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Monday, February 12th
Hot 5 at 5, Johnny Manziel on GMA, and hot Olympics talk and audio!

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They are listening to the prime time of the eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. I would love I would love love. I don't want. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaak rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason sic Dan Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. Yeah. I welcome back folks it's 5 o'clock hour. You're sports bros robbins' suit here on the stand so so. Billy dealing. Which the al-Qaeda and that Elaine cliches. So. Flies back. Hey coming up here it's going to be a change your own adventures got a lot. That we can. Push into two two into tomorrow's show that. I'll let you pick Bogut I have a ton of Olympic stuff here yeah we do eventually at some point a to get the Olympics but we haven't even got to the Eagles and some of the yell leaders CN CA AES so I've got to we can talk about frank Reich. We also have the banning youth football story that has popped up today which the edge I don't know if you heard this morning that I like cam was gonna blow the bowels. Yeah I Khamis definitely against that you not you're not happy about it. And then we also have now this I had slotted him for tomorrow we get to today bam commonly used cheese but. Is so is there still time for Johnny men's now because. That he is back out in he's on his redemption tour every one of those is a worthwhile story I Greece we're gonna have to pick. Animal let you do that it will suit the Meehan lemon eucalyptus are coming up in the club how does the online friends in person does it work. We're gonna find out. From Mike Lynch yes master of the Internet threats yes. And we're gonna talk tipping I have a tipping straighten about you know it is two things a whole thing with everybody's got hot cakes on tipping. Some tended to ask about this too because I tip today and they didn't go so well so it's funny you bring this up because I had a tip late. At a tipping faux pas today at a Thai place did you undertook. This question I've I've I would like to oppose something don't I don't feel like I did something wrong. But I feel like I got treated as if I did something wrong adjusting and I'm open to the idea that I AM. But I'm incorrect on this. So some hot tipping talk guest coming up in our next hour. Right now though let's give you the news of the day it's time for the hunt tied at five. Nip that. Odd topics and opinions. We thought I don't aren't and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot and private Bible. Isaac and soon. There. Refresh light Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors lite two hours long. Whatever your name climb on my. Number flies. Give it to guys got bought out of their NBA contracts. And they signed with new teams I don't like this about the NBA but it's just a thing it can happen. Joseph Johnson goes to the rockets today. He's I think he's like 3637. But there is they'll be a guy that can stand in the corner and knocked out of a jumper for you. Brandan Wright. Will also go to the rockets. He came in on season 45 thinking back of Capellan those those cats. And a Marco Belinelli. Has signed with the sixers growing by guess at least that this sixers are habit. I suppose that contender but there's there's always a common theme in these buyouts like when Greg Monroe like you end up on it end up on containing team. No it takes a buyout and then goes and plays and you know. Atlanta. After last night's loss on T atop the blazers have dropped to 31 and 26 they are currently sixth. In the last day or one game from the five spots they are only a half a game from the seventh. You tell. I read not one night in around them or. So the blazers only have one game this week is Yost argued break is this against the at Golden State Wednesday at the most. Yeah and I predicting here they won that game I think give everyone hope going into the Austin very. They'll somehow rally and you'll shatter your dreams of blown out. In turn another corner. Back to the same corner that they were at three quarters ago fairly if he keeps her record reason to the next couple of days. He'd make it right interns will be early as the bottom line is even this guy he's a former Major League pitcher. I do I he was one of those names like when I read this story today I was kind of like. Yeah I remember it's familiar he's an all star. He has been arrested on suspicion of trafficking drugs after packages containing more than a suspicion at this point below. And heroin and not that it were found that is a home in a Southern California. They suspected. That. These street value of the drugs is over 500000. Dollars. Feel as my man. Died and 44 pounds of drug. But otherwise a 46 years old by the way he made over forty million dollars in his career. Maybe he's due to meet me think that women don't buy that at all that we eighty goes a solid ideas being the best. They go the I was gonna be an NFL player's gonna be the best and they'll clear from minute run don't wanna be the biggest don't rhetoric can be. This is a lot. 44 pounds of kokin. In here unbelievable. I guess he's gonna deal for. Our rights this is not it is here in niners fan they are now in a pickle because. Linebacker Rubin Foster for the second time in less than a month has been arrested. I'd this time he was arrested on charges related to domestic violence threats and possession of an assault weapon. Yang was arrested just did not too long ago you need which is a misdemeanor. This line. Little more serious and now appears there's just remember they just got done releasing his this last year is it to trade rock they cut him the day after he was arrested for domestic violence. It tells me this one though let's play out a little bit because well he's week. It's funny how that works right. That we don't not have a tellers investing about unless you're really really good than what kind of see what happens we'll candy just like. It is back in my go we believe him and we're sticking an I guy like you'd think she's a troubled guy I mean clearly he had the reason got a got Sanofi become binding. He's he's got a world of problems here they've admitted before the draft had to find a way to keep his nose clean so. I guess is he'll take his suspension in their gonna try to stick by him in and see if they get him like a mentor Sunday night he's on the. Verge of a Rudy in his life. You are being there when he's when he's on the field Yu Darvish is signed he's gonna go to Chicago Cubs has happened over the weekend. Six years a 126. Million. Today live a by the cubs to keep them away from the upstart brewers. Because remember with the cubs John Lackey is retiring in cheek area and is likely gone to the cubs' new rotation will be Jon Lester Yu Darvish. Al Hendrix was taken time and they signed Tyler gently so as you Gina did not. I guess I I saw to that area headed now you mentioned Federer Sampras he's got the Milwaukee with the twins. As critical the Mariners are not in any of these arms. I because you're listening Gerri to proto they have the pitching problem but they'll probably figured out internally. I just don't let me give that money and picks if they sign on to guys is that kind of want to part of the reason line gives you do good. Being. The Mariners are not a bad baseball team and I threw the that the staff felt completely apart you've got a good offense. And earth are you not trying to improve your rotation would include the guys are out there to make a difference. And everyone the end colts have their head football coach they signed eagles' offensive coordinator. Frank Reich yes that frank Reich to a five year deal he gets the gig over two other guys interviewed saints assistant coach Dan Campbell. And also bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. As a coach Wright has worked with Peyton Manning he was actually with the colts back then there is also work closely with Philip Rivers Carson Lance and of course. The greatest quarterback of all time Nicole's. You look at an affiliate in that Doug Peterson that is a great coaching is known as a quarterback I let you know in Philly you now lost your quarterback coach and your offensive coordinator. And you know this is kind of one of those funky things that happens like when you win. You staff pilfered like this you know not everyone just is able to bounce back and we saw. A with Atlanta when they lose there there there OC in their offense the impacted had they want it just to see how Philly in their young quarterbacks. You know whether it's Nichols are obviously you know Carson went how they respond to lead a new quarterback coach in new OC you know these things can can derail the team. Oh I have a bonus sports news today for you. Other Greg Oden has added his name to the Big Three league's. Draft. Pool I guess that's the the ice cube Allen Iverson thing and then I guess codes trying to make comeback parent and I guess if that goes well. That may be the MBA could dent could be in his future. You know holiest. 3029 it's like Greg Oden has thirty yes I saw that today and it seemed that makes me see it that makes me feel really old. That he said 3030 yeah. 'cause I just think of him so Lee we figured out that is sole. I don't to me I think above him you know the other way yeah I'm like Heidi it's that's been so she'll be 45 yeah I will for Saudi looks like sixty. It looked like that when he when he was here I just view that is like ancient history I was kind of surprised when he was only thirty years old. The outside of five is refreshed by frost brewed Coors Light Duncan beaver fans download the new course like XP apt term point stores wanted to kind experiences and awards okay. You get to choose. We get a little frank correct tock but that can always wait tour Johnny man's Ellis back and that has audio. We have I have a ton of stuff from the Olympics. And goes the other and oh the other one is banning youth football student and Zeller the youth football in the main tool touch on the Olympics do you frank tomorrow. Are you mentioned. Johnny man's. Well I don't know you but I was telling him that accident. And you know when I when I wake up. Would immediately he grabbed the phone and you fumble with the phone scroll through slip on TV and on its copy connect yet. And I turned Hillary's amber and this morning it was delightful I turn on Good Morning America. And that has. All kinds of stars on George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan on the street here Robin Roberts other hot chicks. I mean it's that show. So. Guess who popped up. Will and goods they join him in good gas. Johnny man's cell. He's back you'll hear what he said these next 514 on the fan. With my second serve god sanity. All right. These standings youth football story. Will be discussed on our broadcast tomorrow. I like them. Well and that that's gonna have a lot of it there's going to be much flooding ins and outs by the way have the news I learned along time ago. Can't is gonna come busting through the window at LAU. Well actually have any grief camp on a lot of his points. Yet this is a lot he's Agile and he's he's he's very passionate about youthful we'll get to that. Tomorrow. I wanna get into some Olympic step because that's that I have a lot of Olympic notes did you. Abilities here did you watch a bunch of the Olympics it's going to be it's gonna be in our next sang America. And the answer to your question is no I'm having a much. Better time reading about the zany stuff that happens the Olympics and actually watch and then actually watching the competition that urges like a flipped over to The Today Show and they're doing some good bits on. Like the culture in South Korean food and stuff and they better because NBC paid a billion dollars and a I actually make no mistake about it the Olympics are about NBC and Coca-Cola if they EI I think NBC is doing a really good job of covering them I. Whenever I to turn over there yeah the one thing that I don't like. The boring events at everything else that they do the features on some of the athletes it's up I think are great because this is the point the Olympics are not about competition. The Olympics are about making NBC money to let it be our next segment that Good Morning America. Rival of today. Just a vicious cock fight in the mornings. And I think CBS has. Well they used to Havel if they had to pick a finger guy out there that surely it earlier rose that he got. He got out got the depots I don't know who's on the C well this show Oprah's friend Gayle Gayle king's their she's on there. And some other gal and some of the did. There's some people they're much more easy passage GMA has Strahan and all I'm on there and they did a story this morning. Out of there yeah I did not I don't know where I didn't see this one coming in on joining hands now and I did see that man Zell over the last week or so has been more public key didn't. I saw that he was doing like a little documentary saying in and its suppose he was tempted to come back I didn't. I thought it was is gonna be another Canadian Football League stupid thing I didn't know we're gonna get kind of via the tell all now lay your soul bearers sort of thing OK so this is straight. Out of the sort of you know marketing one align our. Any obviously got somebody. Who got his US OK here's the first thing he needs the we seen as a billion times sports for singing dish need to get out there need to be. You get on camera on a big show two and cry if you keep you have read and be here he very real be very odd is this sniffles happening there so here's part one. Of the Good Morning America piece about a minute half this part now and it's journeyman cell talking about his realizations that he's had recently. They don't understand when people come up to us what that was your son doing. And I didn't really feel that and so on and so moms is among themselves that she broke down she was crying and I saw. Trickle down effects of what I was doing in my new life. Were meaningless and pointless. And selfish. Johnny men's l.s life from field to club took courtroom. Has been on full display since November 10 when he twelve. That's the day the legend of John football school board. An exciting wildly talented yet undersized quarterback detectives say in him Johnny and myself who went on to become the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy. A look at Sarah. A bicycle stuff from from Iverson the 2012 season. He was the first round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns but he is also fueled issues of originally that the teen to cut him in 2016. And Johnny football hasn't played football. Since watching other guys are doing what I wanna be doing and I'm sitting on the couch. Being a loser men's L admits there's no one to blame but him. Run ins with the law a domestic assault charge that was dismissed in November after he agreed to attend an anger management course and as well documented partying and drinking. Like this moment captured by TV cameras. He's just doesn't I don't know what I've accomplished a page that accomplished and I got so. Ingrained only carried about what John and on and even when I thought I was doing when I want to. No talk to Johnny Indiana third person. This late first person Jason only cares what Jason watts went which is that for just their. That's first person what is what is nobody ever mentioned second person. Yeah whatever happened that I think its first person you get yet he was first person that really cares what Johnny wants the family today jag is a red flag that to me go to Rickey Henderson. Here as part two on now what he wants now. Men's they'll eventually entered rehab in 2015 he says he's had time to reflect mature and clean up he got engaged to his girlfriend breach CAC. He's been working out trying to convince a protein to take a chance on him and he's launch his own line of apparel as the goal of this comeback to get back into the NFL ultimately. That's been going 100% you have to tell. Are you still. I'm not it is there's a way I look at him. Going back throughout the last. Couple years in my life I was self medicate him with alcohol. Because what I thought was making me happy how we get out of that depression to a point where I felt like I had some sense of happiness but it into the day near west. Staring at the ceiling by yourself and your back and that the depression and back in that. Holes and dark cold sitting in the room by yourself being super depressed thinking about all the mistakes you've made in your life. What does it gave me support and give me except on the NFL where they give me. Disgrace. And I went a solid. Five months and so I really fell back into like a little bit of an impression when I didn't drink and in doing anything but still there was going to therapy and the difference that I know this year is I started taking what you mommy files a little bit and make it a priority in my life and and re making it a priority in my life. Where I'm taking medication for bipolar and I'm working. To try and make sure that I don't fall back into any type of depression because I know where that leads me and I know how slippery slope and it's true. He was speaking very openly about things right now in your life that maybe you wouldn't have before. And you usage are taking medication now bipolar when you diagnosed them. About a year ago hum sometime around late June or July. I went to a facility and in California at the end of the day I can't help them hours a little bit different crossed fingers I can't help my mental makeup of it's a way that I was created. But I know that if I stay on these ads and I continue to do what I'm doing right now I think. My my dad I think my mom I think I think tree. Would all agree that they've seen. I drastic change now the question you ask was is that sustainable and won't that be the case moving forward. I would like sit here and say yes I have a lot of confidence that that would be the case. But it ended today. It's it's to be seen still moving forward I'm still doing when I was a little meticulous things about doing a daily basis to trying to you. This right over anything else is what means the most to me so. The main thing to me is not physical house. Mental. Part of that process is keeping friends and family around and men's L can always come home to Texas a and M there were people still line up for hours just to meet a. I'm coming back from. A huge downfall was trying to make. I don't know what kind of come back we'll be but I know that I wanna get back on the football field and do away from me so much jewelry in my life and makes me I think. Doing this my job. It's not a domestic assault charge that was dropped feel we addressed by saying don't wanna talk about it now maybe later but he's sit knowledge do the tough situation for everybody and he does have. AC FL contract waiting on help bring to see what he might Douby to be back in football pro football in Canada at least in the next few months. So much so soon hard to handle four young men and women are a group of freshman he was nineteen when he got became the most famous people in the sky reflected it does things on the right road now when he finally did you difference the years make him. Creative you denigrate yeah TJ thank you so much that. OK so there is Johnny man's self what do you think I didn't buy a lot of it I thought it. In I don't know if he's really so Brothers and Steve and asked if he's drinking and all he kind of did this like pat yeah I don't know no not at all. And some product to resisting that he says take responsibility but I think you're blaming your bipolar for your drinking these tire about how he's wired and you know he's watching the apparel come back and to me if it really was about your mental health and in in sobriety. Israeli launch an apparel company in trying to get back in a football the best thing in the world to put that pressure on you. This could mean is not about Guinea right mentally or anything at this is the dire realizing that he's running out of opportunities. And he's desperate to try to grab onto the spotlight and wants to be back playing football and I think the other big component to this and I I hope all of this is sincere and and that he gets his life turned around that. Did the other big component to this is he wasn't very good. It's. He completed what 52% of his passes. But what we act as if I give Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or someone develops like a massive problem he gets booted from the NFL this is different this marginal guy that during his pride and couldn't play in the NFL so why it 2526. Years old as NFL team wanted a chance someone threw his own admission doesn't know whether or not he can stay sober. And the eight well even. In the beautifully self in this high pressure environment to meet the last thing. That would make sense for his mental health and sobriety would be tried to get back into the NFL. Yeah I'd think that you know that when you said that it sounds like a guy who. Is still of an age that he knows he can may be salvage a little bit of this now. And so he's going to try to do that and all of that that was set up was. Street. Out of redemption tour 101 exactly the manual you know I need it even to the point where some of what it's gonna try to sell you some switcher ads for sixty bucks a pop it in and ordered to do that I'm in need you to feel some sympathy for David to the point where they brought up his church is sure it is if that line that he's in his brand has come back yeah. You know so he's already. He's already marketing this I wonder if it means I wonder if it means he doesn't have any money. Men know he comes from money is parents heads out. You know I just I wonder you know worries that I think that some of that though you can tell he's been to rehab. You can tell that he listens to what they were saying it's all Reagor stated rehab stuff but. You know maybe he did have a few realizations and made it opened his eyes the question just is you know do you believe. That he can move forward to slam hope he does an eight sounds so where he looks over there he certainly looked really bad over the last Tampa leaders of some. Obviously some really really dark days in need doesn't look like that now he he looks better any sounds better it's just you know. Does anybody by that. Then it's gonna stay this. And that's the question even seven lit Arlington under is gonna. Attract. And I guess that's the part that I am a little skeptical on is I keep him obviously his dream is to play in the in the NFL and Lisa Canadian Football League whatever I just I funded it sustain that if it in May beyond his being a judgment last year and if I am and then I'm sorry. But to me if you're really serious about getting your life together and this really is you know you wanna get married you're trying to be a better person in and you're just worried about keeping yourself clean. I find it interesting that the whole thing about keeping yourself clean as to launch a clothing line and try to give back in the full. And it's it's almost like. What do you tell you like when when you go to rehab right thank you shouldn't. When you get out of it they don't get in a relationship you know don't to you don't get a dog don't do a bunch of stuff that's going to take your focus away from just being healthy right that's Shearer. That's your missions are you really have been battling bipolar and all this stuff in your family was a word about you dying. Just to me it seems a little bit off the mark that your focusing on something other than just that and other than being at a decent human being a husband. And and not beat a drug addict now being a booze down. His attacks five point 305 Josh court immense noble had similar issues but Josh was worse Josh is a better athlete and that's why he's in the NFL and Johnny isn't. If you're good you'll play in the NFL no matter what. There's logic to that it's like if he's sober now and he was that good he would have been given a shot is quarterback yet like big big I mean. Teams needed they're desperate for quarterbacks so the problem is really not that. You know not how far he has to go he's clearly silver. The problem is that no wants him why because any idea. And that's an aide did that the grip with a guy that's why Josh Gordon after I was and he is that we're given and Josh Gordon blew through Martinis diamonds so we ideas and he's back because he's good he's good in Johnny does not like the idea this is where it undersized quarterback that that completed but just over 50% of his passes and has been away from the game for. For years I would however. And seducing not true cabinet glove that's on the other news that has a different that's a whole other ball game he's he's gotten black ball yeah and we on the law. So that's different. ER III actually am pulling for me and I'd I'd like to see him get another crack at the end of certainly. But I think definitely come across like arming anti Johnny mentality is but I I just think that once they once he gets there Ashley he's gonna be. United do much ideas he's not they get excited he was very good coming out but even even had a NM hopefully he. Hopefully he stays sober and maybe there is still little but the time left easily as it doesn't mention there's only 25 and by the way I go from. And up that's he's oh he's done well in that department and end to be fair. Like I did the gentlemen those going to be good NFL quarterback. John immense though was so much fun to watching college he was. One of the most dynamic college players that I've ever seen and some like the CFL or the ex FL where he's just allowed to be an athlete and run around. I think makes total sense I just never thought his style of play. Would ever work in the NFL and I don't think it well work now. Now that he's out there any went on GMA I guarantee MB has been down his door for the next interviews so we'll see how often you see him out there. Promote business and I hope that this that the light lighten and having it all this pressure on you again. That's the part that again I just would be concerned about is. Write your your trying to stay clean you're trying to stay sober you're battling bipolar depression. And you're now a jumping into the white hot spot. I'd again with us maybe he just did one may be he just did that annual seem again and something tells me over the clothing line and whatever and he's never been one to shy away from the spotlight will we'll see but I am with you I hope. I hope he's sincere about all this and hope he's he's better in mental health and you know let's eat is that body was gonna die so in these he's doing a lot better that he was hiking and a nice to got a lot of Olympic stuff to roll through camel gets started on that here's Mike with sports center where. Rabbis against sue god 1080 bill. I running behind. Very busy. Olympics and Olympic staff. I launch much of it over the weekend night I'm having a hard time getting into it. There's cut there is an illusion. No I didn't. And I saw it and I saw a figure skating and I saw. It's only Dylan. At snowboarding. Snowboarding is the one where they are given what was it was as stocks I guess they they shouldn't have done with the wins but they had him going are anyways and people were crashing and that's stories in saint. Yeah apparently they the Olympics only they knew it wasn't safe the wind was too much there and I gotta send the anyways. Well as the women's it was this snowboarding slopes down for women yeah. And 41 of the fifty gals crash at 41 of the fifty. What you said even before or make every Mosley did you can't do this this is ridiculously. Unsafe Yemen they said that other parts of and there were other events that got canceled. Like I don't know men's and then some but they've they've made the ladies go and they made them go and name the Olympics said. That the wind was much calmer where they wore it clearly with four people were cells with 41 of the fifty crashing so clearly it was. Just some light wind out of the east not so much. Yeah well that's. That's unfortunate the American won a gold. So there's that that's cool yeah I don't I Jimmy Anderson I haven't gotten caught up in any like American heroes just yet I'd. I'm waiting to sealing off like like this figure skater guy AM. What's his name CNN and our rights and Adam Adam. Rip them that upon Adam and upon he's fantastic and gets rip on respond GAAP Nippon rip on yes within our. Yeah rip on he's great he's dreamy did you hear what he said no I don't know. OK so he. He's the first openly gay. Medalist. For the US at the Olympics did he say something depends. Well he did yet he got and well answer which when your target Macs and get the beginning there is some debate of whether or not. They gave that Mike Pence had requested to talk him and he turned it down instead now. Because pence Mike chances is a guy who advocates. Curing the game yet. So negate guy shockingly said he had nothing no here's what he said when he was interviewed he was with some might streak. On the ice you see greens what's going through your mind you've gone. I want to throw up. Any Qwikster it. And of course people have all he had that and how he's proud that that I'm gonna go well he wanted to xanax and drinking a can be viewed. But he's great he's got a good personality and next Johnny Weir. Well he's had a lot of fun of that that's the only thing that I have tuned in for the Olympics one currently which I love. And because it's. It's the most un athletic sport known to man and then I can't get enough of Johnny Weir I do need to figure skating just to give me some Hunger Games Johnny we're out there blast in people. The third that I have not I have not been roped into Olympic fever. So wanted to read you this is from New York Post about the conditions for the for DN. Snowboard. Think so Cecil styles overrun there. Shift dean bitter winds whipped tiny ice pellets across the ice over jumps. At the Phoenix no park and stiffen the orange color wind socks in one direction then another. Hundreds of numbed fans streamed towards the exits on the action was ongoing in the stands were half empty is yes you moron with wind chills dipping to five degrees. 25 riders each took two trips down. Of course that by many of their accounts should not have been open. Of the fifty rounds 41. Ended with a writer on her backside or in the face plants. Or in the case of Canadian Spencer O'Brien and a few others in a slow right towards the bottom after simply pulling up because they couldn't build enough speed. To reach the crest of a ramp he just spell is like I'm good thank cat app it's gonna get to the bottom. Even Anderson Jamie Anderson who won the gold. This sport's biggest gamer and it's number one big day Ryder conceded I'm not extremely proud in my run her modest score of 83 resulted in a blow a lot of nearly seven points over some room silver medalist Laurie blue end of Canada it's just finishing make you we gave you a metal and that's what she says about a year is a bronze Sheila Johnson said basically. It was like the lottery out there there was no I mean I could have been blown up just as much as the next gal I didn't. I survived and because of that I want this and so it. We go Olympic yeah Amy you imagine though like you train for ten years like that's like your whole life like that's the pinnacle Leavitt then you get out there and you've got like. Icicles be blown into your face to where you. It's not even upon any sort of skill to get down the mound is his rod dumb luck they should be embarrassed at that have you can be seen mean North Korean cheerleaders yes they have in the North Korean cheerleaders now aren't there on the force. Well there's 230 yeah yeah that's like of the and they just limelight once sakes don't Wear the little red outfits. But they don't we stand like I've seen that they do a lot of sitting and standing in stomping clapping and the whole thing. Yet they are. And while they are extremely happy something tells me they're terrified that if you clap wrong you're gonna get like Sarin gas or something. It's a scene now to say about him and our next segment. But yes they are. The reports are that while it does seem all hunky dory in their very excited. And it's terrifying ES on day if they if they make one mock rock one wrong move. Yeah who knows what could happen yeah I just I gotta believe baby when it's over theirs is looking for a reason to not go back to come on the army of beauties. The North Korean Army beauties the whole thing man so Moreland to talk to wrap of the hour next on the ten Tennessee. Still hot Olympics not going on here pointing out those North Korean cheerleaders. They're very. They're very and stepped in and Alia on. Is synchronized. Yet there's 230 of them and this this is from osu loses this is Daily Mail. They're saying that there is a darker side to their display a case of they were out there DOD. Unified Korean women's hockey team played yet. And they were up in the stands and enter as the weather Los aids enough and yet they're horrible acts as a surrogate but they these cheerleaders. All sit in the same section they're dressed exactly the same missiles all weird thing. Well they stole the show I mean I guess the crowd loved them their transfixed as they slaying unison and missing signs and said it would they put those weird masks and I'm assuming it's one of the players. That they that mass they were aware but I I found it very. Unsettling when they they've date on the masks so the streets there is a darker side to their display of warrant as they will go to prison if they put a foot wrong. This squad are under strict instructions to report any conversation they have with South Koreans the authorities during their stay and have daily meetings with officials. In 200621. Members of the North Korean cheerleading squad. Who traveled South Korea for sports events were sent to prison camp. For talking about what they saw on the south and the female squad apparently violated a pledge not to speak about what they saw and South Korea. She go to jail. It's not just jail and you read out yeah camps camps see you go to basically torture camp. For a speaking. About what you saw yes. That is correct or apparently clapping. And nodding in unison. So there are 230 of them they are between the ages of nineteen and 22 they're all in their late teens early twenties. And it is a very test screening process women have to be deemed attractive enough by the state. To be one of them they're said to be picked from Pyongyang universities and upper class families who are loyal to the Kim Jung un regime. Now I did you notice that there is I don't know if he's a cheerleader if he's just there's supervisor of you know as the one dude that hangs out with a yet he's there he's. Liaison OK because he's never he's always offbeat rank. Like I was what do that a Mike is he died because he's he's number. But he's always like to clap signed and then went out exactly pleasant I listened to Asia is there and again do it every once he's the leader at picked. Ease the fearless leader yeah so if you haven't seen them yet. They're they're actually quite mesmerizing as they Wear the same thing everywhere they go they were the same thing yeah MIA said there are hundreds and read in the its. I kind of think it's terrifying you do you think there mesmerizing and eyeing big chill meat in my very cool yeah it's both yeah it's both. Like I just pitch them like coming down to murder you like 200. Leg creep really happy North Korean ladies with the masks up yes wit Damascus are open they're just they gage. Stomp you to death it's a final thing more fun. In other apology news NBC has had to apologize for their insensitive remarks regarding a Japan. Yeah factory down I did see this so that guy got fired he was a he was a guy who's on NBC's coverage and Erica his name but he was some. Talking about South Korea and he said that every South Korean we'll tell you. That's. Japan has had a huge influence on the culture of the South Korea has become yet. Well South Koreans and like and the reason native like that is BK is they were under Japanese rule yet for many many years with and you did point that part out. Is pretty brutal but some people are equating it to I've heard the one saying that that's placing an African Americans. That they've. Did their culture is because of some of slavery ended that Andretti you know like a positive thing right. So privileged to put that sort has been on and when you put it that way of so we're come on be like you know black should think of to slavery because it well you know. On the surface most who would it was to see Americans out there Raikkonen notice that now. But it was the people over there that immediately started an online business yeah yeah I give this guy out there so they view they did apologize. And they fired again begin to Ethan he's out and now seen one other thing I Katie Couric. Will not be fired for this nor should she be however she is being mocked mercifully. Because of what she says did you see what she says I do not see we can secure access OK so this is opening ceremonies. And it speaks for itself. It. It is that it really does not humanities let me tell you the Dutch. Really really good is beat city although five of the 110 medals they won happy on this piece CEO now why are they so that you may be asking yourself. This is dean is an important vote transfer he's. City like Amsterdam listed as sea level as you all know how close can now that you free from the winners so for as long as those now police say. Steve and I do get come face to face some pretty crazy Tyler yeah. So do you get why that's. Why she's being mocked for that the canal. Yen so first the ball the canals they don't freeze. Often. And when they do. You get placed the play and you you brought up actually Mary bunch of people from Amsterdam just ski yet Psycho mode of transportation like. She she is basic and that the day there for us and now I can travel so you know. It it be like saying in Portland when it snows. It becomes a mode of transportation. For people to put on their skis and grabbed there's peoples and Intel down the hill to the store rightly know I've been trying to get to work for fourteen years and I'm waiting for the dam will amended to freeze but when it does. Boettcher estimate to get across that river so it is not a mode of transportation. It is people do if if the if they do freeze people good people rollout there and have a good time but. I mean. She's being mocked hard for that that that's that's the source of there's speed skating track is it's a mode and and she sounds so. Voted for she's just so confident about. Informing us solves all. I had no idea she does say at the end and fund if you listen she does that and that it's also for fun. It's not just a mode of transportation keenly wedding gets on the island except there now will absurd it's. When I get my more gathered about spoke Coley. Again I read Gerard. He had jet just a goalie and you snowboarding which makes total sense and he won a gold yeah if there was anyway and then it was going to represent snowboarding and it should be this guy that we had the who's at the englishman who they handlebar mustache in the key was this year. 1990 haven't seen that guy either is it got the handlebar mustache but to make it waves out their for the brits. I spoke Coley his name is ray Girard any seventeen years old he is a child. Isn't anyone goals the I'm trying to remember her name is but she's she's Asian American. And she's seventeen she's the big snowboarding gal that their pushy bikers here this year like every other every the commercials he's on there now what about her. I hope it is like did that all the snowboarding bruising gals like 171819. Years old. Yet but what's fascinating about that is a multi about this more tomorrow he said I saw his interview. And he sounds exactly like you'd think he gets on its son he is a total Sunday. He said that he growing up remember he's only seventeen with. But there's exclusive audio and you'll hear more now. So. Let's listen telling tips and thoughts. Fresh out of that he said that he didn't even know what the Olympics work. He was influenced by the X games in the due to. Which data is fascinating if you think about it he was easily be he could care less about the levees it was more about the do you extreme yet like to him he's like winds and Olympic Medal and he's like. This is a school. But he wants to win at the X teams in the dew tour I think that's I mean you wanna talk about. A shift. Yeah well that's the thing about it saying that in the fifties yet that it is sixth in the Olympic gold medal wouldn't mean as much as an X games medal brought to you by extreme to reader which by the way no red Mountain Dew X games in due to or don't mean that much no. That's a tell he's attempted I was. It is easy with Stephen King tweeting about him now he said USA today says ray Girard nailed a thrilling front side double cork 1080. I'm delighted for him even though I have no idea what the F that is. Problem with Steven and not he spoke for a lot of us there dance lesson around. Par there about the Olympics that like I am not gonna crap on the Olympics people love my mom watches them like nonstop. Would you like. The only thing I care about it would exit the little economy human interest stories because none of the sports I know anything about Newark really care about I don't know much about South Korean culture and getting a lot of that. And I find it fascinating. Food and they've done seems that I guess they party hard over there and well and now that you know as you know that don't credit the Japanese for south South Korean culture that like that. All right come up next it's the club how does the online friend. In person visit work Mike's gonna tell us boys some with pissed about it too. What I do don't talk don't talk if you don't know X games is huge action sports. How and you are I think the last three words there to action sports yeah you've just it was all over Portland he does realize that the Olympic Games. Traditionally. Are viewed all over the world and you have to apologize to the brewers at their because they're pissed you in hundreds of different disciplines. And it's worth give Jillian dollars but X games to action sports etc. on Christie dudes like you very big other clubs next on the sand. And.