Primetime 2.16.18 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, February 16th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Let. This is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as regular job don't you for the do the right thing since 1952. Make him think it's our children. But go up to you where the incident moon and it does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to Latin players time is leave. Well. Yeah. An exciting time. And yet we still would famous. Yeah. I got babies. It. Not so I don't. Stated. When you flew here. Starting kicker. Was underrated drops yeah he he dug deep into the into the deep cuts through countless kind of forgot about you got maybe next. I was Kimbo Slice vs. Talk. In PC a dot or whatever. I think both. Yes. Not yes well it doesn't did you does license to give us I was dead the dog he had a heart attack during the fight. But I don't know if he died but he did have a heart attack in the middle of the fine. They're predicting neither one of them could stand up and I think he just fell over without getting punched up. Sorry to report to Don a 5000 did not die okay that's what it would mean I'm happy to report deadliest months. I'm sorry that I was strong wind up with he's dead bottom line is data 5000. Still alive things yeah. It seems that Kimbo Slice. I know is he I don't he's dead period and yet he he did. Can't 08 media little left over audience here were playing in Biondi earlier. I'm watching that fight by the way. That was the worst knockout in the history of combat sports. And Kevin Harlan you know him duke. He's cents in Kansas City sports announcer like him. I yanks get up but I didn't know he's gained has given rounds really get this thing you're really kind of conclude that a little bit not just. He's good Kevin challenger league as an effect we've had him on here. Very get sports announcer now he's not a you know like he's not dealing with these kind of their teeth Jackson. OK but he's been he's ended. Well who's this guy that's that's planned. Little losing effort or gain or lose eager now I do not know. Necessarily anything about little easy Burt but I've seen a lot of stories with a little museum that. Yeah a little easy very he's a rapper right now that the end. But I'm not familiar with the work of Louise well Kevin Harlan. Was on a bright can induce NBA recently and he was talking about look easy very yet to tease little receiver yet it. And here's what that sounded like. Ability. Brad we'll show. How awesome is that so Harland and more announcers to of the do embrace the little uzis of the world. Now do we do we think it's Kevin was some I think he is being sarcastic. Yeah that is still was it was in gas CEOs really did. Well look at the load easier right now that's there's a lot going on there. Lose you here yeah those easy birdie and that's kind of what's going on in rap right now they're out. All the big stars look like that does this he looks like little weight candidate. Only because of colors you know you're so right it's like it's supposed to be this expression and everybody's different. If they all the same yeah. That many tattoos space tattoos do you think Lucy knows how many tattoos he has or what's tattooed on his body. His body. I don't think he does I think he's familiar with at least half of posts where you think little rifle hurt. We think he did so nine millimeter very little nine. Nine millimeter reared his real name is severe wounds where's he from. Words from Philadelphia. On the strangest of them there. And he's part of the Playboy. Carts cartel but it's Playboy with a nine. So just in case you're wondering his. Its affiliation. It is big it is love his rage to. But it words were then. I'm Marilyn Manson is his greatest inspiration. William and then hope. And not enough they were lose he's work. Are you know. This wasn't his biggest influence you. It might try to get old judge young let me years when he said money longer let go I just listened to right now. I would say there's negative Marilyn Manson in Lowell whose efforts work. The opposite of Marilyn Manson it's like auto tune the mobile route yeah navy's blue easy is delivered is a Smart ass but if it's possible. I just I love that to settle or time. Well Ireland and it early get fired up I I was. Inability. Brad road show. And there is grade. The embrace that just went with it you know he's got a little. And he's no Michael Buffer and a little bit that's seat he can take it down due to deep registered kind of played out and knee. Jersey. Nets gear ready to Iran by. I think I get sued now. Hopefully Michael buff is not this. Sorry Michael I did not need yeah you. Now be careful what. Can we dumped that. I bet you would listen he listens to things in the U you know come after admitting he's a with the brother does the USC's depth to the the whole buffer family. And I know some people that have run into him and I guess he is just. That one's even been. That everyone should embrace. And he's very forgiving I guess this is say he's an interesting character here here's little receiver by the way. To see you can hear the Maryland man's influence in southeast. This is a clean version two years. The exact issue out of out of news is news. They with a series sounds like yeah. Yeah I mean. That's what does Alvin Logan at this stage Dakota at the Michael Buffer is 73. It's great he does look great you speak teeth oh yeah only being able late teen early YM. Good headache ear happened informs that the Lou that's over so this says he. He began using the phrase. That you just seized and are eligible for in 1984. By 1990 part of federal trademark. He has. Various licensing deals that allow. Entities to use it yeah. Easy easy he's done an advertisement hits he allowed though it does ease the load. The punitive. Christine buffer. The the lovely wife of Michael Buffer but he's a good life. Is a very very good life going for himself. You know what if he may be a vampire because he doesn't each. Now it looks the same like look at the photos of him like 1520 years ago is like LL cool. Well that's a good call. It's exactly the same album vampire thing evident doses. I knew it OK let's get back on track here fixed focus we've got a guy talking in in only news. It stretched about loans. Lose either but yet say get Q is the regular lunacy. And then he's lunar neighbor and OK so get to those items coming up next it's club to an eighty on the team. But the animals come and forest is only matters to. Yeah yeah we've been trying to warn people years on this program and no one's taken it's seriously well. They've now developed fire. He had this is a story indeed fire Hough raptor and and it's a predatory bird. Pretty bad ass to guys with you knock analyze. According to Greek legend from ET is still the secret of firing gave it to humanity. And for that kind zoos punished him with the Giant Eagle and made his liver every night. Seems like Canada yeah and then it would re grow anyway. Back at it began well it seems like the Eagles. Might have gotten the secret from him after all these years you know. Three different birds of prey have been observed. Setting fires on purpose. Is from Australia by the way which once again everything in Australia will kill you in case your wondered. Researchers have spotted black kites whistling kites and around falcons and all intentionally setting fires and surprise surprise all three of the land of the deadliest month barren planet Australia. What happens is that any time a fire sparks in the planes are porous. The birds. Will gather to snagging burning branch or stick. Then they'll fly up to an area where the fire has not yet spread and drop their payload why. Basically they're going on the bird of prey equivalent of a pheasant hunts hundreds of the birds will gather before one of these fires percent. Annual then collectively gorge themselves on the small rodents and reptiles that Levy inferno. In case you you don't have a clear picture of what's happening here hundreds of these predatory birds are getting together and be like our outweighs the let's lined up here in a coordinated effort and one of those is gonna go get empire state we drop it in there. And they've figured out that all the animals run off and this is cream premeditated murder. It's mass mass genocide with a little field roads. According to some legend the birds actually played deep from media's role teaching the secret of fire to the yearly people's. And they're like Taylor does this fire act raptors check this out we should do that yes. Look it's. Matter of time before they start drop in these on our opponents. Right it's just a matter deadly you're out there you're trying to shoot recent birdie I pass. They try to get to go away and next thing you know. The fire trucks dropped it it right in the old right you'll yeah yard this is not getting their houses going up and playing on you as you leave it right exactly run out of our house zero sounded like a hundred. To have like a hundred raptors started come and actually would you get to do about that night. Damn feet tall record. It's only a matter of time for the Himalayan snow cock starts this around our. You guys are for Atlanta. That word a lot of trouble that's a light in a law the trouble that story. Frightens me. I don't know when people are gonna take this seriously did the animals are I mean fours and many levels though did you see. This it's it's animal related but apparently good beat and was decided not feast on his have you seen the video. I just saw that a couple days ago I don't know how old it is added to. Killer whales that go along side the swimmers now all aids if you ever wanted to about just keeping your pants but iGoogle. Google killer whales. And baby killer whales swimmers. And I'm not sure where this was that. But there's these two people and they're swimming in looks like up a day of some sort and so once filming it from up above. And out of no where these two massive killer whales just start swimming at them. In the person on film as it did that film it is like oh my god they look at this look at this in the people start panicky. In swimming for all they're worth and the killer whales just split up there in New Zealand and just keep right ongoing mechanic here. You telling me that you this year you would be scarier than that. So they'd be kids. Saw two large gains in the water cutesy kids in. And the the killer whales are swimming side by side him and saw any hand thumb again doesn't look like the kids are just some women for their lives doesn't look like the killer whales are going to. Right and a Adam this data storage Diane yep. And the pretty if you add though that video heard the audio on the person thinks that he's about to watch. These two kids just get slaughtered vascular Wales is look at the whales are they're gonna book and yet. And you know killer whales out of the hunt packs you like oh boy these two kids are about to give murdered and note that whales to swim right on by that's crazy. And those two poor kids. I can't imagine how scary that is. Then I don't I don't have seen no there's nothing you can do adapt swimming you're swimming and it can out run some killer whale's skin. Here in their year in the ocean. I'd like to think that the killer whales ridges due to to Africa like they're making tickets. But in the game in their hotel rooms later Peggy that's happened but but but but a tennis is too easy. Feel out how they're gonna try to escape. There like you have one and one of one of them they can't bitch I can make their kid trip his pants with that might watch this this. It's remarkably like let's amend it and it just me just you go there a goal every year with just. Just saw him right out and soon after its. The circle of a little bit. All the final little brown finish top. My five dollars that's the release him brown Trout yeah began the video says that that'll make for a lifetime experience. And yet that's only if they curve with. You did you write that may cure me of ever going into the ocean ever again now did you know that pork is and don't. Eat people. Jenna and they don't attack people well let's put this into the you've seen this SeaWorld the documentary who killed twenty people there who that's BK is. Yet that's called let's take a lack of black Fischer black and one of the team. And I think in the attack because they are so. Yeah like mentally yeah they'd they'd just drive them crazy there. But it led date against they have really picky palates. Doesn't mean they can't grab you drag your has just for the fun of it and they can do that because dolphins the dolphins killed for sport. There's lots of documented cases of dolphins killing things not for protection not to eat. They just kill stuff over phone and they also say that killer whales. They're different types of orcas but there's a type that. You'll you'll like there's exit there are there examples of them attacking whales in the kill the whale and the only thing the heat is the wells' time. But they do this with a great whites to. I guess there's a thing now where Q yeah whales are so Smart they figured out that if they grab a great light. And flip it over on its back yeah great whites go into some sort of catatonic state because if you can if you are being attacked a great white. Give it to roll over and rub its belly and I guess it just. Sits there and can't do anything. And then the killer whales ripped it open and only eat I think it's the liver. Somebody figured out the liver is rich in some sort of that he chemicals that they want and that's all they do they rip open the great white Edith sliver. And then to swim off yes so so it's basically like sharks when they attack humans they they're mistaking humans perceive or seals right there for food. And they say that work is there's really nothing. Did Dave Hunt. And you want that it we don't have anything you want will there we we don't resemble anything that they hunt and things of their little hands are smarter so it's basically just the fact that sharks are dumb. And they mistake us. Whales don't mistake as date there have been instances where I am just reading a little article here but it says that they have hunted appear to be hunting humans. But then they realize that they're not sea lions and they're not in like a half game. I'm out here I'm still not swimming with one. Not not killer whales are Smart man I'm still not taken that chance would you be comfortable here on the ocean. You do the little dog these C one of those things come up we know that we current. One year we went to the San Juan islands. Two two party. You know the app does this do out there. And we took we went. On. Thank tour who went down tanks and they said basically in the orcas are right there in that that area and they just said if you if they breach really close to your. I act you just have to. He's had to pull over basically accused of need to do is get in the way they are right there I mean they're they're right there that is scary it. You know sort of there. The F sort of era without him but he has an honest that was amazing and now we didn't seem that at that time that we are out there they didn't. They were around but they are swimming right through there every day. And then I I know you're doubtless be afraid of them I'm Davis don't. I had to miss so why should you as the video from we went to the Bahamas and but the little guy we're circling went out and grabbed a nurse shark. And in a bit his inner thigh governor nurse sharks don't have teeth. Like to thank you think but he still leaving him what little little tiny things down there. In the rip ran in venom and then they let him go he's in the shark gets you on the commence runway. All fun and games until one of them like to be say that they don't like most people don't attack right. Most people are pretty decent do you find the one that's a little off his rocker and then he goes into you so if you find the one able Orkut it's like screw you. Taking a bite. The only apparent instances of orcas attacking people it happened at a quite parts acute tying an idea where where they have killed trainers. There are a lot of experts who think that those attacks we were talking about how they you know they can find them and they drive him crazy. And so they they eventually just break. A lot of other experts think that that's not what what they're doing. They just think they're playing. In of course if you dragon. Be what they don't eat them or anything date there with a doozy dragged him underwater and in the human rounds of tell you that the last one that the female the traitor they got killed in this is what shut down they that you're not allowed to go in the pool with the the workers anymore. He was playing with her body member of that when they showed up to Gator. Like they couldn't get her out of the the jaws of the thing and he was he was much an honor. If he's playing like this time experts think that he says is that it's a free can whale think hey this is fun see many toy. That brag your wife dragged on a little bit sooner. I don't know I am I just don't trust anything that. That big. Pet tiger would you go out play it wouldn't have a pet Tiger Woods it's like you can say oh you want the bad things not bitter you until it decides one day that it does. It American bull dog weighs about a hundred pounds sweetest thing in the world. Two peoples like the nicest dog but every now and then will be playing. A new dvd dog all riled up in regulated to Torre would ever in the economists are grown an idea like you in the shake their hand gap and it and that dog loves me. And I love her she's a great dog but every now and then we're playing I have this thought of are we still plan we. We too because if she wanted to. Think when she bites of the and you cannot get her to let go. And I always have this isn't the back of mind there's always a little bit of like she just decides that she's pissed him he. And decides to grab on to something I can't get her to let it go. And dawn. It's it's it's a dog let alone something that could really really. Serbia. Fascinated by that just that world of people like these animals don't attack until they do. All right and coming up next. What shall we. I've got it was in the we had to go artificial intelligence yen and handsome and intelligent CBC in the new apple headquarters of what's going on he and a walk in and I. I think that's where we're is that. That's that take a look at it the typical but I saw the good to get that big old thing that there hi dad. Pace Soledad story in just a kind of cracked me up and I want so when do you videotape that's all right it is 632. Here is Mike with sports do you pull that again I see it. He doesn't you can't. Get just a week or did you just say we just got a shower. Should he. Rhetoric okay. On ten lady love sale and no. Okay we have an artificial intelligence segments do you let them. I'm going to make an executive decision and push that to next week in a punt on that are you ready short on time BM were running short on time as usual. But that never happens with us mr. treating a threat on them. Why. Most. Animals don't eat humans like it they even you know predatory animals yet. They need to attack humans but you know obviously but. Most of them don't. They did Stoney and yet they don't want and like plays that they make mistakes well it's a long is a lot to it that. Basically. They're saying that. You know predators. Become specialized towards particular pray they they know what they need to hunt and we don't look like and were not the end would insist. And it if they if we are hunted by them. We with our big giant human brains flip the script on them. And it doesn't work out well for the they've just learned over the thousands upon thousand years that its best is to leave his be. Entices most modern animal attacks are not specialized. Radiation. Often their self defense. But there's a movie called the ghost and the darkness selenium only EU is a movie called the ghost and the darkness and it's I forget the name of the book but I saw the movie and I went and read the book and it's about it's in the early nineteen hundreds and remember pick anything in. In here maybe North Africa. I'm right around that area and it was about two brother lines and there on exhibit in any Chicago's museum of art. And it was one of the few cases we know of recorded where lions were plenty began for fun. They were killing all of these railroad workers and they were eating them. They were just. They were these two Brothers which again to male lions don't ever. Put together right it's 11 lion and you know than the line s's and they're the ones these behind the melons over the hot and yet these two Brothers. Were credited with killing a ton of people and they were killing for sport tuned for s's and giggles. Although I do I and registering it and just let them. Dead there is a potion they got killed diet and light made everything but his head Deanna. That's on a south African game reserve I think that's awesome. The dumb ass poacher came in their trying to get some line in the Crockett but that's rare though yeah you know doesn't happen. Tell it does. Animals are discussed in the senate. Was wonder like what would happen if the animals all got together. But we have so many weapons and you know I'm sure we defined it would that be some kind of great civil war there if we just had the animal up raising. And now just went in just somehow the zealots went ape against the zone once the a lot of trouble. A lot of death. Happening there are you have. Who's thing UT's ABC in the in this area of the apple campus. Oh yen yea so yes they run into the glass and yet so I guess Apple's really secretive and so no wins. The bit they didn't want this to get out but I guess they they built the new headquarters and it's somewhere in Silicon Valley it's if you ever heard of Cupertino Cupertino yet. Assuming that's Bay Area. So I don't know. But I guess they've the they've built this with Steve Jobs called the spaceship. Like a big circle big oval and it's all made of glass. And so not only are birds ready did this thing and dock it in which we hear this all the time got don't have they get the US baked stadium where the vikings are planned. So I guess birds are smack into this thing left and right an apple was taken some heat for it. But I guess inside the building there's no walls. Everything is glass they called pots you think like cubicles. But there's no it even the offices it's all glass there's no interior walls. So I guess what's happening is. The glass is so green dead people are just slamming into walls left in Iraq eight. And I guess they were run and that they're calling it did the vote because I guess when people hit it that oil from your head that your forehead. Leaves a little like circle on the block as I guess some Bieber laughed at that when you walk or ride you can see little. We'll circles where people are smack into the glass. And it got so bad that people sort of putting post it notes. To warn people they've by the way there's a walkie Kurt and apple made it going to take it down. Does this that it was distracting from the you know the aesthetics so they and us would set up. Now we can maybe because they're they're not immediately Cupertino is south of Palo Alto. Episode the and no once they might be exactly what the promised I guess there's you've receive super secretive about what's happened and I just think it's hilarious. That they build this. Features to build an Indian people there slammed into it they're also saying that. So many people there are stared at their iphones that this is causing it to make as you're you're going around work on your iPhone. And it's not like you can see UT just glance up you can't see the Waltz is the big glass partition. And I would give anything if there if they would release videos. Of apple employees just smack him in the. All heavy this reminds me have you heard said that. There's there's this legend it's them you know the blue turf at Boise yeah. The dead birds died birds smack into that guy is I don't know what that's a real it's not it's not real that American urban legend via. Birds well most birds don't dive bomb first and now. And then I guess blurred vision is different than human vision so they. They're big they're vision as far superior lingered they're not gonna mistake if they know a football field when they see these. Well but they can't. The glass building schools and. Us numbers again. But that's invisible. As opposed to doubt that your which was able to see it. That's why would I think the thing that why would you dive bombing the only reason you dive bomb is easy being that giving you see if Fitch. Sue the coast and assuming you don't see a fish underneath the dirt no boys it was a real deal about this they could put though they could pay the efficient. I got there ordered that would work they if he put little photos of fish within would birds dive bomb that thing now this says. It bird flying over Bronco Stadium mall very clearly see the individual blades of artificial turf and all of the tiny bits of dirt and grime within a bird would immediately recognize that it is an honor. Yeah that's a good does. Grows concede but that jumpers to seize a lock the idea and you always hear those. Stories about the birds and pray in the amazing beaten path. By the way he. The movie or something about that goes to the darkness. They said that is at I looked it up and they are the two Brothers. Are on display at the Field Museum of Natural History Chicago. And the guy who wrote the book on it 1907. He claimed 135. Deaths. They found the remains in the den of between twenty and 31 people they can be confirmed because they were dragging them back to the dead. So somewhere between. 3135. People were killed by these two male lions and it was in Kenya. I'm murderous lions murders lions their killing railroad workers. And it's whether the only documented cases. That we have of lions beating like this and the weird part is to their their Mavis lines. Even though their mail I guess from this region. Beaten. There is that they look like female lions but they're actually they're Brothers and of the big mean rose. Murderous lion Ambrose. Mike has and make you feel. Nervous and pro. To me it can't happen. All right is your brother around but the keys around you mean you all to see you. So guarantee island he'd be around he's waiting for jeopardy please couch looked at any given time in my brother is home. Which is ominous day when he's not working. We're going to church. 85% of the time he's. And how steady tribes and the time he's home. 90% of that is he's on the couch I didn't catch him in the car with his wife post Valentine's there. Mostly they go like for that he's out but it I guarantee after that dinner is over he really went home and went to the couch. It's what he does is simple man puts chicken on the next on the ten. There are mornings. Seeing arrives 66. Way to avoid. This is merely an immigrant didn't Johns agenda on insanity those. Our rights we are told that when John. Is on the couch well of course. At yeah I namely Monica well liked that I found out that all the that I could talk to you guys couldn't be more. Is that a conversation previous to the ordering you know I would not out yet. Both Clinton a fun game of justice ballpark this for me the but it. Time you spending your house what percentage of it is spent leaned down on your couch. 400 beautifully I'd rather easily on the couch and anything else in the house souls on the other certainties. 65%. But that's a looming estimate by the way but in Ireland than a million people in the ballpark the incident. It's. Although probably why you're not pretty ridiculous and advocates at night it totally. I could probably wander out to the Arctic might not do political there so look for help. Look I'm not criticizing. Because it I think John has figured out in his life where his wheel houses. And that wheel house runs right through the middle of that couch period. Despite despite he would throwing doctor Q layer of doubt these. Could we get right to the case brought to be here right to watch. Our speech person. Here are I can't wait it is this is a night he had the last time right here. And you're known you know you've done it. I'm just particular I hit them commit return error erected under our. Our period for you and my brother I don't QB the three of us go our typical ball over all all I will usher you. Do and show them that this strike you metropolis that is all that. And bear that we will return of favorite go to YouTube. Hello at the end though the rough if you ever been to pull. I'm not there's a cougar basket waiting for you when we give up their I wanna go there down I'm never at that's 1 place on I am really care about football game that lessens chance of playing on go. But I just wanna go drink with a culminates absent here either party yours at there. Don't ever got a great got to do it I'd put carpet there are no right your way. But I'm excited for this guy I feel like if we commit to it wherever we are we will make it happen. So this is always when you're dead fifty. I would be in my fifties I only 51 and we go on the strip. I will be pretty curious to prepare it. It's entirely possible route they unite. Careers partners. Globe alone mom seems. Below. McKinsey and her children prepare children to listen we go orchestra we could these are all the credit it stripped. Holy crap. I would I want to deliver researcher didn't not the first part. Record on the block or you'll Wear that. Yeah I read that I read in in his story it. Played twelve times for eighty years of my death. Not encourage you want to know the all time record here poverty here. As a Kook we're look at her paper in 20/20 seven I'll say is that each line. Seven to suit your honeymoon. You relax. After him the last it would be in twelve. Great effort there to gain. So Jadox ones that I've. Quite frankly I'm a little that are and I hired this pay back to why we want to Cairo we wanna we implement and then we want to advocate as the current deputy bureau. You know my first thought about this loose because. A case of here's how said Kansas the ball's gotten you know I'm fired up about this because. I was nineteen. The wind was the last time he really did it nonconference opponent came to Kansas and played a game there and I can't think of it amen I. Tonight irbe some tennis again I will try to look down at. But it beat their schedule they'd be on schedule anyone in nonconference why would date in they haven't for a long time I just. I mean this is this is huge this is big. That they feel it's a big deal for them because Washington figure out all idiom but nobody will come and play all that oh. It won't go play places and actually air. We went to the local places like screw it senate seat we looked at Michigan. Everywhere and Nebraska but nobody will ever come back the Allman played all the cold but the tactic here at the movie to come over. And we're going to go to war. I. Yeah I think that that's that I think you nailed it right there is the fact he found two schools. Who would it who. Are on the same level to the point where they will do a home and home when most people want yeah I does that make you feel as he could stand at the desk area had to go to Kansas to get home and home from the power five. And loved it. I'm fired up for a cart I travel frequently to watch jail. He remembered you answered your own right when I went on Election Day trips so I hear why aren't so what are the property here right now you better get ready you better buckle up. Well I kept getting and I told Jason nearly beat Kansas football plan. Won't. Quite be Rolen by the enemy that's only nine years so I think they're look at it may be 2040. But we're gonna catch and obviously great but the ball is Roland. It is begin Broder rebuild his record. A dealer deals with the issue here much like conspirators. This is this the night here that we can't guard. But it looks good Washington speak at the gate a twenty week that it can't before becoming a record twelve of the season to be pretty DeWitt and a girl I've. I'm fully prepared. Like their behalf. I have a united bloody oath. Argo Kirk relatives two I had it there in three years before you played them from Washington State semi rooting for them. But it's not kids. Premises and let that when marinade for awhile before you get that way. It's just bring them on people got to allow them to build up hype. All right now we're out here every at bay we can't we are not around on Monday begins again this presidency up for some reason now so we'll take it and we'll be back Tuesday. 37. On the fifth. Red shoes. Okay.