Primetime 12.15.17 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, December 15th
The guys update the latest harrasment accusations of Dustin Hoffman, and who knew you could do 40 minutes of sports talk on Honeybaked Ham.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. This is a football Friday edition of primetime with Isaac and sue driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep ram spontaneity of prayer and following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's. Up the hill up. Where the incident man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Those results. Explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at six. No well. I didn't play his time as Cleveland. If only. It's. The. I love Dave Robertson. AM before we get into more males sexually harassing emails. Because it just hasn't stopped it doesn't I don't know if there's a story like this that it had legs. Blake in its not the same. It's not the same guy who turnovers it's now it's just it's just it's one idea at war and war is not in stuff. He wants now that down there is a woman. Who has as a woman her answer yes. And she has dropped out so she's in there and the reason I know let's causes in Kansas so I really did see you read as it sees a bit about this sushi is senator Carl you know she's running for congress in Kansas she's a liberal. And she and I guess they save people their lover like she's like a rising star. Well she got sued. By a guy. Well her strength her former company got skewed by a guy did she get worked under her. He claims. She. Came on him in he would not have sex with there. And so. The Judy Allen story. Yes. In Scioscia to drop out of the race she's claiming it's not true is that he he's sued he suited the company. For wrongful termination said the reason he was suit is because she stopped talking to him after he wouldn't. Do their job. Yeah well I mean so I don't know I mean equal time right if right like you were gonna to be at the beginning they go after the dudes go after the female soon or we're just like the believability and it you know yeah thank. You should probably give the benefit of the doubt to the accusers yes sometimes there are faults. Accusations that does happen DL they only to be vetted but it's like because he's a guy does he visit. Seem less believable. Yet so I think there's a stigma behind it where what guy like there's a belief that any woman. That comes onto a guy that the dialogue about these things right that's the that's the stigma out there. But we can all believe that some creepy dude goes hits on the hot girl at the office the girls they get the hell out a year. But there's that does. It's just as dangerous to have the statement that any female wanted to do it is like let's part of the guys think absolutely and that the guy to guide me be not Jack and the guy may be buried in a relationship and I don't know actually be faithful. Analysts. If it does happen where I'm sure guys can turn it down for a hike all guys are just animals that all you have to do is say here and now meet most of them yet as a there are other rare occasion where a guy does have the ability to say no. And then you do get the ones that are forced crappy TV I don't know if you pay any attention to the open already back that was accused of rain again citing it chaired what did you see some of the text message is it that it came out its its pretty damning evidence that the group that's accused him. Went back and forth on text messages with friends bragging about having sex with a and then sent him several messages asking to go out again and start a relationship and he didn't respond to them. And then leave the accusation came out so you know it's. There there are some elements of you should believe when when someone. Is accuse some degree the same time. There should be some burden of proof and when it turns out the guy didn't do anything I would hope this doesn't stick to him. Let's I would hope that he's able to move off of this and not be labeled under what he was accused wants. Get used to being accused of being guilty of it when there's evidence to prove she didn't do it. You know I've I feel bad for people that that are stuck with that stigma hanging over their head now for the jackass is that actually do it in mid two that the Weinsteins that. Mario but holly is the map flowers zeroes and we all go away forever. And I Dustin Hoffman you know he's got another one more. So this down her name is Corey Thomas and she was in high school. When apparently Dustin Hoffman. Exposed himself to marina hotel room. And then other down Melissa castor was at college graduate when Hoffman allegedly sexually assaulted her while recording audio for the film Ishtar them. And by the way you should be imprisoned for making Ishtar in the first place. The loan harassing someone there's a third woman whose anonymous said that he assaulted her in the back of the station wagon and manipulated her into essentially counted electric drive attack yeah. And in this that seems to be kind of a common theme is that once. What's your accused the you didn't do it one time. Right but none of these guys I haven't seen what these reports like I know it was a good guy for 25 years. And they decided to just go for that all too awkward grabbed for the boom boom just randomly at work and they never do it again. The pattern of behavior. And so whether it's it's Dustin Hoffman Matt Lauer one sinner any of these dirt bags. It's it's never one woman and one is the one that breaks the sealing cap and then. Yet gates opened and that was like well yeah it happened to me do it is we are dead. For the most part unlike Hoffman a lot of these guys. On the analyze some of these there are a lot of units. It is speak words you'd Gary handful of guys. Then had been accused where no one else has come out and that that is interesting to me because. I just don't think he he like he seems to just wants linking. It tends to give people like out of time here yes so I would imagine that most of these guys would have somebody else follow. The first accuser tonight in Hoffman hands Weinstein of course did but. None of them have more. Well that I haven't heard any more from. Anyone outside even if on network on any of those guys. No not necessarily but there are a lot of women that works for them bitter sane. That did this it's like the least surprising being incident no one's come on haven't seen any other. Full and accusations but whether it's the the leader Lawrence won that that's coming out. There seems to be some. The general consensus that ESP Indian American sports places and this was fairly commonplace. Yeah I mean look I I get that and just saying that there are no more accuses soldiers guys and I wonder line. Give it time. We'll see what happens does the lady that soon all those NFL network people allegedly she has all the text messages so. Mean she's claim that she's got photos and text misses it we know the words saps part is true it's too it. We're gas station accused Warren seven given her sex toys and he's like yeah I did that now. G members supersize me guy to ganguly McDonald's for thirty days Morgan's per clock. Yet now he's the guy I was referring to bid is actually being preemptive about his sexual misconduct. And he. Released a thing called on him part of the problem where he can fast. Too inappropriate behavior he is not been accused up. Instead he's getting like a ton of a blow back for admitting to us it was say that he's trying to use this. To two. Put his name out there in some sort of weird reverse. Like the czar of PR group the people there like yeah we try to make yourself relevant with the sexual harassment. I think he's stepping down from his production company yeah you don't know it's asking him to step down from his production company. He's claiming that he said he called a former female assistant hot pants yet. Yet that is Fabian in in college that he had a we have to discredit and he's saying it was a great cities this is seen in college that he. Apparently he pressured summoned an avid sexy she didn't really want and he's felt guilty about it all these she is actually she did later accused issue later in. And he Peter. I paid for her silence in cooperation Jeff thought that was the gal that he was yet it was that was legality was arrested at work now the winning college bowl. Okay. Any colder so expands again and he said that he's he's like a serial cheaters had these gas city just he throws it around and he's been really inappropriate. Andy's. I don't know where there's a good move or not he says that the easily maritimes where they came form so he's trying to get out front of it. I don't know that's a good move or not. Its opponents even IC leash trained to do you know. Pretty self serving I think the let. I'm not. And the advantage is there something you're going to fill the rest of us. No not at all Wendy's jurist I did I I I told you many times I am blown away by these idiots like routes awful defensive right not I wouldn't. This dude I am blown. And a wet like how dumb are you. This debt you'll whipped out your holiness and enix but do you. I think is gonna happen but at work like oh my god and then some of them take pictures of it yeah. And instead to co workers but since I just think these guys are so. And being done. They're just dumb. So. So what we're talking about the future growth they've done. It and some of someone pointed out to like you know again that dude you grouse and like growing up was really awkward and weird but he got a good job. Got some money and now he's about any little any with a smile that they're like it's on. And some people reported that out that a lot of people you know or awkward kids they grow up and then they become celebrities and then they insist. Of the big there's no standard of behavior I like anything goes. I can't figure now famous and he got a little money and you feel pretty good about yourself. I'd still don't get even if you're Matt Lauer. Pull it out here Wiener. And Mike that's sick that your roof that's would you do you go to you seriously you're done you just dump. Marshall (%expletive) did it to difference of opinions. The book called these men Olympic beach in Idaho its site she asked. I just at code known shall lauded it as just reading through some of the reports are stunning. And yet they got away with it for decades. Coming up next hey let's talk about Christmas traditions. The good Christmas tradition putting your Christmas traditions the two guys team and you know. This also protect that that part of the hang in and you're do you have in the Christmas party well it's. Well you do it's Christmas tradition. Laurin back club Canadian thing. Some NASA is it located lived down on your life in the bedroom. When she's reading a book but. And the answer to that is absolutely yes of course it's a do it all the time it's just a minute ago Obama. While I am a confined to town that's got to be Ted Kennedy who thinks that the groups that I. Didn't know any announcements in this group sorry it's they and it's totally different your life yet mind. Although at the white says no then again that's which she Linda coach we're knows the half true yeah I mean yes no means no. They ship to see if we're like pineapple or whatever in your and that's gripping them by no means out about it this one wouldn't it if we're ever. Forever this is the universe real. If you ever have to ask yourself should ID that is the question is doubtful yeah totally despite all its I think a oh what he's I don't know face and say this though. It is is we need to start a business we need an act. Where you send us what you're thinking about sandy we filter and that we have a team of experts in real time that we'll get back Q did like ten seconds. That's big gives you the thumbs up or thumbs down I'm not saying like. In the sexual harassment round yeah but I can't be honest I don't like your line of thinking there. In other rough other walks of life. The things that shouldn't be Dan are often times the best things to do. You say in his that they did favors the bull if you will fortune favors lower today yes yes it. You go for yet that's code goes right by a crypto glance to all of the their opportunity right there decline and by the way can say that tiny. Is Jeff in our costs. Jeff has been our bonds on what eight years or so he got here in 2000. He's still in eight days in Iraq there. Now I nice I don't think I've ever disappointed our boss Jeff Baton Rouge more than I just did. In the last break games not anti. And I resigned this. He's right shame and scorned in dumped upon. So just came in. Wit without our hot Christmas gifts courtesy of Entercom radio and and are hot you guys know we get this is a huge Christmas votes in mean it's like the Chilean of the month club. Actually no I do not think it's his quality united is Jillian about. That's a twelve month suggest Janzen Joseph Selma we get. 25 hot dollars. To honey baked and then now used to be fifty dollars. Yeah they cut in half this year. They had up and it yeah you could have enjoyed more Christmas bonus stuff sent to the mountain. Mountain mansion last night where they handed out free dance. Another hit enough free drinks. Yeah that and the food was very good night let's say the fight and let's keep on task here. So anyway we got cut down to 25 dollars so he gets he gets our coupon. And I looked down at it and I said. I said come the big event because rob was indeed they cut in half. And I said I think I had like four of these in my desk as it every time I region in my district get a pander like you to go search for through Lhasa. I think I have four or five of these sitting in the back in my in the bus because you know those are expire. Because you have a year to use them. I was like I don't even know were honey baked ham is intimate look at how about right there. He was disgusted. And my lack of knowledge and respect analysts in the honey baked am I'm so where does or even eight diluted agent is right down the road it's literally a mile umbrella handy bit. Still it does spread and you it's nice guys it's just miss the really can't can't beat Jeffords right avenue and exasperated tone goes out more than damn. They have more. Who do you go into they've got uncle got is turkeys. They got to does he the barbecue ribs tasty and cheese cakes yeah. And I think what I reiterated I don't know I'm not going to heat I'd like its hands and he responded with a once again there's. Now you're gonna get fired you really wanted to hammer home the morning and just say in in almost ten years. Of all the things that I have done all the meetings that I've miserable all the emails that I haven't read. Of all the dumb stuff I'd sit on the air but what thing. That pisses off my boss is my complete and utter lack of. Disrespect. For the honey baked ham Kubel had a little say it is pretty alarming for a they got especially because you get him every year and he's still in the words I know it was so sensitive about it doesn't like it takes to. The ticket if they can't grade they have seen images but that's triggered this little restaurant in their she could go for lunch him. Whose signatures he need with all the suits their skills and abilities Tea Party seeks to. I'd give it my coupons have expired but I know I'm close and when I bring him home she's like I'll where's the other one McKenna. Sometimes it's not that needs to. This recovery just completed like a billion dollar merge. Together and not just I snapped a spot CBS radio. Like the second largest radio company in the world now you didn't want it look like whoa whoa. Spent a lot of money on this merger boys and pay for princesses tension now that's its technical. Gregory and have to make some cuts here and until you let their hands or don't wanna win it. You can only have a 25 dollar I don't think he can no. Because they had to buy him before but my brother does the big Christmas spread and his wife does the cooking and into a cheap and so sometimes I'll be in charge of him. And yeah I hit to like 4050 about it so here is a here's a hot honey baked him tip yeah tonight. Those give search or for 25 each of the usually give us to third seed to. Did you get a whole AM although apparently they got so much more than being in this is I give in to my wife because. She she'll buying like bull cams with them break that she knows what tonight. When I used to get them Mike can we get these every year. And it can get amid Thanksgiving to. Media yeah we know we used to get around Easter. Give him the Easter and then he had big twice a year you'd get you'd and then Thanksgiving Christmas windows somewhere and they ended up with his coupons to act in the the office. So I went I went in excellent wit defy easy uniting him in my life I would just stopping their for lunch in damages paid for them like I have this compound is going there for lunch but it received by. Do you buy your meal Austin knocks him whenever. They won't let you you have yet to spend at all. They won't let you. The 98 to fifteen a way to kick go to the pet store looking fake punt the end by eight bucks worth it'll get like you can't get like a gift card back at notre now just millions spend oodles I am saying so. What I ended up doing was I would do deal pay it forward thing I would just say hey. Oh I would buy some stuff I'd buy like a piety go or something and I'd take down home to be fifteen bucks. That night here take this in the whoever's next. In line. Just pay for their speed their stuff. As he got to do drugs as rules in their dislike of big rig is AK and hi I'm I'm religious to people. Kids think that this is who need it I got this he loved you grunt but data's you got a lady. Much is never thought they would add Derek in cedar mill he's he's never been more disappointed in you. I you're you're off your rocker I don't know why am pissed that put my lack of respect for the yeah. I did not know that people. Felt this strongly about the honey baked ham. The words to boosts hate. More than yeah. Oh honey baked. The very very expensive and can this be like the time they get calling freezer the big garrido. And I had that we've told this story don't like I hate to sit any media all the people from Greece or came in an educated me. Odd the fact that they won their fine food products Jesus potato salad and all the pressure because we are trying to get organs they'd they hated that I called the degree to. I've ever agree that preachers frozen burritos. Another one of these to sit down you are at the table while like the bottoms of representatives from the U beat him industry. Committed chastised me for not respecting the hail. The only time I've ever been reprimanded in my career was over the apparently had pissed off to him industry in there in the people's freezer sorry. Thank you. Apologies it's eight I'm sorry I was spend. My 25. Dollars now at the standard you're gonna love your children will enjoy some tasty to him this holiday season you know it you're bent on. Yes I do not think that they have properly. He's shown by my Fam leave the hand glove that they so deserve seriously hams are like and you. Everybody needs at hand it's like everybody needs plumbing services until I was gonna tell you I need plumbing no number we're talking about both need to keep you never know when you need random plumbing services. Like the plumbing gift card. Ashley hands. I just have to shell out to 33 beating him mindless as they kitchen kitchen during was all it's ever up under 200 dollar ago about 450. And plumbers or worse than electricians and you know they know they get chipped. They bump that up a kitchen. And not about this and now hands the equivalent of plumbing services. That's an idea is always useful to do to run him right get real best on hand I want to soak him in some thundered through round. And then go down that road I think we have some valiant but. I think it above legitimacy and you know Irish whiskey today and I think it's soaking him in that that it. The GA visited ginger ale now he wants something a look that's got a little sugar minutes and even and gave that team. Just yes he when Jess and I think everybody is on the unit expert. All right let's talk about Christmas traditions in the final half hour of this club besides him it is 632 and our eyes Christmas is cannons against it's. Monday next Monday I just figured out I'm avenue very handy Christmas. I went back and looked at my desk boys I'm sitting on 300 dollars right now and any baked into violence that's so mind. I headed the main thing you can do like serious Christmas shopping. For light all the fringe. Because they also have like some like slight like coffee cakes sort of things that you're going to somebody's house that you don't really know. You can take him a nice you know. Coffee cake for dessert thing in these so you don't show up empty empty handed they went back and looked at in my desk a's have like him. I've got an hour ago to have a much bigger expired I can't believe those have been stolen and to sit. But to sit with nobody nobody is gone through suits masks you know people that's not true at all really stuff gets stolen around your own book. I'm not saying that I would think. No my guess its rooms throughout time but I get stolen I have for a while we didn't have silverware yeah I know and so I've I've waited too like Freddy's and I just got a big stack of fortunes news. Those went like you know I want to pull for the fourth yes that happens all the time and then the other one that I get taken is dealt. They always bring dental floss in and the pages disappears and that the first street parties. I used to bring in the actual like rules floss and people wouldn't just take some plus I could care less take a pool of it they just take the whole thing it would tickle me. And I had to go to taking foster's quick individual ones but I do think that those kids taken to think people just like apparently just take handfuls. You can go to Modesto at times take that crap but apparently. No one wanted my. Him certificates it's announced that none of mountain. Honey baked and coops. That's a good ideas mag with the fringe. To show up to desert to people's homes to give me handed happy. Holiday his hand up and AMP youth and you'll get hugs for the aisle and like us. Now if you don't have a legs like crazy ordered said that basketball game that ended up right now. Pretty happy about this now. This has been my upon how long has led to stockpiling intercede just need to view. Next week like one of the days that series is you know little little early. Go a half mile down the road to Johns landing up there and two little shopping. It's getting what I went in inches body and like I just. Think the next people in line like everything just just went down the line and like you didn't damage you did it damage you getting if I was gonna go in there and is buying. Something for everybody sale which is on me like as long as you take Crawford to videotape bit. That'll be fantastic kind of fun right to just go it'd be like hey nothing major but like you said they serve like sandwiches for lunch. Is still yeah X 300 dollars worth the sandwiches lunches and those are on me he put a little Santa hat and. And he greatly for Jesus hearing converse with the olds and yet fields do in this market. Don't like dealing Angela. It would just be a daily fees for its goodwill you have and I think he sheds some quality cheer if you. Don't hold your boy Don Leonard Jim Nolan get a news crew down there again it could you sell some of these you can't do anything nice to listen went there to document read it right. What I love like silly way at real believe you know it's not about how good. Cheerio and the idea of a doing that is grid except. All the interaction with the people. That's very much and not do it if the idea of giving out their hands that's great I don't wanna how much is him. A big can't do like though the ducks learned just I can't tell in decent sized one there is usually in that. Twenty to thirty range depending on mountain. So I give out give a lot of US. I'm shopping online right now. See what they hands give him and him it's gonna bring me. They beat you that ten hands. Pretty kick everything they get. Well you wouldn't wanna go during lunchtime. Now is bunch feeling you get so images. Kevin if you hit that right about 13130. You could probably go sit there all Dayne is because the president get a ton of people coming in there you know. They you could probably sit there all day. And give a hand at every one that comes in that's. An imaginary de L how much. Imagine now bring out next week not so much it'll get busy next week. Yeah look at your quarter hands can run you about 3035 bucks. Grenade scooters are cutting him I did do this I kind of I kind of think this is this is fun there's no way Hillary didn't. We did I got six of these I'm not get it I kid you 300 dollars and him pimps may candidate Jim and they're actually pretty clearly. Elevated to do with 300 dollars at the. He just shocking turn. They still let navy. It should've said they've got well there's also there's also sliced. Honey baked Turkey Turkey breasts or do this would neighboring in the afternoon like at 296 good guy like the little frozen things besides if you like to hear us weekly data is there little green bean casserole you get some sides to do this strange brew got to be team unity six I believe they'll be new charge on this interpreter. Didn't upgrade it. I think I'm gonna do this I think a bit ago and I'm gonna give out. Christmas hands. And I and strategically do I'm gonna lurk. In the store. And almond is seeing first hot single moms that obviously would be the first choice. A look for the wind being. And then after that after I get by a hot single mom dad all the for the need a lift for the people that this feel like they could use. Some holiday ham. I'm gonna go through and I'm just get a but of randomly just like a decade you know. But robs out of here I you have to be here Manning down the fort so we're gonna need some unique video. Evidence documentation. To at least take how this goes down photo with each year. Pam recipients. It's particularly and you don't get yourself yeah he's Luka in return I can get them of the he needs saying this we re here. But if they're religious waiver gate that you can be found is these days you can have this him but I really good in Egypt sent it doesn't like you to send is non disclosure. But accidental now mind you. That's only when the hot single mom is getting other hot single. Yes anyway yeah which location by John slamming his your best bet and they're needed yeah. Steve I still think you need a lot of holds those that the united and a look at the fields up they deserve it. Scanning your shelling let's do it give it a segment left. Yeah now we did recall we called big John OK I was gonna talk about Christmas traditions that we've spent tees now we're just we're starting anew I was suit query just hands out Christmas hymns improvement as the Grossman's hands. Every year they him coupons and then this is gonna be an annual tradition. John wraps it up next on the team okay this is it our final five minutes of broadcast. For a while between you and myself just the food the last time that we will be appeared together until. The new year. After the new year I could well be your next week but you'll be gone in in the week after that all the talent in. And then the weekend today you'll be gone against. Them and again you when he connect that Friday. The fifth the fifth so will be next yet until January 8. We'll degree fifth believing that that show I come back on Thursday. That's. But at the but was going to be back on that Thursday remembered the boss had me work that Wednesday though. Well I'll tell you they're laying down its hey I'd like to report something manic high John Galloway and. It you know go down and start handed out free and you'd better kick you with your etiquette. Let's make get a wrist and hand them because I've I had the likable one it's it's just you lurking in your restaurant and you know air them but he could Russert. Getting to be like what's the catch it's possible yeah. ABC didn't. Needed need to go to have to be to go between here and beat the offer you could still about the three. But you alone a particular misinterpreting your dog down my plan. I understand this missy again be turned handed out to the Hudson LaMont but it. Adding unit may be seeing the two of us to get I think you can assume that worry we got a bigger outside. No listen. I'm much more likable things but what I do as I expected a lot like it that they now. My brother over there famous radio celebrity with like they have got a free him would that be okay. And then she looked at you they'll see you over there. And they'll be intrigued enough you lecturer and did you come over and up to 3 PM if you just leak from the bushes with Mike your recap lady you're going well. Kind of like the idea would quite jump doubted just went. Damn that thing just like looked at him had she. To speak to someone else lot of need to either got it. It's true I need to be there to keep you out of jail. This worried that he was on screen I feel like you're just England for him by the way I've got one for you. The bus came before him. I was gonna say I have been the recipient of acute amp revolt if you're and it's a lot press again. That you know this is true you've got my wife all worked up right now she's stopping around wondering why don't you. Well you know I've got free him for you I mean at the bus gave me eight. Might 300 dollars in a year coupons are separate from the coupon that the boss gave me and you give to you I would like to report this seal that there is a woman in our office turning mysteries Seth she is in charge of passing out the hand coupons and nineties and she is the clipboard and checklist yes she know you don't make that list not like you're not a full time guy you know their lives get that feeling didn't written in either now. It's very prestigious what you're telling yes it's a big deal. At work here John it's it's all the plaques and it puts him in I'm sorry but you're not a full time every year but. I can assure you that the bonds has given means telling other. Did the boss Joseph Boston has authorized a ham coupon. To you that I have in my possession. And then on top of that I have the 300 dollars in extra hand and if you play your cards right. That 25 dollar and John they get bumped up to a fifty if you play your cards are. I thought well that. That aside I would I would say I borrowed the idea of you giving back to the people I just think you need to have a ball there keep it going astray. Spider mesa great point. First of all. Honey baked ham owes us so much money yes advertising at the money on this and we. It means it is to have this turned it like a forty putted it from what other radio show can do 45 minutes on. After being ham. Not I've got both Comcast people who really sorry you're not a. He'd be right back at the believe me the alternative is there I didn't lights that's BS we're modestly better then again that they got the and talk tamales on is it that they can't use that hand is is a much better conversation. Do you feel like Tony because this a little something. You know quality PD no doubt about you know what though we'll give back I just did. I kind of wanted to be a part. Play will you be filling in on some shows lawsuits gun. Funny how well overview I'd love to we have via I think they have a special holiday edition of the success hazard next Wednesday. Well I would love to come in and do eighth after holiday edition with speaker. Yet do you put on your calendar the Wednesday after next mold in in it'll be euthanized. I wouldn't be. Let me Merry Christmas. It. Do it in there he goes so here's as easily so I'm even indication. In this you know among. Like it well I've been here since. August item as the days since nine I think and I think and one day for golf with it but you've been here. Blonde is Italian though that tell all the sides cholera is an occasion I did the whole. Potential media day in on run. This year now in this day and never got sick. Tip of the cap the night I was sick. It is the data music you know and understands like these labels that we get for always been on vacation always been sick none none none none now I've been here. The powered through this ball is next on Monday people Google books delusional again and add yeah you. Weller I deserve this and he does have a great time have a Merry Christmas. Mister C Canucks enjoyed Monterey and look around for me mr. and so I got to thinking filling in. I'll be back on the broadcasts. I believe the 26. When I return everybody had the great. Safe and happy holiday and a big suit. And Luke. Are back on Monday. I don't know my just premium which it some idol were the only thing we have locked in places there will be the success hasn't on Wednesday Monday Tuesday. It would be mean in some other expect more pollination and they probably four more hours. Leading Tampa to Los 656. This is the thing. Red shoes. Okay. I.