Primetime 2.12.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, February 12th
HOT COOKIE DEBATE to start the show, Cavs blow out Celtics + Paul Pierce...and a half hour on the Blazers. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time yeah. You can time the times didn't you actually yeah right time advise against is yeah. At home what they'll all their glory and I'll go yeah I think yeah. This is prime time not I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason's again quit trying to I'm Jan Brady. They want it. Do what's oh boy good serve good Monday. Join some lovely girls got cookies every year. Any till I am a strong armed in the hallway by like the cutest little girl ever. Gas seat they said that. So one of our sales guy manager guys out his name is Erica good dude and he's been yearlong times now attack down we can start right at the same time I did. Which was when fourteen years ago. Why has been a while guiding give him six months they're back back back when I first met him. You can we played up on gaming out that this tells people they tend to. There's a turn over. Young Sparky is the star right at a school in in very few last and yes Amanda was if you're picking squares to be inseparable squares. I'm with you they need this six month was it was a safe bet. It's warfare out there for kids you know and they just they give you a little lifeline right at first the day and they just yank it away and but he's he's since her slam he's persevered he's like a big cheese now. Yes I mean. Sales manager yeah he's a manager his eighties and medium cheese is he middleman as he enters he. This middleman as may yeah may be upper middle management I don't know if he's quite lumber. One of the bills that he is okay. I used to write for himself he's in charge of things are urged to stations. Insurance. So he's yeah he's great guy. But now we didn't think he'd last round here law here we are fourteen years later and he now has children I know it's a little weird he's married with kids responsible he found some of the can tolerate him. Whole thing. And add a little girl is there's an email. That said hey you we're gonna be through with your girl scout cookie orders and I went what the hell that in order to growth countries and never saw any Girl Scouts in here now. So about. And while he just ran her. And Scott a saleswoman it's the cutest little thing in the whole world season Eric's clearly grooming your working dinner come it's a whole thing the sales pitches it's impeccable and even like girls got cookies it's got a box out of me white blood. Baker a Scott could you can't beat kidding no the only ones like the well the short Britain. That is is. It's like I know it's sacrilegious thing I don't like cookies out like that. I don't like the the Simone is the only ones that I even remotely like the thin it or not the ten minutes but the the short Brit. And they didn't have any of the most plane of the Girl Scout Cookies yeah I just that they're not its first cookies go they're Communist I think they're kind of bastard too many to thin mint on the air. Are you ready but I'm a sucker you can't turn that issue like I. Kid turned down like a little sales lady like that choose horrible I can't hear you Sharon route of summit in an elaborate that's our our mile round. My jobs yet does not that they don't all things can be gone under the army. Com. What a case of man ask what you do like in terms of cookie. Terms of all food. And then we're now questioning everything eased and all the decisions that made him look I'm a fan of poor decisions clearly doing this show for the last fourteen year. So it is like Mike Gerke hierarchy goes Kurt he's Turkey's policies Turkey is Turkey's foreign loans yeah made me soft pillow. Judy did Goodyear at the story you wanna buy cookies appealing as that he's a mass produced this is a cookie that they decide we think this is the self Tito ones. I think that's what they're called may be a partridge farm. That's a that's a solid cookie. Maybe if I'm going with like a bastard kooky like a nutter butter. I suppose would now be up there. And it really counted as a cookie but I see your point if legacy if we're doing a better matters elegant about a deal. Well audience orders my favorite of dessert food flavors so now I'll I'll go for the moment disagree on the well anyway unleashes a blood Pepperidge farms right yeah the good Milan in order. And I'd like the one off could easily. Certainly this Nebraska accuser frankly usually the supermarket brand that they all will basket to get a little Tupac news and that's kind of my thing is the key get like food individually wrapped tricky when more of homemade cookie I'm not a big mass produced a key guy. Does doesn't. Does good form. I'll making controversial cookie statement for I cannot let your statement did you do not like Girl Scout Cookies go without being one out yeah. Have we ever talked about the fact not only Koreans. Now I don't think Weaver half. I don't like glorious. I don't find that to be placed on the act crazy to me really save dad I thought that was sacrilegious I was scared to I feel that. That same way in that I don't. Here's I think I don't dis like girls got cookies. I got bottom box whatever they hear gimme this geared just I was given her the monument whatever here's your many ticket and fine I had one I think it was a peanut butter whatever doce Jones sure. I had a peanut butter cookie it's not. Do you teachers Mike. The audience here in the hall and it's not terrible vicious it's not great save you have you brought in a sleeve Horry doesn't make you want one idea again this year. He won but I'm not an entire sleeve it's not like chemical Mike got an Oreo they're all just kind. I view the ball very generic and I wouldn't buy one. Did you were selling girls got cookies that I game I've gotten girls like and not buying that from you but you put. A little kid here let's I think is cute little girls exactly. This is like that's an opposing this Larry thinks they're overrated you ought to boxes BI. About these Savannah smiles yeah so let me ask you this I don't like lemon flavored elements of it. Some of unlimited lemon bar. He has he. 5050 on me to densities make it if my name if I come in and I've got a backpack full of girls got to keep. Or just say they're not all girls got to use I just got a bag of cookies are it's really hard question and answer are you buying them from me it's a hard question answered a bit poisonous. We know of them in no other form other then you know the don't and a Fred Meyer whatever and it is I've just got a bag of I've got a big box of girls got cookies and it's just me and let's go to. My daughter I'm literally say and I am selling girls got to ease do you buy two box in yeah I think had. I do if I had bought them in the neighborhood if fired if Larry hadn't gotten them from friends kids or whatever he's still glass I I will I forgot that it lists. Girl scout cookie time and I saw that email us quite frankly offended. Because I I apparently I don't know any kids that I think I wanna buy any Girl Scout Cookies quite frankly route appear at that point in your life where children just avoid you like the plague right ended I mean that's that's. I probably for the death Amman and AT and an eighteen year old kid I am I'm not in those will come out of that world I do. And out onto rocks Oreo take because I'm where I I don't dislike or alternatively if it's in front of me it's like out Fisher op Maria. But if the preferred way AT and Oreo is two disassembled the Cokie. And then EP inside before eating the cookie and then the second preferred ways to dunk it into a another substance to make it taste better ala milk. In your cookies not very good at. I think what is it married editorial play in their taking an apartment looking up the center. And quiet and stop aggregate of the curriculum Mike I think you're over thinking this however. As a non Oreo gang I would say that. Dipping it in milk. Is great because it changes the texture yeah and that. Is wonderful they give you give me a nice big chocolate chip cookie expensive it's warm and you take it for like a snicker doodle or sub then. Maybe you take after a lap around a glass of milk I'll whip via ports on arias here. But this is that bit to do your point about like Oreo not able beaten Mike saying that the the Oreo camped agree because it'll donkey thing. Milk makes cookies delicious right put a regular cookie without milk still delicious. Orioles and I'll note and again just like he has or on this. Promise and page RS it's interesting I thought everybody loved Orioles announcer on the on the hated him it is not a Fella some strong with me as times of the and its mass produced is is really guilty. Normally when you're you're you're talking about deadly we have access. To delicious. Like small batch cookies everywhere. Or you know you goaded into any store any any. Sandwich shop or whatever into the grocery store they have cookies that are up front that are a little more. Gore may if you will and so the prepackaged cookies when it's girl scout or Oreo that's kind of like food. The conveyor belt cookie. And yet we somehow. We viewed that as as. The end all the be yelling cookies and not just say no no you're you're a bit the cookies nominally it I didn't notice about a bit. And for other things I'm not like potato chips like to read those are mass produce like the greatest thing ever give you Korean street I'm happy all day when it comes to make it easier I ask for a little more. From a cookies. Well I'm I'm gonna go ahead and label you sexist OK I feel like that if these were doing delivered and distributed and sold by Boy Scouts you'd be all about it I did buy though so how can beat Texas when I bought well you're you're covering up that's a pretty by your sexism again. NM plus I was standing their buying him and you can't walk by meet you you cannot walk by me. As I buy. Girl Scout Cookies from the cute little girl out and just not I am interest you felt the need to also but I am and I guarantee you in your head your elected. Now I gotta buy. Because you walked right by it we at the same time. She was able. He has a door couldn't say noted that she had a great sales pitch well. I love Girl Scout Cookies can't buy too many boxes. It's pressure yeah but them. I tried giving my publishers had given by the way as soon as I about it now is doing may hear someone don't eat this because there's nothing worse that each team. Like a like a thousand calories a step the you don't really even like. Like if you're gonna go yourself on something. Hopefully it's something that's really delicious as opposed to just yeah I cab boards and this is the Hendrick I just don't really like him say I don't know who is like ten minutes. And I don't know whose idol who's who's more egregious use that. That doesn't like thin mints or media doesn't like Aureus. I don't know which is worse. Feel like it's on the same level well and judge me for not like you didn't mince when Euro there's the trying to judge I'm just shocked I'm disappointed I'm hurt I'm a little it's gonna take me some time a little. Wrap my head around it frees the immense because they are you can or better yet so we can have written text underneath gauge of of a population of listeners. Most are pretty surprised that he doesn't like her stalker he's. While people tend to agree about the Orioles or at least two more in the middle of the or that is yours to get everyone's seen but I think this time I think it's a tricky thing though is it your prejudice because. The move the girls a number so adorable. Again it's an interesting theory in I would like to see it tried. It in an experimental fashion I don't know let's college science yet. And perhaps I haven't a test audience that doesn't know the difference if you took if we get a blind taste test I did reunite two girls got cookies and I haven't sold by guys that would just like me I just read a bunch of bald guys. Bald white guys attack to our soldiers those cookies. People aren't save those cookies they are as close as they are the whole nobody goes out and sells cookies other than girl scout so. That's a little weird. Anyone buys goodies that he had I guess cookies or outside is something that's. I think what I'm sure the science is not that I bet this has been state. And I will do some homework on this guy and that is just how do you scout cookies rate amongst other. Mass produced other cookie says that's not fair to put them up against kind of one off maybe the homemade kind of talk and mass produced. The Keebler elves Nabisco the you know. Generic whatever Brian budge tricky the Albertson's Eminem cookies are crowded cute and they cannot be on this list now our girls got cookies are uniquely American in my. Wrong about that I think they are just so the United States of America okay self week is over packet billions of dollars overseas I'm sure that their people that don't have any idea. About gross companies I'm sure the day that day that they've hospitals got cookies into some sort of study about. The greatness of cookies and the rankings and down ominous he kind of on their research and if that research hasn't been done perhaps. After all these years. And Thelma Collins. This is gonna be year your PH Steve favored this is the perhaps it is there but this is this is what finally gets you published. Well Mike is back for a Mike prior. How is your weekend it was very very far. Hospital for a four day weekend forty weekend lots and lots of drinking is is limited leverage our capacity is it was the first time. That I actually had a two day hangover. But I didn't recover in 56 hours on how old you are going it. Yang it's it's about that time partying oversee it wasn't a headache it was just Fuzzy for two straight days pals at what happened. What have I done you know warning for you. It only gets worse it's called getting old Mike now you're getting up there now but down I'd like to here like we hear about it later turned begin assessing it was of course. Trying not to make fun of you that. I'm Soledad haven't met these guys of Oregon and well I wasn't making fun final year you get pretty good. This is simply say when I hear that Internet friends are rolling into town I immediately go to a very dark and evil place NASA guerrillas and that's me not like Mike's Internet friends are in town although from what cities. San Jose Chicago and New Jersey. Although we can't talk about it as I told him I would non Arabic. Look there things that went down this weekend that might can't talk about on the air out right evil bad things evil might particularly ashamed. I'm not saying yes some team wall where Mike can't talk about it and we can't wait I know outlets break on your buddy this whole thing. I while we got some sports Gloria we do I promise. Now what are we have today we have some on. Olympic talked out a lot going on out there there is a lot going on we've already got our American heroes lined up the Wheaties boxes. It's already been signed sealed and delivered we avenue head coach in the NFL. We found out about over the weekend the cavaliers don't suck the cavaliers are backed the blazers are who we thought. But they work in it's stunning to Nolan at the what else we have. Oh and perhaps today. We can talk about this what does it mean that Oregon is a top five branding college football yeah see that's it did see this offering him. I get to very good thing when I find it. Find that interest in May we get to that today Battelle let's start with the NBA next 316 on the fan. In time where Isaac can sue god 1080 program. All right we'll begin our Monday broadcast. Slowly beginning with cookie snuck. But did. Jim I Don yeah. Say that again and take it really take a little blue bag over my. House girl's gotta pick Jake. Yeah well you. Agents are you know someone's gotta encourage on this program. So we'll start with the NBA. Frank Reich hired by Indy will get to that in Acton on talk about frank ranked. Is bad test the greatest comeback. We. I'd still think it's the greatest competitive out history. As if for a second I was like with a book that you have passed this a rule that was like 23 I think they were down 35. Little Frankie brought him back is backed up. They were down 32 he was an hopefuls before Nicholas Meyer missiles 3232 it was 35 to three because the Oilers right. Deal was but I have another. Fun frank Reich fact positioning you know they've I know get the NBA but you know they've lost their opposite corner and quarterbacks coach now on its. Sue the Eagles and Eagles yeah lots happens to win this game UN everyone kind of pilfered your staff and thought it was so easy to get back. So I'm Abby in the NBA odd cabs. Are back they made a bunch trades another gated boy they beat the be Jesus out of Boston diabetic did you enjoy that as I did because it was great that they had all of the it was Paul Pierce night yesterday yesterday and they beat him by twenty whenever they just they kick that the living hell out of them. It was great because Paul Pierce and every bid so but I heard over the Isiah Thomas thing and he made this such a big deal in Cleveland had been just. Atrocious for like the last month and a half and they had a ball lined up they're like Kevin Garnett was there at Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers and and then just the look on their face at the end of the game was just it was goal I loved it. Yeah I was just like it was great because the cavs were kicking their ass end. They all just had to kind of sit around and wait because the Paul Pierce ceremony was after the game yet so it was just great you know Boston. Let they've won enough. Sorry about your patriots but it's funny to watch then sit and sold over the Celtics exactly pulse especially because. Will Paul Pierce thing became very unlikely. It just it it it took an ugly turn with how big they were trying to make that. In Paul Pierce you know being petty about I'm turner who was that. Called him petty. Is on the Jalen Rose was like do. What do you do when McGwire you've been so Eddie. And then Robert pairs came out and did the whole Paul Pierce is the greatest offered to sell a Celtic ball I'm like really easy. You think it's a fool you you really is dropped the ball Beers is the best of it the subject of all time because. Is this guy by the name of Larry burn all your going bird I. Maybe he does that Larry Bird I don't know them. That's is I just typed earlier enjoyed that his night seemed to be spoiled and that he had the Eli Manning face in the thank you data a piece of that fish. I was gonna go closer B act. Aria deserve. Maybe I'm wrong about that is talented. Well it I think it was Lee Jenkins who I wanna say as a football guy. But I follow him on the tweets then and he he was the guy who pointed out. What I thought was a good point he said LeBron. Seeks a super team right he's kind of known as the guy who seeks the super team. But he doesn't need it now he you know it's like any wrote a half a dozen useful players who can move and shoot are often enough. And that is so. Right. And you got he got some guys that had them by hand ands. There wasn't that friction there and all of a sudden the at Cleveland went from this dumpster fire. That that couldn't beat any one to date as a role I mean they humiliated. The best team in the east and Elvis and you'd like a power rankings I seen I think Anke is and released there is that against the Celtics at four or five. And already people lag well back on their back to win in the east and I think there's a little more ball needs to be played before you make that sweeping statement but it is amazed seen. And what he does I've never seen anyone because we didn't really get this book would Jordan because once Jordan really kind of solidified himself he always had good teams around him. I've never seen anyone that he races the flaws of the team like LeBron James in any sport it is unique I've never seen anything like it. As you pointed out there with the they've got Twitter. There's no other start or Kevin Love right now there's no other stars is just LeBron James and a decent collection of like you said interchangeable parts that play hard and and that really is enough it's not enough to be Golden State but it's enough due to win the east. That's saying something now with peers being honored. He appears is one of the more under. Valued studs of this generation doing think Paul Pierce is a really good player. Pierce a hall of fame. The I think so weeks ago. But it's like. He's come under that spears was never the best player in the NBA now but he. He went in knowing now we get MVP he was he is really did. I think that what's crazy about in this major's been NBA thing I'll sit there watching him go on and I really appreciate you guys a rock chalker. I like piercing college remember him in college I was there were housing college when he was in college and cherry so that all your classes to buy it did a class with him to show up ever he was there. Does that feel like that's a very strong he was there he was there I'm telling him I remember him because he's so big that well. Mean they're bigger like Greg Ostertag was and when my class is two days ago. In I can tell you definitively Greg Ostertag left college. I bet he was always there he's always down on the front and he was always talking and he's always asking questions because a guy like that that's by the best time in his life he loved yeah he is small town Texas yeah. Now pierce was I think from. LA he's just some LA hotshot who's gonna go to the NBA and he would sit up near the top like big class of the get a big class of them. And he would stretch out over multiple rows of you know I you know hunting I could put his legs over the road in front. He goes Pope Paul Pierce did whatever they help say here's one he basically took up six or seven seats but you know you can do that when your Paul Pierce exactly. But I thought that I think out of this is an NBA thing that. Because the stars are just we always talk to LeBron and back in the day we always talked about Jordan Leo as I've not magic and it's a bird there's so many other great players. Did you is kinda get overshadowed. In pierce is one of them but there are so many from this generation right if if you talk about LeBron Coby. Shaq. I mean there are so many guys. That we watched Yoko RH guys that shares. They're never gonna get the love because everybody's going to be talking about freaky and LeBron I think that Dirk is one Pierce's want you know I think he also won as who's sitting on the sidelines is Kevin Garnett to me oh Garnett that's a good and no I think guilt and align I think this guy is the Frank Robinson. Of the NBA you know who Frank Robinson look at his numbers are incredible there sir and no one ever talks about him because well Willie Mae isn't. Abramson and those other guys but to me it's doing weight. How to Dwyane Wade was so freaking ged and he just does it like it's nobody really talks about him being one of the greats it is. Now it is probably one of the four best shooting guards of all time. And yet doesn't doesn't get its that was his funny you brought up way because I didn't go there I went with Kevin Garnett and need to that's a Devlin Kevin Garnett and we remember that a lot of people remember Garnett for the the leader years when he was kind of that defense of minded guy. When he was in Minnesota. That there wasn't another guy like him. I mean he was he was unique in his skills that he was an MBP guy before he ever went on to Boston in you know one and MBP. He's just. You know he toiled in Minnesota and didn't do anything. I'm looking at and Paul Pierce's he was a ten time all star. Five time all NBA guy never finished better than fifth and MVP voting. But he has his compare bulls. How would checked Rick Barry. How Gasol Adrian day at least Scottie Pippen Dominique Wilkens. And so if you look over their income do you look over the career. That the may be known because again. Jordan will be tucked a Georgia yeah. It can also he wasn't in Pippen has six rings it's like old pivot never won without Jordan Jordan of normal about Scottie Pippen. And then lobby will bring Tim Duncan to that's a great one. Yeah but don't kid does it. To me you can't save Paul Pierce and Duncan has Duncan's got the rings and mean people consider Tim Duncan to be the greatest power forward of all time and puts Paul Pierce in that category Duncan made. May be an assumed mean but if you're having conversations about the best power forward. In the MBA in history. Most people. Are coming up with Tim Duncan and if it's not one maybe you wanna go with a Karl Malone or something like that Duncan quickly comes if it's not one it's too. I think you gotta go down on the like Paul Pierce in the Dwyane Wade you gotta go a ways down before anyone ever. Even brings up their game so I think that's a the kind of two different categories silos fun logic must get their ass kicked yesterday. Kevin Garnett whose did you see again is going on there and Harry Potter magic cloak thinks they aren't they hate me Allen's match. Member you have to there's some bad feelings down in Miami and so cannot get over it at this point the people about her. He is playing golf the EU can tell me that the MBA doesn't have thin skin. There is no greater group of individuals in the United States of America with thinner skin hello Nancy Grace 8000 Belichick sat down together and help you talk about stubborn but not these guys know. Ray Allen's like ex communicated. Case should we check in on the hometown guys yeah I didn't. Broke angle so well. But that to you to as I side Dave Muller scored fifty and three quarters is that the Utah Jazz or is it the he has could be a soft today urging their Younis that's does he needs loyalty what did. The combination between the blazers plaid. And their I don't even know you call that jazz like the sunset India's. One of those of their city in Israel get burned pirate that it was like the old Houston Astros. But that's that whole Donovan Mitchell guy he is. So Jackie on the blazers and then talk about the greatness of frank Reich. That's what's coming up. Here's Mike. We're advising didn't sue god obscenity though. We have a new coach in the NFL. We'll get to that next but checking in on the hometown blazers but. Well. Good and bad. Since we last spoke yeah fell one can cool thing is that Damian Miller dropped. Fifty and three quarters he pulled a CJ just like Condit and this one was actually they needed member of that game was. That was legal one or two point game in the second quarter when he went off and then of course they stretched out and ended a blown out but it it's it's the kings and it was cool to see. You know 53 quarters have done by two guys in the same season different guys that's amazing feat bit. Same time it was against one of what the second worst team in the west. Yen you want to see that against you know Utah that was one of the hottest teams when 19 or ten to zero. Yes well CJ did it against the bulls yeah which in the bulls didn't have I think their three top leading scorers again I'm not trying to. Cure houllier played against you fifty and three quarters. That's this derby effort. You're who you're playing to be played me and you out there that's impressive but. It's not against the good the world beaters I think that's not a leash be measuring this team again it's this idea that hey let's see this against. The real teams in real defense is that's pretty dumb because. It's hard to score fifty and three quarters very hard in when a player is in that kind of rhythm it it it doesn't really matter the upon any Damian Miller did that against. A Golden State a couple of years ago up in their pretty good last I checked and so that's kind of you know that whole line of thinking it's silly however. Obviously it's much easier to do against crappy your opponents to get into that rhythm yet tonight. The kings are. Dietrich T bad on defense subpoena and still would the F 39 against the jazz was great against Utah yeah I've always found littler to be. Little streaky and you don't just. Such a bad thing just other times when he's really when he really common. It's eases he's a good a score as there is in the NBA when he's feeling a siege has some of that too in fact she may be the better all around pure scorer. I don't think he has the skill set that the the does both of those guys are capable of taking over a game and another was. Unreal against Sacramento and he was great against Utah unfortunately. You try and I think they've won is it was his 99 going into that was that no hate going in they won their ninth zero point eight. It's all coincide illegal bear getting healthy they look really really good and and their stuff. You look at some of the length they've had an idea of crowd are into that mix who came off the best we can't fifteen form. Utah and I think there are sitting in tenth and there's still a couple of dream job of boy Utah looked really good source in the second half. Yes so the blazers lost to each other winning at halftime it. Really really bad they're Courter yet they got some pretty good and you tie it really is playing well but it's just you know like so many. Texting you can text our show at five but through a 5% well looks like the blazers turned another corner. And it is kind of this. It's a it's a bit of Yo-Yo season in Korea and it's the same thing it's. The same thing you've got to start winning and I hadn't Utah's nodded and a playoff team or anything but. Utah is hot right now they may make it today they will and the way they're plane and you look at New Orleans. All the New Orleans hadn't been terribly and since you know some bogey went down but it. You look at the blazers record and I ice and I don't know what it is right now top my head 3126. No against. Against the blow against playoff teams they have not been good I saw this tweet I was trying to recall it plus up playoff team if you tie up. Quick did this yeah what does he did like a week ago yet it was it wasn't that uses teams over 500 now. And they are. Against teams over 500 or twelve and twenty yeah say mean. And seventeen and five against teams under 500 CE you kind of look at that and you know you'd beat you beat Sacramento when you should beat Sacramento. The agencies is this weird dynamic now with Portland and it's kind of what you've been talking about you are better than the bad teams in the NBA but you're not good enough right now to consistently. Heat what we consider to be quality teams and 500 isn't necessarily quality teams and I got Golden State. You know coming up on Wednesday got a couple days off in the get the warriors come into town and debit Daylon. You have to be just like him to win the worst who are little chipped up I don't think after among green and greens curtain and someone else to. So the blazers are nineteen and five now against teams below 500. In their twelve and 21 against teams above. I'm yet. I don't there's something very tally them up that I mean that's why it's obvious I mean we've been saying this for three years of that that's just a broken record display and it's it's obvious everybody knows that is just you know I guess there's this may be I hope that. If they can jump into the four or five seed game. Maybe they can get into the second round or. Just get hotter yamana I don't I don't know what people want this is who who they are this is who they've been for three years. In the idea that their building towards. All of a sudden this teams now gonna win 55 games whenever it's it's silly at this is just a fifty and our demeanor with the four. Now 54 lives 64 before when I was shorting them to sell but the other. Early show flashes there's 3226 I think that they you interesting thing is what's happening. At stake sort of the back in the last year and I mean the bottom on some of the playoff picture the blazers were just just after beating. Sacramento. Date jumped. To defy seed in the west and they were only they were only two games from number four. In it you want to if you wanna start entertaining the possibility of of getting through the first round. That foresees sheet which. Outgun. You you don't wanna play one of the top three golds they Houston San Antonio you don't have a crack at Oklahoma City Minnesota. Which which appear to be that you know but the four in the five there if you can get one of those matchups especially if you can find a way to get that home. Maybe got to put your chance. Since then you have Oklahoma City he's just kind of Millen around there but you also have Denver who's. About like Uga. New Orleans which we don't know what's gonna happen with them but they're obviously. Gone the other way but then the clippers in the jazz or sit there to clippers are hanging around in the jazz have won nine in a row it's suddenly. Gonna be a pretty interest dean race for probably the eight seed yet. I think you don't wanted to use drop in that race news you know so you don't start to get important now Miami let key seven and eight is Golden State Houston and thanks for coming yet you can you can host Utah at lucky top. Tip your cap they're pretty get last night but at the same time you can't be losing these games and this is this is that's a 500 team in your at home where you've won nine in a row. It's go time it is no longer oh cute or this or that it's. It is is a battle this is a real battle and and I think if anybody has any hope of them. Wanting to to make some noise in the playoffs and by that I mean second maybe get into the second round. You have to get up into that 45 get you just have to and hopefully before the before so if your if your still. Blown around with Denver in New Orleans and the clippers in Utah it's going to be the same crap that was seen in the kind of feel like those teams are all. And the the same as I think Portland is just like the guy again you just throw mall and that washing this is. Are you saying Portland's not like don't don't know I'm sorry I Portland is Denver Denver is Portland you Tai is at. Other although I think Utah has a chance to feel better now you know. If I don't know I just like I like Utah like their. I like gold bear he's unbelievable and their coach's kid date EO this run is not a fluke but yeah I mean in the tallies are weird because they lost. 'cause cousins so. Yeah I mean I think Oklahoma City Minnesota are better. And then there's Portland Denver. Probably Utah and then after that there's New Orleans and Ella. Did you have I mean. But I think there's a big drop off after after Utah I mean them. All you LA your time the clippers I was like pool like lakers c'mon. Non saying the clippers the clips so it's probably it's probably gonna be that the pelicans in the in the clippers' finding out for the eight. In Utah I'll jump in there. And and from Portland. So he so I guess that's what I'm saying he's just got to prove that your better either you better than those teams in not doing now and what has frustrated schedule getting harder and those of those. That game against Utah 500 team at home but is gonna be the different games like that will be the difference between being in the seventh seed and be in the for the fives. But we've been saying that Furlan so I commend next under cages hurt by the way we got to get to that real quick and then nom I know they came in from. A one of our techsters on the blazers are no it wasn't a texture it was a tweet. Some tweets the old pictures we are spear last night. Maybe appoint death you know it's interesting and I wanna bring an apple level wrap up that coming up next it is 346 on the fan. Primetime with Isaac and sue god ten speed of all right rabbit out hot blazers time. Because you know it's that time of the year. Is getting important. But here. Now ramping up. And they're not really yeah that's a much earlier. Your your and the edge and unfortunately you're neutral they're supposed to be ramped it up and gotta get gotta get that in the third at least the tweet outside and I came from pin Millen prior last nine. And they said. You know for a Big Three in I'm here quoting de CJ game there yeah they said they. Rarely have good nights. At the same time. And I thought that meant and that is so trip. They really don't. And I have to compare it to. Other quote big threes you know would do is win when someone's having a big nineteen Nash we kind of take a backseat but you would I can understand the two guards do you think that. That you could have one of them and Dirk both have and both have a big game is good to be honest being doesn't. Well he better I know we heard he left in the third quarter guy like him to let he's got to her. Well played. Me ask you this I know they're not that's not a Big Three Big Three that's fair that's not a Big Three elected two and a quarter. Now B two and a half ago one and three quarters. I mean you know usually aren't big threes all stars generic exit. He might be an all star ever CJ may siege is borderline I just figure that you have an offensive. Two stars and in the back court the very dynamic. But I don't I don't consider American what are we edit or a full season in now. This is one year they have played seven DOC. 74 games with him yeah near the record us. I saw this worthy of their 44 and thirty yeah according to Jason quick can nerve pitches. The popular item like for example we got a text here all eyes like I don't find that have soured on his person says America which is fool's gold fooled me he could be great ease mentally manager can handle adversity. He's also younger than he appears so I'll cut him slack of their knee but he niece is sucking up folks on his position is rolls rim protector that's who Johnny B. Well we know this thing he's not tough for all the talk about the bad boys stuff and like bill land bearden circuits is not tough FISA pretend tough guy. But he is young. And I do think he. He's a solid he's a solid player for you fourteen and nine he's averaged yeah that's you do you look at it starting centers in the league in their fourteen games above 500 and then ended the 74 games they've played with them. The juice is nice I think ought to Gaza and I think some people go the other way too far. I think sometimes we focus too much on the need to critical side of things. As opposed to giving him credit for what he does is he does make this team better I think the problem is is that he he fell victim do his own hype machine. I think people thought that you know after last year that brief little twenty game window. Mean jeez and maybe I was leaving guilty of this there are people that thought that he could be a difference maker in and and beat the cutie as you said kind of the Big Three and when you view them like that the new I is a disappointment me deal was a nice quality starting setter in this league. He's a very nice piece for you he just. I die I don't think he's ever going to be and you said this all along I would tip my cap to you even during the whole. That the hype train last year you said that that New Yorkers will never develop into Foster that guy's never going to be a big time player he's he's a role guy and and I I think a year into this I think a lot of truth to that you know he has now he's sort of the new nick Tim. They're loved and terms of nominees made reload on the wind really gets paid and then people get this because other times as I. Give them a big deal of meaning is because they don't someone else will so Dirk is gonna re signed. And he'll be making out a ton of money to be make in 1516 million a year and then he'll still go out and put up you know thirteen points and eight hours than people get up this he had them. Well they shouldn't they are a better team with him and it outside that much better but it's better and you know he just kind of is what he has and if you take him Mikey said he take him for that than. Earning you might men like him. Fourteen and nine smooth it's useful it I'll say about him he's useful out you want him on your team I know he's frustrating. And heed my guide when he gets. Near the Ramey just can't you know the he has no touch but he's still very useless team needed again like he's what 24 years old. Yeah but he can't really I said that about nick Tim and yes he can get better but it. If he could just finish near the rim. And could actually I stay focused on on the defense aside things. And and really become an anchor for you because they are better defensively. When when he's engaged in just kind of ate it it comes and goes. All right well where is went once he gets 1617 million a year is he the type of guy that wants to live up to that contract. Or does he take his seventeen million and then you know I'll go the other direction this just stand your parlor chair blazers remain. One. Slightly above average slightly above average I like that Andy weekend. Bear that out right in the more that right in the meaty part of the broker and Golden State coming up on Wednesday. All right coming up by next the colts have chosen a new coach 356 on the fan.