Primetime 11.22.17 Club Hour

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 24th
The greatest restaurant review ever, plus is the night before Thanksgiving the biggest drinking holiday of the year.

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac in suit I'm Isaak the cool wind. Mind that this is our podcasts that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla Sharpton you're stuck with it. Do the right things since 1952. Making names. For children. But go up. You were the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk 600. I was pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to Latin players time is sleeve. Patrick. It's. Surrendered peacefully fart apps so alternate. A violent acts like her you're deafening silence on cubes in the NFL was not only bizarre it was telling. Or so after mine and went suit their for a moment and it had just thrown some out here after my research. There's seven current pigs in the NFL he had there are guys in the N Sonny had Malulani Ngo and all. Vince nails a beekeeper DM cannon. Out there may be a couple of others but. From 2010. To 2017. The only of the guys as these act Williamson Marcus. Wilson. Mean is not like my in my memory was a factor in the true blood so air. Well if that's my drove you know I mean Bledsoe and leave send them written. Written and such and such but you look at Oregon State. Did Dave Clinton Reilly consistently gets guys that until the last couple years he's Diddy consists only put three or four and it's in in as many as seven. In one year 2009 at seven guys. Libby treat Keenan Lewis Victor Butler Slade Norris brain use Al awful lot of Sammy Trotter. And he notorious stage. Two dozen fifteen John Maine and Stephen Nelson DJ Alexander. Over implied Jim Ryan Murphy fury states put guys and felt I. Thank you very creative those guys are still in. I don't know full bloom watch and still plan. And either voted today you've been officially shut down OK okay boring things aren't a funk is nice try on day. Long day. Today is so what some call a blackout Wednesday that will be Ford dirt dirt says that's the best drinking holidays. Of the mall. No IDC CNN. It is a popular drinking holiday. I think from his standpoint and teammate as he gets older if his relationship continues to blossom. Busy busy have a different its main squeeze. What's his name. Steve. But currently he doesn't you know there's nothing and everything's. You know off on Thursday. He doesn't have to prepare a big meal is going over the parental units. So he just gets wasted like using count ahead just in college in his C year old's friends a lot of times that comeback and that's within. So gates' idea a little homer tennis now that is that the biggest drinking day of the year not necessarily I still would argue new years even yeah I well it depends on what I defining it according to mind your sources 04 of July it's got to be the biggest beer Holliday who were in attendance last night's at the civil war mixer. It is the biggest drinking day of the year if you're talking about measuring by volume of consumption in bars and restaurants. People are going can literally eating at home minister at the next day so everybody's out everybody's back downtown. Andy go out be in the bars become the place to meet up for a little community. And limb by being before all hunkering down within various families. In the house for several track so that's that's where we're at so consumption. Allen about. According to a small business consulting firm whose name I can't pronounce. I disdain this Wednesday before I thinks giving accounts for a 167%. And a normal bar restaurants daily revenue. So it is significant. So you used to sling them drinks yes we'll see nine neon mobs as an as an ex bartender this is the bartender in me. I never light. Was this a good today a word because every day because funny yet you make it took him I think that worth all of the extra nonsense it's always sorted because you make a ton of money but it's is it's an as show and it's insane they keep. As of march anyone nothing more than your head just buried in the ice on nightly news going in you making money hand over fist. Seed never turn that down you always wanted to work those chips but there's usually extra nonsense is this compared to just a busy night. I don't know that like a tonight I think everybody's pretty jovial there's got family I think compared to saint Patrick yeah Saint Patrick's Day is the worst day. Because you get amateurs who get up you know they they're they're out at 9 AM and drink and they keep. It's it's Toro. But. I never like going out and need these nights because as an ex bartender just know it's amateur hour but this one. Of the songs a little different family and everything. Yeah I think people are fairly it's it's more about. The sea and old friends old family haven't seen for awhile so most people are just generally want to catch up conversation. And I don't think he did to him and now it gets louder as the night goes on but it's any bar but there's nothing in the south of rowdy. This also has to be I'm sure that you also don't have a lot of light music and dancing in that sort of nonsense either. I think this is probably the biggest lift. We're who remain I would think so let's get a lot of people that are being so knock knock back home people in different towns in the. Yeah well. So if if you judge it by eight. Volume of the is consumed at bars and restaurants this is the big street today however my sources tell me to the overall biggest drinking day. Is actually Super Bowl Sunday. When you're talking about sales are talking about yeah bull buying it people not only in bars Russia models going out the door yes. Dear digger the fourth of July weekend. And it's what they say. Super Bowl Sunday has become enormous and I think it's even in our lifetimes Jason became much bigger than east yes 'cause you don't. The ladies earned it and now. Yeah well I guess. Now buddy Myers my mom was always into it. When grownup I never we never had. Super Bowl parties were it was like all the beads out watching that noble ladies mingling in the other room. Now for some real time how much to drink tonight. My unit worked and now I've got to got to put some charts together I still have work to do so I we'll have I will enjoy the. Some brown water there is some I'm preparing but it's notably. In Iran also mindset rattle some ice. It from here as you shoot it. But yeah I still have to I got to make an appetizer to. Since I'm not available to cut my usual stuff thing. I've been I've my stuffing has been deemed the holiday stuffing for whatever function we are going to. Yeah hello Stephanie. Stepping is my favorite son of the world by far. In the hot sauce on. There's a big got to put sausage and sausages. So much yes. I will pride pops. Wind tonight. Pop some record of media a few more tomorrow but done in this will sound funny to. I think T non drinkers or maybe none wine drinkers but drinking a bottle of wine by oneself. There's really nothing. Though but through pretty quickly. Yes she did Stinson especially good line. Gets glorious as a wine drinker kind of the evolution of understanding. That one bottle to yourself is perfectly normal as matter fact is really not that big a deal like the first stage and when you first start drinking wine. Because I really like red line when I'm at home I don't drink beer and drink beer out. But at home and usually red liner from getting some feeling frisky elk deer dinner this Koch at the rattle some nice. But it's fun like the first stage when you start drinking a lot of wind is that you are shocked. At how fast you can drink a bottle. On your own in your tenure you have to work with this is takes time you know it well that's. You know what's wrong with me the second stages of the guilt. Bet you are able to drink a bottle of wine so easily to yourself that fast. These third stages realizing from other wine drinkers that they do the exact same thing in the Indy fourth stage is group acceptance. And validation. That it is perfectly normal and not that bad in everybody who drinks wine. Doesn't. That's the truth about being Weinrich. So when you hear somebody like that of a perfect tell the house somebody they don't drink much wine. When they've when they leaning think it's insanely eject bottom line. This looks like that we. I've got to take you a nurse nice out soon but there's a couple of wineries. That I've come to know them going with my parents over the years. You would love Felix. Out Carlton Oregon and number and I Carlo in June and and let's go. We got to do that sign me up there. Now does this mean acting out fueled. Not all day maybe drink your wine and I did my thing about wine tasting in love being so close to wine country decides it's amazing here. But I I think less is more of an ankle wine tasting because I'll start touring these wineries you wanna go to a third one I'm like oh my god I. I use I can't taste anything. Gonna get drunk and stuff. You know I like to like 21. Who will pre punk. This and tastings the second went get a bottle UN and again that Felix has Felix will start Poland stuff out of every he opens everything. So. And he is still in Sewell. Until they grow dangers yeah. And he'll grow they'll try and grow any kind of great it's not just. One thing he he's pretty adventurous you know uncool. So I got to the line industry ensign again from naked winery last night he you know wine industries got to get less and be you know. Yeah really holds it back. Because that's why you love that's why I'm really blind great interest is there and talk to you as a lot of guys that aren't they. You know you get Nazi you know going to treat it he gets a little big get celebrity. We'll give you will get just you know fearless Felix is your kind of do you. Think they got to turn that down. These a lot of California money from Napa coming up now combine everything out. And and if you read the stories about some of these some of the winemakers up there. Think it's stupid jealous. But a dream come true. A bunch of money you know those guys especially in an organ brew braves. You drunk. So I just immediate reversal sign for a break. Therefore we must break. Blazes begin their ass kicked them down. To mess with the process. Now IDC that was in the but the process the sensors like he would be years of doing down there at all they're taking sticking to it trust the process and and that's that's worked and now they're all healthy fun and. All right coming up next. Let's get to this. Cheesecake Factory bit and I told you and we played Mike Leach. Earlier. On them. His wedding advice that was one of the most accurate things I've seen in a long time so is this is the world's most amazing inaccurate restaurant review. And I'll read ET next it's 613. On the fan who. And I welcome back 66 Mike is over in a New Jersey en I think of the sluggers here. He's guilty diligently preparing for his so called the biggest upsets but the college basketball season tomorrow at the moment senator books say Eric there zone just lost in a tournament duke NC state. Hello that's that is beginning at citi's what you're about to come. Tranda you know feel the it's an arm of the vehicle is he going down at any time holiday time. Wondering enter an elder on the other coast drank. You know Larry attention I've watched Roy Williams teams for years they're soft their cookie dough song punch him in the gut. Kanye works. So you. AM 910 spla ESPN 11 AM pregame 1130 tip from the College Station now. 910 years in Portland who. They sell on the like tutor Snyder. I have been known to tweet. I like to. Understand although the some some Roseanne. Tony you Daylon when he recorded a blazers podcasts and guys they were seeing. Snap jets where it's at man snapped Debian snapper incident putters last place of social needs. The kids say. Yeah I would think my son would agree what's what's old meatball what team I think there'll snapped gen institute had shipments to Graham young snapped. Well I don't be a business and then you know Dean Pees and they go away. But the very the very visual. They're not into the substances. You know clicking on something and that's doing something right right click a link clicking on the link. This is clearly sometimes require you to do. It's right it's there's more of a news feed it's for olds and but not like it I would get what you can take him leaving scant threes there's like oh you don't have to participate in London now and making and little. Do you she. But then again no one can yeah you can stay out of the phrase in. So I found this on Twitter and I just in everyone's knowledge is gives you it gives you a little piece singled in the sounds wonderful. So you don't they deal with restaurants you know like that's what are your restaurant guy gets his restaurants. You know so like for example the Carl's juniors in the McDonald's. And you know Wendy's and Burger King in in now don't have the same kind of color schemes. Yeah red yellow and you know wider audience that I don't. Basically rest are just mustard. That was supposed to be reminds you of now I'd send those color red yellow colors in logos are intentional because. They vary based in the dared to encourage. Happiness and energy and hunger. Expedia. Crude. That's why they all have kind of the same color schemes it's also subtly telling customers to inning get out fast. That's kind of the the idea behind today's. Point being there's science and not behind every steal yeah I think the UC in a restaurant like some restaurants to have fun. I read this in the in the day and get what rest countless. But they were talking about how you have to have different tables shapes. And different table sizes and variety. So that people don't get bored with the same look. In tables should be wider more than nation deep deep in ending monitored noisy can't be too loud QB Toussaint. It peaked in music. Very carefully. On the witty do lighting is a huge thing you got to hit lighting has to make people feel attractive and if it does that they love going their name and what is my dearest ally one that. He even know it but it makes you look good and we going event immensely like get. So they they study all the stuff. And down you know a lot of times what happens with it when you make a decision to go back to a restaurant. You are doing that based on not the not necessarily the food. Or a disservice or any other element other then the feeling that it gave it. Old and feeling mean and that is all encompassing that's that's the music service the dude that everything. Because you'll hear you know I think you'll talk about steakhouse is in town and people will prefer ringside because ringside as a field is that the best stake in town I don't think it is. However it's got a good steak. Great suit but also it's you know more the on the elements and what they've done there in tennis historians and experience. That's right. And so. You know help cutting edge restaurants now are starting to look like there's any make profiles view like do you sit at the bar do you. I drink what do you like to drink what doing drink deal like windows seats do you like. You know deep league eleventh it will you ever sit with you back to the door. You like male or female servers DA do you want more time to eat dinner on the table restarted you always to me it's it's crazy the signs it into life sounds. Something real fun on Twitter have you. How many times do you need an anti Cheesecake Factory. Every once in awhile and everything of those things. He goes in own. Mom says hey we gotta go shopping for something in. Yet you're in the miles again in the mind of the year ago there would dusty there ticketed Cheesecake Factory because there is one and everything government. Right. Well I had never thought about this before you talk about the science that goes in the restaurants and why things are doing they are. Have you ever thought about what the hell the Cheesecake Factory is. With its two core and it's menu and on the crap that goes on and Cheesecake Factory. Well somebody this guy at peace of this Twitter handle is set Max sled room Max Krieger VG. But I sign on social media loved it and he wrote it it review the Cheesecake Factory any cannot be more accurate. He writes. If you want a fully immersed in post modern design hell's gay themed dining experience I highly recommend dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Fermi design perspective that places asking wild. And I'll talk a little bit about why the the Cheesecake Factory essentially grew out of me Los Angeles bakery business. Then in 1990 team. They brought on hospitality designer Richard McCormick. And stuff went off the rails we're talking Victorian Egyptian. Rococo off the rails I mean check out this exterior any post a picture. Greco Roman cornice is seashells above this you know large doors top of the dome airlifted from fifteen saint measles. The interior is a world of anesthetic chaos that feels like a mix between a Fries electronics. In overgrown and merit in a laser tag arena. It is sensational. And that is so true hero looked around and Cheesecake Factory there's a lot of good and nobody doing. And he says palm trees sit aside to thousands. Chic glass lighting fixtures. French limestone floors mosaics. Fresco like murals pseudo Egyptian faces top columns with hybrid palm. Rhonda Lotus blossom designs and pseudo. Hieroglyphics. Its unchecked white exotic is exotic schism. Oriental ism run amok with a huge budget. Some elements like the faces third guy and SRI unlike stunts is borderline and Nicole flavor. TC ads. The Cheesecake Factory blast she with the luxury dining is static while cutting some bizarre corners they serve you water in tankers. Seat you and wicker chairs at marble table tops wives. Then you realize you're tankers are plastic. You're wicker is plastic in your table is vinyl lined particle board. Both ostentatiously. Gotti and consistently cheap. From the fake plaster walls to the fake wicker chairs the cheesecake factory's almost reminiscent of being part. The more you stare at this and see elements like that. Tacky Booth commissions and glass divider slowly emerged but more surreal against the unchecked. Frenetic design doesn't stop there look at the DM menu or should I say for me news. Menus skinny delicious drinks cheese cakes not desserts those are different. It is the most intentionally obtuse culinary document I've ever seen. It wants to disoriented you. Quick bites appetizers glam burgers specialties pastas sandwiches steaks chops fish seafood pizza superffoods skinny delicious. These are all separate sections of the Cheesecake Factory menu there is no rhyme or reason to them this menu is not your friend it is actively. Trying to mislead you that's right I said the lamb burger. Mitt venue advertisements. For the restaurant you have already chosen to dine at our frequent. And deliberately make you lose track of your spot here's one with an entire page of flavor text this thing feels like it damn play bill. All the cheesecake factory's a stage and we are but it's players after wandering the menu while helplessly. You order. And the food arrives it's good. Not bad not great but good better than Applebee's better than a Friday's I want to say I hated it. But in truth I could and that was probably the most disappointing part of ball. And how true is that. After all this you know you don't understand what the hell's going on you finally figure out what to eat your confused he get a unite you know what. Is not bad. I've heard worse. And then at the end of it all in a cold lonely count or cougar that cheesecake. My location placed it near the lobby slash exit far from the dining area alone. He namesake dish feels utterly inconsequential by the time you reach it. Perhaps it's meant something wants to conclude there is nothing more quintessentially. American capitalism. In flavor. Then to Cheesecake Factory. Well the run wild chaotic visual fantasies are realized with no aesthetic discipline and obsessive an obsession with appearance of luxury. Gross excess that excels. And feeding its quality. It feels like a relic of another era one where such division was sold to the American public is utopian concept it's like to brief period of neo liberal or stick prosperity that made it possible busy fevered dream made manifest in joy it's. Like you can. Is that not the greatest Cheesecake Factory vehicle. That's pretty well done right there and not gonna lie perfectly. Perfectly accurate yeah. That is the making money to Cheesecake Factory the answers now now. Because you never want to needed Cheesecake Factory just being there when you're in Hungary there. Turning to confusion. All right coming am next Jason. I have a few leftover stories from the week since it's technically Friday. We have a horse that's been thrown in jail. And I have a Charles Manson question for you is gonna pose this to see it don't pose a TU. You being the sports are in the blazer fanatic. You are straight through. Today when Netherlands because 10181. We'll have more on that says you're in a moment. NASA is canceling your bag on the word. Take Shapiro and over here slang. Due to keep him in any and I go way back to only go back to the days I still remember our first baseball today show. And Lisa do that showed me remember the first one. I do remember the first on a mariners went fourteen innings gambling on middling one night this team and the more pleasant LA yeah. But you know I dammit we would've waited till 5 in the morning we're so stoked for the although this time. When I was down to his lit by 2000. 12002 I was three or four was a dilate yeah I was here I got hired in 2002. Can and I was doing everything finally to the bossier and what you do everything well just you know part I was out. Throw in T shirts to the crowded promotions and you are mr. fan anything I can do to you know it's my guide you still aren't fit. Twenty years later harrowing and it appears that the deal mean mr. fan. I mean if you had an. Given name one guy that was the fans. It's you. Near me using. I mean. So into the bonds. Went and listened. You wanna her parents not being in radio. And you dearly. Dearly. There's not a lot of no breaks. They keep you got to find an opening he got to find a crack in the door in and then Howard Tripp yeah and then stuff spins around on it. Again that he's younger kind of stepped in the column there. Causes up to a guy. Who knows leader although I was. Yeah that was after so look idea I was an intern here and then. The I'd put a tape on all Allen davis' desk is different interactive time he's now up in buffalo. An entity to sit here just wanted to know if you talk to me about you know I can't undo an innocent. And he was like I eat. He started Saturday. And then he would announcement. It that he would walk out the obviously you wanna talk to them via any time you asked him for advice he would give up and leave the office lights he had somewhere to go even though he did and he just walked on the buildings of the U left his office. Immune I act I say it is on Saturday. Michael all of OK so I started as an uptake he threw me on that pretty likely here is a fine he wouldn't be any pointers or reading news like gagged as dull ones possess gala gala. Don't mess and I don't is because classic line has. Don't Harry Clark donut. I'd say. On camera. So yes he threw me on twelve then I went to him as he went about this but this idea. You know we had the Mariners games. And a year you're looking to grow because he at this time in the in the radio landscape viewing remember the market. Tanks. People were getting fired right left and there's a lot of big money guys a lot of dead weight they were looking for young guys like we. So have a lot of because I came I don't know spot a year year and a half after use. You'd been here a little while. You know if there is it that payroll as hefty. And they don't know the stock and a part time guys. Yeah there are a lot of full time as did let out on hosts yeah a lot of hosts. And in the oral Lotta weekend guides and then when we first or to do in the high school football scoreboard show others like wellness. An Allen was like I got to pare this down yet he had to win he had to do a lot of fire and so so the way did that with. All of us that were in here was it was interesting that when guys either got to host. From the Gupta hosts we didn't actually do games then it was a scoreboard Friday night shows are like two or three people hosting it we had two or three guys adding games and then somebody was producing. And when it came around to producing suddenly conveniently guys were sicker their mom was in town or something like that. And the next year everybody that's been their shift as a producer was still involved in the show and everybody else was. Don't want him he was not be that man bit the movement FEMA official history saved had the month here down Davis story. When you first got here there was a host here who's from Baltimore and policies name but he. Allen hired Allen running in. For the afternoon show I think I don't there's been so many different shows. But Alan I was making some news. He brought this gang in. And that time we did down lasers pre and post game shows and oh yes. Any of the pregame show how like tonight depleted force of the pregame show and wouldn't Italy Greece and if you were on the entry should you do with. Preemption in seasick Allen Davis walked into that studio where you viewers you are city. And the host of Ballmer was in there I was in there I think Adam Grimes at the time as a producer is still football coach your Neary and still around. A good deed he was in there there's couple of other people. Allen and Allen came minutes and I need somebody to do the post game show. Troubles. And of course I would jump at the data and then we're gonna put means I was just a young with a staffer at that time. And this guy from Baltimore said that's not in my contract. Well we did thought nothing of it Allen. Walked out of the room came into work the next day he got from Baltimore. Fire don't. In don't that was within three weeks after him moving his pet he moved to advocate the time he was married her head movement they moved down here from Baltimore for this job. Turf to because he wouldn't do this. Blazers post game show and that was a sign that you know things changed and in radio little bit. So I guys thank you and I were counted because we were. Sheep are cheap and we were willing willing so I went to him and I said hey let's let's do I love baseball slugger in those days baseball's my that's my hip that your sport. Let's. Let's dueled to a mariners. Still don't you know post game yeah just swagger being their produce it almost it will do scoreboard type. Fun show and a gimme some reps you want young guys who who won via and I got I got reps producer and I got reps doing updates. Yeah it was a chance he's like here yeah act because I came I had worked in the business world for seven to ten years before I was not fresh out of college and so he's like your Smart intelligent use regular old. He's been to learn how radio works in the ditch your hands on experience and I am old not dying today. So yes and he said go nuts but he's turned us loose. And you listed because he didn't like with the Mariners around our network without the music of minute meeting house was done he's like this as an older than you guys don't go. And so the first night we just so fired up like yes he noticed it. And the management fourteen innings in leading cracked the mikes till I I thought it was like midnight they want it was letting 115 our members sit in there. Because it went to ten or eleven were like OK it's allay whatever and then it got to the twelfth the world by. What do we do really who we call nobody's. But it. Now that you're due out of we got collars to did you know people love that show they an unseen and this disease you know like to. I just. I assume that nobody would listen in English system in resisted out and exercising unite getting trying to get better. It was not people or people listen to any baseball. And that's when I learned that allow even though Portland doesn't have baseball there are there a lot of baseball fans and the other thing I learned do and that is. You can't you can't fake it if you have genuine enthusiasm. For whatever you're. Gimmick come on the air in view and I learned that even more as I got more involved with the high school football stuff. The people that do tune in really do appreciate you can't fake it and we were fired at you just can't think we loved it I putted so much work my each document. Can be funny talk my wife down time about. About those times when I was prepping for that it's like watching the Mariners that could be Fidel is when they first had you could first give. And MLB. Audio pass or something. So remember we spent they pop for like 3995. For us or something it's like he did all the audio clips is an embarrassment of riches that record but it's. Then but sure enough we we have audio clips from every single game in the major leagues that I am it is scoreboard and Allman nuggets in notes and different stance than men. That was fun ins in some ways and I loved in radio on laundry dealers and suggest that the radio that is to to some extent. Not every extend it to some extent did my favorite time in Rio was made very was that very first. Jeff. So fun it was a blast just baseball. Now nine years. And particularly. Then it was soup for him speak for small step for our shallow thing in the word. Well now the second revelation was when we convinced everybody to do the club. There's if you had to do four hours of sports every day for as long as you guys have been mean and at the club has really saved us yet. You're at if we if we could do this. You know what would have happened just went out. God bless them. All right time. But only gets nothing wanted to there little reminiscing it's good to have you back in in here we've worked out and doing this every once in awhile. Love avenue every once every three years. I John skinny grass and up next on the ten. Let's bring in big bad John what are you Dylan. Listen to you guys go to them and relate that could stop right there. And you never remember the old baseball today show. I do in fact it's funny because I was hooked and you guard you told that story in that kind of whispers. That was kind of my first round in which you before you ever were on our rather. You know I've listened to the radio and then. I listen to their show and then with the citizenry of spectators in baseball so you're not my I'm a baseball. And so I've you guys sometimes and then that's how I and in fact I remembered that day that my brother told me. That you were going to be the host with him and I was like who the based on our own security interest in and so. You know I before it ever that you're order we became friends are here that I just use the baseball guys. Here we are all those years later. Time flies. Jonathan time else. Yeah I'd like to the view of this site I feel like I should reminisce about how I got this. My job you should look at and you remember you remember that there. Me think about that. What did we'd do. Now I don't think I do. So you know you know this is like 2000. That they enter the businesses 2000 like ten years ago. And you know and my brother. There are beyond the they've been on a couple of times they were on. Is that fair at this point in you guys I think it was sponsored did that you guys were picked the momentum builder of the game every remember that. We didn't. Yeah I did the right to do what you would create the momentum builder of the game every. Additives Atlanta. You guys clearly thought he was when you're compared horrible you guys stop Kerry. And you would just picked the same guy every night you remember who the guy was. Don want to months. Note with a catcher Jamie bird he needs. We're seeing you guys every night you guys every night would pick any particular running yeah. And this period of time. JR was playing Little League to Spain in the same league that people are Iranian view. One sided in Little League game and I kind of got. It like that look I care about there. And you guys you. Don't care years Baylor did pick Jay Berger we've been out kind of met you you hit it right back to me and that will nobody cared and acted like here. They used dead and calm on every night. People momentum builder I do not remember that at all to remember that I've got us started I've got the open for the momentum building behind Eric. And this here it is actually. They'll haul we're still do. And it was a zionist movement and older ridden big John's account. You can't go sister from a perfect that's worker can night yeah Santana. When you greatest lines to begin as radial lines ever. So you know if you told me that you come August that you every night are required are a little. And then that was the end of that and then my brother called you the next day and then hey I think told me that you guys federated which other movie deal. In our brief period you wanna come on every night and build momentum. And I was like yeah he's back will call everybody. I'd like to sporting part you have to be ready and then you do the momentum builder and so I did open. That you decorative colony and I would pick momentum builders and I did that for like three your ordinary person. And then during the off it would come on it was only beat during the baseball. And it was at the end of the baseball season one year where I was like the last bear it into the year how often do you and my brother radio. And I use either you were gentle rivers who was a bit. You know hey I don't like it we don't talk you in the offseason but just come on every day. And just talk about whatever. And I've been look at wolf and then. One of the list spears came up with male lead it and they said look we'll just mail in the last segment and you come on ya then we'll just talk about whatever we won't talk about. It's unbelievable that some of every dollar. We did do it like ten year commitment to this is really it's truly inspiring I can't I don't know anybody else who do this. Well did you at that that the court it's really rarely do I have to go out of my way every down and where this. Oh I gotta go over there and make sure I can do it or whatever but for the most part. It really is just silently at around doing and you guys just call it just oh so but it's been going on for. We're like opinions country. But could the traditions we've created. Awesome because that I I like me it's the highest local. Radio segment from 647 to 655. Tree. Other family member of one of I think it is market I think it is that demo now you you do I don't yet. Lit them up you have a great Thanksgiving game. That agree to quality guys. You might Alter them. All right you two back gadget Beckett Heather to love her man his life she's already donated to our special in its radio Thon to her it is possible. He's the best there Austin gill of the suits hopefully. John Byrne and Jason don't get in a fight no we don't need it we don't need that soon because well. Suit doesn't have the strength right now and 66 hopefully he'll be back on Friday spirited out of a three to seven if you're in the car if you're out there can can give us a try and this is ES fellow one of the big college basketball in us from ESPN's can be wandering around for a time. Are you on our show on Friday. And no I wolf there's a good chance of a calling the pilots can now aren't my hate every take over home tonight yeah list tonight Bloomberg don't drive have a great Thanksgiving will see Friday at three on the thing tonight. She. Okay. I.