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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, December 11th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as regular job though you're not. Do the right things since 1952. You making. Games for children. But you know up. Where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Most pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. Go to law. I didn't play his time as sleeve. And believe me. Yeah we're. OK so we're gonna get to where you play the idealist Keaton Jones the young of Boleyn who was bullied in itself been a big thing on social media and there's all kinds this new stuff on that we're gonna get to that our next segment. Yeah because the the reverse it really kind of swept the country and and then wins the feel good story then and personally. Do you notice that way to be one of these feel good stories there always seems to be like another angle to it. The other GM you always seem to and a drop in Lowell will tell you everything you needed now. But first the bachelors on tonight and I wanted for the first time ever. And this show really doesn't care now. However there is someone that you. All in we know on the show this is the first person I've ever known that's ever garden any of these kinds of shifts. I kind of issues like on rock of love that would be even better be pitchers vying for the love of the Bret Michaels. But enforce a no zone and indeed I've never heard this is season 22 of the bachelor the lord yeah okay incident there has to be more than one. Season a year then right I think there is in the sending going over twenty years. I don't think so. For a lot of years and we've got one bachelor one bachelorette aggregate. That is okay but that's one. The decision seasons when two of of the bachelor and the guy ain't. The Lilly bow hunt this year this season is some guy named Ari. And wasn't he can don't know just take like the people that this lose on news that the bachelorette and India and the bachelor sometimes they do is I feel like every at a bar it's like I haven't seen the bachelor but boy it sure is in the news a lot you read about it. So I allowed people care about so I think that's a big deal the trying to to do it maybe it's great. But I've never really been able to get into it. But I I think I read that he they don't receive it. The bats are the best that is always a failed bachelor bachelorette from one of the previous season it does happen it if they have like. Kenneth star quality about them and people really like him or hate them or whatever their polarizing and not put him on and another show now because they get ratings. Larry just Palmer was the bestseller right he was now. Still this is you find love. And remember they launch but this guy's name is Ari and he is a race car driver. There's like his dad won the Indy 500 twice but you heard for immediately. It is he's like a real raised her drive here or is it like yeah that was a racecar driver that he is a race car drank he competes. In the states is name's Ari. Lou indict Jean. So that's why does he need to be on the bachelor and then as it is it hard for him to find women being a race car driver with a bunch of money no but I'm guessing that eighty. It. Why would you wanna go on because you're you're probably gonna give cuckoo bucks off today yeah like if they ask you to be on there will you mean even if you were rich race car driver or. Rich football player you would go on we will got a girlfriend right idea fiance and I think. None. Of them seriously don't push up there's a yet. Let's discuss how long you've even dating. Five years. Five years it's getting to that point now where everybody in the family time database Q and act like every conversation rolls right back current. Christmas list. Happened Christmas is right around the corner you know do here's maybe pretty guys do and then won the sort of thing. Now I am in the single fellow so maybe I should apply to be the next bachelor. I think he should. It. Why he told Maria that. Rich handsome thing so there are twenty escaping me what did you Sebastian Paul Baldwin. With her bachelorette Unser. So they're 29 women competing for Ariza looked yeah. One of those women is Bree from NBC sports northwest at this kind of blows me away in a thinker last name is. Is it Emery Emery at this I believe it's something happy to announce that I apologize for not knowing how to concentration. She's very sweet she's very. We worked at her closely beaches. We wrote there when I was in my tot mom's not she's on some of their and then you know or from. Deduction over whatever so it showed median we'll college football do the post game live so she's she's Arizona's adventurous then gooder know give it yes if you watch him BC's were surprised you know that yes she and centrists like inseparable. Yet you seem on the road in their. Pricing announcer. So she's 25 and she's originally from Eugene impeachment collagen San Diego but she's she's cool chick. And she's vomit in so. If it starts tonight it airs on ABC deet in I was talking with her on Twitter gone back and forth she slid into my DM's. Who who were. Danny gan how many guys have done chicks from the bachelor slang endeared. Eons it doesn't happen so I said hey we should have you on this you know we should have you on the show let's talk but this to be fun yeah and she's like all about it. But because the show hasn't aired yet see this was this is my question is she already feel yes they've already filmed and so I I said hey I just read that your getting beyond the bachelor. In in night in night DM dress that hey you should come on in the club has to be really fun it is a god loved to and I said when do you feel. And she says oh it's already done. And Michael. Okay BC's they get airs on Monday. So it starts airing on Monday insist she said TG please run it through mind. You know because they're watching her she is a non disclosure analysts yet she can't be out there talking about what happens on the show. So eventually released it we settled on or at least I did I thought it would be best for the show to have her on after. Yes you know errors and as a result that she can say everything and then we can watch summit site I've recorded it. So she may be the bachelor she may be this I guess yeah the bestsellers the wrestler who whatever and now. It is like today's are at the end is another thing any and is he can I think I figured I can get out of anyone like I think what the deal is he sleep with like like eight of them. Or is do you admits the dominated on the evening so he's able like fifty of them. I'm assuming so. From the ago like at least you sleep with 58 they tell me when they do a kind of way of them walking into the room together that's what's going on. I think may be in Latinos when you get down like the final three or four years to prided to stupid to try to print its once thought Robin at that point well I think he'd. I mean. Not gonna buy it by the car without test drive it good for my demo is tightly to that level where because I'm amber wants in the wanted to Aaron Rodgers Brothers on there. Alia inside did I got roped into that said Jordan Rodgers or an idea Shaheen. But he was handsome and probably had some money and so he got yeah that's the key to being on the show it is redeem his ego the key and had he may be Tressel. Will they presented him as a former football player which is like. And years of valuable player now anyway when he got down to the final three or four. I don't you have to. Don't think so you kind of need to know what you guys you know I guess it was a good inside access to the merchandise. Yes that's so isn't a OK but anyway we're getting on track so Brees is on there got it airs tonight at eight on ABC is the first episode and I'm gonna watch it. I'm gonna record it Intel she's off of him and then you're done and I don't care about it after that I was concealing how she does and then. When she's done wool wool we'll have her on here. Yeah I did hear all of the deed he says he's going to do it how. The scoop on notes on what's happening so to be fun but I don't know she has to wait till even if she's let's say she gets booted night. Next week I don't know. Did she have to wait to discuss it until it fully air she probably does. So once the season of the bachelor is over him and it is aired then we can we'll have her on. But watch it you know if you guys care I mean some people like whatever yet but. If you care wants it recorded symbol will convene a tree by this down wanna see how this. Why aren't those guys all of us know how Smart these guys are fit the combined IQ doesn't. Because they can't be that high William Everett the other guy who's a real idiot who's on their bit. Who's the actor. We are in gym on a plane and those sitting in my theory is Jerry O'Connell coddle his brother was on their total media Ers if the total needed. But he was on the bachelor that's a perfect O'Connell thing. Get him on TV show but can't lose isn't it can't we just don't admit it's just it's a pretty contest and that's. Frequent if people watch because they're beautiful. It's it's like again and no I I can't go I don't like the greatest first down in the world they're not putting me on the bachelor our eyes it's it's not happening. This is not putting butts in seats for ABC. So it's like when you go acidic to miss universe pageant or whatever. Forget the questions they ask you make the smarty pants questions like what are right it's a pretty contest of each and I'll admit that. Oh this is just a bunch of hot people. It true shows on people and trying to get a lot of money edited because I'm assuming that you get on one of these shows. Then you go on Regis there's our reads anymore what's the it's the Megyn Kelly making Kelly year though is that you go on all those morning talk shows. Is via hot some endorsements your wedding gets picked up but do you make your career out of being the bachelor. Like that's what she did you serve your Bree breeze hot. Greek can be professionally hot to shoot a real job nurses sports reporter but if she currently is this a she's Smart she can parlay this into being professionally shot. But she has that sort of ability. So I mean that's this is a great opportunity to put yourself out there in the you know in front of millions of millions of people a professional hop person you got to invest beat these not to be hot forever. He don't mean like Miller people are gonna stop paying you for being hot and certainly. You know but you really got to capitalize on the hot this wall you know yeah you got like a 1015 year window and then you build up like a brand like Jessica Simpson. But she still like every day going cure CEO that she's worth like a hundred million dollars diseased cells are crappy product from when she was hot. Now this says it does start airing until January 1 might be arguments next. Annan sometimes I think I thought it was on tonight but whenever it starts it's coming out the teaser it Ariza out there. You know just want to Kimmel will see livery by the way it's cut after like the first link was she's like the first one off a she very well maybe maybe says liking that bears seem to get. Do you pretend like the procedures he can stick around a little bit longer. I think he'd want these are questions need to ask her not me so much questions so Tristan ran do you remember her you would there was an. Really early season of the bachelor and it. Where she was the gallon there. And I. Fell completely in love affair did you. She is still married to the guy she met on that show you look at Ryan. I didn't believe that that was best bachelor bachelorette couple ever and they're students they're still together. When this was like 2000. I would've never guess that I'd. Just assume that these shows are all. Keep your sleep he would like eight other women and how are you supposed to find your true love being issued to pretend that she's cool would you stupid everybody until the show's over. And then she's pissed it's just it's a bad way to start the relationship 2002. Buick dealer Tristan who ran our EH in or tryst a senator he pretty much been doing it. Also wholesaling you've just been looking at pictures of women on your computer she's super on C over here. Clemson's Big Ten. Look at her remember her Diebler organizer I have no idea that is and a but she's like classic cannot this thing going on for juice going on there. Didn't seem a series lead sensing trashy no she's not the Seattle up to the bats are the guys that I want like the trash version I want the rock of love I don't know that's down version bachelor in paradise but it you need like that's without when it is they send all the ones they think you're good looking they think you're gonna hump and stuff it. They send them all to an island and film them on another show that's a separation. And they start doing it now in the screening process for that I just beyond I think this is the blood tests and the deaths and it's really up with it it's. Make sure you don't have that Andromeda strain and and again after that I I think year at the accurate that it begins to take a few shirt yet to have ads. If you get defeat cans at your gal and reviewed yet to have like an impact and then you are premature and we have got so this is something that. These reporters. On the stand will be following okay will be following a batch of the following brief maybe like a weekly update sort of that's right will be following up on this with you during the club. Is this is fun OK so up next let's talk about Keaton Jones 619 on the I. Club campaign we advise against you know I always felt like a very good very seldom. While I believe I can talk anybody that it picks up women to deserves a feeling that I can't give. On ten lady love Sam yeah. All right. Over the weekend. A young man by the name of Keaton Jones began trending on social media he swept the really swept the nation. I got it up he sure did. I let's play the idea for you this OK Susan video posted by his mom they're sitting in a car. He had been bullied at school and you'll you'll inning the rest of self splintered into about a minute and fifteen in length and this is the audio. Curiosity. Why. Trichet curiosity. Why do people want what should point out that while I enjoyed it didn't. People. And I'd like Nate Nate could do it. Okay where does that take. It may not know and I got an edge and no friends. But identity lunch. Bill cognitive and government monitors to him and have that dishing. Out. Hours of other kids to feel that way. It appears to. Help me keep. That epidemic of an answer though do you. It's a different. Note big debate criticized the there. God. Do I thought yes so. Don't let it bother you. It's not against it. Aren't. I'll probably get better Wednesday. But is that that's the video and Keaton there in Tennessee by the way that's an alien menace us in Knoxville police. We'll see middle school so you don't get a price 1213 years old. Yes so anyway that inspired a lot of people very you know famous celebrities is that is yet to reach out first when I saw was they Dana White. Offer him. Taken out to Vegas due to hang out your C headquarters. Kurd herb streets. He offered did did any game they wanted to go do cause game day. They would fly him out there think Donald Trump junior after to have that it is Vegas home and is he had a lot of lot of offers Ronan over two million people. For two million views on this thing I mean it it it took off. Yeah in or is a good story needed poor kid getting bullied and then getting trying to get all these. It all all these people back in the kid out all of it was in supportive young Keaton Jones of diverse Intel. Photos. On social media. Began to swirl of his mom who you'd hear in that clip. Holding a confederate flag. On him as she posed to some things to. She's racist. Well what do verb post was dear but I heard Americans. If you ain't bleed no bones sticking out you can brief stop crying and for the love some folks clearly had never picked to switch. And before you all start talking be about metaphorical emotional financial or historical blood and broken this don't join a group. You don't need some therapy copy would Jesus has tag something and hash tag fine. Obviously she's are a lot of books. And some people are saying and then that post was with her smiling with I don't know if there's a boyfriend or husband dad and I sold Melinda confederate flag in this was right after. Has about what 910 days after the neo Nazi rallies in Charlottesville. So some people and now it's it's come tried it or FaceBook page has come private some people think that that's what she's referred to as the neo Nazi rally in. In Charlottesville. Yeah and then there's another photo that was put out there of Seton. In a photo holding an American flag with a bunch of other kids yep it's the summer. Like fourth of July daily of the shirts off and swimming live in the pool and he's got a flight in any kid next in has seek better but yeah. And so the person OK and then this started circulating that the person who revealed the photos of Keaton at the bit of his race the Stanley. Also said that he repeatedly called a kid the N word in school via several different. Occasions in that the kids were getting on him. To stop the out. And then they got even more. I know some people cheating if you will so they go fund B page was started in it raised about 50000 dollars. So some they were asking. Why are you starting to go funny page. A guy you know write like one what does that do your kids been bullied in the Muni money you don't need 50000 dollars. Well then the mom came out and was livid saying that that was not herb page someone else was trying to raise money for her son. And she's true yes someone started the page in India and he said that he was trying to raise money news and give it to the Stanley did you know for whatever and she started a big thing and said that. And on she senator said and it quote and I must repeat this is my only go funding account. Some do asserting goes on me without my permission raising money off my son without reaching out to be I don't approve of that go find me count this is my only one and what's hers. For just. Raising money for him. Well and so some people like Ben started asking her why the hell are you trying to raise money off of this it's a feel good story requesting your motives. Then their racist images come out. And since then everything has been taken down. Her mr. Graham where private her FaceBook went private in the go funny pages bulls have been shut down so who gets the money. I don't know. And as I solutions like I suppose whoever stardom get stayed collected so. I don't know how much she raised the one that that the other guy restarted in his name raised 58000 whatever happens that my I don't know. This is a great lesson in just don't don't get into other people's crap. The QVC this online this is just a it's a cry for help from people. Who are looking in the right place for help. Like why are you posting your son on line you know crying about being bullied while he's doing that it's a good point will beaches as I listen to it. I think it's weird. That she's asking him questions about the wooded DD Judith. So she's clearly looking for yet it's it didn't he's XBLA she's all in a way she's exploiting him forward would rise in the dealer and it sounds like for money. And when I first saw the video like everyone else I was kind of like on the and it felt terrible for the kid. And rookies you know these these kind of a exhibit that. You can sympathize with a and you can see you know he's you know he's he's got a little bit of the list and he's not may be and I knew what he ain't right. I Tesla suit is trying to so badly keep you. I don't how hard it can be to be a kid and you can see where that kids be bullied because of tears I thought it was I watched the video. I was after everyone else I was like man that sucks like Cindy I want to give the kid a hug. In decades gonna get better but now knowing this you go back you listen to the audio it takes on a week creepy your tone like you said it feels like the mod. Is it the mom has no emotion in her voice and the mom's got a camera is basic kind of feels like the mom's got a little bit of an agenda here on the new hundred kids. Didn't put up yeah I might see act is he joking are. Exactly and Angelina did everything and he's seen this is just. Is is why are you doing this are you putting this online this is. There's so many people out there that would do this to Trace quote unquote start a campaign on social media but really what happens is it just fizzles out new week and everybody forgets about. It's actually sad because there's no real action taken to it like that whole AL less water bucket thing. I think that was maybe the only successful social media thing. That. That brought about any real change I'm sure there are some examples of attacks like people will put my case. But this kind of stuff where you're just doing sympathy grabs the Korean crying child. What's the point get offline. I just felt bad because to me if it felt like it was a it was a chance to have a few good story to raise awareness about a serious topic it and but how about a kid Jews is seem like his life was pretty crappy. And now like everything else that's it seems bigots and there's that there's a dark ugly side to it that sucks yeah. Well thank you wanna believe that there's just won't get it this year you know it's. I don't know that did did did did something to be genuinely can be authentic and like the feel good story that maybe there's a happy ending your crappy situation. And all the sudden mid may maybe not he got some mom out there this hatches some plan to raise money maker kid the celebrity. They of this day any shows coming up her she's gonna be on the Learning Channel pretty soon here but there are reality show than. And I eat eat you know you just you wonder how real and authentic any discrepancy was well liked this guy says here on the bridge for obvious tech sign the moral of the story. He racist and private. I am amazed though you're asking too much I did this is going to be a whole other topic and began. Amazed at how many people. Don't realize that what you post on social media is for. Every bit. And or it may be just the willingness you have to put out the eyes of the most hateful ignorant. Now Reyes is grand piano around to manually don't even know at their date and even they don't think it's that they're like. Well that they think they have freedom of speech which they did but they don't realize everybody else's freedom of expression which is to say you're wrong and flow of the of the senior offensive that they. Those photos that you listed in and that commentary that you posted you know. Like it doesn't it mean it to being in town as well nine that but it doesn't mean anything Intel Jesus some dumb racist chick from Tennessee who cares right yeah. But then she gets into the mainstream. News. And it becomes a problem. Yeah that's that's true. But she didn't have to she inherited an acre account rider ship to do anything about those photos that's that this is sad part about it is. That was probably perfectly normal to the people who. Or her followers or whatever on FaceBook but now that it becomes the dam dike. She's blown this whole thing up their kid always a little. Look at little we have here now you have to go back and it's now it's a big deal yet able yet this year at the end support because it's. It just sits out there and and it's a fair question it's a fair question I'd ask and I never thought about asking why did you post. The video the first place. Openly I feel even worse the kid now because. Through no fault of his own maybe I mean I guess you know do you believe that maybe restore on the inward out their mean it is to some faults of his own but if you believe that the kids as being bullied. His life's tough enough. Now he's got to show up to school with this crap on it on his plate he's got to do this thirteen years let me ask Ukrainian Iliescu did okay here's a question. If you go to middle school kids out who is using the N word. In its U. Ha that's that's on. That's on the okay the parents or him that's on there to see two meat that's more on the parents like this I don't need to be educated ninety and this is an opportunity here it'd be like all right listen. You know. Here's the thing heat but nobody. Thank his parents sock it right to me there's no such thing as a kid that's 111213. Years old that decide on his own. Bet you're right that this is throughout the Edward and yet he's really thought this through and he's new he's a racist that explains the n.'s mama is just following let you mom and dad and that's that's the sad part about this is is not only is that kid. Natalie is this kid perhaps being bullied. And it and it sucks. He has no chance with the parents that he acts out. And that's the part of double win that's the part that I feel bad for all this ultimately comes back on that poor kid's head. And it makes our life even harder and I feel form because it's not his fault. You know they he said he didn't have a chance again the deck was there the deck was stacked against that kid from Florida one we got to go coming up next. Oh let's not let the terrorists who attacked himself inning and rested it didn't blow stuff up yours now. Club okay maybe revise chicken soup I love god. God and 1080. And kept right. Yeah. So we have done some. Terrorists news and a New York City today luckily it in the woods did. They suspected terrorists dizzy and detonated an improvised low tech explosive device. You'll IL TED. And eat yet pipe bomb. Yeah and down. It did injured. Three other people three bystanders yet. But the they're all nonlife threatening to their fine you know in this guy's 27 year old dude. Is it injured him. And he was arrested. And he didn't even guy gets its it burned his genitals in his abdomen he gets the pipe bomb like. Honestly in his lap or to stop making and and it went off but I don't know whether it was quite a urgency burn but the that would be his genitals. And. Abdomen but. Like college. With him LO. And to fit that one concern. He gets paid for it. So he says he attended the attack in the name devices. Gay city he chose the location because of the Christmas themed posters. And he cities were on the straights in Europe against Christmas markets he told investigators in the set up the bomb retaliation for US airstrikes and ice is targets in Syria and elsewhere. I guess he's he's from Bangladesh yeah. And it did did it just didn't go off they didn't fully detonate. I was an idea to suggest that the idea I didn't see where there was still crappy ball you know he he just didn't fully dandy in Foleo. So expletive. Yeah he Collie and your major problems well that and know what killed them. Delegates Khamese dragon citizens. Businesses envisioned suicide mission. But the shoe bomber was this which you write that the shoe bomber tried to blow himself up but he he screwed it up. So. I guess we can. We be grateful that he does know that he's doing so he attached the pike. Bomb. It was a test his body with a velcro like faster and zip ties. And according to the police there are information is that he detonated the bomb. The explosive chemical in the bomb went off but it did not have the desired effect of causing the pipe itself to shatter which would have caused the more. Significant damage okay is a pitch the shrapnel shredding didn't blow up. Yes so we we become a dodged one there this other this is again definition like of the loan. You know lone wolf sort of stuff yeah. Yeah he said he was mad. Because he is angry over the killing of Muslims. Around the world who. That's. And that's terrifying stuff in the web part is to be seen by some of the videos like the the photos. Of people just like calmly. Like videotape and it. Now there's videos into the street out there that do I mean they didn't think about the explosion but like the aftermath has done this photos and videos I see a Thon because the first thing that anyone does in like atomic crisis is taken herself looking at this like let me -- mean. And photographed this are quick. I guess like it went off and then people were like just kinda stand there and he's on the ground obvious he roam around and agony of lake there's the photos that his clothes were all blown off. And people are just. It's it's it's kind of weird that people are seemingly fairly call I'm just standing around like. Like taken photos he that was the same thing with the Vegas shooting Wear them guy picked up those people that taxing kept recording it. Yeah it was a woman our Ontario woman 9 AM. They guy and I parlor weird when I never been in any kind of like full line. Crisis situation like that. You have been ending like where is like full long life or death lawyer said that I've told his serve only at the Vegas the night indeed when when Tyson bit Holyfield's here. We work a leading good fight but we were in the lobby of the MGM. And the fight had just let out and so it was literally just. Wall to wall people. And not great people like it was news as seen him well we heard what we thought were gunshots. And there were three or four of them and everybody literally. Went nuts everybody just started scrambling in diving over. Like blackjack tables tables were flipping over and chips were going everywhere I was literally crying crawling. Behind a bank of slot machines. And tonight we thought we would you like we had no idea were like oh my god is there a shooter what is going on. Cuba match like in that Mike moment like him because I've I've never been anything like that. Q imagining your retirement panic and legs. Odds they gotta get my iPhone downloading a cure period around the corner and I can you like videotape of things is only thinking about is how the hell do I get out of here it is amazing that in in this right so here. You're on the subway ride in the explosion happened. Boom and I'm assuming it's still presides they said that they can at least the reports every that it rocked. There he was in so you do this. You just heard the explosion go off you see the guy on the ground. I don't know if you know he's the terrorist if you think it's just like a bomb went off. But you're running from the seemed like to meet a bomb goes off my first thing is they far response right accuses you put some distance. Yet there are people that they caters exposes guides blew himself up. Babies don't have the I'll act our thing I don't know but either way it's a whole lot. I got it snapped some photos real quick debit that's mentality. Fascinates me photos that didn't happen. Yeah I don't have you heard that photos or didn't happen and there's a market does somebody said there's a market for those photos. Dead body photos. Well binges body throws and install all the photos photos from the scene. You know thanks to sell or is it just like Allen is the same day is like an Internet currency Dalembert field import into our yeah I ain't been in an experience that. But he cute dead guys for a picture of they could you get it's all about in Plano find the declining interest. But you know it's it's all about like mr. Graham likes to make Twitter follows this stuff from similarly if you have one of these videos that make your account blows up it. But I tell my kids all the time it out by you lately would meet or whatever but they do I think that I try to talk to my kids all the time about this like. In the schools uses. And one that's one of the things I tell Amazon might he'd just drop everything you have put to gamble backed down I don't. Don't care about your phone don't film that being run in other cities is going to get where you need to go don't stick around there are but you don't. You're twelve you're not gonna be the hero of the big high right or wrong. This can benefit the dude in the big issue being. Did you see that with a guy in the big shooting there are a lot of videos yes tons of of people that were down and in that show and concert. There was a guy who stood up and threw his hands out like. Jimmy why do you see that video. Yet sit there with during the shooting everybody's running in. There are people unfortunately RD hit their people. Emmys is chaos right but everybody's down or be down on the ground there was a guy who stood up. And towards the general direction of where their gun buyers coming from the I didn't know at the time it is a port was that. You know from the from that direction you know he just stood up and threw his hands up and I was like I'm watching it right now yeah. See his stick with. My point with green and up is how people react in situations like that he's yelling come on. Yeah bring it in a type thing you say come on. He did and that this is kind of Koizumi got an idiot up here standing yelling come on. But you've got people better on the ground bullets whizzing by dead people there argue. And you have your cell phone out and your filming the guy with his art and that moment of crisis some sort of weigh in on the ground would dead bodies around them. And their instinct is to film the guy with his arms out seed shoot me. Come on you know bring. I use. I hope to god I've never. Faced with this sort of situation but I can assure you that my reaction when not be to fill in the game. Are we got to deal John wraps up next on the fan yeah. Yeah. There mourns the so in Iraq 66. And wait to VoIP. Rolls. This isn't really an and we didn't Johns examines god insanity those ran home. There make a quick you only have a minute written. Oh right on time denied. Well behaved. I would say I have I have some Christmas card controversies that I wanted to bring up a bit Denver tomorrow. Our society just set it up but I do wanna ask you guys this question I heard these great Americans on the program yes. And I heard him mention he has three career. Receptions in Oregon State yeah. So I wanted to ask you guys in my career. I have I had one keep in mind that I was the opposite lines. I had one catch in high school. And one catch it might be game arena only career what is more impressive will start in three. Packed and receptions or by two receptions. Spanning high school in a realty. Yeah it's being played at at at the arena league. Three game. Ominous saying activity like blue that is pretty colored me you're certain that it was impact. Might catch my arena league catcher was the last player in my career. But I've attacked completely outplayed me and I was I got cut they're. There what I did wrong guessing the mascot of your relief team was either some type of cat or some type of vessel. No it was. It was beat ill fated Portland or is it. Jones received can't it would. It was the worst experience of all time that was the most photo operation. Bubble now because the story before they get bigger and get new shoes I had to bring my own issues. Each year and I do remember that night you've you've nasty really good question because I'm going back and forth in my brain and I can't quite. Selig you get a lot of points for having been an offensive line will Lizzie. Let's say that pullback a faster offensively beaten but it's college football is supposed like you know big time college football initially rose style assistant he played as you would think maybe more than three days to catch a pass the right. One of the wheels we went for. You heard yes I think I did I I thought as settled as I think it's John more impressed. Yeah Soriano. He didn't seem I run an open field if you didn't seem to run an open field I can imagine did you get a first down under any thing. Yes thank you very much in high school. Was like fourteen yards. Well wolf I doubt that was high school night your arena league won them. Meyer really catch it was like 25 yards and I would score. It was you know it was in the boat it's better I was gonna score and I would art you'd be you mean like legally not into the stands and they'll agree yeah. I got might be blown out like some five yard. Now do we did docked points because John got hurt and thus ended a career and his long. Kind is the is an admitted it John I would I would not deduct points from John forgetting her. I would add the points it will had got an Internet it but the certificate that the but yet we got to go back the tape because mine's pretty impressive business. What kind of were closed like a little slant route or something there's lent little I've been under I was gonna act like us blocking them and give them she won who was it against UCLA. Who's the quarterback. For me yet cast. I deduct points are being cats I'd give you points are being UCLA is Johns was probably against like the sabretech I was at the Rose Bowl. So I'm Donald trumps everything that is a pretty cool. Our motors and its thank you. Against two. Mean I I think you're. Favorite picnic. But that's a good question ice the game even on a though. And I likely I want will to win this but I think it's you because you're an offensive linemen offensive linemen take him very well yeah all right unite. What the hell does not cut him off from time to look at. There's not an issue today it better well I'd never count of the all wheel well maybe tomorrow we king goes through each one of your catches we can spend a segment on each one thinks of analyzing all the flats don't listen Heidi video I want video these silly kept offering the three flat. Are we gonna go Willis back tomorrow. It's Isaak is super back 37 gave it to be on the show tomorrow on the fans. Red shoes. OK okay. Okay. I. Am. At all.