Primetime 2.16.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, February 16th
More Chuck audio...if the Blazers ever did land Chuck and won a title, how does that change the franchise? Cougs and Kansas set a home and home...and In The News!

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Right well prime time which buys it consumes what is going. There has never known and unbiased. Just try to chairman and compromised port stuck without booze sugar coat of American who is in everyone's life in war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate because. And beat you might do the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consume on 1080. And. I well with Michelle now maybe it's over at the skin. Maybe even just quarter this liberty all star game has begun and more importantly Dieter. Also the DO PH guy who do you she's names who beat bush. And we're not making that up that's in that he's does Agassi's the the guy for the sparks out the WNBA team down that's a big boys guy right now while DJ rumors spins in the background hootie bush yes many in the announcements the beads is in the house. And he's all hat and I'll put in the over under on the number of cheerleading is that he has before the game is over at three. Yes yeah I think that since this is in LA and those are probably Laker girls. They're that good for gals on their ball falls that's right reserve's latest I think that he's probably ready had a without the muscle that's pretty good they sort of they can beat says in LA you know you get you to make is that does that make it ethics and Tom Lehman I did Delhi for years ago. So onion icann and I'm okay. Let's see where weary I can't take my eyes off the suns are oh what it takes you that Rachel do media the in Seagram model slash basketball player I've found a picture of her with Damian Miller. Really now is could be gaming and it would you let it kinda looks like a the journal telling. No interest in you know if you're. A celebrity now cutting the big thing is to get abused Graham models. You know it is nice this is kind of his Indian mom he'd just slide into the DM and I'm guessing Mike. Although there Allison there's a lot picked there are a lot of photos of her with NBA guys. While that's here's on Derrick Rose on with Kevin Durant again she's hot she's and it's a gap model and she was a really good college gospel player Carmelo. I'm guessing that's like that trifecta of things and I give you try to slide hindered the ams. That's I work in but when Damien slides and you DM you take that message there's high re looking at her longingly Brandon Armstrong by the way the NBA impression guy. There she is right there. Well they're her pants a little loser. I think she barred listening she bar those from John Stockton. And who else is wearing real basketball shorts she is where rain. John Stockton circa the 1989. Ha ha. And I she looks like she is gonna take this very seriously til it's it's well this Dmitry is there to prove that she's not just hot they cheek in. All is well. Okay. Azeri Demeter not to meet track to meet. Mike gas and inching question. If the blazers did win a title with Charles Barkley let's say pull off a deal anyone. Do for their franchise. Like like would that have changed the fate of the franchise that's a good question like how if they want the title in 91. All reality we need to win one with chuck but if they just if that team got over the hump and won one in the early nineties and what does that mean for now is meaning Fernando. Think cured you you can't play the long suffer mean like woe is us sort of thing. That like at all blazer fans are dead inside yeah that'll give you can't hold bit you can't you can't do that they give you view win one. I don't know if it changes anything about to date for the franchise like Houston right the rockets they want to with a lie usually on and yeah like how long does that resonate you know I mean like what what does something for the city again you not to long suffering due. Drug franchise would just the wind but I don't think it has a ton of impact. On on this this group or anything so it's a few years. It's a few years and it's just in to seek his Drexler Barkley in their prime would other people have wanted. To come play here you know as I can you win a title. Do you get a couple others but its target at 1215 year run there where they were contender every year and then you add that second group became a board you know after Drexler left and went to Houston he got dealt yet she knows guys who. In tip and then they made a Western Conference finals run so it's like you were bad after that. Just think that that run probably extends a little bit but you still would've gone to the process of when those guys left of of I'm having to rebuild and not being a super tried to destiny. You for free but it's just a window is slightly longer say ten years whatever. Do you use then not put yourself in a position where you're choosing between. Greg Oden Kevin Durant orbit is Brandon Roy not to valued in this is that change everything in a negative what I mean I guess. For Arroyo was that could be considered the idea because he got hurt but. Well I mean antique that they got they got good again. And so why would a title. Have altered that now a win it would have they got good ensor brings that this is this agree points that it would mean really nothing today. The won six titles and eight years and and look at the bulls now there are relevant. And inhabit my essay yet for quite some time just the question is just how long is it what what does it mean. For the for the you know in the in the near term it's hopefully I think I just off Lee's. Taint well. It doesn't it he's handle locking for me did enhanced and the basis of chili peppers and Andy did and he's not. I don't think please wearing underwear. I I did he says to me I think we saw a taint. Or they try to cut away for a brief moment they're quite. I think we just saw a long before fleece shirts off the record I'm surprised it's on already in his turtle. Now peso anyway the guys is not necessarily like today Emmys too too long ago but just what does it mean. Is it does it make it easier to have to build the next Weiner or what if that's interesting question but it also shows too if Charles Barkley. Barkley wanted to come to Portland now because why because Portland. Had a good team that he thought could win a title with him on. So I don't I think that shows that nothing has changed this idea. That nobody will come to Portland that there is an element of truth to that and it's very hard to get create his. But make no mistake if you have a good team that is any championship window. Guys will want to come to Portland because they wanna when rain. They were in the finals and again I get thrown with this because it's like that was at the ninety or 91 season they are the finals in ninety and 92. I think the way you officially call close so date it means is you mentioned they were. It's not like they were just dead at a decent team they were the best team in the west or one of the best teams in the west for a nice solid. Three to 45 year run there and you're right Charles Barkley who don't want to win an MVP wanted to play here because of that. And you can't tell me that if that group with in the markets in and be Roy and Greg Oden had worked out and those guys who stayed healthy. You're telling me that an aging star Michael Paul Pierce Serb I don't know whoever. How this all went when he got dealt for Memphis you're telling me they wouldn't have wanted to come here import of course they would've because as you pointed out. You would've been able to compete and win titles so yes easier to get that window it's easier to get exact guys. Let down a couple of other tax by by Dubai may be Clyde when the left and the blazers won a title possible. It is possible but he wanted to go home rent it wanted to go home but I think there is element to you wanted to go home and and and when did that do wish you address window yeah he went to Dee Dee had also won a title. The UN one or two. Is there one. I think he got to play is there for the second one I don't think he was there for the first I think ally usually one and that group won one and then I think Clyde came for the second so if they'd won a title in the early nineties the it does the jail blazers team get assembled as we were talking about the and I think it does I'd it's a different GM. You know that was Saddam. Knows what's. Yet trader rob but if they win a title may be the GM's days I don't there's so many things. They could've happened and now it's it's it's it it's impossible to know it's just it's interesting when you hear about. You know one of the best power forward of all time and MVP and he comes out and just. Says I'd I'd wish I was I was I was on the blazers and that's funded. To try to kick around especially does it affected. You didn't have to get bought formed as the exit but that's where they give up was just sick. OK so Shaq in chucked it into it. Shaq gets a little defensive about the whole Kobe saying look let's just call it what it is Shaquille O'Neal is the most sensitive human being on the planet. He's CE he sensitive about certain thing is so thin skinned and at this this one year old clearly hear some you know member of the also we get his stuff is in LA Villa in so they're sitting. Right out there's much of fans there in LA for also our stuff and the Shaq. You know Shaq dunking with his knees been of that stature you statute is right there. Of course Shaq having won titles but the lakers and I hear chuck pokes him a little bit Shaq gets pissed. You know I'm just glad that you guys. Coach Lou some type on this than we've ever had Muslims Jerusalem rumors are all used to live through job chocolate stout started. To a correctional took a course road users runner up duke loses money. We'll miss him forever. Just thought it was it's as great as you'd like console this bonus content we want to real reform and on talk one Atlanta grew over there is a good percent of women about the history. Note to two competitive guys helpful oh my god right now we are improvements but who's quite you have been real happy now. All that different animal we have rigmarole we want to we unfortunately she. Yeah rumor got a bottle so one more. Which little unsure of what we want more productivity goes with the floods well it won't let Obama graduated he'll put it all who's been able to sit down and talk golf lover loosen. First looked so normal which rules we'll just move on journalists I was ordered. You call loses out on one thing you've got to move you did we have ever had duke doesn't do I know you just look at a little buzz. That's what do you don't joke first vote that he had disagreements with Synaptics. Is that would you say he's just what makes most sense of mutilated just you know he's just want to employ over what you want. What you want. She looked really fortunate to win those you look at it one more forceful. That interview right that was very telling. That tells me right if you had a bit and if you sit yourself if you have a bit more doing this summer don't believe the more domination you just. They throw for a loan terms. You remember but yeah. I don't principles. First abdominal I don't know what I was doing out here tomorrow when you zero. That's who is always room. Don't ever do what we know that's how I picked out that I'm gonna do it and I don't know that. I'll bring chances and upload this mobile. Or. Who is jackets really sensitive about that Kobe thing in and I now he's got a point on the last bit like. You know yeah he was lazy yet he'd Indy crap in the summer I bring championship that he was awesome especially to young enemy and he what did he do he won a championship yet he. Checked you got four. Cannot he was awesome but let you know part Barclays Oscar appliance like what could have been Barkley is correct looked nothing didn't break up in LA because they didn't wanna pay should act. Horse's ass. That broke up because Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal didn't get along and one of them had to go and that the truth is they went with Kobe because he was the younger player. And they thought that Shaq was was on the downside in and they were right and Kobe will be home at a much longer more productive career after that point. But had they not. Bid at each other's throat one they don't lose to the pistons. And they win for Guerrero and they'd probably go on and win at least another one or two and maybe were talking about Shaq and Colby with five or six in the same way we do Jordan. That broke up and and inject doesn't want to admit it. He's just he's sensitive about you can tell about the way you can tell because he's so defensive guys but his point and in this is the only valid point of how can you be critical of me I have four NBA titles. There is a little bit a scoreboard went in there and he's got a point met. That doesn't mean Barkley can't as Gary's hit that I'd like committee just text and said chuck talks big for never winning anything. Mean it Charles Barkley was a star in the Alley cats and just because he didn't get on a team that won a championship doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's talking about her can't point out to someone who has wondering that. You know maybe you could have won more yeah he's you know like you said he's right about that you could've won more. So I agree that the you don't you don't have to have it's like OK so it but by that theory Michael Jordan's 16. Who is who is can anyone criticize Michael Jordan or Russell day at the only guy thinking criticized Michael Jordan because he won more. The only one so Magic Johnson can't say booed him Tim to Michael Jordan about ending because magic on the S five and he lost to George in the finals. It's as it is is the most ridiculous argument the world ends. People don't wanna hear it but very few people live up to what their potential it's very few. Like Jordan got the most out of what. You don't know what's gonna say that that Michael got cheated out of anything. But you can't say that about Shaq and Colby as great as they were that thing broke up because of their ego and had they stayed together. There's no doubt that both of them have more rings than what they ended up with Kobe ended up with five Shaq ended up with four. And and but there's no way that the lakers don't continue to run that league for a number of years if those guys. Don't don't don't break up Jim I am on Twitter says Charles Barkley was Kevin Durant he would have joined the bulls and had some rain this. Hail this. There's there's an element to that it looks kind of similar on the other one too is in my lifetime. Outside of Jordan who just. And I am I gonna Jeter's shoulder shrug I shoulder shrug he's ago. That the only member of the show or should shoulder shrug was against court against Portland Michael's ago. LeBron is them the most unique player I've ever seen cycles ago but. Outside of Jordan in my own lifetime that I see. This includes berg whose magic you know doctor Jake. I've never seen a more dominant athlete than Shaquille O'Neal and had Shaquille O'Neal. Bit motivated the way that Jordan was or the way Coby was ready to write that. I think that Shaquille O'Neal could have gone down as the greatest MBA player of all time but. He didn't he even slow a few seasons he wasn't in shape. Yet other interest but like you said he can go I got four brings. He's he's got a little bit of that where you know how are you going to be critical of one of the what the state fifteen greatest players of all time US four titles but he only won one in BP. And he took half the season off and aegis you know he didn't take care of his body towards the end. He could've bid. Instead of being one of the greatest of all time Shaq could have been the greatest of all timer at least in that conversation but that's not how I remember him. And only to think that I think schacknow and now you may be right but I'll do that I was so. Dominant it was he was so awesome people accused of my favorite NBA players ever when he was when he was two and ninety fish. You know they didn't when he first got to LA before when he left Orlando before you got to 330. When he was to an ID 300 pounds. He was the most on guard global human bean in the history of basketball. Also learn better touch that you gave credit for work he was a better rebounder and shot blocker doing any good doozy couldn't shoot free throws I was the only negative do his game. Also as many of your pointing out Robert Horry can top a lot of crap to Michael Jordan does ES seven does or have seven yet. Seven titles in gory and Democrats shot in the whatever Michael. You know what else Torre has NBA all rookie second team from 1993 so I remember someone asked Barkley once. I really need to wrap this up we are way wait we is that are we on the first. Break of the hour yet so just never put a cork in it we'll get hit next and a college upon note about the cubes onto return on the fan. It's an opportunity. OK so after all of them. They still haven't had done an excellent. And circumstance. Well let's do it the thieves as something going on. I just I can't take my eyes off him. Thieves and Rachel may get it on it's it's possible semen on scene they had that hasn't happened already they're teaming it will. That he's claiming is alien beings claim this hair well. Yeah is here is game has begun and he's worried about his hand it is you have for about eight sizes too big he's wearing their red supreme arms eve. I just it's all right this is great what we're you gonna say about Shaq. We had to put a pin in it. I don't know OK forget it I don't remember. Is probably your best point yet what were we talking about which are much Jack I just said that I I don't the years you say he could've been so much. Better team and I said I guess on how I think of him even though he may be right I just think of him as a dominant force that won multiple rings and was fun to watch it was a great personality unison now. And then you had another hard hitting sports take but. We got Saddam off the rails there. On the clock we had to break remember a thing he that's wages don't that's why they'll break you finish the thought does when you're like eight minutes of yeah we got a break and we want to we thought we were on the second segment of the hour lead that that kind of threw it just had a three about. That market and now I'd say is she she looks awfully. As she. We have an Angel. It's with the Fed up she does we're young in this uniform yes. It and she looks very wholesome Q. She kind of looks straight out of that he would not seem basketball at Old Dominion. Yet I know that she is if you look hitter at this celebrity game she looks like she's straight out of Disney in not. Thanking in Sudan model as she said that the answer occupation it's 28. Well. Great to have one year younger than me. Beg your to get beads poured one in from the baseline. Of workers did what was the announcers and again. Cody bush Clinton did it here they are right now you get to hear who he blew assure you that outlook it's just given to be loved themselves and Justin Bieber all of that big it was and is it. At another all. Ocean. OK quick college football now yeah. This said it had been T seen in that is that well the Washington State Cougars. You have scheduled a home and home and football. With a powerhouse. Program. The games will be in 2027. And I'm telling you mark your calendars right now because I've already got mine a make him a trip up to the moment. And 2028. Game in Pullman is 27 to game and 28. Is in Lawrence. See it and if they Kansas. Shock. The future instead of new things a little bit this is gonna fight. Washington stated teams. We think there. Read more in state vs Kansas. For quite some time in while we may not have that we do get Washington State Kansas which is the second best thing. And so one of us is dead. This may be my one chance to get to the all American city that is sliding can't yes malice mechanic road trip yeah this needs to happen so. This also creates a weird scheduling quirk for the two weeks they will host and visit a team from Kansas. For four straight seasons. Beginning in 2026. Because they also at a home in Oklahoma Kansas State Kansas State in so the chances of these games actually being played. 30%. Forty I don't know why wouldn't be played that's a decade out and that's what that's what happened it's the Abbott. It's not like Kansas did. They washes say it's gonna Lana played them right what if Kansas is some sort of power house by then none out and you don't you you have not been listening to me out. Kansas is building 22045. Hot and this is well before there at the nature day before the ascension yes. But it's eight make no mistake. The ball is a Roland it is just rolling kind of slowly started with that fake field or the FA kick return right in the end zone yet you know you could you could view that as a seminal moment started with the adamantly in of the and then you know you Indiana Jones it from dinner W members to that this was last year. Right win. The early signing period began opened up now. They got three kids from Louisiana. And had the number one college football recruiting class. You wanna I don't remember that yeah leave moment you know where they finished where 67. At an organ state. Yes so yes they get out recurrence after they are recruited the the beads so tubes jayhawks 20272028. I will be in my fifties. And that is. Terrified and tariff on it. Unbelievable he admirable paean komen really really inebriated. I'll. And the text program has helped us. We brought up Robert Horry and that's where I was going with it was Chucky buckles and Robert Horry. I saw an interview once I don't remember it was on day ended the TNT showed that was separate from that. But some dumb ass. Asked Charles Barkley if he would rather have or territories career. Embarked it was like why it is like I'm one of the fifty greatest players of all time I was an MVP. And like I'm I'm arguably one of the three best players ever play at my position. And you say that Robert Horry had a better career than meat it was really offended by is that some would even ask that question. And and there really isn't tied it at some people think that that somehow Robert worry. Had a better career because he was on teams that one time championships and occasionally you know the key hits in big threes. Hi in clutch moments pled. Stop with that that Robert Horry had a better career than Charles freaking Barkley. Would you rather have some rings or would you rather be in the hall effect team but go ahead and go Charles Barkley on this one. Sony is predicting this a bold prediction bull sports take yeah mark mean geno will be to coach. Other cougars when they play the jayhawks in 2002 NE seven. No mean Gina will probably dead it's as an ordinary and to good point he's he would be well into his sixties look and later at one probably weigh five and a quarter let's play that it's one game of guess the coaches. The banking. Boy it's not give up Malia going to be Michael each earlier Urban Meyer. Really instant poll is Mike Leach. I'm 568 he annual well. Ten years 66 while nine years. It could be there is a chance Mike Leach is still there but I Beatty won't be there he eat Leach won't be there Kansas can next coach of of Washington State's. School look folk. Really yeah get Jonathan Smith sort of thing. They'll come back to save the program. Okay. I'm coming up next it's time for in the news folks we have a fire broke update. If this fire in the end that day the burrow who started the eagle creek fire area using court today. Do we DCU like a photo they released is an integrated I don't think so I think they're keeping him in the juvenile Kelly squarely under wraps up a good thing so that's next here's Michael sports and. Intel and with Isaac and soup company today though there. Credits for 38 this a dance appeals their game. Is very clear that the clippers have a better team like yours yet do that in the lakers coaches and I. Paying attention because. If you ever seen and an air ball from the dude from nine feet out because that just happens thing isn't of. Portion while the clippers are winning seventeen to thirteen and Jason Williams is out there just dominating the mean these guys on the lakers have no he plays for the clippers he isn't they have no chance against now white chocolate is I. It's the best part of any all star game is the celebrity. No question this liberty basketball game and there's the it would be owner for the. Not a state that's era for the bucks and he may have a heart attack. It's like at any moment it looks like he's ready to go doubt and I also like the bad that he is doing the embarrassed white guy I have to Wear an undershirt undermine a tank top. Because I don't even seem a flabby lead lunch lady arms. Aren't. It is time for it is February 16 2000. And eighteen. I thought I stopped watching it laughing it it's just that good. So varying opinions on what should happen to the team he started the eagle creek fire if people want a they want a pound of flesh out of this. Now I wrote this down before I saw what actually happens we'll meet. You do that double check here he was expecting using court this morning. And he. Was expected to plead guilty to reckless thirteen and reckless endangerment and then like twelve other misdemeanors Nia. So this bills they say he'll face up to five years of probation 2000 hours of community service. NL most likely be with the US Forest Service. But you'll also likely be ten to tens of millions of dollars in restitution. I can ask the question when we hit. It's he gets hit with forty million dollars in restitution that what. But they usually do it with these leaders say they turn into a payment plan for a fraction of audience so that they make it. They make it realistic to think we can't pay your cable bill in whatever in them and that is the collection agency goes it's like one of those. Yeah I had sent down for pennies on the dollar. Claimants. Affected by his behavior. Affected by the fire making each hit their hit his parents are 7500 dollars in damages per person. I guess in the courtroom today there there were a ton of people it was kind of like Hillary NASA thing work. People affected by what he did did get out there and statements DNA spoke. Think key. He understands now well let me -- tell you he said he he spoke or did he really heated yet he's you know he's fifteen guest he's from Vancouver's and his parents are our Russian. They don't speak English. He and so they had to listen they were there they sat behind him listening to Russian interpreter on had sounds okay. But he did give a statement. And Lucy says referred to. Only by his initials AB the dark haired teen stood holding a white sheet of paper in his shaking hands and read from a tight three paragraph statement. Every time I heard people talk about the fire I put myself down I know I'll have to live with my bad decision for the rest of my life. But I have learned from this experience and work hard to rebuild the community in any way that I can. I now realize how important it is to think before acting because my actions can have serious consequences. I apologize with all my heart to everyone in the court. So. And aren't they OK so here's his sentence that clearly in a heated right at I don't know why am skeptical. Placed fifteenth this is the hood so he's on bigger hood river county circuit court judge John. The honorable millions sentenced him to five years of probation as we mentioned. 19120. Hours of community service at the US Forest Service. Any did admit guilty twelve. Misdemeanors. For sparking the fire which in Libyan 49000 acres of 19120. Hours down while. And how many days that is so do some quick math here he will have on probation 86 PM to 6 AM curfew unless he's accompanied by someone over 21. Apology letters to be 152 people trapped on the trail because of the flames. Apology letter to the city of cascade locks US Forest Service Oregon State parks organ apartment transportation he confederate tribes of warm springs Andy Columbia River in her tribal fish commission and many others. He cannot have fireworks or explosives. He must undergo a psychological fire setter evaluation. And attend counseling in a negotiated plea agreement he admitted eight counts of reckless burning a public and private property two counts said today as McCants. Because she announced on tech technically entered please the teen said I admit. To the allegations when asked by the judge he accepted responsibility. It doesn't Elizabeth Alexander and easy reduces that he he admitted to the anti fireworks we've it is different winds and if you read that ladies report. That's not what happen to remember that the lady that sides. The general she said that they were they the whole group there was lighting him throwing fireworks. Have a hard time believing that I just threw one and no big deal. And I did the whole thing smells a little fishy to me. I think the one for him outside of the endless endless hours of in service is. 6 PM curfew for fifteen year old and high school well to meet its Oscar for him he's gonna be like. Yen that. I knew it he says I think you should today in jail time but he's lucky didn't kill any. No I didn't do that I do believe that I think he should have been behind by his doctors and time in prison by the way I look that up now I know we probably won't serve eight hours today. But if he were working eight hours today that's only 240 games then. Of community service and to me it's the money and gather ideas that that that's gonna hit him and it could hit him for the rest in his life I just I it doesn't say in here. It is insane here about that. I'm sure. I'm sure that he's gonna be hit with. Restitution I just on the aidid is disorganized Serena announced in itself. And I just that's what happened to eight feet. It's just didn't see. You know hopefully it's his life turns out and there are no photos of them now Nikki you know so. Hopefully the kid's life turns out okay and that he. And he he makes amends this thing going lids and that's a good life a wide just crimes and in situations like this I just don't feel. Work. I don't know it's it's an appropriate punishment. We may be the Nike said maybe the money thing. Does make you really stop and think about it that. So that for years the guys to have some community service and he can't you know commit a crime or get caught with a one for the next five years. You burn down the gorge like you said you'd damn lucky that no wind died during it. I just hope. Outside of the money being I don't see a lot of negative circumstances having his kids went well and the money thing to a. Probably. And fortunately he can skirt around that probably I don't know how much money they have. But. It's like you said that I read the previous story that a lot of times with the views eternity and a payment plan for just fractions of what they're. What they're supposed to pay because they know they won't ever pay it. Exactly and and he. TV it was into the restitution could be forgiven him bankruptcy in the right exactly as I mean it's you take some family doesn't come from anything in the rounds is I guess. When we got him we don't know bit. Ali and he hit me with a even if you hit me with a forty million dollar you know you know payment plan on cable. I broke have thought like OJ gate are getting forty million out of being great you know shrug my shoulders tie lie and I kind of wish the kid would dance jail time. Would you like a camera lets you all choose this. If we continued in the news would you like. Florida as school shooter a day or now would you like me to steer clear and yeah you've you've I wanna steer clear they were out on them get them. I don't wanna get my soapbox people don't think. About that. Controlling yourself it's it's. It's it's with each one of these it's getting harder. Well OK I want it to you seen him. And there and he got something else will succeed mr. But the FEM. Alone yeah you know what okay weaken a little different than weakly to touch on that. Now just touched on yeah that's good at it okay good compromise. Its software attach. But also. We have an alcohol in coming our way. We were talking about prohibition the evidence and wait till I get on the I want to say off the soapbox but you're gonna get right back applauding yell at this one of those items next on the things. We're advising consider going to 1088 go. OK a little late breaking news. In the news that the death. Which and if you noticed that lately with the new in the news did they were doing this year and I've tried to make it look more local. Get put on the stand on PM local local news Oakland's and I'm trying to do that more I guess some terrible thing happened how it impacts you coming up next ranked them the KGW is a master of that Baltimore. Some that haven't in Japan and their like a local connections. So up Portland police are responding to a person in crisis standing on the Lombard overpass over I find. So right now what they're saying is all lanes of I five south of there at Lombard. Are close. North bound to be going up to Vancouver you know is still open but police in Portland fire are there talking to. Dispersants than I guess that's kind of even if you're going northbound it's again just totally as after Africa and the old 84 is gonna be sicker going the other way is through that edited include. And on Friday yeah. North Lombard to over I five that that road is us. So we're saying is buckle up people you are going forward and tonight I'm (%expletive) yeah no sorry about that. So OK hopefully the person's okay and it. He immediate chair Karen. In any month since the situation room hopefully everyone's all right facility here is just this is a little blurb on the Florida it. School shooter. Did they failed to follow up on tips about the shooter warning of guns erratic behavior a desire to kill and disturbing posts. And I. I just don't know how this happened this is unbelievable. So a kid who knew the shooter called the FBI tip line on January 5. And the FBI Elise they're getting it in not trying to covered up at least they say. That that it did happen. Indian Ocean have been forwarded on to the Miami field office but it never lives and made it. We also admit they got a call about a YouTube. Comment. That was from the shooters that read I'm going to be professional school shooter out. And did screen name on the comment was Nicholas Cruz and that's a kid's name. Yet the FBI said they were unable to identify the comments. So how does this happen it is sounds like an in this case there are a thousand warning signs. But here's my question and nothing was done. It but this this one can beating Mark Penn dried the warnings in a thousand warning signs is not it's not just warning signs it's. He was saying I'm going to kill people I'm going to do it couldn't be any more black and white meat. Just commuting or back like I just wonder though this is the scary part of of this is. What what can be done even if they do you follow up on all that. I don't know what can be done maybe not just monitor the kid maybe not let him by a they are fifteen legally well that's an obvious one that I'd I'd I need to see honestly I need to see how he got beat anybody heated by anybody yet and it's crazy that. Again we don't need to get into the into all of its just. I just wonder. You know even if you have a kid who says I wanna kill an I he and his behavior is erratic and he has the gun and he has disturbing social media posts. What can you do and. I don't know what the you know and of that constitute criminal thanking your resting can enforcement counseling. I don't know I guess you just gotta monitors I could have gotten into it that's a hard but I don't know I don't know enough for the legal process to know how that goes but it's just. There's there's a million things that are awful about this and and one of them is that. If it was it was all there. Every every sign was there any and every Artie was ended. Did to stop people warned about it yet to the proper authorities. And he kills you did what you're supposed to do. And it it didn't matter I mean it. So Hannah alcohol ban story for you. Nobody likes spinning about gone now it's it's just downright. Fund GD America we try that once in the constitution and then we yeah we got that when there and I it's. Go ahead removed so I guess this is why we can't have nice things. Up on Saudi island deserted at about my kids that dogs on their beaches up there and they're getting they're having too many incidents. John came behavior that was a nude beaches that there yet there is on and there crack addict. They are considering banning alcohol its audience and that's not to work. Hump do you monitor my backpack. But I Phillip my suntan lotion with vodka got stopped me from that. The days of drinking on the beaches of Saudi island on hot summer days may be coming to an end yurigan department of fish and wildlife is considering a ban. To reduce impaired driving during the summer months. And that's the thing and get out to me to be unique in how she now there. Said to like if you if you went down regulate the the carver floats or you go to anything like daggers saga and hot summer day. Seven DUI checkpoint just weeks before you leave the parking lot he just force you know blow into something before you go kids. In at least put the fear because I do those things like half the people that are in the even that are three sheets and at this. Has an even if not to start a business news. Any go to downtown. And you pick him up there. At live port. And you put on their news Kimmel drunk down. And he had in years and he had floated up to Saudi on let him party get naked when every year and we and then he would be taken back. Think you're onto something here and I think what we need to do is go buyers of the votes and that we can do it summed it up to like the vikings you know that the vikings pleasure cruise. We dad is this our next street fry him tip restaurant and I feel like there's an idea like Rwanda sent in and there's no way parliament that a student. Who says you have to ask Portland. That's. To get past Portland and there. Probably. The beavers are you as it needs to be diverted our our company name as the vikings cruise that's what we do again. They'd like to you know give all Ritalin and you know again you know what once you're on the water I think anything goes is this 2%. This hey we're not here to judge we're here to help. Or get out of the way because the thing about going up to that beach is it's super private out there yet because there's nobody up there see you can you know it's like that's sort out the biggest. And it goes what happens on Sunday and stays inside the island or in this case what happens on the viking cruise ships days and that's right that we will wall sign in DA's will sober you up and you know. You know and that we get out like we really do like the shuttle bus service particularly afterwards if you want to yell partner would do her ego will. Actually need to go let's do this quicker on the center get this damn ship like this idea where ago. All right that's in the news for February 16 2008. Team. Coming up next to the hot time inside the Mets. Boost their rotation. Did to exit at a juggernaut. To their football schedule. Through the news of the day and more. I it is for 58 on the fan.