraps at this very second. What's the right are gonna say I'm gonna tell you or they would you ever pay for a weather app lying on the air we don't know. Or an app what do I don't you that it was the best weather out of all time now is beat most accurate elegantly Lenny from what it was only an idea that. I was only but now I'm eighty I'm just I don't have any paid for apps on my phone. I have found a million ways to find free apps that are all good this is my question to on the exact same way if I go to downloads of dean. And even if they sit it was like nine cents a by no I'm not doing that. These people buying apps I have never spent a single dollar on ones and yet. They clip you have to be seldom meets these two huge industry. But I did I feel like anytime you go to download something and you find out that it's a cost money aegis goes searching for free version of it. That rule that's two dollars now. Not gonna happen I'll go find one. Even though too it's nothing you'll you'll give this a nasty for Cuba actually here. But I think most people have some sort of like it's like a in aiding where you refused to pay for a and save me like pay walls a newspapers. Be the most juicy article in the word like all I have to read this a pay wall putt putt at. At doubt like to keep reading please sign up to a yearly membership and no you're right to help free Trout note not gonna we're gonna needed. Discussion on a notification some I'll have to that next okay. Because I hate notifications. And the other thing I want. On my father architects. And phone calls right like. So late to turn about like apps and you know EA yet don't do not send me notification I will go check the app. If I need information via. Right with the changes turn those off yes I'm I'm saying like but I've I'm setting up vacuous at what I'm saying is I. Turn off all notification yet as there is nothing that. Nothing can notify me of anything other than. If you text me or if the phone ranks yeah my a my student leader kid. Turned on notification so when she tweets. She wanted me to see him to figure missing too many might treat you think she's great on Twitter. The problem is that somehow she turned and I don't know how to do that I have no idea it's a she went in and turned on notification suppose from her from her yet you can do that but no. Any time someone lights or reply is anything I get a notification and it's driving me insane he needs just turn that off yes. I don't know again nobody like I don't know I think we should talk about notification I wonder. Other people they get notifications from all the gaps in the love that you are taking them all the time. I am pro notification. To a certain extent and I can explain. Okay law here's a bit here is the an age thing. I think what this AccuWeather map the radar you right now. How does weather channel and you've got to play around here rob is disgusted right now to AccuWeather man seen here. Should we go to the future and he hit the future one know windows. In the steps acts. Deleting this this and don't don't some Diebler suggesting Weather Underground. I've experienced that's not what is the weather channel op in my opinion. A product she found their forecast to be wrong compared to the weather there is okay here's if you say the forecast is wrong. Week. It was wrong pursued this all in the brain but it didn't say it was gonna rain and it's all in the same ballpark. Mean is if one has different information than the other. I found the future but it doesn't ship in this is this apps can be deleted a props out. Rudd gave AccuWeather a chance and now obviously gone back to weather channel he goes straight to hell AccuWeather all right the club is next on the fan.