Primetime 12.12.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, December 12th

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Well prime time with Isaac and suit alleges that. And you never known for a bias. Just try to picture on compromise sports stuck without booze sugar coat of American and links in his life in war things is dropping Jason's a candidate. Best in sports coverage. This is prime time with Isaac and soon on any. Hey what do you do what is. It that I know the. Good sir Humphrey Randy if you're a little. My changeup that likes and James Brown pivot to jobs. I miss him he would miss the the godfather I ain't love to James Brown. Think I had a full appreciation. He didn't for James Brown otherwise you oh OK and I appreciate James Brown let. I don't think I ever really sat down to listen to James Brown. Really yeah I did see him give him. Now TOD probably not account not nearly enough. It was awesome I think I missed and again missed out on the end James Brown but I think it hit piece that they can yeah I don't Blackman at times you know that they have of me that that was with with Bo. Like I know I dabbled I dipped my toe into the waters of David though week. But never immersed myself in to David bow if I feel like that would James Brown I know about James Brown is. You know you've seen some of the performance on TV in the DNC you hear people talk about them and I know. You know that that they hits you know win the you know when James Brown song comes on you like James Brown you don't probably. The thing I've seen James Brown most of these rocky for. What he did as the livid in America that's probably the pinnacle of my James Brown experience. And that's shame. You know what that is a shame it is that's ridiculous. You you can't listen in on them can't listen to everything this is the beauty of living boyish you can't. No yes you can't there's too much good out there lucky cameras every exactly you should listen to. A lot of stuff and James Brown should be a part of that book two win the news when you ever get my whole unharmed when you are kids yes. All you but in my house. I was limited to the cassettes that I ordered from bmg. C miners. Was it bmg bmg in Columbia Columbia Columbia house and we it'll leaflet and then you get a little stamps like a new Bryan Adams. In need to take up the Stanton Lincoln included on the paper in the get. Ten tapes for the for any opinion then you had to buy three Toews at regular price piano's after that after that but it still seem like a good deal absolutely. Because that's that's how a guy tapes you know I. I I'm not gonna I'm not exaggerating this is this is a 100% accurate I'll bet she I had seven different. Columbia house accounts under different names yet to actually pay the penny Annie remember yeah you had to pay depending. So as you mail a check for a penny know when the bill would come due on the CD if you down there there was a penny charge on any charge on there. Those bastards and the thing is if you didn't canceled and you got the CD or the tape about a month. And that's side is indeed forget descended the thing if you did said in the notice that you didn't want it and you got it yeah seem to get like the Counting Crows yeah like I want this mr. Jones my ass and then you're bitter about it but that you're too lazy to reset it back against the next thing you know you're paying 2495. To go listen to around here it's the bad. Bring out a year error Ab device I had evidence I just mainland that I was Counting Crows. Yeah and real fans know as Anita Ali sucked. But I would think they sat is just I would just make up some mechanic names there is Dave's he can't like there was Jim's a mechanic ranks and then come to them has no idea. Oh they just they were all came to the same address and I had a massive tapes last CD collection needs him based on Columbia house so let's be honest the gyms again I want a big giver paid for his is three yet regular. Produced scuffle on yeah meant I was a taillight you are criminal act. But I know how is he later stated business a decent as well I didn't we talk about that story there's a big write up about that not too long I think is the last couple years of our show. There was. Somebody that that talked about that whole scheme it was fascinating scheme was a scheme it has that whole business model fascinating didn't mean to remember that. A suit I can dig that up yeah I think I need a refresher course on that would be a very good holiday a time yet little length segment hurts you yeah I I would like to dig out seems like him find it goes I think everyone participating in that I never understood how they mean by because of the seven accounts I add in the Anthony abbate to two of them are actually. Bought CD's. And I didn't even by I just got the CD of the month and then after the second or third one that I just cancel that now is the candidate nicer to new account threat and got my seven new tapes and gays so anyway there are two ways when I was a child and I'm 42 now so's this. This is in the seventies and the eighties. Where you've got your music will course whatever radio played out but also. That the cook Columbia house whoever. And then year parent's. Record collection that was that was it that was the best seller I am well schooled on the easy rider soundtrack that at. And Simon and Garfunkel and and you know my parents are pretty folksy in this that was my dad was not a James Brown guys. Nine cent I'm just saying that now a game and hopefully with that is nowadays there's no excuse you can go back and get anybody's catalog at any time and typically not have to pay for in most cases. And I love doing that and if you do that. But there are new artists and all ours and all kinds of like 'cause I do that all the time we don't have that words like army and that guy I don't know comes to mind that Martin get what are ridiculous like every time some army do what a great. Musician what a great. Artist and vocalist. You know what kind of appreciated him enough I'm gonna go back this weekend and all my stuff whether you're at the Jammer you're hanging out at home and you put on. You you kind of died and and you can do that now would it there's really no excuse you should do that would James Brown pillow. You know the last person I did that with with Stevie Wonder. Did you yeah I say earlier this summer. I was driving in we we we made Richard we know does have Cisco and my daughter put together like a twelve hour a playlist on Spotify. For the drive down there in the drive back and she goes hey what are you wanna throw in there and I think I throughout like a Stevie Wonder song. I don't I you decide sealed a delivered or whatever and like we listen to that three or four times and that when I got home. I did I spent an entire week in going back in just listening to old Stevie Wonder stuff. And the you walk their way north Kasey what is he doing and I've never done it I did it was what I've done it with Willie Nelson. That when Merle Haggard. But I do even get a supposed to be kinks stuff when he Kessel way. And a lot of times it's the death unfortunate that that gets you I don't find passed away on me out I'm fun you know I mean but James Brown has just never. Just do it yeah maybe so maybe I'll take this weekend. And I'll delve into. The greatest that is James. So on Saturday night. We went and saw a Galvin the name of Valerie June who played at the Aladdin theater and it was her second. Show of the week and she played Friday and Saturday in Portland loves her she'd show I sells out which comes or why an arena about. In a friend of mine to hate nearly got to take its initial come with us. Like OK I'm out of Columbine given on blind Alley and tyrants announced that its battle I'll not gaining about a haven't heard her. And he said well you know it's. Difference is different so be prepared. And I went in there and down came out. I like to show she's great if you've never heard of Valerie. But herb locals are. It's she's there's nobody like and she's really really good musician and she's very interesting gal anyway I spent all weekend after that. Deep dive yet into Valerie June and it was great and and I even had the stock Sunday I was listening to more of her stuff and on you know what it's awesome that you're able to do this. You know it sucks that these artists. Feel like they should be making more money when somebody is doing this but you know. You looked at industry figure that out getting cut the YouTube vortex and they see you know you've listened to everything yes they had hits on YouTube right you know hour or you can go to. Spotify here. That the deep dive into something to the Ontario and when you find someone that you connect with its. Its. I was gonna try to think of a better word for it. It's I was gonna say magical but that's kind of cheesy but we knew we knew so I was like hey you should listen to this band and you're like yeah whatever and then you listen to him and there's something about the makes a connection. That to me is one of the best feelings. When is they for whatever reason the music like this you you feel it means a Padilla any kind of grabs it and you know that that's gonna be partying your. Of your playlist I go in forward yeah that's analysts add that to your list of guy you know. Let's see if I used to be you were so limited on what you listen to because likeable we talk about but now like you you dive into somebody who's really in the music padded their playlist. It. There there are a million different. Things in there and just totally different genres and those really users in music used is PG and unless of course your Mike Lynch and then you listen. Wrote or drew or. Or when a college death metal yet definitely profit middle route SA but. Idea EMI but Iraq is like I'm always in I I didn't say about Iraqi may have missed it and I and I immediately regretted saying that because I know that that's not crack your Linksys growls by the way will darken I have. Well ladies and gentlemen will darken pride day two of cheer with will filling in for my pro will I tell you what. Critical acclaim. From his performance on our broadcast yesterday people very very happy with what we'll need under the table and Loveland it's weird to look over there and see will with a is Erik phoned in his wearing a collared shirt on remember he's in sales were Mike easy easy disheveled and wearing a death metal shirt like some lay between the body in the graver something and it's all extracts out like iron being seizure where as well look at it he's grown up. Like an accountant. Like I would trust will do my taxes right now I think it's the glasses yeah. Something about it and you do in the big side part there it's it's a whole responsibility. You know it you reach of of adult this right now. Things that I can really rely on as if I get fired here I can just walk into a bank Arrington have to throw down the resonant now he's just oh he looks like a teller instant teller a US citizen delicate. Who may be like salmon cocaine on the weekends. I mean that's when I look like he's got that young kind of there's an edge yeah you're like a good dinner like a stock for but he still looked good during that you know the nine to five yeah you know as a compliment you know make some money but it night. You party utility eulogy here do you party loved by the way will on on the joke. Rankings from yesterday you know will four out of five nailed four to decide jokes on this issue now probability that there again from three counting. All of I think. Pension check these stats will stress saver metric might never cracks jokes and inventory that now that will came in hot with a couple we even had a couple Rimpf arts. For him. Anyway I created ST Dijjer. Yeah a couple of about a billion and growing burning yes the LaMont Joseph handles it landed on the friends or whatever was the bellows brother again. Apple thing and and Wilson has one of the name LaMont as I. It's just get radio which are about. That the law. And it's big because. She's not really I don't know if she doesn't. You wouldn't probably peg me as another aging get out they should make the Shirokiya yet she's she's awesome in oh I don't I was gonna tell you is that. You know you said when somebody says he should licences and you know whatever I never do that I always love it when people say Haitians and span because that means. Did they are so excited. That they've connected with that grouper that artists that eat they want you to two I was love I love death and left did go into a group. With a red with a recommendation as opposed to just stumbling a. David here's the thing I don't take random recommendations. There is a handful of people verify respect your musical. Actually it. If you told me to listen to someone I would listen to there are people that you write you know Harry broad spectrum that we sit there are decimal and will listen to stuff and I respect your your musical varieties have you told me hey you said this was a Valerie Valerie June he told me that kind of not two but. If a 25 the 23 year old sales executive says hey you need to listen to this spanned. I know you listen to Florida Georgia line man inside quite frankly I'm not gonna take your recommendations seriously too so. Had to go ahead and just push you to decide there and pays zero attention to this is a great bit we should do this time in the club out. We should name groups are artists or bands. That. Instantly. Tip people off the EU. Don't know what you talking allow me to put at the top of the list. Florida Georgia. Never even heard him we have new heard of them we have new promotions people. Like head of the head of the promotions we had been to new it's not enough people around here oddly people around and I was talking with there are the old gal Lisa promotions guys that level Meister do we have worked with. And we were discussing the fighters of the flu because they were there are coming to Eugene and then they be released think it's important. And we were we were talking about it and one of the new promotion gals who was taking over. Said we'll Heuer today. And I'm like why. When it on but that's not as big human indictment isn't as saying hey eat but he has made good follow me on this okay this is this is to your point. Says that you don't know who the Foo Fighters are she's like no and I said how abuse of the 24. And so I was like I still can't give if past is the Foo Fighters and so I said what do you listen to. And the first thing out of her mouth was. I like Florida Georgia line pat. She's now dismiss that you have people who are person on you. And do the exact opposite saying some band like oh yeah I listened to spin its likes it who's bit they're like oh you don't know who spin it respect. I know I don't know who's spin how old are you with an eighteen or via a goal sari think. Is there and a home not yet there's those bands I like to her smile like I relate murder by death is a is a cool band the white buffalo but smaller said he doesn't know with a white buffalo was I would give you that. But if you know who. Think if you don't know with the foo bar is you don't who knew about it was it died W Pearl Jam is you don't know that if he doesn't hurt ideals a peacock I immediately judge and no offense Jane if you're listening but not. Did you ever I was meeting I was Jane nothing you ever say to me involving music will ever ever land it will. All go over my head or undermine ass but either way I play well a easier done. George lives are all about what do you listen to the first thing they came to your mind. Was Florida Georgia line just can't I would say is just don't writer off. People have the opportunity to grow and change and become. You'd be better blossomed yet the flower like it happens like college freshman like aspirin has creeped in The Beatles or Nirvana now. And user but I I had one view you have like one go to have a buddy of mine he played football my brother's name's mark. That is down and then McCloskey and when ever and this was like before obviously that the Internet it pig but when he would come home from college like with my brother. Or I'd go up to visit I would always ask mark. What to listen to and mark was the first got to turn me on to things like The Beastie Boys Ben Harper. Just like any thing. Any suggestion he's ever giving me and to this day when irony and him were bold all sorts now when I run into. I ask hey what's what's good is he always seems to know. Something that I've never heard of that is. That's fantastic. And so that there's always I'm sure you have there's a note to me same guy who blew brought Mallory junior and UGI did the EU you know again yeah. You get give their recommendation. You go with that and then there's others still offense chain but. Job Florida Georgia behind idol pop music time ladies and gentlemen how about that for the first segment. It's needs students will guardians. We will be talking to sports. Oh yeah. Pride gay bar to 330. And ask him to rank the hires all hires are done a coaching hires in college football they're pretty much read there's no no not pretty much it's over as to say there's no more open jobs Sonny dykes was the last one is the final domino to fall cowardice waiting for staffs to be grounded crushed the new head coach because you don't need to be good anymore to get millions of dollars to other things would like to discuss in depth that few today one Mike Riley is backing Corvallis. And will tie with the -- tried to buy yesterday and rent time. And two the sexual harassment. Movement. Doug has hit sports rather hard today. Just doesn't stop all of our into the cooking regime in sports. Cooking if you see that theory Mario fatale. He he got on that doesn't surprise OK guys here to be far behind now. Now is isn't doesn't he met him as long as it doesn't hit Bobby Flay I'm gonna be OK but of Bobby goes down. I'm I don't come on I'm done at that point. So those items will be on today's broadcast as well let's start with the last night in sports the patriots lose and the blazers lose next on the fan. This isn't breaking news room sparing even. I don't mean this tireless down. School shoot again but that's the one music that I'm just not open. House music yeah it just. Leila that is it's like media right now stands at stubs that yeah baby like I can like I'm not a big rap guy but I'll listen to some rapid someone has an on doesn't bother me there's some stuff I like this you know the answer was stuffed in a listen to. I can listen to some opera. You or you may even even like broke country it's okay you don't have to justify your musical tastes I cannot understand I don't any shape or form. EDM or dance music are you that it just it's it's beyond my scope I would imagine that. There is no one over the age of Tony Tony nine net. That likes what I don't I'm guessing there's the 45 year old guy that's at the place trying to pick up the 22 year old. And he's pretending to like it look it's just a lot of your musical tape we did this to this was a bit we did a long time. Where the study's about your musical taste get set at a very young it yeah. I think that's changing a little bit now as we talked about because I'm you have access to so many different types of music you can you can grow and expand. But being used to have that and so. Most the time it's a it's an age thing it's just you know your 38 year old guy of course 38 year old white can. Well I guess that is matters much but you are kind of a country grant deed. So that of course should not like yeah house news that hit me does not here. So I think K so stop talking about music and cool stuff fight about screw it let's let's get serious. Because we're here for sport we are. And they say what are we gonna sports today. I'm ready tees that what. On first big sports topic that I'm delve into and have hot opinions. And then yell back and forth that one and I have Kenny Britt opinions picked due to the iPod kindred opinion and Siena now we go deep here and now we can't get into him Mike Riley yet now he has had a guest coming up next. Dave Barr to the matrix in about five minutes. Will get into the sexual harassment suit filed. Against basically everyone that works I commented on the if there is of star football player that you love chances are he's entered. At T hear the story allegedly. Let's get this out yet this you know that you're right I mean I. I think we're all sick and indeed picks to the same lady all the same time it was like virtual sword fighting this is what's best about this or not that's. Wrong until it's over careful this is what is sol bad. What I think is just I can't get enough of a T sexual harassment stories. Is the ways in which these their balls go about their business they all have different plays like their play books or our our vast. And they are different as some people run me wide open spread sexual harassment other enabled likes the two tight ends that we're gonna run the ball bush just fascinates me. And one of the guys. Pulled out the traditional. Hey here's my Wiener check this out. Wanna EDS on them and Mike it's unbelievable to me you guys do does the data so they. That's later I just kids are great I feel like bat is the West Coast office that's like that's all the rage now. Like everyone is is running that is the thing it's it's a whole thing that is a club that is not in my bank open is not I just can't imagine now. Playing that card but apparently it's it received. It's it's a very like as we will receive but apparently it's a very popular. Okay hub to urge club didn't have to break out okay. Last night we're gonna have to push the blazers on that. Who cares what they suck every did you talk about the seven minutes of good fourth quarter ball they played when gold states are trying to read hate there was Zach coinciding yes he's getting some and in speeches and so some injuries so that's good. But time will not let them later patriots dolphins wanted to play Bill Belichick and the patriots got their butts went. It's the every now and then I feel like the patriots are due for one of these lasted it was like Kansas City like the patriots just. It's almost like a sorbet if you allow palate cleanser is like a guy's going so good it's like those six Estella brain is like hit it where Hamas this one right way to take this one to the ground to get everyone's attention the dolphins are funny victim this for the last three or four years where they kinda suck but you know what they can they can jump up it was a huge game for them British sub 500 against India South Florida he's never plays well today we reported yesterday of 87 and eight there is now seven and nine inning games and has some weird about it but the dolphins are ready forum and maybe most of the Miami there's just like a lot of tail again hate because this is exhausted down there goes and does mr. Mike Miami blow who knows there are decent I mean in their defense. Well must think the defense have been great to be given out like what twelve points a game and then Jay Cutler goes in it looks like Tom Brady. And as weird NFL's we'd like that but anyway. I wanna play Bill Belichick for you shut down a report PL will has put together compilation and it's not very long because as we know bill is not the most talkative guy that after losses don't can shut down a press conference like no man CO. So here he is monitors most of last night. They can you guys went looking this week. He was asked if they didn't ask me. In east and let guests to break. Any questions again and they're kind of struggled. Stroller when you come down here. Four or five years. And you anyplace. Like here's a stroke clear last year. The question was previously itself look every game's a soccer game I think you know whatever insiders and those and they do it tonight. I can't even imagine. I was putting on. Recovery. No problems is true. What a fight in the hands on that didn't sound now are finished your face and stealing things and can kill a like to see bill. Like it what's happening is press conference he ever had like me you know I didn't and I mentioned. They say that if you really get him ask him like Texas and lousy football stuff yeah Hilltop for like ten supposed to do I have. Haven't seen it as I don't know if it's it's been releasing it if it's it's in the works when they get the stupid directly or thirty for thirty which was terrible way. They DT is that they were gonna do a Bill Parcells Bill Belichick thirty for thirty in like they were gonna sit down and bag that I. I would love to listen to him engage someone and actually have a real conversation that. I think he could take like opening of Disneyland like maybe Lebanese freed goes like miners and South America and he could find a way to crap all over that but no insurance at a press conference like bill yet he just as he does time not just the people's double and they aren't so they archivist of the questions he did you overlooked them. What was the deal on the on ticket that was the worst on psychic others I just. The Fed the onside kick really I thought it would now it wasn't properly executed prank but I liked the idea of it in theory I think that's a great idea. Line Mattel is how was I gonna work it will hold it is that we knew we knew cake that you're trying to cause chaos right. But when when you kick it up in the air your goal is to just get as many people there is humanly possible. And by kind of doing one of those slow rollers what you're do we need is you are insurer rain. That at that at the moment of impact right there would pick it up rolling phobos hard. That's not an easy thing dude trying to dive on a football while other people are dying on you heard died you know you. You're putting as many people. In that debt that scrum is humanly possible and that's the whole point of an onside kick is to get as many cans in there is really possible. This in concept it was actually a pretty good idea it just was so slow. The head to go back and want to get and it didn't work that's good I am only launch of the one time announce like. How on earth today expect that to work is that the dolphins are right there but if if that rolls a little bit faster and it's and it kind of wobbles a little bit again and then basically using a deflection or you're getting a guy that's gonna have to at full speed dive on that thing meanwhile the patriots are bike yet they haven't gotten speed they were standing right there that's kind of my quick. When the with a ball is coming there and you don't wanna to wait ten yards. That guy all eyes unity that guy's gonna be moving towards it and it's gonna be diving on it while I'll buy you two guys in there but they can't so they need the guy. So they're big they're banking on the Manning guy touching it before ten yards to try to get guests and then missing it and then they Erica yes and then there's a big gaggle of them their all diving once it's it's you're trying to cause mayhem. You're basically saying hey there's gonna be a ten car wreck here and were hoping that are high quality. That was built it looked that. Did you look at Horton was not that I guess yes and well done but in concept okay fine. I can't see where is gone we gotta go dear I think he's my phases of Kosovo matrix is next what schools of the best in the coaching carousel yours well. RH ID backs you must be out. In the fields on the tractor to clear day both cameras there is cola. You have to you know adjacent home with the kids that I thought the last couple days it's been a little bit better it's been Crist not as windy gap feel like. I love days like this again is a bit in the thirties you know like high thirties but sunny that's when it is I'll take it I'll take it all day it's like high thirties. Low forties taken all day but sunny let's roll it's a little more Colorado like Colorado slash bend the ban. You like that better than Mike though if need fifties drizzle take it all day I'll take it in the twenty's interest if it's if it's sunny outside now you're. Crazy times. I'm a can't always on the ladies and gentlemen off the tractor college football matrix. Did my kids but yeah. And a whole lot of us it's more like in the truck right now I'm on I've I've got to our studio I forgot it was thirty countries they already. He blows in that's featured in that it where you had two. More. Let's let's play the final game of where is Dave Barr to going right now. I want downtown baby on downtown. Pretty neat yeah that's this is to get ready for a doubt it up. That's. The that are there this year. OK so I'm looking through analyst here at got a list. Of the 2018. College football coaching changes. What do I mean this carousel was as wild as ever on these changes who do you think did the best. I. You know some look at look at it everybody that's out there. Being number one university UCLA did the best mob like. Art out of anger with the air compared Erica you have got 30 lead. And coaches out there I hum and cheer when you look at his numbers. Every which way possible I mean this is little league football coach in persona like UCLA dude basically that occurred this century. A land somebody like that. Is Israel ridiculous out. And there were you know art armor we re pretty hard but handout is very easily. A one bite or away whoever ended up with Chip Kelly won the silly season bottom line because they're not other coach out there. That was available. That it even close to his level right now. And so if you take him in I know it's not the same thing when he was an organ and you know the game's changed a little bit but if you just take his coach effect. And then you add into the town that started their UCLA. What are we talking about here in the first couple years with with him and under the yeah Bruin regime. Drain op of pain. Or people in the conference. Realistically I mean you look at what he did at Oregon and one of the factors we also look at. Is we look at what coaches do you relative to the spread it. How well it whether they win or cover. Up but what is the actual school war. Compared debate retire. As more people. Okay and what they're predicting a line is average football so we typically are you what every coach in terms. How well formed above or below. Average. Point separation. Number one in the last decade in preparation on base line. My guess is Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly guy and you elect you as they. Are one. Usually aren't thirteen fourteen. And at the big trick that. Just a little bit. Trigger our our way a recruiter. You pick that up and start. Just being out and or best a year rye. Not that nationally. Averaging fourteen are our best or you're. I is chilly start in elk are. You get to war to be better or would it help work out. I think chapel not only achieve. Our outward Errol if it should do. Bartender there aren't there. There may not be very per year. But are really. That Charlie all bad is it just. Much and you get all of what is that lap it to yep well at work I do not all there. Are. Our Spurrier. They keep it. It don't hurt these guys they are still really. A Kosovo a matrix is gay bar to here. So did you think was a better hired Jonathan Smith or Mario crystal ball. I really up. On this I. I would like yen its inland now I am now you know like either of them. Now early may. Or may. Not. Wait Washington. It. Well get heat it was called the plays as the co coordinator but the last two year. You're your cursor. At all. Well he's the computer. It's like. A fire at a look at hire a hole. It alt a mortgage or keep order everything went that you know are ordered state audit there was a lot higher ceiling exit bought it now. Got to step out watching watching ball has had leaked this. Year. The first chuck ought I got to look at is if you're going. Spirit and so. How were they a Turkey for. And Africa bad. Pretty old beat me or washing up at the higher there I think there were there aren't that you know all their work. That we do not hire at what all though you know wanted to go back to wrap our great out on their hard work area. No I don't think I've seen now. Well our age we try to but we we look at our white. No more to our side at that. He got urged all over at our you'll. Year. But eat it up being for this well it hire a coach. Hopper what I see well. Are you owe it what great yeah a couple of years there was no I. She on L at rockers really really good recruiter a couple of years. But from a coaching standpoint what chart yet and don't work out something that you really. The overall higher because. All of our cars all the question is due to let. You know we talk about shellac that was the biggest. Ire they. Our C it was eating Emily talked to and you are or are they don't see you know. The whole deal was simply Murray or GMG. Yeah aren't hiring or audio. Which you might look at right awkward or a year. There don't they want or Wyoming she'll get all at the or later I'm there was absolutely atrocious ought Chan numbers. Portraiture a police what all that your guy. Change his whole bit position then went when he would play caller. It was really encroach so I hope our I don't all the state right Errol is why haven't we all oh yen. That organ process just got a very appealing now. Aren't great that are. And this is a you look at the organ to organ statin and there was motives behind each one of those tires for organ state. I should be they went after some sitting coaches they were told no and then the job the Smith thing was say anything for the boosters if it Jonathan Smith didn't played Oregon State he's not even considered for that job and then crystal ball same thing. If he's not there. For the for the one year. If if he was still Alabama's offensive line coach even if he had the title of co coordinator at Alabama they never would look to him. Both of those seemed like just that kind of the right guy right place weird circumstances for the for the hires. One of those B it has bigger one Harry Potter movies where. Cities that I get it right between what is right what. And I had a deal that went to open the choice pretty easy pretty up at a record even though. There may have been better out there. Scott process. You add tickled by that appear Nebraska fan I would be. How are you not me and you look at it urged. The guy out of five it is pretty numbers look at the opera keep that form numbers. You know at every point it it has been a number one guy out back for five. And you got a lot you fired at a pace that literally right the guy got hired. You know also I think part two is when you're when you're making higher the athletic director are you that a lot to. One adapt as well motivated point she'll make the air base. You know remember when Mike Leach hired awash in a white shirt or because you were so excited about it. It out even but what about tiger on our bit is not the the base excited about the money falling about apple happening Cabrera the plot. It is kind of a no brainer. But I didn't think this Saturday option you know that are back on track or that year's thirty dollars. I think rock got a much as because there's no way. I'll take somebody else besides rob. In that part is what fast as the about a lot of higher doses. I never understood why you don't do is go get the best guy I mean I guess I do understand the trying to energize the fan base and but that those that whether it's a short term fix. Why not just go hire the guy that you think is the very best guy as opposed to find the guys it's a Michigan man or Nebraska guy or he understands the you know the school. And when I arrive to this day I I will never I will never understand that rationale when it comes to making the most important hire union for your program. Yep that got available at bat mighty you know stand up I get to but urged groups implement come down higher. Okay is you have your best available they don't share it sure about a lot are at or eight. Absolute about the real art yet I jelly. I don't chair you know what it back into our to tell a guy. Then you and your second group that this that your group that are. Ought to do it. I agree that a lot higher went dead next at apps that that that that anger in other of the banner is always a Charl although I don't pan out and it absolutely about targeted job. OK you have that span of then your one. Is this just short termer this one really likes are they want a higher. That that keeps everything very steady and people are tied into the program. One of these guys. Are a lot. Was well cock got to count. Okay this is excited alumni. This is this this whole Lotta Richard look at China sea they wanna see mark. That's another segment of the anger so you're never going to be able to get everybody. Happy. In the whole process. Open. I think down Cheadle what the athletic director is most comparable without a hard and certainly. Higher again. They were the continuity. And Oregon State this is more of a you know I I don't want the program around a long time I don't think you want that would best available. I hit well have fun downtown we know you're headed our probably to spice. Or perhaps one of the other new clubs and I've yet to you on. Yeah you have not given them your patronage and unite here and get around to sterilize the holiday season you know. It's a taxpayer product IR like active and Chatham walks island bridge actually like to be at the studio like. You but it. You know Soviet doubles point and it really accelerate their doubles point you know right there at the point sand with the double it is. Not coming here yeah well we Danny's dream our very would you Wear it in the segments I need them now Eli Manning up and hang out here in a. Plenty of flat. It's. From. He. Pro does do Dave Martin was to be in days that's you know this and they were asking you know where the Levitt things stance more than likely he's got written. Thank all signs are pointing to Levitt Natalie breaking news is leading organ after the bowl game yes. It's gonna hard keep him. But he wanted Italian dry out in track and if not and you go what you try to now try to find another. Another hammer hire one piece of that puzzle you know he he was an assistant. At tech Kansas State and and he has an out in his are in contract of if they hire him as head coach hee young. He wants I don't know buyout industry gets to leave. Bill Snyder this just in bill Schneider reportedly returning to Kansas State in 2018. Some thought he may step down and they may turn to Jim Leavitt although we don't it's no guarantee they would you know. But Snyder's and he backs of the case state Levitt thing is on hold at least for a year if that. Well we'll see now on the does navy's. You know they're Odyssey is mutual interest there and let it really wants it it would be a good hire for the that was a great coach or any coach there ala. So. You know maybe you couldn't keep Levitt no matter what because of the case state job opened they wanted and he he is out he's out. North zone mentioned this name and I think if you're organ state years there are a wanna cash out and if your organ if you think that. That it's gone. Same thing I would go try to dude you garb so I think it was that quick koskie who is the defense corner wash if he's not going anywhere right. I think he's the best defensive coordinator this side of the SEC I think he is an absolute rock star Jimmy lake who is their secondary coach. I think wanna say two years ago out of the title of co defense according to look at the secondaries that he's built and the guys he's lost in that secondary just doesn't drop off. And you look at the coaching tree comes under. That to me and I guess if I was as if Morgan State's organ maybe it's been a little bit try to go I'd get another you know sitting there are five guys China's eleventh but if you're organ state that Jonathan Smith connection and you get to hire a DC. See about 7800 grand wasn't entice enough to see Jimmy make wants to try to come down to recreate what he did up. You'd I commend next hour Mike Riley backing Corvallis to get atrium within a imminent ballistic coaches here highly deceased got bronze. Is gonna coach UCF in their bowl game yeah I thought that was awesome. In the peaceful that he was going to be that's crazy man like first of all it's called it's for Nebraska to let him out because they can easily be a bitch about and say no you're you're coming. But it's it's a cool move and he's like man they don't want from me. The programs cradle of players or not I wanna coach him and that hurts Nebraska little bit. Although miss came out and said that. You know it's like it to the three hour infomercial for Nebraska football when he's on there but at the same time you know I mean you want. You're your new coach with recruiting everything you want he want his folk. Song geez it's so weird and while I do think it's cool that he's gonna coach the team. It's it's it's a damn awkward. Knew your your down there and you Wear in Central Florida stuff you're practicing as you're going to games but meanwhile you're on a plane going back to Nebraska where at Nebraska stuff. Recruiting it's just it's it's strange and by the rates as a Florida as as a coach. They they hired a new head coach. It's like what do you do with your office space I think this is a new dynamic. For me I haven't really heard of this before and it's it's pretty opera but it also goes to show the respect. This got frost and such a Florida bulls have three each other OK so this'll be the clip if you like it. Can implement. This will be the clip if you you know you're just meant so so. Our friend Berkshire. Rest in peace still the and then now this will be if you hate it. You want to get you roughed up so here we go Arizona State hires Herm Edwards and announced that here and there. That is the definition. But yet I've I will go on record and say that within two years. This is and as the worst hire. Is it hadn't in years of of division one football. Chad Morris to Arkansas I think it's a good hired chat boards. Everyone seems to be very very high on Chad Morris I think there's high expertise in Arkansas but I also think there is you've got some stuff to work with their recruiting can be a little tough. But I think in Arkansas you know if you win eight or nine games that he ever went pretty happy by all accounts I think this is a good hire I can't tell you to Chad Morris looks nothing like you think Chad Morris does that seems to think about it and by the way he was the after corder. Under read dabble a clubs in the kind of build that thing postseason floated just title on the give an opinion on don't know enough about it Florida Dan Mullen. Again I think a very good hire the what would gamble and if this is it stinks I had the easy younger but gamble and gets a little bit of the bike rally right. Dan Mullen gets a lot of credit for do mean pretty good. Without a whole lot it at Mississippi State and now you get thrown into the toy chest where everything's at your disposal and we'll see what he does. So I guess there's little bit of risk their but he was the did the coordinator under Urban Meyer when they won national titles obviously he's been at Florida before. And he's that he's been really good at developing quarterbacks. Which is something that Florida has not been able to do. So I do you think that is a good hire I think it's a Smart hire but there is a little bit of that risk with the less is more that doesn't always translate. The guy that's able to kind of build the scrappy kind of a plucky team. When you get in the room of a four and five circuits doesn't always translate the same way it's hard to build the blue collar team at Florida at the same way you did at Mississippi State. Are able continue this next. That's heavily get to them talk about Mike Riley returning to organ state some folks in with us today don't like that is. Tsunami tsunami is name rhymes the Bill Burton. And Jill it looks like it took out accountant and deal. That he see them up it's been. No room. Good evening June. 3 album no but I enjoy you doing Kermit the Frog it's great that kind of the markets. Right anyway. We digress. Our two's gonna be the best Arab radio you'll ever hear and it's next on the fan.