Primetime 12.15.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, December 15th
The guys enjoyed the sky-cam view on Thursday night football, Georgia football players getting in trouble before the CFB Playoff, and Herm Edwards is running out of assitant coaches quickly.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. And time on football Friday. Ten and he goes yeah. Professional football and America is a special game the unique game. Lead nowhere else on it is a rare games. Make himself. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Given by president Chrysler dodge and Jeep brands. A short drive from anywhere visit dodging pressing dot com doctor. Yeah. Intimidating goes and are making enough. We've got does sexual harassment in sports again sexual harassment. Panda. And we have done Matt Damon getting a lot of heat did you see Barkley punch Shaq last night in and run but did not. I love the that TNT crew. They were they were doing you know sometimes they go on the court. And Kenny drove around and Shaq through both are bitter about knocked him down and didn't shut kind of playfully punch Shaq in the chest and then ran away. Leg there is that brief Mo we could see Shaq maybe was taken too seriously and shut just turned and ran if you wanna know how big Shaquille O'Neal is. Just watch him standing next other NBA hall of fame players and men easy Norris and terrify. So some sexual harassment not coming up. Were emptying out the notebook because well vacation. So there's some stuff here your short timer. But they'll get to put down wanna get to the things that I tease there did you like SO speed of last night in. Television and did you enjoy the camera angles I didn't mean you like the new camera angles the Broncos colts game last night they're experimenting with new camera angles and then the camera was kind of behind the quarterback or above the quarterback. Yeah they did that was the game. That was at the snow game they had to do that that they did one earlier this year maybe it was the fog game and that's the only one of the angle that they had. Out of was it was a fog they came in. I like that and maybe it's 'cause if you grew up plane like video games seeger played like mad at her college football that's what you used to watching. And that for me. Like content that's a little bit like the old 22 when you watch game film. As profits alive and that's the view you you watch a little bit higher up and it stayed there didn't move but. I don't like that that camera angle and I'd I'd like to see more of it. It was pretty cool because. If you didn't see that game last night in a blinding paid Broncos on yes. But I actually is is probably not good news for the Broncos. Yet as a draft picks and stuff we are fighting for draft position means so Derek game ahead of Indianapolis it would behoove them to lose and then gain as. Out on the colts. Really lame. They want. And it was really cool because when you look at it from that view you can see. Exactly what the quarterback is looking at yes and it kind of add this element of hey guys opened it there or. When it like consulate through a couple actually the one touchdown pass that he to light through multiple person passes but the second one the one in the corner of the end zone now. Dead the one over the middle of the guy. He kind of knew he ran in he was there. Twice when he went from fourteen is violent and and down. He threw that and I'm sure that if Iran the venue going. All terror he missed them because he's late you know BA you can see it all unfold in ABC the coverage you see that guys. On their rounds and it's like on when he was opened in many through weight late. Well minute you know the guy have to catch it and run Indians on but. It's very interesting to see that dynamic BK as you can see exactly what he's looking at anything goes through your own progression seeking guy you can move your eyes around like. Sydney ads interception the one where he threw into double coverage. Ascendancy until later that's that that's the one where that angle like what you're talking about like as the balls going everywhere and university watched that game was like why. Why do you think that everyone could see it. But yeah it's gonna lead to more armchair quarterback and because that there is still a huge difference between watching a fanatic or no there's not even been tried to seal rob but the wind was it was trying to take your head off but I Wiki I think that angle. It's the best representation of what the play looks like to each individual. We SA on the field you wanna see how hard quarterbacking is in I was kidding by saying no it's not an because. Those guys are running for their life and they have let's just seconds. Tenet to get away from. Well you know the defense you know who's trying to kill them but. I think hit. It's from last night was the colts like they're not very it and you could tell that angle actually shows I think it shows. It it is highlights batter. How good the defense is because you can see guys try to cover way better than you can't could from the other angle and so. You not only can watch the yeah I think you do watch the layers of football a little better from that angle because he can watch not only line try to try to you know get after the quarterback. We do watch guys drop back into coverage he wants to DBs in you can see at all. From I didn't did that from either perspective the offense the quarterback or the defense in a tea watching the colts defense you did you see that they sucked out. Like it will be interesting to watch from that angle of the gonna do it anymore. But. When you watch. Say whose best defense Carolina Carolina player Minnesota how fun to be a watch bad angle. With their Roger's going up against Carolina's defense this weekend. Deanna is as read about it so did it started with the it was the patriots the falcons and that was the heavy fog. And so they said that's it that was really the only angle they have that was clearance they went to a and they thought it looked pretty good. And the reviews are mostly positive and so now they've been experiment art experiment teen with it. And so I guess they SN BC is gonna be doing this on on a more regular basis down test that was on the presidential polls and I like it and it's called the sky cam and I hope they do more of its typical I think it's of if I had my choice. One knee you can move ready to do different things it's like you have to run it exclusively that way but I enjoyed that angle I think more than the and that is the that the sideline view of it. Let's get item to saints it's way better the only downside is is that he can kind of it does it it moves and can cut off the date time of the sides but. Yellow sometimes don't need to see this exactly like its receivers a running play who gives a rip with the receivers doing on the outside he can Seymour. And that's cool them more of what matters. So tossed. So now I wanna get to a story about that source. If you're teasing us and what not seen this chase know what not to do and a pet store. Yet it's probably not how you should go by your business and that's a tap on the glass stone but you know put your hands have you seen that Georgia has had three guys arrested or any. Since being now announce in the college football playoff. No I haven't seen that they've had three guys two guys for a little bit of we'd eaten and one guy for a counterfeit 100 dollar bill who has market. So here as it he's a freshman defensive back he's name is live TV is brainy. And there'll this was back in July and he passed off a 100 dollar bill that was counterfeit at a pet store. It. Alina I mean first off witty or even get a fake hundred dollar bill consecutive. Illegal and spend it on republic of recoverability of pet store going to PetSmart might rip off some Kimball. So he was taken into custody after investigation and he's been booked in that in jail. He. He's alleged by police to be used a fake 10000 dollar bill to purchase eight dollars worth of merchandise at pet supplies plus. In a shopping center in Athens. ID 100 dollar bill was later revealed to be counterfeit. During the July 14 purchase britney's alleged to provided a different name Trevor shorter and and address. From his own. A different name and address from his own when he agreed to sign up for a pet supplies plus rewards card so. Let me stop right there and tell you that he does in the pet supplies plus. And not only dizzy by a when he wants to buy keys they ask him do you wanna sign of the words parties like. Idea. Well eight days later according to the police support the same cashier noticed him back in this door. And using a debit card with his name on it. Which was different then the name on the pet supplies plus card application. And so the guy put two and two together and said in called his manager and said that's the guy that brought in these you'll get a lot of hundred dollar bills and now in this in a pet store. He's like he's back. So word of the wise if you are going to buy pet merchandise with counterfeit money maybe not go back to the same sort. Could you just go to a different dinosaurs that leg bone pet store. In Athens and it's it's not think they have the best it's like look if you've ever on pads you know and the deals like western pet supply you're done there now classes that's the bloody well it's bad asks how was just doing this to get chains like you got everything about eight dollars this yeah these is TE one of the ninety's I was absolutely and that's chancellor at member that was the whole thing with. Who's the browns are Josh Gordon at Baylor yeah. Did you go in you'd buy McDonald's five cheeseburgers or whatever needed 95 dollars backing cash real cash. Irish Altima pet supplies store he decided to go back except this time he was actually buying pet supplies the debit card. I guess I read these that these are richer guy the hasn't played all year so won't have any impact except for the fact that he's an idiot and what like piggy kicked off the tee unless he's a really good freshman then maybe they keep him around. Now whatever I don't really care about him I just not a stunning. Going back in it people saying that he may not known as counterfeit my butt. Yeah how many I can you'll have to use come across. In your entire life. Well. Like maybe you've used one that you didn't know it was fake like it's in circulation down. I don't know how often that happens often our state bills and circulating very very very rarely. But when they're put into circulation you'd better even you know damn well that somebody who's putting it in knows that it's fate aegis of hazardous. 800 dollars with a hundred. Bill at the foods at the pet food supplies story yeah clearly. Not exactly Bonnie and Clyde here. Our rights in our next segment let's talk about what was next. You had left and that you were emptied the tickle trunk. Us now. Owe more sports sexual harassment Alia with sexual harassment and news. Yahoo! got more. And a Matt Damon also I was like sub oh and you know what else do they have there's more on. Dustin Hoffman. Yeah he kept. Can charged again I guess I charged accused. So all that coming up folks it's eyes consent on the fence when you think later his line so do an SNL skit on Michael Lu Le just like it'd do and it beep boo over. There's that there is a bit garner under the this year than the only thing they freeze Michael blue bland and only further. Yeah they thought out just for the holiday season. Now I'm like in January like after new years he goes back inside the Hans solo cry dose freeze or whatever. And it doesn't do anything for eleven months out of the year and he rolls out December 1 makes a huge billion dollars and then goes and hangs out his hot Brazilian model. He doesn't his touring podium that. Wish you wish you every hear of Michael bu blade when it's not Christmas time. Long he came through here yeah he came through here this last summer spring or some I don't he's on the radio and a that hits. On TV and not really gaze on Christmas specials he does the Winter Olympics torch. Thing. Yeah you're just grasping at straws you know of any of those things are true legs legs like he came in and a spring he's on. Winter Olympics. Is on that show Kolb green mountain TV them. Michael bloom lake is Christmas. As he's very good it is Christmas is but it's weird that that's the kind of the the admits that he's carved Alec who knew that that the world needed one of those. And yet bill blade fit. Right in there. Well. This brings up a whole other any. He is great and I think he does way more than you're giving him credit for but. At this point I can't defend that so check it. I'll just let him lead actor but I don't really know I wanna stand down I think that's inaccurate but I'll stand down that. This okay what group or musician. Do you do you wanna hear more Christmas stuff from. Are you can I say remarkably his wife could you should. You should look Europe turning. We see upload look at Colorado or something does is Michael blue Blair the man yes he's the man if you were coming up. With like. Don't make you trading places with someone moved bears boy I'll tell you lightness pretty boo delay would be very very high on the list of people that I would I've freaky Friday's swap with. Who wanna hear more from I really like around the holidays and this evening I never hear from them any other time of the year. If it's I don't know if itself thicker the Celtic women nicer when I'm saying band you want. Like did you think or group or or artists he think it would be really really good all the Christmas holiday out via. Interest. Now into the limiting your show live and I. And while it wasn't that great show. That they only played for an hour it's kind of one of those where it's like and these guys. They're moving onto their next tour stop in him he'd love and they're out but I really I like Timothy ticket I think they would be really cool with at on a Christmas. A Christmas show AF. Intrigued by this now wanna to light when ninety do that the very special Christmas might you know Springsteen does the Merry Christmas baby in UTU. John Lennon has the grades great Christmas tune. Does he get a lot of those people that that doubt went on I'm trying to think of a band that I would like to see do a full on Christmas album. Like his Pearl Jam ever done anything like that I don't know about NASA that be like the first hurricane in my mind is like forget I'm a huge Metallica fan I wanna hear Metallica sing the hits. I don't want them to put leg their own holiday out mount I want to do quality standards humans you silent night yes I salute I want late jingle bells went ahead field work again some revoke a little drummer boy where they're going dessert. Camilo puck and Lars do in the first Noel working you know would draw a line on now let's see what happens movie killers. That would be ged and would be awesome. Big I've been saved I mean huge Foo Fighters guy that did grow can do anything. I got I would I would like to your gave girls take on some Christmas classics. That could be that to be quite fun and if IK es dead. But the man who I think is the greatest front man in the history of rock and roll out who could sing opera. And anything else I would love to hear Freddie Mercury. Singer Christmas album with. This to the arrangements that queen comes up with Arianna everything from killer queen and then give a full symphony behind him two behind and on that you get Freddy's pipes doing a Christmas album. But if there's any sort of like afterlife there like you died you get like one wish I'm gonna go ahead and reunite the ghosts of queen. To come on give me a little low holiday cheer is it to oh. The killers have ten original Christmas nauseam Allen originals on original Chris. You I want to do what's your heart that Darryl enjoyed the world's. O holy night by then those groups yeah that's something on. Some people are throwing out Pentair. Guar. No Lynch's listening to a show that's nuts over a very NWA Christmas that. On public enemy chuck the need ago. That a great southern trend build it create southern Christmas kill from the Fed terra. So they're doing some some ground and missing your dime bag it. Every day we think about it do you think it in music doing a Christmas album like of this. But to scream sellout. Yeah I think I think a lot of it there's that's why you don't have it from a lot of bands and they're like yeah we're mountains valleys what's boys to men put out is their careers Don thanks for coming and. That's that's the biggest tour for hill but that's kind of my thing is yeah it's it's viewed that way but for people like right how much money is down right here today. Off about one by Zell put out her Christmas album he that would if she did it's against million dollars at Wright cared probably murder I think if he tried to put out a Christmas album and Alan Dell looks like she can handle business you have to like kiss the ring of Mariah Carey to get her probably show about one holiday album but the ones I never once on all I want for Christmas and it's a whole album and -- she is on that album cover I don't know if they said they airbrushed to full power or was that that the cover of that Christmas album. She is smoke it in the mrs. Claus outfit. But that that's a whole audio but is that one song I I don't even wanna get even fathom the amount of money. She's made off of that one songs in Dubai blew Blake and that's not selling out like they're university celebrated fort that's about finding like your little. Will reach there now and they've got it. And of course got like the whole lake. Amy Grant and Vince kill anyone that's like full team Jesus their due. Hold but that's. I just feel like there's a we're tigress with the name what's your brother TDs everything. And now thinks at a palm rough doesn't wanna have Christmas ruined by you know Jesus. Yeah. In any debt. Can I get the pit bull Christmas. He needs to go in a very Latin and Christmas. It has everything. Everywhere you want your party Christmas. He cranks and I feel like pimples the most successful personal likes. And no one likes triple bogeys everywhere. The plays like every halftime show and it's huge the Timberlake one. I can seem in on these they will he do I think I would buy that if you gave me Timberlake spins the hits. Right to my 999 for that makes eight. I couldn't be all you want to be so much who Gerry can be a good Justin Timberlake. To say what the most likable dude ever he's insanely talented loves golf loves golf he's Fides sports guy. I I would buy not not afraid to make fun of himself to an SNL sketches severed legs fairness and in saint Christmas album if you think the but it doesn't make any more Timberlake let's Fatone if you will be sorry Lance is that they need you to step aside their. It's moved just into the front of the Mike he girl who. It did typically did the now that is a modern Christmas classic. Anyway enough of that let's get to sex arrest was cute look you know I get serious will you now dad's service assurance lieutenant. Forced when he eight. Suffering symbolizes one in my 971 to go get my delicious thank you Brito. Political American ships got him and them. They were playing the other play Christmas music over there. And I listened to it done in my car went round I love listening to Christian music the semi as the life because you know it's Christmas. So goes in hand is quite as synergies but as hockey mind nice and once in his play in the seem like. They play the same songs. Over and over and over there is not enough Christmas music out there. Just isn't. There's enough mainstream Christmas music but if you if you look at there are a lot of artists that make you like the least heard of that don't want off Christmas songs. That seek gonna have to do your own Christmas mid to play that stuff I don't know because it's more interesting than it is good I think. Look I think when your program and radio station never not ever with people who listen for twenty minutes of the timer fifty minutes. They clearly hit man you gonna get the same kind of standard Christmas cares but it can look at that there's lots of there's lots B of the they have their own original Christmas music or their interpretation of classics. You have to find it I'm telling me to put together your own Spotify Laker on YouTube play out estimate due out of your Christmas music images go off of that then. Mike every Christmas tunes are not even. This is like what blow like it. Some bears I like to diddly blues travelers on my favorite bands they're not real popularity morbid Allison BB ten years ago on a very they did when those Barea. Special Christmas albums. Where you know bunch of bands get together and they have won just called Christmas and it's one of my favorite Christmas this is its original song they wrote. And might give my kids love it every year around this time my kids to be like oh play the publisher of the Christmas song. And I love that one Martina McBride. Who's this country singer she has an album where ceasing some traditional Christmas carols and it's like an Angel she seems like be best rendition. Of hark the Harold and yet you never hear it on anything but all go and find it on the during the holidays and all played out. And the just gotta gotta gotta mix and match. I'm. Well. Nothing beats lambs last Christmas now but it's did you done did the win game this year. What so. There's that little contest going on right now where you have to at the date the idea is how long can you go without here mean I'll. The Alaska's last Christmas. But you can't actively try to avoid it you have to listen to could make if you. If you don't listen to Chris is he's a bit of than that you can't play but if you're so that by solicitor Christmas music. You need to see you say okay starting now I'm gonna see how long it takes me Oka and select my daughter was doing this my daughter loves Christmas music and so she was seated she made like four hours she Abbott. Walking through my mom's house. And my mom was was watching something on like that Hallmark Channel whatever. And they they added on the background just like damn it and you started four hours this summit here yeah. So what's. Features that the goal is to see how long you can you can go. So do you who regularly listening Christmas music and just you can't avoid it you can't just am not there was any Christmas music you'd have to go about your day. But if you're in the car and you're like capitalist because this is you can't tourney because this comes on. He's got to see how long you can go without hearing this song. I'm gonna start that exceeds those starting today zero minutes zero minute how long can you go without here read. It anywhere it's absolutely everywhere it's the test is an Arab backlash here is for this more everywhere than Mariah Carey's Christmas. It's not then what did you do the same day with the right Kerry won met that the point is that they barely the to most populous on the other more than a year all the time in the Islamic party Republican learned that some days that can be. Been one to pocono is the worse things on him all time at and a no to it it shows that over and over again. My favorite Christmas tune like. That kind of mass produce one is is the Bruce Springsteen America's history. Like whenever that comes on. Like that's like is there's very few Christmas cares that you bolt upright like you turn it up that comes out of the car that's going to let. I guess the Spinal Tap version I crank that up. Try to be in a bad mood with Springsteen is doing. Did do an edge and end of the cool part is they do the lie a lot from when he was on Conan O'Brien. I don't know why that one is so part of it they play on the radio. When he was on Conan O'Brien it was from like fifteen years ago and I preaching love. So last Christmas pop. It into the future I was in that we were in them London Christmas and it was right when George Michael as a way. So they've played this video there was a TV channel. In our flat that we understand. That played this son Luke. Kind of like we play Christmas. Story we always play Christmas story apparently this was on this video and you do you images video yes when they go up to the cabin I threw snowballs at each other in. Probably do it. But I. Yeah. And it was awesome we watched it we we had a like on we just had that in the background playing other loop over and over and over. While we got really drunk if there is some careless whisper in the air for good measure no nos Christmas but yet he wears the year he's got like the big leg pierced into Google and right again by Tracy had is that they've got a bunch of people on basically and laws that they see nav but I know the video which she happy they're from looking in the snow and they did ten skiing and everything in the Nader. In their hike it up today gathered cars and their vans and other weird. He gallery geared their dues and they hike up to the Canon. And then sell hot now with the other guys like what Andy some open right the other guy I have wim. Yet his nameless. People forget where wasn't just George Nawaz the other but it's always the other guy and win and nobody knows his name like a group it was just it was 222 dudes I think it was Indies opener and was rose's name his name is. I'm like god. I'd that's all members I think it was in June originally a case George and Andy. Yet dirge in fees injury originally alive I don't. Know what he's doing. A live it day for. He lives in. Well he's live as it looked. Down now now. Probably not in now watch that that video though let's hear that George Michael had kind of give us piers Anthony don't don't let let me say something about George Michael. And Erica this is been held a sports shows today. Idea now why don't I tease anything and so George Michael. Was really freaking good yeah and people I mean over there. Maybe because I was over there right when he died. I was inundated with a lot of stuff. That about him it was a much bigger deal over his huge deal over there and so I did I may be didn't have the although he was a huge part of the eighties you know yeah I see their work if you do. Looks fantastic. Really he looks like yet he looks like. Met like a math professor. There. It bulb you would net I mean there's that it's a classy bald hill and it looks great does just like a regular dude. And he's in shape not convict him out of line up so you're saying about what was I telling him on damage or Michael L Hewitt is. He was really incredible putt as a performer like at on his concerts. Where some of the best concert she could never see did not get to some of the I think the that the credit to think yet he really didn't he was more of like I think a lot of people just thought of him as like this kind of a hand sorted. Artists that. Gets tossed out by the record labels and then sells a bunch albums he's not legged beauty he each insane. Remember too like when he got shouted it was still kind of a little bit of the there was a stigma behind that right when he when he got doubted in so I think a lot of that the jokes kind of came that way it. People never really took that seriously. I think over here after that. But if you. One of the they've if you want like to mediate that quintessential George Michael performance is go look at when they remember they did the delighted tribute to two queen and he goes out and and scenes somebody to love. With the rest of queen. Freaky goose pops he belted out like a 1101000 people that's I want every single person everything has had a hands. When he does that need as don't with the sun go down army just. Prejean yeah much still really did man with how good George Michael is. In front of the crowd it's it's amazing and yes injury only did marry. One of banana ram. Why so yeah. How true yeah. Karen Woodward so she so when it and it doesn't rain but the Mary. Yeah they'd send separated but ta. Yeah he was meant to give women but in Iran make him the every eighty. Amid a say look at where and banana ram it. Can't make it work. Chance do I have OK some assays on the about an interim. Men. You Venus. Your thigh and you'll disease have been interesting in the I don't think of that song really. And I'd say no I don't want this. Done and now this is unacceptable. This is I don't it is but it's this is unacceptable there's only one been in a Renaissance. Then you should be playing right now any news. Yes it. This saga is one of the best songs of the eighties Barnett. Yeah the only thing I think when this comes on his real genius. Yeah I can see that dad do you remember ever get pissed that I instantly go to. This song is so again. But panorama one of the best CAD and Tonya. If you had a top 1080s songs. That better be acting on it really realistic chance. But yeah. I don't know what else they did others now. You can make other yup I. Vortex like driving home. Well as the say that for the record in this provinces like vehicles. Themselves just but I love the trashy eighties like girl's gotta look. You know all the other side ponytail. To put food friends die hair and a massive losses. I. Just jeans I love it that that if you look badges there's something about it. That GOP operatives were innocent there have been beyond dig those currencies hit it probably give like you know when you're like twelve in your first like you I ga girls that it's it's probably thanking Grady their pro when I see that. I give you like it was today and also the Bengals guest is Anaheim to this day IC like a video there in the adjusted Texas you know warm friendly place. It's like this is. This is simply wants and then. Yeah. He's pretty low then for eternal flame that you love or a woman who can play guitar like June June. Load Unionists. As. And to reach edit it blazers are winning. The you're not there could affect. Girl's. Blizzard is there any more nondescript NBA game than anything played in Ireland and good question I mean honestly. Honestly played the blazers in Orlando national could not destiny of laser hit it and nationally is this the single. Most mundane game of the think he can get Peggy Sacramento and I was gonna say. Teens. And Phoenix is what if Phoenix played Orlando today playing with a medal hopefully eventually. That's the fun game of how many people there there but you know Portland. It's not a big knowing here's a piano like that. Ever you watched the heat games. And they they showed that thing. Number of people like heroes that he gave I know I saw you your one of four people. But that's that's not a big drop. Lead afford remember her do her beautiful she's stance and the I think she would pose naked bath. Did like the that's disgusting I think she was like on the Spencer's gifts posters I think I've been in the Spencer's gifts just to look at these were. Are we video. Sexual harassment. In sports again next on the camp. So there's poverty and doubt this is my I think it's called Chris has been. And when my favorite is mister that I got this time dean your winds okay this this is interesting. So this is an original depth they wrote if one of those that they do every so rotten idea it's called a very Merry Christmas clear benefits. Something or other budget artist once on why it isn't that a certain set of songs are Christmas songs you know. Think it's okay so this isn't technically at Christmas time because he writes about what he's talking about Chris yeah. But. It's not really. Because. Like windy degette determined that jingle bells and silent night yeah and you know have yourself a merry little Christmas all those originals that have been done by a million different artists those are Christmas sons. But then when somebody like Blues Traveler or the killers do their own it's like a fringe kind of it's not really in the club. It is interest debut on any because they make if some radio stations will do. Traditional Christmas songs there's other ones that make you more modest that you get. John Lennon UTU were Bon Jovi years you know all different people that have done Christmas songs yeah there's two different categories. Of of Christmas tunes and very rarely did the that they met showed here if I hear any age if I'm at any show. And then artists. Place this is music I don't want to be their original stuff you wanted to I wanted to I want them to do like the traditional real Christmas. You're part of the problem that apparently I am open your mind robbed. Embrace your Christmas spirit open man I'm Mike Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers now don't don't open your mind. Like that so this is the latest on sexual harassment in sports I by the way it is but regret whenever you get accused of something like this like TMZ that they find the best follow up. Of the guys to put up there the once it just looks. Like you're a dangerous predator but your little disheveled and his hair is off kilter eighty's how lean in the photo. He had a seat on here bet Jerry Richardson is the owner of the panders South Carolina Panthers seasonal time football player. Ali is. And anything about him but the Panthers and announce an internal investigation into allegations of workplace misconduct against the team owner and founder yeah. Now did I did not see like a bunch of I didn't see much in details on this one just that their. He's been accused of something. And then they put out a statements in the entire organization is fully committed to ensuring a safe comfortable and diverse work environment raw individual's growth sex race color religion gender. Sexual identity orientation are treated fairly and equally. We have work to do to achieve this goal but we are going. To meet yeah we don't know what it's going on there now but it's is that you've seen that the the entire organization including the owners now. Is is being looked into. C a Matt Damon said no it's close he was going off about Weinstein right. Yen Matt Damon's a little bit hot water. You know we were doing our. Three guys the year most confident would not three famous guys that we your most company would not be accused of sexual misconduct yet. And then Matt Damon came up in that discussion. We seems like a super nice guy but you know there was some talk that a reason that he may have been tied to Weinstein him and AFLAC. Well luckily he knew Weinstein yeah any Odyssey is buddies with apps like it Catholics kind of creep goes any he's got a little bit of that reputation yet. So mad demon came down and said we need to correct the culture of outrage. Over sexual harassment. And his his he's pointing out that. And he even said as quotas. Touching someone on the but he says. You know there's a difference between you know patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation right. He's getting a lot of heat them. Well. You can't I mean you just cannot you can't say because basically sexual misconduct is sexual misconduct. Yes and what he's trying to do is minimize certain sexual. Misconduct. And that's and that's the problem because they're he can't do that there's any point in there are if you'd be willing to not be enable about it and actually try to. Just say it better technically technically yes there there is only difference between a guy. That yeah someone or you know the Kevin Spacey rice had to sleep with thirteen you're going to get thirteen year old has drawn and the dumb ass at work. This has a potty mouth and sweats someone on the tush. As they want to bite and the law doesn't make sense yes you know it doesn't mean they however a year giant creepy either way. Yes you should have these things treated equally it's dangerous to throw a blanket over every one. And say that. If your accused or if you're guilty of should be guilty or accused if you're guilty of sexual misconduct. We should take a look at what you did as opposed to same. It is so what does of the obstacles and your Weinstein or you're spacing your your one of these other your Bill Cosby. I guess there's like this is different levels of it. It's is that. Yeah he labored crosses is is trying to sound dismissive and be like. All this fake outrage has that indeed that deep bag it's out there doing it now you see it all the time you get these people that are China and they could still sick of this. So sick of these stories where they called you know before the what did you Q twenty years to come out. This ridiculously he would guard you he is that juror but he's one that's hooey that's what he's doing here there's little bit. He simian to correct this culture of outrage because you know slap and so many on the but isn't that bad. Except that what women and I loved one of the things the best things about the sexual misconduct the whole thing is that really Smart. Women on social media are literally skewering. This or reading dumb asses like these opinions and they just kick in if it's so easy. Like it's been like for them. For I think for women they're like what is the big shock about all this we've been having to put up this for years and years and years and years and you guys are all. You know crying in this and that the other in this is not this is like delete shocking thing ever for women and it's also very easy for him. To come out and just completely shoot down opinions like that but in its core rate when it happens. Actor because you concede that you guys still to this they still don't get like Warren Sapp right weren't just given out by breeders. For Christmas present that when someone calls somebody like what they were cube. It was. There's a difference a teen Ben Affleck is daredevil and an athlete is that man but it doesn't mean both are bad. I think that was in response adding that Matt Damon well played and so anyway Matt Damon is in some hot water. Any even sexually harass anyone that we Noah give it to him we also have some more sexual harassment is coming up in the club where we've got more on Dustin Hoffman. And we have the first guy to go preemptive on sexual harassment age. See the nice to see this and I don't know what to make that he has not been accused but he send him he's guilty he's taking heat. For Forbes in what he did it's sad that that's a fascinating thing. So get that a little bit later but up next behof ratified the top five sports stories of the day. Carlos Santana. Has a new home moron Seth Collins. And will surround a Tyrell Crosby play for the next on next on the fan.