Primetime 12.15.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, December 15th
Isaac is in full on vacation mode, as they rip Sprague for his casual holiday party attire, then meander through no longer being on TV, and which bands would most like to hear a Christmas album from.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner doing the right thing since 1952. On football Friday. This into our house pushes us around 1080 the fan. Away from this moment on is how you grew. Remember this is a football Friday edition of primetime with rising consumer driven by crashing right times to break. As slick dry and in wind. Is it dot difference in dot com. The bulls Friday would Isaac consumed contaminated. Food and. With a delayed yeah I did Sarah and Jeff I was waiting negated your money today that's maintained it was a neat Butler led to multiple pitches I was way out in front of the what do do unlike contain this mutation. The securities and no not really the students. He needed nothing for me today at at what could tell that you are be are. Our nation time and it. He had been in vacation mode for three days we had to go records and stuff while you're gone and out to you what it was not your best effort thought Oprah is far from it it was mailed it. Eighty guys can hear it. Over the holidays listened for my mailed in this audio at CD you pick out where the shorter guys I won't tell you. What it is now but you know. Maybe you guys can hear is you're out on next week right. But you don't hear your due in the state case are right and Angela are now on go on the Monterey Calif that's right lidge was doing the stake Haitian US are they listening in injures now he stayed patient and he's not doing that I got confused you're Cali. Cali number driving down there are you really. Twelve hours. And where does moderate I don't south of today but like Monterey Peninsula that probably that'll be checked ala. We can't say I've ever been. Are really given them like the seventeen mile drive I haven't even seen John Denver's dead body with a I've been to San Cisco a couple times the bears but I think that's in the south. Yeah I haven't been. Now I haven't been any further than that so wonderful. Well then why I mean I've been alarm will never heard of Carmel I have sort of karma that's on my grandmother lived for years this is why it's a special area for our family room. Therefore we're going we're going down their all as appealing rented a house who were all gonna pile in the house are gonna spend a week you know what I am really explored the mighty. Civic. You know it didn't the San Diego and LA for work in football him four times a driven to a San Cisco we've done Disneyland but I haven't really. Like take in the drive in a cut up and down California this is one of those things it's kind of bears example of the most amount app on the West Coast. Is this is never really. Does that really haven't gotten every done my Palm Springs. Really I know that's you know that's a different on the it's way down their B I've never done it well you know I Californians pretty big state to its large a lot going on there that like the fourth largest economy in the world and I would say that from. On the Oregon border. Down alike. Well really Sampras says Disco it's there's not it's a bit much you wanna Selig does not opinion Shasta. Just is awesome that Joseph does like the VOAs is that you give like that all of country and that spanned just drive through and it's. It's it's there's a lot of eureka towns. And then Mike for wanna save like seventy miles this is a bunch of olive trees and then it's like it's the capital of the world you like it great and again. I think it's the weevils and some tumble weeds and yeah really brown looks like you drive and a well. What you need to do maybe if you mark time is it 101. Out on that we stretch we looked Atticus this year this summer we drove down but I mean that EU gotta do you like three days yet so if you wanna drive that. Mid takes you futures driving along I five and then at some point you wanna go over there that's like a two and a half hour. Jaw just to give it laterally over at the league get over to the highway. He so hey. You set up ominous sucked today. Like artists here though I'll see if maybe slacking Kerry exits certainly not going to be me please damages like everybody. I would do on the last. The mr. fine. Holiday party yeah how was that. Last night was the intercom Portland holiday parties and you're at ten pick mansion in Iraq everybody was dressed up accept Sprague yes sprint work week to decide about this and he should have doubled down in the hallway there. Is that it does diversity really did like keyword GD. But it's what did you saw it and I'll work you're the exact same thing when and where he hit a zip up hoodie and jeans and Samir Jordan's. Betty okay. That's when he got up that. Three got off the three is the show the party go home the rental party's third at seven yet he went home I don't guess six this year he didn't bother to change for the crisp for a Christmas are now you looked into the elected the jeans the basketball sneaks and the hooded sweatshirt and like I'm good. Let's do this rolled right in and you look clearly on the invitation at sends out holiday cocktail attire outs once they mentioned yes to. It's Christmas party yeah usually formally never been to a non normal course is party you don't like where wife beater like a whose party T shirt and. It even says on the imitation I didn't go. Yes that's right they are holiday cocktail attire so apparently in sprays world. The holiday cocktail attire means sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt and ice and in the hallway today. And as the rumor got around but that's that was the story of the party and English or any given me because he needed given the back story so this has. He's so. Coakley in the cheapest person at the station. He does not like to spend money and apparently he and I don't think there's a lot of argument no there's really not sprayed constantly thinks that he's ready for Lincoln and one mix tour. But if you wanted that the general consensus on how spray dresses but if he were to go to an N one mix tape like they event and their like we need you to play. Sprigs ready to go like he'd rip off like the warmup pants and he's ready to do get any meat dress like a twelve your whole lot that the story is that. This is not the first time no this is no it's not the might have Mike Lynch as wedding reception was that a nice hotel over in Portland and and I don't remember which one it was there's been nine just hotel locks I think slumped and it wasn't the nines there was I think was hotel lock the sites hotel and they have like like the little reception kind of game area on its own floor and Indy rented doubts about the floor very fancy is this fancy is nice. And it's break showed up to it same thing he got off the year at three and human dirt went out in my watched a football game at a bar. And sprayed I guess was like hey am I OK to go in this news came in and they bolt decided sure let's do it. Sprint showed up like it a course like T sure Wheaties teacher Wheaties yet he's just a T shirt every day and he felt so embarrassed what they felt embarrassed in the hotel staff was like he rented some now he's a little blue shirt the staff and saying he he felt weird and he is like OK I'm gonna go down to the front desk conceived a lonely something and they had a sure that they gave them from like they went down into the basement and got like a bill boy's shirt. Inspiration put it on and had to whip its be you paid him ten bucks to run up to a halt to the party some pretty good. Number the you know they feel pretty good about that right ten bucks is free booze so Sprague came out on top but even after all this. He's still wore a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. Too good of a normal cocktail party. But when I some mojo in a tried to call him out on it he doubled down it was like what it wasn't a hooded sweatshirt as that it wasn't egos no it was a zip up. He's trying to claim not the point he's trying to claim that these zip up hooded sweatshirt somehow morph ball. Then the regular pull over and it's watcher but you've got an oddity. Well it had to Ross strings. And Hud would would you want. Well look. Twelve anymore he's not who you'd like to be well except I think this is a thing though with. When you get old like gas. And swagger your way 5546. EZ chief. If she she found a big zip your match 1039. Yeah and I'm 42. Now how Holden Sprague. I'm gonna say thirty. Thirty if that is say late twenties. Is he thirty his third he has there okay interest well. As we are now the elder statesman here at the station with the exception of Cleveland who's about my age yeah. But he came in late dad is mean you know we have a lot of guys. Who have started their careers since we've been here eaten. And one of the things you have to kinda. Do ski used to is that they're not all. Grown up yet. Now you know the adult part is that it you know is as was with the EU and with me and recite it takes you know it's it's a gradual. It's a gradual thing. Becoming an adult like at night literally doing everything. Very adult eat them and them. You know there are some of missing puzzle pieces from some of these guys like Michael lynch plays video games to 2 in the morning he has had to like there's nothing adult about that. This table wants to feel better the jewel of business. And it will net I would never oh and he always throws that down but never not bring enough Mike Lynch work cargo shorts. And as I have switcher him a dense fumes so these. He did I was there. Is still. My head around that he feels terrible. And only you have shamed him. Complete and well see this is this is a great example of a he's a kid out young guy and a young man. And he showed and he didn't know. And you taught him like this is a valuable lesson that he is large so big this is on time it takes events like these. Two bit to realize well maybe that was inappropriate touch the stove to find out it's hot and then learned enough in your head back on it yes it's and you are getting the wedding reception rented shirt and now he's doubling down at the holiday party that's concerning at least lynch now but I would fake. You know would would would move on from now I asked him in the hallways and -- own address sure do you order a button up shirt and he thought about it for a second he goes. I think I have three. Let's get an I was labeled them. Why are we where in one in the eyes this is a do you do you need for Christmas tree view like a sport. Anna Getty pondered it for a sec it was like I know I've I've got one of those. So yes three sure it's an 88 blazer but that's a step in the right direction now we just need to get him to put it all stripped. Baby steps baby steps will be wearing a tux to a talented managers business ready that's pressure I don't know he is very well client in the hallway and you know on his pitching was he when he went to the JC concert last night so well. After the yeah he looked about eight from the Marty was here yet Jaycee was there. Thrown down a motive was beyoncé here with him now. Each. Who do you think this break that's what this was was Greg was like I don't wanna change now we need universal some song and dance about he was talking with bill. The bank that he's Guinean yeah. This is how these shapes it change behavior in light of the defense of this is a dead give away Tina snow in it's vicious it's gonna take time this process. Getting there. He's 31 apparently and that that's young young guy. It's not that. And I'm not quite as young some. Some of the other guys to he's getting their tablet which is like twenty says he has two kids that's pregnant and will not gamble will catapult you into adulthood. Like children one would think but his kids aren't little lake beat the kids are starting date to get their little ones like what five or six right. I think he's got 55 think the oldest is five another 141. Half for two we still haven't figured out that pilot did his wife of the party with them. Not that you know does now he brought a friend and then Matt was meeting the wife at concerts see that there is a little. And I think it you know holiday party during the misses his that's what I wanna know is that does the misses like jury does. Does this is where electric car to address in the fumed that we know were not an act. With a look at the yes I brought close to work to change into acts as your and adults. Now is dirt there and there was not there did not make it he was a jetlag he left at like the equivalent of 4 in the morning. Pacific time from Charlotte to get home self well might discusses the best part is Sprague is to go to my gym in the morning and I've seen every free shirt that he get. That's seek weapons and it freaked out meat on it can I defend him on that on. Because I'm back into work carotene finally now. And I hate. Plowing through shirts like if you go if you go five times a week to the gym or whatever beat alum sweaty Asher it's like I I totally get using them the you know what ever I where. Osmond gets a cut or pasty but at the gym. In I don't wanna ruin a shirking get it all sweaty when I'm just in you know I mean now it's kind of have to. T got to dress and evil until we're assured future about food so and so I've got a rotation of five or six really ready shirts and a that I Wear to work out in and I refuse to Wear anything else to work out tight -- I get that. I just think that Saddam. Well I just think that. Sprigs growing. He's getting better but he's not there yet. So let's stay on and with so too was what parents do that. We're trying and I got I'm trying to help out lynch the best led the list isn't very heady title indeed. And I think sometimes he looks at us like we have to has only time things like this but you don't get it eventually. He is beyond the fire remember we were doing and event at a dinner boots. And I said if you mention know what you know fund for just a minute by your parachutes. Just go on pick auditor issues you want and we're gonna buy it because you need to Wear something besides. And issues like an and he refused. He turned it down I was like no I'm not do and I said let's do their free whatever you want. A kid just does go on their picket they have every wide sides can have this not on a pair of dress shoes owned even a casual one parent he says black dress shoes they can be asked to go to like and a winner shall moderately not a funeral. At the video as one pair of hydra issues and the rest rumored new balance Nike like running like she use. Is he claims is what's white residents there and they don't make anything you want. They're all president Dwight size they've ever be Mike hiking booster more casual pick whatever you want. Will Bob why he appears Susie Q where we jeans and you don't look like you're in a fret you refused. What it is like just now that's how Stephanie was he was turning down and free adult footwear that's how are numbered year. Well look. We can't sit and talk about the youth. All day notice for the first is for twenty minutes. Because let us apart in ia was there anything else report on a party has that SE the easiest and was trashed. I know nobody well. The the the drinks are Macon were a little weak but frankly. Was it open marked yes. Entities take two's time. May get a double its simplistic. So there was a magician. A guy who's just forget that the now. Shots into problems that Tyrell Charles got the general there was one good trick I'd I don't know how he did it's I Tikka fifty dollar bill from somebody hadn't signed their name. Like folded up and yet the magic tanker trick and a lighter and it disappeared and then there was a line and cut open a Lyman a hundred dollar of the fifty dollars and there is that was pretty. Cool. Our guys don't count against your standard you know man was there a band. No nobody in no music it's tight quarters in there there's not really a place for. And why Assad piano player and a harpist upstairs but I never heard him play. Harpist. Now you can't act now now argued with them are look. What do we start. I don't know were way over probably. With some football oh in the sport spoke. Has retired. You know who the sport's focus on what's questions. Yeah well I'll get to that we have some college football coaching news to use of those things are for some analysts have rented the Friday holiday it will seek. At 317 on the stand if you were here last night on our broadcast. Now we announced that we are off television permanently they are no longer simulcast the show that we don't. We've been fired yet again. Under the note you have been again. This is my first fiery ES in cash tentative although if you count like the NFL I fired me and I felt like eight times right now. Well and you also got fired from. Oh Chevron. On the I was thinking that TV show that he did Alia in northwest. In if RG I got fired for Chevron for stealing Beecher Keyon and reading Playboy. And I got fired from a bowling Alley once for sliding on the lane and break emea. Little pin the think they came down so. Yeah I've I ever tracked by that's the first time I've been fired you know look to you liable in the bowling lanes. I hate this but you know when the the guard is down via re setting the pins I bowl early. And try to time it so that it. So that the that it just misses as the thing as a they they pay you is that that's equipment that's your one of those guys way to disrespect the lanes well sweaters that I look at he's disgusted with you when it hurts needy or leaked to me balling is stupid and boring. So I need. I need something to you need that rush not to get enough. As an underlying and I drink money. And I just need you need adults and it certainly games you will spark. So I am yeah we are off of NBC sports northwest. For a good we will never beyond their again. Outline is this happening. No I don't really know that. So it's kind of fun though because the studio is back to normal. Yeah we don't have the lights on anymore and hopefully when de regular window back and I'd like to be a public outside of the beautiful low lament. If Erica and in. Yeah but down. These are cameras are still on here mainly could tune in to one of those on her. You want to see Richard I you know I mean if it if there's four nice cameras like it misses were up these are in HD do you really want an HD camera in your bedroom the -- oh come on the before you know that's been in a back to the track their leg up. The people down in Denver getting an Eiffel route to do and let them I've Fuller opera you know that that's of opportunity. Of the night. I'm variety but anyway that pulled DO is I think it's pretty obvious to you know sort of piece together what's going on. With us going off there yeah you know if he's been following along now you'll understand that the blazers puppets. I mean bring tres I mean brass. You know they've. You know they control things at that TV station so they don't like us why would you like us Ellen like Tennessee there's an effect the move that they and David that there are making is not. I mean it's it kinda makes a lot of sense out. It just doesn't include us and so. If you're looking for us ever on TV. Will be there now. Sorry but we will be here on the fans yeah we've been here for twelve years and will continue to be here year after year after punishing the long year ally that. Let them. We're here for now it was a great years great year on radio in them. You know do we get I don't even know what our ratings on T quite honestly I don't think that am many people watch that's station. At all including us. The blazers you know obviously people like blazes games ever. It just don't think any other programming really. Registered I have no idea in all the years you do that I have to this day I could not tell you anything about that. Okay cool that you talk. Was this weird to consider that for all those years we did it we literally had nothing to do with that I we just sat down there was a camera in front of us. Didn't get paid dollar I didn't get paid dollar one for now what I would say is and that's not on that's on our that's ours our management. But what I would say not radio I love radio in I love radio because it's theater of the mind right he's like. Just a Sissy used to be driving your car whatever in somebody's talking you sit takes away all the as you know you were on the ducks post game show in house on top mall in thousand always amazed by. The people. The commentary. That comes in from people about is mostly about your hair your beard you're your shirt your tie them and it's like dude why does any of that stuff matter right like. I'm used to the idea that matters is what you're saying yeah. Because it's radio and you can't see acts in there is a beauty. In the idea that we paint a picture in your mind. And that's all you have to go. And and that's that's why like radio TV is is doesn't have any of that. You know yeah it's and so I think to completely different medium global when you put radio on TV I think you lose some of the theater of the mind Nike kinda. It's like seen on its little bit yeah I get to see behind it's weird O'Donnell lunacy young emperor has no clothes so when you I I've never understood why. People watch radio on TV. I know Oakland. But why you would sit want to bigs to talk until Mike I I would never do that a million years but I got a couple of those yes they were the pike I always had to explain to my wife faith why I was watching us. Yet it is but the reason it's on is because it's cheap yeah and it. It's hours and hours of programming so is that so people all over the country reassures all of the country are simulcast on TV because. It doesn't cost TV much to put it on and it's just it's sports con ten and they can. And they can Celek and I just think it kind of it kind of hurts the radio. Element of what we do you being on television and so on there's part of it's really happy that. That now we does it come in the studio and just talk to people through via speaker instead of them commenting on her. It is a different feel he looks at the same time a few backs a lot of people enjoyed it you know a year I heard a lot of feedback yesterday on the older tech's program on Twitter and you know for the people the route to market up in Seattle the Eugene that's how they consumed us. Sorry but there's always the app you know as you got this where Murat. And departed it was weeded me out is like it was always on my gym but there was no sound. That was the part that I always found fascinating. To be on at a bar or beyond the GM. And it would just be us but you couldn't hear what we were saying he and see you're just watching weird you just watching our faces man. It's just filler that's the part that I thought that you. Language is freaking filler just like air gods those guys but you know there is an element to the blazers are behind this and I think that's extra fans now we'll see that I just think it is such that the man tent that you want isn't gonna be their for a different reasons that what will be sold view about it. And we will still be here. On the radio side of things as an anchor. That's how many but that's like a vast majority consumers redeeming them. Writes this I'd love Chiming Sawyer you know. Leonard thinks he's so like them please we need to it yet now he just can't he can't do the terps and Ari can ease ease about it. Gas I just like to make him squirm any idea or the thing about it is Z he's he's in denial because every time I play a fire or Edgar. He chuckles. He wasn't chuckling before that. Maybe he's checked windy or if you're just going off funding. Ran about being an adult. There yeah but this is c'mon adults think archer funny too true. Don't system adults oppressive we suppress a lot of things right I was out of my kids you're told that it's it's just. You know you can Ambien departs. Because you're an adult but that's really not the case I was driving around today. This Christmas shopping was my twenty year old. And my daughter looked and some people that were kind of walking along and she made the comment she said she kind of thanked me for not. Being one of those dads and I was like what are you talking about she was just look at that that guy you see them were life is just destroyed them and there's no age. Lloyd there's no fun whatsoever. And you know what if that old crusty guy on the sidelines. Walking around or whatever Coles if you enjoyed parts out of from time to time. His wife would be better you have to find the whimsy and things wag every now and then you have to enjoy a kind of year you've got to lose an idea loosen up lamented to stick get your butt every now and OK to be mature but every now and and enjoyed. Yeah it's like to eat it sounds like no you're you're like you and I role Linda big goal black tie affair you're gonna be our best behavior exactly but you know. I digest net Jenin the wife at home aunts and Scutaro on. My aunts that little of the big give and take is the most serious person you know you tell me they announced. I'll come out and just serious people as in the church for a long time in this series despite the asses. Yeah but. You tell me they don't like to you know. I see that's the part that I was finding assuming you find someone that clearly has no sense of humor and like no personalities. You wonder what their lights in those sorts of of moments I can't tell you that's the tape I want is excited they get disgusted. I. I knew it I think our story once. That I was sitting on a flight in now's listen I was eavesdropping on a woman and a man talking they had not they just meant they were behind me and they were talking about. Staff in the woman said that she doesn't understand. Comedy she doesn't like funny cheat sheet. She just doesn't get it she is understand why people. And I just went oh my god I feel sorry for that woman. More than any other human being right now imagine being married to that person no kidding dotted t.s he got to hop a nothing she's single now that you love there's a reason but holy crap that people are like that. You know. I it's I have a hard time competing that I got to me like to laugh it who say have fun not me. BC news. All right. Although I did have someone. Give a reason for not date kind of a friend of a friend tried to set me up with someone. And one of the the main reason to why it wasn't. Connor deal was that I didn't take anything seriously. Like I was. I thought that was an interest he'd be the dangers to euros gives non-GAAP. Yes but we're probably both guilty of that may be too much I get that I did any of that because I'm not uncle like I'm Gary does seem a damn Linda Calvin and I am. Uncle that they generally known that I'm serious or not and I tell them NYNEX and the time. I'm not links are just joking around yeah I'd like to know that he apparently kind of the darker since the humor that just kind of kind of if I'm if if this situation that that's bad acute it's light it up a little bit and did not like that one bit at all. Aren't terrible segment but the idea was to pay that down. Well no longer are we on TV big deal that then there's a lot of indifference around here and said it. If our GMs like that led to thumbs. Did you like to new camera angle we have sports poke news and coaching news next. Well that's and I'm. The and it would you talk about someone to write it themselves seriously critiques. My favorite one of my all time favorite setup I've characters is when welfare problem did rock and doing things. If you don't know that's the whole red chips in Spain where that came from it to me and our show. That's Will Ferrell do we Robert do it if it is trend is off Broadway production of hundreds at some stage musicals are average delay is worth. I would ask the question is probably alive when he's Matthew's life is he looks great he amending yes somewhere in the fifty to 75 million range really yeah. I would guess more like ten. Let's see here. Ten million. Yeah to me that I did say that like it's you could ten million but shortly is doing just fine bit. Hollywood you know what it does make use in Howdy Doody. I thought it would have been like an executive producer on some at some point the this day still didn't residuals for some like that's the question is is that here real. And I bet he'd probably have to pay a lot of my. You know. All right so according Alex grip I can't coaching dispersants are gonna start. I Alex grange at Washington State defensive coordinator yeah. Rumored to be going to Ohio State but not even to be a coordinator now. What's up with this site member they're they're making that ten spot available on here on staff that many people may not know that. So used to be can only have nine full time coaches and you could have you know morbid they were full time it was like. Reverend Ted for did this he could be like especially assisted saarc did this at Alabama consultant there consultant work this week year coach that you can't coach the kids seem to be meaty began got to practice or. Or for the kids well a rubber delay. Very very very dead who really the panel he. Apparently mr. delay died in 2007. Am sorry. Either you bull's eye on I just sign on the celebrity special if you Bolten very adamant about the Libby and stat I was not low enough that my 2007 that would have been funny on must tell me. So this is because most of the time we put people in the grave. Resume prematurely. This time we resurrected do play away series dead. And I don't know I got so I got rung on the the bad tone from the boss. So you have the tax police account into that texting and it's only been a decade. Yeah Juan missed a sorry you did now not that was our money is paean to roll out the again laying. I forgot what it was four was of for college hoops I think was college hoops by the way I decide AM. Reverend Billy quote then could I just assume rob regulate content himself there is seriously I would think so. This is a quote from Robert do a who said. If you can't laugh to yourself you're a fool. He said that shortly before his dad says if you take yourself too seriously get lost up will that may be Goulet was food it was a god apart with. He knew what was up he wasn't beetlejuice after all the gala so much of a bite me asking you behavior and beetlejuice and he did does ESPN. Romo's. You committee can number I take himself too seriously reduce those he's in the naked gun two and a half the smell of fear. I'm OK so Alex grange. So that OK you get attempt assisting coached now yes that's at the new rule now. Now a sand in it's like in January thinking cakes and we you can now have a full time tenth assistant coach. And Ohio State suppose the is trying to make him that tenth assistant coach. And I guess he's from Ohio but it's weird that you would consider. Leaving a defensive coordinator position at Washington State win supposing once it was gonna make you the head coach Mike Leach left. To take a I don't I don't know exactly what position it would be but not a full time important because shot still there. Maybe Dee Dee. DB coach whoever. Just seems odd doesn't necessary they'd be money that has it as thorough do you can 600 K at Washington State I'm assuming you're not going to Ohio State take a lateral moves of if all proceeds will indeed kick in. 8900 GE's. For God's gonna be the tenth staff memoir. At may goaded assure you that the different. He's from grinch is from about early notices happened you know these are just rumors. But grinch is from grove city any played college football at mount you need and three national titles there. In those are two major Ohio connections. In recruiting. So. And you know he's a young rising star he may want to get the hell out of moment. But it seems we go to a big time program are young right these are and if you keep bill needed at Washington State you're in the next job's gonna commons is it's it's it's strange to me the he would go. From the coordinator to a lesser position even at a school like Ohio State a I did there is certainly an element to. Or maybe he thinks that's what he did it washes say it is not. Re credible on a year to year basis. Right both of them up. Trying to get an odd defense and your your name is really high and if you think maybe the coverage and delivered there are you it's not sustainable you get out you get while we get is good you go to Ohio State in the needs this kind of waste your time. Is truth is that it's like. Shia and now that everything analyst in the Tennessee he's not going anywhere now is to buy going to be the DC at Ohio State for a long time. Branch had the best. Defense in the country on third down. Jenna at Washington State I did not know that but I do know for most of the year their defense was one or two in the pac twelve. You know that took a little bit of a beating there at the end against Washington but that was a very good defense. And a lot of people at Washington State and look I'm not here to say who's right who's wrong but if you talk to a lot of content. If you give them the choice on who you would rather like who you could afford to lose Mike Leach or grants I think a lot of them would say that they need to keep grinch really now. Which I think any connect coach yeah I think that's a bit shortsighted I think Mike Leach is a hell of a coach but branches become. They they they worship them up there are now because of kind of this year with the top of the defense. All right well we don't know we're watching and I don't know washes they did say they're gonna give me candid answer to try to keep them. In better college football coaching news had he seen. What has appeared in and down in Tempe X it's my it's my favorite story of the college football season and is going to be my favorite story next year too I love I wasn't going to be a story. I don't think her ever puts on the headset at this point I couldn't be any at around let's not take its showcase that we told you get the data defensive coordinator Phil Bennett left Arizona State for health reasons is that things in the bags. Yeah well they've lost another coach and we'll get to that next 346 on the fan. There's all blue lines taken up and our next segment beings not to do and pet store. The fun open and it's like sports version I can think of a lot of things. It's so let's talk about Arizona State. My favorite college football team I'm gonna go right now on fanatics and load up on Sunday as you gear but a rep before. So just they give you the back story. Herm Edwards hasn't coached in college football ever. I don't think now he was a big you as an assistant coach for one year in the eighties he was like the DBs coach with says this state like 1981. Can. He. Co CN FL. In most recently he's been out broadcaster it's gonna Debbie go over a decade since he stepped foot on the side. Up meetings so his former agent his name is Ray Anderson ball Ray Anderson happens to be the Catholic stricter editors in the state. And they fired Todd Graham. With this new sort of pro style model Luther implement have a GM real quick they fired Todd Graham. And gave him twelve million dollars for that they really didn't have. They gave it to make increased because. They need to get rid of them evidently so they got rid of him but. What they wanted to do was keep others is as they like to other assistance including the opposite corner of the divas coronary and Hillary were gonna keep them in higher in Munich coach and he'd be counted GM well. Re Anderson's old client Herm Edwards got the job there wasn't really even a search like this guy knew he was. He he fired diagram to hire her networks and remember to say did not have like a horrific year it's picked. They fell off the map and Graham was it was okay at Arizona State he was okayed by. I don't know I can see I I CYD maybe moved on from him now when they did. Now when you got twelve million dollars in the basic the whole point is printed out there if if Todd Graham was gonna get fired he should've gotten fired after last year not this year over the last year. Last year they were a look at appear there are teams were five and seven did their teams he went 85 attentive fortunate at 36 and 75 and seven and now seven and five he was his teams are so inconsistent it was very or it was really. So anyway they they bring in Herm while they're gonna keep their current coaches they like their coach is that they think it Todd Graham is a little bit more. Of. Robs kids the wrong way he's not as secretive leader will permit he's demoted later he's the leader so he's going to be coming in ECB to GM is gonna take his NFL high and look for talent. In in the opposite corner in the defense a corner. Really cannot you know. Out run the show on the defensive coordinator bowed out due to and I am I doing equity the health reasons are too. After one year his name is Phil Bennett and their defense sucked anyway. But then. I think seasonal Baylor guy. And then today. The offensive coordinator got the job that Louisiana. So they now have laws bolt the offensive and defense of corners and herb says he's gonna he said don't you aren't sure right now. He's gonna hire. Quality at Geist is to take their place but this was not the plan the only way this was gonna work and it wasn't gonna work. But if it works he did the off chance that it somehow work was getting beat the continuity with the staff as a recruiting and then Herm comes in. And motivates a couple kids in their more consistent right like that's like the only good thing that could've happened in the wrong now. OK so now the Dave las bolt of their coordinators. You're now saying that Herm Edwards is in charge of going out in replacing those guys a guy who has not coaching collagen thirty years has no coaching tree has not has no coaching drink and does he has the NFL coach cheek which by the way there's another funny point. Is one guy he coached with at when he was with the cheats. Was a got an anemic David Gibbs. David Gibbs is the defensive coordinator at Texas Tech find me a worst defense in college football in Texas Tech. Well Herm is set any loss Phil Bennett the defensive coordinator. He calls for David yeah because that's the only guy knows so I've ever kind of Reading through about some of this and I even placed a phone call. And talk to some and it's got some pac twelve ties and the on the street is is that you don't why he went and got. Gives he didn't know he didn't get Gibbs no but Texas Tech can't get a whole Lilly. This even better before you get to your point. Isn't it funny that the 103. Ranked defense. In all of college football came after the defensive coordinator of the 101 string defense. And the 101 string defense gave that demands according to a raise to keep him. And waited and Abbas wrap that are happening Texas Tech and Arizona State to horrible defense is. Are fighting over the current defensive coordinator at Texas Tech two things that that there is a belief. That they're happy at Arizona State. First up. Two of the big reasons why they wanted to keep the staff in place. With Herman Edwards coming in one they could if they do they'd be big for the buyouts. Remember when you fire head coach you have to pay they get to talk Graham to a million dollars. When you far this after you have to pay that staff to go away they didn't wanna do it it was a hard sector ride for twelve million they didn't wanna ride another couple million dollars for the the staff the belief was again with the whole continuity thing is that firm didn't have the wherewithal to go. Iris that he doesn't know you want and so the reason he reached out to the Texas Tech defense supported it was one of the few people he even coached and coached at all. Against this believed that I hardly think coaches are really connected Herman Edwards is not. He couldn't be any further from the college game and he hasn't been involved in the NFL game and over a decade so now does this thing of holy hell the only people there'd be willing to work under Herm Edwards in this situation. Are people that knew him or look foreign. Would need to be worked went into and buddies are now appearing in the. He Mack Brown on the sidelines and has been. That everybody from the brilliant idea PLO has a little bit but still higher on the ESPN talent body block they wanna be you know seated and Tedy Bruschi no comment is like a Teddy you wanna be mighty visit quarter despite fears of real fear out there that Herm Edwards does not have the connections. To hire a staff. And it's like here's a Satan go over pay for a bunch of people is so there's like a real kind M maybe hit the panic button year of what do we get ourselves to. Because there isn't gonna. Admittedly is not an x.s and o.s guy keep can't do it he can't install offense defense. This will be the single greatest experiment in the history of college football and I love the fact that were one we can't no one had no. Whole thing has gone to hell because you've lost both corny line and you've gotten the signing day coming up next week yes. It's right around the corner did their schools don't anyone either you're recruiting. Did there was be greeted by the head coach either coordinator now you're. Katie recruited by Herm Edwards who apparently is the leader of men but. Does not understand zone blocking concepts or the fact that football jerseys now are small and tight. All right so that's latest Arizona State gospel according. So lucky posted what not to do and a pet store and deal like in new NFL camera angle those items next on the fan.