Primetime 2.20.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, February 20th
Another big snow storm coming tonight? Louisville has had their national title vacated, talking about cheating in sports, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Oh. I'm Linux and and. And you can find the time dispute when you actually yeah primetime retires against you at home what they'll all girls and all clubs. Think hey yeah this is prime time. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are Isaak robbed and Jason's again it quit trying to contaminated. Do what they do. Whole way so just looking out the window at this wonderful winter wonderland. Yachts began to snow it's no it's no longer wintry mix no Mike yet arrived though not to panic you're wrong it's not some get a that was. That's so 2017 when we now. They're calling it ice on the oregonians Twitter yeah. They're calling it snow jam snowed Jan 2018. Like a slow jam kind of thing. So no jam yeah hash tags note jam sure. There was no jam yeah got to have a different name every year yeah it snowed yeah just lazy righty who would you like. And then. I just I'm not happy like you know snow we get under snow apocalypse and Tim seems like something that's very happy I'm certain that tells the people that doom is. You will die if you stay at work isn't it kind of happy this year though. It's like kids. Well last year was. You know as pretty dad is pretty wrath down. That ten hour commute and so I think kids got stuck on the bus got like 11 o'clock yeah it was brutal. Some kid had to go we years in his hands felt bad that were kid you know I was not kid now and we've all with all come out on the other side of it. Better people and better snow drivers speak for yourself I'm still traumatized. You know. So it's not. It's not as bad as last year and we moved into like slow jam is arguably providing us the soundtrack to snowed champion now leaking kind of like. In Aiken kind of embraces its ease. Move a little bit shaking hips do it or Edwards hip wiggle and all the sudden we're fine. Because it's not amount to save likes maybe seven inches. It she's such a seven inches three to seven inches that's that they say. But mostly it was seen three to seven inches stress me a huge difference there no one knows that better than you know nobody but us. Huge water pollution woes should warm out there big big snow huge snow oceans no they're saying 01 to three inches. Not concise. Subpoena its two week does that throw yet he's he's dollar for us and and he said one to three inches. Widespread. Three to seven inches. In the worst areas in the higher elevations I heard that Washington is gonna get worse than Oregon and it won't start until he said. 5 o'clock or start sticking because can get colder as the sun goes down. So 5109. PM is now the UB worst. Zone we are scheduled on this fine award winning as far as you know broadcasting go to 7 o'clock but. I being the elder statesman here feel that it's upon myself. To put the safety of this crew. I think you're really not the elder states in need you do you know animal brilliant. And I've been here longer but I've been doing the show. Yeah messed shoot the used to beat me in the grade I and furnace and then by the way ion for nest he will make. Inning you'll be here on the show like colony but he'll be on today's broadcast yet don't make I have I have a nine for nesting and a special guest appearance. Either way did this benefits he. The safety of this true is my most important task and I received a email to be from the big boss them build the many charge. If you read that email he said that it's up to each one of us to determine. Our own safety and driving conditions and that we. Should put our safety first bear for. I think in this broadcast ends for 58. At 415 panic kids and we all flee and we go all maybe. Maybe 445. And I can't do it. I can't do that I I have to I'm newsman and I I have to be in this chair reporting that the people that people need there and lose. Well Lisa can see it this year consider windows are open now you can see the snow fallen back there it's so pretty but I've got no. Use personnel I can tell you that you're out of the snow they can't stands now it's just. Pisses me off playing snow with the ice that gets me ice is bad to you guys is the ice is right winner. While we're talking snow. Are we have a guest today for small for you to another snow take him we get a guest today and his name. Is Ed. O'Bannon book. And it didn't come in and. Haven't abandoned him. Now on today I was in Mexico where today and I had it right my Canon wrong a cake as Mike told me. Like five minutes ago. That a little bit it was coming on tomorrow now he is on today okay. Might carry out two authors in two days and I flipped the days in my start broadcast everybody actually leave really sharp I think my trunk again. Because I believe he told me that George Dorman was on Thursday it. It's Wednesday. Ideal Jensen yes okay so I get a change that when Jamie Burke coming on the program never straight through your bedroom and not treatment interview again today at five. Pretty excited about that so. Ed O'Bannon. Played UCLA yes. And he's the guy who fought the NCAA all the way to court over likeness and the use of images and name. So he's the one if you're pissed off that you can't play NCAA college football or basketball video games anymore take your anger and Ed O'Bannon. Well you can't. They don't make him anymore now because the guys this because of that lawsuit you can't use their like this anymore and so they don't stay don't make it evenly generic guys now know because Nomo won a Claudia. The host on season he played NCAA college football as you can go be organ and you could be Marcus Marianna. But you can't do it anymore because you can't display generic Oregon Ducks now known wants to do it. They have they have released those games sense that kind of I hope I miss them so much for a sort of I was phonics I was I was doing some research is we have an abandoned coming on. It's funny but he said that's the number one thing that people come out and talked him. After about is their pissed off about the video games Illinois I didn't know that so how much so that's E. A. SPORTS Trent E. A. SPORTS I mean anyone can do but NB E. A. SPORTS is the one that made all of made all those games how much money did they lose. Well what did you know that the impact on that ones but in aid did essentially kill the need they did not go ahead and just put out generic. You could still put up games can you stub the license to do yeah you did you organ or UCLA whoever you can put it out there. You just did double and a ban a lawsuit was I know and you can do you like Andy's here. Blow up what are you talking about future. I have known you to China you have entered and no I was I smirk because I was thinking well what if they just put guys out there like. Shadow ran in. Any happen to be kind at all in Indiana power forward. This is associate I mean this is assessing what they did so if you ever played goes. You know if you like. When when Ed O'Bannon was on Leah was on that game they would have the small forward for UCLA he'd be number 31 indeed be sixth and and if Ed O'Bannon was the best thing because Basra Baghdad would have a 94 radiant. And so the exit of. We use do you write that they don't believe these are not in the game they know we're never in the game and it's a likeness everyone knew walked the piano player's name will be in MacKey used. SF number nine yes small forward number nine now will be the players and really you know who it is yet yeah. And so Ed O'Bannon thought that in the court said yeah you can't do that and there's X seven and I didn't get any because it only went back so far. Which thanks a lot Ed O'Bannon and regatta checked it was a cut off yeah that visible a big cut off my 2005. Two dozen Ford goes by so much that my last year was 2000 I missed by can be yours but. If you play because of a college basketball and in one of the power of our schools in the use do you I think a check for like 2300 bucks on that they had to pay out in the settlement. So can they not just like. Kinda changed a likeness a little bit but he's still pretty much know relatives will know because that's the whole point is that the pay out millions of dollars and their don't wanna get sued again. Line of the there's got to deal Iran that ran instead of Marcus Mario and a quarterback number eight its quarterback number eighteen. And just add a one way out of everything this Gil says pretty similar to Mario. Is since these permanent leadership rating is like 99. Was one of the biggest jokes and and all of a lot you know the fact that the is deadly tried to argue they weren't used in the likeness acres in light of like well like Lamar -- some Louisville right he's like a left handed quarterback well. The bit in that incidentally video game the best player would be the quarterback from Louisville who was number eight that happens to be left handed him black then good. Yes. Kids it's about right it's the same reason like in the NCAA they would sell jerseys right. And it would sell an orange Jersey with number eight on and it wasn't a markets Mario de Jersey jail widgets and Oregon number eight Jersey and the NCAA had the balls to actually argue. That they weren't selling player jerseys. When we don't know because every year they change it to the most popular player. His number to sell the jerseys of fury Kansas. Every year the Kansas. Basketball Jersey will feature the number of whoever the best players. OK what Ed O'Bannon. Wrote a book it's called court justice inside the story of my battle against the NCAA and and we're gonna have him on at 430 if you're wondering what happens. With the case will reset all that. Prior to his visit because it is kind of complicated it would two appeals but what you need to know is that nothing's really changed. Except for the video game thing. Haven't really changed in terms of the amateurism rule and in civilly basketball football. Not enough in their sports. And there's a reason for that and the Supreme Court said nay we will not hear your case. So you know they don't hear anything. I just it was loud though that we we sit here we still do the average amount of did you see now in college football least that there are a couple schools are gonna have seven million dollar pools for assisting coaches. No I didn't seven million dollars to hand out to assisting coaches. And yet the idea didn't notion of pain players is just so sick need to people even if you took so what 85 scholarships needed that college football. They say you gave them what like. Know what what's if you're working like a 1213 hour job you work forty hours a week you make it what 2530 grand. It's it's roughly about two and a half million dollars that you'd have to pay out like if you were to do this and at college football. You know cause from our roster. And yet the idea that the idea is ready to would have for three million dollars to to pay each guy even thirty year forty grand. Is like this horrific thing but the coaches now. Eight years seven million dollars or a bunch of assistant coaches position coaches now because while the debate close to a million dollars someplace. Well you know abandons lawsuit wasn't about that no in his lawsuit was only about compensation for likeness name and image. But there are other option it's. Like what you're talking about soul and all that with an abandoned at 430 snow question. Since it snowed this morning and it's snowing right now and it's supposed to snow later this afternoon. It's candidates are pretty good but it doesn't look like it's. This is big weight Flutie flakes it's supposed to us now on Thursday. Snow. When is it acceptable. To oppose the generic. Snow picture. Right Mikey you go through social me definitely be in the guys hey look it's snowing. In right gagged and else knowing where I met you. Or like is just like it's not damaged nose so what's so cool at that you don't you know I mean like where's the cut off for the generic. Likes the see app like last year we had a big ass now yeah that was a big that's a bigs now for here atlas. Filling generic snow pictures adapt winner OK. Well yeah because you know it is summer kind of cool like you see the the accumulation and low. Suppose like it is important announces immediate spurs like friends and family that live. In a different part of the country. Is annoyed when someone sends me a photo of snow and Mike you've lived fifteen minutes from me who did that. People do that amount of a buddy that sent easily check out the stow my plays like. Printing hitter. I'll belt as. Low around here there's been some different areas has got more than a manga much in my house. I have bodies showed flash picture I mean it was a long that's a las not your president is no I was impressed by his out why I always. Side the generic snow pictures it's like kind. Like on the Simpsons on taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge him Mike you know. And posting wanting to take a picture of it's another via K check this out to post he has seen it during times. If you don't like cool snowman or something. Better that's better a little bit out also look at the snow in my front yard also better is video of the of the kids. You gotta love the kid and the kids get out there really keen they frolic in they definitely drop the social media czar over here just asking yeah not saying I'm just ask you a cute dog played in the snow for the first time gorgeous is that when love that the bull puppies Bulldog got their liberal and around puppies are snakes that are. It's aches you know. And a generic snow picks citrus amendment as a pet snake Toledo writes it left him again. Well we are here for you today I Jason would like to leave early. There's a chance he makes that happen however. I will not. I am not afraid to pull the plug on this for the safety of this current crew and right now I think some fluffy flakes coming down if it continues like this guys. I don't know how we continue to broadcast now with the threat of one to three inches being on our roads when we leave tonight how many people are out there today. I don't really know. I think a lot of people to the day off that they went home current round or the pride on now that's the thing longevity as listen to some news broadcast and they were they were recommending. Is the national safety board is recommending. Go home now. Yeah we were driving it well. The first responders. You know we're doing read it into the teeth of it yeah we can report tee because we have a window here syllable beer whether czars for the day it's a dedicated we are but. Yeah I think if if you are stuck in last year's which I wasn't I was out and Joseph I had to drive from you know a day yummy in my brother here don't you were here so you got stuck in that go on home and a policy you know what we we bellied up and we go to the phones we bellied up and had only guys who tides and and a beverage. And we waited out and about 9 o'clock we figured ever was off the road. And then we did twenty miles an hour middle of the freeway home and brag it took us awhile but there was no one left on the road start up but so people and they've got stuck in it like 89 yeah ours not yet well yeah I was down like Sprague. Sprague left the show it three. And I think he said he got home about 930. Guy and there was some kids on school buses at 9:10 o'clock at night that we're still on school bus such crazy I was bat well I drove all the way from that day Agile. Volley from Joseph to Portland and got into town about 2 in the morning and saw the carnage now the discards everywhere but it was now in the whole way although the whole way yet from. All the way from just its Portland snow in the polling remember this it takes about twenty minutes to get home normally and I wanna say that day we pride took us an hour to drive slow. But I think we counted. It was it was in the fifties or sixties. Cars abandoned on the side of the freeway between here is crazy when I got the house I got to Portland and I came made it. And just China into towns like all my god what happened a year after it look like the apocalypse. Anyway point is you might if you're caught in that I assure you might want to leave early this might be the right time to leave them. And it's probably our drive times we should do the hot by the 32 on a threat that is true. The most people on the road right now. Exam feeling by about five or six million is that to be we believe in forty days someone. Captain on our show yeah captain Eveready over there he's wanted to do a full show his hand you are anymore you know what you know I am amused man. In the news segment we've been doing its street to your head. And report to news reports as out of it OK while coming up next we start with the sports if you are not here yesterday. We were out celebrating our president's yet saloon on Pierce's is our Monday so a lot cover. And we start with the news of today which is that. Lou global. Is going to have to do give up its national title in basketball effect that is blue relate first one of the final four aired after vacated national champions. Thought that was fake news if I did think it is not a big news that his truth O will start their next on the tenth. When we get to. But it is on the list here. Treating you this article. So on the front page used in dot com right now about. How Brandon Ingram hometown became the greatest per capita producer of NBA talent yes on this this morning that's a good story it is a good story that it's funny that there are a little pockets is not the first one of these that I've I've read before. But there are little pockets in the country. Were seemingly you wouldn't think. It did something like that would produce. You know athletes at the rate they do but it does pop up like owes it to the Newport News is one of these Virginia there's an area down in in southern Miami. They're produces football players just this unholy rate was just interesting to see why that is rightly I think is something happened that made it that way and this one was written by Baxter Holmes and I thought he did a really good job and I think it's interesting we'll talk about that coming up but to. First the news today. Is that. Mobile. Will have to vacate. Wins there this is their men's bass a team now remember this as the one now where Rick Pitino. Said he had no idea and an assistant coach was setting up hookers or recruits and pain recruits as well. There but I came out to you there was it thirty or forty grand they were paying for some of these kids. Yes so little we'll have to vacate wins from 20112000. Fifteen and their title number they won the Nash championship. In 2013. And that will be. Vacated now if you remember Rick Pitino made a bet that if they won the national tally he would get a tattoo. Or Rick Pitino has. A I was at 2013 and to be one that he has agent Jim Datsyuk does you have to have that removed now he doesn't trance stand at the does armor is cap for something. Sit back of that blacked out now. Is that is gonna go out of that island man I am. I think these are kind of stupid now by the way global thought it is yet and this is the appeals only won't they are all kinds odd about this yet they thought it was horrible the outlet the NCAA decided to racial incident that killed Victor Tony Anderson edited they said Ukrainian a draconian them. Punishment and so they NCAA said now were up pulling it so this is this his final. I just don't. I don't know I think it's a stupid when they vacate. A title like we all know who won the title you know again I don't care that they vacated it well it's like the fab five you know. Yes of those this Tuesday and so. When I was seven and I heard Mike talking about this. I didn't know that this is the first. In in the final four era this is the first national championship for cause bouts with who's been vacated hasn't that campy. Wins the final four as the vindicated into the final four starts. Let's take a look at that. But like I said to them vacated. To have his Memphis on the court vacated. And yet to have the US one vacated Chris Webber in the fab five they had there is vacated in essence and it's like I don't even remember that. Did they have dedicated I don't care they were awesome you'll remember that no ICI pirate one learn Webber called the town gap. Actress was right to love like back on campus like he got the regular street bids. On look we only goes on but it it is kinda weird that that is. Like that red directive punishment. Is is a big deal for the NCAA they take it away wins from a coach Wright think you go from 580 Winston 500. In forty wins don't those games happened. But were not posted. Recognize him it's weird because I don't remember who Louisville built or beat in the 2013 final. But they don't win the title. Isn't there's no champion that that year I Greg Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman but it didn't go to Vince Young is just don't want what the Heisman that year. Which is kinda strange they beat. Well. Maybe Michigan. The fear Michigan the year that Michigan beat Kansas rivers at the Trey Burke. I'm pretty sure I'd I don't remember who they beat in the 2013. Final I do I do not know. Less on Antonin that was so you your assert that you ask known Dave I think you asked him was it Michigan know they beat Michigan and they beat Wichita State. In mean in the final four let me ask is is Michigan now the 2013 hole or not is it just is dirty look. Bullets are not dirty machine was that now there on the champ global look little one it. I don't know this this whole thing it's like OK it's the media's. What do you do you OK CE do you find out retroactively and although it's kind of ridiculous this stuff has been out there houses we're just now getting to the end of the process of global. Because there's them and yet the appeal process I know but my god they are snail slow the NCA yes have even punished Miami yet. This appears added what what happened there like it's like you forget about it just disappeared these things take so long you forget about a I think they'd actually didn't punish them for that. The mayor announced that they weren't going to or something like so that's closed that they don't know really sure I saw that nothing was happening yeah it's all gone now okay. See I didn't even know I had I forgot my thought they were still looking into it don't so what they'd what do you do when you find out retroactively that the stuff was going on. What do you. I went. Has teeth it's it's weird because. In one sense I get the you have to do something right thank you you have to punish people but. The rector active taken away games and taken Wii titles to me is is stupid and mean as. But it also seems to me grossly unfair to punish kids that did having to do it right. So they give if you force that you give. You know he's he put a program on on penalty now you don't get to play in the NCAA tournament or whatever you're punishing kids I had nothing to do is and that happened 2013. So Obama Lugo now are you like no postseason play for you because of what happened in twenty thirds in in my white. Having to do with that it's it's it's a weird. It's weird system and I I'm not Smart enough to figure out these to figure out the answer. About how you do these sorts of things I get why they do it I just wish there was a more effective way to punish right it's like. Is like you tickle you think Rick Pitino gives a rip I mean I know he does for his inner zone. Legacy in repetition and a all that stuff they did guess what. It worked. They paid off. You think they care it's to me like. There's one year the Tour de France rights of Lance got all his wiped away he went seven of them. And so all those are gone I don't don't count those ball been retroactively wiped away. But we looked at one year remember when he finally came clean debt Oprah. And I don't remember which one it wasn't like his third or fourth title. But you have to go to like that ninth place finisher that year to find someone that didn't get busted for. So like he can't win it because he was dirty but. There are eight other guys were dirty Jews again. What does that say the key you I don't like the idea of retroactively going back in that European thing I think that. It's different. He's different because lobos clearly. I mean they they clearly were one of the worst. Cheaters right like I don't think they're all too like Michigan I don't I don't know if they were cheating on what was Cologne Michigan Syracuse is in there which dusty was in there. I guess I feel like Syracuse is cheating I guarantee that feel like filthy bug. A. I mean Dan docket should we got him on at PK eighty member of that and he's an ex coach and he's now on broadcasting and he said look it's not everybody says it's about 30% in in you know the Balentien. The kids they come out of high school. They have their hand out. Watch. Who is in the running for the you know that's all he needs now right. Yeah that's it it in and there's just aren't that many kids that there's not they're there are not as many kids that have their hand out. As people think people think this is blanket and it's all over if you get a high end recruit he had his hand it's not necessarily case but there are kids. That you know coaches look at and go boy this is one that we're gonna have to we're gonna get this guy we have to jump into the Muddy Waters well Lobo had no problem doing. I don't it and that's like obvious right like Ole miss in football clearly had no problem doing that now Cam Newton. I mean say it was say what you will about it no nothing was ever proven but come on took cash so. So I just I have a hard time lumping every one in I think we know. The dirty ones in and for awhile it was sound Calipari I think cal part isn't its interest in. I Calipari is gone to Kentucky and because he's at Kentucky he doesn't have to resort to some of the things he he had to resort to UMass and Memphis. So are the dukes and north Carolinas and Kentucky's. Our day by global I don't know that they don't I think when Europe blue blood. When that kind of advantage I think you can do it cleaner than the next guy I think in you saw this when the the indictments got handed out to some of those teams it's. It's the guy that's trying to compete. With the elite is right. And I would do there's eleven teams that have been that had their final four appearances vacated let's go through them and it's not necessarily like you said it's it's not doing the gigs it's not the big boys. It is we'll look at Ole Ole miss is a rating exactly why is Ole miss blatantly going and everyone knew about it is the worst kept secret. An article called the bag men about how to cheat in in the NCAA world of football and it was written about. Ole miss and everyone knew it. Because Ole miss can't compete with Alabama and LSU as in Alabama knows you were doing it cleaned. But they don't have to cheat the same way that Ole miss does so I do think that they are the ones that are really. Just kind of doing an FT the rules and kind of going by the seat of their pants I do think that those are the people. That are desperate in order to compete and the big boys do it. Not as frequently and not nearly as bad as blatant as some of those others. But Memphis. That was the 2018 Calipari that's dear member Derrick Rose any particular SAT now Ohio State did it 99. They they had to vacated Minnesota in 1997. Had to be Kate UMass Calipari had to vacate. Michigan that was the fab five they had to vacate Memphis again in 85. Had to vacate a final four. I UCLA. In eighty. Brother Kiki generally involved in that. He keeps Evander ray was found to have a received money from UCL a booster is its agents Sam Gilbert. That's that's that's that's one's got winds guy and over yet he was durden where it was wooden and 1980 was he still there if you still there or not. Look you you'd have to look that up in Canada for him but yeah that Sam Gilbert by the way is the dirty scanned history college basketball on the western Kentucky. Villanova and saint Joseph's. Ought to vacate final four hours. It's interesting when you think about it those outside of UCLA. Which is you know. Did that program was out the for year wood in left in 75 can't. So let's handover clearly Sam Gilbert still stuck around still influential but you know it's not necessarily none of those programs are what you would consider to be. Blue bloods of of college basketball. In fact Michigan. You know that holds up I think that put Michigan on the map that made Michigan a basketball school well we think Calipari gives a rip bouts. About the can be such that you'd you'd think he'd do anything differently. Because it made him a name. And they got him into wanna title anyway and defeat today except for one game one title heard almost won a title and then made Calipari a household name and he continued to build off of that. Once the Memphis thing right you figure regrets Memphis. Kentucky Darby got arguably the best job in America may be outside of duke. Because of what happened at Memphis and regret anything and a sell so many tech seed Texas by by three of five. And they say hate black all the coaches in the eighties that allow this crap to happen and that to me is the biggest thing is if you really wanted to punish people for this is the team has already gone it would be ideas but I mean what these guys resurfaced to meet the ultimate way if you want to do this. Worry is he's that guy said eighties. And coaches. Underdog type in a two to three year show cause. All these guys do because why there's millions of dollars on line and it and it and it works right it's at the risk is were to reward and you have to make the punishment something that is scary enough where the coaches will put a stop to it if you straight if you slap someone with a fifteen year show cause. He said look you're not coaching in college bass you're not making 3456. Million dollars. We catch you doing this I do think this would clean a lot of it up did you get the players. Because they'll they that they're not making any money it has to start with the AD in the coaching staffs and make the show causes. So brutal that if you get caught you were out of the world of college basketball or football. And I think that would go a long way to clean this up. Well that in common sense rules changes that I don't know yet I get rid of some of the archaic stupid thing bread and take kids yeah so as not to have their hands up. Any available vacate their title as if I anyone cares about that somebody just text and say he can't just leave their banner up. Yeah I guess the NCAA record book wherever that is online or something. If somebody were scrolling through that it would be it would be there would be an asterisk problem is that if you don't take down the better than no NCAA event can come to your your place. So like this he'll put it up like somewhere huh. And I open it up another billing I don't know we don't know anyone case for the record for. After heat they're ego put in China there that's where all started that is. Well anyway they vacate their title of thirteen their final four from 2012 and a bunch who wins OK. Well up next. This story count RI. And it is a story of a small town in North Carolina you know. That is produced more NBA talent by far than any other town per capita it's kind of crazy. Why can and up next is Mike. And a class. We do take requests. Since the removal. Came in 2013. You bet now. Michigan. And trade birth before the double clutch three that'd OT. He got that righted it was two cents OT lot people remembered that as being Yankee game winner was they should have felt his ass yet. And they did it any shot they are playing good. Any free kick made it forced a team Kansas loss Kansas that year was really get games like running three from way beyond the arc and he couldn't get it up right away is we did he like double clutched it in an air and we knew and they kind of threw like that that girl's chest pass kind of think. Edit waited and. And we were on the era when it went down. Can return. You've been listening to drive so that was right at the end of our show him and that was mean. Well there's a little plastic paper holder over here and right next to the had dropped computer in his big chip out of it and they're right at the beginning it is. Yeah IE you can hear it lives being chipped it to. Whether or not really sure what was said there that was an F bomb in his latest news muffled it was dumped out. You can't really tell them what was dumped him. I mean we can't play it now so it's not it's not audible now but I'm telling me at. I'm pretty sure that was enough that and the best part is because the game didn't end there it went over time. That's. I he has got up and left again is saving deal that was the end ice eyes signed off. And then I took government had those and I slowly just got up and it left the studio are no words were exchanged so pitches in Michigan you know they went on they are really did they went on to it is oddly the final. In Los levels are technically Michigan is Jordan as they won the title that game Kansas beat him. Just another in a long line of NCAA tournament disappointments that one stands out though I'll I'll never forget that one worry once the indictments come down the chants of get their support. Looking at you mystic out of the funding. About as audiences being deprived. Could they do that that Lobo had to vacate their task and it's one of the big stories going around and exited. The message there is it came all the yeah the Yahoo! Sports writer he had the report last week that we talked about that he he believes that. Blaming he's heard from people that have seen the mound of evidence that FBI investigation that took down Louisville in the what the for the programs airs on Auburn. USC. And I think there was one other one for a journalist but he he is said he's. Seemed earth Oklahoma State isn't daddy was that he was Oklahoma State he said that people had seen the the indictments and that those records are sealed and as those trials. You know move forward that information is gonna be released and I think. That the quote was that basically everyone believes that this year's national champion is gonna have to vacate their wins eventually because they as it would turn it's gonna happen here and in what another month month and a half. And these cases won't happen until summer may be even in the fall but there is a real strong belief that. I think he said of the top sixteen teams there's a good sense that all of them are gonna be impacted. So we may be watching an NCAA tournament this year in whoever gets crowd to ever cuts down the nets. There's a chance that's gonna be vacated and Haiti a year or so it's gonna be a very strange NCAA tournament. Knowing the year probably watching a team that's gonna have to vacate I can assure you. They won't be Kansas because they are not winning a tournament this year. Let they would be one of the top sixteen teams. Are coming up next. Kingston North Carolina the story very interesting 3.5 on the. Right time where guys against duke on an eighty yeah. Good story and Connor I'm and it's up there now it's how brain in England hometown became the greatest per capita producer NBA talent. It's by Baxter Holmes. And that's where three or it's worth just listening to our segment on it gets it's a long. You it's it's couple pages so it's everyone sit down when you've got 1015 minutes two pages will too cool you know you. I'm always fascinated by by little towns like this that for whatever reason just. Crank out Talley said what is it. Sixty your best 63%. Better chance. Of going to the NBA if you come from this little town of 21000 people in North Carolina yes in this town sits in the central eastern. Part of the state NA the numbers are since 197273. One out of every 3300. High school players makes the NBA that's in general yeah. For the varsity team making some high school it's one out of every 52 players. It makes the MBA at that one out of every fifty to sing your local. And we put that year so he's the national the national yeah. One out of every 3300. High school players makes the NBA. Dare varsity team one out of every 52 makes the leak it's just it's it's mind blowing when you think about that and this is not a wealthy town this is not a while to do it how important but it was a one time yeah was it that was it was well it was a middle class town at one point also here's the story it's really interesting how this comes dies like McEnroe Williams is quoted in their saying hey if I find out about kid who's from king stand I ago. I'm going their forum go to New York City there's something about these kids. And so I guess they've had a a player in the NBA every year for over forty years but in the late forties the. Is the story added I thought is that this is interesting in the late 1940s. It was a Mecca of the tobacco industry said they had. Night it is at nine factories in nine warehouse is they're so what would happen is people would. Flood the town on weekends shopping. On their main drag there for various. You know that the tobacco is the drop that they know you have they had high end elect clothing stores and choose and salons and Jew restores. All right there in that town so they produced a ton of goods they had textile mills they had shirt factories they had at there was a DuPont plant out there. And so. All the workers in the factories were local guys who. Played ball they stayed in town because there are good jobs there and so these are high school and our college players or even guys went pro. And they would come back to town and worked there so what they would do is they would go and meet. May they would have these industrial leagues and they said at one time as many as seventeen industrial league teams played against one another. I mean is as vibrant. Basketball culture from the from the people who worked on the assembly line. Ten different gymnasiums. Dedicated just a basketball in the area today skilling if you wanted to go play there was a place to go play competitive game. In this town and it was not yet using competitive leg it's like high level bass also they had a rec center where adults. Adults would play on one hand and the kids would play on another but as kids got better. And became good day can graduating go play in the adult games and Cedric Maxwell is one of the guys came from there and he said he moved up to the adult game. At the age of twelve by the way Cedric Maxwell if you don't know he played on those eighty Celtic teams who bird Mikhail. 12 NBA championships so he was twelve he goes over to the adult side and he said dude you played that game. Is big boys basketball and so what they are known for a Kingston is churning out these kids who urges are really freaking tough because. The way district based it was structure like that for years and years and years and years for decades. And they have played this in the kids it it basically fast forward it translated into a middle school the last four games over fourteen your stretched. And their high school. One went to 21 state championships. And they won eleven titles and they want about 76% of their games all the way up till recently annually in the Brandon Ingram won four straight titles. Yeah we're sure it's daytime or straight state titles and and Jerry Stackhouse is yeah I guess is a legend there and I think he said the last what five years eleven guys from Kingston I have gone on duke power five division one basketball scholarships to basically as the jobs in the factories began to dwindle and times changed and those places shut down they farmed out to jobs elsewhere. It all dwindled over the years in the town is now very. Pork it is very elaborate and crime he had definitely you'll hear the numbers it. He says the unemployment rate. In the town of 70% higher than national average the poverty rate is a 110% higher their poverty rate is at 33%. I two years ago violent crime in the towns over 200% the national average people just aren't working. They're not. Doing anything. That bellcore yeah bell could OK as a store their clothing retailer. Yes it's crazy so basically as the jobs began to dwindle and the town. Went to crap. The basketball games just became their last source of pride like it was v.s saying and so it's still to this day the thing there. And it's all they have and they they interview several people they interview branding Gomes uncle and different folks hired prominent high profile folks are from their sedate on the with the answers now. But Aaron is just the one thing that you hold on. To make the entire town is still basketball is there one sense of pride in and it's amazing that. Despite all that like all the crime numbers the basketball hasn't fallen off. Think he is he still wins they titles he still couldn't get a like a flourishing middle class town it kind of sounds like a crime ridden cesspool and yet they're still. Craig you know basketball what was sounds like they I mean they just care like it is selling grain there and it's it's never like any. Magic formula now it's just. But it's it's it's a big deal to them but it's so weird because it's it's I'm sure it's a big deal lots of towns to you they're still not putting out one every 52 kids into the MBA. Quite a bit I think what Baxter Holmes is pointing out is that as the town turned to crap overtime you know. They stuck to basketball more than ever because it's all they have yet you know and so that's why they care so much was it just in ice. A. A piece done was each era sports about eight town. It was an Alabama me was Louisiana. That was hit really hard by. Natural disaster. And the town had nothing like it just to govern departs is por mes the town. But they produce staging of each of football teams and like here's this town that has no money to go around in yet. They have stellar football facilities right and they put all their time and energy into high school football and at the end of the beast you know Bryant Gumbel I see asked the question the guy do and he goes in my the other one thinks is little weird to town that has not been. Everything you have goes and high school football. And the guy goes that's all they hadn't it's Justine here in this piece about Kingston North Carolina here's a town that has nothing going on Ford crimes in the room no one has jobs. And yet there's tens separate basketball gymnasium that steals they opened and and all the parks they said the parks and all the hoops or Stillman meticulously maintained and all that. That it's it's weird that. Any extra resource is that that talent has is still going into the game of basketball. It's that that to me is fascinating that a ball all the things you think you could put out there. Basketball's the one thing that no one has a problem seeking money into Williams doesn't have ARD had a Jim's yeah. The biggest key keep rollout ball yeah it easy you just keep them open right. Because that's the key said it's it's the source of pride. All right that story is on And so the receipt kid. A man player from my Kingston North Carolina. That is where he's from and there's all of these weird little pockets. Yeah that's all over the country did that have these little towns that don't end. It's always the same thing right like they don't come from much. They don't have anything it's a summit to support community and yet. They produce athletes and this is what's it like Tokyo has to be number one that's not. Nick Cannon that's that's academy the best players around the country. Good okay oh no and no one moves to Kingston North Carolina the play basketball these are kids from may 21000. Person panel. That's poor and destitute that's cranking out these players. This is that oh killer was the in the academy in Vegas where you get the best players around the country so naturally occurring phenomenon. Yeah there's a town called McPherson Kansas. Muttered not just south of Salina. Flat top white kids. All the same. Only god their basketball powerhouse dominate right Dominic they were so get. Now and he's not to disclose all of Kaiser in the NBA or anything but there is hoosiers weird ditches. I find it there's there's that little town down in in Miami they'd be playing this thing called the multiple in this world of all the role Brothers like interim role. Some are all those guys. Yeah they're from down there. And it's just it's this poor just. Awful community down there in Florida where. Their stories of like people don't even wanna recruit there liked coaches. We talked about Allegra coaches like it's I doubt that you build a Belle Glade Florida down that area. Worked coaches don't wanna get out of their car when their recruiting because it's a sketch you know haters yeah we're a baton you know drug dealers. And yet they just crank out NFL players are icon next policy let's get to Fergie and then. Yeah Syria. For lack. You're of course I heard it quite rightly note did you hear a statement after death. I mean it was clearly issues trying to do just didn't work Asian. She made the choice she's got a limited. It wasn't all. Acting and Ed O'Bannon will be on at 430 all coming up here on the fan.