Primetime 12.8.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, December 8th
Playing the Mario Cristobal presser, reacting to it, and bringing Bruce Feldman on to talk about the hire. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Primetime on football Friday. Ten game. Professional football and America is a special game. Unique game. Lead nowhere else on it is a rare games. Make himself. It's easy football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Kevin vice president Chrysler dodge and Jeep brand. A short drive from anywhere visit dodging pressing dot com doctor. Yeah yeah. Intimidating goes. Okay we're back with you here on Friday. Radio Thon final number. Climb a little bit let down we're roughly 213 thousand dollars as a Ngo from Carl's junior is in here earlier. In his final number from Carl's junior so turn thirteen came and that's best year yet so thanks to all the amazing you guys are awesome. You rock be. Best audience and all of Portland big smelly group hug is an order thank you from the bottom arts and again to Joseph and all the guys out of Carlos junior unbelievably piglet. 57000. Dollars ended early this year. So we've got some Seahawks take its. The are playing the rams I think coming up you are correct sir renewing tickets that game. And that's Jersey Papa John's at the jags this week don't think. Gather in Jacksonville because the couple huge gain as a means they keep you get done I think cab in the win of the year last week and then you get to go on the road. 84 Jacksonville and then I think the next week he come back I'm not sure that's homer at home against the rams Graham's via the so. It's a brutal three game stretch right there. Crisscross the country and an A play in Dallas. Is Elliott back to that. We sixteen. He Caylee might be back for the ninety you're right. Now okay and so. Mario crystal ball is about to be entities head coach of the Oregon Ducks and we are going to play it for you. You are correct makes them very confident now and then you were confident in year. Well he's not being very committal. I'd like I which we can jump right. And in I found me on that that has really bad audio some trying to find another one real quick but if we need to all due to bad about audio and. Just commit them came Mike that is as sound really mounted plan though it does not you like we need to be you above or buttoned up than that Mike's got the best in the business for enough. Stand folks had a dream come to expect. That's sort of broadcasting excellence over the last twelve years how do we get that knowledge is give you the crappy one bad. Aren't. So buddies I'm guessing that he et look there there's a lot of positive momentum with him I think Dutch fans are very excited today and I get why and I think they're gonna even be more so. After the press conference ID Abby feeling that you would dismiss finished up I thought he won the press come with a but he was great. Something tells me that crystal ball's gonna stand up and and he's gonna hit out of the park in the ducks fan is going to be very very excited. After discuss it well. If he doesn't does it matter I mean I didn't think Taggart headed out of the park though not necessarily I just think that right now there's a lot of Dutch fans that are kind of pushing all their chips in the middle and and trying to make this out to be like the dream higher. And I think a lot of that is is I don't know if it's wishful thinking but I think there is a lot of a positive energy going and I think he's gonna keep it going they give a reason he got the job and and the big one is when he got him with meetings I just think he's an impressive guy. Think he's a charismatic guy you've heard that I think it's gonna come across in the podium that you care about the president's commentary. I mean like trump I mean. The organ president Michael shall I think it's it's a scene I'm a mrs. did to hear you know what they say about the process and how they ended up deciding on Bryant will then let's go lines to gene hears the president of the University of Oregon Michael -- And and I said to him it during the conversation. I really I do like winning okay there's no doubt about that. But what's more important to me than winning. Is the recognition. The men on the field our students. And that we care about them we care about their lies we care about how they lived their lives. And we care about their education while they're here at the University. Of Oregon. In our new coach understood that. He expressed agreement with that night believed he is someone who'll be it truly wonderful coach we've. All the right values. And with that I want to ask rob to come up to the Mike and introduce. Our new head football coach. Thank you Mike good afternoon and thanks everybody for coming on such short notice. Today I'm proud to stand here with a new era of optimism. Excitement passion and direction for Oregon football. A few hours ago I had the chance to meet with the football team and introduced him to their new head coach. Already if familiar face of course. Over the past few days with members of my senior staff had the opportunity to sit down with some phenomenal coaches. Who all could lead our program to meet a lofty expectations that we've set. It's something separated Mario from the group. His commitment to the full student after the experience. Is fierce desire to compete. His passion for recruiting. His love for Eugene in this university. His stellar reputation with this football mentors. And his vision for what comes next it is true. That many of our team members supported his hiring. But that would be an easy excuse to hire Mario. I would not be doing my job acting in the best interest of this university and our football team. If I hired a new coach based on emotion a familiarity. And that is exactly why am confident this decision but that's exactly what I'm confident of this decision because it's so much more than that. Mario came to Eugene as a champion he won two national titles as a player at University of Miami. You want a national title and competed for a second as an assistant coach of the University of Alabama. He took an unheralded and identify you and led them to a conference title as a head coach. The national recruiter of the year in 2015. Mario's pension and passion for connecting with young men in their families has been on full display here in Eugene for the last twelve months. As lovers students. His passion for football. Is immediate connection to our university. His experience as a winner. His ability to manage a program that's a top executive. His commitment to academics. Compliance in the student athlete experience. It's wonderful wife Jessica and their two sons Mario and Rocco. His beliefs that we can win pac twelve and national titles. His infectious enthusiasm. His desire to go beyond excellence that. Is why Mario is our new head coach I want to thank pressed president she'll. Chairman of the board attached trustees chuck Willis and the board of trustees for their valuable support for our efforts over the past week. It is an honor and a pleasure to introduce a new head football coach at the University of Oregon Mario crystal ball. It. Good evening. Home. We're and start. Tremendous amount of thank you goes out through entire dog camera I am all beyond humbled. Com and honored to be here today as a football coach. Of the universe of organ. I noticed I think everyone that knows me well also noticed that you receive every ounce of effort sway. Home. Whatever it takes to make sure their student athletes have the best the finest experience from an academic standpoint and football standpoint. A home but before I get that there are so many people think and set spoils the hardest part. But try to put this piece of paper get the right nation on this on but because fund your one chance to do so saw wanna make sure I want to thank Joseph the following presidential. Perot again Edward ball this process of and so gracious. With me I'm rob Marlins for having the trust's. To go allow me to hold guide and lead this program. Truck clueless. And of course cut two kitty. Rob leaders and of course chill and trying to unite the law again I've always been incredible. With us here at university. But Morgan and an often time in these situations press conferences the players get lost in the shuffle. And I'm a big fan of always making sure that the staff and the players or at the forefront of everything especially when you show gratitude. And I can't thank them enough. And besides the fact and the support though the support that they showed the energy and enthusiasm that they brought to the table during this time. It's humbling beyond works because it validates one thing that no matter where you are from no matter where you end up. As always are on us as long as you generally work. With the intent to always have the betterment of your student athletes at the forefront. Of the reward is always. The best for war possible is that they have an awesome experience will be in their support and trust. To me it's the ultimate compliment now when treated differently in the world and to me don't forget I kept couple guys wrote their Acxiom. Took we collide in the ticket bought for five species you know with a shoulder is right there but. Thank you. Thank you for trust him he's awesome. It's a home. And oil wanna thank my family also my my best friend Mike companion. Oh my dream girl aren't my wife Jessica. Who you know these football wise it's kind of funny I always say you know we've we could have a big family right now we're putting on 456 kids and just like Asia for yourself a single mom entered the season you know so. I incredible what so (%expletive) all the wives of all the stuff members. What they do and my to do director more material. Jeter more merger with so what you're good. You're right okay and Rocco it's Rocco. All right and the intrusion the most related to ship off profit arts and booked up. Video. Jessica. Looks forward to really being involved heavily in the community and Syria as on a number of different things and that's important to us in our faith is important to us. And so was being able to contribute get back to the community the home. All right storm on my way up to organ last year but a year ago right I hear all these wonderful things and certainly the reputation speaks for itself years and years of great football tradition and facilities of beautiful part of the country and heard about it you know believed it was ready for checked it out and though I expected. Incredible things and after being here year. I cannot she sits blown away my expectations. Completely blown way my expectation and from every standpoint because. And I'll get into it a little bit I mean it's for referrals for starters since we are talking a little bit about football student athlete. A home the great football tradition. And the great coach sort of come before you know coach Brooks coached the lobby. A home I don't think that the entire country understands the standard that has been set. And now we carry the weight of that our players understand that we we are borrowing these jurors is it's our job to elevate the standard to create that legacy. Aunt opal the legacy more so to speak. A home you look at Deo. You know markets married go to. And the Heisman Trophy that he brought home and party. The most I would say most prolific award winner in history of college football. With everything he did in the stands that he said as well the Marriott center and the rest of the facilities that we have here. Organ on the national still on match the game day experience at Dotson stated. Because I've been some good ones that Clinton or born out but they come battle to right Norton was actually a really good stadium were incredible football was played. And I know rock and access of the day's done I mean there was. Deafening. Incredibly allowed it was just an atmosphere that no one plan and being here you know for the season and Watson Watson. Flied out. And go crazy and bring an energy. Whether they be swagger surfer in the air guitar whatever they did. To create a tremendous advantage for football team I need to pass our fans our camera and I tell you gotta bring it. It's critical to us. It's deep for us. It hits right here at home and when we come out of that tunnel we see that were different ballclub so we need that someone make sure I got that out that's one of my demands okay. Well I'm here home. But but what I don't wanna get lost all the stuff you know I've talked about facilities have talked about the stadium I've talked about. Experience and all that I I can't emphasize enough. Of how important it has been and how incredibly wrong. Grateful my famine are. Because of the way. We were treated and the hospitality that we've had since we've been here. You know home and some you know my my parents in order they're from Cuba okay. I guess of the best would explain and and talk to my mom when it first came up the organ. You know she's old little Cuba relations won't mind you were you going you know who spends government. I say okay mama it's like this and I come up shorter map bites at your your Miami so you're you're down here. And and I'm gonna roll again and where. We're here. And she says I know so far so far you don't put up. I targeted don't be made it very clear early that they wanna teach me the fundamentals and the principles the values. 21 day be the best father are possibly could be and one of those things was to learn how to worked an out or call those around you. And not a day goes by we're not thankful for that home. Who knows what to talk about I think it's important mentioned that as a football coach. I think the word coach is often thrown around without understand about the robbery when your coach or teacher your mentor okay your father figure. And when your coach it's real simple you wanna be successful have a simple philosophy. Do it every single day as if you're coaching your own son. And that doesn't mean that it's easier and softer and kinder more gently means that every single thing you do is for the betterment. To maximize the potential of every single student athlete in the program. And that's import to us one day these young men they're on leisure with a final stop before real life we are that final stop after this it's it's on right. Know that that little card you guys kind of slash for you get your free of milk shake and dutchess dormitory gotten for free or next year that's credit card. And you get that bill from its. With the team and you know you get your all your mortgage Senseo your payments up to mean being on time so. Right now all we have them it's our job to make sure that we made these young men the best future fathers. Thus future husbands. Thus future leaders that they could possibly be. And you can't fake that I want to make sure that that is known in all of the stuff that we have the players that we the important part to us is that we're always operating. On a foundation of trust. Okay because when you have that that you cannot be broken and we have an incredible lot of momentum going right now we want to make it stronger we wanna make a better we wanna build upon it. Other is no rest as you know in this particular industry if if your restaurant you look behind and city minutes for a date so. The people in this building the guys that we recruit. What we've Foster is a DNA. Of being a relentless worker doing the right things all the time not some of the time understanding that your your what George 447. OK you can view champ injured in practice and on game day and then slack off in the classroom when your champion your chip to 24/7. And it carries over and that's going to be tremendous point of emphasis. Our marbles and make sure they always walk across that stage and that lovely capital down to make sure that their parents have them or watch them. You know attend at least one Steve may be too. Right diplomas. You want increased number of masters shots right we've got to make sure we get that done you know when I see you but you're right I just think of how many people that we haven't thanked. You're one of them you don't hawking I can keep going on and on men and no one told don't penalized if I forgot somebody now Richard thank you at some point in time. Wanna bring got a that's important but we want to build a program continue to build upon the program the right way. A home over the course of the past year we prayed a lot a lot of momentum. A home and it's there's so much more there to do yet. And below the foot is on the gas the whole way no breaks we've got to go to slumping should do you know on Tuesday the guys were down. Foam and between its common here and went to address and you saw those spaces are like the uncertainty was pretty overwhelming in a home. I was blown aware or recommended to look to put ovation and a Mike came under you know I I appreciate it cuts that hits it hits home but I want to know something. Amare. I'm not going to how to say this. I hope wanna make sure that. This in your shoulder. We know what I mean. I'm not here. To make sure that I attain your favor for the next ten days. In order to. You know make the same page coach escort not we have responsibility were guaranteed ten days in these ten days we're gonna have an agreement wrong gonna go to class when a particular responsibilities. We're gonna get the best we possibly can get. And doll will play the best brand of football by doing what we're gonna set you identity. We're solidified in the ball game OK as universe is a program of what is to come by being relentless by being physical but being explosive. I'll run out on top of that and we're gonna send a message. Across entire country as to what organs football is to be going forward and only getting better and we're going to make sure. That we're also gonna send out the sooners are right ways would be continue to build upon their legacy. And now we have a little bit of fun. Along the way phone. Put me don't make no mistake about it. When talking about the program the brand of football wanna play we do wanna be that program a home. You just kind of an idea where I've been you know before and some of the staples of those programs so that's part of the DNA that I've been. Kind of reason to believe in to be that type of program. All that other programs don't wanna play it. That's physical at the line of scrimmage a tremendous amount of investment and the offense and defense alliance. A tremendous investment in being an explosive football team creating explosive plays be an exciting. Making sure their fans love to come out and supported the cause it's a brand of football they look to see in support. To help us an advantage against our opponents but to be a relentless defense that forces turnovers as disruptive. And that have a special teams unit that creates opportunities. And changes a game. On a play by play basis home they want to have the right way and that's going to be compromised. You can have great football and you can have great academics our execution is second to none in terms of academics are academic center and the people there aren't credible. I mean it's like I walked and I feel smarter right away I mean you're watching you increase your IQ by 46 points. Books and that's a tribute to them. Our home. Much I cannot though. I can't emphasize enough. The excitement on their runs with it not only myself but the locker room. And the fact that it's real you know I don't I was thinking about so many different things I want to say out here today. Now we're still the guy has an oil with a walk into a place for the piece of paper I start the kind of read a book that I've ever seen that it and I wanna warn that it. Usually takes up a couple hours. The best singer to communicate is but my heart and souls in this one and I don't know if anyone expects of all over the place as quickly as Jessica and I did but it's been incredible. So it is our duty or obligation and really our mission. To make sure that we hope to continue to elevate the student athlete experience your organ. While the danger diplomas. Wanted me tremendous impacts in the community well we play for championships on a consistent basis. And be that team that we talked about. I'm not a lot of stuff. But in August of coaches were what you get talking and it's it's heart stops so a home for two with that will put up to questions. I'll keep an hour an hour. Periods. That's the coach Mario. Crystal ball let's go to the podium. It's his son's name Rocco and he already is my favorite coach because a he's an offensive lineman he's got his son's name Rocco now go. Does belong up is pretty tangential. It's it's it's the big day for him. You know emotional. Do we need to do on his quest easy break in and do you wanna come back with questions do any of the questions we'll see what happens loose in the question let's break and well wounded with all right so we've got to take a break that is the Mario crystal ball press conference live here on 1080 the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise or consume. Driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on 1080 girlfriend. Not kicked our Mario because the ball is still speaking thinking questions almighty what you going. Hey nice drop and is solid drop that's from Miami or against Mario. But Thailand and Jimmy Key got Mario has his mom now. Look are highlighted on Monday only on. Almighty or you going. Gonna save alum I get red there and we got that will save that I'd argue that I think. That you the thing gonna take we've from the press conference and I'm on the sides it's by far the best thing is that his kids or mar your junior and Rocco. There is. Has never been a more O line you coach in the world the guy played all with the Dow going to national title teams looked at him is it just hit man. And his kids are. It's username or your junior and Rocco yeah junior rob hill you know he reminds him a big hook up a Mike break someone's thumbs are gonna be loan sharks I love it here reminds me of a football coach yes. And you you here is that it. These it is a football coach he told there is accorded their that I guess when he walked in in and talked to the players he said that a very boring I don't have any hobbies football is it he is on again like he's ease all it. Very little on he's very intense season football got. I liked about the whole thing he can ramble their but the but the one thing that that I think Dutch fans make you kind of like. Is you know he is he's he's an office of one and he is or was he was good as greatly on champ ship Miami. And you know for him to say hey listen this is how I build. A winner. A decides on the other student athlete crap that no one believes now they're not give a rip about your grades and security badly it's about winning games he started talking about can't you give extra attention to the trenches and I think that. You know for duck fans that watched this thing it's sore under Chip Kelly where that was. Really when push came to show that was the area that they didn't get them over the they kept them from getting over the hump. I think they love here and that in and think it's interesting to you know with a philosophy like that that is an act Kevin somewhat well I should take him. Every coach wants to win in the trenches. Right now like every coach and know exactly it's the best linemen out there and like I wanna crappy O line so. All insane is you know with that being like the emphasis and that being his kind of staple. That's interesting to see if it if that can be built an organ because it the kind of the conventional wisdom as. That's why organ had some six successes that they they went away from that win went to smaller guys in the trenches. And a fast offense you know the zone read in and chip brought in you know we all know what tip did so. This is kind of like it's just the opposite of that and it will be itching to see because I think a lot of people think that that they you can only build that. Where those big boys are Wisconsin. Down in the south now they're not around here in the northwest so can Mario Christa ball build that type of team. Add or again that is known for its flash and its speed and less about itself work in the trenches I think that that's interesting. Sort of sewer at the offense looks like now is that how how much different is it looked easy come it and he try to install. You know more of a book above are pros thousand be warmer downhill run game on an almost seems to depend on the court near hires as he got called plays. It was lot of questions are exactly how this is gonna look real mockery so I would I say this yeah just give it to Herbert moments ago around a little bit of mortgage or your very your next year wolf we'll see how this thing ends up globe look at my question asked. Well he wore the green time that's sparked a power attack is you got to Wear the color of the school the being hired by if you don't you'll be mocked. Because he can't you know to get what he rolled in with an orange time I can't he can't do that you can't Wear red tie either so vehement now you got to weigh green or yellow agreed to yeah. This clip goes is that he looked sharp. Yeah Alex and young guy. World news news early forties. See ya like me. 42 very young forties and thirty vibrant. Well the Nelson a judge oh he didn't name chip did you hear that he's at the lineage of coaches have said now chips that you silly now so maybe you don't wanna inane comforts either maybe only device 47. All fired you can't. And as understanding the guys fired now. To get into got a guy authority can't name the guy that's now it's in the and it accounts he had to name do you need to get yeah pretty much hit it long lineage of coaches that rich Brooks and point. He's 47 he's older than I thought yeah it's a diesel onion back if you theory your spry what 42 of once again here. Seemed like a long winded way of saying when the day. Well I'm hoping that he doesn't have slowed with his thoughts and that's that's my one didn't sound like he did you refer to put invited but it was when the day was just explained yes and I don't why I didn't. Then put the whole explanation out there and lets his win today that's not what Donald when the day and do some dean that's just. Just organ photos repaint that little thing that tunnel and just have a say or had to say organ I am I'm good I'm done with slogans at this point I'm with a white on this was is the okay is go with a organ folk on more question yeah. What's his violent and now have no idea. Because. They are Mark Richt heart attack away from losing the sketches. And to say impacts. Very dark while he's Miami and yet I think about it nobody expects mockery of the first important goes down to one knee on the sidelines goes though is that is it Jerry. Who has the Minnesota guy they kept your skill that your kid the first sign that Evans and we all panicked. My guess is as buyouts gonna deliver more than Willis laws. Number I'm dissent. You know does this guy have Jim Leavitt Kansas State that Willie Taggart Florida's neighbors who this guy have Miami. That's fun let's whatever one's panicked big dogs is gonna leave he tried inning and Kansas Nikkei is going to be happy here for allow. Mighty Inca. If he does that he goes five and seven because I think well that your and it was six down now and all the keys hop and programs is a very good job. You know that you tuck in and out clearly. I'm OK so we decided on state can't question he still they're talking this. Game. Eventually and now we'll ask all the great questions that you want last load try to bird and try again next week it'll get rock onto their run low. So I'm going to break and that coming up here Bruce Feldman I think bruised thumb went to college with Mario Cristobal that's the river at Miami of their buddies or at least those of well Feldman knows set crystal ball well we'll get the scoop from Bruce summon a fox sports coming up it is 434 here's Mike. With sports and. This is a football Friday additional primetime revise a consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep ram on ten AB straight ahead of debris Spellman a sponsor what's gonna join us in our next segment. Stylishly the United Center coming around to count well the press conference through his religion yeah back on that he's still talking and yeah. He likes to talk. I like him. If there. Props and hammered with the handsome double it is our focus of an insane hammered I like him I just think season you know what it is I think that. Some of these guys. And chip is kind of want these guys are the chip. Didn't have any use for media now but I think this guy is a little bit better across the board about just you know personally ships Medina. And I think chip had a little bit this link Scott cross the plane has this. Other coaches they're just normal kind of you know like beat the snot. Hello coach each heat yet kinda like. He he's definitely a football coach but he's not all of all gathered giant red ass it just seems like a normal duty can relate to people in hunting is not that hard like it's just. Doesn't matter what industry you're in that's kind of what you have to do as a matter of your football coach the recruit. Whether it's 1890 or kids or just. Co workers door booster you're always as up sale selling you're always going to matter what you do for a living always be closing copy as it closes is in this guy. Kind of comes across as like men it means no nonsense just. Nice guy good guy. IS is sending about Chris Wallace said about Jonathan Smith in 90% the other high. It's well see in three years has yet thought he was will figure out that lots of Allen's Hamas is no mistake that still mean. Tiger last year he was awkward in his press and it is clear I always thought that about Taggart although it now I think it's he needed everyone's like ripping Willie Taggart apart. When I was always. Be one of the about my Taggart as you heard that he used this dynamic personality in the news this great recruiter and yet every. Time we have a mall and save the good time to pack to a media day. Where we start talking about his kids and I think you saw. Maybe some of his actual personality. I never understood. How he could be so dynamic in one aspect and into Meade just so awkward in boring as hell. When he was on the podium but behind behind closed doors against the guy was. Well he can relate to recruit you know what I heard about a tag some he said that a line that he used. If you heard this. The line that he used to recruit other African American kids and was. Leaves Stanford is you know he coached under harvest effort. Was if you come to Stamford you're going to be a sixty years I. So Taggart had a way Taggart has his own way and they all they'll have different ways of being good with recruits. Because god a couple of those or could turn her last night with. And genomic and I was trying to talk to one and I'd I'd Texan in the coming did. I did you get talked hundreds of these kids and that's not it's just 32 I had an eight year old house yeah it's like it's. To different bigger a different language yet to defending. But tactic does kinda have a bit of I don't know you can kind of see this is a little smarmy know a little bit whereas. I'm not sure that this gang comes across that way other chip kind of comes across each arm. It is ever a little tired today and interact with them as far as players and then when not date they love and and that's I think ultimately there is he got the job big reason is I do you think the players. Going to bad form the excitement I think that held a lot of sway over the decision process. Priest dumb the fox sports is next on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime with Isaac and soup can driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brands on 1080 both mare for 48 on the standardized consume less than it's not this gang. You don't have actual media day. He still saw Ronald minister that don't let the whole coaching carousel started way back event. There with the losses job. Minded and look at where I don't want a zoo Bruce Feldman fox sports team member ST clowns from Portland. Week. Yeah. Can't people remember to set it and it can be done did you go to college with crystal ball. I hit it long time ago where your book your your Miami it. Then on the he has coaching Brian Dolan. Period to grounder that went back in you have and then. He leveled Greg Schiavo the Rutgers and really set up a place there up on line and relevant on the ball game and it got yep I you'd. I'm going to visit them there that was just it was the worst program I'd ever seen you know he alluded to some of that today a press conference but. You know so he's he's seen at all from bad there was enough bodies to go to Miami. And Alabama on they've been out and now. That it got a great opportunity to really get programmable audio how I'm curious to see what he does though. So are you where you guys buddies then or he just do other Amer. Are we are currently having would become law more open over the years. Just those. And that you know I mean when I was in college. Two job didn't live on campus so. You know. A bit more than we kinda connected really. That you you're you're out of school Moses I just got started my job at ESPN and Univision could start approach. And though you know it is just one of those things that I won't blow into the locker I was in New York City sort of a bunch. Knows him on the road quite a bit and whatever wherever and you know I don't see him and his family as you know when he was in Tuscaloosa and had a chance yet our our secret pot the Nebraska you manage yourself well this house. What you know on the Thursday night before the game it could resist this pick in economic news. Popped a lot the last week or so it is about this opportunity and everything that was all that. But a whirlwind that eagle point you know I think he probably was gonna stay over the weekend you know coming out of that the team banquet I know you thought you know. Where would critic or whether it and then everything went down the way it did and you know I thought the other he had a decent shot attic and I knew he would respond well and that I know of ever recruiter and guy actually chew on them. Players certainly did not see that he saw some of that come out on social media is fine. Were you surprised though that you know here's a guy that this is the department I don't know what kind of higher it's going to be we'll see you can be used on the road and I'm always adjusted though that it with a guy last year that. He wouldn't of even being considered. For this job any any go in and a year later. I mean as the O line coach front coordinator in the also and he's the head coach what changed. From a year ago when he wouldn't have even gotten an interview to the point now where he gets this job. Well I think it's one of those things where it but I'm in circles. You know I know that there's some hard feelings probably. With a lot of organs and about Willie Taggart. You know definitely elevated the program has got potential and you know got to cranked. And other Mario have been able to Jim Leavitt did some of the assistance but. You know I think so much of it is the end of the right place right time for people to get to see you watcher of bow. And you know I think Ramos had a chance to really get you know get to know Mario and see how you eat each coaches and generally people. Mean. Look at it there. A lot of you know well it's this guy isn't it comes out of these other school that I. I mean you go back battles when he top five closed nobody else and so would a lot of when he got that job it's just. Sometimes circumstance and sometimes. You know it's it. It's fit and I think in this case from Mario's obviously. You know the timing now was gonna play I mean reality is that not alert and I don't know he would just get some of these other jobs. Which are lesser jobs you know just. Cold but it didn't know what you're gonna have a correct and you haven't yet no connection to it. I don't know why he would have been a candidate over some other place where this sort of job. If he'd been there for a year. I think the people and by the program on that sense of what about also I think. The low level of continuity. He got fourteen starters apartment sophomore so. I think I think Oregon leadership knows that their building and in the right direction I think they saw. There's an opportunity to build up what what would aggregate Connolly of the operation or. And this is blue Ebbers fellow fox sports so let and defy you Hewitt 27 and 47 but that doesn't tell the whole story as you alluded to. Can you just kind of characterize. What went on there in his six years at Florida international. The actual personal and got there. What I would call it worsened take woke up this startled startup program because you kick start you have not. Well not yet not thing but he also. Academic probation so they weren't getting full scholarship you reform law scholarships to deal. So they had this is not. And you know like film library in any recruits have a look at that you know infrastructure. They had no academic supporter you know obviously they had major issues to deal with a charms sort scholarships. The Daimler but we already facility. Like an office of the trail. So. What I've heard you know I have a question somebody. Who covers another can go look what he wants leverage it frequencies are he had no idea what and if you if you think it just like okay. Compared to what downtrodden program that OK one at seven hurricanes what we frequencies. Just considering what they add to the world well. I mean you imagine the world programming at all. Yes football. And it wasn't close to even bat and so to get them the portable game it'll beat Louisville on the road but they. You know on national TV was pretty remarkable considering what they started club you know get a in a bad year I turnover at a bunch of injuries and then at about your guess which year. There have been a lot of friction between the immediate. Eighties are opportunities to change. And look what happened after you know it was just by you've. So even further you know on the long term after that so it's. You know I didn't insisting that it worked out this way we opposite end of the country. Mean what do Miami job was open two years ago Mark Richt and that getting it. I think Mario is probably the best weather in the best support democracy don't really well. But you know a lot of the best talent that that makes it out about programs make it to Patrick ultimately those are guys Mario crystal ball got. And recruited got up in the Nick Saban couldn't have recruited them somebody else that it and program by it. A lot of the best players there he was a big reason why they got them. So we we know these appease a personal guy we know we can recruits some people live is a question you know he's he's never been a play caller. Got passed over for a coordinator. You know multiple times. It is he more of a CEO type or does he bring with him. You know went and often to vacuum in in the scheme or is he more of that thank you said kind of that that leader. You know Bobby Bowden type. I think what you're looking at a guy meaningless to run game coordinator issues at hand and but I think in terms of the you know big big game management that was going to be a challenge for him when he was an eye on coach that you had. Plenty of time now associate understatement. To kind of get a better handle on every possible game situations. You know the show today I know we have a lot of confidence in more special. Indeed play caller and I think she got to focus up as strides and then I think you don't some of the other people are. Did you what made you. And not everybody I mean look I know Mike Leach's guys gonna do you have as. We have our our other aspects and that he would Wear it whatever technology news is finding out what you do really well then finding out and finding people. Do we do some of those. Other than that maybe our strengths are you don't have time to execute and and letting them do what they do best. I think that's probably what you gonna do how it manages things on oh. Do you think he's able to keep Jim Leavitt what are you hearing about if Levitt may go with haggard or what he's gonna do. I didn't going to be an uphill battle to teach them you know I mean I was done a fantastic job. Both Colorado and talent origin. You know would he go to Florida State where it was tiger sure there's going to be a lot of interest from wanted to get back. So I don't know what is important. I I am not sure that would happen or not they thought we see others and Omar I would like to keep it there. But. We'll sit level want to go back to quarters in this you're gonna stay here. You know we have heard that may be Kevin someone was he got this job and in crystal ball won them over late it is certain what. Can you characterize what's going on with Kevin some and I. He seems to me like a really stinking good coach is sitting up there and they've been a lot of openings that have filled that his name coming up. What's going on with him. Well I think after the situation any that would Texas. I think he's going to be pretty choosy you could have from alive or used yet job. And it. You know not taking it and I think there's some other jobs he's had interest and he wasn't that it. I don't think he wanted to be at Tennessee I don't think he wanted to be at Arkansas I think he's going to be pretty choosy. As far as Arizona State you know I know there was some reports that access that poses planned on Kevin almost gonna get it but more are at all. They were gonna go in this direction Herm Edwards and and you know come to acquire all of a completely off the grid. With this job. You know I think it would have been very interest would award a really good job. Now I think the question justice is in this cases there you know I think rob all of you very comfortable Mario got in on I think. You know aren't I think it could work out Kevin someone by the sort of by the same token I think that. You know just a case of who were more comfortable with at this point from that standpoint. And you know who knows maybe for the year a lot of coaches. Now take your opportunity to recharge it is easy to see what happens with Kevin somewhat I mean. Does that you're generated job. Pop place when no one's launch a long time and I have. And then of pop art commission over half a century until he got there so. You know it's I think it I think a lot about war on them just how. Things unfolded. There. You know what his next move and I'm not sure I mean I. I think jobs are open right now in college football that I could even have an interest in now that the organ wanna spill but what will say anything. You know it's you'd I guess. You never outing and he got diplomatic sculpting championship and that was occasion years I don't know exactly what you what you want to do it the next step but I think he's going to be pretty cheesy as this course. He Bruce appreciate you popping on here a love insights in ninety dubbed America's game. Are. All right. Pro Agassi hope Mark Richt keeps coaching at Miami dramatically more years as the crystal ball has success. They're gonna come come for him I guess is there's this in the begin buyout in this one. Well heard preaching better than you better be December and a alright let's get to be hot by the five Shelley young Carlos Stanton says. Is a total front runner. We have the oats honey news now merely is not going to be American. I'm sure mirrored if it's just the real over this news that will tell you where he sang and add the organ ducks have hired a new football coach. Indeed she literally just now to be and you may not even notice. Billy battalion out of two hours but to be tuned in like right now. What a great t.'s own body or you going the fact that. Go to Miami of red rat bag of the hunt batted five next on the Penn.