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Friday, February 16th
Hot 5 at 5, Olympic randoms, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and Isaac it's duke absent by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. I would love I would love love. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason sic Janice Harmon you may not do. Do prime time on 1080. I. Welcome back folks it is four minutes past the of 5 o'clock with your sport grows so we're so were apologizing for the traffic people Hussein it is just a nightmare there is media. That's a jumper out there on the overpass on I five and Lombard bombarded says. Collins a microphone pulls out there with the traffic well it's already Friday traffic and now and I get this on top of that into in the people there is why you leave early on a Friday I think. Feel bad because look at a lot of the love people text in right now or not. Really be in sympathetic to the poor guys plight it's up there on the bridge. And we hope he's OK but. But browsers in why people are angry because no one wants to sit in traffic for four hours on Friday and not move well. If this goes back to use like the protesters Shia you know when you disrupt. Someone's Friday commute. In tied them up. You know. We don't get a lot of sympathy for your cause. Yankee any sympathy now to the point where it could be about something I feel so strongly about. Am with them but you're trying to get to but today if you try to get to thank cobras right now with the teacher ass out of it'll take. So ideally DuPont we we we apologize for traffic we. It is currently at a dead stop from Wal-Mart across the bridge the entire way and that's north nor northbound and I find wells to coming southbound. South down and gives yet northbound Newman okay right we announced on northbound is really dark red because well every would stop and read in relation. If the southbound from Lombard all the way across the bridges completely stuffed. Are you Robert Acker. No it pisses me off he tin I put your foot on the gas and go rent by mail I'll glance a fight yeah I have a team have the moment. But I don't slowdown and no it's it's called are ridiculous though to be fair. It's Friday and it's 5 o'clock that wasn't moving anyways. I mean I five is it bottlenecks there it'll myself being slow to literally not know you understand my leg when your when your day when that stretch of I five on a Friday from 3 o'clock till probably 730. You're not going any faster than ten miles an hour. And you throw this onto the kids it's my point is it's pretty screwed let's not act like I'm year. Your brazen over the bridge right now at 506 on a Friday due in 55 like waving to the pretty girls easy go to no now you ain't going anywhere and I'm sorry I don't know. I don't know that it won't get off at 5 o'clock at least when I lived in the center I would go down I five and I go the other direction. But we would get off sometimes early for whatever at 5 o'clock. I would just goes saddle up to a bar because whether I left it five or whether I left at 630 I mean at home at the exact same time. I'm coming appeared a an expose say on the North Korean cheerleaders who chests. Fascinate me if it and it we need a reality show about the man. Laura nothing about reality is North Korea Laura Ingram is in the news today she goes I'll stick to sports on LeBron and to grant. A command in the club animals are now using fire against us it's. Look it's only a matter of time. Perhaps some artificial intelligence talk. And some of the stuff that basically will you Zain as were were all gonna die. Pretty much one way or another. Right now though let's get to the top stories of the day it's on five to five. I jumped out of billions we thought I don't like today and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club med pot yeah I'm private Bible primetime and Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh my record slide when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number of lives. Let's start with a gaffe. And the Genesis open down there in LA Tiger Woods is strug go ladies. He's fallen fast he's not gonna make the caddies laid down there he is three over today. And so I just about to finish up that he's he's gonna go home where's the bad. Bubba Watson yeah. Because he's played in this unique he's played in his celebrity also I know but I think he was playing in this as well he's doing people I think know. Polls don't get old let me look here scroll down the Watson tied for sixth at four under here. You know he's in the game he's got a game. What it is is tied for sixth edited the Jenna is open and is now participate in the evening dime in these celebrity all star game. Fascinating I know frustrated okay. I'd be leaders right now are Patrick can't lake Graeme McDowell and Ryan Moore who those guys are seven under again there's another right there. Four under. But. Some of the others. Melbourne or if the Mets boost their rotation Iraq. I they've added former Kansas City royal great. Jason Vargas thank you you pretty well and our role playing here is Jason Vargas to the royals was really get. I know is that if you're halfway decent or at what point were halfway he's sitting here over the age of 35 the New York Mets have a place for you he is 35 right now. Last year for the royals he was in his ged. But he did win eighteen games. The year before and she was the year before. Susie to level with a didn't have an awesome first town when I was here it was last year yet he was really really dynamite to percent in the second half he suck eggs you know honestly the first thing I read about this when I when I thought that might. Instant fear was all right who's arm is falling off for the Mets. The last thing they need is more starting pitching. Unless. Again they're worried about someone's arm or multiple alarms fall in off for right now Robert do sell minister for starters so Fargas at least tried. And what's with Zachary Taylor. Who is there an instance Massa still hurt. GAAP free all star. Jason Vargas was twelve and three with a 262 ERA. In remedial succeed. To. Post all star six and 86 point 380 are paying so you can handle by the way the Mets win win total over under is 81. If mariners is good 81 and a half really I said today it. And to battle if the Mets the Mets rotation doesn't die eat they should be good. So we're finding out who was last in neat NBA all star draft. And you against this. Guy said Kevin Love is not him. It is so I guess Al Horford brewer reportedly Horford is one of them the other one LaMarcus Aldridge shooting. At. Does anyone like Marcus it's appears not like anybody. Also. Adam silver slipped out been revealed who was the one who didn't want it televised. And it was actually stuffed her for courage kinda came out these next series and that he wanted to do thank you wanna hit. That doesn't surprise you think LeBron and made the pick column Marshall I would like. So take a Lamar Shin Bet if I've I've missed historian here somewhere in the night that he had finally getting its six Thursday its threat Washington State's. Has says signed a home and home with Kansas in football why this is the number one I don't know. Announce its vicious story in you only have to wait until what 20/20 seven Tony 27 in Pullman. And Tony 28 in Lawrence. I'm sensing a road trip and then maybe a little airfare going to Lawrence. Like to see a game at Kansas and more importantly you don't see it. I do to recede fast though what's it football game. And more although they are dumping about 300 million into their stadium more importantly I think this is my best chance to present that off my bucket list and that is seeded childhood home. Of one eyes a crowd in the great American city has shag carpet at home. I desperately wanna make it this line at some point this is my chance. To its. If you brought him Iran won't be the first thing bring him to its line outside of like your child. And it will reduce the well depends on the time of year we have wonderful water park. We can go to the and animal sanctuary. And so that we can go to the brewery and downtown hoping Obama route would cook is like. In real nice homemade meal for dinner one night. This is not to China now so probably not as not happening up. Appleby is what you're saying she's not a good that we can eat get in the neighborhood would be good issues is going to click and we we Didi did an image. And so much things. And allies at least altitude and distance and see Nebraska. I'll take you to use ninety dispute. I'll take YouTube my high school. I'd be excited show you on my awards and yet some medals and trophies maybe decide the festival. If you show you the yeah and I had an idea that still there you can expect that can go to McDonald's. The America and Italy played Penn in this McDonald's. And number one they did actually back in the day and number one as Kirk Daniel cousins this story is weird. Apparently the Redskins could still tanker cousins because they are quote in the pettiness game. So what does this mean OK so. They can still franchise tag him for like thirty million or summarize thirty plus million cousins doesn't have to side net. So of Kirk cousins who wanted to he could wait. And just wait him out and and you don't get towards you know a week left in camp site it. And then be like great I'm coming to play in Washington and that if you're the Redskins here's the fun part about it is you have to hold that money. In your salary cap so this makes no sense but they wouldn't they would take they can't they they don't they can't be this down. They just can't be good the only muted she got this being petty as you would hurt yourself because at that point. You would (%expletive) off cousins and then what would stop him from being just is Teddy backed TU. So according to Mike Florio pro football hockey tagging cousins is still on the table. Because the Redskins are in the pettiness came as one source with knowledge of the manner in which Washington president Bruce Allen does business but it. Allen will try to conjure up something in an effort to salvage value for cousins and in turn. May get harder for him to hit DO market and finally. In the long term contract he deserves cousins has all the power all the leverage at this dental Florio he Florio shaky to me. Yeah is he shaky tee of the pro football talk I. I don't know man Anaheim. And is. I just can't believe that they could be this incredibly stupid. To try to it to get in this because it once that happens that thirty million dollars that that hold goes against your salary cap. And doesn't free up until he leaves and literally Kirk cousins could sit on and it's. Until the very end and then be like yeah I'm ready to sign it and then all of that money. Is tied up with to court you essentially have fifty plus million dollars. In quarterbacks. Sitting on your roster makes no sense now why would you ever do that. Not gonna happen. How about five is your fresh by prosper in course like debt in beaver fans download the new course like XP at opener points or as one of the kind experiences and rewards. I let's learn more about the North Korean cheerleaders at the Olympics next on the fan. I chicken soup go. All right here is pure. Olympics segment. For the day. Had a couple of its these greens. But what what it was that line yesterday in the as the day before I broke his neck. They were doing that that snowboard racing they I don't know what they call it. But that stuff is not like this you think they call snowboard racing. I think that's I mean it's what it is I don't know what the the official term board is split it's like as short track speed skating it's thunder don't mean I'm. They get some scary stuff to do went over a job and just asked now. McGill fifteen feet nearing came down on his back and broke his neck knighted CNET again got up and finish the race pick up. They said it is not the Agassi not gonna be paralyzed and they BA fractured lake is six vertebrae. Can't hide it's it's freaky to watch Haley shirtless time again. Competed last night yeah did not finish last gay finished 214 out of a 120. This kind of goes I had this conversation with a guy did Jim Manley heeded the men's fifteen kilometer. Free cross country ski do you wanna guess how long he's been scheme. I think like six months twelve weeks. Yet at all that's right because he only had twelve weeks of snow twelve weeks so his first he had never been constant ease. And twelve weeks later he qualified for the Olympics this was kind of my point about the win Lebanese in Tonga but this is my point. Are you really watching the best in the world or you just watch Sheen. The rich kids that had the chance to do this he's 34. He's not a kid like it is that he was like hey I wanna be in the Winter Olympics. Twelve weeks later I do I don't think there's any other finger you can do for twelve weeks and qualifier for the Olympics. Well I would say that in the winter games you know Norway gets on the metals and so yes you're launch in some pretty bad as. Yeah yes you are watching some of the best in the war yeah. And then with the US Italy China likes of but yet I mean a lot of the Olympics you guys like does this guy so he's 34. Any rented skis to train these random in the it in any snows of some effort he only credit him for about twelve weeks. Any day glove I've who has any did not finish last hole and he competed so this is the shirtless tong and I who is it's all boiled up he was the guy at the opening ceremonies who comes out that assured on any does this whole bit. So he's famous for that but he's actually competed now and two Olympics and he so he competed in Taekwondo. In Rio in 2016. And now he says he wants to deal. Another Olympics in 2020. In Tokyo he just doesn't know what sport he's gonna do yet. So you'll have competed if he does it he'll have competed in three Olympic Games in three different sports like hey I'm gonna go out big which I think is best. While it's like I see this too would like Bob's letters like a lot of times. A leg I remember who was but someone may it was on the Canadian bobsled team. Just decided they gave they were a splinter in there like I'm gonna go and do bobsled. And then like four months later there in the Olympics on the bobsled team. There's just sort of the Winter Olympics that I don't necessarily by the UR. You're like get in this world class athlete like this make some of the stuff yes absolutely it's insane what they do but you should not be able to train at some. In for twelve weeks and then be in the Olympics huge shouldn't so I guess all the other snowboarders hate shine light and you read this piece yeah New York Times magazine did a profile launch on light because he's not the best viewed they all hate him he's they've always resented him because he's snubs them any end like snowboarders I guess are very. It's a tribal thing he had their Larry bro either so they they want you gotta be a part of there yeah and Shaun White is better than them and he's rich and he doesn't travel with anyone and it's it's gaining any exit they built a half pipe for a response has built a really nice half pipe for him and he wouldn't let any of them train on it now and I guess thank you same thing that I was reading that skateboarding surfing and all that stuff. Moto cross any of the extreme sports he really is like a communal property sort of thing general bros that when you make it big in you build the tracking your backyard or whatever you kinda have to open it up so to everybody and yeah I dish on my just gives that when the birchard it is like no all behind them. Announces the North Korean cheerleaders. There was a peace on and on them. In New York Times and we we briefly mention them because they were at the hockey game early in the games room and everybody was just mesmerized with them is like 200 some of them in the rock Clapton together and so I guess the thing about an almighty can you see out of amid dashes earlier can you see if you can find. Just some audio of the North Korean cheerleaders. Bits because maybe some people haven't seen them. There are fascinating and so we don't know deal with North Korean what's going on up there a need to explain any god Dickey got so what's wild is. South Koreans are quite curious about what north Koreans even look like I mean that's Howell. Secretive it is yet is it and did so they quote in this New York Times fees they quoted a sixteen year old girl who said this is the first time she's ever seen someone from North Korea. And she's just now realizing that they are just like them. Like she didn't check in now in that fascinating it's fascinating. So why would you think. They aren't right you don't eat it's. Not that long ago that you know the whole north and south thing that'll Korean War against Hughes sixteen I'm now she's very young but still it's. Let me as crazy yet they're Korean a lot of families are still split along now they haven't seen anyone in decades that. That's the weird thing a lot of the families here and herb separated by the demilitarized zone but the still families so we mentioned the. The fact that if if there any missteps that these cheerleaders naked be sent to prison camps so here's how they operate that the New York Times. This article is called a night out with North Korea is cheerleaders so they are they're 229. Of them. 229. On a cheerleading squad. All ages between like nineteen and 22. And they were handpicked based on how hot AR. They're high eight and if they are friend of the crown if you know I mean yeah Delhi Daley did it delegates based on who their family as is caste system over there. So they're all kind of delete it their all. Well I guess a lead as the right or this many of them are elite women gets it from elite families. It leaves everything you have to be you gotta be attractive they don't. It'd be big screen for that sort of thing. By all accounts they are quite the spectacle and they are 100%. On. Flat global yeah like they are bucking ham palace guard yes lockstep with one another and they do not break their unpaid they don't get paid. But. They many of them see the opportunity to travel as a real privilege so date so they wanna do it they marched single file. Everywhere they go. Sometimes in double lines depending on where they're at with the exact same outfits again everywhere they go they do not speak. To each other while Joaquin or waiting to walk in they have men who shield them from interaction with strangers you can't. Top to Indy if you watched some of their performances. You'll see it there's there's a couple Beers that are just kind of sit there and their kind of clapping along but not really and that's that's what that is that's the the chaperones if you will. And I guess if you Google up and tried to to talk with one of them. They each choppy had to like get your way of play like full court defense. But you're not allowed to take photos with film nothing can be just nothing begged her zero interaction from them to do others orb. You know did anyone else the Olympics to them. So they're bussed to and from the venues with police escorts they're like the rock stars of the whole thing up. Some of the olympians are like what the hell I gotta get into the venue and then nine journalists there's like ten cop cars. You know escorting these buses to the venues they take up a 108 condos and they put two girls in each room. And each room this is controversy the has cable. Rule and so what what they've said in this piece is that there are a lot of South Korean reporters journalists then who are trying who are sneaking around. And trying. To. Through the window capture photos of what the girls are doing in their rooms lord and there was a line. Dick captured a photo. Of them watching cable television Boise and this is this is really irresponsible. Because what if what if that photo gets back. A chance that those two poor gals are gonna get killed well it's already out there. I mean and they they were they were they pulled it from whatever. Whatever publication unless they pulled it they they were so they're really trying to crack down on this but a couple people have actually gotten. Have gotten photos of and so. Daily lives on the line here people they eat at a ballroom which is adjacent to their condos and they eating groups of thirty. And they marched in in double lines in my everyone is done they line up and march back to the condos you can't you can't go to the bathroom. So if you need to go to so they go to the bathroom in groups. And their guided there again Marcin all single file or double depending on how many there are in the guys. The guys who let that the so the men watching them smoke. In groups of three that they take their smoke breaks and then they come back and escort the other girls. The next bathroom group to the bathroom ha this is how this operates. And so they can't go anywhere without a North Korean. Compatriot one of those guys. Laurie South Korean monitors who's also there they can't go anywhere without any in any inning grips. He can't just like yeah I'm guilty of is Camilo Tino and dissect me that's what this is all about. Well but I think you could defects. You could defect because. It's not like they're gonna cheat sheet down and drag you back. I kind of that's true but I guess the same time that your family's murder that's right they all count as dry and families have you leave mainly even if you look at out of their mom and dad did you can get out yet and probably get out but your families to buy your family's going to be debt. In North Korea kicked the dads like before you before that the daughter leaves a bug just in case you're wondering you leave the world dead so he can go ahead comeback that would be running a thing about these houses they are. Their their from families that are friends of the crown like I said I got these these are people that. In the soup don't want to defect is quite sure because my life for them is is halfway decent so the craziest part. A ball is so weird now that the craziest part. Is still to come. And Mike has a little bit the and after me give this if you didn't touch on a but he seemed what's happened with the Jamaican women's bobsleigh team. Is that the coach we need to talk about this because once again beer has saved the day with alcohol can't do. Does red stripe is the savior of the Olympics and this needs to be discussed as well. I so that's coming up here's my. Rising consumer gone Genevieve bills fan. I was stuck on the Olympics here retirement North Korean cheerleaders. And just one other. Through I. Element. To their operation out there. That were column at the operation. Who insists. It's so bizarre. Even seem weird that they're putting all that time and effort into. I guess it is like a PR stunt. Well I mean some people think it's a PR stunt in another well it's like there's two sides it. Some people think it's. You know like. Propaganda then and I don't know I think there's another side that that looks at it is offensive. Like. I don't. I'm not gonna pretend to know what. Rob delving deep in the North Korean politics now they are just they were talking about that a little bit in the article that some people viewed as a as a kind of reached. Like them reaching across and saying hey let's. Let's all get along here and other people like that's yes it's North Korea they're doing this. So Judaism as a modem DSL. That the craziest part in here's here's a little bit of what they some. Then again there's two under. Thirtieth. And they sit in the stands. And it's. Choreographed in the flag it's. It's a lose. Yeah Leon together wherever you know see if they are they give your life like your parents relied on that I'm guessing it. To the craziest part is that they're sort of oblivious to their surroundings. They they simply just cheer like robots now. A man there was a man and one of the hockey games that proposed on the video board to it is a girlfriend. And they just ignored it. And sat like to hold the whole arena to watch and it's again and they just ignored it in satin cheered we are one. Given indicated there was another bit there's a South Korean there is South Korean cheerleaders they were there and they were dance and some out is like a song by several Levine or something. And Vegas powered right through it like there was another song on the PA and the other cheerleaders were doing their thing and they're just up there sing and cheered and cheered on the North Korea. Again if your life depended on it about that people always say like how did you ever do that are. And I hated it it's it's it's such a foreign concept but think about what you would be willing to do if your life in the life of your whole family. Depended on you being 100%. Obedient and just. Stone face I'm guessing that there's not better motivation that in the work some may say that was that's torture. And the worst kind of like no in the world but I'm guessing it's also a pretty effective training technique. I just wonder what those girls thing I don't now. It is but honestly maybe there have just been so brainwashed that it. It doesn't matter if you think about it you told from the time you were born that the entire world these evil. That the only thing good is is that the North Korean government and your family kind of went along with the because you're one of the good ones. And you know life is halfway decent for you know winds torturing you and sending you to camp yet how are you supposed to know any different. On the Internet. Again they don't get the Internet now that there are people I mean there are people in North Korea I've seen some stories on people in North Korea that are that are better. Trying intend to move this along and in its wake people up when year one of the elite families this kid taking care of it's hard to deceive. You know maybe that the downside I think it's crazy now to Jamaica yeah so if you haven't seen this so there are certainly saw the Jamaican Bob's owners and that'll cold reading thing member that. The male team in a movie about yeah. And they competed in great movie great movie John Candy. By the way the late. Great John Candy recipes. So I guess the Jamaican women's team. Qualified for this year's winner games was big deal right Jamaican bobsled team this time it was the gals. And they are get ready to go by the way John Candy died in 1994. Now mail. Really wrap your head around that whole policy. Under that four in heart attack I'm guessing. 24 years ago. Boy I win that crazy I would have their eye what is said maybe. Go I we got 1212. Years ago. Count on candy that's disappointing. So Jamaica Bob's letters as he did only 43 heart attack. The heart attack yet he was a big guy cause of death heart attack yeah I mean especially towards the end he was. Really large anyway. So the Jamaican team a bobsled team is getting ready to compete and then I guess this I saw the story first couple days ago that one of their coaches. Was told issue was no longer going to be the coach they were gonna move her into an administrative position with the team but she wouldn't actually be. Working directly with the performance side effects. Well I guess she got all pissed about this. It was like how dare you the team loves me and there's a no. No one lied to you know once supports you in a screw you and has turned into a real nasty thing. Well the problem is evidently she owned the sled. That there are you see and as soon as she did not except the demotion I guess in her eyes being moved up to the administrative side of things. And she was threatening to take the Bob sled. So us like two days ago this story broke and really will confirm. What exactly happened going forward but there's a lot of speculation. So that the best the throw was there that if you do this I've taken the bobs that I'm going home you're not gonna have a bobsled. World red stripe. You know the the beer which is owned by Heidi couldn't they borrow one from another I mean this -- be a problem these picture are thousands upon thousands of dollars you really another country would alone among bobsled now one that maybe has done competing or something to beat up Bob. It hasn't yet. I did the competition so you've got Euro bought that you can't be loaning out even Vienna spared this would have to some happens to years of Omani there's got to be another Bob sled so martz the Winter Olympics so red stripe the beer owned by tiny kid you know they do those Jamaican. It's yeah so great start red stripe I guess two weeks refuge in Jamaica you let. Pressure is huge and to me that's big deal. So they send out a tweet to the Jamaican bobsled teams and pick you guys we got you covered what what did you bobsled. And I've it'd be kind of thought it was just the lake LA humorous thing. Well it sounds like the brits striped and hype begin actually bought them. And to sled. There's a risk it came out where people were questioned whether it was her bobsled or whether she'd rented that are exactly what was happening but I saw a story today saying that indeed. They got a new bobsled. From red stripe and they've never driven before and they're desperately trying to like kind of practice with it. And get used to because they have to make your Olympic debut this led to date just got. So what if they win with a deer Bob sled that as a starter run of of the beer bobsled. Well I guess they're not very and so the Jamaican team yet there. It's it's a field like the core reading signal into in a metal they're just happy to be there. But I think it's great that we had. A coach they got fired and literally. Took her ball or in this case the bobsled and went home and once again beard has shown us the way. Anna stepped up and it saved the day daily de LA LA daily is there anything that beer can't do allow all because wrestler areas red stragglers like we got you. So I hope they hope they don't. Mean should I hope beat this belongs realistic. Beat if you don't finish last. Yeah I think got him hokey I think that's probably the that probably Google wallet home for them and this is the female team yes the female team. All of that says we're hopeful this is a guy from hi begin. Then all of this as we're hopeful that this finalized with his possible. We've been working with the Jamaican bobsled federation to get the final price but the team will have their slick head official training he's related bobsled will start this week it's either ego. The Jamaican bobsled federation then. Why would they not supply and other consulate. What is red stripe had and you don't have another box of prop eight and that's what the they just said that they got it from them like why would rats stripe have a bobsled they they went to the they went to the bobsled federation to get the Bob's. Will they paid they they told Jamaican bobsled to go by Wanda and I guess they'll pay for. So I don't know what this means that the Jamaican bobsled that wasn't going to be willing to do this but red stripe so white and red stripe is paid for their Bob's your telling me that the Jamaican bobsled federation and a did not have another bobsled no other than the one that they were going to compete that's what it sounds and that they tune up. But its core of that may be too because the woman on the one that they did have. I hate that seed in the. Really if you watch the movie equal run means and then you recount about it like this is not like a big operation man. This just a handful of people don't like got together the garage to rely K let's try to get to deal with Exxon just in case you didn't know. Lot of bobsledding go on and Jamaica. All right let's show they really did have one sled I this little this lady that took it and registrars by revenue if there is a Jamaican. Bobsled federation which it sounds like there is yep I would think that the one thing that they may have in their closet. The one thing would be a bobsled that that's maybe that's crazy. They reported that she didn't even all it did they report surfaced on Wednesday that the this gal we got fired. Or guest demoted and she quit there are reports that she didn't even own it is she rented a bobsled. To be used for the competition. But she won't directly address he what happened with kids and really knows the dynamics other than. It sounds like they needed a bobsled and rifts tried stepped up. Merit coming up next Laura Ingram goes I'll stick to sports on the Brian James will tell you what she said. Next on the fan. In time where Isaac and soup and intimidating. Yeah and finally David remove under the club. Laura Ingram has. Chastised LeBron James and Kevin Durant is good little blowback on this. Yes she said death to LeBron in period we're. Really car with. Those Carrie champion I think is in doubt it in some bit in the Bryan during it. We're. Talking about trump name like trump in this net. Well Laura Ingram played on her show she's on Fox News and she said I'm numb to this commentary like they must run their mouth like that. Unfortunately a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously look might be cautionary lesson if in the bronze for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year to bounce a ball. Oh and LeBron and Kevin you're great players but no one voted for you. Millions elected trump to be their coach so keep the political commentary to yourself. As someone once said. Shut up then to rebel yes the old stage you're lane you're too stupid to comment on anything he stick to sports now Bravo which win that all the time in their GCs getting killed like. It's long and much for the people have if it chimed in on this they're tweeting pictures of them using celebrities to. Share their political beliefs on Fox News for I don't. That I went Tom Brady wears that make America agreed pat you know then that's the greatest thing in the world that if you go against it it's and she's a big as some people have been pointing out that she's a big sports are on Twitter she she's a big. Nationals. Wizards and a big Redskins fan so she's always on their. Talk and sports and stick to politics. As CNN do you like your show sheriff Joseph and Amos was on Fox News. In the past yes agreed you name of Red Auerbach. Clinton will of course I'm guessing there's a lot of white people. If you legend Nationalists. Hold on she said. She released estimates that in 2003 I wrote near times bestseller called shut up and sing. In which I criticize celebrities like The Dixie Chicks in Barbara Streisand who are trashing them presenters and he bush and he's a variation that title for more than fifteen years to respond. To performer she sound off on politics and told Robert De Niro to shut up and act Jimmy Kimmel to show up and make a slap. And just this week told the San Antonio spurs' Gregg Popovich to shed acting coach. If pro athletes and entertainers wanna freelance as political pundits the nation not be surprised when they're called out for insulting politicians. As opposed if your. At its so who is allowed to comment on politics that. Yeah it's kind of a question if you just have a political show only then can you comment on Paula are clearly crow Kid Rock. Yeah I and John boy right right totally if you if you agreed with my you know Bob Knight. Philosophies then we Lovett Bennett Afghans did and you need to stick to whatever. Yeah. I don't understand about. About the the whole. If someone disagrees he politically than you have to hate them right sweetie and down that's like The Dixie Chicks like they came out and said that that means you can't like The Dixie Chicks you can't ever by their problem. Or on the other side of things they give kid rock's supports tribe that Kid Rock is the worst human being alive in the we can no longer listen to Kid Rock music. It's it's fascinating to me that we've reached this point of view now in our country where that you don't agree would be politically. Then that means that I have a terribly human being and you can't support anything I do. I'm fascinated by this is that the person that's that says you get this like you're a little more political on here that I am but. You know we we both share our our politics and time to time on here but they gave if you criticize. Try opera by criticize Obama that we get the inevitable while never listening to you again. And so you enjoy our show you like guesses is. Is that is a sports show you like our personalities you've been business for years. But it's one of us says something that you don't agree with politically then you can never listened to our program again you know that thin skinned. Are you that fearful of an opposing point of view that this is where we're at now find you don't agree that we were a few weeks can't ever taught this. It's pretty crazy but it's the same it's the same look at my girl Katie and on any bloody baby in Katie. Is the same. It's it's like bringing him back to sports radio and we get the stick to sports thing yes I'm politics is like we're talking about animals into sport. It it is it is clearly it's the same thing that goes with Laura Ingraham is clearly a fear based basic human reaction to hearing something that. Either makes them uncomfortable that they don't like yeah right like it's it's the most basic away suggests. To put up a law. And say. Stick to. Basketball or stick to sports institutes that it's like. The knee jerk easier reaction god forbid you actually had a conversation or you hear it they're saying or you were toward or none it's the wall it's the straight up ball. Stick to sports because it's this it's really lazy right it's like it's as but it but it comes from that basic and you want to hear Bay's reaction that's. And it would ever wanted a box right in and I think you know I'll I'll give us that a burial or it's on the back that. And now you're more liberal than I am ache in general a more conservative than you are I think were both. Really human beings that don't just go eat. Either one of us can be put in a box and say that you're a Democrat your Republican. You're conservative you're liberal doesn't work like that and that's the part that bothers me the most is. It if I agree with liberal. Philosophies on one thing that I me I'm a commie bastard. And I'm the worst human being are alive but if I agree with conservative principles on some things then I'm a racist. And I mean just again a horrible human beings where and you're not allowed almost any word just be an independent thinker and say I agree with some things from the right I agree with some things from the left. Doesn't look like that we only see things in black and white it's no longer any sort of shades of gray or middle ground. It's just it's it's disappointing to be quite frank it's disheartening because I get any better if anything it's getting worse. Let's get more speeches that's half the current administration operates like they wanted to know that's like part of the debt and drove hard and it's also meet it you know media has a lot to do that. But I also think too that that's a lot of those are a lot of people that are on the fringes I just don't think that's the majority think the majority are. On both sides are just you know. Reasonable people would have differing differing opinions varying opinions and I think we just get the extremes now on TV and I'm in social media stuff out when it's not really like that it's like most. Yeah yeah you may get Amendola to detect signed here but I'll look at at the break in you may get that guy he's yulia I'm Tanya that guy. He's in 10% was it doesn't the other night EC a saint like any other 90% that they're like OK I'd like it was six at their let's move on. Hope so but man I'm starting to lose faith but I wanna believe what you're saying that. It is getting harder and harder or just in this case is having eject Iraqi should stick to a turtle six noises let. I think that's durden Sprague were doing mister Jonas Brothers are spread I Judas for your. Yeah we on the did you smoke more read it as we decided. Doubles Khamese yeah justice. I'm okay oils if you will coming up next policy I have a little left over audio from the NBA. Ulster are we can I wanna play freed kept his little tiny bits is to get taste. Will talk some artificial intelligence and more animal is in the club next on the ten.