Primetime 1.23.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, January 23rd
NFL COACHING NEWS! Only jobs left open are Colts and Lions but we're expecting the Pats coordinators. Also In The News talks Cosby, Neil Diamond, and more. 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Right not welcome prime time where advising consumers to what is going on. Her out there and never know meant an unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think he links and everyone's life and war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate can't show. And he'd do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. Hi we did deal last all star reserves here. Present your update my. Think it was all hasn't wasn't always there no we've been released it just happened at the tweeters it's got to read here. Watching TNT so they're just released them right now again right here lie his wrote down. It was it's a possible for possible for me to do while talking. And his get a little butter someone's awful defensive about not having the great information in their day I'll bring in the news. If the newsman can't tell you are those days really newsman news and on his man west of the Rockies you're twisting this against me. Any an alert if he made it. Jill I did. A Carla these towns. I mean I think a big guy kind of goes there today in a dream on I dream on green and LaMarcus Aldridge six time for LaMarcus. Jeannie book. Not to be confused with Gerard Butler. By the way can I. Point out that that guy continues to make movies and might be the worst actor in the history of Hollywood now Eiffel Killian was he is gorgeous make no mistake about it bed. For every time that a woman gets mad that you want to stare at you know some dumb blonde that can't do anything. Just allowed to. Mr. Butler there who can't act his way out of a paper bag that is absolutely dreamy. Russell Westbrook and may not team not a whole lot of surprise there I don't. Knowing it was died in the that Westbrook was making that and I left him off. And at Klay Thompson did see this is the first time an MB history that two teams event for all stars in consecutive years. Sit out one more time for seven Emmy history that did a team has had four consecutive four all stars two consecutive years. Unloads they had four last year. They have for this year first and that's ever happened. I'm so it does say something about the quality talent there in and in Golden State why everyone else is chasing them and no one believes minus Houston maybe. That anyone can give them a game so that got snubbed. Well has balls non Chris Paul Daryl Hall got left out George Paul Jew or a that's right Paul George and then subsequent monitor yeah. And helpful or a law. Yes it certainly does like ago with the are in the do you have the east matters that still. And the Sunnis yet that's Topeka. I think it's I think it's on its way. You'll Taylor that is. When we hear about. A hot tennis right now they're still breaking it down again Isaiah Thomas on there. And is just in the going on there. He's talking about it. Now with his hot takes okay the NFL coaching carousel. I do we get all the coaches hired except for the lions and colts who we know is gonna be Patricia and mcdaniels yeah I think outside that I think everyone has their guy now. So those guys are still coaching because you know with the agency on back to the Super Bowl and you know that's. But the colts are you know are you know who their hires going to be uses you have to wait the colts are gonna hire I Josh McDaniels. And the lines in her Matt Patricia the offense and defense corners the patriots. Other titans hired Mike Vrabel and I read today Mike Vrabel that Mike Vrabel yes former linebacker tied an extraordinary Mike Vrabel. Brittle. They've while I cannot borrow aggregate and another Aaron Rodgers here have not Aaron Rodgers but the gulf situation. Jerry got. Vrabel sit with me area got a yeah that's. He is not gonna hire that Brian Gay guy from Ohio State. Yeah he wanted to hire the Ohio State offensive coordinator and I think it's his sustainment and that both of the guys Weathers got my say now this guy that he. But I guess he's going after is a Chip Kelly disciple. I think it's insisting that he is kind of looking at the whole. Item college type offenses for Mario go to. Even though you know he's a defense of my indicted some people were questioning that when they hired him like man why do you go an offensive guy. Doesn't mean you can't hire a defensive guys means that he has to be open to the idea of of you know build and dolphins around his best player built in and around his quarterback and it looks like at least from you know these the guys is going after that he is open to the idea of a more innovative style of office for. For Marcus yes held this date guys worked with chip yeah right he was with chip with the Eagles and a year that nick falls put up all those numbers a chip is was this was his quarterbacks coach. And he is also with chip in San Cisco but he moved on to Ohio State and they have promoted him to co op it's a corner and he's going to be the main play caller there so. He stand there which is inching. And a Dick Lebow's out to their defensive corner but do you think of Mario and had a great year. And put up good numbers but the titans are still nine and seven. Is Malarkey on. No I don't think so I think you guys still there I think the reason he's gone is is not even Mike Malarkey I think it's here of this key I think that's why is gone and I think people saw the regression I think people saw. In just that the vote lack of innovation and I think that's ultimately what what happened to me member. They were they are working on a contract extension for Malarkey but they want him to make Jason Malarkey said no and they're like all right well. We see this is there is difference of opinion and so way you go in their clean and house to be a whole new staff. And and they're kind of kind of star from stress I think if your your markets I think you're pretty happy about office. I think you're happy about a fresh set advise against someone that's got to a may be a different kind of you want and I think the next year is a huge year for markets in his first two years were were solid. But certainly not start level and then you saw this regression and it was a big year for him and you look around it. This is this good good team it's not like this the team that's lacking talent on paper at least he looked like pro football focus you have one of the best two or three offensive lines in football. Are you got some young guys on the outside there's still improvement you spent draft picks on him you've got an aging but still a very effective tied and you've got a couple back so we don't know if if murder is going to be back for Derrick Henry looks like he can be a bell cow back it got a pretty good defense. And you know he's still able to go out draft to bring in young guys if you Tennessee. Uranium playoffs this year and he won a playoff game there's reason to think that with a little better offensive scheme and Marcus. Not having to turn over the stayed healthy this. The reason that they did Tennessee can't be as serious contender next year old you know MB SEC and Harry's OC now because not. Like you said they're not getting day he's he's staying at a high stake now. Is going to hire no scene that's really kind of the million dollar higher. Right there but I think he did to me it shows you something that that's kind of what he's looking at him and I don't think we're getting three yards and a cloud of dust. United and you look at when windfalls was successful under chip and even you know a lot of what Doug Peterson did with them. A bit there's ways to bring. College concepts in without necessarily running the the quarterback think the new fad in the and they did and they did this Grady gets ms. So as the the RP owes you hear this all times the run pass options. It's basically kind of the read option in college but you the quarterback's never going to run the football. It's the same concept of Reading the linebacker or re defense events when you see it. It basically in the read option in the run game in college it's you read alive Becky Rita defense vendor a tackle and if he crashes. Right hand the ball off for the quarterback utilities are Leo's pays you what they're doing now is. The linebacker commits. Then you throw the quick sled if he does you hand it off so there are some more concepts that you can bring in two. The NFL without necessarily having a running quarterback. I'd say get it it takes a little ingenuity and I think markets can can thrive under Sunday my dad and I think it helps the learning curve a little bit as far as reading defenses go in and giving you simpler looks remember this guy wedge from. You know basically L. Elementary level math to all the sudden you're in the NFL and you're being asked to do advance tree and how imagery it's gonna still take awhile and I do think that some of these. Quick read college concepts will help with that development. As he still learns the NFL game because he's still very young quarterback. Well I will say. Will pause here when we come back to only get to the mark held for staying with the bears this out I read an article about. It's basically talking about same thing you've just pointed out. About why mark health rich to the bears is such a good to it's a good thing now because I think some people might be can feeling they're not huge into the political life. My health you know college coach like we already learned that. Did chip Kelly's death really didn't work in the NFL and so what what is that all about it there is definitely a lot of good reasoning behind it. And I will get to that Jason's again like. Next to on the fan. Garrity east dude has like tila. People always talking about. Talk about books yet. Money you tell people it's wells pressure all about looks and pressure. Sheen you know the people or more that's an outdoor sure noticing just me I can assure you all they are not talking about that is we're talking about were talking about. Accent and they call that there is hooks and pressure in baby it's a whole thing you guys. Gutter you so grows we're trying to be wholesome one trendy sports carried it wasn't a fishing were up. I hate fishing in his. You seem pretty anti Phishing and I hate anything. I don't daddy not true I don't hate you don't see hated needing Crockett end and the non hater we all hate things now I don't need fishing is to settle prefer it. You'd hate it and don't. OK so I hear your east all stars Christina garden forcing guests don't need it and I didn't expect that never eat there I go to the olive garden and now. The site has a hated you natives is way better you do refused to go to the augur the doesn't mean I hate it. You're gonna try to pin down here and subtle work I ain't nothing that's some analysis that is such alive. So Guerrier east reserves east Austin reserves about it just tuning in Damian Miller did make it. On the west team so coursing yes all the depot. Bradley deal Al Horford Kevin Love. How Larry and John Wall had not made them. Yeah well let's have a nice year for them ends he can't give and of course succumbing gets lost in the whole. Everybody hates him and known wants them he's taken the blame yeah he's such yet. I don't know what's going on there it's that was a disaster trade but he is such a he's such a whipping boy for them that I could get it seems like this happens every year really start blaming him what will. What is he done this I mean he's had nice player. Honestly in las or something inside the locker room we don't know. What how could you blame Kevin Love for what's gone are wrong with the Kansas by the way isn't much. It's gone wrong with them their real good he had to go to the finals there just not good enough to beat Golden State essayist and as I mean it's alien in it their all it's it's like every year there pointing fingers loved to eat nowadays he's he's the problem is though it'll be easier Rafe. I guess now with what's happened in two as the bronze ready to murder him because both he and Isiah Thomas can't play defense is so. I think it's a frustration being a big this is my team and I got two guys that are pretty good but. Statistically like I get out as one of the though the worst offenders at his position. In the NBA and Isiah Thomas too does it Thomas is the worst starter. It did as far as defense efficiency in the NBA I can see that he's the worst yeah and these are two got the Euro bloc but you're reliant upon. It's why you give up a 140 points that I guess Kevin Love wasn't playing that game so. It's just LeBron being pissed off and so you you're gonna LeBron bring him in now. Yeah this was any part of yes the whole thing to get him yes I did this hosing down and I was just you know Tyree wanted out the entire to deal with the bronze and I love yes when when he came to Cleveland part of that was your gonna trade. The it was the number one or number two pick where was it was wigand's. I think it was number one overall and you went out and got Kevin Love this is what you want it paid employment like they did win an NBA title mean. Rush. But again it's his fault it's so I'm. Quick note on health which you know I read this article in the athletic. Which is you hot sports website yet to pay web sites that let three bucks a month. I don't know that it is but you know who sign up for it to India. Brandon spray I think I don't think he signed up for I think is the campaign for a knotted one of the gals they have on a lot of writes there and I think they and he does like. Group sort of subscription thing like I was able to log in via brand spray texts that they think we're in spring was reading this article as me if you're full prize. It's like there's only seven people abuse Netflix they should share the passwords if they put a stop today in now. I don't have one I've I've had Netflix like ten years and I've never paid a dime I still have a Madonna Spotify but every once op. There a couple of channels on pandora that I like out in I still have many friends and again. My sister's Netflix app on how would they be able to tell. How many people didn't have their own account won't even be able and that I think is the limit to how many you can be wise and at once because like four or five separate. You make my blog yet. Well that convey and they can track the onions aren't like if they see 500 people logging in from one yeah they would they would nightly news with the that I do think there's a limit to how you can put on a but I. I just I I laugh and how to view I know that Netflix and yet it's not their own Netflix could stop their indefinite with a demo on the pay for one why do the job I have a Netflix account I had no friends Netflix yes Sima we pay for one do you have Amazon prime. Yeah I'd I had that too and I've gotten multiple people that use Amazon prime. And like their credit card information like their addresses on their images login in order stuff and it shipped to their house and I I've got a ton of people there like digging all major problem like here have added user and imports are up. And now. I know that. Well has me given the count up yet to them from hits his little Brothers had a nap because I see their little. Crap on the big is this is like because so and so watch this they have their Romo profiles number of years my daughter and her friend named Julia good Leah whatever the hell her last name was and I use Julie although her name is Julie Leah now always recalled an hour. It was due that with the Heller last anyone listening but it would always disturbs me because it would show you what they had watched it and let's be honest you want some some if you need to Leah did you go it was Watson some. Every adult themed. Two thirteen boards year old girl because like you. So that is an agency being their Juliet. So on the athletic they wrote. Somebody wrote a piece about why mark health which is good fit for the bears to your point about. Vrabel bring an end like the college concept idea to. You people think its oil and water with the NFL but I have to be it doesn't end this this is why the bears brought in coverage so their new coach is that Nagy Guyton who came from the chiefs. And basically the point is mark health rich. Is. The master of shotgun and did she strand 73% of their place in the shotgun and win Nagy started calling plays that actually went up. They run more shock and then anybody Nate he loves to shock and walk. I health rituals all shotgun and Oregon with Mario and he was 100% shock and in in this you know after Kelly a mart's health rich. His stamp on the Chip Kelly stuff was more pass oriented in mean you know this but just from this article they're talking about how. As a as a head coach at Oregon health which is offense is actually a lot more RP knows more play action. And they actually went more pistol and more power runs then what Chip Kelly did so. The key being the formations you know for their runs and their passes all are identical. Right so and then you have a quarterback like Mariano who's in my show at fooling the defense and in reading the defense and just really. Just like you couldn't ask for better quarterback and a system led and that's why they ended up in the national chambers. Philip what they're trying to do with health for its introduce key is why Doug Peterson did with Carson went right in if you watch what Philadelphia does. There is a lot of college concepts in there they play a lot of shotgun stuff they spread you out a little bit and they try to simplify the looks threat for Carson west well that and edited and then as he grows develops that yes you learn to take more shots downfield but it's a lot of window dressing NH you basing what you're doing is you try to eliminate a lot of the clutter and a young quarterback's mind. And keep things fairly simple and that allowed the user's legs when he needs to be but it's not necessarily part of your profits in the. That's why health which is good with the bears because Robiskie ran much of the same stuff as my Toyota did in college so he knows that well also what they're doing as. They're utilizing. Tribute skis skill sets. Being his brain and I get too risky is really Smart he's he's a good decision maker much like markets Mario and a so they wanna. You know getting in there in getting in situations where he can make quick decisions anything get rid of the ball and who better to help them the help him do that than the guy who coached. A Mario it to the national title game because they're very similar in pocket awareness the very similar in. Avoiding pressure they're very they're both mobile obviously Mario more mobile but. They both have that element they're both ways of both a flake. They both keep their eyes downfield really well they've enabled have a body control on their runs and they say that Robiskie in a lot of ways does mirror. Some of the attributes of Marianna. And the last bit of why health which is a good fit. With the bears in in uniting your seat it Nate he's gonna become plays. How averages more gonna be working with two disk too risky jordin Howard they're running back is most effective when rush scene out of the shotgun. And health which is all shotgun in college so you can see the synergy there you can see the fit even though it's college stuff it works like you say the Eagles did it. And you know pat Shermer who just got the job with the giants. He was doing some Chip Kelly stuff is he as a Chip Kelly in Philly he was doing some Chip Kelly stuff with Minnesota this year with case keynote. And it's its in its over now some points at the Doug Peterson Andy Reid gamble for him to nag people came to that deadly Kansas City you know group there nag you took over for Doug Peterson when he left and and and went took the job in Philadelphia but. A bit I do think there's a lot of of people now that are realizing that that the Mike Martz way of thinking. Of I've got all these these great ideas and you're going to you're gonna buy into it whether you can handle it or not. Mike Martz is they did knock against him is that he was too damn Smart for the rivers don't go. He had this this ridiculous playbook with drug did Jillian thinks that you're that he was pissed off when known can handle it. Like bull will sorry you're gonna have to dumbed down for people that there are a lot of Smart guys the NFL the realize now that. It doesn't do any good to beat your head against the wall saying my quarterback can't do XY ZI quarterbacks dodger Brees is not Tom Brady it's not Aaron Rodgers so why am I going to treat them. Like there are those were three guys. As opposed to. Actually bill did an offense around them that makes cents. And then you get what you're trying to hope is over a couple years you can continue to grow and develop and put more meat on that don't. They did a good job with this is Seattle. And I still think there's some room to go with with the Russell Wilson I think his fourth and slam plain lack of run game is stopped and him a little bit but I think they did a great job with this I think Pittsburg did a great job this with Ben Roethlisberger. Of allowing those guys to be more college oriented and then after you know 345 years in the league you really started to see them open up in Philadelphia is doing a great job with with Carson went Psycho man next in the news Bill Cosby just living his gamma. And oh my day we have bad Neil Diamond news coming up next here's Mike. Prime time with highs against duke on 1080 affair. Ice for 37 times four in a news January 23 2018. You're noted newsman here. The most decorated nine reporter reporter with the side of the Rocky Mountains it's quite an accomplishment. Here we go. Now this person is correct one Vertex is coming out and said you do not FB IT's bad meal dining news he's right. My sincerest apologies. That was a horrible tees because now you've probably thinking. He guy he's not dead. He's definitely nights and bad news but he's not dead. Daughter that's our man Neil Diamond. Friend of the broadcast. Neil Diamond. Has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease cancer I think he's. He's done to Marino though is he on his he's gonna retire yet is he finished up the when he is on now. They seized off the road right now he's out yet he's on his fiftieth anniversary tour out. But he's in a college quits any says it is with great reluctance and disappointment that I've announced my retirement from concert touring. I'd been so honored to bring my shows to public for the past fifty years. I'll say this evening using yelling concert right I am. I I never got to seek good Neil Diamond he's great. But bad Neil Diamond. Is better is still quite wonderful I kinda. Think he's I kind of embrace back and Neil Diamond. There is it was there there is the the simplicity to it there's a beauty behind it but that is is one of the best. Times I've ever had at a show even though. And one that Neil had his best. Yet many it's still meal. And he is wearing sequence that's all I cared outs in an assignment and it and it's dead dead have been we colleague Rick and most noted guard in the notice sent a son it's called the motive and I don't like it. Yeah I was funny might do two things I remember from that show very. Very good show but yes not peak Neil Diamond. One is when he walked into the show like you lot of concerts. Any yours you get looped there's like a buzz you know yeah biscuits drawn into the deal just plain loud music Wayne you know he weighed. There. Pretty much every one was either reading your approach change the for the show. The calm before the storm all the old. And I'm here to say that sometime throughout my high school career I'm not exactly sure when it was. My mother that little blue. Went to a Neil Diamond show and left without her brassiere and yet say that. And unless the other thing I remember is that the olds they'll get up close like if you look at the first. Ten rows of the Neil Diamond show up it's all blue hairs and they are party in up there yeah. And Neil will come down on a couple of the songs and he will you know who. The turn on their hard sided you know and any. And that they will throw their. There undergarments on stage invincible even at whatever however old he is setting time you know boom was probably their their fifties it did at that point but the the brassiere came off and it and the balance aged it Neil Diamond he's seventy cent each or semi senate on Wednesday. Die and they have parkinson's obviously you know you're you're 77 he got parkinson's and you know what Neal has earned. The long nice respite here. Now he has is he's always out there yeah he's out there every year very many yankees so is her favorite Neil Diamond Jim. Forever blue jeans yeah like Valentin. Partial song sung blue pin was Stan love that. Dunes and a typical great tune. He'll be a woman suit of course America he got that done you know then you know they got the standard you know it's he's he's known for rated sweet Caroline. My dad on number overplayed his overplayed but you don't need a matter where you're out of that song comes on. And Johnson we're on the beach in in Mexico for New Year's they reduce the fireworks and all that. And right after the fireworks had died down there was a resort kind of behind us and they started cranking out sweet Caroline and everyone like up and down the beach. It's just like echoed. Is everyone even parties that weren't affiliated with that party everywhere and turned down their music and everyone was against me Carolina and its its steel. I like I am I said a lot. What is the over over this two types of people in this room those who like you Neil Diamond and those who don't end the two will never meet and can't. Just can't deal with them it doesn't appreciate you. Also few you know that red red lines on how many people know you kids I don't know if you forward the end Neil was the original gas. It's also one of his great upgrade hits it. Look bill buying Neil diamond's. Two disc greatest hits in just it's the best thing and be prepared to be happier right now to pleasure boat jingles Kentucky blue men. To efficacy everything along with you know bring me flowers like in partnership bezel as a pretty good. But in Barbara's voice no idea is that is partial to a cracker and Rosie miss sells it. It's on down fellow serenade is really get to. But I Neil Diamond rest in peace. Well now he's. Not that that's. Not just parkinson's it just get very bad news it being an afterlife they can and next. Bill Cosby is back and now you would think that it would be like in Orange jumpsuit or something. No shackles. Now he's funny bone is that the ha ha room he's doing sets. Just living his dam mine we'll tell you what happened with him next. 442 on the fan. XX prime time where Isaac can suit and tennis though there. All right so now in the news January 23 2018. Dad your timing is yes parkinson's. Also some undermining especially comfortable reminding us that ten year old wrote I'm a believer for the monkey yeah AKA the Jewish Elvis as they elect a column. Bill Cosby is back. Now I don't know about you I thought he was. Under lock and key now leaves somebody who's going to trial but I don't ever remember how that ended up there was one gal that actually. He did that the the statue of limitations had run out until he was facing a trial but I. I don't ever remember what happens and I'm assuming it's just not the weirdest story of all he's got up. Everyone knows it got raped like a hundred women for a couple decades again he's still running around it's just so weird that. While one his complete and shatter it up. Sort of I'm will be to work. Thank you just totally disregards thank you laughs it is no moral compass there there's no guilt there's no shame and he just keeps going on in my life is that in public life that he was he was seen in public last night just bizarre so this guy. Those doing the same thing. Yen on a shoe. But Cosby. He goes out to this club in Philadelphia. And I guess they were on marina and musician who's retiring them. He goes out there and 'cause he's in the audience to 'cause he discounted this impromptu. Set because of their plays. Jim 'cause he played drums I did not know that because we could look. He can and he did and he did the ankle few jokes and everybody was like there's video of it everything laughing clapping and it's just in it's so damn bizarre it's it's sickening to today there's a kid that comes up there kids probably 1213. And Cosby does. Do you know who land. And the kid does you used to be comedians. An area laughed as for anything in bills like you know Leon and yeah before he raped all those people. It's like what that what bizarre world RV in them. That this dude is not behind bars I think a lot of people don't get it were. In love with a Bill Cosby. They loved him that the as a as a character and as a person so they're still only led the Jews to they're still they're still defending a lot people still defended OJ Simpson. Mike here's the point I just the power of celebrity cop it's there's nothing that they can't conquer there just isn't. There's always going to be a group of people that say I love what he did over here and so it doesn't matter what he did in his in his his personal life and nothing's been proven so they're from and I put my head in the sand or buried straight up my keys here and I didn't approve it because it's been proven multiple times these rapists you'd be amazed at how many people can. Can lie to themselves because they including Bill Cosby and invoke God's speed and his wife and it's just it's. You would like to believe that there's some some social awareness there where Bill Cosby who is like OK at least I'm not prison just right. Do Siegel let me just go away and dole wants to deal with me and I'll just go right. No eagle on these suns again success. The legal idiots. It's a total lack of awareness because for. Eighty years he is that whatever years wanted. And has never had any consequences so hey in his mind he's like great you know you've never proved any against yet never served their prison you go. Says he never gonna search. He is he out of the lets all look up and see because I didn't I knew we had the one drought and I don't know what happened with the Miami. I'll do a Google maybe get back yard that announced Michael Jackson be moving him Michael Jackson teams they've sort of thing right yet except it. Yes it is the same sort of tax problem Toby yeah. I did lawyers the courts I do think there's the difference being co V. And granted he didn't pay up and accuser and then you know people were mad at him for six months than like a Kobe is great guy again. 'cause me it's like eighty women the end at this point you I get the you can you can it's he says she said they went with Kobe Bryant. You get the Michael Jackson's death for some people just think he's creepy but there's never you know he never he never was conveyed DeVon was convicted although luck I know which side I. I've come down on there. Would poke 'cause feet. This this is the there's no doubt. OJ thing if you don't believe bill 'cause he raped all those limited you don't believe the ridiculous you people. It's because again you have your head up there you know what and you just love those guys and you refuse to believe. That your hero or some of the you admire could do those sorts of things because there's no doubt anymore. KM. Couple other and notes from the news did you see the lions did attack the course of circus now it said video now now it's his arm and now they're getting good ending the course lives. And of course is kind of bad ass actually. So I don't know where this is I think it's. Not it's not here. Tenacious somewhere. That makes them but they've got this horse in there eases galloping pony with his big long light Maine he's a white. And I think goes a bit of luck to tigers are in there they're doing ads they're doing a bit you know circus. In the freaking tigers. Start attacking the horse in the bush but it big I mean the horse is running around with the tigers hanging off that's. There's video of it is designed kids like classic inner is there a lot of tears I know putting everybody in the crowd's going crazy Weldon did the guys in this on the other guys in there this. When he briefly columns guests are. That a lot I don't know remastered re masters he had during their rounds or whatever and they're like slapping their. But the reason they have they're they're they're hitting the with thinking whips tiger Seattle to its. And the tigers they finally get the tigers off the horse and the horse just freaking out his goes in the corner and mean he's bleeding and but he lived of course it is it is bizarre man. You gotta get that horseback in the ring for the next performance they should get upset about tough night by the way I looked it up his is trial was last year and it was a mistrial. And so it is going to he's going to be retried for. So the judge they they could come of the verdict it was on juries and the judge declared a mistrial but he is going to be retried and we're gonna go after began and so he's freeing clearing is gonna do every line is free and clear right now but he is going to be tried again for the just don't want just the one. Because most of those happened in this statute of limitations has run out. A by the way BS circuits in this terrible by the way he's beaten back gang all right Z looks as he does raise a one for the grave the circus says that. The horse is fine and it's perfectly normal for these incidents to occur during rehearsals. Heads its I and the little mixed like cutting associating asked about the way the trial will start in April 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault. The stems from may 2004. Claimed that he drugged him less than a woman at his suburban Philadelphia. Man it's a this is the only one that that hasn't. Like the statute of limitations has run out at least is the one the third they're able to prosecute and so the prosecutors have asked the judge presided do allowed them to Kolb nineteen additional women. Who say the crowds that are that Bill Cosby drugs to molest them hoping it goes straight to the jury. A pattern of behaviors even though these women aren't going to head with a broad claims that they they're put all their eggs in this basket they're they're trying to get him on this that if he did. Chances are he would probably serve out the remainder of his years. You know behind bars. Well begin drug anybody Barnes and honestly. I've got to go ahead and assume that this is probably the the end of bill PD Smart enough to. Think your email on that little hobby well and I think it is like it is kind of people to have magnetic I think at this point I don't know of anyone's calling for that fact I was out I was out last night images like this little company function thing. And there was some of the goes take it I'm going to the bad that you watch my drink I don't wanna get Cosby. Oh there's people that are actually using that now as as the term spending bill had a big big gig is up. They I think people there aware. Again. Can no longer drug them. But you know other other Listerine case he's like eighty something to do so. I think it is just got to sanity kids it is days are behind. I'm OK that is in the news can afford January 23 place ism do real quick here now I'm going to anyway this weekend and I'm not gonna get a soapbox I promise but I do you think it's extremely disturbing that we had a school shooting today. And it didn't even make a blip on the national radar. Thanks. Seventeen hurt too dead there's one yesterday Tim and no one was Kentucky yesterday Kentucky was today California yesterday or something yapping can touch that one in Kentucky today was seventeen her two dead. And it literally made a hard the ripple because it's just become so commonplace. And when it's just two kids dead air went instantly as they can whatever or teased it yeah so that's as common as Gary assist my. My my my final thought on the icon exits the hot fight inside the all star reserves announced did Damian Miller make it. The hot stove is quite cold although we do have some news. And I back up quarterback news hopeful you'll love this that you like myself a good backup quarterback that's coming up next on the fan.