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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, February 16th
Is it good to die young?, NBA All Star Celebrity Game tonight, yay! Chuck audio x2.

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They are listening to the primetime and Isaac it's duke absent by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. Find it time. And you can find the time to spin you actually yeah primetime retires against you. At home what they'll. Yeah and I'll. Think yeah. This is primetime so yeah I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Your eyes are brought in Jason's again with pride and contaminated. And Atlantic do blue lace. I'd like to say that in sports and hard that it does like the worst sports day of the year. Why does not them what do you mean nothing look at that look at that who is that man on your TV news golf on soon as that man on your TV shoot 73. Tiger but it would. Free Keeneland is haste to miss the cut for the weekend he's on he's on the prowl. He will be good. This belt that the tournament that day isn't tiger being like six shots back and then like have been a nice round and Ambien and I go oh there's a tiger on the brow and those are. Of those days ago I announced they still cup is it kind of fun to watch him or is it all wearing off and now he has to play and. It's where enough for me a little bit wet look at them to be honest with you. Like I get his dad's bubbled and he isn't he's kind of got a little bit of a double Qian he's not in all look he's in his forties this. But this is kind of my point my dad growing up was a big Yankee fan right and he would he would he would remember seeing Mickey Mantle at the end. And kinda he would tell me a little bit kind of house that it was. I may was spinning it Korb of the season is drunk half the time and or there's other people military stories about with the may stumble around you know for the Mets in center field. Jerry Rice right in Denver and Seattle getting hot. Joseph name if they'd be back Emmitt Smith go to the cardinals it's just it's it's hard to see that and I hate to to say it that. That's kind of like what I'm when I watched tiger now I feel. We're again it's just it's not it's not Tiger Woods it's a shell of Tiger Woods and I don't wanna remember this Tiger Woods. I remember Tiger Woods like 2001. Puzzle. This goes back to the whole thing about well like. Prince Michael Jackson yeah. You know if he had died. Tiger Woods would be remembered far differently yes then he will if he lives a long life becomes an old crotchety man. Sometimes the best is the sound so morbid honest answer sometimes the best thing you can do for your legacy. And is to die I don't make this about Jim Moore an idea do you like the doors. Yes I know I'm not endorse fan now I just I I find their music to be. Anyway not a fan not a fan of the doors here on our and I can't I want him and I can't worms does that give you don't read the music and food. Anyway I don't know crab on music I I'm not a big open the doors are pretty idiot I'm not a big fan of the door you know. And the whole lizard king thing and all that they keep when he was 26 years Ole bright. It Jim Morrison had not died. And he went on and did the same sort of weird Jim more sin drunk in a bathtub. He should be another burn out that had an album number two that was fairly popular. Any one no one would have the poster on the wall whoa how do you know that he would've flee I doubt no and no one would live. Don't would've revered him as one of the greats of all time just. Jimmy Dorsey didn't change anything at least like Kurt Cobain. And I think even he gets a little bit of this but there was that that bit that was 888. Game changer in the world music Jim Morrison didn't change anything. He was a charismatic sexy guy that came along for a couple years was a big deal many died and when you die you're legend grows. As opposed to you know getting older and people being critical of you worked. It would big YouTube now right ever no one likes you too many more people bitch about their worker. You know The Rolling Stones and sold out it's a lot harder to grow old in your genre than it is to die when you're in your twenties. And all anyone remembers is you reach your peak and that's the whole tiger wood senior credit card with a died in the plane crashed eight years ago. Wait different lifted then if Tiger Woods finishes this thing out and never really. You know wins again or or or does anything productive so moral of the story. I young dyeing your prime. Better to burn out than to fade away you less than LeBron. It's just clocks tick him there there's something to that. And what god is guilty as anyone liked otherwise I think for me he would've stood the test of time to maybe it's because I love him and I don't let Jim Morse and but Freddie Mercury has some of this. But Freddie Mercury to me is the greatest front man of all time I got in my mind no one is Freddie. And I was so young when he died in didn't really get exposed to queen until after he was he was passed away but like in my mind he's this mythical figure. But TCU like Ly BB rare black hole lead held bats. That's what a rock star looks like that's what a front man looks like and I wonder sometimes had he not die aid. In the early eighties and Freddie is sixty right now. Do I have a different. View of him you know who did it right in a deviant name but he says there is. Was coupled there's two guys I think. So when your super cool surveillance you yeah. I totally get your point. There are facts I think I'm on an even brought it up so we leave Vienna. But if you're not gonna dyeing your prime yeah or shortly there after. You have to know when to sort of go away read like there's an art. To. Having the self awareness to be like you know at. And my time is up. On the go live a solitary life and his via normal guy yeah there's two there's two guys and thinking. Now you can also transcend all of this and be like. Well Tony Bennett is a great example. You'd have you seen him lately it's been a while customers on him is with Lady Gaga while he's on the grammys. And he can still saying and he's soup world eager debut heard that the duet album with gaga and I loved it but he's he's one of those guys did need to Diana's prime he's just been good yeah and he will be he will begin until the data on the day that guys guys enacted beaten Haji result. That's rare. The two guys I'm thinking of one is a lesser than the sequenced the first woman thinking of is Dan Morrison's gun and Van Morrison. Is a legend. But he is. At each and detours I don't know if he tours anymore but he's been out there even as an old. And yet he's super. Cranky aloof and in in you just never you never hear from now ranked. So he's one that I think he's done a pretty good job of understanding look at you know and he and you know he's a fig jam. Which is you know that means fig jam. Now I don't know fig jam bath on the greatest just oh yeah like Phil Mickelson yeah they damn horse and lows in March dissidents but he also has done a good job I think of China acts like an oil habit yeah. To your point the second one in this guided get a better than anybody because he lived for awhile and use an old and he died. But nobody really heard from or saw anything from him for many many years after he was the man and that's Johnny Carson. Yeah Jonny after the tonight showed is gone Johnny was done you don't wanna be on either Barry Sanders it you'd like when Barry walked away. Barry was the and he just you know I saw it tip the captain somebody else brought up OK so I heard an ad the other day on a station that Rod Stewart is coming to town. L love me some routes albeit rusty he's going to lose somebody of the theater I love rights to I'll be there. I love them but there's no way am I go to that should really now because it like this guy all all this guy Tex was he's actually right. Rod Stewart yeah makes the Rod Stewart he's that he heard him now it's been awhile it's brutal you're you're gonna come on you're gonna walk out of that. Show going on my god why. Yeah maybe it's on the CME you don't regret going. It's just you're gonna walk out they're going to all day give me Maggie Mae good to be just happy one happens. As a rod as that I did Van Halen so rod is the opposite though where he's still cash in Jackson people love and an old ladies go out there and get their their their bikinis on the stage again. Now that he's a thing that you give. I say Jim this is another guy Johnny Cash had great cash was cool to the end yeah loved it and you know who's kind of blurred this line a little bit. Is. Societies is one multi phase but Billy jolt who has a wrote in a new song since like 89 but he still goes out perform this. But. Did you did you ever listen any news or the Eagles I don't wanna write any. Any more songs yeah I said what I had to say in of people still wanna hear me go out and play and I can do a reasonable job and it Eagles. If it's somebody who is the moment that the ticket demand dries up right can't sing at all anymore and I'm embarrassing myself all walk away. Because I don't have a in meter right the same songs that I didn't before and I'm not gonna put out crap so he doesn't. Well just be refusal to write any more music and he may be the genuine article on LA but you know it's it's one thing to say well first of all the ticket demands not and a now. See Rod Stewart out. But it's. With Billy. It remains to be seen and he doesn't seem like the guy that we need the money you guys got funny but it's easy to say that even though you can't really sing but if you're still making X. Number dollars in people are still pollen in there to see you walk out there at you walker and sit down and piano and it's not what used to be that you can still kinda get around hard to walk out to be hard to walk away from an awesome sand like. Then more sense and he's probably not even a greater advocacy he does he tourists he comes around every now and then but he doesn't go on dusty told the story about how he he'd. Dusty and saw him and he flew I think was around here might be in gorge or might in I don't know that because of the Washington. The van. Helicoptered in even got off the helicopter walked out on stage grabbed his guitar played did not talk. Indian anything played his set got back in the helicopter flew way I just love that it gives the audience the F few and we don't like. We've ever. He's ease notably certainly yes he would let. Anyway that we as one of those guys that's only takes a photo of him while he's playing a walk off the stage. It has been discussing these I don't question dug down Lehman DNA he's cranky as them sort of said that like this is another great one is Axl Rose. At Axl Rose just died after appetite. For destruction. Sounds terrible I now but had it happened. Axl Rose is a rock. God he's Jim Mora said. That's the best comparison Jeff Morrison was so burn out fat at the end that's absorb all this. Can't even run out onstage without we'd easy now that's what Jim Morrison would have been you had been this version of Axl Rose and it axle died. When he was still a slinky server B rock god. He's Jim sent that's the best comparison to that is Axl Rose is senior elite Nyad did it good it's not good at all well. Number I have. And it's too bad now. Our one that's enough of that. Garbage I don't know how that have all of us and we're talking sports Tiger Woods tiger freaking was not a whole lot going on than Justin Bieber played in the us liberty all star again while we're holding out hope that tiger can eventually give us one last major run and hopefully it will be at the masters wherein I will be there in April that would be look I'm all be trained for that. For you we just all want just 11 run. I use short of the masters and the like has led falls off afterwards he never plays again when your eyes when he has a heart attack while on the eighteenth could cause a judge males there I guess that wasn't smells a few get to the the reverend guy and caddie shack round. It's a bolt of lightning comes down. Just it would be awesome to see tiger at a major preferably. The masters. Some time over the next 56 years to just push the sun back up in the sky one more time. And in give you vintage tiger. Okay. It's an NBA audio. A complete. With chuck Barkley. Oh India him in there and checked. Well got multiple chuck clips that got strangely personal three took live three Chet clips. Today tricky buckles. We we've got to talk about the North Korean cheerleaders now they're back at it. Boy there are some of the New York Times did a piece on him as a fascinating. On WEEI. Shut down all day for cents a deep sensitivity training. We are I just wanna point out them that we are now living in a world where they are more sensitive WEEI that's true if they don't know they're that they're dead one of the biggest sports stations and in the country they're out of Boston and their their big deal but notre Grammy. Because they have to undergo undergo sensitivity close last week they're back I'm Zain for that day though we have to undergo sensitivity during abound that we get today off. Now else. Them old. We've got a couple Olympic grand am's. And Laura Ingram is incomes audio out of in emerging grams Ingram I think it's Ingraham Laura and I don't think there's an S at the end she goes all stick to sports boy on the Oregon and she ever. In Durant. And I but I don't I think today if I'm not mistaken this is we don't give us liberty all star game tonight yeah yeah. And beaten beads is already getting my award detour in there he's gonna take it way way too seriously and win the MVP. So we'll start was an NBA stepped including audio chuck Barkley who was almost a blazer. Chucky buckle you hear this did hear that's so that'll be next it's 315 thank you for being with us here on Friday it's Isaac concealed on the fifth. On insanity though. Taken up some really big yet college football news. Right team we help book your tickets now leave government buckle on this let's get a sellout best. And so it is all star weekend. For the National Basketball Association. Which it's a very large net. From me but. In China as any all star game not get a vicious the patented route Matt Hamill down. Well MLB even those two I just don't like I don't like anything that doesn't count. But I don't like pre seasons and like All Star Games her rep doesn't know counties. So I am anyway the celebrity game is always the best I think that's the best of the all star weekend quite frankly. And the reason we see it is because it's usually on in the studio when we're on the air yeah because it'll start here in couple of hours. I was looking to the rosters now this year there down in LA and are we can't I have. Seen this other than a lead added Justin Bieber and as echo. Big at Ole boy it is the big guy because he's a big star to he fancies himself as a math and the exit is posting videos and stuff like. Playing basketball or hockey he will take this far too seriously. Well actually starts at four sites are two enough retirement which means the show gets derailed so at the moment that Starr's team clippers and team lakers. Coached by a fellow celebrities. I this year they're adding a four point line. Which is sweet of course they are that's an MTV rock jock thing right is Dan Cortes gonna be involved in this I hope so if you make a four point her. That Eagles a 4000 dollar donation made by ruffles. Tear charity is ruffles and behold there's a sponsor. Rough well we get to do elect is sour cream in cheddar ruffles because the closer to leash so the ruffles folks are gonna fork over at least twenty K. With a Max of forty candid their their right out after forty or did it. But here the coaches and players so team. Lakers will be coached by Rachel Nichols Tracy McGrady and Michael B Jordan OK I don't like Michael B Jordan who who is that he's an actor. Okay. I'm trying to figure some stuff that you would see him and he was I don't know if you see did you see creed. Now the Iraqi counter and now is in that he was he's in the new black panther movie problem he's got. I don't know weigh in as black panther thing's all over the place let's go to 98 rotten tomatoes score is it. They had eighty CNET now comes out this weekend I'm going to see it on Sunday but people there came out last night I believe it's like universe the be praised as the best. Superhero movie of all time people there over Lyle ease about that's AM bold statement he had Santa Monica and collar right now that's an overreaction I don't know man you get. That many people like all the reviewers mean I think it's 88 or 89 rotten tomatoes a Dark Knight who lived up to its heart out the wrong call about one of the best government was incredible you people are saying this is the real deal. They how he's and it I actually like him he's good actor. Supposedly any somewhat of legitimate star because look the sub let all star game. A look here let me read you some names that is times like when you do something low cleared security and it's like hey we've got we've got celebrities and then it's like you would meet there and ten body again body like. I the Joseph dot com. Time can body I'd take my eyes very very seriously. Rachel Nichols Jason Day Michael B Jordan to the coaches the lakers will have Kayla Michael I have no idea Jerry Ferrara. I think he was the fat kid from entourage. Oh yeah that sure but I think he's turtle but he's not offending mark a Rachel. Nick can then we know who that is boring Nick Cannon I'll know I'll start about the Rachel no idea whatever whom druze Scott. No idea he'd like she's an answer remodeled all okay Oman in what's the what's the name. Rachel demeanor DE MIT I just hold on a second there my house hunters to hold the okay yeah cheer I don't wanna watcher tonight. Go ahead and then in just say that's the MVP of the game regardless of what she's doing. Our way is an. It Easter Graham model. Maybe she's more but that's the first from a popped up from outs are like Eilat I don't know I heard down. Dusty camp talk about this this morning and end date they were talking about that. About how you know there's celebrities like the UN Iowa alone yes but they're also celebrities. Dad to kids Obama and some of those instant grant ID talk about is to Graham and you two been eaten some of the social media's. I you're going to get younger people that know them more more than they would know like I'm trying to think it. Trying to look at a guy you're Scott is one of the property Brothers and so for now exactly see they're gonna know is that threat of Miami allowed property Brothers but if you're like fifteen. U we like who you're watching HGTV right so there's multiple levels of celebrities should. You should I loved that show. Nobody slayer anything but dammit it's good. Chris Lu who. No idea sterling brand no idea Terrance Crawford no idea Tracy McGrady. Nate Robinson Candace Parker and market last read. And a man on a deal like dueling you know a figure that out team clippers coached by Katie Nolan who Ayman. Deep passionate level of understand Paul Pierce and calm and kept like common. In the and you have miles brown Brandon Armstrong. Dash O Paul long ago who. Anthony Anderson. Leo look at dance and got to the couple clock here Andrei. Big ross'. Degrasse. Jamie fox. Appealed take it seriously do he's Bubba Watson. Common hoop player coach wants yet he's gonna planets up Paul Pierce no pierce is playing. Later they all know. Yeah it's weird there's a couple of the that they NBA legends are gonna play pierce is gonna. Violate their journey. Stephanie. Will like the white chalk. Well I badges and assuming no probably not the murder Jason Williams I think he's out of prison so. There's some that have that Jason Williams shows up. It. We just got a gloss over my dad's a little murder between friends Stephanie do Olson. And win Butler I know about 25%. Of these rosters. Yeah I know a handful of and the beads is in there I'm not sure where he which team he's on to Seattle it and yeah I just saw that he was a laid out and he will take this thing far far too seriously and I would like to believe that white chocolate digits wins hopefully not the murder at some point. Gets pissed and in bears is Justin Bieber that's really what I'm waiting for his Bieber will try to go out in the play defense. And I need Jason Williams to embarrass him. Because I saw Jayson Williams in that would is that the news that the Big Three whatever he still play. Just winds icy and pretty good shape and still does all the little street ball stuff again one mixed tape crap well. That is a that to me is a very pour celebrity ness especially because it's in LA. Where is. Michael wrap for what the hell. And Kevin Hart I Kevin Hart is Brian Scalabrine and out of jail and you seem Kevin Hart's new bit you know he's doing now that now you like him. I don't dis like a minority just it depends he's hit and miss for me. But for the most part I find Kevin hard to be likable and I think you stand up as a relief on his original stand ups are really did yeah but he's got it is kind of problem and now he's well he's so popular type in years. When you reach that level of fame he can he can be a bit over the top he's a funny is that we with the rock Jumanji he was really funny in that I'm pro Kevin art. He is doing a bit now on YouTube. Brett you buy old spice market and it's called done. None of forget it pulled on. Urging searching. What is it called him. Cold as balls I think. Whatever he's like in the cold tank yes so he so what he does is. Each of tomorrow he's already done one with Lavar ball I saw the one with. Dream on green which is funny called in the Deke kicker kicks in the eye so was the Lavar ball but I didn't know the that was and I had. I just so it's not an ad it's it's a bit OK but it sponsored by old spice. It was weird because even the ball where like half naked in the rescinded an ice tub and I I didn't know analyst for sol oh in the third and his Blake Griffin. They're actually pretty if the dream on Greenland is pretty funny you know and so basically the whole bid is. They get on YouTube and it's about seven or eight minutes each of them and Kevin Hart needs to guys. In the in the in aid and they slowly slide into cold ice bats and just talk and it's kind of funny to watch him squirm as the you know you know because those ice bats Jason those occult yeah I've been in those in my weight Kevin Hart ripped. Yeah counterparts in great shape and you know but it's funny like I did the Ben Stiller does this to where. They play roles where they make fun of themselves for being in really good shape. But in reality they're taking a roll just so they can take your shirt off and show what good shape they're they're they're both of them do that it's it's vintage Ben Stiller. My gosh I'm Kevin if they watch me take my share regulators and by the way it lit migrate apps. CI think they can and hard is. Did and obviously. Funny buddy less is more with him from you know. It's well he looks he was the MVP of this stupid thing like three times he got into it yeah he really. Opener to you anyway that is your celebrity all star game. Preview. Who's gonna win I don't know and I don't care I'll be looking for Katie Nolan. Who I just I just you love love and love you I think she's wonderful now. And I'll be looking for the answer Graham models. Yet he has Fairmont and there's two W and I ano I gotta be ousted an idea Eminem and again and confess something yeah I'll be watching the beeps. Policy indeed is the beads as soon he's gagged on. The other thing that I want to happen besides Jason Williams making Justin Bieber look really bad is I want one of the WNBA players is Candace Parker's plane and it. And then the other one was Stephanie Gholston who I've never heard of before but she's a WNBA player to. I wanna see both of them embarrassed as many emails liberties as humanly possible. That is another one that I think is great like if Candace Parker's sends. Whatever you know MTV you know deep Baghdad just Curtis said the ball like into the fourth row with the rejection that's straight. Because deep down that crushes men's souls. Because every guy on that floor thinks that they're better than Candace Parker even though none of them are and I would like to see it. This didn't in my heart of hearts I have next we have Charles Barkley audio you know he was almost a blazer. I don't know and here's Mike some good news there. College football news imminent. These kids. Have added a home. List eight hour time. Are there. Well done we've got some other breaking news here. The Vista demo which we all wanna watch it the US would be all star game what's your name again Rachel dean media. And I believe in not in a creek in just hop on in Sudan now in if you're hot you can just kind of down there that's your job. Leah age is gonna get on the air and then people go look at it isn't because your hot kept. In the and you get sponsors and money from the yes like what do you do for a living what a world in your life come. And the like will you Malo. In your it will not really I just like take photos of myself in the bathroom I should do. Of that would work can we just like kids in its scantily clad view up. In India. So let's is deal with her so. She's super hot and she's mr. Graham model and they they culinary web personality. Two American declared those generic rat web personality ends. But now. She's not to not well and it she's a web personality and she's not she was an all American basketball player Old Dominion. Oh cool so she can play a little there's some video for like they gentlemanly spin on the ball on her finger I assume that means she can play yeah there's she actually. Impressive mix there's videos of her owner mr. Graham one scantily clad butt plain basketball and it's. It's pretty impressive you know I Google image terror and ms. Rachel. Yup and now I'm sort of wearied of that to technology we talked about the other day. Remember we talked about you can put your face on someone else's body yet that that's like in via CS league there's. There's such a technology now that. There's a whole thing we should actually probably carve out a couple segments talk about this at some point. This what happens is there's and there's like an algorithm where you can take someone's face. And it's 88 you know used to be that this would take hours and hours in this computer just does it where you can take someone else's face you put it on someone. Else's body and win the video runs. It looks almost seamless I mean there's I guess you can kinda tell that that there's parts that don't match up but it really. Unless you're really watching closely it looks like that person is in that video but. You can also do it where. In Zurich gets super dangers because they're doing that what you're saying they're doing that and more now yes so like if you want like Taylor Swift. You can take tennis let's face go find so and as a similar body that's in pornography. You put her face on it and the video looks. Spot. But you can also doesn't it fake at all with. Videos. In and night for example they did on Barack Obama. Where they basically had him saying things in a video that he didn't say yeah. But they they're the technology so good that they can go look at previous videos and take his. I need to know how it's done and again try to guess how it's done these piece to piece together your speech the end and it's really really scary. To the point where they can just basically put out a video of the president or whomever and saying something that they did not say in Yosemite. Takes that the wrong way like oh I don't know North Korea now you know big maybe have a problem. So it's scary stuff like you say we should carve out a couple segments down the road talk about all that stuff. But. I get I get a little. When I look at this I don't know let's turn what is you know it's like there's one of her and she's. You know look she said. That it's cop a it's dirty hit at it and don't think that's real but it's not bad dirty and that'll be good Israel it's unbelievable dirty. And that's the beauty of it so I don't know if that's her not and that's real I don't. So anyway that's Photoshop that's been around awhile yeah but anyway let's get you of his creepy let's get to chuck Barkley audio. I Charles Barkley. I got three bits of audio from chuck on he's now gone terrors of life to vote via the blazers definitely had the the one against Shaq I don't know with the third pieces. So this cell start with the blazers one night chuck Barkley. Flew out to Portland he wanted to be here said hey. Let's do this I got a trade in mind and it involves me. Was it weird story to you by the story and nobody has nobody actually knows this story was that one summer. I flew to Portland home loan down to pull the drop was only one out of 197. Dollars or so I have to move. Still Portland one summer 2000. As a dog got a good team which don't can't play in the half court. You're not always a challenge unless you treat for me I moved to Portland spent a day with the Portland GM pessimism these other guys didn't give up and make them he's just got this got this gap. We sit there for like three hours going over there repaid he's as Charles I'll give back he called me the next days we knocked on truth or you. And I was pissed which has caused Richard wiley post no we weren't. Unfortunately there are flu report about all Babbitt probably never paid me back. How old they were not awaited championship. The gym at times Geoff Petrie. I thought he said that he didn't name that'll be named the GM. But that's. But that's who lots of how do we know that because he got traded to the sons and 92 or whatever your Willis we're guessing it was around the same time right why and that's why denied it I had no idea when he got. When this was like who was this Philadelphia days loses Phoenix days I'm assuming it wasn't like when he was in Houston and he was it was old and decrepit that many teams that he play for free. He was in Philly for a long time eight seasons Phoenix for four that's where he won his MVP. He made I'm pretty sure it's only finals appearance. Lusted the that team unless that Aaliyah Michael Jordan in the Balkans. And then he finish out 34 years and in Houston. So you this you wanna be blazers OK here's the deal trade these guys in that gap and then nabbed. I'll be either the only guy that's ever wanted to come here like boy tailor made an actual star and and they said no. You wanna talk about a sports book that I would be the first in line by Charles. Now while that I would buy his book I think he could he be entertaining but I am. I also don't think he's really held back much I think most of what he gave me his gets that's already out there he doesn't care who he tees. Always got good stories that's terrible that the books that I would line up to buy be the first line. Would be a book. Just a journalists hitting at GM's. In all the sports about deals. That didn't happen that could've Vick could have or that were close and the stories behind them it's fascinating. To me. Because a lot of times when these trades come out isn't it weird Howell. Arbitrary they are but in this case had this gone down and and and Barkley ends up in Portland and it would have been because Charles Berkeley gone on an airplane it was like I wanna talk to you guys. Or you hear stories about you know and money biology everybody ball. Yes it was that kind of blew me away about how Billy Beane league a lot of those those deals got made where it was just. You call about someone else you know that some other player and he's like not a wanna give you that what about this guy you like. Now hold on let me call you back and some other team collagen a scenery got some three way deal that is just. Pick up put together in the span of like four hours simply because you made a random phone call that you didn't think Andy was gonna come of it. He had just what could have been yeah now this is fascinating to me and nobody ever reveals on you know in the end it's like. And I get why. But it would just be cool if people had loose lips about some like that a retired GMs or whatever what does it matter now could've done that I was gonna do this deal of that deal have been interesting to see Barkley in his prime with that and Aramis now than they have. That we gonna go 9091. As a Michael sand the nineties because that was that what year to date Lou I think they lost in 91 doubles here. So he's saying that team never wanted to see that's. That's stupid. They got a damn close they were close but again they had this. That this team. Again but the idea that they wouldn't win a title without him is. Wrong so what a bit like Danny Ainge Duckworth buck Clyde cliff Robinson Terry Porter. Patriots might have been on that squad. Can you see why the blazers wouldn't make that deal. Is I'd certainly again. Yeah I'm looking to see if there's any other like stars that were there when he should then what I'd love to do if we ever got him on our air is asking who the players that he wanted to deal from Portland because part of the time is an MVP type players awesome so who let that completely changes like when you have a championship level team like the blazers had. You don't just blow that up. For another star who could possibly bring you champs rightly I think it doesn't really. What would you have had to get an up like why it was a really were would you have gone now you know why and how he said. Well he settlement Glen give he set out I'll tell you the guys that I need in the guys and I don't guarantee he wanted to plant quote this is my point like. So it where you assume this is when you read in Philadelphia. Before he went to Phoenix. This may not have been the Portland didn't want him. But if you don't give a client who else are you giving up to go get an MVP type player a top 34 player in the league in Charles Barkley. Are you really get a put together a package deal of Terry Porter. I don't know. Welker C would be in their good jury I Jerome and then. What gets huge Charles Barkley and see how nodding and how you can get him without including. Clyde Drexler who else who knows and he didn't even say if that's something that. The blazers just like no we're not gonna present that deal or they presented it in the sixers had no yeah is that there's so many questions. Have been fun to watch. So we need to get him on eventually and getting a few cocktails and ass in dig in on that story Sears that's interest. Look and see what Phoenix. Gave up some and said what did Phoenix give up two to treat form no clue among look that up so. You think about it if if Barkley had been on that blazer team and you don't fundamentally change. You know that the core of it like he didn't have to give up collider terrier whatever. Would assume that team beats the bulls that's a big assumption in terms of like there's a reason why the blazers didn't do that deal. You know. Again it's great EU think will win with you but we're cutting up an entire cutting up the core of the team that we think is. Is legit. Looking here because they are we getting a break your outlook Gomorrah you and I did to you dear little research there will come back with more chuck Barkley audio next on the San. Primetime revising consumer guns and maybe those fans. I treated you understand that tiny amount Charles Barkley. Potentially. At one time yeah maybe being a Portland trailblazers I looked this up I looked at the Phoenix trade which happens in 92. And we're just assuming that this is the yeah timer sue me. As he got dealt I would hope it was bad not the ones were in that that you end up going to. To the rockets and by the accuser freeagent there'll be you know I was traded to Detroit it was a trade to the rockets so maybe god is that's the key is to see why Barkley was was over the hill. But this is peak Barkley needs at the of the suns to the finals he won an MBP their. This of the three players that they dealt form the best one of the bus was Jeff port ascetic. Who was 29 years old and he was coming off an all star appearance but that was then. The best player get it was ten Perry who is 27 is it was a 69 forward. Long and athletic and every day being in the guy was Andrew Lange who was 25 the time is 611 senator. And they thought may turn into something but it was sad to prospects and Jeff were to say god Charles Barkley out of Philadelphia that's crazy to maybe you could put together a package a candidate clearly Robinson in the daily now while. They would have wanted Porter right I would assume. Because you know horn check so I I would say. It just it was spit on your but it may be. Porter. Cliff he at the time was only am looking here he's only 25 so that's probably eat for ordering cliff Robinson you probably get him Porter clicking any young guy down there are a pick that probably gets so they need to have Drexler. Courtesy. Barkley. But Duckworth. Danny Ainge changed and you probably go out and it's it's like and you probably go out and fill some when he ended to play that the point you win an MBA title. You do. Meaning almost Porter. He used when he is 28 EU wind. You win a do you win a title wrestlers 29 I was 31 you had book. Drexler. Kersey and Charles Barkley in their prime. You and you win an MBA title. As close as you came here. Yet OK so here's. So let me play the shorter of its last into the deaths and link we like to hear Bartley talking about being drunk. Or fighting with Shaq why aren't fighting we Shaq haven't heard of type Rabin drugs let's do that this is from the Jimmy Kimmel show. Is it true you almost played for the Leahy were almost. You know I forgot. I got treated to the lakers. So I get a call from by age of 1 morning. And he says. I think we got a bill. You're going to the lakers. So we have to a ball boy this is about Lebanon Saturday. During the day and what years this. A somewhere in the mid eighties Celtics here and they'll. I would say 99 somewhere on late eighty's okay I was so excited. So memorable was when I was Sullivan's organs are Camilla today that the cut at. I was so excited at that I didn't call me back about after I was hilarious that a six or put up the bill. And we got a game that night. Rebel but it'd take about that game. Our first bubble so pests. And I'll also brought to center. I have no idea what happened next game you always know you're stats you do I do not be remembered a game actually I don't know about a lot of games up labor that they we were so excited I was getting out of Philadelphia. And I were a blast about it. But we have a lot we've been doing shots and everything was that the only time you played while intoxicated. No no. Yeah it's been a bit that have been reported that OJ yeah that was the only had to rephrase Nobel. But what's all the time I played intoxicated. I say OK I have played humble opinion played. Which technically you can I had not decided yet I you know they're not does not to say about it though it's probably what a written report. Yes so much that so there's not a treaty almost Yani almost get rid of the lakers and all he said late eighties for the island but when I was looking through it and kind of Reading about his his deal to Phoenix. He just had become so describe opened Philadelphia. That they had to get rid of him in so that there wasn't a lot of great offers coming their way has people knew that he he wanted out yesterday's sounds like they're trying to Demi just based on that they're trying to trade him long before they actually dealt him yet he just he just he needed to goes so you didn't. You didn't have to give up a lot form and some people voted against the odds that Barkley was a malcontent and and you know that he wasn't. He wasn't. The best way to put it did on court stuff wasn't the reason why people didn't necessarily want him it was the die off the court stuff. Are we a bonus NBA audio coming up next also next hour. It'll get CDW EI stuff. The and awful that wasn't people are pointing out to them like pets richer Strickland. Came right after that to. So you could batted them to that roster in the new year to. Or maybe it was earlier than. Yeah who knows it could have been we just on the second in the eighties when you say we need to book him getting in here getting drunk you get him talking about it. I think you would on Charles spill the beans but oh also we have another Sports Radio. Borough go down fired. They missed this one for insensitive remarks about who misses the Khloe Kim common enter Somalia he's he. These guys think so all that's coming up on the them.