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Monday, December 11th

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm Suk by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Find my blood diamond club want. I don't want to. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate would you may not do this problem. Do prime time on ten ABC. Yeah. All right it is. Four minutes past the hour 5 PM is that your sport grows it's Monday a lot of sports and time. It's pretty good. Get back on track there. Things will. Coming up this hour we will have our NFL. In week thirteen. Recap. Including the loss of Carson Wentz and this is another big load the unifil though. I find it laughable what we do this all the time when when guys get hurt that we have to have this debate of how can we prevent this. Not play football aids since it's silly. I'm going to prevent one ACL injuries yeah. Label it would there's there's too many stars that have been heard this year at the game of football have you not figured it out by now people. Hurt all the time you try to make name is safety you want. The course of let's plays it was a just is a clean hit the Dow's dive into the end zone may be due Weitz gonna be all pissed about this one don't run at the end zone. It's it's it is a 100% injury sport. Basketball is the is a contact sport baseball is a contact sport. Phobos a collision sport to really vital one and that if you play the game your injury rate is 100% is just a matter of when. How long and and how severe this is finally played the back of quarterback and now you're coming. It's important double Philadelphia went from the end you'll want one of the two or three favors when the Super Bowl and now. In earlier in the playoff she won the division but does anyone really believe that Philadelphia's win as a rule now when the full swing and and so people are saying they kid that I don't see it but if you wanna see like quarterback is such an important position. Watch Bryce petty. Don't did you see any I don't watch price petty holy crap old don't. If you guess the Cleveland Browns play if you just need to know about courted by play just watch that night right. I really think you are doing a disservice to brace that the poor play of Bryce petty counties saw in there would be no reason Peter watched the Broncos played the jets anyway but McCown got hurt. And they brought in price petty and you know he makes Du'Shon Kaiser look like NDP stuff now let me ask you the question here if breast that he is indeed that bad and volley capitalizing on on the grounds he hits. No think about this how that is Christian Hackett and heard that he's behind price Teddy can't get on. Wasn't Achtenberg again it Dilfer loves yeah Penn State it was a very good and there's reports liking camp like people that watch him practice. Can't believe how bad he is at practice. Let alone in any sort of game type association the jets are not yet at drafting quarterbacks is when Anderson. All right well now we've covered that we do evidence a recap and then we're gonna talk about Mike Riley because regaining we're getting. Our spite he senses are tingling about will Americans mr. Morgan state of recess. May not reliever through and through or is he. Not like him and Mike rally back to Corvallis we haven't talked nothing between us and we've had that we have a lot going on the middle of last week and so we have we just haven't discussed sorting it that this hour. In the club from the club in da club. Tonight prosecuted to explode hey you know debris is debuting on the bachelor and I yeah. Breed for NBC sports that via NBC Syria NBC sports northwest I think that's what they want ads. Thanks yet she's gonna be on the masters and it starts airing on ABC. And I have hit record and cheese I doctor on Twitter at what she's gonna come on fishy to do discuss kids have that. So so much questions all the months out we didn't do I need to wait you're gonna give me data row I'll tell you all that because I asked her I said. I need to know if I have some answers I've never seen that show but now and now I may have to watch it. Asia watch it tonight give it to give the old give our roses right then they'll sleep with each other useful Cutler so that's night also we have in the club the Keaton Jones audio leasing everything is ground zero yeah that's. Green is not let them packed people regretting maybe I go fund the campaign right about now and how about a terrorist who attacks himself and then gets arrested. Instills it in immediately days he's all right so bad that he even Hewlett. So that's all coming up the right now the hot night. I jumped out of billions. Of dollars I did and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot on private Bible. Isaac consumed. Very. Refresh light Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light cooers look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number fly let's. I give you an update on the organ recruiting class it is no longer a number of won since Willie Taggart left it however it is still according to our recruiting insider and you can make it can be heard. Every Thursday at seven after us recruiting within genomics also organized he says it's still a top ten class and the ducks have. Six from the class who have actually. It's kind of nuts to think how many wide receivers you need. There I IC untoward or the time was that the movement. Lot of those guys are trying to rally together is an end so trying to kind of keep this. Momentum moving forward I think that's ultimately the reason they went with crucible is they wanted to keep the momentum from this recruiting class and there's that at quarterback commit Tyler shot who is trying to lure those wide receivers back so. Maybe not such bad news on the recruiting class for at depth. As the early signing day is coming up when is that again. December 20 I believe on the twentieth getting him the ducks don't have. He's the there to make it about crystal ball or like on Twitter account whether eleventh. Out what was said that he could see into your soul great deed might be let's dial that back a little bit he's not Jesus and it could Taggart didn't seem to apparently now but apparently Rocca who if you Mario can we can now. Remember former cal coach Sonny dykes well he has a new job he takes over for Chad Morris as the head coach at SMU. Michigan football desperately needs a quarterback today they got when they landed. Ole miss transfer shape Paterson now he's just a sophomore so he's gonna need it. A waiver approved but he could be eligible to play right away if he gets that we've recruit simply because the rebels. A whole mess are under sanctions from the NCAA yes and if anyone can secure said waiver will be Jim Harbaugh. They've Harbaugh will show up in the Indianapolis in just annoys the hell out of someone until they sign that we. So Paterson but this was by the raised the fear with the old missing since came down. Is it could open up a free from Freddie wanted to leave them player right away he was number one quarterback in his class is out of line Gian Florida. And you tell me why he chose Ole miss over offers from Alabama Auburn Clemson. Oklahoma Penn State USC Michigan Texas and LSU how big was the back of the crash. That's as many Sox after being grade Israeli expense this incident Indiana. Eyes upwards of Gene Chizik Gene Chizik and I ever. I sell passion for news you freeze. Seventeenth has sounds and as for setting games this season going missile last night due to injuries or shape Paterson going to Michigan I'm all right no suspensions are coming. I'm from the end of that Seahawks jags game that's good news. Clinton Jefferson Michael Benton and those guys to be suspended however players' actions are still under review on that football is Tom Brady. And the patriots. In now South Florida against the dolphins Brady just seven and eight. In his career earnings gains in southern Florida but really has no bronze tonight number he got suspended game. I Jay Cutler has played the patriots three times in his career. He is -- three and lost by a combined total of 91 points what you're saying it is is that says Tom Brady struggles against the teams in South Florida but not against tick up. Also I guess being confirmed that day Eagles quarterback Carson whence does have a torn ACL he has done for the season fumble modest says nearly. Has dropped from a 621. And while they went to theater but their their odds to win the civil war was. 61 is now nine to one but also the jets lose Josh McCown for the rest of the season price that he takes him. This commission meets and because the pats have to keep pace with the Steelers. And then I believe next week it's Steelers pats prone to the vendors kind of throughout. By the blazers play tonight they are going to beyond nine ESPN they're playing at the warriors. It down in Oakland no use of America H no staff Kerney both out with ankle injuries. I you know I read this today and I still don't believe this but. I read it nasty turn. They're reporting in the preview of the warriors places came that Golden State we just got back from a six game road trip. It's just the ninth team in NBA history because six and on a road trip. That's what they sent really I read it five times. That's spiritually. Sitter in my mind blown ability to the end the averages aren't in no one gives a rip right you go to Europe to party a little bit the blazers nice. He asked the blazers lost all four of their recent four game homestand they are sputtering that they look one good food cleaning up. Is against Houston so. Kind of people think you regret. And meanwhile in bulk sampling is highly Angelo and Manolo reportedly close to bulls signing with the Lithuanian protein I saw that they did indeed sign and he said that Twitter had at the they side and did you read the details about the Lithuanian team I'm now. Boy it is a boondoggle. Like I. This is even the Cleveland Browns so I guess this is a a low level team that. They're not even get up there I guess they play in two separate these and Lithuania and they're saying that the ball Brothers aren't even gonna play in the upper tier league. They're gonna play in the lower tier ones. And it's like a 17100 seater arena. They they've had to cancel some games because of finances they don't have firm they don't have real practices. Because they can't secure like building's base. All find the ice with the feels that this sounds like an absolute shame and it is choose the taxes are going out a lot of the Indian road trips are six games along which is why. At the warriors just Panamanian. The first domino to follow the baseball winter meetings Giancarlo Stanton officially traded to the Yankees. Other Marlins get shortstop she starling Castro and two young prospects the first of which is a pitcher by the name Jorge Guzman. He came to New York in the Brian McCann deal he has a great fastball they say that is a hard time commanding it like Elvis. And they do say though that he projects is the top three prospect for Miami. Meanwhile the other guy is infielder Jose dealers who was Red Sox rookie rob field beavers cousin he seventeen. And projects only as a utility guy. Other Marlins also shed 265. Million of stands 295 million dollar contract. That's the big reason they made the trade that in well Austin had a no trade clause and would only play for a few teams. I they're saying too that starling Castro is likely to be traded for more young players in the coming weeks because he has still quite a hefty price tag on his contract. So that is usual hot by the five any hot. And John Carlos can take from big sit there. Thought we were trying to break here I was trying to extend its Alan no he think of Giancarlo. Did it makes me very bitter that he's gonna go play for the Yankees I'm still not okay because years ago. The Mets had a deal for the time Mike Stanton straight up for Zack Wheeler. And the Mets turned it down from yeah and so now and is gonna go play for the Yankees and adds this is meal. Abby got five of five is refreshed by prospered cores like Duncan beaver fans download the new course like XP at their points towards one of the kind experiences and award giving game tickets. SP 21 or older would you like to get into Mike Riley discussion. Or NFL. Week thirteen discussions next I'll give you the choice let's look at myself. OK but I do want it has five found the details of the blue balls club in Lithuania it's fantastic you know do you briefly need to hear about this week I'm doing on how much their ranking. No but I'm guessing they can't be a lot because we T hear about some of the financial troubles that this is awaiting your team is at all right size sixteen on the fan. So last week Navarro valls kids. The other kids from not in the NBA. They signed with agents so they can no longer play college ball because the kid who got caught stealing in China. He Varity pulled him from UCLA and they said that if you say he was leaving and play they they're the most of the keys of mid majors not even good enough for the pac twelve. So in the New York what was post were pretty good bit there Islam mellow them mellowed some but they're gonna go play in this position to be that this is good that they and they outside with this team in Lithuanian team they of gays it be just tuning in a they have just signs the two the two younger boys the nineteen year old and sixteen year old. And just sign with a team in Lithuania. Now listen to this team in and see if this makes any sense why they would sign here of this literally is their only option and their approach seems to get money for us yet that the team is called BC perennial. And it's a low level club from the small non English speaking village of roughly 101000 people in southern Lithuania. The team has been grappling with financial issues and started the season losing eight of its first twelve games in Lithuanian league now. They are not did I guess there there's the Lithuanian league and then there's another one called the Baltic fleet in the field teams in bowl the Lithuanian league is RC's must be pretty decent. And they're saying that those the two boys. Wouldn't play in the Lithuanian league it's the competition's too good so they're gonna play in this Baltic leak. And I guess the Baltic leads. The good video abandon games and I think there date they forfeited the game. Because with three minutes to go the coach was rejected and they didn't have an assistant coach to continue. There's only one there's only one coach like there's there's no well there's not a coach is that it's one guy. They said they played a 17100 seater arena is a David blatt hurt but it's possible. They played a 17100 seater arena. They said they rough forget about 500 people to game the tickets are around five euros or about five to ten US dollars the team has no general manager and doesn't practice regularly due to the financial situation. They can't paid a practice. And yet. Bull bald Brothers are going over there to play in this low level Lithuanian league that. Note GM one coach for some of the game and doesn't regularly practice. OK all I take a stand in line yeah one. Day no other options. Okay that's got to be just lack of options to. They're probably getting a little bit of money. Because for this this team because I saw a statement from the team they're like we're really committed to their long term success are really excited Adam. This is a good dad it's good for them probably that they can't pay the practice how much can they possibly be late air BJ at them and then three. They get said they can pretty much do whatever they want right like there's they just they get to play I guess they're the starts. I think gonna be the best players to kids sixteen hurt. I was probably not better than anybody on the I don't know is is low mellow ball at sixteen. The high school player is eagle there and easily become their best player I would imagine not what they were saying that in the upper leak did the the ball Brothers wouldn't play decide whether gonna go play in this yet president's answer one this lesser team is our big. It sounds it's also this is the only weird semi pro like. The played out of the Salem or are we remember these kids are so young they're not gonna play anywhere else they have no other options so this is a way that they will be able to play. They'll be able to make a little bit of money at the seeming to actually get paid which had been seen on this point who knows what else they gonna do like they're not going to college so. I think it's losers in that they did dad is like while on they'll be better without that the structure and home. I hope it works out for a they said the their best player was the coach's son. But he left to go play in a French fourth division team believed that. French fourth division yet so the best player on the team was the coach's son who left. To go take a a better position on a fourth level division team in France they need maybe they have light shoplifting las there. So it's just anything goes. Just picture what it is a town of 101000 people in southern Lithuania looks. Looks like Hanna and although a little the balls are gonna go there and Lamar just walking around town there this is gonna be a menace. To be king there I Garros. No don't give understand them yelling at people they don't know what to do is it is a non English speaking you know country and I'm sure they're gonna do real well over there pretty much. Anything that happens to his kids that he deems negative he just he he. He just projects under somebody else he had these people can't speak English she's just gonna guilt and I don't think he's crazy. It's an army legitimately worried about how that's kind of how that's gonna shake me terrible now. Bridge for Beers Tex I'm 55305 disguises halo bars pouring his kids up people should be condemning this jackass far more than they do yes until they do go. But the moment is give him a lot of people given the past because he loves his kids and you know they're the ones successful in his play and LA bit. I I think he is doing serious harm to attitude to the younger too I mean it's panel we know even Katie Kobe knows what he's doing we knew that about him nights when Israel about the details of of what the actual club was. I just sat there and thought good god this is the best. But he's not just doing this is because he wants to go live event and a town of 101007 in the waning if this is his only opportunity for both of his boys to play together and it's a team that can't afford to practice. They can't break the gym to practice on a regular basis about disguises paint the bars is gonna end up being the coach. He's probably joking but kind of not will supposedly he's not gonna be over there he said he uncles all he's not going there down darn it supposedly he's get a sense and uncles and their gonna supervisor everywhere and there's uncles their stable there's uncles apparently is one of the name of laws that topic at. Big big. It's some balls are there. This guys has too many disguises are ready here hubs that does Nike they're gonna miss out on the the big Lithuanian shoe market. I guess maybe it maybe can hawks and big Boller brand over there and then Lithuania. Bank well. We've we've blown to dissect the night I don't wanna start the NFL stuffed now on the way to our next segment because if we start now we want be derailed. So just know that the balls let mellow in Lee Angelo now. Sixteen in nineteen. Are you get a chance that you can see play for about five topics. Related to Leann Rimes. Probably. Insurance is not would have just left it at the LaMont so that that was. The that was dead. And has always looked at their. Look Richard. Hello we we should find out what the brothers' names are. Full of what dongle stands are now saying oh yeah no Brothers I want to see the pictures of these uncle he's well he's said to Derek and he's again. My arm bar. He said there are to be some uncles that would go over there and supervise everything and I'm sure they're gonna run a really really tight ship there's no way in hell you could tell me those uncles are wearing any less. Then Adidas track suit but they can't Wear the if you show I saw was our big brought it to the big dollar dry suit big dollar bread track suits. The whole way there you know what that's probably you know now you did peek oh please tell me yet eerie likeness. All right here are his four Brothers names yet they're five of them okay. These these are Levine he's viewed of these of the young Eagles season chemicals that are gonna go over and supervised the the younger do. DeAngelo and the mellow yes when they're in Lithuania. The four Brothers names are LaFrentz. Yes. Low ball. Lorenzo. Of course it's that's that's boring enough. And LeSean. I want to France more than anything that's to Iowa I'll I L Lance to France in charge of everything to our all the ball girl ball Bryant. I don't mean pictures here. An attempt. Yeah. The laws of offering it it's look at look at that the radio BQ here comes LaFrentz ball at me just get lazy as a parent I feel like it you know feel like orderly super creative ideas were rather that a lot named sleuths is go with LaFrentz. Robert let's get too but look Bob. Let's get to the NFL week thirteen Carson wins is done for the season and other NFL musings. Here is. Sleep well exports and there. Tell us officials Carson Lance is done for the year MVP. Caliber season ago and he is done now you can't replace that. You fools it is it is one of the better back into the season. And Phillies good for you look at they've lost a you know offer a linebacker there they're all pro left tackle. And and now you lose your quarterback you start to win a kind of like saying it was Seattle like eventually do is is that there's too many injuries to overcome and you as a player. There's Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Carson went you lose a player that's that's that important to you. It is is it's really hard to overcome yes in the class that won the division but it. To think that they can that they can go in and win the three games necessary. To to to win the Super Bowl with nick folds back there not gonna insists it's not gonna happen especially now. You know that that Peters went out on the Canada reshuffled offensive line a little bit over a few noticed it. There think that the pressures that they've been allowing that there was what 21 pressures allowed just left side of that office went alone the week before when when Philly played against the the against the rams. Ands. Is this it's. The you need that sort of mobility in creativity. That's. Dick Carson went hat in Naples is not gonna be a guy that's gonna be able to move around back there and avoid some of that and maybe this year it kind happening. Now this is amazing to me at this elated that he's that he's. No don't want to needed to do with. Illegals are gonna have home field. Well shed yeah so and I'll get a buying at least they're positioning and -- I went three games so play got to win two to get there and I think they can win one muscles I just don't know. I'll think in string together. A couple of wins. Much less 32 win at all I think that you win one now at home maybe spends on who they play all the NFC's fun. Mile Libyan SEC is fun but you you start talking about you get there let's say you play Minnesota's defense. Again you know with with nick falls back there's Eagles have a good. But they still won at the rams. With him. Any innate and he drove him down for a big go ahead score I mean he's not horrible this isn't this isn't the raiders of last year right like. When Derek Carr went down no B Johnson got bullied by the the Seahawks the week before nine I'm just saying this is not the raiders of last year now they're not cut but they're not gonna in the soup now. Without Carson when I mean that's that's a great example and I get that that nick folds is better than what they have screen and strong and who's in the guy they rolled out their the kid from Michigan say in the glowing in the name Connor Connor cook but he was not pretty. Green Bay when they they threw him Brett Conley because again you can get by with back up quarterbacks in this league. And it's. When you when you play nobody's but do you look at Phillies remaining three is the giants raiders and cowboys whatever. But you're not playing the giants the raiders in the post season in your pride and I'm playing the cowboys. You know you're gonna be playing the Seattle session and you play in the Minnesota Vikings can be playing teams like that. And remember yeah I know philly's defense is pretty good bit of the did they Brenda wade 35. I just. So that I I just don't believe that without Carson went that Philadelphia has what it takes evening get to a super bull alone went. Well the rams have a great offense got one of the best. In the ball's not Texas south can throw the rain instead but the rams since you brought them up. If you don't think coaching matters which means everybody thinks coaching matters wreck. But the rams they have a chance to finish last in scoring. One year and then first in scoring the next. It's amazing. And I think about and I know that went out and they got work to solidify the O line and they got Sammy Watkins they drafted in a cop. But it's it's amazing to see what's. What coaching does have a quarterback play and look no further than than foals when you look at the one year yet under Jim Kelly right. He be broke all kinds of records incensed that you know that that his is kind of got away. And ease ease beyond average is the definition of average. Coaching in this league made such a huge difference and we give far too much credit to guys spice just because they're an NFL coach. And and we assume that that's. Somehow he leaked code can't look at Mike Malarkey edit what he's doing to Mario down there in Tennessee is an abomination criminal it is the Mario does have a terribly here you know I think they seem think it's Jeff Fisher. With Jerry golf. And then. Sean Michaela Jerry god look at the difference same thing is happening with Mario did just on the bad side well look at how many times Alex Smith got run out about Smith is he's a great quarterback or anything but. Smith went through what four different quarters might have been five coordinators in this first five years. And he was viewed as it beyond a bus and then Harbaugh came in pots and stability to a mobile hold automatically position that's pretty good quarterback. Like eighties not even leaked. He's not ever gonna be confused injured breeze or anything but you can win games like Smith with appropriate coaching. And I it's it's one of those things that with with cars where it's carts with the great quarterback in cars which was probably gonna be good where everywhere. But if you don't think that working under. A Smart offensive mind in Philadelphia has helped r.s one. So he had crazy says he'll get in a scene now. I don't about you man the vikings are really get yeah. But you saw what the panther in that wants a lot of vikings pandas in me too they got after Kim. And obviously case cinemas not Tom Brady. These and a great year because he's got all data throw T gotta disrupt him and I think that there are teams a lot of teams in the NFC wealthy teams Nancy can do that Panthers just proved it. I actually like the saints. Let the saints in like the rams of all the teams in the NFC now with Carson winds down. I think the saints are tough combo of able to run the football. Playing good defense but also hall of fame quarterback and that's. I Heidi not trust them and then with without the Eagles in the conversation then you probably go rams but the and that's what's fun about the in a cease you have. The pedigree of Russell Wilson the Seahawks aren't going away you have Matt Ryan the falcons aren't going away you have the Panthers. Best defense in football you have Green Bay if they get Aaron Rodgers back they saved their season by when it. And Cleveland can be very handy or interest it's going to be up the NFC's gonna be Osce Europe where right so we all think key we know Carolina has good if that's right now they're number one no doubt about it. And we still think of New Orleans as this throw the ball sixty times game and it's not right knew who runs the ball right really well there when they need you Drew Brees this thing around a bit. But if I go to Terry did the Carolina Panthers have given up two orders institute points. Through their thirteen games which care to guess what new world woods has given up. Well he said to 62 to 62 is with the Carolina Panthers have given up total points total point is played the same numbers game number of games same division the pick of the saints have given up too used to 8263. Plow I think we. I don't I don't I did not believe in New Orleans but at this point you record to what is it was of that agreement you are which are records as you are. The world ends is is legit and I'd completely slept walk on them but did you look at the way that defense is playing opportunistic in the way they're running the football. And if they do have to go on the road I love the fact in the world is doesn't have to throw the ball sixty times to win anymore. Absent the saints are right now you know that's why I like the rams a little bit more. Because of that like that you know. Gosh kind of scares me in the playoffs I mean. Heeded the call angry yesterday he. I don't know why the rams are really gig as the rams have a good defense still in they have garlic. You know they can run the ball they have good offensive weapons. Sultan just tell I. Obvious interest Drew Brees a lot born actress cherry golf in the playoffs but you trust case camp but could you trust more meant Minnesota or LA in the playoffs with case keep him injured enough. That's the question so I wanna say Minnesota just because I love Minnesota's defense but. No I don't. It's that's that's six and one half dozen the other the team do you most trust it was Philadelphia and it doesn't we're having this comes news is their take Matt I. It's I don't know I don't Seattle is but yeah nice and so they play the rams. I don't feel great if you read off a great even about that game now. In this off these teams are all pretty close but. He got Seattle and Green Bay lingering there with with great quarterbacks are right and then you also have don't forget about Atlanta yeah Atlanta is what 85. Yeah and they've got. Matty ice I like I didn't even trust the Eagles after they lost to the Seahawks. Even if they did keep one's. The media was Kennedy game that was like really they're not ready yet. They're not ready to play a plan he is awful easy good but it just seems like under that kind of pressure and I knew they would of had a home. They they would have had home field but that there'd there's something about the pressure that game that you could tell it got to look. Like this is if you look at the NFC would you in this is it's too simple to do this but one exercises has been on or bacteria. Are you bet non golf and wins their first time the Eagles to make a lesser today. They don't make it now so are you betting on golf and wins their first time in the playoffs or are you betting on Brees Rodgers Cam Newton Cam Newton Russell Wilson now. I mean that. Not that we owed wincing Goff aren't good. It's just that Angela is a good example you know he got them the colts. Multiple playoff appearances but he had to take his lumps in a it's a learning curve before they finally got to it through to the AFC title game. That's funny man we go through all those teams and then in the AFC. I Pittsburgh in New England take your pick maybe. Just maybe jags. Now see I'm not Jackson. In Nancy chargers I'll fill it fills here. He's did. Pretty good find me a team right now that's hotter. Then I keep wanna sees India than in the Ellie charges to gather they're they're tough the the chargers are irk cooked and right now and their offense is scary good in the start to play some defense. And you look at that now they're tied for that division lead. You know their view in Kansas City is is the sinking ship. The charges are gonna come the charges are gonna winning that division the chargers and chiefs play this week a charge on Saturday charges are gonna win that division. While the chiefs I think that's a huge game for that division to Donald G strategy yet but that they're they're tied right now quick name the chargers coach. Well it's let's is nuts right. It's Jorge Sosa. Clearly that's why can't think of his name its ban and now is it late. Zia designers like this then that it. It's there what the hell is his name is gonna germ that they land and yet you're thinking of the Denver can I think of the Denver coach. Anthony Lynn is there a coach. Alia. The had to Google and he's having the time of his life. I don't think of coaches and I think you're the chargers they just think of Philip Rivers and that's it like I can't get anything else out of my head but Philip Rivers and I think and M I also think of mediocrity. But these things so they're seven and six and their real enough wins they're playing great and really mediocre for a long and we would think completely different about him what they lose three games asserting your they had no business losing a couple wants she'll bulls. Because it was the most charger thing did did you ever like. It took a little bit to realize that hey we're the charges but we don't have to lose every game on the final play. And I just I don't know if there's a hotter team right now in the NFL than the chargers a promise in a seat. Their day if you would ask the either the Steelers are the patriots who is the one team that you wouldn't wanna play. All bets that either side would say the chargers over the Jiang over the Jack's there's one team you don't wanna see in the post season mob that should be the Los Angeles he leaves what dead. Chargers in the NFC. Where you put their chances. It's tough because it's it's it's a much. I think that that's a much more. That the death symbol more difficult path you gotta get I why I don't know that I mean the patriots and Steelers. Getting through them you're telling me that the NFC without Carson Wentz. And I think that sees that you could make the case that's easier in getting to the patriots and Steelers could say did that goes and its its top heavy but I think in the AFC there's two teams. You know I feud if I mean I've from the charged as two teams I look at and say they'd give me concern. Think in the NFC. I think there's so I think this sixers seventeens get a Green Bay gets Aaron Rodgers and finds a way to back in yeah that worries Cohen on play them now wanna go play Aaron Rodgers and have him coming in and and slinging the ball around. I sing Vienna there are no easy games now not even any of CD if you claim Jackson Lee playing Kansas City years uneasy balance not but I I think it's a lot. And I just think it's a lot better than having to go to the meat grinder today is the NFC right now. Well it's funnier all right look here's a review that call marble column on Omaha. My Grammy talk. Tomorrow. Is Willis with us tomorrow and I want willing on this conversation beaches. Well he may be the linchpin of the whole not to do to the whole outcome though. That we have yet as he started the whole thing about my grandma being backing chorale. It is irrational hatred form. Late is that true. Sources close to me you're saying that fake news will Americans mr. Oregon State as recruited by my granny that's not true. Is that not true I was recruit directly by Nigel Burton blew up you know so he's now agencies I know I decided to might get recruited by migrants. Done so do you have an irrational hatred toward Mecca is ideal arts. I don't know I look at I don't have a hatred or not I had any curiosity about the light of the whole thing play OK our. We're gonna get that tomorrow folks tune in tomorrow time and he's back pedal or not he's deflecting he's document dodge he's got to be nice to him it's like you know wanna. You can't banishment trying to get tickets thanks I get a you don't that this tire for me was huge because now I get more access like what it now when they hired. Gary Anderson scare the crap out of me because now it's harder for media tickets. So you will be easier now yes it will be easier line because you know I Riley will be there and that I can go up to valley athletic center and just gonna say had played here and then and attorney Michael leave. Not. Sure really walking around there and let me in and I feel the pain beauty is playing cal next year we're going down into that I'm going down on the council a patent. Yeah better today she's a cal football that I do at BYU where I play it. All right so that will be a marvel at the new data off to tomorrow just keeps getting shoved off like kid Jamie earth. But down up next we'll wrap up week thirteen in the NFL that will move on the club on the fan. It's funny it's time that the chargers as is looking into later and RJ bell rolled out the Super Bowl lives. And all these teams were talking about. So the patriots are the favorite green line. Steelers next five to one. 1991. Eagles drop to twelve to one in the saints at thirteen one followed by the rams then there are four teams at twenty to want him. Three of those four teams Seahawks jags falcons you know the other bonus chargers the chargers and even better odds to win the super balls in the pants. So yeah people are by and what are the charges are land down and I'm one of them although to be fair like I feel bad they keep knock in Jacksonville. Jackson did beat the chargers are wanna say maybe 34 we sure as close games at Jacksonville. But they did not come often you know that the jaguars handed it to the Steelers. Earlier in the year remember that they blew him out so maybe we should consider Jackson those just. I like that there's something about it where I'm not quite sold the eye test when I've watched Jacksonville play verses you know clemency the charge now a stadium full of but the last eight weeks or so watching the Steelers last night. Do we were about Demi and no calls are set on there he was talking about how with such easier they just dating to the edge very well it was easier is their leading tackler yet and I mean he does take passes defended him and he was the guy how do we feel about them now that he's out now have to wait and see you know one week in it Baltimore's offense so it's a little much Fiat is a bit of a concern because Baltimore's offense stinks. But the same time it's like. Deep. When you have an office that's that good and you've got arguably the best non quarterback player in the NFL in Antonio Brown on the outside and that was without. Zhu Zhu. Smith Shuster is that Shuster splintered you know it's I think issues late Smith Shuster rightly geez yeah that's Shuster that's SA ICH I was gimmicky because he is juju Smith right and that I had this idea keys tack on issues during a Vicki Smith Shuster by the way an incredible afternoon. Juju Smits Shuster. Starring in you know. Whatever Mutiny on the Bounty. Using Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's defense to when you have an offense that's that good. I don't think you necessarily have to have the beat the world's greatest defense but we'll fight that. Actually what ideas Eddie in New England president Pittsburgh. Play next week video yeah academy of some big gains this I think they play next we wait for Saul is his name. What's Israel UG it's John Sherman. OK so geez nick and I was kind of hoping that Gigi was Israel and so it's John shiny German Smith she's Shuster. AKA. GUGU issue. So the chiefs played the chargers. The rams play the C ox and you're telling me that the patriots play the Steelers I am looking this up as we speak you're telling me I believe I am telling you don't you tease me. There are here December 17. My birthday season. Patriots wow. Awesome. What a great week of NFL and nominal week of NFL and that. Assuming that pages take care of this mess hero there currently back onto the dolphins are now six to nothing. But if they keep pace that could be home field throughout and that does make a difference. You know when you're talking about to the Super Bowl either going to Heinz Field are going to chula. Packers play the cancer student doesn't. Aaron Rodgers can Mac is it one more week I think it might be one more week before he's eligible come back. Intense about my niners actually Aaron Rodgers is off IR he can play there just aren't shelter and they're not sure if they want addressed them yet. My niners to you know a genealogy. Include titans. To know with Tigger Evelyn and you know baby can I say hi sue Canon grapple atop my daughter is in love with Jimmy grow our idea. She would do is it. As she saw him a job one of these like I was from the channels she goes whoa whoa whoa who is that. Says Jimmie your copilot GO I don't care who years he's gorgeous do you think anyone's ever said that about you know. Never never in the history. All kinds of wonderland world whole wave admitted to here. Why that is. Happening know that it never happens and I growing you like a fungus like you don't realize that that you've got me and then this the best they had become part of the situation. And you learn to just a deal and adapt I did a couple of other NFL nine gets. Before we are allowed here did you see that the cowboys and hopefully didn't want to gain knowledge enough. And it launch much thanking me for the cowboys wore white pants with there. Blue jerseys for the first time in franchise history yeah and can I say that this horse plea because I love the cowboys like blue silver pants that one of the great looks and NFL. Well I'll I love it when they Wear their blue jerseys for shock the date that they were white pants with them and never done not happy about it ever. And wasn't that the giants the giants scored ten points so in Eli Manning was back soon welcome back you know I mean. Well what was that would mean it was a big deal like you loud he's Macedonia is this just Danny I'm in Michaels scored ten points the giants are horrible. Oh wait giants Sergio. And 01 other thing I need a uniform news can I tell you that the dolphins throwback selector we're in right now love those they're just they're great people we go all the way back think. The pitchers need to be where in the old. Hiking uniform thank with the big guy that the red Jersey with the guys step in the Philippine Erdogan. The dolphins need to go back to this the jets went with their throw backs you know in recent years that looks great. School uniforms there's like 1981. Where the uniforms were perfect in the NFL. Go back to the post. All I was gonna tell you the well we'll talk with that some of the snow game tomorrow. I couldn't take Mazar I game what a bad bills cults it was a bad call but it that you couldn't not want to look you don't want my wife asked me she says. Is this she's like. Is this kid like that they're doing is they play in this and some Emma well. So it's great to me I think it's awesome and fun to watch you know good run but. You don't want every game like that. Now just one every now and then is really really fun to watch just to see the kind of wrenches that it throws and the thing that's hard as I could take my eyes off of it in the field goal like the the first Vinatieri if you go there like this is the only view we can give you. None of the rest of can you see the flip that was a great connected. A. Don't win on those every time he gave to the wind move that thing about nine yards loneliness the other one I missed one. But the one that did that made it dissent in overtime there's now in a great kid please house at the right netted just. What to write backing of. Who is of those same. Well like my tee shot is amazing. Fee every if you ever wanna give a kicker past don't. Because look at what Vinatieri just can't he did he just made that in those contests his job in those conditions he made it swipe justices are gonna Blair Walsh may end up being care what was his cold it was in snow he sucks incidents. All right let's get to the club our Sid has bachelor questions. The bachelor is on tonight so much questions and we also have though we wacky Jones he's the young man his. Has been bullied but now is Scott there's a lot of cool stuff that person in Bodine and elegance and stuff we'll be that all next in the club on the.