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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, January 22nd
Should they give a daily Willametta update? Breaking down Jags/Pats in full!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Fine that's fine. Linux yeah I clean your room. And you can find the time dispute you actually yeah primetime revise against duke at home what they'll all there and I'll. This is prime time. I do. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason's agenda quit prime time I'm Jan ADP. Can't what they do I say get Monday rat that. I just found out we're not getting nuked yeah written articles. This weekend to an article about how well it's kind of there's a gentlemen 8% for him. Interactive map we can put your hometown. In and then the size of like the war. And then making Gillick the fallout pattern and cool it's a whole thing's led every now Matt Blunt that. And then or that's me I'll see if I can find it again and then there was that the accompanying piece too was anyone that can nuke this can't reach its. Like he can the only person they're taken Regis yeah Russia can reach us but they won't because the hold what are the article is in order to prevent to play you you said anybody that can newscasts can't reach as anyone that anyone that can reach us. Won't top of its if they owe anybody that can reach as won't nuke us it's mutually assured destruction smoked the article was to not panic. As the only give the egregious that have nuclear weapons they can actually get to us it's not like you with all this panic that I've already. I've already done. I think yeah I do think you ride like you take the Philadelphia. Yeah that definitely they're a little on edge out there dig the dune buggy driver of the rocky steps what is it with Philly fans. They're just low may lie but minutes McGuire they like I think bidder because at one point Philadelphia mattered like the whole liberty Lil thing. And then I got taken away and now known really cares it's like yeah welcome to 1776. There's really inferiority complex there were nods his York Boston Chicago. And all the other cities it has element aka. Anyway the whole point of the new do their thing was. In order to prevent us from wiping you off the map. You have to get all of our weapons and that is an impossibility. Is too many of them they're too widely dispersed and summaries and so no one would dare do it. Unless you're the idiot from North Korea and most people still believe that he can't even reach the mainland and Hawaii would even be a strict so basically. Article was. If you want you can see what would be like if one guy drop in your hometown and what would happen but it's not gonna happen at just so much better yeah. Alicia that like in south career leg warmer something that I'm really worried then panic. Re worried about them. No but is that just an article 'cause of the little people worried about the the little map like you could put it like if it dropped an important and that's what I did they even dropped in downtown Portland. What would be the effect didn't make it takes that I wind condition and this interesting little simulation that don't you think that no matter where you live you're rationalizing that La. It won't be here. I think if you're in South Korea I think that thread is a little more palpable that I mean US. Like if you live in LA like well while West Coast biggest city year probably like a simple like up. Totally LA not us out right. Well that was a detonated on an LA like now they want now I mean you know be well there was this guy that was cut that was the other point there was an article is that wherever you're rat. Chances are not only can they not reach you. But they wouldn't reach you don't care about you know they don't like we should all living kansas'. That is true although they did say that some of our silos are you know this is like that SU they did the whole thing in North Dakota we have a bunch on North Dakota yeah. So technically of someone like give give Russia were decided like afterwards is gonna go for it. Then yes those people out there are probably should be carried a little bit then but appeared to Sany some rogue guy is gonna like launch one. He's not launch a one in Vancouver Washington or Portland Oregon I can. But happen. Now they stick out Seattle first Seattle. Worlds when that. Fifth. Sort of pick of which were to be the more strategic target immigrants they neither bit. Scott thick air force base the stuff so yeah get them. I coli Alaska I think that's more of the think that was kind of more the point if you're gonna reach to the United States to be one of those slow it wouldn't go after Vegas with a slide down there and I hope I suppose the take out Vegas. Well they had good Monday everybody. I would on odds are pretty they ranked pro Vera the the caddie is back in my house. Yeah they'll be out the flu. Got another one you know I was watching the news over the weekend as I tend to do it yeah. You know idea now the first channel again to now was horrible the KGW. Now CNN and your tapper manna. Other object to ask you in the Jake by the way Jake Tapper Philadelphia Eagles fan yeah as soon as that while we have you been following him on Twitter you ever when we know that because he's beyond obnoxious like every woman I didn't know that until. This weekend out. It's. Did the Philadelphia coverage Jake Tapper looks like I want the Buffalo Bills to win just like you keep seeing the bills mafia. There's a little bit of that with Philly fans but where. Both kind of has kind lean more on feel about them Philadelphia just has a do. Juror can degenerate that I can't stand. So I flip on the news like I don't even an Anderson news watcher now I'm just old out. Rep for my tennis game. Put on your talk exit go out your your tight white shorts and I read the paper in smoke pipe have a glass Scotch. Not till five. So then on I was watching it in their back to back stories. About flu. Season and it was seen as one of those that said flu season. It has peaked. Were on the downside well let's get it doubled in the next story that came on them. Was about how flu season hasn't peaked as a dam goes bankrupt. But he amended as like this teach one lead one thing we eagle around like schools and Dick it's a ministership sort of tank and so he was going out because the battleground and they told to stay away they're late to still you know it's like a war zone here. A good friend its food in schools like the flu shot his work and I got the flu shot and it too although I feel like so last night I thought I had it again. Say I've had about three false starts during flu season Ron certain that I got it and I'm certain I'm going down its fifteen yards and then the next day I wake up. And you know. It's brutal this year. It hasn't knocked them last yet my kid was thrown up yesterday in turtle bay and then I started feeling crappy enough Mike I maybe I'm dumb ideas sympathy flew bro pro I keep thinking it's come of that power of suggestion you. My neck and Hampton. But I wake up and no right all right but that. Don't they say that's the thing you can make yourself sick but do you think. You're getting sick. You may not be but you've aegis can convince yourself that you are on sounds all the drugs armed but yeah they've number to go with that say that assists all in my head is nothing. Well anyway we are here for you it does mean Isaak. And him. Jason yes I am here sports grows so and because we can see the mighty Willamette and now. Because our window is. Back I can be any happier in the studio and here the sun is kind of shining. The M may do we should mean we should give the folks at daily Willamette report of a beautiful low look at here at the com and flat waters if you wanna paddle board now outside. Yes and it is it is very it's lasted indeed. It's so nice. Birds we can do like the flask and report my the next day may be to be a semi we don't know while some sometimes it's you know. Some success struck an out there is a little excited but no not yet you wanna stand up how aboard today's the day there popular Chile for you though to wetsuit on get out. Well there FL games this weekend so that we must discuss. The jags in the patriots played. And so did the vikings and Eagles he had to. Two games one of them was worth watching. We have NFL coaching news. We have the Amazon goes still are making headlines. They'll be in the news today if you watch that level not seen this in this occur for awful this deal while soccer thoughtful it's just the Amazon goes stores open. Just kick yes is that here in in Seattle are okay and m.'s. And you go in their need and you pick stuff off the shelves and you don't. You just leave that's a that is so there that think the grocery store now right. Or is it lads like at the to Fred Meyer sort of like a seven elevenths I knew that was coming I didn't know that that is officially landed here oh it's open bro you see it's been opened and it's open now to everybody. She don't check out his watch in for the snow basket then yes no cashier's William. Yeah eight Allen. Mean they're no baskets or maybe their baskets I was in what a basket when he got into the basket with easily put in your bag or whatever it is that you brought so it's like legal shoplift keeping. I just show but all in my pockets and then like there's a camera in a way ago ending discharge you for what to make of this other I do love Amazon. Like every day more more stuff I ordered Twitter paper off limits on the Saturday. We'll get three up I don't say that Amazon prime. It's just the best thing in the world. There is a lot of hot sports news out there. Gets in India and New Zealand have a team BA yeah. Right now we'll stir in upland and hit your head yes Portland trailblazers actually playing pretty well well I think you're on. Yet they are playing pretty well and their partisan GC trade rumors as well well yes that's right tiger gallon that's you burying the lead they're now the Andre Jordan as a TrailBlazer they're actually play pretty well I feel about that. Well I feel like got a lot you give us. That goes of on the eighth lasted Willamette I think to me you know this makes it Willamette river so these items. And believe it or not. More. And more and and that's the big deal it's always more. He asked so almost I was in the bond now would you like start the UC game the NFC gambling the AFC game was infinitely more interest in the NFC game also we should start with deep trouble. Did you even watch the end of the the game now I turned it off fifth. Policy. Allows watching for the over under now. So is it was still under at 317. And then the Eagles scored I turned it off when they went for it on fourth down was like fourth in. Fourth in a eater something and you know whatever was who I guess was for the goal. When they didn't get the when they're down by four scores and they went for which makes no sense to me you need for scores why did you kick a field goal. Like fourth of may fourth intent where it went. So that's where I turned it off what where's this in that Minnesota Eagles game. You're focuses on registering the thing about the thing in the place guy now the guys think so what what part of the game so. A third quarter. There were down by a 24 I believe it's 317. I think 317 and they had the ball and again it was on roughly the eight to ten yard lines under the there was fort down or single and they went for rent which. Made no sense you'd need a field goal eventually you have to have some kind of momentum you kicked that field goal and I granted you're not coming back you're down by three scores still but. Had you scored touched and you were down by three scores. I I don't understand what's your plan was to it had scored just doesn't go for two point conversion on Adams who cares they were they got there that's been making racist to me but after that once they didn't convert on that I turned off and did not pack. That was the end of my Eagles vikings experienced. Although I did take to register Graham and the Internet Twitter to look at Eagles fans and what there at union in the city of Philadelphia and bat. That was better than anything I saw on the fear guys are report. Some broad did on that in how horrible must indeed be. Philadelphia television reporter I have to go cover that it's unbelievable. Because all live you know yes but don't want Izod the guy said that was kind of a compilation. And there was some cussing them. There was certainly some yelling and screaming you have beat big DeDe did he get hurt but there's a guy run around in front of them yes what cameras. Yellen about B and yeah. There is that you have big nick but one of the guys said you know. Who's fairly subdued in a ad AM. The Crisco dead yet that didn't that didn't work they got a they're still. I think they're just you just took that as challenger the Crisco and all the the light poles to try to keep people off moment. Probably some what successful but I saw plenty of videos of people celebrating once they got on top of sadly Apple's but as any different than any other city I mean. Please Phillies understands or or seem to be an interest Dina fervor there in Philadelphia did you see the person with the dune buggy up the Iraqi sets. I did see that now yeah I enjoy that allows scraped out a solid W crowd surfing on top of moving cars now what is that the Iraqis that what. The the art museum on his step. Learn so that I just enjoyed that last night I remember it was someone on Twitter. Had that than just like that the caption below cause there's no more laws in Philadelphia. It's. It's anything like oh now anything goes at that when we talk about that game we. Will discuss the history of the Eagles which I. I was not aware Intel they've now gone the Super Bowl just Howell. They're kind of a long suffering franchise eyes I really wasn't. As aware of that is we make fun of it we have our long suffering franchise. Whipping boys Cleveland into Trenton. And all exactly. But Phillies one of those two they've never won the Super Bowl oh. And they have a wanna change its 1960. Which was way before the suit well for five years fourth Super Bowl. In the opposite view if you go back to mean it's is cut about suffering sports. All right. This that the Phillies had a run their for a little bit with the Phillies are relevant but there hasn't been a ton to cheer about the sixers haven't been historically very good in the last. Thirty years the Phillies have had had a brief little window there we don't question is now only have two weeks to two fetus out. And we still may not figured out until we gain starts with a held each year for now why no around cheering Eagles and patriots. I have to join me I'm going to reverse raised is I love how pissed C everyone is about these the patriots. And we're back to the conspiracy theories the sub or sin was on their bitching and moaning about it and now we're gonna deal with Lamy late what does that mean well hold on stop got so we have to stop this. Put a cork in Atlanta cork a dirty. Put this in there now I domestic security that we've had so much wind that. You have the budget court's going around. But it's hard to throw an accord CMB keeps them yeah I don't know what that is what am I supposed to do with them ONE coasters out of song did you gather I'm brigade -- room that mean their. Yeah kind of cool. For remember that 1299 model moms are you that I saw one that Simpson he made it chair at a corks. From wine bottle salaam the cork which you would think would be really uncomfortable but the new title win that there'd. The cushy they're soft maybe that's a nice comfortable chair. I'm gonna go and say no but I'd be interested in Bailey and no courts here so let's just let's go Matt will start it jags. Patriots now start there they start there and then we'll move on the NFC game. Went when we see fit. Gets nick pulls eventually. Marty Philadelphia Eagles net you know know who predicted it you'd just claimed the patriots did that I had Philadelphia winning and not many can you did so. He ages. Okay so we'll get to the jags in passel start there in roll through all the and a great staff of the sports weekend beginning next on the fan. So it's not any. I restarted the AFC. Jags then mammals that. Or did they are on the doorstep. Agents when. They go to London when they say yeah Brady and Belichick speed Super Bowl hates super balls they're five and two gonna try to win six. And I gotta wanna see him do it because I love all they hate that comes their way just from people being bitter and angry that they're that much better than anyone else and I quite frankly I enjoy watching greatness I don't particularly care for ballot check there's times I find him kind of amusing and I think Brady is a robot. But again I appreciate greatness and anyone it's gonna try to pick apart what's been done in this day and age. Of soured council ball diocese are not meant to be capped you're not supposed to do this this is now they're eight Super Bowl in seventeen years the chance to win six month. There's just there's no doubt that what you're watching is the greatest coach in the greatest quarterback of all time. And I just I refuse to hate that I refused to be bitter and angry about it I sit back or Washington blows me away CO. Can mean not hated but one to be over yes that absolutely okay so there's my category but the stupid ignorant hate it's the same thing about Alabama. If I get it makes even tenacity you don't like the program but. You can't sit there and by the way it in this it's fitting that saving him Belichick hasn't sort of weird man love for ward would towards one another. There's like this weird on that same guy at the same person and ones that when it better than anyone else ever in college ball ones outta better than anyone else in the NFL and experts don't maybe they sold their sold the double together. But I I can't hate that I guess I have to have an appreciation for NI mean I'd attitudes just. Eyes squarely in the jags can't does that thing came down the wire eggs kind of want to seem BM dot com. Is it is they're sending to the fact that those guys are both great eight A holes that's like it's kind of hard to like him it's like I don't necessary thing bradys and nail polish and an oath Sabin oh well yeah there's an element of that those guys are both easy to. It's guys are both really easy eighth although you know the weird part was this maybe they're the same person. Did you notice that after this one and after the the national title for Saban bowl were dare I say human. All smiled and showed some sort of robotic human emotion you know the atmosphere part of the patriots. Jags the whole broadcast. Nominate somebody found it and I saw on a social media villain sideline I just laughed so hard. When. That they're up on the podium. In bella check and Robert Kraft and Tom Brady are there certain. And they hand Jim Nance hands. A trophy or somebody hands nose craft in the trophy to ballot check. And he immediately doesn't look at it no. Doesn't care that does raise it disdain and disgust you ask for that trip he just handed it off to some other guy is a here and its total pulled this. I loved in the post game press afterwards why he was wearing his buns of steel cut off like. Plain black switcher you got that when he ordered to Denise Austin video back in 1991. Well you never gonna make everyone happy look when we knew we knew when this match. People wanna try to Terry down as human nature race and so today all across rim and get some text messages a solace on Twitter you hear on radio shows. Where we now have to get into this well. You know if if if you take this Seattle game and if they just run the ball Marshawn Lynch and if Atlanta doesn't cough up the lead in nit bid Terry misses a field goal. I heard something seriously rationalize it away all five of the patriots. Verbal there were down 28 to three had to explain that. And they want and they came back and more and believe in that this game yesterday it's like the third inning to close at third and eighteen yen they converted their down. They're down ten point OK so just this is what that somebody on Twitter so that spans right. They're down ten at home. Should have been seventeen which we'll get into but they're down ten. They're deep in their own territory against the number one defense. And it's third and eighteen. No wrong. No welcome. What happens. No or I'm sorry he had no ground get and Walker's gone right yet elements out there I mean not Welker and development panel is out all year at a man's gun. I never had him this year and now doesn't have ground. Third and eighteen down 104 quarter and yes there at home but this is like their backs are against the law this defense is really planned wells like. It's like this is it beyond the this is it right here while Lazio Amendola right fervor for 21 yards except the first one yard first you know. And somebody was was bits into on their about. They're like all right before that they went deep. And it was like oh why why did you do you know you wanna get a first down YE going deep there you should did you try to get some chance you may get a little easier on third down and they never did. Your run and out of possessions and can you really afford to punted here and then you go in the name the damp and they just you know it's like they're awesome and what you've got to hand it to momentum going it was like just this. I know inevitability that that this was gonna happen and you could hear leg rolled thought I was getting is sports fans are getting tight because that's the guy that knows how hard it is to do. What New England has done over the years and how great Tom Brady isn't. To stick it into it annoys me when. We sit up here now and and someone elevates himself that level and now we just have to try to chip away at it. And try to find reasons why. They're better than everyone else other than the fact that they're better than everyone else it's the best front organization it's the greatest coach it's the greatest quarterback but that's never enough. It can't be that it has to be deflate date it has to be you know you're you're videotape of the people it has to be that the rest that's my other table that's what I mentioned as I Adam viewers and who I love he was on Twitter bitching and moaning and everyone else was about the fact that Jackson got called for six penalties in New England got one. But again if you take a look at those six penalties. You have the helmet to helmet on broad. Pass to be called you have all sides. And the delay of game have to be called and you have the one egregious PI. So basically you're talking about two penalties one about my get it if you did the cooks people a pass and affect her pass interference on the sideline and I get that's a 5050 call. That's written basically all the people bitching and moaning about six vs one penalties you're literally talking about one. That's where your can. What about the well okay so we're gonna connect Doggett there's been a huge play was miles jacks strip out. That should not have been whistled down. No probably not out and he should escort well again you don't know if he should've scored because the whistle blew and everyone softer on Lionel but he I mean there was no on back there yeah otherwise it was it was going to be 27 to ten. And that should not have been blown dead it should not so it's things like that is like look ideally sand. But at the same time I don't think anybody well maybe there are some wackos that are saying that the patriots aren't the best in this and that that's to state that. I get which same but it doesn't have to be so black lights like. Spy gate is part of the sort yes I'd deflate gay. Little sillier but part of the story. So all of these things factor in and for people to point them out you know. They all had a different reasons appointed not to just it's it's part of the deal it's like. It's like Barry Bonds secured giants fan you don't want to admit Barry Bonds did a bunch Roy's Barry Bonds when the greatest baseball players ever period droids are not right. Any probably I think he should be in the hall saint but there's another part of his story it's not always. 100% positive and you just have to tip your cap and that's that's on saying about people. Did pay the patriots had been they they have certainly. Been involved in some stories over the years that hat ending knees keep winning and it just creates a lot of fatigue and then you look at the M. Loving you look at the their officials and Mac game and that Jack call and then years cat bless America but. We said the by the way we said the exact same thing after the Alabama game and this is my point is just a nation full of pitchers and motors. As opposed actually didn't Weathers the Yankees to like are not Yankee fan. But went when the Yankee what do they win four and five years whether that initial run with Jeter in those guys. It was the umps didn't do that because of the umpires and they didn't do because the Yankees could throw more money out of that anyone else to do the best team in baseball for a decade that help them the money thing. Most of those guys were homegrown. You know posada and Jeter those guys yeah they came along in and bought their way but everyone else had the Billy didn't do it too yeah they play the same rules that you want out you get tired of people griping you want people to just give them. Credit it and don't ways that before they bring up it annoys the hell out of me that when we see true greatness. Then our instant reaction is. We can't just admit that someone's great immediately we have to go into there's a reason why there that much better than everyone else. And it's never just because they're better or they work harder or they're smarter or may be that you know there's some some good fortune sprinkled in there. We instantly have to try to to tear that down and somehow make it lesser and it bugs the crap out of me. Barack well let's let's get into the game we will I do that next I actually thought it was fun to watch. Now housing for the jags. But the same time when you watch greatness do great things like that on the watch it's like man that's really cool guys doing it again. And the Amazon's cats hole and I'll also throw out well. Elvis throw and it was immediately some in there but man and the Dolan coming down I don't. Take your pick which one was better but that that's an amazing grab an agency I sit appear we we've we've laud Tom Brady and as well we should. Some credit too little white guy who went up there and made the play because that was filthy. There's still more are flying through horror. I certainly excellent yet did you see that on that M and militants and coax was open in the us in the flat over there are no line now he had checks he does need to eat in CM. He is looking adopt Ammann dole and he made a much tougher throw in the much tougher play. But still made I mean it's they're awesome all right the I I'm with the gotta to be capped the patriots are the best. And so I'm. We'll see if they can finish the sapa let's get into the game and we'll do that next here's Mike. Isaak. I jags patriots. Will get in the NFC game later. Salave'a Wannstedt miles Jack. Deal yeah drift away fumble yeah by the way what a bad ass play. Scrape my huge play to him getting hurt later is huge Yahoo!'s central government defense didn't. Who else got hurt. For Jacksonville. The players Campbell got hurt Campbell left tackle was heard for Billy Campbell came back in another he was playing to empty team going get dead don't know third left that was Karen Robinson now there's another defender that got hurt too it seem this electoral downright the end. They seem pretty gassed there at the end not certain and of course the refs fault and then grounds ground no question. On the helmet to helmet hit and and was it was clearly not. There EL would you think of that hit. A bad I mean if I don't think he intentionally meant to delight a mud led. Mean it was it was. How much how enemy know the chino went down the definition of we have to call to discuss are really bad but if you're Jacksonville you love you love it that's not gonna say it's like it if I told you before the game. The you're gonna get a fifteen yard penalty but you're they're gonna lose ground for an entire house got Gregg Williams yeah a channel channel your inner Gregg Williams but it what did he say bite and does date field ahead still ahead in the in this snake dies or whatever which isn't quite mean you know Tom Brady visit its it's a multi multi pronged head but I thought when drunk when and how it again gone out of their misuse my about the data may be something that New England couldn't overcome because it's such a better office with him and so. I gotta stop short of calling that dirty Little League church intentionally. Now you know tried to der hurt him but if he did it it is the definition of dipping your head and and and taken value lost to south out of and that's it. That has to be called in yet I think that's why people have a promise that. Some people have a problem with that. Just that call out its because. You feel like the spirit of the rule is. Guys can't be going in there to take somebody out and out you know like militias are like you know there's no reason to do that so we're gonna flag. But when you when you just go to make a play out. And it's paying paying and yes it was in in no it wasn't intentional but yes he was helmet to helmet that's how it's like men we'll see why I like avoid that. This is why I like the NFL rule better than I do in college kids in college we know what happens is Gary church is that I game. And yet the shoot I DN half of the next can have the next game and so I do like putting some discretion in the rest hands. See in the NFL I'm all for guys getting kicked out. For plays like that when they are deliberate yes but to me now like not for that for that teachers should be kicked out for that I think he should have been flagged it was helmet to helmet sucks the ground got hurt. But welcome to the game of football and you put your big boy pants on you know get hit sometimes. What I would like to see is the official have the discretion when that targeting call is thrown whether it's on a quarterback when it's on receiver crack back block what ever. I would like to see some discretion where that goes up to the box and if you think that intent was there. And it's a blind sided too cheap ass play then yeah I'd love to see the guy DOD kicked out but on that on a player like that no that's just. Smart football and when your flight around the bodies like that you're gonna occasionally have. A a nasty collision and self and that was the definition of of helmet to helmet. Yeah I know they Eagles vikings game we'll get into and it was a blowout so there is gonna sound weird but man we are so close. To have been. Two totally different teams in the Super Bowl absolutely you know it's like you think about the falcons play at the end of the game in Philly. You think about the obviously the case keen implant with the vikings at the end of that game against the saints and then had the saints doing Philly. In the neat thing about. Jags pats it's like ten different plays they get a gun merely wait for them to seal that again but to me the biggest one was that that miles Jack. He he strips Dion Lewis and he rolls over he wasn't taxed. He gets up he sprints down the sideline and yes the whistle blows everybody stopped but it look Gladys went back and watch it. It looked like he had free reign down the silent and you know Brady was obviously back there but he he's on and Jason tackle or offensive linemen back they're the most everybody's downfield at that point. So you you would think that miles jacks scores and if he scores on a they do not whistle that dead. That's a touchdown because they did end up review mean. The fumble that which it was a fumble so then. Everything changes and it's 27 to ten which I'm not saying the patriots wouldn't of still come back of one. But that would have been awful hard so that one. So unlucky for Jacksonville beaches there's really no reason for them to blow to whistle that dead at apple. Look at here is that I saw an explanation for the NFL said why they went ahead and did that and I'll find it for X I was just looking at a the other yeah I'd like to hear that. Is that the NFL did comment on it. Because once once it was blown dead and there is ya can't can do day can't change enough immediate Jackson got the ball but yeah. You can't change and unfortunately that happens quite a bit on bing bing plays like that that the whistle gets blown dead all the time this is not something that's abnormal in in. In the NFL. Ends blood system that break it's bad it's really really really bad break is now looks like he was gonna take it to the house out. But you know this is why you see all the time where you know god picks of the ball and he starts to run with it and the refs like no no bring back that they've what they're trying to prevent is may lays like that on all kinds these plays were. The guys down and then sort takes it up and and starts running with inciting Lotta times the rescue error. On the side of blowing the whistle in on this one yeah it was speak clearly was an incorrect call. But even even with that you could make the argument that they had it not been called the fumble I don't know if they overturn that. I think that's one of those what it was called on the field was scared because you have there was a little bit of movement on the ball yet look a little weird but he still had a there was a part of me that was like not yeah that's a fumble I thought so too I thought I I kind of thought he kind of looked like he had a he had it on his head into his hips I kind of thought they were gonna have. Possibly. I'll overrule that so. I mean that's that's again one of those bang bang play. Still though that was huge play for Jackson on the still lost so out. You know okay what is like they would Jacksonville and and you see this odd timing games they had a dozen army is to close that thing out. I know it and it is here's a question about Jacksonville. Animal come back we'll talk about this element of the game. Yeah doubling totals. Well the fourth quarter drives people eating go well until you know he made some nice throws like if you look at that. That the road before net okay formats going down the sideline this is Jack Jacksonville's last drive. And he's sprinting down the silent he doesn't have much separation in the guy's right on his hip. But. In Rome on the broadcast. Was sand there's just not much room there. Four neck and a cot batters in in generals like ball. Could sort of have made a better player on the apology notes on China which when you're talking about I'd say that was an awful nice throw the outlets and that was I thought that I would I would that went. Did that ain't morals fall right there and a spinone it is it didn't even trot around the ages eight and Romo kind of glut glossed over in just said well. He's not gonna make a play on the ball that's too tidy coverage I didn't think so odd at leg while he he dropped it looked like he dropped to write the bread that there was certainly an opportunity to make a play I did big board has played bad at all now I thought they got conservatives. Ands. And I think they got tight I think they felt some of the the pressure there at the end but while they. I thought especially if you're lucky on third down Boris played really really look at that thorough. And then there was there was another throw. Right Patrick who like I mean they marched into field I mean they needed more big news attached council over the matter but they marched they got into field a range rather faster than they got there. They get the sack yet that was huge but there was a there was one of the throw in there that was that's a really damn good throw by portals. And it didn't matter because nobody's talking about because they didn't end up scoring but that that sort of throw in another throughout he'd he'd even though his fourth quarter numbers don't look that kid. He made some good throws it's just he played he letter writers here is the question I wanted to ask you. Why didn't he run that they have a a weapon in his legs and he's used that so much he never took off one. Now he didn't have a lot of didn't have a lot of scramble plays life. I have to go back and watch it could have been the new Windham was spying it could've been you know that that if when you're playing zone of the New England wasn't playing man to man it's a lot harder to run in those Lotta times quarterback scramble it's because. If you're going three and four wide out your in manned coverage that's what freeze those up so could have been the new wind was placed underneath coverage and they weren't there. I don't know but it was it just seen that in the previous week. Bora as best weapon was his legs and in this game it really was a non factor I was icing an a when are we you received two on that last drive. The throw Westbrook they Gilmore made that's great for is as thick and it's just adding one more main. It needed when he pack. You know oil or a little bit higher half a yard that was a great play by Gilmore but you're right that was a pretty good throw by portals and he was on the run he was running for his life yeah. As you would give guilty or doesn't get up and make that play. You know that's that's a different game that's a touchdown. And it's just you know with with under pressure so no I don't big if you're gonna assign blame I do not think that Blake board rules. This this is not on the late morals not at all I thought he played well enough to to lead them to the did to the Super Bowl and drops point there Tony Romo suddenly game at some point. During his run pass options portals is gonna have to run the ball down he said it during the game he hasn't run yet he should run and take up he's got all the space but he never did and never instance. Oh off. I thought Jacksonville had a good game plan. I don't they stuck to. I guess that I thought in the second half like a lot of teams at the C Atlanta indiscernible I think they got conservative. And I think that the inexperience showed and I think they puckered little bit and I also think their defense got gas well in the you have old. Yeah the greatest quarterbacking on the on the other side it is amazing quarterback ever isn't easy when you consider the fact that he had no series down by ten points in the fourth quarter right he's got no run game to speak of none. His best wide receiver has been out all year. And then it the one true star that he has on his office the only other all pro that he has on his offense has been out all half. And all he. NFL and and got into the blue and put that together OK it is one of the thing about the jags did. Well couple things that hurt and we'll get to that coming up next to 48 on the fan. Finds itself. All right semi jags lose to the patriots in the drought is over you know the patriots who. They haven't been noticeable since last year on. What a drought and bad for New England fan slate. If you're young and New England just Boston sports fan did he really had to cheer for over the last 1015 years. The thing that sucks if you're jags fan which. I mean there's nine of them there may be if you like morals wife well sunny on Twitter had to do the jags had more fans yesterday than in their entire team history through and that's probably true champions is rooting against you Rudy route ordered for the Steelers and anyone play in the patriot that sort of thing I want to see the jags win although now that I think about it jags eagles' Super Bowl game. I don't know if I have one the patriot story lining can Philadelphia knock them off and you know Brady gone for six and all that I think yeah that it adds an element to it it does but at the same time it's like the Eagles beat him. So it's a petting jags Eagles closer game and that's really all I care about the key keeping Jacksonville out of it stops the rise of another Richard Seymour and legion of boom. Because that's Seattle defense was pretty obnoxious to handle in Jacksonville. Is on the average of that already you know I can say I gotta get there is events that's a good young folk scene that's where I was going. And I don't know man I I. Alison they're thinking caddie. This is their chance and this is what hurts about if you're jags fan what hurts about that is that it feels like that was their shot. In they're not going to be the favorite to return. To the tedious Italian they're not mean it's gonna be obviously the patriots in the email stay together dealers. The Steelers will be in there that the chiefs Aminu jags this was a great year for them. But at the same time I just don't know that there even one of the top three. Favorites in the AFC. And it just kind of felt like ooh boy with Blake borrows night it depends if they upgrade their quarterback now is another question I was gonna ask is. Did the jags need upgrading quarterback in order to win 140. Thinking ECD think they can win one the way they're constructed now. I think they can win the way they're constructed now I mean obviously I think you take a look but. There's an Victor Steen. Condit what liberals make me do do you know what his cell areas. They needed us I don't know if we do that's why I was hoping did I don't remember where I was open maybe you knew laughed out your head. I'd be interested to know Casey makes about six million bucks here who studies of freeagent rank yeah I think he's up. So this this is kind of the my my my take on this. 2018. So no I think he's got a he's got one more year because this is ten to 2017 season. So he's got. I think he's got one more year. And then they'll go off apple might make my point is that is about a guy that that has the bike I cap hit that's fairly manageable like this. There's there's current 2 philosophies. And I am in the NFL and that's either you have a guy that makes 25 million dollars. You know I quarterback. And you're not gonna have a complete team around him in your allow your quarterback to. Cary. That team that's got some holes into it. Or you can do it kind of the way you know home if you if you wanna say the Minnesota has dealt with case keen midway Seattle won theirs. On the way Baltimore won theirs. Is that is you have a manageable quarterback any much better roster built around him and you allowed that team to carry your quarterback. And now granted I think everyone always wants to have the quarterback but it you know we've proven in this league time and time again the you can win and you can win the whole thing. Doing it the other way it's a when you look at Jacksonville as a very young defense and Oakley as candles little bit older but the rest of guys are all on Ricky duels. You know or or very manageable contracts at the very young defense it's gonna be together for awhile you'd be able to continue to add to that your offense outside. Of maybe a couple key veterans. Is all young guys for nets young you're receiving core is young your best receiver by the ways hurt you remember they are fifteen blew out his near the start of the year that's your best offensive weapon. He's gonna come back Mercedes Lewis is an older guy he's been around a long time but you care Robinson year you're stud left tackle he's a young guy. So when you look at this Jacksonville team the winning all of this before you have to start paying guys is get a deal with a little bit. So I do think that it Jacksonville kept Blake morals and is Smart in free agency. And is Smart in the draft you can absolutely have a three to four year window here where you're gonna have a better overall team. Then 758085%. Of the teams you play you're just not gonna have a star quarterback. Yeah it's interesting you know I diskette brings up aboard those contracts yet he is going off his rookie deal soon so there's any don't have that much longer now. It to your point about how to make a decision EA yet make a call there. But down. You know we forget to Shawn Watson and injured a lot Apple's hurt ya in their division I mean that's. And I just. They're interesting because. While they had a really good season that defense is legit. It just doesn't seem like they're a team that where he Disco they'll be fine though they'll be right back there panel now and a lot of it felt like that was their chance which is why that and staying. Any time you come that close the that this is the part we've become spoiled with Tom Brady's good eight of them. Every winter several a second year and never got back. Right there's lots of really good teams yeah that this. Brady's not the north dole a bit but I do think when I look at Jacksonville portals are not Kazuo offensively boards but if they decide to move on from him I think you can replace played portals or that you be just fine. Because I had to choose the definition of average but when I look at Ed this were. Let's let you know Molineaux portals was the number three pick him up for pay up like that mean that board that is playing now. You know she was legit prospect like it was their although on he's not bad I mean it's I don't he's. A light inner group he is definitely a lightning rod he just if you watched him play it's like it was kind of there all along it's just taken him some time. And not that he's cool amino. Out of this world great meaning you probably don't pay him obviously in the range as some of those high paid guys in their. You know whether those guys and 20/20 two million dollar range but. You know. What can you get morals and I think that's the million dollar question it if you can get Blake board oh he's pretty he's he's. Like Kim but it's like. That it's all about the number I tell about how what you bring him back cat. Because it because there is talking this year but all Alex Smith if they don't get Alex Smith they're they're better are they. Because again if you have to pay Alex Smith 1617. Million dollars would you rather have portals at fourteen. In Alex Smith at sixteen or did them at the same price I mean. And I know it's it's it's immediate Blake morals and if I'm Jacksonville I play hardball with him figure Macon what six. You know here's do you want ten you wanna be our quarterback your ten million dollars ultimately morals and ten million I want diddley born with the 150. Taking the sixteen. But I look at this this Jacksonville team Kevin Smith isn't as Fortier mob Jack's miles Jackson is what third year Ramsey was in a second. You know church is the bit older seasoned vet like I said Campbell but Lee Jackson is still young. Mean this is a young football team there's no reason to me that Jacksonville cannot be back in a position like this. I'm done not seen that theirs you know that they will. But to me Jacksonville is a team that to me is just entering a window. Where if they're Smart about it and they manage their roster and they make good decision only channel Coughlin now yeah. Does he call on the shot Tom Coughlin called the saudis the VP think he'll bring any life. When a talent that would be very it's just you don't I was thinking SA wants thinking what about Romo. When deputies I think Romo gets the itch after year in the Booth he's attacking I can do so with this team though he gets broken in half now but yeah ID keyboard roles in Jacksonville did it again it just comes down to what number you have to pay him but. You know Jackson approved a lot of people wrong me included. I did not believe in Jackson all year and it took me week fourteen to start funny you know giving Jacksonville some credit I liked the way they're built they're built on running the ball. And playing defense in those two things trouble and we've seen that when Blake morals isn't bad blink portals then have to be great but he's not badly portals. They're right there they kicked this dealers ask. And you know you can make the argument that they should of they didn't but they were right there are beating. New England suited to say that they can't win with then that's that's hogwash. I beat anyone saying they can't win with images that doesn't feel the same as like perennial contenders every year with the Steelers pages. Ask the jags don't necessarily feel that. I'm all right coming up next we have a short segment and I will tell you about oh you're a college football palate cleanser. Yeah we do look comfortable because I have one. Sorbet for OK and then we'll get into our stock watch in in the news all coming up here on the ten.