Primetime 11.22.17 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 24th
It's Isaac and Swag reuniting to take you into your Thanksgiving weekend, talking PK 80 and all the hype around the Apple Cup, and the lack therof for the Civil War.

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. This week Jake's brother vs brother alone uses that motivation is about players who are you know we were very emirate and wouldn't they try. No matter what happened hard clash could divides this data origins doesn't seem remote coastal books clip for you to come out with some enthusiasm to. Intensity this is a civil war which edition of primetime advise against suit. Rock you've by Alon name comes celebrate with a money and watch one of the nation's. Oldest college rivalries georgians civil war at a honing his Rosen torn this Saturday prime time on civil war week. Jim AB. Okay. One moment. Everything all right the there. Well two things first of all. What they do. Well Lou as happened in and tell me. No no hold on to Scola. And a one more thing to do. I am in here. And I cannot. Get my cab first say can headphones unraveled. There we go hi who's over there at swagger hate what do you do when. Just and get out. Well it's Alaska and the building on Thanksgiving. Now you're not the last yankees I'm right here Jason. And I think the bosses here. But I suit has not he is sick. No I heard he was under the weather and got edited out for the civil war party now did he help himself to a medicinal purposes while while enjoying the festivities a big Al's. Yes in the bottom white Russian. He drinks like rations I now. And that. She likes the upon an Osce in its. Area homage to the big about skiing. But I think he likes to for drinks quite frankly like he's just he's just an image yeah. You know he does do the bit about ski thing that he does but yeah he is no he's knuckle. If he did he would drink quite Russians. Of course not even if you love big the bounced it makes us no but look at him what are some of the Bonham a drink so many bought me a blends. And to. It Canada and Simon is less and it didn't fit the profile Gruber in somebody blood tests us to go light ration and down. If you just fall asleep pretty much after finishing that. No but he he could of what he can finish in drink oh that's that tells you use sick yes he's very under the weather. And down so he is out that it could mean. No Mike Lynch she's not a hell he's human. Turn them loose this was his big holiday to go home to mama lynch is he backing your yet so he's he's doing the Thanksgiving. Because. Keys. He's gonna be the whipping boy when everybody else takes a holidays in December. I see well deserved yes keep him out of your game back in New Jersey and since IE have a full weekend of activity on the air already. S and I'll hang out and we mean by calling three PK eighty games so I'm I'm back at it tomorrow morning. Signing free. It is only at June the UP yeah yeah North Carolina tomorrow morning and AM are you full time. I am the voice of the pilots. I do not have a contract if that's what's your referring to but yes I do all of the game's biggest step up and pay you. They're paying me I'm not volunteering to do it I'm getting paid it's all right and Albert Angel lock you down. Drama another offer you need to go over the bye we need to us bikes games. It's still Tommy Hewitt. I don't think they have I don't I think it's all Internet for them unnamed nominee generator partner for just for football enough for basketball so you so unfortunately the pilots. Play by play guy died. Yes it was very in fort lewis' name Bill Johnson in what happened was it an accident. He had been in a car accident. Does he also called Winfield football games and he was driving gamble until they were in a playoff game. Any had an accidents. Went ahead and called the football game. And I guess driving back the next day his wife recognized he wasn't right we need to go to the hospital and we came in Monday morning this was three or four games into the season it was early December. And got a shocking email from from you piece saying. He died he he had passed away. And so to. So they were the pilots were home for three weeks and I just we'd told them I said hey I'm more than how does it talk to me about filling in us if Winfield went to the national championship game. And I said yeah I'd be happy to do a game and we just told them hey will do your home for three weeks we can do it. Take care of bill don't feel like you have to make a decision right away we can do them I can do on. And then after it did two or three they just passed its how many more I can do in this Lewis last season two years ago so this is my you're deal season you're still interim. Looks like Edward a bunch of the attic you know let's just make sure they're taking good care you they're taking good care of our. All right Terry's taking good care of many good lake and taking good care amigos taking good care me I have no complaints could accrue over the air act. Get so you're Callan you Pete North Carolina tomorrow yeah I was what's in the care of their Carolina played late Monday night against Stanford. Who won Carolina because of both in the tournament. Yeah is a turn Yasser Carolina picked that game up there in different brackets they pick that came up to get out on the West Coast to pick up another game. Was on after Monday Night Football. We'll Stanford's coached by Jerry Haas right yes and that's Rory William Orleans boy from Kansas the answer that's line. Royalist leaders there's always a connection to the Roy's none comes in but but yet Jo Berry is back up point guard. Kenny Williams hit like a hundred threes in the first half. Dating so yeah I was like tag so my first question to Terry last night we didn't hear torso with his second 24 now eyes UP any yet. They have a lot of young telly turn the roster over from last year so Terri sexy here there's only four guys back from last year's team. There are as committed and nine guys are playing their first ever division one college basketball. My god but there's a lot of talent it's just. Gotta be brought together a solid point spread unit noted this. When I guess 28 and a half or six. Our pilots favored shocker now know. Why now Mary what what building they were gonna name after him after he pulls off their authentic win against the top ten AT team in school history did it feel. It well at all it takes is one when Mike fits right they might shoot they've got shooters this year look and that's how you pull the upset when you heard. They're not going to be North Carolina look I but I in my notes I got filled prepared I got to work tonight as second half fight. Could be reached in for information if they were huge. Yet rank because of the hardest teams do right yeah. If they were to winning game like this or Portland State were to beat duke they played yet I mean that it just it instantly push you on the map. Yeah. Oh no question unfortunately. It's probably not gonna happen. But I still it's good game to play I will admit I have if this things close at the end. There's another radio calls can end up somewhere. Aaliyah. Thought okay this is your moment your moment don't you you might make sports center don't blow now are you gonna prepare. I don't wanna have something can raises the NBA don't want you you're going on about the cup frank you wanna go off the cuff but you want to be ready for it to. I got a yen. 'cause remember an interview Al Michaels did with the US hockey team and as as it started ago he started to speak of okay what what is the what's the feeling here what's the sense any said miraculous. Came into his mind. And then as the moment happened that miraculous turned into a do you believe in miracles. So. As that I will be conscious if it's close at halftime to. Our what's going on here and start. Not wanting to stay up on. I can't wait. I'm pulling for Portland. Because I don't like North Carolina. And I don't really like Rae Williams I'm still bitter well I'm but I I want I'm more pulling for a Portland because. I want you to have this moment. Of calling that making that call disease solo do you have a. Yes I will be a little because we will be up you know in blazer games will be a Mota set herself up where. The radio was not on the sidelines anymore so will be up so sometimes bros sits in with me when we're when we're at the child son or whatever and Hillsborough yeah. Bro bro. But that no Jason Jason Breaux. BR OUGH. Guy he will be down by the bench so I will be I will grow solo it will be all me bro this could be your big break. Now slider so you comment game and then. And that will bounce right back on Friday. Is because every team plays three to every team plays three game so we will have either Oklahoma or Arkansas on Friday okay. And then understated the other side is or again Michigan State DePaul and UConn. Probably be playing DePaul I'd. Maybe you cut but let's get let's get angered did early season it's a really good experience for these guys they're all excited they're all stoked for it and so yeah come on down OK so you're doing that. And you do it how Lehman on the board today even aboard like twelve hours. God then I came in later than I usually do they came in about 1030 and you know I'm in year's all star. You really are and I've told you that no you haven't yet taken for granted around here spider your stud gamut. Don't don't let the let anybody ever tell you different. I'd want. Well I I'm excited for today's show. Can you hear the enthusiasm and my police. Are we literally only two people left in the building. Like I said I think the bosses here today they that was close and that story in traffic might still be in here there's always some. Late. You know so it's messed up with a sales order because they want their Black Friday spots around and you can always count on someone who doesn't wanna be around their family. Yeah that's true surely there's somebody in here that's a dollar in just in laws are got a couple of things are gonna do now we're at home about 1011. That's ninths you know Gilmore show we're gonna be off tomorrow and we're gonna be out at. Are we just you know. And I'm too good sport tee time. I love Thanksgiving week because. It's really the only weak U the year where you get four. Good strong days of football in a row. Can you name another time in the year we get then. To me all he. Well but Labor Day at the opening week were sometimes you have like. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday I think Labor Day weekend they try and space it out there's no NFL. Yeah but you know but that's only college I'm not gonna yeah we're talking multiple games multiple days. Like it doesn't get any better than that mining counting mandate is a look at the Monday game this Monday it's ravens Texans and their. But I mean you've got. In only just good games you got meaningful games I got burned in Alabama and so tomorrow we have three NFL games and we have the egg bowl. I.s in this third I was looked at the Thanksgiving Day lineup this is kind of the mean the nose men it's been in the last few years stance on grain. Abbott the egg bowl is only I mean you know. I don't care about the Bible ever but when they played on Thanksgiving bad impact if nothing else do and then add great rivalry games on Friday on the Fridays a little thin. But you have feathers he Katie yuppie Katie starting tomorrow and then as Saturday huge games the apple cut the civil war began not Auburn and then Sunday a full slate of NFL mean c'mon man this is a great sports week ripples all week dip. A lot of well adjacent. No Korey Hall today he was on the morning shows a relieve it and leave that there. We DS and some more time tell notices like you're 58 civil war here locally. Those of old joke together Aetna the year. You really old and I am you know 58 of five so many civil wars and be seen. Oh man I'm 46047. Civil wars. In toxin were Dave Barr tease coming on. Bogeys I am dying. Missed an essay he'll be at 415 these college football playoff rankings around and it's an all around by you that. It it's starting to look like you may be the same. You know the same teams. You know if you get Alabama Clemson again. And then in Ohio State Oklahoma some comma in there and on Hainan another accent but that. I want I want some upheaval I want Wisconsin. To put a beat down on whoever they play in the Big Ten championship game clearance Robert. Or do we want to we want Goliath we I don't know Taliban if you want chaos I guess are you rooting for chaos thing to become fun. I don't wanna see Al Ohio State in there. And I also tired of Ohio State that's why that's why say if Wisconsin's gonna win out let's choose. Beat them Jesus out of whoever you play in the Big Ten title game leave no doubt in I just don't think it will. You know I mean it says don't have an offense to run it up around us but they Ohio's defense could pitch a shut up though normalcy so Gephardt you. See who he thinks is India is going to be in the lab he's gonna be coming on at 415. I we have Mike Leach Adio. What else we will set up PK eighty. A lot of stuff going on a lot of news blazers sixers tonight. Keep me so let's get started. Win. Chip Kelly were waiting on Chip Kelly man is that due to played this perfectly or want. Well to that next 315 sit out sick Ron pierce wag here Bayless Tel seven here on. 1080 the fan energy inspired communities like guard. Just your mere presence. And I still have that effect on the fate inspired me today I think that why I wanted to gamble. This week because. While I'm on usually just sitting around my troop we grow discount lazy for. After four days of the we're working on Friday but in general it's like you know I would normally ban on the egg bowl. But because it's on Thanksgiving and I'm gonna be in my sweat pants half in the bag. A minister research in the game and you know handicap and a little money on what you've inspired me to do. Is dead on every game. Of the PGA eighty. And later you know I want your help because I know yes doubted I mean you know these teens so we're gonna help the listeners. Have a little fun with Pete Katie and now looking at the whispers we'll get to those later. Abidjan excited baucus and are ready to Marty on the pilots must when he six. I think it was like twenty. Big. That would be a safe bet. Safe bet that. Now yet because last. I have to be careful like I know what I'm allowed to say it. I don't get a green on site. Well that's it does not take kinda when danger zone. Delisting right now rose listening bro bro camera yeah yeah bro he's he's appeal on his need he listens aria. Nice well I'm I'm gonna bet woman because I wanna pull for them right I gonna wanna pull against them now and helps your bid good team to pull for it's a fun team to pull for me like Terry Porter like Terry Porter the assistance of our our our great there. And the young guys I had opportunity to there's a lot of that some transfers a lot of freshmen that are going to be playing. From all over the world. They've got an international roster but let they're cool they're all get along they had a London trip over the summer where they got to go to London and play few games it's practices and kind of some bonding time they come together pretty quick for a team so they're like they're fun group only that is segment. Then on. And what's he waiting for quite frankly. Is it easy decision is gonna be a college football coach again have to have we discern that I think so OPEC. I think so because here's that I think's happened I think that the figure at the NFL's not come and call on form again I think he knows that a cut. Because he would have gotten offers I would to excel communities you know. Operators already didn't I wonder peace do you think he said offensive coordinator offers at the NFL level and doesn't wanna be coordinator anymore. I do things that I do think that Anna I think that look you know if you look at what he's done. In hat in the moves that he's made. So it was as good as a make a lot of sense but you know it's not often that you get. Head coaching position in the NFL he got another offered the head Kodak a guy got a ticket to vastly honesty. You know stay viable stay out there and if you can flip things around pretty quick then who knows what. You know what comes next though he's been very calculated and very Smart. And down. Eat all the way back to when he he jumped or in my blood. In hindsight what a great move like he. He probably came out there knowing nothing about organ and then Mike is bloody went and found him write a New Hampshire. And then went holy crap. Can win here nineteen these so you know and so. He parlay that into what he wanted the NFL. But in a does not calling more I think what happened I'm guessing what happened is chip had interest from Florida. And David Dunn who is ship's agent said down home tournament. He said let's see if we can get you another offer him. Let's play it let's play our cards right here because. If you wanna give back in the college coach gene you know there's going to be there to be a lot of openings. Well David Dunn chipped agent happens to be UCLA alumni. So he probably places a call Suzanne you know what. Chip sniffing around but you gotta hurry because down Florida wants them and he likes Florida. Boone Jim Mora fired. And now we were were reading that UCLA has jumped right in and ship. Has been contacted by Tennessee and Nebraska. Of which he has no interest. I wouldn't either. And it look as he knows he's he he's good he is the guy. He is the number one I don't question he knows that and so he. Are you saying you go to those two those two he knows he has to work his tail off on the recruiting trail if you're in LA or Florida you don't have to. Work as hard not to travel as much you know and after the bank go through is what's not so he's he's Smart and so now Dunn's got him an offer from UCLA as well. And so little bit the latest is that I he's actually interest in Arizona State should it open. But Todd Graham still the coach there right now. It's UCLA and Florida and he's expected to decide in the next couple of days of pro Eli Turkey drink some wine at tomorrow and and talk to some family and figured out and he's not in any hurry because he still getting paid by the NFL is to wait. I heat these collection are checked and totally do him. Work for ESP hands were still got he's an endearing. But the schools schools and eventually there and answer Louisiana need to make a make it all this weekend. Rabbi and his under armour. It is Lucille is an under armor school buddies hedging because of what you know I in his relationship or you think that's somebody trying to read the tea leaves and I think that's a factor but I I I think he's gonna Florida. I honestly believe that they are playing UCLA. As. Leverage as leverage yeah I think he's going to Florida it it only makes sense and and I just down. And I don't really agree with the people in silicon bookmarks are both trying to convince me yesterday that. UCLA may be the better of the two for hands on the better jobs Ford's better job but. Just in terms of not being in the fishbowl and you know being back in the pac twelve in LA West Coast. A lot of celebrities in in you know is. Lot of people have there I am something Nelson LA seeking go there and you don't have the the microscope of Florida GMAC going to Scott fired after it and what. Woody when eighteen games in 220 is two years. And chip knows that well he won he won. Twenty games his first two seasons with the Eagles. And then you know those little south when he gets fired so he may be census is never been worried about being in the fishbowl he doesn't mind the challenge of winning immediately he would agree I think I don't think that bugs and Florida to meet is where he wants to win daddy wants to win in Florida is the best place for him to win not even close yet if you if that suggests the factor. Then how on earth is he cheesy C away over Florida that makes no sense. It's just you know we don't know what's going on in his head I think he's gonna go to floor and I think they've yanked UCLA in on this. But just trying to drive up the well head there's a chance that he goes to UCLA but I I believe that you know. I don't know that this idea that he's not a very good fit. In the SEC he's immortal West Coast I don't understand that at all that makes us happening. I don't understand it is the real as what you said. He grew up in New England in New Hampshire and was coach in their own and look around the SEC Armenia have Dan Mullen run in. That offense therein. I had a night Urban Meyer ran the spread at Florida it's like. What. I mean I think that whole idea of pace offense. Is and it's not a coastal thing anymore it's all over the college football in the Big Ten for God's sakes. So I don't know I don't know I disability are suing stick come run as defense that's the key day I'd think I think the essentials for him are recruiting. In both of course are in recruiting hot beds had think he's gonna need to hire a staff put together a staff they can get out hit the pavement use social media. And down and really you know you bring him to kids manual x.s and knows. His way back in as a multiple play weigh in the way it looks right now really your only threaten the SEC east is what took her response gonna cook and a charge. I guess I always forget who calls in the SEC east Kentucky has is he answering. Vanderbilt in the east the machine seed Tennessee hires but I don't I I just think. Florida man that's a top South Carolina is in Florida a top four or five job and all of cultural blood doesn't get much better. Now it really doesn't. And I don't think UCLA is in that class but that again comes down to personal for our preference to what we're reading today is that ship. Says noted Nebraska noted Tennessee. He will decide between UCLA and Florida. Within the next couple of days in affairs and state were to open he'd be instant now but we don't know what's going on with. With Todd Graham all right a little bit more on ship. Coming up next though a few other thoughts about. You know just sort of the talent pool that's out there for coaches this is I don't remember a year where you've had so many. I profile openings and they're gonna be Morrison's regain m.'s gonna fire some. So. I think I mean it's pretty obvious chips the number one guy out there. And them apart at the apple cup should be given the apple cup Jason. It's a more week but we should not ignore the apple cup because the apple cup will determine who place the amenities pac twelve championship. So get that coming up as well Dave Barr two on the college football playoff and may be a few thoughts on who Oregon State may hire that albeit for fifteen. It is 328. On Wednesday Chris Vista X 995305. C got sick. Allowing that texting in on a Chip Kelly here. You know that some of you think that the under our thing is bigger deal than them. In maybe summer making it you know he is very close with still mines. And if I'm Phil Knight I'm probably should limit tax jokingly that. May be a passive aggressive he's saying as speed on your comeback because the ball keep your ass out of the pact well in by the way Florida's in ninety school have a good day. I'd be sent and that tax to fund film I I don't know what do you guys think about pat of if Chip Kelly comes back to the pac twelve. What what do you think of that text by 5305 because CU CLA. I just he's back going I mean Florida's god they're one of the schools that has more resources than Horry again. I don't think UCLA does. I think that would frustrate the hell out of him but he couldn't get the assistance and and all those. Betty well I think they would have to convince him already getting that data yet convinced they were indeed were all in now because UCLA has not always panel. No this Thursday raising money for facilities yup now in Florida you know from what I understand Florida's facilities are. I mean they're not the best I've heard the swamp in itself does nothing to write home about on genes built kind of sucks big somebody else brought that up on Tennessee Gainesville socks I can be huge factor it could be you know on nominal. Debbie would you rather living Gainesville there LA and I never got the sense chip was in note to the Hollywood. Celeb birdie. That's why can't I think he lies he gene he could just mean you wanna deal with the media there you think he's gonna go down to LA in the without. Pannemon and I I think that he wants not the leaders hordes covering you Selig football but still I think he wants to win and McGee wants to shut it to everyone who's been on. On on him. As being exposed. And it was a it was a flash in the handed or is she wants you know NN national champ go to sort order for exactly and that's why I think he's gonna end up at Florida. You know he but he's Smart he's. Two pretty strong and contrasting choices. Yes this masterfully played. So we'll see what he he chooses not out of the realm possibility goes to UCLA but. I I just think he's definitely the most in Christine name out there he's the one guy I mean you know you look around at some of these other coaches that are being bandied about Bobby Petrino. You know he comes with baggage Scott frost and Matt Campbell are up and coming but those guys are risky. You know due to the lack of a sample size with them Gary Patterson seems like slam dunk to me I always screamed Gary Patterson every year. Every year I talked about Gary Patterson Mike how on earth can no big time program get him out of TCU. But you never really hear his name mentioned he must be happy they're Dan Mullen to me is vastly overrated. Vastly overrated Chip Kelly I think Mike Leach is better than Dan Mullen. So short of Yankee team gusts miles on war Jimoh Fisher or you know united Urban Meyer but short of of other Yankee in one of those guys from their current jobs. Chip Kelly is the guy and inactive with 46 and seven an organ do we need a recap what he did arrogant that I lost three. Conference games in four seasons. 33. And three he won ten games. Twelve games twelve games and twelve games and then played for the title two of the four years. I mean yes yes it's NCAA violations. But. I'm SEC team you intern I mean this notion that. You know there at dinner he was sort of right place right time. And that time has passed since so many programs are running tembo now I don't really. Think it was a moment in time I think it was how it was a run and he did it better than everyone else. He he's the master evident the college level and I think sometimes it's kind of a slap in the face that. Oh Chip Kelly was really great coach for five years or four years or whatever was Adori and then. I he can't he can't duplicate that you not given him enough credit. I mean yes he had problems on the NFL level of course that's a different animal but I'll remind you he made nick foale's. Look like an MVP nick. Falls. Look like an MVP in the NFL he won twenty games in his first two seasons with the Eagles but he's clearly better suited in college. It's it's just that. I mean I just don't think his strengths. Are limited to his offense I mean he's. He's an innovator he's an independent thinker he's a forward thinker he essentially changed how team's practice in preparation for Saturday game he changed college football. But the whole idea of rampant down on Thursdays and Fridays it's it's his approach he's innovative he's out of the box. And so you know it's like you look at Mike Leach. You know he always do well in May because repulse caught up to to what Chip Kelly does look at likely snow what he's caught up to what Mike Leach does he still put up big numbers of that offense. Why well because he's good at doing it. And that's what you Kelly was so I mean he's the guy and this is the year because there are a lot of openings. And you gotta feel you know if your Tennessee or Nebraska you don't feel very did that the number one guy out there's like me and that. Like UCLA more than you guys well. Inane and may open you know Arkansas may open but chip chip but he's he's the key domino. And so I think the key for him as just recruiting can he keep his nose clean and what kind of staff as he can assemble he bring back Martell French. You know that's an instinct on health which is still sitting up in note in the biz. So to me it makes the most sense for him to go to Florida bring in a staff that can recruit number one. Social media aggressive. Active. And then he's the axes and those guys bring me kids. Bloom ballwind. Lead in Oregon. Army can't do that at Florida. ISO detects I'm 55. 305 he did a markets Marianna that is definitely true. Teva Marcus Wilson a you'll get higher caliber recruits Marcus a sort of three star. Recruit out of Hawaii. Not heavily sought. You have only Zelaya. Pull up for a five star recruit from Texas or Florida or somewhere over there you know I don't always last time Florida had a really good quarterback. Even. He was a great calls cosmetic owns you and your right he was Kenya and it won't be any worse full. There's a long time ago NB why can't I it blows me away that LSU and Florida. Could never get a quarterback under less miles and Michael Lane and now you know. It's wild. Miami doesn't have a quarterback. In there when any their undefeated. Alabama just now got a quarterback. Miss kids young but he's he's dynamic is like it's wild to me that. You know that you the that some of these. Big profile schools and must it must be more difficult than than you think because like these big high you know high profile schools don't. Fine quarterbacks consist only. It's crazy. Mate which is maybe why he would. Now summit that's testament to the West Coast. You don't quarterbacks out here. Oh no question up and down up and down the West Coast. I think there's better high school coaching. And on the West Coast. Yeah this guy says the best thing about shipped as his quarterback development Dixon. Must solely. Thomas you know that issued for that probably talk about Mario and a Heatley in the national champ should gamely Darren Thomas. Aaron Thomas wasn't great and Dixon was leaving them to pay potential BCS title before it went down and Arizona that was bloody go. Was that he did was he gonna Zune this up for game I don't see by the end. All right we'll see what he dazzle C let we'll see what she decides. I think it's gonna be great to having backing college football bus left for Oregon State are they totally gone a different I think they're in a different pool. And meet their swimming in the different pools like guard. You know what if I'm Morgan State right now. Did that well I mean I'm sure they're trying to do this they're not stupid book cording to mine higher beau Baldwin like the idea oh Baldwin right now. According to age him a shot of who does her podcast with the Sprague. She said they have their guy. They're just waiting for. I mean and games to finish in notes and contracts it's when it's you guys so it's they got a one they got a 21 is clearly had a two and it's just a matter of waiting for the season to finish up so they can. Take care of all the legal issues. It's one of two guys it's beau Baldwin urged Jonathan Smith. I would think so and I think it's I think it should be both ball and I just don't know enough about Jonathan Smith I will say. You know it it's it's kind of raises a red flag would not husky fans and yet take them. He's an offensive coordinator but Obama and I think his offense what that what he was able to duties or Washington. Has got to be really intriguing because he he runs and off he just. He's an offensive guy you need an offensive guy EAE got to kind of try to copy the model of Leach got them home in great fit. Bill missiles Smart that's not a name we got to open it up we got out you know to get talent and he got to run Sutton some good some unique in Mike Leach does that he was able to get him. And I think beau Baldwin the same way and it would be great fit in Corvallis just a matter of if he wants. And I I don't know where understands. At a place like eastern Washington. How to develop talent. Finding guys. Guys wood chips on their shoulder 'cause they didn't get pactel scholarships bring in a man put them together given an assistant. Who is going to be. There are so far behind the 80 you were talking to in tournament last attitude the civil war. Party how far behind all the other schools they are at this point. In an operating. Well I don't know what do you think is there another name were missing and is there another road that they can go down that were not thinking of because I I just think that. Both of those guys is the right idealist Bob Stoops is bored young offensive gosh he's. Blogs do and I think Bob Stoops is done if I didn't get any if he weren't Danny come to Corvallis. I doubt that all right and coming up next what is next I guess next let's let the apple cut 344 on the fan. We had a great time at that civil war mixer last night. We did like shows we hung out got out there about nine some folks hung around some key ones and listeners. Not a lot of cool people wanna think at Coors Light. For put that on we had deadly gals in Beaverton Bill Swancutt Josh Wilcox need to be paying for shown up in June naymick all the fan hosts. Who I came out dusty was there ice. This parade is allow a lot of feedback. Dad Ted people had a good time and we wanna think companies collectibles is well they they were there are given only some cool look people walked out there like cool stuff. Some autographed memorabilia. Plus in a lot of sexual harassment tuck it just big talk around the water cooler Jason it's now it's the talk of the people how horrible men are. You know men all over the country looking inward deeply and our Jason. And spirit and no more skeletons right. Yeah it did there in the in denial that probably you know they're blaming deflecting in creating safe space for their behaviors in their head that most of us are looking honestly kissing going on now. But I don't anything I'm pretty confident that I haven't. Maverick I'm really confident that no one can ever truthfully accuse me of sexual assault. To put that up there right there right now to chew on the year old statement courage it's the courage thank you keep yeah on this show right. Trying to get above 79 an issue announcing that. Mustn't. We'll know your race. All right listen now will retire and all sunny and cold other texture. RG mentions Rick Neuheisel beavers there. And a doesn't doesn't do anything for me. If today if that was gonna happen I think it already would have happened. I mean he's just hang out hired him. Exactly and like I'm. But yeah. And I just. I don't think Terry and I think Scott Barnes a Smart enough I don't think he feels like they need to do a gimmicky things he needs to find somebody who can put a program together that can. Win consistently sustain and and young the only defense person that's done that in the last. Five decades as Mike Riley mean Ericsson and came in for a little bit nun says young like Mike. Now. Well look. Jeff Ted present on. Diebler sand and Elijah Ted for his name never pops up. Yet you know again not young. Interesting I think he'd be a nice stabilizing force at some of you could mean is he jumping from Fresno State's two out organs staters he buys time for a for a better job to keep. Be better gig I just think the other piece of it is. What has happened with or again with Willie Taggart and the energy. That he has brought there I think Oregon State passed to find a way to match the energy that's coming out of Corvallis with its coaching staff. Not necessarily does that mean it's up Ted for correctness has a can't do it by. Those two I'd I don't necessarily see there still part of the good old boys network from few decades ago. And I think that's going to be. Crucial for Oregon State as they tried to compete with specially in state recruits. I don't know that they are gonna pull the four and five star kids from Texas and California and Florida that bill Willie's bring an end but for in state recruits to not be an afterthought. You you better have some excitement you better have a little sizzle coming out of Corvallis with with whoever's coaching there. Whether their household name or not I don't think matters 'cause I don't think Willie tiger was a household name. When he showed up in Eugene. Merit but he's lumber toys in. Oh no no question to play with well. EO says unique peek you know who else is very successful Delilah little talent and also a former coach he's a Washington Paul Wolfe. So be careful what you wish for. Yeah I mean it's true Miette you know you take a motor still face an arrest no matter what no matter what and a but am I I just think Baldwin. I don't know I'd I think he checks all the boxes for what Oregon State needs on May not work out because I thought Gary Anderson was gonna be great and that flamed out. It got to that flame out so like you I don't know I just think that you can hire bald and be confident. He's the guy giving you know 45 years and if you know at that didn't work out I just. You know sometimes. Their forces against your control its psyche I felt like we hired the right guy I don't think anybody at the words with beau Baldwin. Is anybody complaining about that higher. I mean you know it's just. It makes to Steve makes a lot of sense. I think you get full support team to get by and from alumni begin a young guy this with a flashy offense to give him time that's what that's. He knows anyone else he gonna do as deathly department knows the area for recruiting. I just don't know I mean you think they can get and I hope they can get it. Maybe he just wants abide his time count on them. OK what we're gonna get the apple cup here it is Saturday night. At 5 o'clock on fox as much like there is no canceled after dark Saturday night this is the last game tied and it'll be right here on the fans Saturday can now listen older chat housing essar economic game to none of gas jazz. Match has announced. Chasing guests are here who have cancer. The taste in my desert he was out at the guess there was out at the battle abandon Joey Harrington still deducted what a great event if he'd ever get into that if he's still doing that. I went there one year and on again that was so fun what is so unique. Because he brings what he does is Joey flies in. I two ex athletes from each pactel school. In their only two spots there's 24 spots bright player's right to two guys who play with a two athletes in you payments money for his charity. I to fly out there and play. And represent your school. I like for a Citi had Brent Berry out there the year I was there a smelly guys like I mean is is that big names think it's some good names and fun guys not not. Bites man. And so I had to fill in one year for a guy played on the UCLA team with Jason Kapono and if you get guys into my god really fun. And jester was out there. And guess there is V world's worst golfer I have never seen a while the days. I mean horrible it's to the point where he got paired up with Colorado's. The big boy from Colorado does a radio show in Denver played the NFL for years Chad Brown. Now. Just so fun loud deal loud obnoxious guy forget his name. But he was so mad that he got paired with yes he walked off on the par three criteria. Coalesced that she's he's gonna join a durden Sprague on a Friday for a little lap cup preview 13 grade do you JC's Dan great to have you ever medicated he didn't like. No I'm serious man I've never medic to admit I didn't like the kids are great. I don't know what it is in the water in Pullman but. They're fun. Down letters EL of the cubes. The campaign amid volatile attempts well they're big drinkers. In her. You know watch their their intake that let they've had a lot to complain about over the years sister but this is the biggest game for Washington State cents. Relief rally if you think so Rose Bowl. Yeah probably is because if they win this they go to the pac twelve championship game there's still 12 on the clock if you ask foods he did spike. Just like Michael Dyer was down. The Auburn running back go to the green and he was down there was 12 on the clock when he spiked in line. Well let's get Delis you mourn the apple cup what's been going on there Mike Leach is us for a row to the Huskies we'll talk about that we have not gay bar to lined up as well for fifteen. Collison bomb matrix 357 on the fan.