Primetime 11.22.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 24th
Dave Bartoo of the College Football Matrix joins Isaac, plus a Swag inspired handicapping segment for the PK 80.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. This is the week good split string wizard and now I'm always metaphor economic continue to say this as long as I can speak. Beautiful ball change this is the weakness when snow plowed up closer and now. This is a civil war we do additional prime time buys a consumer products you buy it Monday comes celebrate. Alon and plus one of the nation's. Oldest college rivalry. Or against civil war and Galen is frozen corn this Saturday did civil war week revised again sued gun ten AB. Also. I welcome back to a second hour of our radio broadcasts they know TVT because the blazers but can relate to so begin at. Taken on on the sixers. And the process bin Simmons. That is named Ben. Meant yeah. A member columnist games so when he is out here with some on for academy in the LSI and not that long ago ten years ago how how good was he then. IC was ridiculously good. To the point where you looked bored yeah. He is a 610. Point guard point guard yes he think about that he is a pure point guard he is 610. It's unbelievable. And then you add veggie oil and he'd enact guys I can Shaq Hakeem Olajuwon and he's a freak hybrid I mean they aren't stay healthy holy crap. Led Simmons. Is average gene like 198. And nine as a rookie. That is. Unheard. As a rookie using Magic Johnson. So Damien Willard. Vs Benson and signed me up I'm curious to see how they dole out the defensive assignments here right. Right as you guys we got eulogy got JJ Redick so somebody's got to taste them off all the screens CJ. So who's dame is dame really gonna try to match up with Simmons now I think you got to slide heartless so the carcasses over. I think Evan Turner will get his time running and a be nice game for African mean nude to be back when it. But he's not he's not utter maybe I'm the only person that's really not a chief and well I don't know that if anybody's a chief fan. I mean it's maddening to watch him dribble around and watch him shoot that he'd he does a lot of good stuff for them he's their number one defender. Is versatile and a long I'm curious if we can see more hopeful we saw from nova on lay against Memphis. Where he had Maria eighteen rebounds. C nine again in the bottom lane is in the you know swan again you know and a exactly no I feel the exact same way about this glorious. Even content. Now yeah. In Ottawa it's not a great roster. No let's be honest and raise bitter about Terry Stotts it's not a great no. It's on the it's on the the GM and really it's on the owner who wanted to keep all these guys. Sign in so what they had to do now as they got hit on draft picks and grow they have really done man I mean can. How frustrating is it the exact cons can't sniff the court there's all these rookies all over the league help and helping teams out I mean it's it's maddening because that was their chant their chance was that number well they didn't have the number eleven pick it traded at their chance was the draft they had 31 round picks. In a big draft that everybody was jockeying for position. You had a chance to help your team and not to say that they haven't we can't. Berries that Collins yet it's just frustrating that. No we against him play long he's got really really good basketball instincts. He needed to stay for another year again zag it would have been pre season top ten if he had stayed. And he needed a bowl cut he's not ready for the physical rigors of the MBA but mentally I. And the always gonna get there is if you play and he's got to play ten to fifteen minutes and I just get banged around and he got a bit lived through the growing pain is not gonna Hampton. Stotts as like plane rookies that's the guy they got out of all these players. But the blazers again now want out of the Allegheny College football yes sorry because it's freaking open 90 December at the NBA has a long time to. You know there's. I think the blazers are gonna be pretty good this year in surveys RD gripe and about stocks and what's wrong with in this and that Jesus wait just wait a couple of months they. They're number two in the NBA in defense. Did she does does not their problem well but I think that if they can sustain their defensive effort their offense will come around and they'll be pretty tough out so. Just give some time. But think about this third. There were a CEO last year in February it was a moment in time where they were three games from. The worst record in the NBA three games. And yes they pull off an orchestrated rallied to the playoffs and they're asking my Golden State. Was that all worth it or would you rather in high tech go back and say okay we're only three games from worst in the NBA let's pull the plug on this bitch. Because we did that a couple years ago I don't think it's above Neil (%expletive) I mean he always done well you don't do that he did at this first year with Terry Stotts they pulled the plug big eighties played Aldridge sparingly. In Austin last thirteen games what do that Menem that netted him CJ McCollum pretty happy about that you don't remember those thirteen games Dalia. CJ McCollum so why not pull the chute. Tank. And what if the blazers somehow had Jason Tatum right now would that be pretty nice yeah. Could it could happen they had but you know whatever they did they'd chose not to sell your BR was sacked. Zach Collins. And by Eileen let me just state for the record is of already stated it Beckett is going to be garbage. It's not gonna happen it's just not can happen. But you know of course I'm not allowed to say that because it's too early given time. This month. I admit I happen and the Portland they have had a well. They have had. Seat slider Deanna he got me off on. They Demi gallon back to a it is college football go on now the trailblazing woman thing the trailblazers have had they actually haven't had a lot of draft picks T draft picks since the Oden you know they got Greg Oden. In whatever that was too young seven yeah. If you look if you look at their draft history from that point on in this is not all been all shades and different regimes. But they have had one top ten pick one. And Nils. Damian Miller the other key picks it they've had they've had four draft picks. Top fifty at ten to fifteen. That I had one top honors Leonard they've had four guys in between ten and fifteen that's it. Is since Oden that's it for Meyers Leonard CJ CJ McCollum Zack Follett sacked Collins. Petty feel about those streak. Feel all right about that they do you think that's about par for the course get raped or like one for Hillary you feel terrible that I don't feel good about 11 hit. The G Allen though that in one incomplete yes but I think you've got to look toward the fourth is Jerryd Bayless. They traded up to get Jerryd Bayless. So. Still believe I know but he didn't do anything in Portland. So my in the way of our summer league MVP it's. Blazers have Philo the head of several. So my point is they just have not been good enough in the draft. Especially look at it and voted blood San Antonio what golden stance has done what the Milwaukee Bucks have done you gotta find the dream on greens eat I mean and did in every way does raise this that's the guy they need more than they do not have an agitator. Now I think they'd they're trying to jerk it wants to be but he doesn't know how also on again I think could be that guy. I don't he's not he doesn't have an edgy personality. Jordan knows there seed in the final skies and the other the good teams hard finding them as they really aren't in in Dell what you'll do is life terms is dismissed that's why that's so hard to find its lucky. That's not know the good teams do it consistently day in and yeah. Not know what you look for another barrows I totally derailed you I'm Paula I'm apologize yes she did. Blazer to knock on Thanksgiving come on. Anyway see you know what it is is all races. By you to avoid apple cup time. Because that's what I wanted to talk about stoked for the apple cup until I think it's going to be great I'm pulling for the come on for the two weeks. But and then the main reason for that is. Luke Falk has yet to beat. You'd and 4517. 4510. 3113. And 2717. It's not been close. And I and I don't know really what's plagued Washington State. Beaches and had I remember watching apple cut back. Not is closely is there's probably some I'd I just feel like. Like mining. Instinct says that it's just it's up front right it's Washington has. Has the big hot tamales and Washington State doesn't like when when Washington can rush. Three and get to the quarterback. That's tough and so you know is is it any different this year I mean I. The dogs are what are they ten point favorites. Math that's great as egregious Seattle Washington State's good man but they're they're small as a. Is it seems still does is being done idea out there I think he's done and it's been a weird year for him that I think I think the biggest differences is awaiting a bond lamb Simmons. Groups. I think the biggest difference will be the speed. Of the secondary. For the two weeks and there are other than pettis if they can make sure not to give him lose first of all don't want to do not don't punt. Anger too at NSA as a wide receiver if they can. Keep him from getting an open space. I think. They're secondary can allow enough time for Hercules marked off until it totally disrupt and get running slowly got to think Escambia became ranked yet. I mean Washington's not dominating teams. And Washington State's damn good fox just guided knocked in his head. You know wealth aerobics. Washington State wins. Then they are in the title title game against USC. But if Washington wins then Stanford. Will play USC. In the title game. So a lot online in the apple cup it's 5 o'clock. On a Saturday night on fox coming up next Dave Barr to college football made chicks take a look at these so latest college football playoff rankings. You'll handicap Auburn Alabama early so ask him to who does he have any apple cup and more next on the fan right game by two college football matrix. We're sicker mind you before. See I am. Into Thanksgiving creep up down here in California where area where exactly are. Improbable. Alone northern California. Northern northern not central California. Which a lot of people refer you to northern California like that go on Sacramento and other central California northern California people up bumper sticker say get the US. Oh yeah I can. Again you know I think we've all driven through there right on our way to that central California now is your is your studio family there what are you doing there. Yeah I know this is act as were grew up. I'm I'm actually. I'm in the bedroom where I was you know fifty years ago little kid. Papa mama and Papa virtue is still down there. Yeah they are they gonna help companies or Washington Cuba they come down here for the holidays and actually. Your ears are terrible side story and I'm sure there's people listening right now. Of that. At some point in their lives. They often activity would be really good friend or family member. And I've been down here in fourteen years I've been invited. My brother and I got into something I'm not even sure why it. We didn't copper. Over a decade. And for everybody out there that was being right now that has been in this situation where. That a little bit sad that even. Even every day when they think about hate and you I've lost somebody and I wish I could reconnect. Public. I'll give you hope because. Abroad and our yesterday. In the been talk all day today. Is my life. Although it did congrats it's great buddy you got to bury the hatchet you know. All right well lucky we tacos Boehner. We completely re all the media slightly emotional up and go on to these civil skirmish. The civil secure damaged or. He's got Oregon big. Yeah having it was a civil skirmish and daughter were in back. You know in my life talked about last week. Herbert back lucky you gotta you gotta keep that going into that game that was out when he by being in yards. Who rushed in and out popped when he by our count given out as long as there is off and let them turn on the ball over on the plus side they eat you look at Arizona's defense hundreds stick in the country coming in the next game. Mean even even Arnold school war wasn't ended up and you want to this football game I think more again at the top when he might Jeanne. There popped in offense what Herbert probably top ten all that would Herbert and you have it in Oregon State defense that 127. This year in scoring. Basically a defense. It's what it a 21 point Brett. Nice at 26 man. And yet it is partly you did get out so. I thought it gonna be really close game Morgan would win with Burmeister. Now with Herbert taller and they help the war again. And org it in the middle of a coaching search which I hope goes the right direction. It should be pretty game at all. About the apple cup we got the Q sir what ten temple and underdogs I think. We've got big underdog. Amendment well let's look at what you know wager about coaching. Could you pretty even hear a lot Mike Leach dialogue Peters a pitiful really good code. We don't have to throw your one under the bus here but it looked talent washing out way more talent you look at opposite corner. In favor of Washington. Even Korean agency. Only in April Washington. You know everything really points the hot he's really that football game but you know I mean. There's somebody in the country to get much credit and Mike Leach. You know taxes it. Our art our Ali and admit you know her attacker but maybe I'm a little which ground. You know bad big twelve scheduling we Don copper Goodling but it still olive coat back. I think he'd be able to do it watching it not only recruiting better. She has consistently they're. Mean she's not one of the names on the list election as you're elect. Yes and I I'm with you I think it all this talk about Dan Mullen cracks me up I think Leach is better than Dan Mullen he's just. He's just kind of weird and he gets dismissed as I. This feeling of higher we can agree with that. OK gentlemen they're really good rips or an athletic director because he doesn't have a low war he's got a really high or not make anybody look bad. What it's done extraordinary. You don't got Ottoman top five you don't really really good things but I think Mike Leach is good enough with super tell you remember. Checked what even top fifty cal Washington State. Started with talent in the fifties and sixties now to the heart forties but mollen at least had popped when he art talent and higher are in there. And are what might each you have a beat really high ceiling I don't give a national championship kind of guy. But I don't think Tennessee or UCLA and national champ to kind of program. Or dart like him I mean immediately itself this year. There can be really felt that there are two guys in college football a lot to see what popular T tell what their career collect four years each and bought it. Yeah pitching doesn't inching into this good point they buy two costume ball matrix. How close is this Auburn Alabama game to you it Lordi what do you see there. Well I mean what the spread it now harding's morning what's the net aren't. And you look at your team. You look at you look at Alabama. From their office scoring efficiency. In defense of last week's number two in the country and often number two in the country because. Auburn number 22 and number pretty. Check out that about 31 when he three football game but typical hold the advantage in college all up three point. You're talking or one. 26 am that's for national point lying cheating why I think the why is right in the middle you're gonna bet already touched on a more. If you're gonna bet Alabama I'd like to be giving up fuel oil laps. They're thinking about betting it I would wait and helped morrow Warner Music immediately like movement but I would not want peace in the middle between seven injury. When that game to use until I'm the game is until Saturday the idea of two loss Auburn to las Ohio State in their conference champs. I'm assuming Auburn is in Ohio State is not is that how you see it. Are yeah hello kitty you look at the quality wins to the top 25 win. Are you look at the strength of schedule Auburn has everything in their paper everything in their paper in terms of that so you know Ohio State. Looked right where they're exposed to be back locked home to a whole lot. You know they just don't have the quality win and top 25 wind profile now they are. There have been no reports squaring off and in college football right now behind a law. I use via an Alabama. I thought they were really really cheap and turned out. I just. I think their double lot a lot of dominoes a lot of help get into the player right now. How do you M I mean now we're not there yet but this. The Clemson Miami game how do you see that going because that's a key one in the Kosovo playoff race. All this this this one broke it it because you look at these two teams. And they are polar opposite to pick Clinton didn't lose your bet right now until a light has got be under. Under because you're today you have the number thirty are often good ones and or is my 21 off in Miami it is true that we are on better you have no. Vs number war. On these this saves you on the trampoline and it you look at a lap or weeks. Number sixty got a number seventeen defense vs to a often barely in the top thirty bell Heidi huge indeed that America. Right now neutral field I got a point by point one. The 23 point three. Paper clip. Time now wildest tock of Willie Taggart. Wanting out of Oregon I I saw that you. It's created about this I thought it was a good tweed is like Ike. I think who would you seasoning of its defective I don't know which is more ridiculous one that tiger wants out virtue that he's done anything to be coveted elsewhere. Well look look you know hammered haggard. Yeah I have hammered that guy before he retired Oregon you'd be close recruiter is it scheme. He didn't care law. The last two places in eight years and it will all turn them around. I don't border with the number one recruiter and in her competent hard argued they're either Alabama the regular eat your heart being on the Euro. The ship have been that bad except for one year. So now granted or hurt. OK you made that decision dough in my opinion. If as he has the not a war again. One being looked out for a better job. One number two top secret. I wouldn't be a good about it all organs and which aren't you know what might it might matrix cap off would see. Everybody. To get older one. You know I mean I'd actually looking router a good job. Yeah the program that led to a national championship games this country prominent programs that they got in heat now welcome to another job you've got up. Yeah I don't I don't I don't think it is and I now and I I don't buy those reports but you know in them are now behind closed doors you never know if he's happy unhappy whatever but we asked you a leading the beavers should hire yet and we talked about that yet. Yeah we haven't. Now and I can actually talk about that job because they have a media you pretty oversight on that a lot of the job site you know he is you have programs like an org state with a search committee. But we act as oversight. We look at all the people Labor Day they've reprimand. And also recommend people that may be art on their list. OK so. I'm told the guys who have you been here albeit it's straight opinion and down anybody's guess you've heard them talk about I might even but he got it because ever. Okay so all eastern Washington really having numbers on map because. It doesn't have the data. They that you find. On the you know NCA APS global. But you all these want to cattle. He's an exceptional job with all that and turning that around are still play at a really high rip. Because. I'd like to inhabit another year to account before you made that decision that this is the kind of guy that money piece by offense. But that being. I think you know what a great call back position respond by the they have a brother Dexter. Jonathan Smith. Washington yeah. I rather if you're gonna take coordinator from Washington take it you've got to coordinate. Easy is it about the West Coast maybe about a country. You know the why wouldn't I koehlke. I mean it is is stuck out what is you don't help urgent dollop of Britney current court erred in my truck up dude get a pay cut give him two million year to get that guy anything kick and what he's done at all but five. There mid thirties recruit our our guards and a ballot there's still pop art in the country defense. Ridiculous. Who truly. Are growing there OK all Michael Leavitt the brother lot of organs it's just wanted to let it can't that they want Levitt why not go get back. Okay the head coach look at his bid on defense he's turned organ deeper routes underneath agreed to go into. Make it what one point three war and revolver record date for two point 93 million dollars a year. They apt to great hire. One guy nobody talked about. OK and when we talked about it model on the on the triple option before I think that would be very different. Very good Oregon they were going to port numbers and their one god popped up old pines and nobody has talked about. Okay this is the guy that is power offense. One of the slow keeps games close improved the recruiting significantly it to black stop what they plug go to bat I hockey league are. On his last job in new not a box on Mike's got to believe it because it's such a good job at Minnesota. Crazy quality. Somebody yet at organs because I think would be great. To kind of offense and defense people wanna run out of their head coach. The stuff paid thanks Dave enjoyed the time down there and I'm glad you reconnect with your bro. It was cool and I hope anybody lessening our whole day that gave them a little bit of hope that their feeling bad about it. And I am just got to even though we're skeeter always cared a certain age. You got to try to do so it worked out and I appreciate that but I hope it helps somebody else this Thanksgiving. If anybody. Selig. Gave by two young. Then. You'll lose team kidney. Sounded like Thanksgiving over there. But steadiness that start the interview he said that he hadn't seen or talked his brother had a falling out his brother and young hadn't seen him or talked him in fourteen years. And they finally re connected and so his advice to all of you they bury the hatchet life's too short man. Our icon next pay this is exciting is this something we didn't plan on today but we're gonna do it it is our PK eighty betting guide. Look I got all my stats from my from the teams in the bracket right front of me wants its guns go. Frankly Katie starts tomorrow and the college basketball tournament honoring. The film night. Now I see and feel is obligated to be courtside for all of these games. I'm assuming yes you will be making their rounds. I'm curious how much airtime. You'll actually hit. And then obviously you'll have comfy courtside seats for. As ducks games. Leanne has this is whether or not playing on Saturday read is so he can roll down to the people enrolled this is why they moved. Bid the civil civil war game was rich are scheduled for Friday this year I can force the civil war game was moved to Saturday. So I need this to accommodate this because a lot of the Thanksgiving tournaments. Will avoid. Playing on the Saturday because of all the college did its traditional rivalry week. So the pilots played in the wooden legacy classic western down and Anaheim and it was a Thursday Friday Sunday schedule now. So and obviously ESPN owns and runs this event so all of their college football programming they don't wanna step on so. Gotcha. Well let's go man and it's and it's a great fields they're gonna play eight games Thursday games Friday and eight more games. On nice son named. I you have four teams. That are currently in the top ten in this term limit North Carolina duke. A Michigan State and Florida is it top ten team in their in this thing. So. I didn't plan on this but I wanna do betting guide with you swagger I wanna all right I have not gonna be doing anything that tomorrow. In a Friday were going to be happy Katie were to be do your show but then on Sunday I wanna bet on these scandals let's narrow little fun here and I haven't seen all of the teams. Obviously. Focusing on the other pilots brackets look it's early yet. But so I guides Colin do you. The pilots against north Carolina's the first game tomorrow at 1130. End to spread IC. 26. And a half. Now you probably can become a Taylor on the video images coming go homer play. Amateur. It's. Pilots have been solid defensively. The freshman point guards haven't turned it over. A lot. As you would expect some now granted. Possibly to an ai team's American alike to doubt twelve states who lost for the state they had a seven point lead with two and a half minutes to go and did not score the rest of the way outscored twelve zip hole. All right they only got Arkansas Oklahoma and now this might be the most entertaining game of the first group of the first day. Based on what Vegas is saying this is the closest game Oklahoma is favored by one Lon Kruger against Mike Anderson. Yeah. And for Oklahoma they have the McDonald's all American point guard Trey young. Who's averaging eighteen and a half points eleven and a half assists in his first two collegiate games. This is going to be a track meet I freshman O. Well yeah. I don't know why the over is only a 161. Who. You say 8180 these teams are gonna light it up so unless they just have a hard time shooting. In the Mota senator because of the unfamiliar surroundings. This gonna get up in downtown yet you're right in a look at an Oklahoma they scored a 108 points in both of their first two games. And right now Arkansas. 1019583. Arkansas's good play in the much better defense they've been force some turnovers and their opponents eighteen game so I get ball game get ball game all right so should we go with the star there will go to Oklahoma and that. In imminent go to with the star player. Big shot late and I really like Alan Krueger. I trust him. UConn Oregon spread. Seven and a half favored. Ducks the ducks are the brushes work and his magic those guys are playing defense the offense they've been slow starting offensively but once they start to find the range but he's got complained defense and rebounding so that's his that's what he does that's what he does UConn Gallup data out there now they don't have that and how much. There there in a transition they they haven't been able the program back together since or she Baz there one of the national championship and now he's not condemning Obama to the brush I'll game minus seven and a half. Demi have DePaul Michigan State. Nepal's and their beaches Georgetown back down here Patrick Ewing got the gig very Georgetown he set I don't wanna go out there and my first coaching debut my first big national game and have it handed to me so what DePaul very kindly stepping in but they will be no match. Whether bridges plays or not he got he hurt the hurt in a deep game miles bridges. So well machine stays here by fifteen and half here. We should do plus well they're all worked offer lose and that duke came so I think is as good to have them extra cranked up case they need to get Michigan State organ. That'll be fun and I bet. You talk about to coach installed and ready to bend your knees and rebound. So we get we can get mission is to orient in Indiana side. We're looking at maybe North Carolina Oklahoma. That's good stuff. So hoarding could play. They could play UConn Michigan State in May be North Carolina. This weekend of it was I think that was set up it'll be it'll take an effort to beat Michigan State. But not out of the realm possibility I think Dana lighten Dana Altman really use that one dollar base open he can build on later in the season a pactel tournaments NCAA tournament situations but. They'd love to see a rematch of the final four loads seem to mean at Michigan State's all about. It miles per displays yet Zach has sped then we go the other bracket the motion bracket as Portland State duke spread to 21. Three touchdowns and a now a state any good. Dave god it's there really athletic. They didn't shoot that well. But they've got some veteran guys back but not a lot in the middle I don't know what they're gonna do with Marvin Magli. The duties are very played five games so and coach K usually has is guys. Are more likely to just run you out of the gym. 'cause royal take his foot off the gas at some point he'll start button and although it all as bench guys. Animated did Butler Texas. This is scared. Butler. Deceit terror this is favored by one and a half I haven't seen either of these two teams and I'm Lester I don't know what butler's got that in these days yen and yelling and there. The girls are coached. A ticket was the guy the former assistant to us Stephens who took over the program announces name. I've no idea he Aaron well this is one home abetting guide lead and needing my bank in a Florida Stanford. Florida takes Florida all day twelve and a half Stanford's guards are going to be able to hang with the gators back courts of Florida's legit ha yeah. Because one day and they damn good last year Q you must have a nice Coach Williams and Eric coach. Who Billy Donovan is top assistant. Yeah and I checked out. I did that Mike White guy identity I think so. And then we have all you know and I don't see a spread on this last game we have guns Agha plane Ohio State let's Gonzaga doing this year. Big do not have the traditional dominant center that they've had in the past years they were counting on Matt being. Zach holidays this year. So they got Tilley is there. But they still have. Just just Perkins is there Jonathan Williams remains. They've got a sophomore now Rui hot Seymour that's bad ass. Athletic. Run up and down so. I don't know if they'll cover. But so it's. Brad Owen outlets Ohio State got who'd held their coach too. Good grief. As which really dvd and an accounts basket. Ohio stake on their elected league I would take the points in that game. All what's the spread I didn't see one. You dig in the pleasure of the spread the same kind of hang on so in that bracket here as well like in that bracket I liked duke. Watch out for taxes watch out for shock is Smart to come out Herman he's got a lot of did. Got a lot of good young players including a kid let's forget his name at the one that he's got a top five pick in next year's draft project Texas team. Ago duke. Gone zag a final. Probably be duke Florida though right. Probably a solution expect yeah so we can have duke Florida. Michigan State North Carolina. In those gains to be Sunday. Yes on the design any. Easing the NFL schedule it's not that great scenario cells schedule has like maybe two games that are worth anything signed yet. Other I think it would be it you know locally for butts in seats you'd want or again North Carolina and guns Agha duke. I'd be sweet to you but you others consolation in all these teams play three games so there could be some really good match ups on the down. Yep that's why they're so they were taken for a lot of those consolation games on Sunday the third place games of the consolation games great great matchups and that's why a lot of these schools wanted to. Come out not just because they were Nike schools but they were gonna get some great action concern for all three games you know I love. I'm having grown up going to the old big eight tournament. The fun of events like this to mean is the value of all the games. Any other media debtor to buy it media's weights of thirty minutes and two more teams c'mon warm open and lace them up in illness. There's so many games something fun is going to happen to sit back and wait for the next game. The rate back when I grow up we had the far west classic here and it was an eight team tournament. And show my parent I'd get tickets every year for Christmas in my parents who take mean embodied down the drop us off appealed memorial coliseum a town on 9 in the morning and come get us at 10 o'clock at night and so did and it was just it was great oratory say would come up that's back when the Idaho vandals were complacent new. But she Karl Malone came out with a raging occasions one year and so I also announced his britches who told them. Com or own. Well it's Pete gated starts tomorrow games Friday game Sunday both Mota senator ends. Over a memorial coliseum will be there Friday with their show to be dare stop by and give us at the spot something. And then on Sunday looks like I mean there's some good teens may get some of the best coaches in college for college basketball in town with Roy Williams and coach came few and Altman and is Illinois guys should be get. I coming up next back to football is for 49 on the fan. You wondering you know we're big suit is today he is out six. Power during yesterday game but he went down I think I think that flew out of the as the flu but I think is starting. Came down determined not to get sick this year. I'd be a first for you usually catch whatever is flown around ideas you know I was at the doctor the other day Jason. And that this is an ear nose and throat specialist because they've been dealing with some vertigo. That's going around him. Wait let my sister in law's been battling really to go yeah this is that's about that's awful. Horrible yes debilitating you don't want vertigo. But mine wasn't too bad mine was more of an inner ear infection it sounds like own kind. And I had to do these tests and trap and he he determined you know. You know we can probably scan your brain that I think we've pretty much found yet inner ear infection in your in your body what happens is he gets in there and and attacks is the little. Part shears that control leader. Equilibrium and you balance and it's weird those guys very very weird sensation. But I was talking him nice and I said hey is this an immune system thing. Because you don't mind and I'm very good immune system he is what makes you say that us awhile. When I was in high school era when I was in college. I had mono strep in shingles all the same time. In that doctor in college said year amuses some more probably never be the same. And this is the first doctor that said to me he does I don't argue with that at all. So there's hope for him he said he said you don't have the bad news is and he said you actually have a very. Healthy immune system that is working. Because sometimes people a better immune systems go down harder than others because their immune system is attacking. Said. You know yeah viruses high rise or bacteria bacterium is that they become. So he he almost convince me at least I mean it's on again on paper make up great. Let out of I believe them. That he said that he's a denial he does on the same way does he has my kids that rebound in in. In a couple of days I'm down for a week because I have a better immune systems there's there's is still building psyche you liken it to the old flew back in the day. Where the old people in the young's didn't die. The people of good immune systems diet. Mean it was pointless I don't know. Suk is sick in Diane in I'm bound determined not to get six I'm here for you. We were out our out tomorrow for for a Thanksgiving will be happy Katie on Friday hopefully sequel be back now here's a we have coming up we have. Some civil war talk at 515. We're gonna play some Mike Leach audio at 530 talk a little bit up Mike Leach. And if we have time may be a sneak in some NFL but it's mostly going to be college football rivalry weekend. I'm coming up in the in our next hour and then now next we have are not 55 knowing that's the quarterback news out of the NFL gives you updated on blazers sixers. And and the coaching carousel in college football is really the big story lot to catch you up on their suites all that when we return here on the fan.