Primetime 12.8.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, December 8th
We've got the final SOOR number! Also, Cristobal hired to be the new HC of the Ducks, a deep dive on that. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. On football Friday. Listen to our house pushes us around 1080 the fan. Away from this moment on is how you root. Remember this is a football Friday additional prime time advertising consumer driven by crashing right times to break. As slick drive anywhere is it does expressing dot com. The bulls Friday retires again soon John Jay Nady both food and. The long run the period and then he. I'm and then muted voice good singer letting it. He's in first in order that song. What do you are right over there he adds little late so Vince Lombardi and it must not gonna jumped. Though Joe's here Joseph in which show Carl's junior of that show cannot Carl know yeah Karl's gone Joseph of Carl's junior girls news. Girls lose in. It and in the path. Asked what's this is done that over my computer and you can't down market. After arousing started are you are here for twelve hours yesterday and we are after residents are you didn't bother to show up. I was trying to figure out how to say the Joe's been dead for the better part of dedicated to podshow Karl Karl yeah I just don't live in Joe's lot right in there is right there yeah. Als he's listening to you right now talked about his dead on epic wow this is the opposite and this is wonderful. I know that's causing again yeah and he's NN coming here in just a few minutes that there was a car. Who's originally Karl yeah. And in a hot dog stand is seeded. It's a Denny's did the junior we did Karl wasn't junior. It's just that the the restaurant was kind of the junior of the original the the car and then the restaurant according to Joe's daughter Lauren yes. If we year and to believe earth as is or she even the daughter we don't know this what's going on over there we do know that they are a huge sponsors present its organ and we cannot thank them enough. And does so we'll come and give a proper thank you and we'll find out the actual final total total ya hill coming here. And that'll be just a few minutes and he's got a number and I do believe he doesn't have a big check. Now don't get the big novelty check well that's because while the radio conscious answered yeah but we don't have time to cut the big now the checked. A 99 let I won my goals in life is to get a big novelty check for something. I never dining worthy of getting the big no paycheck but if I do so you know. But one day hope that I'll do something like if you in the lottery then you get like the big novelty check and a they're gonna game show were sounds and ideas and lottery it's just the that's all let's get struck by when he times them in the lottery. All right so we're gonna get done here in just a second and a wrap of the radio Thon at the if you handle this last couple days. Who we did complete the 2017. Special in its organ radio on yet again. It was a rousing success he had with each year I'm always a little nervous because you know we have the best audience in the business in the keep raising the bar. And I'm always terrified this could be the year that we go backwards. And at each year I'm just blown away by the support and in indeed the amount and were able to raise and through no but in no credit does. It's all about the wonderful you know sponsors people like Joseph Carl's junior and and the great audience that it's just it's it's humbling. So last night when we laughed at seven. The total number raised was 206358. Dollars in their previous best was studying to shy of 175. Which was last year. So that included down 50000. From a coliseum in Essen rant. Well Jose and in your second museum tells the actual cost you number and so then we can get out our iPhone calculators. And figure out but the legs the exact total one we're assuming that we're hoping it's over yeah that's the goal is aiding and hopefully the number judge tells us is over fifty cows yes that's the goal. Soul will find that out in in just 12 and then multiple all added up animal have of a figure although there is some my money still trickling in I'm here. Well yeah I mean when their. There's still some stuff on the board I'm sure people still call make donations of fighting still. Still make a donation if you go to as cool. It is mine. Let's let's do it well any thoughts on them Mario crystal ball before we get to. Joan here now this is gonna be very sporty today I will horny guys Alex you know but the last two days we've done no sports. And so today it's got to be sports but it worked out it didn't work are probably well we got micro I think we'll talk about obviously China and then obviously the big news commend EG today is that they've got a head coach it will have the press conference the two and outsmart Kristobal as the Mexico to 4 o'clock right. As amended press comes at four and them were reaching out hopefully next week sometime we can get to migrant back on the worn. The op. Now we're also gonna have. Bruce Feldman of fox sports up at 445. He knows Mario crucible and they would school together Gemma idea well I didn't know that before today but now. So Bruce. Will tells lewd about Mario is also the crystal ball has come as a four Feldman for 45. And some. Mario crucible hawk down in images click on the blazers at 530 suddenly action packed. Lot to Gary sports and we got a joke come in and year to make big announcement yet and stuff happened elitism to we SES rams tickets to giveaway today in to a listener. Look at us and dare I say. Good day attitude in accuracy of I'm John one of the few if the dust up with some CI trance tickets and sell one I should warn you is if you want those tickets. You should listen very closely to our broadcast and he says it's just don't like hock like right now hover over above it listened very closely. The rest of the way and you could win. If she could till he thanked. I don't love it I think I'm going to be the one guy that may be proved who's this a little bit I doesn't that doesn't mean it's a bad hire. I just think organ could've done better I think it was a reactionary move. I think it was you listen to the players and that you were afraid of the recruiting class going away and I was talking to someone who. Remain nameless but who's very tied into that situation. Who said that it was very much reaction to the recruiting class thing that especially involving Phil Knight that Phil loves the recruiting stuff. Loved the class were afraid of letting it go and it was a reactionary move and I don't like reactionary moves I think organ is a top twenty job in the country. I think is sounded like Kevin some and that's what I'm hearing is that Kevin someone was gonna be the choice. And they got swayed by the interview and the recruiting aspect of it and the fact that the players wanted. A guy that was familiar and I just don't there's not there's never an interim coach the players don't want right. Don't want to go through total upheaval Malone wants to try to prove themselves to another staff so I think listening to 770 players. That they want the interim coach that's the way it is every single time and I'm not saying that he's not gonna be a good coach obviously the guy can recruit but I don't think he's an x.s and those guys and there's a reason why he never got to coordinator label even an Alabama he was given the full time coordinator here at organ. So I think he's more of a seat you'll tight. It's a maybe that in that being good if he can hire a big staff but I I do I believe that Levitt's can leave after being passed over. And so it's gonna be about to two coordinators he goes and hires. So again not trying to attitude. You know did dismiss this and say that it's a terrible hire I just think when you're a top twenty program with a much going on as as organ has. On the little surprised that you went down this road and I thought there were better candidates will you just who who dat right out of the gate but again it's it's it's not approved food because no one knows I mean the guy's been a head coach one time Hollywood he was not very successful. Buddy took over a bad program so he bees bees worked under some very good coaches obviously you know under the Saban thing he could have grown and evolved. But to meet this is all assay. If Mario crystal ball was hired as your head coach a year ago this place would be up in arms people would be right. And so he comes here and he's the run game coordinator. For one year and all the sudden. People are in love with him and I would ask the question of why if he was a good enough and he would of never being good enough for the job last year why is he good enough for now. And that to me is a reactionary thing you tried he panicked he wanted to hold this recruiting class together you didn't wanna a peeved the kids one more time. I think that is a very short minded view into me when you're making of a coach. That your gonna hire for the next four or five years an important one. You can't think about one recruiting class he can't think about trying to hold it together for six months yet take about six years out that's all insane is to me it seems a little. Shortsighted but. Again I'd want no one knows give the guy a chance we'll see what happens in three or four years and over the ends up being. Rock star right takes a breeze for Beers I signed 553. L five joke marchers here are dear friend from Carl's junior G oh. Awesome to seal. Now Joe's money well yeah frank has so there aren't you I've heard a so called it was your father correct the original. And does it similar. The most Mays raced over the hot dog cart. I just think there is no more American story gassing used to that you start a hot dog cart in you build that's what 5000. Restaurants now it's it's amazing to me. It is amazing I mean he is the American dream my news he lived at. And he was also great father and he said he had twelve children he he was always around for us when we news around and here's a special men and he took positive phenomenal with the pros in business and brutally was. Sergio. Is in here to idealist hopeless and advance that's that's the goal lead and now fully already gonna get good news say regardless of what the number gets thrown out here from the bottom of our hearts. The last two years what you've done for us what you've done for Special Olympics organ think lassie came and at 55000. Dollars either we we don't have the words or express how generous that is and how just wonderful. That's of that that support is so just you know before we weaving gifted to this year's total. Just are out salute our deepest deepest gratitude and they accuse. Well if you're welcome Earth's sore throat be part of this and a and I guess I'll give you the number it's about 57000. Mile. Aren't you class Hemmer so damned thing that is. All right so that's that's better than last year. Last year's so okay so in our total of 2063. Friday down three down. Seven ET since he's been. We had fifty for Carl's now we can add seven in what would 72017. Little change in their two. Now be careful because we are gonna rely arousing Kansas math and I'm talent yeah it's a 7200 hits sketchy when we get to do in math that this we do sports we don't do math. It's it's bad we're gonna carrier why haven't they don't 1000800. And I think we remind him we might have missed a digit there yes we're about we're over to a thirteen thousand and that's just. Show you the man though and they are you thank you very much so very much Carl are you wiser and more importantly thank you for the double western cheeseburger. Because it last season to taste buds every single time. And it just makes me happy Ozzie the chicken bacon Swiss sandwich. That's a simply delightful as well except get crispy not real because you know screw being healthy given to Chris one is it simply delightful. Well thank you guys do a phenomenal. Our job I was losing the show yesterday and they athletes who had on what sport's great stories they had to say so really maybe feel very good about what we're doing here and now it happens to reorganize. We didn't rally as we say a 144 dollars allows one half feet to compete. For entire season and you just donated fifties. Even thousand dollars so again I'm not gonna attempt to do the math because my view are you map is any better than his Kansas mapped. But I'll say that is an awful lot of athletes that are going to be helped out without. And and you don't have to do about it mean to be able to to step up and and help our community like that again just in the goodness of your guises are in the company this. Our hats off to. Absolutely critical spectrum I might Adam Adam. If that's the culture he brought to the business back many years ago is helping those in the and so I'm just kind of carrying on with the the police always appreciated dad's joke archer of Carl's junior and support Carl's junior in Oregon and southwest Washington and thank you for supporting Kharrazi your idea southwest Washington yesterday there's when I'm miles from my home and I supported. I support year round -- twelve month and a lot you guys went out there in supported us and supported on us special and exploring in my going to causing yesterday's we have to think if that continues for because you're. Joseph it's not. It is Kansas Masso. You can Communist but I I've got 336000. Over the last two years race for special target in over a hundred a 110 of that is from you guys. And caution yourself that's big thank you very much I appreciate your your time and your energy and your help with us that's joke larger Carl's junior. 200. Thirteen thousand plus unbelievable which is absolutely humbled to be a part of it's hard to imagine so OK when we get back let's get some Texan here toppled about Mario crystal ball you'll hear from Mario crystal ball hired as organs take coached. The press conference coming up in 45 minutes live right here on 1080 the fan. Do you. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise or consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on generated gross prayer and then. In jail because you're using Eugene. And he's name is Jim Leavitt. He thinks is Liz and a neighbor who led. So I did hear again some of that was close to the situation. Again it's it's all the it's rumors but it's a source that I trust and someone that is. It's fairly tight end and in he does believe that that Leavitt is going to be gone now because of the fact that he didn't really get a consideration and that he was passed over for younger assistant that I know everyone's gonna get a want Leavitt to stay but. Bound and then maybe there's still a chance they can give it to maybe they've they've make him an offer that he can't refuse may be bumpy it was pay enough and make an associate head coach but. I do think that with they hired a crystal ball. I'm one Willie staffed. Anyone they came with him from from Florida is is gonna go. But I think with sticking with crystal ball you could keep some of the staff together but I do think you are gonna lose Jim Leavitt with this one. An Aussie hearing that you do this job was Kevin someone's. Someone thought he had this job and there are people who went to bed last night including some reporters. They believe that someone was the guy and I think someone thought he was the guy. Late last night and that it was kind of still that bit of an eleventh hour sort of things that that the interview of crystal ball definitely was was grating interview process. Bet the boosters especially vote booster if you know what I mean was really enamored with their recruiting aspect of it had got a lot of Jews and bus. Often the recruiting class. And is that that kind of all the police waited and then obviously BB kits coming in I think with west seventy signatures I think that played a role so. This kind of sounds like you know it it kind of got pulled out from under Kevin summoned the last minute and they crystal ball kind of was the dark horse and end up grabbing his job. He had a feel like if that's the case that started a long time ago. In that. Everything we heard was that tiger was sort hired outside. Of the major spear of influence down there yup and then this happening year later where tag or any talent bad in Taggart. Unite Glazer a little bit and he's out the door. With a really small buy out I think that the side that didn't maybe get as much of their way the last time is Connie is now the only way to make it through there at lowering. While and while it just so happens that their hat is the rich Phil Knight had which you know you would think it's you would think that it's. You know he would just get his way. No matter what right not that it's on Wednesday's nine days I don't think he's all that. He's not he's not so hands on the he's like here's Michigan ado here's what I want here's what he you know they let guys do their jobs in their I just think that if I I feel like when Taggart was hired. It was kind of like I'll allow to some people down there I know okay this. Art world will sell like he. A lot of people opposed it but I think there were other names that other people wanted and and so now that's all coming back to really speak as you've got a situation where the same guy who hired Taggart. Is now looking for a coach and that the other folks in a while he did just this once. And then this is brings up something that Stevens brought up the of the day from the register guard he said well if you hire Kevin someone. What is to stop Kevin someone if he has a very good year next year from us stepping up to another major. SEC programmer another job that opens up somewhere else in the country we've with the what's awesome is he put in the Matt Campbell like twelve million dollar. Now learns let's learn from your mistakes out that was a huge mistake. To not put that in Willie Taggart contract. Clearly mean in in retrospect how did you not know that he was so enamored by Florida State. Right yeah like how did you not know well and so after all this it is not because you didn't think the Florida State. Job was gonna open up EB proudly it's probably safe but you never know you know the guy. Just like Jim Leavitt wants to go beat head coach at Kansas State that's in his contract and wants that so much that he put that in his contract. I just understand how they let it slide that Willie Taggart. Was. Clearly. Clearly. A Florida State fan and would go to Florida state of Florida State kept it. I came car and I wonder even if they had put a big by I didn't do it I wonder if Willy would have insisted on having the out because that is for a lot of coaches lot of coaches do you have an out for one particular school and you wonder if Taggart would have been that if the day would've been a problem with that but. I just think it's it's interesting now that's. Yes the second is second hired a road that kind of activists say there's low it can I finish much yeah what should I heard it was a leader in the thought it was. Long way of saying I think there's friction and ask in that athletic department. And I think there's been friction and that that athletic department was certain individuals since. They hired Willie Taggart. And I think that based on what you just said about Kevin someone in and everybody thought it was someone and now it's not. That. Absolutely reiterates everything that I think is going on an athletic department well that doesn't mean they got it right or wrong or someone is right Iran understand there. There are two I think there are two factions. Right now and that athletic department because it did not look at how Willie Taggart left. Only 365 days after he got. Under present agree with you by the way I am not the one's gonna send you enter the Marcus ball as bad hire. That he's gonna do a terrible job or anything like that far from an IIA. I can't stand people that try to look into the crystal ball and say well. Not the crystal ball yeah outlook GM Bobby crystal ball the Kristobal and I will say this would Herm Edwards I'm calling that right now. That's a disaster that will be any worse higher in college spoke to forty. Can I ask question and yeah go ahead why is he still money I have no idea it's it's I think today was his last day I just softening on Twitter they're rolling out like a thing to say goodbye to hammer something heat as he leaves a minute finish out his suite does not he he thought that the year hasn't missed a game Jersey was a grocers. He was not aware that jerseys now are really small and really tight act he has so far removed from the reality of cultural Paula it's. It's mind blowing to me so I will say that went. That's a guard retire. Most of the time though you just don't know crystal ball may be the that a rock star in waiting I do think he's going to be as CEO because I don't think he's a coordinator. I don't think he's a great off it's a minority is an x.s and o.s guy far from it so I don't know if he'll continue to coach steel liner not but he needs to hire a big time off it's over a coordinator I think we need to do that last year. And then if Leavitt leaves obviously you know he puts together good staff the guy to recruit is charismatic he be the face of a program he's wanted to be head coach I think he'll stick around for a long time I get why they do it. I I'm I'm not. Tried to bash that. I just think it's interesting if for the second year in a row what I think in maybe I'm wrong. I just for what I think is a top twenty job in the in the country with a ton of resources. I is good that it's interesting to me that you went with the yet those are the UN with the the interim guy and I well I think finally he's helped me a little you can do better than. They they like him well I the thing about that then I think is not entirely true love and it's an opinion so I'm not a sister country says. They believe. That he's good out it's not just about the recruiting that they they really like Mario Crist of some ideas so. They're they're betting on him he he is up output and a little. Softer because I don't know either but a little softer than you did a way to look at this would be. Crystal ball is going to be cheaper than Kevin some tips and that matters that does matter the night just as a write checks for everything now. He's going to be cheaper version account and someone. Up plus. You keep the continuity and the momentum that you Marty have in recruiting. With crystal ball and some of the staff that sounds like he's going to be retained. And he blows you away like Mario crystal ball blows a lot of people away when they sit down with them and they say did he is really. Really sharp he is a really. Really dedicate our security alerts he is. Ass I heard in the interview by the way that his interview was for the job was rock star right so this guy and they've been talking about this guy. How often do you hear about it no line coach nationally he was the Ol line coach Alabama. And you heard his name why. Because. He's awesome and in football in football circles there are so many people to think he is. Absolutely dynamic now it's risky because like you say it's a top when he job and you want a resonate with wins and end championships in this and that. And you you could have gotten that with Kevin someone in this is the and I think they're just saying they're just saying that this is you know Kenneth some of those got. But this guy is recruiting just as well if he keeps his staff the enemy keep this momentum at this current class the kids love them. And he's really damn impressive. You know there's always a guy behind a guy. Chris Peterson was the guy behind Dan Hawkins at Boise State. Maybe this is the guy that was behind this really tagged as. The thing though did did did the two aspects of it that I I can't. I just can't fully wrap my head around. He came to organ because he needed a coordinator name on him Alabama never even gave him a law. There was never consideration to make him a coordinator that to me speaks volumes easy CEO guy he's not a coordinator. And this and I do as a reason they meet him co coordinator he's not column place because I think organ knew that he needed the title begin to come here to recruit. But he wasn't going to be in charge of a call and anything. And this is an especially young guys I ate prefer. Minds oversee yeah notes at this is my personal preference. I'm not saying that you can't be as successful CEO there's lots of guys that are like this mean like I. Played under CEO when I was at BYU Lavelle Edwards and become a CEO norm chow was our head coach she ran everything. But all of say with a CEO is you are at the mercy of the staff the U higher. And that staff can leave that staff can come and go. Where is if you bring in a mind not only like Kevin summer but I think I would have rather had just Redford. When you bring in a guy chip Kelly's this way when you bring in a guy that has a system that he runs. To me there's stability there that even as coordinators come and go nick Sabin for example right except it's got to Tbilisi yell at them. But when Nick Saban hires a defense a quart eater you're still running Nick Saban defense. It's it's gonna have a different spin on it whether it's Jeremy through it or whether it's it's Kirby Smart. But you're ready Nick Saban defense. To meet when you hire an offensive coordinator to come into organ in defense according to you brought in Mario crystal ball system you're writing that coordinator. And to me that always worries me a little bit the year at the mercy. Of of who you go out and hire when your CEO doesn't mean you can't beasts just. Does mean that that did that you you can't flourish and you can't win. Atomic games just my personal preference for a program that I think. Is again a top twenty job makes me a little worried if your organ but I think next year with this schedule. Eve you don't screw this thing up you win ten games this is set out to be very very. Let's not that that that he's got you got to look for you they about it and that's where I can I get this thing about you shouldn't bend over to to seventy signatures on a piece of paper yes Kevin summit yes these. If he brought in Kevin some and not Meyer crystal ball. Look Kevin someone can recruit to go in two years you know have another group of kids that that bows to Kevin someone and not markers right leg is because a very short sighted thing. To say that. Oh I. Can be a really damn good head coach. And the whole. You know CEO verses. Football mind guy football mind I was mark health fridge right now. And and CEO guy is is IC I think Willie Taggart. I think Chris the bonds haggard or similar is that an conservatives like I gotta keep Taggart got to keep tech got it why pagan yes is the same type of guy he's a great recruiter. Easy young guy kids love him he relates really well. Yes x.s and those may be you're gonna have to make some some different kinds of hires in order to to help. In that area but there's a there's a million ways to skin a cat as we've seen a lot of coaches be successful lot of different ways. And I think to me did two things that are the most important is one. You get a great leader in this guy is a galvanizing leader sounds like an end to you get a great recruiter because you got to have the players and he's got those two checked. I see why they took the risk it took the don't like her I'd. And this is why I gotta be careful this I'm not trying to bash the higher. I'm just putting it a little differently than you decided I would yeah I was surprised won the one the one at some I thought someone was the guy out there go get some and and I would have been. Through the moon happy if I'm a duck and if they got Kevin somehow I think he's really good coach. But I don't I can't sit and bass RI I I call audit in I think fit. I think that he might be fine well and if he if he's not spending Mon is out the door to notice like Euro in the last three or four years we were just kind of sand though. Is this really Marlins guy like Marlins may have already been neutered a little its cost Bob does saying that in three or four years of this thing isn't working out I think you're looking for you're looking for do you know guys it's quite a while I actually did the other end and I think that it's quite possible that rob Mullins. After what happened with Willie Taggart was really not allowed to hire new coach possible and this is boss coach that. Big blue won in the big boy in the players and in the lobby you wonder that they want to rob sorry you Wii U we gave it to you you brought your guy he's gone we're gonna handle this and we want Chris. The two things now can you keep Leavitt doesn't sound like he can they be canned if he but what the staff. Bringing a full time OC. Brady new defensive coordinator and what key do disagree class you keep it together those are the three big components right now. And we sit back wait we do you know this the players are very very happy seven and signed the petition. And whether this group that you have coming back. This should be a ten win team. This should not be one of those oh it's a first year for crystal ball at its gonna take some time they should hit the ground running with this team and that's schedule. With the players you have coming back issue be a big year for organ next year absolutely ID bridge partners text line is. 55305. We'll get some of your text messages about this coming up next and we'll hear from my you Crist on top of the hour because well he's having a press conference. So here's Mike was sports center. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise a consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge and Jeep brand on 1080 girlfriend. Thanks for talking. About a guy named Mario about the last two ducks coach is Lillian Mario of this. Only third Latin coach in individual and hope what is is heritage urges. That'd don't know background is these Latinos nationality you know that point eight. Who's the other one. Can't remember the it was frontier of point is that coach. And I just have went this is the coach it to Virginia Tech crystal ball. There was one other one. But I was present and yet there's only three of Herm Edwards now now I'd. Teaching Jon luck whatever you think of this hire at least she didn't go with her Edwards IE still to this day cannot believe that Arizona State when that road. That's how blows my mind Mario crystal ball people are saying Cuban possibly. People Hussein that he is Cuban. 03 straight to they had about Mark Cuban oh no no I don't think he's related you penalties related to Mark Cuban. Yes so Chris crystal ball hired as permanent ducks head coach. Some indications that it was Kevin someone. Ban a little bit of an eleventh hour. Not so fast a little bit has you pilot episode sends scooter up so fast just Keating. Dot. Eighty Corso would be good hire for Oregon beach as well at least he would know the mascot. With a paper they had on there. Thank you that was a Herm Edwards joked yeah so. Larry to text your 55305 bridge brokers Exxon. We're getting here for Mario crystal ball coming up in twenty minutes they're gonna have a press conference. And again. He was up with Mike Leach. Zero consideration I believe he is the best tired fit for the ducks now I don't know I I ever saw that meaning could fit at all actually. Now that the from what I've heard the only people I know that they reached out to a no parson of Boise State was was reached out to don't know if he interviewed. I transferred. Did they kick the tires on that. I I have heard that that someone was the guy that that someone was close to be in the head coach in fact. Think two guys in viewers and may have reported this morning that that there was a real strong consideration that someone is gonna be the guy. Arsenault the Wilcox was never interviewed was never a serious contender for this I think some of that had to do with the fact of the the optics. Of you know what happened we do you with a one year coach that. Doing that to you know and a pac twelve rivaling tell. Only after one year just wasn't something they were willing to go down as Texas let's not forget months gave health which is seventeen have mining extension. When he needed he was going anywhere did play for a national championship though so. A week there is this notion that like helpers came in and just was like awful but if they use this was like the worst thing ever and that's it that's revisionist history you'll you're well within one score in the fourth quarter of the national championship game so it's. Easy on the whole health for its nine. What happened to Leavitt he's still an organized time. Why didn't say OK so and let about the way is still had org and his contract is gonna run through the bowl game at least and then. After that there's a decision I just was hearing that being passed over for another assistant coach. That it's more than likely that levity is going to leave and then go elsewhere so let that was the head coach at South Florida and was really really good I remember him there he was did I remember he was actually rumored to be. In line for the Kansas job after he was shamed because he was he was bit shamed because of the deal where he put eighty expose the choked so he has joked a player in at halftime. And that's why hasn't probably like hasn't been a coach since that is why he has not been a head coach cents a had to kind of going to rehab tour he was in the NFL for a little bit. And then. He ended up at after in San Cisco for three or four years he ended up at Colorado for a year or two and then obviously organ and I think he's sixty and he has said he wants to be a head coach again if you look at his record member. He took South Florida from being a one double A school and brought him into a division one and there was not a huge drop offs. And then Nona did you take him from from the united a one double A to. Conference USA but then into the big east and he was really good. Ricky made that transition when he went to the big east big temple boy went 669494. And five in five. Including winning what four to six bowl games he was really stinking go to South Florida bit it there was this this notion that he was just toxic because of added. Kind of mark means you nothing yet so he. Indian Christa Volvo A if you're wondering he wasn't a coach at Florida international for seven years or six years and he was 27 and 47 but. They were one and eleven his first year and he did get them to a bowl he actually and Tubal games. Is when 78 games and then apparently he had a falling out with the athletic director didn't CNN I only won three games two dozen tall. Dim fire yeah I wanted to let a five and 739768. And 53 and nine and was it was a bad it was a really really bad situation. And we'll get more on that from Bruce Feldman from what I've been reading it was one of the worst and cultural and and Bruce Feldman knows about all of that he's gonna be coming on and an hour to may not have been a fair shake for any he'll be able to and to tell you exactly deal what really went on their bent down. If you if you wanted to keep both crystal ball a little like you've if you wanted to keep the whole staff together. Why not make Leavitt to head coach and crystal ball doesn't probably doesn't go anywhere he danger OC right to get him you get to keep them bolts. Mean the Levitt higher would've made more sense that. I don't know maybe Leavitt didn't interview as well maybe they did aids being scared him off and maybe to be honest and he may be dead didn't stick behind him. Scared him off I mean there's a reason why Jim Leavitt has been a head coach somewhere is you know that maybe people didn't wanna put that. In front of their programs soaps are low dose or could've just been a crystal ball interview I heard his interview was rock star quality blew everyone away including the boosters so maybe have just been he was that good. They were set to go with someone else there is set to go with someone crystal ball comes in at the eleventh hour blows everyone away there's a reason why they made in the interim coach the first place. And just you know with the players back in some may be letter really didn't. Get much you know luck guessing about latitude as they know he wants a Kansas State job and you know bill Snyder's short timer Kansas State so they're like no way and is willing terror all over again where they terrified that he was gonna leave was he willing to give and commitment who knows loses a thousand things that could have happened but. It's it's from what I'm here in the leather was not. Level was not a real high candidate for at least he didn't come close again in the job. Hopefully there's a guy named Luigi he can hires as assistant. Somewhere. Anything get the moustache out there Mario Luigi Kimi. What you want to do that relate to the kids you know was there are also a fear that it is terrible Oreo to be the opposite corner yeah if you if you made you know if you made less that the coach is there a chance Leavitt leaves and then if you make him because this crystal ball go to Florida State. It's. Could have been so many different facets I just feel like they were tried to do their best to keep this thing is intact as possible in May be they felt that they crystal ball one that was the younger more energetic coach. Going to be there a long time and was the best chance of kind of keep dean this court nuclear listing the way because he is the recruiting Courtney. They weren't doing their best to keep it intact they were gonna hire Kevin summer and now us troop they're going to hold for drugs different direction so. I am now look I. Let's let's hear from Emmy Lou we're gonna different in fifteen minutes and LCD guy says I think that recruiting is is number one end. This guy can recruit. So there's a lot of guys in the full lawman but if you can't recruit in wind like games in this dude is one of the best recruiters in the country launcher that about him. Marcus all the best recruiters in the count as they recruiting coordinator for Alabama last time I checked Alabama the number one or number two class every year say you don't you don't get perfect guys that are great recruiters. Great leaders and great x.s and those guys like Chip Kelly very often go again doesn't. Mean Chip Kelly was the home run hire the entire of this entire coaching carousel right. So. To meet Chris of all has to those three qualities. Well if you giddiness in one I'd rather it BDXs and those easy can I get assistance. CE Arizona State see that's gonna work. It. I don't think he's quite that level of CEO and which you know I mean I mean it's just like if look at he's. If he's if he's an x.s and I was gang but he lacks in that recruiting. On if he's a great recruiter media x.s and does not you know. Not the best. I'll take Baghdad over the over the previous consumer and ask this guy that's what they say this guy is annie's pretty damn impressive Japan every freaking loves us. Now here's something that men. Bulls and we'll see how this and this all shakes out this is someone else pointed out you know Jim Moore was agree record out of that work out. Moore was never able to put together good staff and yet it's got a seed stat that's a great example actually if it's more had a good staff. That he could've kept together. Moral would have looked looked a lot better improbably still be at UCLA the whole point and one of the problems with more as I guess working underneath him is very chaotic because while he can recruit he's not a great leader when it comes to his coaches and there is always. You know problems with the coaching staff alike Gary Henderson so. I think he said this is very few candidates they come in that are really slam dunks like you feel like with Scott frost right in Nebraska. But is there any he's got at all is there anything you point out to Scott frost and say this isn't a like that I think he's gonna but most people come with some sort of war urgency and a taken years and it's well we'll see what happens now I definitely see why people are excited about the crystal ball organ and I and a name author on next for May be defensive coordinator if if that's the dilemma at least it was Willie's still bear true. Now. Bed and most people think he's gone it is 348 on the fan. This is over football Friday edition of primetime revise it didn't suit driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on 1080 girlfriend. But Jake short segment here because ever to get them prepared. For NN. Gallup Boller questions for crystal ball I'm guessing he's gonna win the press conference allow light Jonathan Smith I think he's going to be very impressive when you put him on the podium. So we played up where you live here from new decks coach Tom DR Bruce Thelma and fox sports for forty time. OK what about Tosh low point not console ploy. You may remember was that Washington is also accounts bounce around got ice now linebackers coach Alabama. But he's considered one of the top recruiters in the country. And he was he would he got hung up in in a recruiting scandal yet. And I think that might have been down at USC. A rosy a series that cal that he got. Try to win is what does a guy in California yeah the have mixed up and stuff and so he has not risen the way. You know maybe he he may be history gentry got. Kind of stunted a little bit but he's the linebackers coach Alabama worked with crystal ball while in Alabama what not that guy yet teachers in our defensive coordinator. No one night recruiter what I heard when he was was. In the in the had a departure of circles. It was was all recruiting I don't know about a coach McKay I give that we all fall in love with recruiting but at some point. You have to be able to coach. I don't know I don't know if ensor were already giving away that. We're already saying the cause of all can't coach no no nothing at all but you know if you're gonna how they're if you hire a defensive coordinator. I ate I would hope that that the first and foremost is that he's big he's a great defensive mind as opposed to god can do is recruit. I I I don't know I I have no idea of what he is his reputation is is is an Alabama is he gonna be considered for Alabama's defense recorded another through its gonna be gone Diana's ring you know it's just it's. It's it's hard to say you know for someone that that has never held that position before. I just know that when he was here in the pac twelve. No we never talked about his acumen is the defensive line coach that that's what he was used defense Mike Scioscia said hey the guy's a great recruiter so I just don't know. I would say just the captaincy if you can keep Jim Leavitt around for a couple or years you know let's let's let's pay a million that you're saving some money we crystal ball as the head coach. Since convinces lever a stick around. Read this about toss the pointy. End this is on a list of and guys who could replace Jeremy Pruitt is Alabama's defense corps and air out Jeremy Pruitt is going to Tennessee. One of the names on the list. I'd Gene Chizik. Who being great is really expensive you know what I would hired Gene Chizik changes it IC really good defense coordinator. He was and I support the get Texas when they won the national title John Cheney this is on here and he's a long time guide you LSU takes NM against money. Did you recruit Lepore is widely viewed as Alabama's top recruiter and as one of the top recruiters in the country about a late Alabama's. Top recruiter. I he is also helped with the development of players such as Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson. The lost some in the media are presenting him as a natural fit her place Pruitt as the Tyson's corner or at least some of the football world believe. The play may need some more time before being ready to be defense coordinators pursued a place like Alabama in ovals they're writing about him. We'll see the minutes were worried head of our skis little bit here my guess is in the next week or so well crystal ball round at a staff after the bowl game we'll find out who's gone for sure. A Florida State whose you know who's staying but I do think if you are gonna hire a guy that is not necessarily agreed x.s and o.s guy. It puts sure mend its importance on on what do you do it at the coordinator position and tools. Just think we've got to be careful about saying just because somebody is a good recruiter they're not a good x.s and those guys exact that seems to be leading up to be one bus the other now all of a sudden that's weird to me I think Mario Chris ball maybe a pretty get higher Woolsey. You wanna hear from. Yes I do. He is coming up next on the fan.