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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, February 12th
Talking about Nurk's value and personality, Stockwatch, and In The News talks Jay Cutler reality show and more. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaac concede podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time is against him. The. Alliance church. And compromised port stuck without booze sugar coat of yeah I think he links in one's life in war things is dropping Jason's mechanic. And best in sports coverage. This is prime time with Isaac and soon on an eight. And I welcome back it's our second hour of. Radio broadcasts. On this fine Monday you know it's crazy and mentally some X rays give it to me next Monday. It's presidents' day that's not the crazy part we get that we do we will not be here for presidents to. I'll be celebrating. Someone doing something to celebrate down your favorite president as this dad's from the Soviet president but I'll celebrate Packers it's. Toledo and he's got an eclectic I liners would that be. The celebrates mother's. I'm so yet so we've we're not gonna be here next month which is a little weird is it. Well yeah I mean it's only presidents and no offense and in the presidents only notice it off and we always get that but we do most people I don't know. I think it's a Nash yet it's national. Do you think this is the one that might be treated with another 1 PM some trade had another holiday off well we always trade because we like to be here on the Monday after NFL playoffs yeah. And that's. That an OK in the heyday yeah so we're here for that. And that's feels right even though. You know rest in peace and McCain on that we were respectful that but you know want to affable but to be honest with the do you ever. Think about a president on President's Day you never know NASA says like we rank the holidays. Boy that's soccer might be last or maybe Columbus Day. He hit it well that's not that's a joke that idea a year that would be if we're gonna go power rankings Columbus not in beats that's the one you're like oh what's really what's next at Citi gets oil and what's next in line I think presidents day. Mean there beyond his or the I can month I have never given one's gone to President's Day not one single thought ever other than I got the day off awesome. I asked to will be an announcement. Surprised Terry said that all of the yeah. They're anti New York stuff regularly on us is nice and redo it takes program but a key. Until alike is really be and you as. Well. Because. Of what you mentioned the first thing is high expectations because when he did first show up. It was kind of a different guy he was bigger. And he impacted the team greatly Randall's last. Harmony in so it was a share you know twenty or they lose a bunch away claim for a contract on stuff and now I can it seems like a bit of a glean. Still he's always been now is pretty solid players as part of it is that the that he fooled me part is people fell. Too far for him now. Which we can do from time to time in this town you will know. And now part of it is that he does have limitations that drive you crazy. Like he is he is maddening when he gets the ball near the rim it's mad but you still. 914 and nine guy but when he falls down he's always like see this bothers Americans this I'm telling you this isn't this era they add the Euro thing. We don't like it we don't like in soccer and we don't like it in basketball when he falls down there when he gets hit and affiliates at the face more than any plainly and arms aren't all and it's like solace the worst thing I think as Americans out. We just want that would like get up at it should and should offends our American Idol winners is about dabble we hate them. Isn't he like that he is isn't nice. Quality piece for you. I mean nothing wrong with him to answer the if he's the third best guy on this roster well I see nothing around them he he has not their problem. No is not my point he's the third best player on the roster would you agree yes. And yet. I feel like if you that's not saying much it's not it's not their roster but still he's the third on the roster if you wedge to be Cashmere blazer fan. And you did a -- how are raking of your favorite blazers. I think Dirk is coming in like sixth. He's definitely polarizing dads it's it's it's it's it's a weird that he has kind of become. A little bit of a oh whipping boy I just find tables frustration he's. Very inconsistent. And I find that funny when fans have not like they can't understanding is is we you know any consistent is an average. Yeah there and he's not a great great players. Are nodding can sit are not as inconsistent. Because I'll I don't know if there are great test. You know guys like Batum America it's these these middle road guys they're good NBA players' eyes and is there are going to be highs and lows just like with a team like did I say assault kind of the blazers. They will play well enough to make you dream that anything is possible there they're because they have little or Nam comments like. And they'll do they'll play that they'll do that for a time and then other times they will place so bad that it makes you question everything to the point we know what that. What that at it would that equates to. Is an average team. That's what that is and that's true of the individual players to the only guys that are above that on this team. Are Damien Willard and CJ McCollum who are who are consistently above that. In yet for some reason that we don't get mad. About really any lobbying Meyers Leonard you get mad about that known really gets madness is there anyone other than. Mirotic Dirk which is the guy that most of the people wanna take their bad about because they've got a case of the supposed to this. To be better yeah and I am to be the guy to make them better you or do you just not you got it for Mason humbly okay. Let's not act like you you're good point you were getting like this calls and we'll have the NBA this out wanna. I hate to keep delivering a sick but I said this all. Long time now remember he came from Denver where he was a total pitch they hit him in Denver he was he was how he. He was inning gave out of shape and it's like this one gives you think that just all goes away now. He's he's polarizing as you catch there is baggage there's good there's bad. And welcome to the MBA yeah in his platonic guys that there with a ton of potential which saint like and just sort of an amber would you say 770. Size 77075%. Of the NBA. They in the individual players never live up to what they could be I feel like I'd take the poll might among higher amount percentage of physical freaks that did had everything you could watch it. In in 88 physical specimen that don't ever live up to I feel like that. This argument we're having about Turkish you can have about 70% of the lead. Well I would say if we're keeping her teaches the example I would say no to your question because. New York which is a good player like this idea that he should be X wines he. Why he he's the lead as the league is tough they're real gold medal buried his lunch critical there's tough so. I don't know I think it's it's probably one of those things are you look at these either glass half full or glass half empty sky how you view it what Lindsay being there to me. It's it's not that he's bad. I just don't understand why. Everyone thinks he should be so much better when you mean we later eyes on him enough now it's like. Is EC nine see my point there it's like I don't think it's having 5% is not an underachieving league I think it's just a lot of guys who aren't. Just like any other league they're they're not going to be elite guys there are limitations in their really good at what they do like hello Friday heard the platter. Never going to be that and so so are you saying that Rodney hood isn't living up to his expectations or is riding it just what Rodney it is a big. My my point was people look at the physical specs of someone people look at the raw athletes. And we've fallen loved to say what what could this guy become if he just. I don't know if the game evolved it may be this is more to your point that. That those are really hard skill sets you're asking someone that's a top 200 person in the world that is skill set to become one of the top 25 and there's only 25 of those is it's it's it's hard to climb that ladder. Well I think in that in this league that you're talking about you have a lot of guys particularly this has evolved. In most recent years you have a cunning guys who are freak athletes like you're saying but you also in there as he does is where I would separate you mentioned skill set. I think is a big difference between the freak athlete. And these skilled athlete and young guy who's that guy he's in Justine is like in Julius comes to mind and they key is safe for re kids freak. How skilled. Truly skilled at the game of basketball is Andrew Wiggins and I think that's the NRA has a lot of guys in a dig this this is may be wary I'll Wear him go they have a lot of guys in Wiggins is is damn good but. Give a lot of guys who jump off the page you athletically. But they're just. Not that scale. This guy says it best he said it's a leak about its not a basketball players and I guess there al-Qaeda might larger point that I was getting now view him make that claim these guys out there. It's it's the best athletes in the world is just it's unbelievable when you you do if you ever get to sit down like in the first and rose an NBA game. It's just it's it will blow your mind the speed and the athleticism. Of of these guys on the floor and yet. It doesn't really translate to great. Players. Yet night. If you're gonna say it that way I totally agree deed the way you put it 75% a league is under achieving no ads that wasn't I don't like that that was that that was the wrong wording yes but I think we've finally found some common good athletes not players. Yeah it will not skilled basketball there's a lot of skill goes to goes into it in your your your your corkscrew and a lot of guys who can just jump out of the Jammer who were. 611 and or any I don't know that skilled. Enough people give credit to how ha. I heard that skills that is there's a lot of this week we get that they forgot the can't shoot a free throw over the guy that you know you know he doesn't have touch around the rim and you're like oh my god. How can you not do that. I got big we just assume that if you are a talented athlete that you should automatically be able to have the skill set to be. You know and even beat MBA player and I think that some of that is is doing a disservice to how difficult that skill set up. Actually it does put that another way. We get spoiled by the great month yes I Dirk Nowitzki and make it looks at Danny's yet and you look at Angola I can't Myers let me get us. It's like six their six stands seven feet why you know they look they've you know mark it looks like a much better I think the dirt quite finish like that the elite. Athletes of the MBA in idly at least the elite players of the NBA. Our John dropping only amazing to the point where we do compared to much. The guys in heartily eight. To them it's why can't she did you can jump out of the gym why can't you I can't you book yeah right he does right so it's two different you know it's different things you're faster you route you jump higher you know why why are you better than he has well because he's better than you because he's Derek and he's one at a time. He's one of the you know the top ten scorers the ball a bet that you part impromptu. Basketball segment we can't get off a basketball have let that. Get derailed that's rare for this front now talk about the luge when we come back none around the Olympics or later. A we have about lose bulges. Let you haven't seen this all the rage. I did see Italy usually we have a luge medalist going yeah goes whenever he's a celebrity is a handsome lad was he's gonna make a ton of money. It is bold Macon some money too and if the Olympics are taught me anything what are the metal doesn't mean anything winning the medal in being handsome more attractive. That's clearly matters that's true because being you know the interviews staff and then need -- not being Easter trending on Twitter and their base loves you they make money I just saw a funny list it was like one of those like click throughs and it was like the ten most impressive luge doubles because. When year you're going down nearly anger and that's IRL artists I can't wait to read that case and it's out there to see our I know I'm on a corkscrew a frank Reich segment in here and then we're gonna get to the news 08 now nevermind that at times it's razor audible audible all off. Were on fire. Frank cracks in have to wait again start to become Jamie Burke sorry frank we have it's Monday we have sock on the boat were buying and selling from the weekend and sports. Next followed by in the news on the thing. Great text on our last conversations and via text and it iPod terrified being chuck Barkley did and still getting shut down by an epidemic. Michael Jordan must feel weird but the episode true and in how many guys delivering Stockton Malone. Like a strikes or does that you know when Clyde was in Portland Asia's those are all time great players that. This guy by the name of Jordan and magic and bird and checking codes. Well I mean not that's at the same level but on foot when I was little I was always. The best at its football when I was in the fifth grade I played against sick you know older kids. All the way up to that I got to the NFL and every one was better than I. This for the first ever mile I've noticed it was right not the best but I was really bad and it's like. It's today. I don't material like whoa wait there's people that are wave wave more talent that it. And a fin -- update to a back and beaten one of the two sleeves already. Yeah entire sleep. What are the chances that second sleep makes it home. The dvd and identity. Now some of the easier sleeves to eat on our soul. Easier to put a stop gap again got them Lang in that weird though that you would never normally eat the entire thing cookies announced a year just graphed through that sleeve like in the in an hour. Hour and a half the I don't know about an hour as an hour and twenty minutes look don't restrict yourself if you want to second save of the simply write Iran might lurch and dead body is getting condition itself and burned it that the all right here is Mike was stock much. From twin right. We saw losing. There's no winning drizzle holes in the sentencing. You know we wanted to land mines in her famous we still elusive. And in as optics unit general manager called me and everything when. Thank them for. Put me in good position and I also told me he didn't want owns. Sabrina guys that he brought into their own position. And this is nominated obviously guys that are wasn't there was just wasn't working it was a fitting that we didn't go potential musician. Want to see fit and they brought some good pieces so they're happy I'm happy. The plate away they're talking about what worked went wrong with the cavs is back on the heap on the way out the season before the big trade deadline overhaul. Fire sell we saw from Cleveland that went over the Celtics is a first scheme excitement fluke in Cleveland postal struggle this season. Now I know I don't think so. I think this is they you got rid of the they cancerous problems have to team you know and in Kevin love's gonna come back to what Thomas Meehan Thomas was the main problem in just defensively they were a nightmare and you look at the guys they got back they got a bunch of ranging guys. That art that don't need the ball in the hands and you've got LeBron James and Kevin love's gonna come back. No I don't think Cleveland's dentistry in a struggle I think this is this is gonna save Cleveland Cleveland's season all the they're good enough to be Golden State. But as Chris would they did the Boston in a plane together for for no time at all. Absolutely Cleveland's right back in the driver's seat if you're talking about best teams in the past. I'll sell you say they'll still subtle. Not so that. Any time you have LeBron James as long as the other guys are she loves enduring gauged from going to be fine and that's what they have now I mean the other guys of the four have you guys are traded they weren't slugs either event. It just was a bad fit Isiah Thomas was cousin problems guys morning gauged. These guys are and that's that's only need because guess what LeBron James still good he's the only guy in the league bitter races the sort of problems on the team you know we did you like this at some point is have the LeBron James Michael Jordan discussions. Because we got that text earlier. Committee says it I love in this that is how passionate they did they set it airs the best ever let's do that mount Rushmore LeBron he's really freaking good and I asked it there's no mount Rushmore it's LeBron or Jordan. And now summer thinking that LeBron James is the greatest. Player ever and I wanna argue that you say Jordan's the best I'm not gonna argue that either not turned this into a Stephen A Smith however. You know arguing you know. The union got absolutely destroyed in the last round of that the collective bargaining negotiations in the fall of 2016. They did not think ask for nothing to address the growing number of teams that are tanking. That are would rather it was sixty games than Windows 7 EA games. And on top of that that the collective bargaining idea they via competitive balance tax. It was so what is the point is people like that dodged the Yankees haven't spent that much money as winner which means about. Anywhere from half to two thirds of the teams are really participating in this open market. Pastoral ESPN on the free agency situation in Major League Baseball buy or sell. One of the big name free agents will not sign them by the start of the regular season. Well it appears that way is there ninety. I think freeagent still on the market now defined B. Good. I believe that it is march march 30 or something. And it's given us. March 29. I believe are also doing every team plays that day which is how to. Yeah I think there is still gonna be a couple soft opening games but everyone I don't think there's sure there there and I thought they said everybody's on the first day. And it's a Thursday this year when I thought they said that everyone was gonna play on on the 29 but I still thought that there was going to be a gamer to played before that I'll maybe so but maybe I'm I'm wrong but I'm gonna sell this I think your target about the big names around as says. Every team will start on March 29. Kick Jesse true opening day. Bravo to and OBI. I first time since 1968. I think if you're talking about the big guys the view say the top ten or twelve I think eventually the dams gonna burst on this. And and they're gonna find homes for Michigan to spring training you get a look. At these deficiencies your lineup and and certainly the rotation but what's amazing is like Seattle. But what are. How was Seattle not going out and grabbing one of the arms they not see what happened last year with the staff because there in collision with the other teams. Beat you think one team they get. That whole kind of breakthrough this. Artist just got signed by the cubs that's true. So it it has happening guys have been signed. There's a tough one. One of the big name free agents I bet it won't. Have signed by the Braves but that's true that you have a hold out and law be talking about like what's going on what's gonna. Yeah I I've but that does happen because they're just you know ice agents are tough and their. They're stick to their guns and there'll be a standoff in I guess what there's an area it is down like what you teams the brewers and twins. Just like isn't a big market for some of these guys are house rose had 2000800 million dollar offers on the table he hasn't taken either damp so JD Regina is very Tina Letterman don't often thought 125 this hospital in. I don't think in the offseason to get guys that becomes a really thinking about it Darvish feel we get to the edit the letter laud the whole there's Eudora is still looking for a team. The cubs absolutely needed so the starting pitcher because Jake Gary edit. John Lackey are moving on and it was a good signing and you know for I think for Darvish considering that the market that we're seeing this wanted to get the biggest contract at this point. Pretty good deal for him. There's only again on the U Garber signing with the cubs are just referenced the last will segment their fire sell Darvish will pitch more like you do with the Rangers. They do with the Dodgers in the playoffs on Chicago. China was any tipping his pitches for Ellen yeah. Motorola's yeah well I I think he'll be OK and on the -- unless he's not gonna get blown up I mean that was he was atrocious so yeah medial. Li Yu Darvish is is a top five guy or anything he's not he's not Clayton Kershaw but Darvish is a very good. And the keys a borderline one number two starter and I think he'll pitch like. Yeah I would buy that tee and I think you Darvish is great I mean he's he's electric nannies and we haven't seen a lot of guys like him around. Side I would bet that he beach is more like count Texas and Atlanta. I think he has looked to apply. Whatever surgery they say yes I have the same thing. My wife got the same thing but worst enemy and undoubtedly got them just you know what they're certainly bass said we have right here imagine you can have played after having that now maybe he had a different city maybe they lied to I don't know Honda's goal but what they've certain. I've got to believe let's go to play. I stand dockets ESPN talking about Angela is also local radios in Indianapolis buy or sell Andrew Luck really close to resolve performance level. This season now on I don't know if he's gonna play. They did that in every everything that comes out of their TV just scares the living hell I mean when it comes to it to Andrew Luck. And I don't think they've been honest about it. I don't think that they have really have had a good grasp on this and it wouldn't shock me if Andrew Luck. Is never the same again I think we have just gotten to this point now with modern medicine. Where this idea that everyone always comes back and we'll know not everyone always comes back and when you're talking about shoulders there are some guys that it just it doesn't it doesn't happen for. And so until I see Andrew Luck on the football field throwing a ball and looking like the old Andrew Luck I'm gonna be sky. Skeptical and didn't become active practice so little bit last year yeah and then had a son and had to shut it down but he threw it. Yeah but it supposedly wasn't pain free and he couldn't throw the ball down field. I'm Arab I'm gonna buy this only because well I have no idea. None but I just don't trust them. I'm candy that they can't miss it can happen. Well I'm just going to choose to be positive about it he'll be fine mr. bright said. Admit of no leg to stand on their but I'll just say that you'll be I'd be okay. Stopwatch here each Monday is brought you by Goldberg Jones when he comes to divorce custody and child support issues trust Goldberg Johnston helped. 1800 boys get your phone questions answered at no charge. Up next it is in the news. Pay AS sports there is getting your reality show. Say who it is. And over reality shows at this point are we really doing this I've got a sexism story didn't. That made jest. Finally. Get she'd earlier eyes on serie a let that I didn't mean to. I like to play here's my. Isaac and sue god it's an eco fair all right Mike is back. From his. Think this weekend Ronde do these Internet friends seek is over there. I'm here in it is time for it used every child to doesn't eighteen. He noted newsman first of all a little homered this is not something that is necessarily. Discussed above on the show I mean knowing cares it's not just everything is discussed of well it's just that I wanted to bird and dispensable I think that's that's an hour. I just wanted to the return and I know that there Republican up for me and like you like everything doesn't work guns. All it allowed it thinking. I feel like it's work. This is just a little homework. For anybody disinterested in golf like me on the golf there's a really funny video and I was gonna play but he did you know you gotta see it. Doesn't work on the radio but Billy Hurley did a smear campaign against Jordan's beef because. And he's running words he's running for some head as some comedians the players look at behind the scenes stuff nobody cares about that. He said he was running against Jordan speed and he put out a smear campaign about to snap minute smear campaign on it is absolutely goal really is really get it's funny. It's just it's a joke OK you guys just a joke. But what do I look up. You can look up Billy Hurley Jordan's speed video and I'm sure it'll pop up and haven't seen his good stuff. I don't take a look at the deliberate anyway. In the news we have a sports are coming to reality television I. What the last time the there was a good reality show. Okay that's protected that question depends who your estimate not a good reality shows just one that was it like. It's gonna be easy to contact it just me do you feel like you were dumber for watching in this society is crumbling because it. Times like down while world I guess I would ask you. I didn't feel like every single reality show. They secular society its home base is there ever been one that hasn't given you that feeling that's truly the best what is the best reality show you know if I have hiking guilty pleasure reality show and you've. And he works nice to get roped into our government to new Jersey Shore and what rock of love and rock of love to you know let's lose our bodies just let some control of watched him really balance too late now. It just it is that peek. And there's something about it erosion and can't he can't do too much of it. But like I still like my gals out in think the real housewives yes there's a few of those shows that there Mikey on account like these. Shift the Speedo and decided mid Dan nice lunch and I think we all do that and my wife watched our you're the one on MTV it's just like they're trying to impaired dating people and one giant house it is awful. Yet oddly fascinating I I did some rules cut down and yet I do like every now and then that went desert of the end. Yeah. They love road rules no I was on the yeah road rules this kid. I will say that I guess thank MTV real world I told myself I wasn't safe to watch that I've that's reportedly used to watch a lot of it now I don't they can do that. Ninety day fiancee still gets me I guess that that's a reality show I just depresses me. But the bottom. Survivor I got into. Back in the game yeah you got a good show is to watch survivor watched. The Amazing Race. Like I'd just not that's now with premium cable who feel like I've moved on to much better things no question. It directly you don't have to guilty pleasure and so on account just get your eyes on a Grammy ass reality show and you get roped and it it happened. To anybody says they don't scientists Mike you're like somebody who he says they don't drink a tragedy you know quiet. So who's these sports are coming to reality TV so these sports are coming to reality those oh by the way shark tank that's a good month rank it's a pretty good reality show I don't consider that reality and we considered that because he's actually having TV to me is baked. Situations. Being sold fewer Israel's achievement gap that and ensure tanking the survivors is authentic and yeah all those camera guys in the jungle with them back but they leave them out there I mean they they don't. But again I'd. I feel like there's a lot of key you've read do that for the camera it was about let's not believe these things are actually okay. We'll anyway coming to reality television down there they're saying that the sports guy in this. Doesn't wanna do it and so therefore he will not be shown opt in. But it's Jay Cutler. And his wife Kristen Camilleri who they're getting a reality show and it's based on her she's amount of amount one she's in the hills right. Fallon was called. Overseas and that she's from reality talent yes and yes actually that's where she metered in my rusher which when it is against right and she's made Jay Cutler now. And then they're getting and the Osborne show where he doesn't really wanna be a part of deputy kinda has Steve because his wife's making him. It does kind of semi desert like he doesn't want having any candidate and so therefore they're saying well it's really only going to be here in this amendment we'll see. Now let's that they said about Jessica Simpson and yeah. That's a sudden well they they say that you want if you wanna get a divorce go on reality TV like that thing will split up of Bambi faster than anything. Though you know maybe maybe she's tired than this is look into branch out on her own. So that bogey which you want cameras following you around. Now a drag me saying this if you're now and they don't need the money it depends on how much money given me this is my point Cutler and cavalier you need the money. Six million as did suck for the the dolphins like a loaded. Regulators again I can get your honey do whatever you've got two Nickels to rub together in sugar bear did you think that's been bad for her not spied in very good for that she's got a new spin off now where she's off and initial estimates waved it is he threw. That's like that's different between EBRD got money why why would you want. That sort of intrusive thing in here. The thing to watch here so Christen Camilleri is 31. And she said that she would never put her kids on a reality show and then a year ago. Well she is claiming that you'll not see kids on GAAP. That is they have three kids. The gonna have a a show about her life but they won't your husband in which they were kids because that's going to be created payments she says. And she claims that she doesn't want him to retire but. Any sense and because ten million action if it's kind of hard again you'll be back. Us about a beyond eat new reality show and coming up next I'd like to officially declared that they Christie camp series broken no question yet know when whipped out. Without exception. So I'm coming up next you know this whole. Need to movements very important yes it has that neat yeah we're living in an important time we're were blown the lid off of sexism. Which is great. These guys are pigs why no hope and work with to a but this story may be the one that finally makes you roll your eyes. Bold statement for any funds are really did finally equals C a present T next what 43 on the fan. Primetime revised again soon gonna sanity though. Okay. OK before I get to and my hash tag meaty story here this is from one of our listeners who are talking about reality each shows and if there. Any good ones like NL. Fully mentioned survivor discover at this Sheila called eat in and it's him it was a British reality show. And apparently once they got canceled. So they went to this the contestants were in this very remote spot in Scotland. And way up there and once the show got canceled they left him there. 23 people. I'm confused I need more details and these he can't leave someone just like in them. The highlands of Scotland your weekend. It's like go about finding your way back next to you guys it was a survivor type show where contestants are left in very remote spot in Scotland to fend for themselves. The task is trying to start this weird society hence the title Eden. The contestants on the show try to complete a task with a zero outside assistance or contact. But here's the kicker. They're Tony three contestants have started thirteen click. And ten finished the show only there's one small problem by the time the tens of any contestants came back the show order to be canceled for seven months. At the press journal reported. Any easier just a different Hillary is pretty much. Intended as a combination of reality TV instance sociology experiment just as her chance to create global credit it's brand paid up front. Debated just stop receiving money after the shows you will be really pissed. Cap. So I'm month in and he lived there for seven months and there's offered open and I was kind of like go and on naked in afraid. God there's like three reason like Dario by the way he had no instilled in only four episodes aired an and I guess a lot of them came back with. NASA dental problems like gave up there eating chicken feed grit out there. Is this Judy creek gasoline at this wanna do follow that story for you never heard of that OK so I'm kind of meet you movement very important. Sexist jerks like I was out in a place on Saturday announced talking today gal who's that behind the bar and she said that just. Minutes before I was in there. She said one of the guys cheek she came over to the table. And sat down you know like in that he was coming teaching her something after I forget the exact change. But the guy said the term sugar teams come up at any point no but you know he said he said. I think she said what's your name it eventually ask. And he said massive erection. Yes to her classic and he and she she was laughing she does it I get that stuff all. The time and my daughter my daughter's tells me that as she walks around like that in the college campus she'd. She's just I don't know creepy guys can really be right for what is being followed. That's the one that she really appreciates. Like walking to class or walk in your car. And the guy that won't take no for an answer they just follows right behind you which is always there are real good idea. So it's not all of us ladies it's not all of us now just being. But it's most it was not working with them so that's Hillary just me but it has stakes in getting sorry. This story mania I need you earlier eyes the whole sexism thank. Fresh on the heels of Paris Hilton lecturing about not using the phrase female DJ. Here that court. Now she's DJ now she doesn't want that now emea these why does that matter. Okay and medieval times dinner theater replacing their kings with queens. Yeah that happens. Affects us really you can hear that no not in any idea either one of these days is a big to do first off who the hell is still going to medieval times a lot of people though there yet that's the thing yeah. If your dental yeah I have one point 21 as it is accused me. History Florida I thoroughly enjoyed many of the stricken loved medieval times there was one right near my house grown up we've. I put like five times that the only reason the good committee looks at us right now I would say down down down redneck go down professor I again the only you know. Well the good thing about ago and one of the times allows for my cousin's birthday and she got called out to be like the princess love interest during the show. You have to go to the front plate but part of the whole thing report. But for the moment that we've got it. At the hi guys honestly I thought medieval times lakers advantages went away none out and I didn't know that was still think where you'll find I I this is just my velocity that Branson. But no I think what you will where you'll find medieval times. Does well is in might or might grow up like. Any any where there's massive quantities of people out but he you've got a cast a wide net if you're medieval times you can't be dropped an end you know. But burns Oregon. Right thank you you got a castle whiteness of the Juan islands he was down in just the suburbs of LA but we've got some family down there it's like down the field what thing yeah. Because it's like such a pain in the ass to get anywhere else he. Let's go in there but now there's no team spirit their a game yet they replaced their kings and queens that's us that's not that's not the story idea register. It is this. We are forced to consider now and this is according to Reuters. Is there a glass ceiling. For females jogs at Westminster Kennel Club dog show and our own Monica yeah we're newness of where we're going to hear Rafael won here three doggie sexism or take it one of the more important movements of our life time. And work and has now we're good we're going dogs. Yeah which by the ladies at that started it and if you watched it does show that. Yeah with you see the it's the big story with that one of the favorites the German Sheppard is out yes he's got a FEMA tell me in his ear and it. Claps the years. There is only half not not he's only half the German shepherd now is years down. Yeah can't win it he can't win at Westminster with that now. That's right out. That point you're just a bastard data put him down this is ridiculous so the outlets both experts who planet female dogs are less likely to compete in male dogs since prime breeding time and showing time occurred during the same ages. Male dogs have won the best in show 71 times while female dogs have only won 39. I acts this that your. Yet. You say is that the you know in the dog world the bitches. They can't get any respect yeah that's ridiculous. So these folks is it's really a thing that they're having to address the other talking about it and the spokesperson said. Now she won't show again she's done talking about the jury chipper about it German shepherds dog's name and that that dog the time yeah turning his rumor. Yet near Erie jedi team it's no matter your collapsed. Or is it they just you know was this the planned the whole time. They just this is they've there was a man who's a male dog he'd still be at their competing and not female so she says she. This spokeswoman says that dog rumor won't show again she's done but males can keep going they can be used as studs. And continued shelling and keep their code and keep there. Chief of body and all that. Repeats things so you almost adds I I at you must 'cause strike dare I am all for. London to meet you movement it's ridiculous when women have to put up he fixes with repeats it as well you know good effects. He dead so point some I was gonna funds are really just thinking someone was gonna put on the leather jacket in the skis jumped the dams charge and we've obviously achieved it. If we're worried about female dogs not getting equal treatment of the Westminster Kennel Club show okay when it makes you feel better if I also percentages story about sexism cop. Towards women at the Westminster dog show up. Because that's that I read that story as the real thing do that is the thing. Let's just say in general dog shows. Like that's just for white people that too much time on the tape ends you've got too much money too much time and so that's your that's your game I mean that's. Honestly here years spent like 20000 dollars on a German shepherd. You've been spending too much stared time in the champions you've got nothing else to do with your time and money that's the only reason dog shows exist chili dog shows deal with Apolo him. What's that. Worst dancing score. That exercise or whatever else I feel like ostracized may be maybe at T dress nausea backward and as I don't docile dog shows go again. Those kind of things white people with too much time in too much money but Jeb best in show that's that's do you want us. He never watch anything about a dog show now ever watch best in show that movie is gold. You want a dog for ten grand now I'm going to. We're coming over here and get it for free driver and you fight dog paddles very details but the telegraph put out a story. Entitled. MPs. Called me big cheese behind my back. Inside the petty sleazy sexist world of Westminster. We're blowing the lid off this pain but I think that's even still I think it amazes me that dog shows. Is it like what is the most arbitrary thing in the entire world. I got this dog is the best figure compared likeable dog to a Rottweiler to a pool. The several said as I added this dogs the best. Like the dog has any idea what the hell's going on are those dogs really happy. Or they miserable being forced to do I don't know things could dog for heaven's name removed every second of their life. All right better life and I got going on Hampshire coming up next it is via hot five and five esta bomb Eliza probably not a name you thought you here today but he's in the news. And who got you Darvish and the colts had to coach next on the ten.