Primetime 1.22.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, January 22nd
A quick CFB refresher, Stockwatch, and IN THE NEWS discusses Amazon stores and more!

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Here you'll find out if your vehicle thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. And concern. The. Fires just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat or grabbing the links and everyone's life and war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a candidate courage. And let me do my job the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on ten AB yeah. All right so running a little behind on a Monday. It's already 408. So high. Well we talked about the patriots in the jags a lot. So we'll get to the NFC game coming up next hour. I hear in just a moment I've got a little college football palace cleanser for you. We have some new NFL coaches who needs discuss. Our stock watch will be here about ten minutes and then in the news. Big Pearl Jam news yeah I'm excited about this one I thought about you and a solid and not guarantees don't of that but that's for damn sure we had together yes. Why don't we were together. A terrible there. I sat with your wife you're only did you remember. Now yet you set with he said away from your right I was in name sweet yes and nurse nice was down to is you get tickets together than some are you ended up like in his suite. And your lovely wife was down there with us now heard Tim Taylor's wife passed out all right at that she Pete. Look you can add to its gross stranded. Oh you're China's. Not say that to soften that blow a little bit oh she if you had to call in the Hazmat team it was a whole thing I forgot my life is down there now I'm a hilarious I did so let's throw their show I watch with your wife not you. Well they blame that'll be in the news we have the Amazon goes store. News in some 23430. But that spreads I saw OK Brittany Murphy on Twitter and on the tweets. He had the he had this there are they've already put out spreads on the first. Week of culture of ball games. A colleague James both the far too early and into week one spreads would you bet on Oregon State at Ohio State. Because the other plane there yeah I know I'd I would need to know. What are we talking about your Duggan 253031. What had ban on the you say when I've been on the bees. Yeah taken 31 points wouldn't touch that. I wouldn't Mike that's really scary. The other big dogs Oregon State with a whole new offense whole new defense this whole new crop the dudes and your role and in game one at tissue meg going to be yet. Otherwise stayed as you're gonna bear right so there mean. I'm sure they haven't recruited a great quarterback in the last year sound non not touch and that I I was it would dead devil if I didn't I would bet Ohio State. Final score 65 to ten hideous. He does Alaska clears yes but I'd I have eyes I get that it's a it's a new regime let's yeah I know. 31 seeding gets low values on the but so there's no value their whatsoever that's one of those in my a but in my amateur gaming opinion don't touch that any member of soccer back as they Oregon State LSU's spread. Strawberry shortcake here. That had to be fairly significant and organization Adam tells him but then you remember the Louisville game in the Penn State game and lot of the other ones that it didn't really let that LSU game but that one LSU game yes. Were all we had to have was strawberry shortcake make some extra points and and they beat LSU at LSU and then Auburn's playing Washington. The first week big games in Atlanta. And the spent on that is Auburn favored by floor. Interest over the Huskies. Thought I would be inclined to lay of the the points on that and take Auburn as well. I that's icy pretty good that you dubs only given up for a that's not that surprised me a little bit. That they're getting that much respect but you double loses some stuff obviously you know V debate on defense but. I just think Chris Peterson has got to kind of roll it up there. Did you dubs gonna be really really competitive. And I can't that's the place to ask them to have to go down and play also seeing out here from my AM. Reporting sources out in the field and he's you know ahead team out there and do what's why you're the best non newsman in the business Nike campus fire. Xena now. When this happened. Maltego. To say this morning and I was roaming the news Webb's. I don't know how big is so don't freak out it is somebody far to be a photo and it's from 355 today there's and smoker yes. It doesn't look I mean the corals lose someone like I he flames still left their muffin and the maker of too long and is Ifill caught on fire damage fill. Can't do any rank your act together again. Well anyway. Yeah we'll keep guilty because dad and should news the real news is all of that. Should kind of excited that we've got some nice pac twelve games to kick off the year. Not to the earth they came will be super should stay. But you tune in for. And then not I think the U dub Auburn game I think that's great. Buddy mind that's gonna go down to that I may. That may be one that. It says that as Jordan here is initial site Lannan. You down a bit in the big stadium the cellular gears going right for boxer yeah like the pretzels or bunker to. Sell its crappy bit. You know wanna go I would I would much. Rather negotiate if it was at all. Yet it is for the college isn't the pageantry and a good sodium but I get but in my eyes because guy in Indian he get tickets and I I I just think I if I'm gonna travel all that way offense but I don't wanna see you don't play at the end Mercedes been stadium. I'd rather go see them play at Jordan here I'd rather see that game Albert. I can the next it's our primetime stock watchful buying and selling from the weekend in sports on the sand. Or size all 100. IB EO RC me today. I here's my sources are telling me in the field about the fire. He blazing inferno and I keep. My sources by the lake Cain tee dot com. Exclusive digits to you yesterday where else the most go to that website I've done it first. Until Lawson valley fire rescue crews are on the scene and a two alarm commercial fire near the Nike campus and Deaver it's okay. So there's a warehouse on fire adjacent to the Nike campus. I'm seeing clearly it's time to panic and take to the streets fire first reported 330. Near a 150 in walker. And it appears to be storage building near the ninety facilities while that's no fun now. I feel bad draw that furniture going up in flames over there though are widows you have been in storage I just got a stir Gina did you we should talk about storage unit for what it. Well I can't going to that some remain at this furniture again. Answer we'll have enough stuff to put in stores we don't know much around the space as such sentiment on now. The C is the secondary sex dungeon horror. It's the toy room for the cents. Yes regular get on my stuff before I go and senate to dungeon that's where you go fifty shades of gray stored over there. Looks like you wanna rollout you don't want to get -- zero in new attraction ads you don't wanna get rid of the old stuff right I'm guessing this extension doesn't sell well on the open market like once it's used. Kind of feel like that's years. Let's get to Mike here we we need to -- on here on the what does this stock while we're watching stocks. Bahrain and we're selling I Selma. Panic. This guy. Has to go right to hold all of the time. He does it with players because it with the media can go there with your fellow coaches. People want to be around Doug Peterson. And he has been to concentrate. Billion Tyre C to. ESPN's Sao Paulo Antonio on Doug Peterson in the Eagles so Petersen great head coach a lot of their top players are signed through 2020. Buy or sell Eagles will be a top two seeds for the next few years at least in the NS. Yeah on the Eagles aren't going anywhere. As far as Carson whence comes back from the ACL chair and and we've seen this is my case yelled to Ayers or career Enders anymore. On an odd people think he'll be back next year in and be fine but you look at Ed Ed thank you said death squad won it's fairly young couple the other guys the dimension that are key veterans. Are are signed long term. Eatery privacy have to come up with something now that at left tackle but that can be addressed in the draft. It did there's no reason in the gear once fairly cheap and and JH IA. And there's not a ton of guys on there that are huge. Are huge sorry guys are not only. Can Philadelphia begin with these guys and are con tribe they should be able to manage this going forward if they're Smart in the front office. Philadelphia is in a I think a nice long window here. As long as person one stays healthy and Indian businesses and a fluke is a good roster needs Carson Wentz. We'll be talking about well I think if they encouraged about him deaf person Wentz is the much to considerable. My brother there in the Super Bowl without them. Next fall's bitch yeah but remember they only had two games I think without him at the end the speaker big DNA but me. It's a not by that as well I you know the league in this league. We say this and then. There's there's a lot of them are trying to say. Is just a lot of parity and you never you never know but. They look awful I mean with when you're receivable due back at quarterback how many teams can do that now Betty yeah. Theorized that tells you a lot right there. So yeah I think they'll I think they'll be a top TC for the next few years yet for sure because Carson Wentz is legit again and most of the guys in the defense units knowledge you have a bunch I'm looking through their their starting. Eleven they've got. Two guys that have been in the league more than six years and this is a young mid twenty's new Q is here. And you know Philadelphia. You know whether it's this year or or not. Philadelphia's got a real good chance of furthering our finger here in the next carefully let me think about this say he's just well down a quarterbacks doesn't think Carson Wentz is good enough showing that he's good enough he'll get one absolutely at least. With guys did because there's a good roster built around him as well. They're all hearts won't do. To get it get away from when Super Bowl. That's that's going to be our small. The way it happens I mean. They've played really well we did. And torture. There's like there's cholera case came out to begin buyer sells someone other pinkie is Campbell to the starting quarterback this team next season. Josh I'm gonna sell that I think they go with case keep them I know that that didn't go while that. I'd I'd I'd I'd they'd be flat but I didn't see that Cummins a superstar to begin the first six minutes with Paul Minnesota and then play the wheels came off. But I don't think it's gonna be Sam Bradford. Their dad only preferences on the vikings still on the vikings he was a backup never there was some talk that maybe they can go to him if he got ugly so bridge honor was inactive the whole time. I think couldn't have brought him back. No bridge broader was was active but I don't think I don't think he was part of the did. He could've played I did not know when that game it was case keep him and it was Sam Bradford of Bradford is a free agent and Keenan's region range yes in their thinking about maybe franchising camp that's the that's the top just to kind of see what you got on on a year you know which guy. Well but yet one year event kind of like what they did with with Kirk cousins I don't know if they wanna give my long term contract or they just lost their offense according to share emerges to the giants job yeah I I think that. I I think the case can and will be back TM low let's see someone other than yeah I'm gonna buy this among other ominous military Bridgewater. If you did you do declared Ebert to Oregon and yeah like Teddy Bridgewater. He's. Well I mean the way it ended with 18 am it's like it is. Gives you some doubt in a heap he was horrible night game. And so I think a bridge daughter's been their starter all along and know he got hurt but he was good before it went down so I think they'll go back with any B. That's my prediction and. So you've got to be seeing that play clock winds down I mean you know from a player perspective I know you're watching it because the staff has to be seen that thing get down as well I'm just pushing because I'm watching it ticked down. I'm thinking call timeout call to produce something. To at least. Help yourself. And again not one plays and a final winner lost that went to me was was that was the tip of the iceberg tell you it began to roll the other side as soon as that happened that's just Saturday ESPN on the delay game penalty at the beginning are being the beginning of the end. So if you had to point to one thing. By herself. The jags penalties at the end of the first half the delay of game in a holding call on their offensive drive the push to mount a field goal range. And the unnecessary unnecessary roughness in the PI on defense have. Allow the patriots get into scoring range were the reason may have lost it. It's a lot it is based leasing and the penalties are the reason they lost the penalties and those two drives. It was that those two drives right there where the reason the Jack did did not win again. Look if you if you wanna go to the end the end of the half. A lot of windows for new wing yeah those days the out I guess I'll buy into that that the year not getting points. Given the ball back and having to win than go down and score. All mostly because of penalties yes that did opened that did open a window because you mean there's there's so many of these that you can go to use on I'm Dennis I'm gonna sell the fact that that's. The reason because there's there's ten reasons 1520. But I don't think that we can can circle that enough. For what a huge momentum shift that was where look like Jacksonville should be able to attack at least three more on then self inflicted right image is dumb. Stupid penalties and then they you know they got the one on cook's which you can agree with or not I mean it was it was one of those 5050 calls. BI that was a huge. Huge momentum swing going into the half and I also thought the Jacksonville. Knows a minute left and you get all three timeouts he chose to kneel on the ball at him like that decision either I think that's the other one is Jacksonville's third to pucker right there. And tried to played hold on to the media as opposed to trying to continue to do what they had a the started I see why they did that but you know if you just look at the next game that's why you don't. Go for. Anything there you got the lead do you remember what happened in the vikings Eagles game the vikings yeah what did you went down there to try to get the three and one and a habit. It's still I I just you've been aggressive. I just I thought from that moment on I thought they took their foot off the gas and we're never. And I just didn't feel nearly as aggressive to me going forward I cannot ever. Biased stock that says penalties. Are the reason someone mosque insist. Oversimplification there's too much. You know too much any game that is a billion reasons why they lost. So I have done my kind of silly stock and so. Game goes on once they figure out what you're sauce but isn't what you're sore spot is. They won't keep attacking you and they won't sit there a while we have all these plays that we want to run because we wanna look Smart we were looking a bit though they'll keep one in the same thing and on defense they'll go. We're not gonna go away from trying to take away your best players is because we're having some success. We're gonna continue to make him feel like he can't do anything against us. And bull ride with the other people trying to beat us and they won't deviate that's the mental toughness of the coaching staff that didn't transfers and flight. The more personal one but that's ESPN's Louis Rick on the pass continuing their greatness at halftime adjustments but. By herself. You never once in the game yesterday about the patriots of this are now there's a couple of times I thought I knew it was going down. I can't judge Kaye digs at her surrogate the you know the one moment in the game. In their RBC they were on the ropes much of the game. But the one time that was like holy crap and jags you know when this you know and that was on 143. Really that's where you can hit at that point but once once EF fourteen chemical crap they're dominating them. It's Lisa they're going this to be a blowup now. Well once the end of the half touchdown by the patriots happened 1410. From that point it it stayed close enough from that point on that you're like. Surely knowing that's gonna pull this out because he does have some much faith in the greatest quarterback ever and all that stuff you know like crap yeah. But 143 was was the moment I'm Michael bully dejected taking it to him yeah a bit for me it was the miles Jack fumble recovery. Because there was a trick play so you knew they were trying anything to get it going on offense and it worked. Any had a thirty yard run in and then and all the sudden the jags of the Balkan island almighty god I thought that was a Jackson is gonna win this case. Thank god god that was a Brack Brinker to rise like did they go down and score here. Games over and they didn't they putted New England doesn't work renowned in the three and out and in the they went down and in New England scored. But the other one is that this fight was talking about was at the end of the half when they got down there I thought to myself Jackson a punch is this again. Mike this may be the knockout blow because you know Bronx. You know that the you know drug being hurt like this you know this this may do it refresh my memory. The way to end it'll Lothian alas the question I have the last word or death penalty spree it was fourteen to three and Jackson will have the ball like oh that's 35. Or whatever was down there and the delay of game pass was completed for fifteen Tony are just. And that was down there and you're like they're gonna score there at least an attack on a feel that they may get a touchdown to win that was on the ropes. And I got brought back and you know then that that was the total momentum into a momentum shift the other is a couple times. I've got New England was it was gonna lose that football game and you know there is part of it was kind of smiles like good for Jacksonville. Thank you know you come into New England you bloody the bully here a little bit. But you've got to play sixty minutes to beat those guys that's why they've been to eight. And I just anyone that wants to dismiss that yeah I mean obviously there's some luck enforcement comes and every you know game and every you know championship you win that. New England just has the resolve that's unlike anything I've ever seen. All right that is our stock watch it easy to Monday at 415 and has brought to buy cobra Jones when it comes to divorce custody and child support issues. Trust Goldberg Johns to help call 1800 DeForest. Phone questions answered at no charge great guys and there up next it is in an. News Pearl Jam and Amazon ago here's Mike. Isaac Datsyuk on obscenity though. All right have cited 525. Minutes on the big news there's a lot of news today we've got tonight NFL coaching hires. We've got a pac twelve quarterbacks transferring. We'll talk about the NFC game we haven't talked about the vikings and Eagles at all yet. Now in the Eagles not getting any kind of love. For what they did in Minnesota a love how. On him of yeah I mean after a game my dad and somehow we think that this the dismissive of of of Minnesota. Not only did you you put up a beat down on Minnesota's offense. But that's the number one defense in the league and you carved it up so all this talk of all Nichols can't do this Nichols can't do that. You miss it doesn't emigre defense and he just played any elite defense by far the best defense top to bottom in the league and you know they've they've put an ass will open. So did that game at 515 right now in the news January 22 2018 and you're noted newsman and most decorated non reporter. Reporter the side of the Rockies. Now we told you that he. Would seem to be a fire. And in ninety campus today yeah it was time to panic the smush was going up quell the firsts. The first photo of the fire circulated on social media from some someone named band soon. And Babs put on their Nike campus fire in every freaks out well. It's not on the Nike campus. It's across the street. It's LA get an old warehouse and now we don't care there's some remained at furniture that's go and up in flames well I mean it it sounds like everybody there was nobody in there. Or if they're if there were people in that they got out safely at this point they're note have reports of injuries is a two alarm fire at a 150 and market. Ask a question commercial fire what is. Is they all like to alarm three alarm for not sure about that yeah I did obviously the more alarms the worse it is that might what is. What's the devastated too alarming a four alarm fire. Well being and his men that I am on the ring that he asked Cindy you always hear that it's a four alarm fire in the rely gold had even heard them say multiple alarm fire. Yeah but that's the right kind of along those are able what does that mean I don't know we'll does that mean the one hand you a bevy of three I feel like mold. A poll is too. Multiple alarm fire okay so at least two at least yeah so one alarm here's the definition your any cameras. I don't feel like you have to save their. Eight common misconception is that a three alarm fire for example means that three fire houses responded to the fire this is not the rule behind the naming convention although. Some cities may use the number of firehouse responding for multi alarm. Designations because that is the simplest way to determine. Analog number the most widely used formula for multi alarm designation is based on the number of units tire tracks for example I'm firefighters responding to a fire. The more vehicles and firefighters responding the hired the alarm designation. How many does that go up to. He's he's firefighters to lift like forty firefighters show up you get about forty alarm it appears the most you can hand is a three alarm fire that's how. Who says stuff like the entire city goes up in flames I'm stuck in a three alarm fire with this unit. Firefighter alarm designation the initial dispatch is referred to as a first alarm. And is typically the largest subsequent alarms are calls for additional units. Usually because the fire has grown. An additional resources are needed to combat it doesn't mean like a one alarm fire does mean that one truck it just means that they like are gonna send the guys. And there right away we need back up right beating back up so it sounds like you have to be you know G gangster yeah I've fatter. In order to. To be included in the alarms like if you have to call in reinforcements in captivity still a three note on saying it's still thriller eyes you know. I keep it heat IDR initially on the scene. The Iranian arms man character and here. This they call you in either way there's this there's an old a warehouse that got caught on fire by night it's major news. Not by Nike that he made it sound like ninety lit the place on fire they did not we know that committed a committee want to land on on the thought part of the insurance can they do that San Cisco around these burn the buildings down. Hey we've got Pearl Jam news Pearl Jam has announced a stadium as a Safeco Field stadium home. Show they get the first time in what 56 years are gonna play the the hometown there billion plays Safeco field's. August 8 and August 10 in the gonna try to raise millions upon millions of dollars fourth. Homelessness in the Seattle area gathered do their pledge and at least one million dollars for the guarantee in a million bucks in their goal is to raised ends. And they've got my money because I will look up that down and then I will be there I've never seen Pearl Jam in Seattle and I mean there don't seem here. And so I think that'll be cool to see about the Safeco. Pearl Jam notes that the two night stand at Safeco Field which will hold a 100000 fans of the team concerts. Is the largest headlining concert in Seattle. Since. The rolling stones' two night residency at the cities since demolished Kingdome. And that was in 1981. That that place was is gonna sell out in a matter of moments and that's gonna be pretty kick last night I want to go back and see until ninth Dowd two nights did you ever see where they did the the two nights at Wrigley. In the video that they've they've they made a movie about it now yeah called let's play to a two recorded documentary they went that a couple nights at Wrigley Field and I LIC cubs isn't it. He's from Illinois Obama strays from there guys from Illinois thought he'd been Seattle long time and that's that's kind of where it obviously the band formed in and all that I can a mother love bone and all that but he's from. Evansville or something like that if he's from originally from Illinois. That is seen our release put commander Steve because he feels like he has to I. I think there's now been of that that I I think I think the band is is mariners and I think Getty is a uniquely Chicago Cubs. But that will be a cool gotta be a cool experience that I made driving get tickets I made double dip that and may be one of those worth going to back to back nights. Our rights what nights are the hell hole. And Ogg is eighth I think by an unsafe content and just ask you what nights. In Atlanta on his calendar around you get that happens in time to time Wednesday Friday. Them were taken a day in between they got a party did reports Kennedy got to shake that off a little bit. I'm OK coming up next Amazon go in the news today it is 444 on the ten. Prime time with Isaac and soup productivity growth I can Lebanon's. And ten minutes. Now we've got the identified two new NFL coaches impact of quarterback transferring. And at the official point spread on the super big game the largest since what 2000 and army who played in on nine. That I don't know I decided it was the largest I can tell you aren't yet. It was that airs on the team with Kurt Warner. Oh there's an underdog to the Steelers this was what five and a half what's the mood what was theirs panels more Nat battalion of being a great freaking game it did and him were you surprised that. Because that didn't seem like a big spread to me when I when I solace I was large since 2009. I guess. Ice assume there would have been a suitable somewhere where someone was favored by a touchdown. Yeah I don't know. I'm actually surprised patriots aren't favored in this game I touched him that it's just under them but started out that. Island is yeah when new England and we knew we would want and it was seven or seven and a half. And by the end of the Philadelphia Minnesota game it'd gone down you know two point Yahoo! had been favored between the jags and needless. ABC that I haven't seen that number Ahmadinejad like to now. January 22 in the news hate that Amazon goes store opened up two to today regular public. I thought. But courtly going there after I'd do I'd say it's written to open so the shop was originally just for Amazon employees it's now open to anyone and you have to have a Smartphone in the Amazon go out. Yet has done. That I just like scanned stuff on my phone. Well so in order to walked in. To the shop you have to scan your bar code from the map so it's like right at that turn it's kind of like a turnstile thingy. You know I use in those yet they yet that put cheer yet which are barking its huge bark coming up on your phone and and that input that simply down there. And it does you and you go to deters out and then at that point it knows you're in there and it's got hundreds of cameras against the cameras are everywhere it's it's watching you. And a thick and kind of weird. Ally in it's a delicate little drone that like covers of your head like you want that future. And then what you do is you Roland you take that every need and you lock out there are no cashier's. And basically what they view as they it will notice does it when you walk through will scanned items that you have with you. And we'll charge to credit cards you have on file with the gap. I kind of think this is a cool idea to Betty and I gonna put a lot of people out of business we'll still have a convenient they stunt people. Do it because he popularity is saying out of the blue against nuclear launch no do you have the abbey and a Smartphone if you do then you can enters this line and then go in and shop. Let down. Yes so add in about an irony it had massive lines to. But after look at the kids. Seven it's an hour to get in the stores so there are many lineup to go in and I guess somebody at CNBC. When there installing yogurt. They got out there with a younger but that's what that's that was the hold the post did you could see yeah why. Well some yogurt I mean obviously people are gonna test the technology you're gonna see if you know will they catch say they tip they bought a bunch of stuff like. I'm appeasing trap down cookies and they had a bunch of stuff they got out with and they said they got out there with. Yogurt in the it sometimes it takes 1015 minutes that you receive will pop up. On your phone. And we'll show you everything. And down their. They're little thing yogurt wasn't on there so they called the VP of Amazon's got up and or BDP and Amazon go and she said you don't work at the let's go to. You'd be amazed at Whitley gracious or is budgeting in for it and plays like that for people taking stuff. Thank you don't feel badly if you'd like some ads you think you're getting donuts or whatever if you take thirteen instead of twelve. Trust me this Kruger doesn't care that you you've got to run in 69 cents with that free donut. Somehow I think your bottom line will be okay haven't you seen like there was a photo of the Johnson a part of this media today because it was at Wal-Mart comes out insulin. Kansas but outback. They were throwing away an ungodly amount of that don't because. You know expiration date and it and liability you know that future as I was unbelievable how much it throw artwork that it Albertson's and when I was right out of college. Is that it. They did the amount of waste and stuff that goes through there existed assembly and it would it would be tumbling as how much they don't care. About Diana you sort of thing so they would rather not be sued yes. You got sicker something that you know got some fight the tape aren't quite so certain were we to have people that would come in and and they. Literally he's like baby formula they were just take are fools of them walk out of the store and take is that you're not allowed to do anything about it I valued bucolic jobs that. That whole shoplifting prosecuting date now not a grocery support is they don't care battle attacks here homeless crime wave bombs with Smartphones make out with housing groceries it well they had to have your credit cards despite getting grab a handful of layup. Here there's not only to win in less here credit card is on file with the Amazon go out so there's got to be carded that's charged in some sand isn't the point of Amazon to not have to go to the story you have this like a grocery store. You know they do have some of those like Amazon fresh now markets with a do you have some of the stuff delivered to you sometimes I just I feel like I don't know how you feel about this but. Sometimes I feel like the incremental. Will be the word convenience that were saving is. It's so small that I wonder why we have I guess was it really hard. To have a cashier the gazette so inconvenient that we can all it can't possibly have that. This is that we've talked about this is my thing with apps ever and I was told that I got to get this app because gonna make my life so much easier. And then I'll stop and ask the question of I don't have this problem in my life but Columbia everybody's different but like OK so winds winds that. Who wins the first time somebody starts griping about the fact. They had to pull out their phone. And put it on the bar code scanner in order to get through into Amazon go their way only Jim being I'd get I'd just walking guys on India you know it's it's it we think we've reached the point where everything he can beings that's you know I think it means is you life. It yeah. Yet this is heart then all of this is hard there is an element that's why we're soft as baby you know. But it's I cannot and I just don't find the growth I don't I don't see that saving me all that much time I mean it would if there's long lines and stuff but I hope. And I guess. I guess the line is now to get in a year instead of checking out its don't see it being. Well and this is art it's all just hours is okay and it's I suppose if you have like a big shopping cart dot. Guess that's kind begin the year right instead of having never won but they decided to be bad. I was have a big shopping cart full of stuff Norman after bag of myself for grudges don't have they have the they have orange bags and every. But he can bring your own bags I think to your bag yourself. It's yet it was just not reducing the convenience you regret yet like yet what does he have so much stuff they like cap. Ex red converse shoe shop and play for my family. Way too much stuff. Well this is not like a major does is they usually 7-Eleven is going into picking up stuff here there are getting Cornish jury is you're stoned in your eyes of this lets you experience. All right coming up next it is the hot five at five then we'll get into the NFC yet champs of game on the fan.