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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, December 12th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shove them up for the doing the right things since 1952. He's making names. For children. But you know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. Well most pretty self explanatory. And the live is because I thought we were leaving at six. Go to black. Didn't play his time as we go. Then the voters. They show up. And a return it to CNN. Where you are what would you like news like Fox News is that. We're gonna follow the ruling more thing in here. If you just if you want me to just be a broken you mean being dangerous for. What channel CNN on this TV I am annoyed man couldn't. We're on. Extended here. You know I've had did he text I critics indeed for two years and I know none of the channels that just because of the remote channel 44. Yes and only captures. At 744. Anderson Cooper up against him. Can I did before this he smells something bad on air. I think he is so overrated. Yet yet the issue with just don't think he's and I think you're only he's again he's no Don lemon. We're really all that's always comes out compared to do Israelis end. The diamonds are a piece of the to lovable morons view these more and he gives actors anymore. He gets up pleased he's younger than is that gamer you know launch and so Roy Moore is 51 point 5%. Doug Jones the weight of those the over there is doing back there are doing I can so the polls closed in Alabama to find ya. Our time five hour time eight's out there. And it's the first time in a decade so there's a right I was 70% in more is at fifty point three and Jones that 48 point via. Am Ali others fifty point five to forty point one. On anyway. I this the first time in decades Democrats had a shot at us senate seat now and it just doesn't happen I just say that if Avery or more wins to me it's it's the system is officially broken beyond repair. So. No. There has not been much in his gun you more fired up then. Rule anymore now and it underlined. Because I want to please see our president. Well in this is this is this is part of. It's is that it now anytime that it's something that you do. You can just yell fake you just yell fake news and there's a huge section of our country that that believes it and and one of their attorneys is you it's just it's in disgust me. And Darren has been days ten things I know did it if you if you will guide that you didn't get the joke. Lorrie Moore's wife stood up at a little rally for him yesterday in his Klan rally and and said that the claims of lesbian anti Semitic or ridiculous. One of our best attorneys is as cute is she says that ending a black friends doubts that it's all it's all fine you know that he rode in on a horse to vote in favor Arizona's. And it looked like did you want answering geez now I wanna give your commentary here but did you see it. The right in death where he wrote in to vote on a horse there. He did it look TU life he was gonna go down he was struggling with Edward yes they key was just about ready to eat and it would have been the best thing ever. Has he fallen in the like the war's broken like rewards link of any. So you just you did. Look at this now and I'd I don't wanna believe that words that device but just I don't want to I wanna believe that even. In this this age where do you like chopper you don't Republican or Democrat that there's basics and some fundamental human decency in his home. But I am not a day a Democrat I'm not a Republican but most of my life I have needed more conservative than I have. Liberal although a lot of social issues and I'm pretty liberal but. If if this is really what that party has come to that this is the man that they support. And that electing him is more it. It beat because of that you'd you'd need the votes to try to get things passed through and that's where rat now on the officially done. With the the whole system is just it's it's gone to hell and it needs to be reset if that's rat this so this is a man. That has had when he was in his thirties and forties. Went after you know 141516. Years old deed. This is the man that has said on multiple occasions unbelievably anti Semitic and racist things. When asked when's the last time the mayor who is great he sets. Avery. I want you to realize they meant to be elected to the US said it. They'll when he was asked about when the last time America was great he said during slavery times. This is also a man that said that if we got rid of every amendment after the tenth amendment. That our country would solve a lot of its problems you don't came after the tenth amendment. Abolishing slavery. Given women the right to vote. They're not happy do paid evoked. Eight we can go on and on about things that this man has said but the Emma yet president doesn't. And yet this man is on the verge of possibly. Being elected. To the US senate but how. Is any different than trumpeting like prank but it's seemed like to see this this is funny because to meet it none of the surprise me first of all it's Alabama. In upset second. Like did the stuff I shocks me is that it. Guys without their means and expect women to jump all over them like that blows it still blows me away you know to keep hearing on the center restless leg how guys act. This stuff doesn't this stuff does not surprise me one bit it's like what do you expect it's like it's. It's Alabama. And look at our president. Look at what has happened there and that's a byproduct of that and maybe that's what it is I just from pushing the break and now this is the straw that's gonna it's gonna break Ken Roy Moore's pushing you over the edge it may be and the fact that our president sat there and stump for him in simple instead that really can't afford to have him not be it. You're at what point. What could he possibly do I mean look at that appeal look great there do you see that white voters there's black voters growing more 70% you know someone's image of white. What what could he possibly do what could he possibly sing. Two to make this not okay to to vote not just not just be nothing more but for the Republican Party. Who I guess I have lean towards most of my life for them to say no this man cannot represent us. That that means that bit putting someone in the senate is not as important as having some sort of moral decency. I think if he said I respect women that would probably turn today than they do on the road and I just dude. It's just it's I think a lot of the anger might also come from the fact that he is very. He he very much puts his religious. This religious feel nice and religious identity we. It can contradict it can go on and on and on right. They did to gays or what's bringing down our country he also said that's you know it in regards to like Vladimir Putin in the fact that it's illegal to be gay and Russia. And you can take him out and beat him in some wind basically asked him whether or not. That made a whole lot of sense and he's like yeah maybe it does this it would maybe your your candid to Wladimir food and he goes well maybe we do have more in common. That I that I realized we'd be getting into the stuff about that. About the B anti homosexual stuff and basically how he thinks it's okay to put him in prison and it should be illegal it's on and on and off. And yet we ID eight stayed in our country and a government that is backing this. You know what clown. And that he's got a chance to win I don't know I just. It it may officially just ruin my faith in the system and maybe I was naive for believing in the first place but think. A lot of people. Felt that that party had undertones of this the hall the hall along the right. And that's why they couldn't figure skating goes their but now some people are finally getting it that it's like. Three real. So this is like I've never wanted to be that person that you says I don't care anymore and I just in the apathy has set it and it's just like I refuse to follow anything it. But this this one has this one has kind of made me do it I wake up every day and I and I see it in it just it depresses the living you know what happened. Don't be depressed and that you throw in that you view the president added that it has this is had. I've always been that guy that is that no matter what happens I'll be right. Give me the rules to live by and I'll below and it does Smart guy doesn't affect me. You know on on a personal level I'll roll with the punches but I've never felt more beat up. In my life by. The that the system right just remember that's a lot of good people out there who can I could be peaks. I the anything positive not negative it's it's harder it's becoming harder and harder for me every single day losses that is just a chip. Right Brian Morris joked presents to you but it's not a joke because their form means policy that affects. Everybody now of course in us in a building in 2017 is gonna system that ask the system only lets you stay in for eight years as president ranked. Right and yeah it's designed this way so we can you know. And you begun seated like this you will only last for only snowflakes are angry we conservatives are totally fine with senator more enjoying the show they. Just fat that's right I read. That when your base is just it's sad word it like I said I've been a conservative most of my life. Do you have no soul. The day they anyone who supports that meant an edge do you do you not just look at yourself fundamentally and say there's just some things that are right or wrong and and Ayala apparently the answer to that that question is now the case you know screw liberals mostly have you seen yes through those liberal snowflakes. What's wrong with this country. I'm looking ready you will. Well you know did Tom Celek looks Lilly also has always look. William did didn't she think that maybe he was old and like he would resurface on a commercial and you've got accountability Thompson blew let's. Looks like a million bucks Yzerman knew that old person had. Leasing that now the earpiece yes something like that now and he just looks like a million dollars comes Celek doesn't aids and if he does Asia is doing that Benjamin button thing is reversing a key looks. Astound all right we got to go that was too long UN on far too long are your jerk. No jealousy here politics on Sports Radio. Comes now and get in the Alia. Are gonna be Oliver you know I'm such a liberals you arson just snow flick where your morals. Or are missing is. Glasses now. I've got them and it's not sure you do zone where it and Hejduk stunning in the U thanks to try to squeeze some more right com. Hate Dennis Rodman thinks people want him to solve North Korea let's get into that political mess and at that throw in some Dennis Rodman next on the fan. Club tech may be with eyes against duke. I just made it. It's all sinners on 1080. And none. Okay now onto a brighter news North Korea. Because you know. Are you Waco and in the week. Has put him had them. And it's a can be hard. I have small leaders in this incident that will be able tiny ears and you known him. Just strange I have smallest as small ears of a small hands do you think that by the time we're holding 38 W 39. Next week so you're 38. Be advertising your birthday for thing though I'm not are you looking for free fishing for birthdays and he retains clearly that's that I am gay and Labor Day cream cake. The senate. You don't seem to worry about it's about this for getting back very soon I will be thirty which isn't seventy francs or sixty would you like to know I'm not fishing. I think it's the senate speak somewhere this month I'll turn 39 years bitch. Do you think you'll have really long sag you're loves it he said anytime I don't know because my whole life they've been disproportionate to make giant hit it right. Outlawed T what I think I'm shrinking illnesses and you do have very small you're out one of the problems that they have is like with with headphones is. None of them fit inside my ears I called the little earbuds. And so these are like one of the very few when they found that I can kind of stick in their electric I couldn't run or work out with these I have to ones like it around my years. And it's like why do TV they have those little ear pieces none of those fit into my ear canal. Have to find ones that are made from like to thank the wouldn't report site in a much years because the cheers and I'm telling you they're not getting bigger they're getting smaller or shrinking. My feet Leon needle people that's what happens did you see trunk. I don't think so reviewed in the same seismic shoot it on him since I issue and that she's on the my eight feet over the last ten years have gotten the size of the size and have small. And I don't know law anti. When I've played every issue I had was at least a fourteen and some remorse fifteens now twelve to thirteen my feet are shrinking. I don't know what's going on I can't be good. I don't know I don't know why that is but now when I got like every pair of shoes that I owned. From when I was probably seventeen. It is I don't know 28 were all a size were to bigger than what I Wear right now. Thank I was there a couple of years ago I would go to buy shoes a magic stick a fourteen I'm like that's way too big business or we're at thirteenth and now on some issues of like. At thirteen a little big maybe I should get a twelve the damn this thing. So Dennis Rodman. Is he self described. Friend for life of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Hoon yeah I guess they really like. Kim Jung un is assessed with like basketball and principles and if you wanna launch something fascinating. Watch the thirty to 45 minute vice piece that they did filming Dennis Rodman. Behind the scenes in North Korea when he was over there you will it's. It's crazy it's a whole thing really get peace and Robbins drunk the entire time well he's not gone. We know that they had to have like Charles Smith had to kind of take the reins of of all the NBA guys of Iran has got some issues but anyway. He's set Rodman says he knows what the man he calls the Marshall a sneak tells you. Or Kim John Marshall because in the Marshall he says he knows what the Marshall wants from the US. Nokia. He's the only one the world. He is the sad part is he probably said more talks with it and just about any other probably does know what you. But he will only tell Donald Trump attendance. So. Trump has to meet as we know he's but he's attracted but I do know that yet is he was on that. He was on the predator that this should yet be an apprentice he was on the forgot about that celebrity princess I didn't see that one little. Could not commit Dennis Rodman EDT the key to rule peace innocent both. That is Donald gonna stop calling them little rocket man. Animate that. Prominently imagine that sit down between those three. That I'd won a yeah I'd I'd trump phase the phase with food and John noon and then like in the middle. I get a little rest three outfit and probably a feather boa and drunk and I mean as house Dennis rod with a ninety Tran. You wrap your head around that for a second. Rodman you're retired NBA bad boys fresh from what he characterized as a humanitarian tour of Asia to promote peace with North Korea. Indeed helps obviously no but it. It's with a shot once the president to make him a special peace envoy to the country headed by a the dictator trump disdains as little rocket man. He says I've been tell I've been trying to tell Donaldson stay one come talk to me man I'll tell you what the Marshall wants more than anything. It's not even that much. So what's it like. Sponsor like American blue jeans and I don't know maybe some CDs. Some good read. Also be possible that it Dennis Rodman has been speaking through an interpreter to him but the interpreter she's been giving him the wrong message the whole time would that be sure. Conservatives just like I needed sad it is is read now whenever he wants. Yeah how would Dennis Rodman. Ever know god that I think Kim Jung and speaks the bush. Yeah how England is a case of caballos CA in some Levi's and three pretty densely. But let's funny when. When I watched what's to come documentaries like on the fall of the wall and and in Russia and all that ends. The Communist countries in anyway. Thank all the people say that they do when they started going over their the first time beatle before it came down to. Think the first visitors go they have allowed the first like concert to play that. They all thought they were gonna be like kind of this this like evil monster like the red army right. All these scary people. And they all say that they all just wanna like or jeans and shoes. Like that was like the biggest thing. I try to remember there was what I saw with with Bon Jovi is a solid collegial. This puts musicians who started going of their own were allowed to start playing right before trying to that the fall of them and claps. And to amend it with a it was all the same story. They they went over there they were prepared to make hate Evernote there and they said there was just a bunch of people that we're excited about American stuff but they don't like we want your Jacqui we want your genes can I have your shoes. And that's all they wanted like if we just went over to North Korea without a budget Gap jeans when I think we'd solve the crisis. Like they'd overthrow of the government if we just gave Mike some McDonald's. In some genes that may be some comfortable shoes. I care ego. I also wonder if they're getting. Some reverse it comes from the past like they think that Steinfeld is in real time. Iranian yen but it's not gonna be like that that's you gotta go back for the Italian lake Stanley ties yeah. Or maybe a perfect strangers years like donkey Bartok it misses like the biggest thing ever over there right now you know. They'll think Christy Alley is really hot from cheers. Was this series ever on the F and shares. Yes who has your upper absolutely. Secret you don't remember her below I don't remember definitely be not very pretty. Now Steve you did it you qualified that is a pretty. I said. Needs well no no Kirstie Alley with high now they're okay there's time there's a different Wright is not pretty and guys senate slot she does not that you days that like you could getter not hot and that way that like damn I can't get. Like Google is the only beautiful because they saw her in was that movie summer school would Mark Harmon Miami chiefly as the love interest. I gotta tell you mark. The lead. Mark Herman could have been chastened much better like I Google Christy Alley cheers. I think it's Christiane is it Christie Christie Christie yes got some good photos. Young so I mean nights in hot. No question. But Google cheers. I don't think she was hot during the cheers own yet the young photo ops yeah also noticed that Woody Harrelson looks the exact same in cheers as he does now he just has hair. Yeah we did talk about all we can do host Simon guys who haven't aged Tom Celek is one and I saw Scott Wolf today. Scott Wolf that the party five cute yes he was promoted some something that he's doing the he looks exactly the same as he did on party fine released in he's probably. My engagement aren't what types in the morning. Look at yeah that's exactly the same. Won't be there and so Redmond modular Paul reds that way too. The good polarized now these illnesses. And Mason my twenty years. Rodman says I think a lot of people around the world want needed just to see if I can do something. He's right about that. Just that is like one of the most of refined propositions as the Dennis Rodman has the ear hate him maybe some other guy with launch cute okay what if what if Kim Jung in just wants to. Just wants Seth Rogen and James Franco I think on the interview I think you make that the sacrifice than you ever seen was that a glorious bastards. If it's yeah he's like you know we we take that deal didn't do a deal absolutely free throw and Michael Serra. They can him again. He can have that now. If we want and you know what I would miss James Franco. I don't I heated SNL last week I wrote James Franco and see it and unprocessed Rogen and issue there if you receive this is the end. Yeah criminally underrated movie dance I'd I'd certainly enjoy that Danny McBride. But I don't know if I went through Danny McBride and I'd like to keep him back. Feel like one of those guys need survived it. If you had to sacrifice to celebrities to end the the tension with North Korea don't you have to do it no matter who this liberty as. Well they should probably step up. Here's the question go volunteer the question do you now if it were mean would I go. You have to go over there and give yourself he says I want I want eyes drop. And Nazi when I I tear down. I tear down the missiles right we're gonna we're gonna lose the exam appeared no war threads no more missile launches. And you know he's gonna do idea to do I have to go you gotta gotta gotta go down and get. That's my question and then. Do you really don't. I wouldn't you know it's it's a bit as big talk and there's no way out a lot of big dog you turn yourself over a guy who knows it has delegates is flaky immediate take I think it's when he saves me take a bullet bullet. You following you'd be over there working in the sequin mines right. I don't think that anything's gonna happen like in terms of war with them you know I think is just this giant stand off of the idiots. Between him and trounce you I'd give that up so I'd be like. I don't think he's gonna do anything anyway now if you told me that nuclear war was imminent. I gotta think about them. But still he said he got to think about it doesn't mean you're gonna do it I would consider it. Give yourself up like that that's. It's a pretty both movie that we are read don't wanna believe that were the hero of the jumps on the grenade down a lot of lesser weight not a big time I had a big job read a book called. We've talked about on the show before that those many years ago I read a book called escape from camp in our team I thought it was the seventeenth. I you'd told me about that I read ticked up library it is so I escaped from camp. Fourteen OK read that book it is if you wanna know what what's really going on everything in North Korea read that book it is. It really is that. So would you do it if the kids like freaked people. Have seen now now you're piling on. Pretty well and then. Yes probably that's important heat I think you do some hands and feet by the we will get to the deeds or ABC they can't the feet. It is scenic candidate for story. Seemed sort gonna give it. That was such a squirrel moment actually finish dispersant and involves beat but. We are talking about so would you go. I'd like to say that they would nuclear war imminent. And you can freed the brainwashed people the brainwashed masses. Everyone's going once he runs got to die don't you get that you get a Bruce Willis this TV hero now. He'd go down and lore. And that's important you announce. Again I get my mind I'd like to say that I would go but it's hard. Is that we make our kids yet you need is she being Euro silly. But he'll drop the nuke if I don't go yeah. That's hard the end and everybody knows that it was my fault that pretty much. I like how he gets he's got I can't read in a live then if you don't go in everybody knows McCain and ethnic. Whether we like a million people died because yours and you too much of the cavs let's put this it has no guarantee a million people die but he you know. You're gonna escalate the potential nuclear war in sight you don't go. But again I think we're all gonna say we're gonna go but when push comes to shove I think there's a lot of calories it is a lot of people weighed in the back of it we gotta go here's so will sports. I. Club okay maybe I would advise they consume products. Did. OO. Yeah and 1080. OK where were read the news and what you wanted to do yeah. TV seeing what's going down in in camp I guess I should say what's going up in Canada. A thirteenth human foot lost up on Canada's west Cote DA and I OK so I guess over the last hit the years. These feet keep washing up on on the shores of western Canada and there's that whole they've got a little map if you go look at the story. Not only do they have the little map but they have the actual shoes in which they are are turned up suspense with good its its feet in shoes beats and do we. Party is is there's really do the story. The Canadian government doesn't suspect foul play nor do they think that they are all related. And then no one gives an explanation for why I hate this is Arnold stories that hey yeah it's been going on for a number of years. But this is now officially the thirteenth flight. That doesn't wash up on the Canadian short and my question to you is what the hell's going on a British Columbia that no one thinks that thirteen an individual feet washing up onshore. Is not a big deal where these feet coming from well ideas to keep happening. Don't they say that they could be from. Asia. I don't know why is Tommy wire patients losing feet. Well there's a lot of people die in the tsunami this has been going on for in every instance is going on even before the this is on the it. I'm blows my theory is as our current analysis suggests these are human remains in the we will do further investigation and test in the coming weeks but we did not. As suspect foul play nor do we think that they're all related to kind of would would just real obvious knotted things even if he said it was probably the it would all be related they're say there are not related and it's not foul play. Why your feet watch wire feet wash up is there's in the US eat. As government. Not to stick. The corners are said that the previous twelve feet we're all human they expect this would be too. And there are claim that eight of them and I geeky but no they're not like he feet. They did that by NTT they have an idea to them and they determined that they belong to six individuals. No foul play was involved in those players according to the coroner's. Wait no I'm not say how they arrived at that conclusion they're thirteen feet belonging to six people assassinating that's the story pretty. Well this the but they said they've identified eight of defeat and they belong to six individual dance and I've got a cracked the code. But isn't it I write me what does is no foul play was involved. It yeah there obviously people that died like on note that he announced it's one of those they're like gang you know it probably died at sea. Down on the ship percent of its anchor the tsunami here it's like you don't. That the thirteenth but also could have been made up of other parts of puts it that had been. We're just there's so they didn't know that it makes any sense to me a look I think it's one of those things where it's like art. There they just say it. They let so wouldn't win press started the quarter servicemen would not say how they arrived at the conclusion that no foul play. Was suspected and they didn't further investigate they Cabrera Canadian mounted police also went on to say. They will they will look at any possible matches to missing persons. But they Leona but they don't believe anything. That's all they can do is but he did he is is when the when pressed why so many feet have washed up in British Columbia. Or why this keeps happening the quarter spokesman said I'm not able to speak to that reason there's something going on that there. Got talent that is in this week featuring her. I'm not going on in camp at a I thought an easy job but my feet well I thought may be. They were just gonna say hey look the ocean is is the very large in mysterious place and sometimes. Not thirteen times he has a lot of stuff floating around there that why is it floated up on the Oregon coast. Thirteen feet yeah I think on one coast is weighed too many. And then they also said this since you there's no reason to believe that those can add those cases were connected in any way and then when they pressed enemies at once again. Not able to speak on that twice the same article with logical questions he dropped I'm not able to speak on that why not. You don't Wear these feeder coming from. We're not dean told them that you think it's student. Just shop and healthy and profitable over seas and as a message that would go the other way only angering. The story really has some legs on its. Gonna put that went up on the scoreboard. Does have some legs and feet I think it's interesting. So they're clearly so basically now based on up and being gay like gay bar to going downtown. That there clearly related data is don't wanna scare everyone exactly. Something's going on. You're telling me dead over like seven years if thirteen feet. Washed up on the Oregon coast someone would be like yeah I'm not by in this whole. No foul play and you don't wanna talk about how this is happy we would ask questions but apparently up to our Brothers to the great white north Edwards is like. I yeah it is it's like why wouldn't defeat. You know DK like the rest the body. Will they are to cage that's what I mean this wasn't why the where there especially where. I'm sorry what the fresh feet and aircraft ended their fresh he did not fresh feet there in sheets where plate but. Yeah he said that you weren T what keeps washing up in Jews. Did you know if there's a brand of shoe that's consistent on the 36 I'm looking here at night I'd use there is a basic fare right here in the months foot number three was an 86 you. There were the bodies but it's loafer. I you know what I'm not seen a little freer mostly believe it not ten issues. Lot of ten issues although I do see a boot so it was somebody who murdered runners. And then just chopped their feet up and said the hell that. Out to the sea with you. I just think it's pretty suspicious. If I was up in Canada and I want to my dog and I've kind of foot. I'm not buying this whole let's not worry about it and don't pay any attention you're nothing to see now thirteen feet and amber did a couple years that's too many feet. Three or four I you know I'm fine but thirteen and here's the question do you pulled the flute. Anything you know now. As we've we've had this debate rob wooten poked or see if it was ahead what do you do if it's fluid it's clearly. It's clearly a foot he's leave that beat. Lee called cops and they came by the way there's that's not normal but around there may be is normally down business that I guess this. Like if fourteen washes up does anyone even bleaker there again whatever. Another foot they told me not to worry about him. Well once again John will get no time. Caught up in feet and I will be right back on the fan yeah. Yeah yeah. That morning's. Criticism Lyndon. Johnson. From god and any man roles in children that he had. They have a clear once again Latino time certain now. Bubba kind of what happened and we talked slowly got kind of discussion about severed feet washing up on the Canadian shores. You're here might want another reason to never leave the country club exactly a lot you go to our lands. My question. He used by a gentleman is keeping their one person. In the with the Canadian police that's been assigned to be Scofield was washed feet guys at it though are tired of it already. A good question. Yeah there's probably an investigator on yeah there's probably got this in charge to defeat case but apparently he doesn't care because every time one washes up he doesn't he's like my idea. No foul play and and we're we're move along here. This guy says Kurt. Curt and was gonna read you a text that disguise on the centerpiece is a think what you need to do is look for the six and a half people NBC walking around with no feet. I would just because like yeah there's very there's like crackdown that detective on this there have to be like. Like here and get the whole the whole file was on June 5 when they take your call exported over to your computer security more so it just I don't. Great and a pocket and he's done here and there again he's like no one's complaining. It was reported a foot miss these elements not connected on us cashing paychecks a movement and an innings again this. Just feel like thirteen feet is too many. And that's to now be a coincidence disguised as a foot an issue would be the last thing eaten by fish and would float. Due to the reverend. You just. It's sort of a split here either is dead bodies float around in the ocean. They are eaten. I want fish why were they in the ocean. Day diet NN we're ready to confront. They'd done did exactly is smoke there is dead bodies well look again and seems to care it's the ocean. On people Diana. The others don't rule out there are two duck and here's he can't regulate what goes auto dealership thank my definition you. But coach gonna. Yeah you can't you can't chalk up every body your foot or hand that is. A washed up he can't you can't. But we've reached the point now you can like Trace that they've got the ocean it's fast it a lot of people have died out there is a matter of fact I'm surprised it's only thirteen feet the. I think the police are gonna start finding. Typically the thinking has got to severed and here in new beautiful just for exactly. It could become the new message in a bottle right I can hand out the notion since finally getting a blank. Kurt you're. The idea. I Tuesday night. Not a good TV nine now like to see movies she moved into an event. Edge treatment. Great can't you get we better than the evidence if Rory Morgan's. We're back tomorrow the if you want the latest. I'll fifty point eight Roy Moore. 47 point eight. Then again it's 70%. Now we're back tomorrow 37 on the team. Red shoes. Okay okay. And or.