Primetime 2.12.18 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, February 12th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not for. Doing the right things since 1952. And making teams and our children. But you know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at six. No well. I didn't play his time as we've. If only. Rocky V. It is beautiful bolts. This goes snacks. Night welcome back to our show. We're here. Houston's death. But you know just doing some stuff. And in about sports the flip over the Olympics area. The pressure. On already assuming it's a bit billion dollars toward a better be our all the time. It is on the it women's half play. I just don't I don't understand like 90% of the winner in the preakness. Don't confuse that frightens me hey let's bring Mike in here. He's Jim Mike Lynch and is that. They're giving she qualified lasted for the last in this at thirteen but she was too young. And she's like more and it's like on every the commercials she's seventeen T. Yeah snow boarder I was trying to do. Come up so lynch lose out on Thursday and Friday of last week it's only had chilly here because he's got his online friends in town yet. Released he did yes. They've have to go back to the Internet world one is from. One is from Chicago. Correct one is from San Francisco is a bigger in his day in the others from New Jersey. Have three people. And so you'd you'd never met any of these people before these are all deeds though I had I've met them all the porno but before the before we met online before you do you honestly and Xbox yes correct we. I've known the three of the year than since Iowans. Thirteen fourteen. How many games yes. So you want to use our first clueless Billiton. I remember guild payloads you now hit the seven cantv a more available forward guy. It's in wait for him love and vilified composers. And children who were succinct you didn't he admits it but again. But you know evening now so listen a case of these guys. How old are they. 27. Point seven and 45. To run them through age you know we're all we're all around the city. And when they come to your house. Today's game with few yet today get a hotel room are they but they do through life. You know. Allow a case to answer the first question you have at this stage in our apartment we we got an air mattress and powerful sentiment in the living room so we all have separate spots now. I was editing each. Like bullets trying to with the beavers yeah let's do we do we have occupations for the group's. You know one of them is a store manager to best buy one of them is he needs and amateurs that. Works for its best against the objection it's pretty good money that was being investigated as an act of the other guy works for parks in San Jose irked. Whatever the county is down there in the middle works for a financial company effective teachers look at financial guy. He should relegated here in Atlanta they all stating your place on aircrafts yet. So my question okay so here's my question he why should they Zeta hotel for gonna be drinking and hanging out all night and just you know. Restaurants it is their adult audience when adults didn't sound silly silly half empty days. Pile in there and then. Is part of the reason they stay there because your playing video games late into the night. No not really we played a little bit but nothing crazy we've only just to kill some time for ways to go somewhere so here's the question does it suck to play video games. In person with guys you normally play with online now is it different it's different because I get to watch them play. Vs just them playing with you the same time he just satellite you can criticize them or whatever poke fun of them for stuff they're doing wrong. OK so within the incident. Let or just be nice to him so he ninths how loans and yet that's right now. And and where you Internet Bruce before and like you guys met up in person. We first. Many shoulder. On line like fourteen. And I'd say we first met each other in real life seventeen or eighteen. Us a couple years. ABC each and every year. Not necessarily. Some three of us role in the simplest of my wedding so two years ago. It's in his heart it was a different schedules often different places so going to the same place is kind of it's it's rough this was his. After the workout this week in which is what we do it so then OK so. He has party line yet to look drinking yes there was nothing he does the wife. Then she like plumber she tolerate her usual exempt as she filled chili's and. This guessing and did you speak out after 11 PM in late TP the neighbor's house committee makes some great calls to the bowling Alley that if I feel like this is very light. Seventeen year old sort of like let's hang out at Mike's place sort of thing but did Steve think that I mean. I just out of it like hey don't throw money at a hotel we've got experience when governments from running do you have space experiments teach the you might makes a lot of money yeah refinement that it no point blank if I said the I was going to someone's place near lake avenue air mattress. The idea they can spare room then by all means but your mattress air mattress means hotel. I think this is like that line like Mike I think blurs the line between kids and adults is you're what 27 Tony is 28. I think he'll look back at 3132. And there's no chance in hell that you would go stay at some towns on an air mattress. I don't know if that's true necessarily because I know is known the young so they gamers listening wanted to he thinks what games and what system. We are on Xbox the four of us come over watch is what we've been playing recently rocket league. We're thinking about getting monster hunter and that means it into the cameras out there DT. We have over launched recently but we were we ran Hewlett kids growing up I was we're we've played all the stability was at school. Those discussed how we got. To know each other and on message boards online and stuff and we remember the first time going to a gaming tournament and LG. Look. We all pennant they all we all convened. In New Jersey where it was so. It is this database it's an adult slumber party. Yeah you hadn't adults little party itself and sustain that we're just a couple of old guys pretending not to get something that we clearly get no I don't get us. I'd done well I'm acting confused aren't generally confused by on. Not really confused I just wanna know is it more about the did video games or is it just buddies there were just friends eat is come on need drinking he may have gotten out party has has very little do with it deems is the platform where we met. Yeah that's how we keep in touch right these are just but still at this but come at. Those were my stood up with me at my wedding like it out there so my best friends because we know each other for fifteen or ten years now so. We play a lot on my kidding we barely played any sort of game it was a lot of it is gone now Manning and mountaintop and know makes so much better. This is difference indeed biggest order room into Newark. But the point lead when I get you're going to Vegas. Like two guys to your room as opposed to four guys to her room. Think if you're going to Vegas. And you you reach that it's it's a there's a weird line of demarcation when year when you're young you go to Vegas is a lot like let's just all pilot who are room. It's a boy you elect won't know. I'm going to give my room and I'm good asleep in bed. There's just groups. And it's a it's one of those life kind of defining moments to that we had some else's I'm 52 when he says people my buddies or all the time. When I'm in town cheaper than hotel. I just feel like dal yelling my one friend was like health policy before I don't care just give me a space not obviously I eight. I don't know what age again over that. That night I have I'm very particular about. Beds like say you're gonna wait for example you've gone to we do that thing in the central Oregon every day eighty years in the league culture a bunch of golf guys did you bros got there and we all highland house pack the bad situation bothers. If I don't get exactly what I want my panel I'm sleeping in here and there's a comfort it's it's then believers is tempered sort of thing. And I think some of that comes with age. Others guys that you could say that money has been the monster using cocaine which again and Isabel should they did so what did you. When you talked about this last week what reasons spit out there that you were assuming I was doing and how weird wasn't all the I don't know I I am not here thinks it's a kinky sex game. There I think there's bird masks involved when you tell me Internet friends my head goes to a dark place. It is merely goes dissent being nefarious in advance that. Moments as it sits. There was one time in my life with a person that I knew from halo. That we did you know it was when I was. Seventeen or eighteen when we went to that tournament. We were. He was not but we were all around the seeming to within two years of each other right. And then there was a forty year old guy who came. And was hanging out. Andy brought his wife and they were swingers and he was very honest about it it is who. And it was really really weird and a guy thirty years older than us was like at TGI mix crashes with those waiting for the next. Part of the tournament to start and his swing arrived that was really freaked him uncomfortable that's the guy you need friends like these it's. Daddy Tina ruined it for America and I don't find this wingers and comfortable at but they're my people if it wasn't swinging it was the age difference. Mike pages be in ages right to Donald like she is experienced. It's not something important I will ice up in the Q your dad. The three bros were in the we're in town and there are now gone. Sound like a great weekend from like the funeral and there was some controversy the oh which we can't talk but we can't we get talking and I am strictly in the corner of Mikey Kelsey on this. Rudin marriages that's all I can say even those seat is not rooted marriages everybody has choices Jason. I coming up next let's talk tipping. Yeah I have I have a question because I've I feel like today that I was. I was scolded and I'd like to know whether or not I was I was in the wrong it is 618. On the fan. Began tipping story for you the first Jason as a tipping question well bro. Room I feel like I say I was. I got scolded today and the lady was not happy Maria how is that it has little type place in my house that I really like. And IE they're probably. Once a week. You know it's kind of one of those some weeks not as he has some weeks you don't go in the weeks twice ever go to tie it orchid. The due to tight markets get a grant this places. It's called fast enough. And it's just it's it's random house and I'll go to the gym answering by grabbing the will be lunch then and I had to. And see go in you do the little you know hey this is what I want you make your order it's like eleven box whenever it is. And then they do the hey if you wanna you can leave the tip right there yep they've yet to punch it in when your pain with your car. You know and so they've instead of like if you'd like to leave a tip you can that the iPad thing where you'll like it definitely keep you picked a percentage of whatever hot. But here's the thing right if I have a couple bucks on me they have a look I have little tip jar right in front. End. I will often more I don't know why purported reason I just I I'd never leave the tip on the little blue iPad machinery ever. ICC take a bunker to. And I throw it in the the tooth chipped. And first off my bigger question is should you tip take out anyway it's. I'm not I'm 190 yes he should end that is mine AM. That's exactly what the stories about the go ahead and so I hate. It's just not the same tip isn't as like influencers. So it is like it is like a dollar to thrown in the little. They don't like against the contender eleven dollars lunch. Is that really. I feel like that's halfway decent value in my in my out of them the next that's totally find out until like him a month and today it. So that's it I took got two dollars. And I had it and I I don't think she saw me. I'm already 20% anyway which is more than you should haven't been easy that's the whole Seinfeld did he. 10 it was this unfolds there was at a Curb Your Enthusiasm it might think here I was I'm not sure which one it was where he wants to make sure it. They see it yearly I hit it way better it's sort of like at the pajamas the Italian place kissing goes you know you can leave a tip if you want. And I and like I said no I'm okay I I got you. And so I wet suit I just I hit the the no tip on there and and as they did that I wet dropped an end but I don't think she was paid attention. And when I said you know it's it's it's okay. She just like kind of looked up at me and kinda gave me the little bit of distinct guy and then I noticed that in my mind when I got my food. There wasn't a whole lot of it like I got my little two item combo and normally I go there all the time and you know you get it it's a pretty good serving of food. I think I got the small portion today as an excuse for not Tiffany. And I and I was kind of like well. I do you say I felt a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. They can't play well should I just then tip on the machine every time but then why have the tip jar there. Well one aegis yeah I think you should just tip on the machine that do I have to make your production to make a production it's two dollars like it's a big deal. But if I do if I go to put the two dollars and I feel like I should get credit for the two dollars tip. Just be safe and took on the machine or is she did. He can get what you just you can dislike a ten manner and go hey I appreciate only media. She be fit size ten bucks yet you're rich. She'd be she'd be over the movement that. Right any she'd remember you EB others the guy that hit it doesn't take much it's different. Yeah I got I guess that everyone and attends the ball but I mean I'm imagining in general the tips are probably being spread Allenby are many restaurants so. The percentage who of course go to the person that the front of the mill Scherer with the people in the back and see what happens is that most restaurants. So. But I feel like now like I'm just kind of heavy weight jammed up every two because I. I'm an after they give it to her. I don't I just in interim be like speaker this is for you. The tip jar is right there you could do that just tone on the counter but I do feel like the tip jar is a little precarious because if you don't if they don't see you throw it in and then they see you sign for no tip. Then on the raging enable and I do feel like I was shortage should try Wii shortage today. Because of my lack of tipping wedding indeed I did too. You might even be shorted for many times in the future she's there she'll Berlin she's gonna remember me. You're screwed now joins Thai restaurants and I don't get credit for. I read this place I think just his great food scale I think you should either tip on the machine or just leave a couple bucks. On the counter so she sees it in next time she's very keen to say hey sorry about about last time I get. I did tip in the charged under to what you know that I. I've been to them I don't really awkward about bringing it up because I could tell she kinda gave me distinct guy when I when I did the zero tip she spun it around inside that there is no tip. I felt like there was a judgment to look coming my way and I wanted to say. Yeah you know I iPad that's a bit there but I kind of felt. My chemical stupid like bill I gave you two don't it's too so it's only two dollars. I felt like I was it was worse the media bring up that fact was a little awkward situation today and quite frankly. It disturb my whole lunch he. Well this next story. Is about tipping in it is about tipping on takeout. In I wanna see who you side with here. Helium and now when it comes to take I never know what to do. Casey now safe to tip to hit up tip like a gay did it but it depends it's like somebody said. Do you tip on like fast visit yeah. Sometimes I will but. There really isn't they don't really make that. Well there's there's no tip line on the on your credit parroting right yeah I'm facet joint the least not to drive through there might be when you're in the story. Yet but I don't think there is amount I don't eat enough there to now. But that's kind of it's a tricky one because it is the same kind of concept that they either prepping your your step to getting ready for you in the air giving it to you. The question is how much work. Goes into that and how much has that one person attaining you'd be done. Right yep. Like for example if you go to a restaurant you'd called and take out and you hinted today. To disturb her to DM. Hostess she may not have done a thing she did somebody from the kitchen got it all together in gave it to her and she's just handing it to you yeah that money should probably not go to her. If he giver cash she could just pocketed but if you put it on the cars on the card. Yet you should tea I think you should tip on take out anywhere between. Five and 10% I think 10% as affair tip on take out because they are. Putting it together for you give a lot of people are going to see this is like it's it's a whole thinks it would get a lot of people would like tipping on and on to go to known don't know. You (%expletive) there's a VE OK they get listen to what the tipping your. Giving is not being is going to one person is hitting it's viewed as committee chair that's nonsense the tips are shared wreck anybody licked. You gotta be careful with plows somebody says you shouldn't tip on this. You know how little. Lead tent yeah that week where in areas where we should tip. It's because people are asking cheap in any Tennessee well you can't do you can't about know why it's because they're just being in cheap. You should tip on take out the public subway bigger putting together work it's going to and that's it you know what you know should Tim has thrown in the bunker to your thumb. Is I mean are you gone broke might buy him a couple bucks to the pages drives me crazy people that you can't tip dedicated you don't it's stuff we should be tipping. Bike. A lot. So get out he stopped being a cheap ass get out your wallet and throw a couple bucks if people it doesn't take much out. It's spread some goodwill yes let's you're trying to spread good will and you end up not spreading goodwill and then you get shorted and I'm here for the ticket god forbid these cheap NASA's throw out of five dollar bill. And you could totally make someone's day who works in a crappy ass job and you get and I get it everybody's on a different world ball and on budget here. But for heaven's sakes. Just be careful with all you can't tip on that you can tip on anything you probably should read if somebody's doing you a Serb. And airplanes that we take it. Sometimes they will them really yet there and gas stations they're not supposed and then we'll take they will now only take it but. Well they take it informs that in other figures as to give them gifts member and we talked. The only green I mean I suppose some people do give. Airline folks it's a case of this story is a take out order. An out and now it was a it was a brute. And oval seat beside it next here's my. Right so here's the end tipping story. In this comes to us from home West Palm Beach. Which I do believe. Is it lord I've heard it. I'm finding out on beach. There is a person who takes in by you know there's a lot of people that are. Men about my tipping yet this Tippett being in this this is the bottom of the audience that people don't like being called cheap no. But I'm calling in chief and you know who you are and the more defensive you get about it. You're clearly uneasy was being so cheap so it's not any problem just because I've pointed out it's a EU problem. This guy says you do to Aponte goes people who don't tipper people that have never worked for tips it's not hard. Exactly it ticker is exactly. You know like you would tip the delivery driver. Why people don't though because they see the little delivery feet. Until all that's is this what people are looking for ways to not hit yet and the reason they're looking for ways to not tip is not because they had some principle that act I didn't do this or. He didn't do enough for me it's because they're cheap and they don't wanna give a couple extra bucks because they think they give a couple extra bucks here. Then they're gonna have to give a couple extra bucks there in the Toyota in the year I spent all this money god forbid if taking care of people who take care of you. I looked up tired if you give about it and as he cheap price needs. So Hamlin. So she works at an Outback Steakhouse. And yeah and blue and and and there's certainly find I mean that's no. Casual so. The there's a local church there called Christ fellowship they called NE 735. Dollar takeout okay. So this is so they're getting together a lot of food there is a lot of time and effort that's going into preparing. I just preparing good boxing out and and they had to get ready and nine and getting it ready gag range yet how many times do you want to Lexus I had me with this or that. And they got to make sure that's right 735. Dollar total order. And they did not leave detailed. They they do need I need through a line right through the CY does that. Why is that so Shockey and it's just you know ordered to same thing but it's 700 dollar to go OK but where's that where's your cut up. Yeah it's it's just exacting some people. It again make on take out my thing is if it's just me I was the bunker Q. This is that's right Carrie cats like here here's a bunker too it's almost it's it's the principle thing but I do think a lot of people they're like well. I'm not you don't waiting on me and how much ever goes into putting food into a box and then hand it. But you would think that with 700 dollars were the food. It would have registered in someone's head how much work is going into the box and a 700 dollars with a two well it was it was just an honest mistake here's what happened. Now Yoder the big now. She took it to social media. And she called amounts in this is one of those things through that I'm a little uncomfortable with with it that you don't be cheap leave a tip. But this is what we've got to the point out that if if a server feels like they didn't get what they deserve whatever the first thing we do is try to shame the person on those who need. I yesterday they must use upset about it just 25. Cusick said that she put on there. And Christ fellowship called Al backed out backfire. She got turf business sake is this is this is a lot of restaurants are going no go on this is rivers avenue a bunch of celebrities like some. Remember there is a problem with the ball there was Drew Brees got called out to this there was I think one of the Philadelphia Eagles got called out for it. Insisting they fired the people that we're doing this through like K. Where you feel you've got a great tip for not you can't go to machine the purses the other thing that happened was they gave. Eight full refund. To Christ fellowship wow be refunded their whole order because they're pissed about it they're like here's what happened. They were in the middle of the way they explain it is. They needed to find a person. To go get the to go order they were they were doing something at the church in the had a big meeting yourself than they were they make the kind of had a find somebody go running get it real fast and that person right did not mean it is and and they. But they called later and said. We saw that this person that we sent in an attempt. That's our right we wanted to you know you want to wanna make is that they tried to create DNA they was honest mistake that a person didn't tip should have and they they wanted to correct it. And so. Yeah that's a decent half so. The woman to get social media got fired over it they get their 735. Bucks back. See they should not have taken the 735 bucks. This is so you know whether you wanna on equity decreased to fire that together or not that's up to the restaurant but there's no way in hell that your should take that money back. No way that's what those you like hey I appreciate the up for bit. You'd go ahead keep your money you don't OS 700 all of free foods and because one of your employees. Took this to social media. That he doubts that's more of go out of limits I think it's were bush league of the church to take the money back that it was the lady that posted on social media I don't know they may not have to get baggage is indeed they did get it I mean. The story says they have everything. The woman. Oh did this is the update that I was reading the church reached out to the woman and to appear. Even though she's she's not even yet more work there anymore that. Tip it is just it's it's weird I think a lot of people just don't know how did they say they gamer bunch money she said the competition totaled more than the tip they gave her a couple of bucks on. Yes. For a lot of people living tipping is just one of those things that there's no real. Well for these a lot of people mostly there is an industry standard. Political Lotta people just did it makes them bury it makes them very comfortable and just look at different responses reduce the tech's program. They're kind of all over the map on this if people feel strongly about it on both sides. Well some people feel strongly about it because again they're cheap and defensive about that day they don't like then again it it's it's hard does target the truth. But you know like this taxing guy heat this guys on the same waving at me he's exactly right. Tip from good to great to anyone you occasionally see it as an over tip when you frequently visit. That is absolutely right or if you want if it is a take out place that you go to budged this is where I believe your theory comes in. Tip a buck or two if you if that every now and then throw them like you said throw in the ten. Yeah Kiki you know we're just another gesture seemed to be yet that's like what do you get to see him server at a restaurant. Couple times every other month or whatever. And you may get a report with them over ten they're friendly with you they're they're treat you well this is how the world works there and again taking care. What you don't know when you're not that guy in years the opposite of that guy is that. You're selfish. Does it hopefully and they're all chuckling about even spitting in your feed it if their member of that team that we did say yes I would go back to that thanks they cast a surge and the church. But their bodies of the nicer than blooming onion then. All right check that bill dip. But that is doing a different direction. Build idea bill right race deal right. OK 645 John wraps it up next on the. Into Kuwait. Girls children Matt and of course we didn't give a live update you. I. Yeah they met god. This is mail in India and where did John surge damage god sanity man all right just a few minutes left let's see what Jon is doing tonight John paint a picture and. What I'm gentlemen I am currently laying out account critical what jeopardy at 7 o'clock at night. Period he ought to. You know OK okay idea they we were talking about reality shows earlier. Here do you have a guilty pleasure reality show. Currently grow there did you ever. Yeah I'd like entered the oh holy although her repeatedly disputed that it hit them but he denied that sorting it could be like I heard it pucker RY. What is this all occurred Richard Wright's view that that you walk to the current the current air here in the real housewives. If they're prepared to corporal I can't hear you those people I can't figure out what you watch. And once in the least because they're bootable and people ever care workers get more people. Bert. Or he'll put the cooperated get argued disputed that person I could see how you put more reluctant selector me. I'd like I like Ozzy Osbourne or wherever your yeah did you. Our our Caribbean apparently I didn't hear the why what it is the other work or Coca director river where he better show. That was guilty pleasure my parents you feel that I wanted to walk out here apparently Korea itself those Booker might be guilty pleasure. OK I think what it is about those crappy ones with bondage knocks on it. Is you want to wolf some of rumors on like it that the bidder. Who is the is the addition Sheehan and her Sheen Sheen from the dander from what I used which he's got going on and tell them on. But. I think what it is is. Like Lisa really there yet because she's excellent at what he's old he's in his sixties. But it. Though as they sing oh what I think it is the appeal of that is. You know you just get a glimpse into how some people live their lives and it's fascinating to watch. Because they are so. Stupid but right I mean and guess what it is. I think the part that I don't let my wife always had this the reason why she would get mad if I watched. So they she hated reality television but if I watched like the rock of love or whatever or Jersey Shore. She would get pissed because of people watching those shows. Did those idiots were allowed to be rich and not have to do anything and have great lives and that bothered her immensely to knock. I did that they're a bit doubt bothered her. Now I don't think a lot of them are super rich. The. Yes see that's that's I think I don't think they are eager effect acting like the real house wives I I think closer. Like get a lot of young people there that truly rich housewives of Beverly Hills they're not on the duke they don't. Now it's way bunch of those and of going to prison for like for honor. In it's that I think it gives the illusion of being rich that I'm I'm with Canada how wealthy every and all those people are like the Kardashians are rich. Like their mode. Right are good partner in Iraq they are up I will say that about them. Did that dynamic about them that I just spoke of is not there they're just rich and deal do you when he up and they try to make. I've seen that show my wife likes it certainly is horrible they try to make everything they do in this of this great thing nothing ever had nothing ever happens and they they have conflict but it's not really that much conflict. It's from there they are the most boring. That that showed to me is the most boring of all of them. And he added there is in 98 opt for less successful one of time and you. And in the end this thing because people like I think that the core there is that people just like watching rich people live. In their in getting a lot of money and standing that's just an austerity asset adjustment. Their dad was an attorney for OJ Simpson and in the sister did war. It's it's amazing to think what that empire was built to. OJ Simpson murdering people and Kim Kardashian and sneaky born with like a. There are argument like art paper watch that stuff and she just. You could look at the end of the day. You know I've I've been dealt with the Q and apparently and work and all the stuff that you do it beyond tired. I'd literally pick and do nothing and district might look EP edit relaxing. Yet it is us. You know there's so I get death argued that that. The kick that I would laugh at those group complexes could he would hire plot at their show it's one ability. Liberal Party. And that based capital. No question do they find us in the cabinet the last party and then that person that's alienated doesn't wanna go to the great part of this should examine it shows up anyways because someone else one right there and then they make another fight for the next year honestly right. I think I think Robert a year ago until. The it would be blowing the trust me the look I'd go market beat their since reality she'll be limo managed to mind. Said the concert prior. Tonight we'll have a nice that would end the night that aren't here. Levy's death I am I having consumed in that I have not consumed enough of the Atlanta one. But I have conceived and now. Beverly Hills. Housewives. And down. You know it's a Orange County yeah I've watched the returns. The orange can anyone's pretty ged because. They're not that rich thank you can relate to a little bit as some other BC news. Did Beverly Hills on there that rich in its. It's like the panache he does nothing it does not think they have nothing going on city dismayed. Just bigger and you're trying to find something that failure worthless thing if anything earth. Frank. You're right it's just that's the best premise ever it is there's a party. It didn't go in spite of the debates about half the party. Tag attached irate tomorrow but guess what we're on again three to seven here on the fans. She and it. Okay. I can't imagine that there has been debated. No one has their. Yeah I would agree. Well my my my.