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Tuesday, December 12th

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. I'm at times news. And you can find the time to spin you actually yeah primetime revise against you. At home what they'll all journalists in all clubs. Think yeah yeah this is prime time and I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes are brought in Jason singer Janet quit trying to I'm Jan ADP. CNN. Okay then it's up 406 era over there yeah I am why do you ask me that you had via its own. What he means it chuckle if you will may be a sure. You know Barbara. So buddy. Yet our GM called me sport yesterday and he the other day he called me buddy bro I'm buddy you're sports with I mean it's a work a. Buddy there's the lake is mutual sort of things is I was pregnant also your hair. You're so cute I feel was did he gives you little edit one of those. And you know and you're sexy you're forty EZ got a great beer at I I think you can sport. A 42 year old well but anybody else can she. May be a dinky camera in your older. And his owner. Well yes because he views me as young. Neither does the line and after forty you can't be considered young. Look elitists are on me sport from her. Eyes can be sport for. Similar Sports Radio it just feels wrong it's a little I don't early on and I can't sport up I can only sport now and you're like yeah that mean I can't. And go above my chain of command I said hi bill. Those matters. It's up's sport. As a locker you anyway. Mike Riley. Talk in our next segment. But tell me let's wrap up this little bit where junior am and gone through all of the coaching hires. And there it is you get to say. This feel like it. This if your man. Or this if you hit and that he be just tuning in. It is a a stunning turn of events that Herm Edwards got again. I can you gotta double again I cannot. What they'll layers in the state is doing okay next so you liked Mullen eligible Florida State Willie Taggart. That's that that's that's that's in the middle I would tell if I feel like Florida's they could've done a lot better. I feel like that is a top three to four job in America. And I just I don't understand the I I get to Willie Taggart is again. Recruiter Florida State recruits itself it's a tougher recruiter every single year to bring in a guide to bring in a TARP recruiting class you are ready habit. And I just im not sold on him being an x.s and those guys. Allen just that I don't I do not understand the love that he was at the top of that list. I think Willie Taggart I hate to say this but I I enact in please you tell me define him. If I'm saying this because he's gone. Because I don't think I am months I've been saying this all along I think Willie Taggart is kind of a fraud. And and I'll tell you why a couple of reasons one he's never had any success without an like eight all world quarterback which. OK you can dismiss that and say well. What coach as well a lot and again. We pointed out that I was at Georgia. Wasn't Georgia who has it this year than had a team dolphins corner had three for quarterbacks in one games at all. Oh that was is Maryland is now you have but you know look the ducks without Justin Herbert were nothing I mean it was horrible yes. That because a small sample size fuel to that column you know just in her surely get it easily dismissed any sponsors as a matter. Tag and I mean it that was pretty alarming. And then at South Florida has only did here was with Quentin flowers whose special candidate they won eleven games again this year with him. The other thing about Taggart and I've heard this and you tell me if you have heard some of this to that Taggart. Wally good recruiter because he can absolutely relate to Weiss from Florida you can relate to the it to kids he does a good job recruiting no question. Heat there was some talk and I have I have my I'm I'm being fully honest I tell you I've met here the ground with some kids now at yet you Jeanne in. They talk to players. They didn't like will attacked. Willie Taggart. Like the current players was rubbing people the wrong way. And again this is not sour grapes because he's done this is just that people are saying and this is why players were so excited about Mario crystal ball is that. That was really the guy crystal ball was the guy they loved in the guide it kind of galvanize. At the team and gotten got everybody together Taggart was more above that and was. You know. Determine I heard was that the was too faced in a lot of areas and over time. That. That's started to (%expletive) people off down there it's I don't I think Willie Taggart was any road and I may be completely. Wrong yeah. But this this is comes with you know people who are saying some stuff down at the top players in. Imus not all the players but there is some talk dated thanking them and crystal ball was the guy anyway. And he's been really great recruiter and Taggart. Kind of pissed a lot of people off in like him that. It's that it seeks a Fuller says there's no excuses right this isn't it in two years if you're not winning ten games on exactly but can't you see that about him out like tag. There was always something a little off. I and it would come that it would have all come out. Had they started losing a bunch more games without the injured quarterback right I doubt it wickets because south. Aching aching get ugly in a hurry and that didn't happen because they got Taggart Iran. Herbert back is would have been it was time to see you know with if at a would've did this is this the long term without Justin Herbert how much of that was was just an Herbert just an uber talented team. And how much of that was you know schedule remembered their hard part of the schedule came with without Justin Herbert S shoots it Herbert played in that. You know is their two losses is they did they gore defeated during that stretch mean it's. It's it's a steam but yes I do think it Willie Taggart is a play caller to meet even with just Herbert in there. To me was always a bit suspect and well we'll we'll see how it plays outside I can't pay and that higher. From Florida say but I certainly don't think it's a slam dunk I think when Europe school like that. To me there's no excuse for not getting. 88 top flight proven coach well. On CNET haggard is you know like he kinda came across the typically with the way it ended in him going to Florida State it's it's it's sort of shone a light on. This kind of slimy nature and a lot of coaches like that. But he did not have a real genuine. Sort of he'd come across as as genuine as some others like markers to call him in I think that that eventually erodes. Right people see that door in these kids aren't dumb like that there's. And I think they were starting to see we're hearing that they were starting to see that and that's fasting because he has not Dan anywhere for more than what. Years yeah I think what three years think three you edit it's like. What's content that was said this about Neuheisel he was just kind of staying ahead of the trouble right. UCLA and Washington were not as good Coach Kiffin had this to write these kind of bounced around in you know dad and any wasn't anywhere along and have to really see what he's all that and you're exactly right about Willie Taggart. This is it you're gonna see what he's all about. At Florida State he has to win and yes the wind. Jim ships right Mikey he must. Yeah you gotta be mean and it wears you tell accuser for three years South Florida he was there for four. And that an organ adjusted use their for the ones so. It's than there is no more hiding here there's no more excuses there's no more you have to build the program. You know Dorgan you came in here and indeed you know let the world a far it went 75 there was an excuse adjusting Herbert being hurt. At Florida signaled wants to hear excuses for us it's win ten games I think held Florida State could have done a lot better in. Honestly I honestly believe that organ is in better hands of my focused on the Li tag just one guys opinion. OK next up assassinated at their two top guys were. Willie Taggart and and Charlie Strong aina that's weird around gets. Policy we have here promises to be hired Matt Luke and we don't know mr. B state Joseph Moore head you know back and he came from Penn State they love and now. Bill the other day the media is really about and love him and I guess you know he was a guy that that people say is either the the guy behind the guy James Franklin never alleged in Franklin. I don't know I know enough about it personally but everything I've read there's not been one. Person I I've I've read that hasn't yeah universally praised this. And say that he is a football guy through and through that kids love in the coaches love that administers love and and people were head over heels over this higher. As rested a place like that that you know. May be is it gonna get a city five hours or you know power cupcakes Nebraska Scots trust me when. This thing go home run you're gonna find organ Chris saw. CN this is one where I'm not as high as high as everyone else I'll give you money is yeah and then I don't know if if he'll pan out I think this was a lazy higher. I think this to me was for the sake of trying to keep continuity and it was very shortsighted I get my success at Florida State. Is it is a top five job I think organism top twenty top fifteen job and to me. To go with the guys simply because he's there in the players like him and you kinda keeps the momentum going from seven and five season. I I I didn't love it done not to say that he won't wanna do great things. But I may be the one guy that thought that the that you should have conducted a bigger search Jonathan Smith. Gold gob gonna go in the middle. I get why you hired him. Ye you energize the fan base you instantly provide a shot in the arm for program that desperately needed it. So I I I don't have a problem with them hiring Jonathan Smith of the question I have about organ state was who else one of the job. Because I'll say the same thing that I do a martyr crystal ball. If mark crystal ball. Had never come to organs for one season a set and five season. They would have never even interviewed him for that job in job that Smith did not play quarterback at organ state he does not get interviewed for this job. Be edited two or three year offensive coordinator Washington. Isn't even considered. It's of the fact that that he got hired their. And this that this it's one of those things that latency did you you wait and see on a but I totally get why they did it end and energize the fan base. And that part has been great I'll skip over rice Sonny dykes SMU now from. That Tennessee Jeremy Pruitt they ended up lag tired irony Alabama defensive coordinator yet I'm and me. This is one if your Tennessee. Minnesota go in the middle ID keys screw this thing up so badly. And the part that scares me about this is it sounds like that's for the reformers trying to do a Barry Alvarez sort of thing right BC to fill them out of homers and recruit yet he said he wants to be. He wants a new coach I he's gonna be the next coach you know it doesn't work out and ended they go body and get through it simply because he's the he's a young guy and he hadn't had this before. And you really gonna give proof there is the opportunity here as opposed to a city head coach that wouldn't put up with this. It's just something stinks there in Tennessee to mark UCLA Chip Kelly yeah it's it's phenomenal home run him at Scott frost the two best hires hands down. Both guys ya want to. Is the timing would have been different it is oriented got one on the back if I can tell you could treat crucible for Scott frost right now instantly take me hours I can ask conference in enticing him Jim both Fisher. Justine yeah this is easily give a Fisher's one of the best coaches in the country. All right coming up next okay this guys getting mad at me and he's he's right to be met this guy he gave me c'mon man. I tease my granny thing for 45 minutes however he wasn't even here yesterday I tease it all yesterday we never got a so it's been more than to a 45 minutes it's been like. Took less than money from just under 24 hour yet we should probably let's get that okay that the rest of the hour for as long as we need in with your feedback. What do you think about Mike Riley backing Corvallis. Text the Bridgeport Beers Tex signed by 53 up by the we'll get to that start that conversation next. It is up for eighteen on the ten. Our except for. It's fortunately few items on this night I in an idiot self proclaimed lot of reasons why. And this may be another one but them I will preface all of this. Conversation by saying I do not see any downside to bringing my credit back to Oregon State none zero not one. Thank the eye can see where people could. Come up with a potential problem I don't have an issue with that at all. I don't think it's gonna happen but I can see where people are. So let's get some of those out there while I can talk about amen yeah got a ton attacks on I just teased 88 tell us your thoughts. And literally people that hate it but one day teens yeah. Another ready they're they they had it all holster for 24 hours now they're like yeah. That is real about it. Spoke up right in and so it's camera okay so Reilly out as the release John does that hired Mike Brown is going to be assistant head coach inside I am assuming obviously he's got that mean. Well slots and it most people have an assistant head coach so I don't know exactly what he's gonna be doing if he's gonna be working with quarterback was admitted he's not going to be to Courtney Smith said. He said 85% of what he's gonna do is teaching technique yeah does it Smith when he came out thus I asked him what was the unique. Skill set of Riley Peterson and Erickson and his up point about rally was he's never had a better teacher of the game yeah. And so that's what he'll be doing and he'll be recruiting yes southern cal areas ties in California we could always recruiting California fairly well for the state and and sunny city 85% is double B that. So the you look at it will he be working directly with the quarterbacks and BU I he's due to be doing something with the offense what role in how big a role we will wait and see. But I I think what some people are Fiorina and I just don't I don't buy this is the fact that. Yeah ever ever. Xena household has like 22 women in it to work I don't you're gonna ask me if I've ever seen in Grumman naked with you really went down at. Hitters and a Turkish prison a billion. He married and you know manatee will now. When these kids are I did you Silas and Jimi Hendrix a solid will be hesitant and I've heard of them now if you ever had this though lake in year any when he asks a you know Mikey get married that famous pianist a person's young. And they moved back in with mama Doughty moved in with the in laws for for a little bit which I've deceit to bid to buy a house whenever it's he got the mom living their and then you've got the young wife lived there. Yeah you can't have too. Alpha females in the same house doesn't work you did nicest people in the world. They're gonna butt heads because they each want the house run their own way what the towels on a certain way wandered under a certain time you want to dish is put the way you want this color scheme there you're very opinion in that I think people are afraid. Of that the people are afraid of Mike Riley coming in and it not being Johnson's miss program but it being just Mike Riley now three point oh he's already been hit twice. And and kind of stepping on toes in their being some sort of power struggle there. I cannot see Mike Riley at this point in his career at all overstepping his bounds and I also don't think Jonathan Smith is some sort of little. You know cowardice guy that's gonna allow himself to be walked over dismisses the headcount yes it image of the Smith wants my brother to back off I don't think it's going to be hard for joining the Smith tell Mike Reilly no I'm the head coach so. My retort to the what you're bringing up there would be very simple. And it's like hey duke does not know Mike Reilly yes he there is no ego with my currently. He is a guy who has seen at all I think a great resource for a young head coach who will be handed some problems that he that he may not be prepared. Four because he doesn't have their long head coaching resonate. And I think Mike Riley is self aware enough to know. When he's overstepping his bounds and I just don't think he would do I think he's the perfect guy to bring in this this role I understand those. You know the answer those concerns is just I think he's the one. While the one I think he's an exception in that he's just not the type of guy to do that I think he has a great relationship John Smith and I see no downside. Q having here is. Him being having him being a resource. Are young account there is very few coaches that I think that this could possibly work out with the that I would even attempted. Mike Riley is one you wonder why Dennis Erickson has deserts and and he come on sale and -- staff yeah maybe for that reason yeah it's like you know as I get my hands hurting on don't want either isn't exactly and and I just think Mike Riley insulin said it best on the on the program here. I think that my gratitude this this I'm stealing his his is taxed but Mike Bradley is being brought in to coach John Dean Smith on how to be head coach yeah. I don't think on how to run an offense Joseph Smith is a gonna run Mike Riley's offense K Jonathan Smith we've been working under Chris Peterson for awhile. Bowl games recruiting questions. That guy has a wealth of knowledge and how many years of coaching football. Why wouldn't you want it to happen to that if you believe that there isn't going to be a conflict so to me if I'm getting hired. I would not want to hire an alpha male head coach. Digit to be on my staff I would I wouldn't be interested in that let's say for it's I'm trying to think of another pac twelve coach. Todd Graham just got fired right yeah I would not really be adjusted in bringing in Todd Graham to be an assistant head coach in this sort of mentor thing. I don't think that he would have the ability just take a huge step backwards. We're but with Mike rather at this point is what 6667. Years old he's not gonna be year for another ten years. I just I think this is a no brainer move for John this I. I'm with you on that okay will dark hints was recruited by well Nigel Burton but under the might rally Rashard was recruited by a macro that was yesterday. What now. Darken news is the only guy who wants to fight my crowning literally the only guy in the world. Who want to ever said that it and just getting what do you think did you take my credit. Could I now do you think he's he's he's now hired expert Bliley come. Played DB they get away from me he did read is by two Oregon that's true to your shape so what do you I know you were kind of against this we're not. I'm against it because. I think there's one. At your. He's when most humble guys ever he has a wealth of experience a wealth of knowledge. Micro is also one of a stubborn people you'll ever really. And he's stubborn because in the face of change in early two thousands when the spread movement. In football and college football's third become very prevalent like organ kick their ass every single week or that we that every year. He basically didn't wanna adapt to that at all. I worried that that seemed tight if attitude will. Play over into what's going on organ state and the reason I say that is because this is somebody who's been in control of a team. Whether being college candid out or in the NFL for a greater part of his adult life. I don't know if he knows how to take a step back that's not me saying anything negative about him that's just me saying when you can do except that for twenty plus years. I'd like to see change pretty quick like that. And I don't think he will now is part Grilli is totally an administrative role where like six said just showing him the ropes like. It is is they get everybody for together for a team dinner this is how urine practices. This is how you wanna insert yourself into film. That's totally fine once he starts making decisions on the field which I know you don't think he will but he will that's where will be a prop. Interesting all right we'll look at let's put it and I think as a good points what do you think. Well thank you so we put a pin ball with a good points about you know ideals are all valid point the entities into your brain I don't I don't didn't there's one idiot and we just we just disagree on one fundamental thing okay good a get verdict that's what I wanted to tease gays so I'll wanna hear. Well you. Have to say about that I'd say it's interesting perspective from will. And then now we get to light a lot of your techs come in we're gonna get those a promise of Bridgeport Beers techs on is 55305 it is 431. And here is will sports but the Italian I'm Mike Riley. Hired by Jonathan Smith. He returns. To Corvallis. I think we're quite heartening. Gotta love addict great what there has been at some points here before went to break Neman reads mere text what do you think about what. Wilson there are. Those are all very valid. Points and if that Woodward any of those things were to happen I think that would be above a real negative. I just don't think Jonathan Smith is gonna be a pushover. I think when you get this opportunity and and it probably is your only opportunity doctor Smith fails this. John Smith isn't going to be another head coach either the only reason and I and I I do appreciate the we had the the beavers ADR and I asked him. You know. Herb brought the by the Jones missed name had been mentioned for any other head coaching positions and he he tried it somehow tell me that he did jobs miss it turned down other jobs. Jonathan Smith had interviewed for head coaching jobs in power five conferences. And it's not going to happen if he feels here he knows this is as one and only chance I do not believe. The Jonathan Smith is going to allow Mike Riley to exert some sort of giant influence over him. I just by the he's got some sort of personality of its overbearing and overwhelming. Mean he may be stubborn and I get the whole mark baker thing and in the in the ability did not adjust. 100% agree with you I think the game kind of passed him by a little bit and I waited and I think some of that what happened in Nebraska as well that that he took a situation and thought well I can build this. The way I want to vote no you can't you're not gonna get the time to do and he was never able to really adapt I I agree with that he's not gonna be in charge of the office he's not gonna be in charge of the defense. I I just. I don't think in any shape or form that's why he's being brought in. And so that's why to me you get the good without the negative here if you're bringing him in saint he's gonna be in charge of our offense he's gonna be in charge of how I want this team to be run I'd a 100% agree with will. I just don't bite I don't think Smith is weak like battle begins a week personality how big Riley is an overbearing and okay. On. Everything up. Was he now you know will brought that up the heat though you know Mike better than. Then lead on the we have a good relationship and I and I know you're going with us everything but is was he stubborn or what did he just believed. In his guys in his system and I could you know I could bring up the point to that. Win or again kind of went fast paced. And got a once in A generation coaching Chip Kelly. Yes you could say that. Mike Riley didn't adjust to that a very well but you could also say that organ state during those times. Held their own I'm really well which was a lot of legs and he also has a lot of quarterback bite bite kind of sticking to his guns they kind of became. The out liar right leg the prose style quarterbacks until you put a lot of guys that are still playing in the NFL quarterback position in the NFL a lot of players in the NFL you look at some of the linebackers and some of those guys from receiver they were really good. So. I mean that you could say that. He didn't need to adjust and the fact that he didn't really help them through those years even though of course or again with Chip Kelly you know we all know what they did ballot out. When it I will allow me to retort that stubborn. I I'd. It wasn't just Chip Kelly Mike Bellotti saw the change coming when he hired Gary Crowe. Mike Bellotti saw what was happening in and college football. That things were opening up and at the notion of running. Assist in the takes 23 years to figure it out was it really conducive with the winning year in and year out. And that's what you had under Mike Riley is that it was it was hard to play quarterback in his system. And after three years in it guys blossom you had big years. But I do think that a lot of coaches again my body at at the at the forefront of this realized. That there is a shift coming in college football and we either can get with it or you kinda get left behind so I I do think in some ways that was stubborn to not see that coming at us in the key was stubborn with some of his staff and I don't think humor and I think as he got older I don't think you adapted to recruit. I don't think he became a modern recruiter. In the best way but some of that is a necessity for America's it was an organ state and you know it's. Or any did you see it it's harder crew that he's stuck with banker. You know he was very loyal to his guys yes these are loyal guy in I did think there are times when. He probably needed to make some changes. When he did it however he did make changes are you fired banker at Nebraska right now the lead out we have he thought how many years. Fly began I was here first year Nebraska or was that the second year after how many years of working with mark banker and towed out so yeah I mean I get my but he did have a stubborn. He'd well but he did have success that its not like banker. Was the worst guy it's just that you go to Nebraska at and they start calling for heads it's a different level of expectation. You know. The issue is is that. What mark baker put his defense and was a base for three and it was became very. Very very apparent very quickly wing you saw film. Against us and a spread spread offense was that the defense of linemen or the defense events basically when the play would be. Going away from them on a option run didn't have the speed to read it. And they exploited that every single time with us and he tried to maneuver bunch of players try to do something else. And it never worked and it always. Seemed to work with Stanford because they run at 34 and they would have scope on the adage. In scope was fast enough to cast a quarterback or the ring Beckham and other back fields they pretty much took away the run. And then it was forcing Morgan to throw so banker was stellar. Baker served as they Riley was stubborn to keep morale. He had yet I think I think that case to be made for sure I remember even having conversations on the show about man maybe he needs a new defensive coordinator but. But let's not say that anchor didn't have some success there were times and banker had really. Really really good defense that but his point about. Oregon State vs the spread that was always the knock on banker that that that's what kind of exposed bankers that. Towards the end it was like man this guy really does not stop the spread. Ever I feel like you go there there's a little bit this kind of let's let's crap all over everything that happened there is an eight to nine year run there were organ state. Had the second or third most wins of any pac twelve team. I it was they were there right there that we have we have to debate on the show of who the second best team in the pac twelve is USC obviously you know they were. In the middle of of one of the great diocese because reply under Pete Carroll. But outside of that it was organ organs say and they were right there or is it never got over the hump and won that one extra game to go to the rose poll. That Dorgan problem and that that rivalry kind of became once I didn't it's never really tilted back the other way. But it was an arms race and and you know 11. Obviously had a lot more weapons of play within the other. But what Mike Riley did organ state was running very very successful program for the better part of ten years. In a 22 a level of sustained success that organization hadn't really seen before. I know it's not like it'll do this this wonderful Rose Bowl you win ten games every year but Mike Reilly and mark anchor bolt had a very good job at Oregon State. But it's. I do think that there was. The boom lack of of of willingness to adapt I do think hurt that program and and lots of different ways but it wasn't just. You know on the on the Q did the that the field I think in the administration. I think in the lack of commitment to facilities I think the lack of commitment to modernize recruit and I think those things. Her Oregon State. I remember talking to Mike Riley and and I don't know favored route is an opera they want you could fly in recruits to Corvallis. To fly into Portland and drive them down there. You know the YouTube for the longest time you had a stadium that was by far the worst in the pac twelve and you read the stadium the only redid one side of it. And just and then you you the last program to to upgrade facilities. So I think that stubborn is or the lack of adapting to the lack of keeping up with the joneses. I think that affected a lot of parts. A. Krewell have been links to earth you know there's that he had it on the other side two up with links of them. Okay text messages bridge or distance I'm glad that you applied LSU is pathetic for bringing Riley back. Ash tag amateur hour the and I just wow I just don't buy that I think Mike Riley. If I'm Jonathan Smith I I think this is a higher if he was willing to do it I would bring in my. And you go that far on a sad I I'm not saying that this is the worst decision in the world I'm kind of just throwing out there that it's a wait and see thing I won and I can see what role he really plays again it. If it's like with six languages like. Came in I'm just gonna show you how to be a head coach because there's a lot more than play climate goes into being a head. College football coach she's literally have to play babysit her to a bunch of eighteen year olds and tell them what. They need an administrative things in dealing with the Indian with boosters and all those things if I've got a guy they can come in and navigate those waters and take some of that crap off my plate. And I can send Mike Reilly out as like a if is like my my right hand guy you know what Gordon Deal with this booster function go deal with this go out there a song and dance phenomena focus on recruit them in a focus on the football side of things. I don't I just don't seem negative in the. Of other tanks it's the ultimate safety net is Smith's face plants rally can take over as interim Molly search for new coach well that's well a non it's June like debate. Riley I can totally see a scenario where if it doesn't work Alan Johnson Smith. Mike Riley takes over until they can find a new coach I abs that's actually my first thought when I that's scary when they brought an end. I'm Noah says Riley never beat the ducks love the higher. Well that's not true. He beat the ducks several times. But that look that the rivalry started to become one sided. You know I'd end and I guess at some of that has do with the arms race legal there have. Has to do with again I think Mike Bellotti. Looked at college applaud realize there is change coming and went to to more of these yup temple spread and I've seen the hires a Croat and and then Chip Kelly and all that's the thing that changed the dynamic thing is that in the five million dollars of facilities that. He built there AME at its kind there's a little bit of you want Oregon State to keep up with Oregon went all that was going on. It's like man it's wasn't possible you know there's so much context of that and so there are layers of that that's yes it does it kind of was Abbas. The fact you could argue again I'm. Just trying to see both sides and as you could argue the Oregon State did really freaking well to keep up with them. When they were cut to the longest time his record against Oregon it looks like was 511 has RSI five and ten. While at Oregon State now. Under both both regimes I think so I gonna have to double check that because that he lost or again. Yet he loss or gain at Nebraska right colonel they want to beat. They beat him to don't. Maybe nor had they beat Oregon and then the laws this year they don't wanna lost yeah one of oneself foreign. A look at policy for nine a look at opinion makers. Let's get to a couple other text only get back a lot of feedback and an on this it's 447 with Isaac can suit on the via. Finally ends growth through a couple of other text here I love my granny being back in this role thanks Brian and says love Riley's back he's a great mentor. Disguised as I think Riley is a real neat deal for the v.s that Kodak's. That's funny thing odd is. Unopposed I'm happy he's back because my dream of hugging Mike Bradley is still alive yeah you'd eat thought maybe you'd never see him again. I thought he went out to Nebraska and you know we had success and stayed out there may be I would never give the chance and I'm rescue will have you ever hugged Mike Riley of course a hug micro isn't everything it's cracked up to me he's a great auger. In fact he's a he's a shoulder restaurant you brilliant I mean it's the chant not only gets the chin on your shoulder. Odds are arguably the arms of no no he he pressed the job well organized you know a special let me take. That makes me so happy to hear that news. I love that it's on my bucket list so few people can beach investors you're I wanna be hug and not just like a bro hug I. She has tugged on the part of my Crowley about that man it feels like you're hugging your dad. It's kind of like we needed a handshake. And somebody grabs the hand. The shake with the attitude anything like that really adds a nice is you can't do that every time there's a warmth and comfort to yes now that I really mean this handshake by putting my other hand on an issue worked for the NFL network and your probably a guy that can somewhere that it shouldn't be Arlington and that whole story that's coming up at NASA and forget it and it's a 100% accurate about Riley is a good guy nice enough but from outside it appears to be training wheels for the new coach and I don't know if it will work or not. Another one says I worried that it undermines Jonathan's Smith's credibility I hope along I mean so much feedback on this I'm surprised at how. Kind of split it is not. You every two with a whole undermine authority none of these players know who Mike Riley eats like. This is like Mike Riley was just tear like a year ago and you think they were recruiting guys to get together. I did what did did this this staff that that's coming in. Is entirely due to the players and none of the guys that they are gonna know Mike Riley anything other than. In assisting coach I don't they get of them are gonna be like you know grow up I knew Mike Riley is that can either sides I just don't I don't buy that they're he's gonna be known as just an assistant coach and so I don't buy that the the undermining thing is is as big of a threat as as we fit right. Buzz good it was good combo. I get what's on everyone's mind here at it makes sense. But again. The slim lead over here just I dissolving that's going to be prom and all and for those asking. We are trying to get micro Leon yes we're making a cup I mean he's actually. Right any email wanted his email Olelo lately low for a little bit again to not. Steal the thunder of a Jonathan Smith but this you'll get run on the show and and what asking these questions about his role and in some of the concerns I think rather give you an honest answer always has before by the way officially for nine in the civil war. Against or gets a five and eleven because they played twice in Nebraska idea to you on his overall record against Oregon but some worry he was foreign. And so foreign nine is that both stance yes it and it was 11 in the first one who can and and then three and nine in the the second to incarnation. And not grant. Now wasn't bells are waiting to let me. He said 11. Between 82 camera. I'm looking here on Wikipedia and at least as foreign nine. In any said one won the first time which should make him three and eight seconds Albany's out for a nice four and ten I'm sorry math hard Mathis are you where we way it was one on one in his first and he is on the plate in the two and then he went three and I and so. Scrub that he was four. Four of ten camp. In his in his civil wars I'm well CO works out. And they are losing ends it employment on him from pharma a selfish standpoint just to look I right well. I first heard these are a little you know will will yes he will. Well you justices of hundreds completely bashing I try to preface this by saying I think it'll be dire if we just wait and see what will he is an ugly sweater no matter who wears it that's her so I just want you to know that parents and I'd be holiday sweater. Don't pull it off. Standpoint look I don't know dog in the fight between organ and organs they'd. I should like the rivalry to mean something I would like to get back where we have a competitive game last year. Was so much fun is that they game even though that the of the season didn't go the way you wanted to privacy for either squad. But it was fun that was a competitive game. And then that org is they want you they came baby you know maybe got a little robbery back and in this year some roars Oprah about six seconds it was over for the games started. And that's a that's crap even even some of those games are writing laws. Those were great games we'll remember one memorable games and that's what I buy yes of awarded to get that we're right at the end of the year whether it's played for something or not the dike gave means updating its competitive. And it's that kind of the state bragging rights and we really get some competitive games that's all I thought well that's that's right and I think that that allowed those games as somebody points it's little skewed the record because of how good the docs word during yeah I'm of those. During some of those years but this just right. The idea that rally was a bomb. I am so that is so stupid. Michael I just was not my credit was very very good at or is that the very beginning and he's been their most successful coach they've ever had now. So anyway did talk coming up next it's the hot five at five the top five sports stories of the day and then we'll give you the details of the sexual harassment scandal. That has hit sport here since it has eyes set forth DA on the fan.