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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, January 12th
Hot 5 at 5, previewing the AFC playoff games, and more!

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They are listening to the prime time and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 do you not cute. I would Clark on what this is prime time on football Friday ten to be the best in the league. Yeah. This is over football Friday edition of primetime where the ice against her. Online at 1080 the fan dot com. Until maybe go. All right welcome him. His powerful much like our opened two days broadcast we intend to be power bottoms here on this program. Coming into the club tonight Alex as our bottom six to seven you never know. A little talk about down list it's meaty revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show. We have the United States first openly gay man to figure skate at the Winter Olympics about that yeah it's it is. It's I thought that there would have been in the county that. Now now now by not maybe Johnny Weir. Con. How we also stories of passports. Suicides. In simple. Interest it. If you could probably make you case that all of those things can be intertwined. That being the club this hour I'm I'm guessing we'll get to a lot of NFL because we haven't even talked with the FC games. Nightly news well we briefly testified Jacksonville because their defense came up regards to Minnesota axis. There's some debate on who has the best defense. Wear this Minnesota or Jacksonville I I think Minnesota's lead him a more well rounded the Penske you Rhode the bald Jacksonville. But you know get after the quarterback and pass defense Jacksonville's pretty special. I saw that coming up here and fighting team right now though. I'll pretty yearly. World Cup he dearly had dipped 503 this is a long time this is early for a pretty good. It's not trying to sign. I jumped out of billions we've always owned our birthday and there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible primetime advising consumers it's very. Refresh my chorus line when things get hot and cool off with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your name climb and I. Number flies. Well it looks like a LaMarcus Aldridge did request a trade from the spurs after all. Yeah I guess a Popovich came out and said this LaMarcus came to him and he says the first time in his sweat almost twenty years that anyone had never said that to. Danny said I wanna be traded this is Popovich telling reporters and I said whoa nobody is ever so that's mean before he said I'm not enjoying this I'm not confident I'm not sure you want me here I wanna be traded. Well to Popovich is credit of course they did not trade him now let's just Popovich said it made him rethink how he was canny use him. And he has seen more engaged this year his numbers are up across the board. A pop set I was very candid with him I told him I'd be happy to trade in you give me a town like Kevin Durant and I'll driving to the airport a pack your bags of driving there he laughed. And I said. I short of that on your best buddy and you're here for another year and Ewing going nowhere because you talent wise. We're not gonna get what we want so let's figure this thing out and we did and you know what tip of the cap took to pop up. No the Marcus is the Filipinos here. You live. And a lot of coaches don't handle that situation very well enough to receive it's never happened to you before him poverty swallowed his ego and said some of that's on me. And went out and found a solution that works better in the market is avenues ventured out of San Antonio and you know with without the inches that they've they've had the Marcus is carrying that team. Hi Evan Turner is out tonight for Joseph blazers she is sick. I Damione Lewis go is playing as they're just not into eight in new oil and their run in the three guard lineup he kills your Basil Basil. Is gonna get disturbed river terse we're going small ball. And Anthony Davis being a risk they said they did not because gonna play a game time decision now it appears that it gave us we'll go now. Got that deadly bombing them via pelicans are twenty. And twenty. There eighth in the last blazers 22 in 1950 in the last yet that the markets cousins staying in the Anthony Davis hasn't quite pop the way they were hoping. Yeah shocking and I think she's a free agent if he had the and it doesn't know don't know as Marcus Cousin he certainly although everyone's on the Anthony did like Eddie Davis and that. Let's Campbell those that's like the everyone's playing in the NBA is to just go get one of those guys what do they see they get tired of losing in mid between hockey in New Orleans. It's based on the news here. But you guys are getting deals one year deals to avoid arbitration on this is the largest deal ever to avoid arbitration and he goes to Josh Donaldson the blue jays third baseman. He gets one year 23 million dollars and it's good to be a baseball player also avoiding arbitration and going back to their current teams someone you're deals. Of Chris Bryant the caddies. Mainly China that sixteen now. A Dallas title the Astros and Charlie Black men among others. I he's going back to. Colorado you in Tennessee and I think he got from Colorado and I just made Charlie Black is my favorite players. And yeah you can say that so he's amazing this year so now it's just the way he plays he's so fun to watch. Don't Iraqis team last year and he just jumps off the page and he's one of those guys that outside the Colorado. How many people even know that that's that's an MVP caliber player and they do about their Colorado that are that are MVP type guys that are household names a case of this is pretty weird. Let the colts have offered their head coaching position to a guy who didn't wanna. Nat rule out which the Baylor coach. Did they not see. Baylor this year went down there one of the worst teams and and he's a really well respected guy and the Baylor does he have a NFL background I heat. Because I all I know about that rule believed he had one year two years as a coordinator and assistant or something like everybody needs to get the hell out in the CN musical upbeat he was the O line coach of the giants before he had got the head coaching job temple full one year. He is at the bill's laid back in the day as. 2000. I pages that's weird I honestly feel like we we give the browns a lot of hell we should give the colts. A lot of crap to militias that they've had. They've had Andrew Luck to to pull out of the friar here in the last couple years the colts are bad so according being rapped or via the network rule has some form Baylor that he intends to stay. Better walk with two games this year and only one money be Kansas that was since that was their only win yes he can parlay that into the the colts job this thing every once hesitant to even touch the coals job. Because they don't know an outline Villanueva Andrew Luck there's some talk that he had to let me never be the same. And number one. Arizona is still rather have a job Baylor job. Think. As we've played did the number one story say is that Arizona may have their replacement for Rich Rodriguez. Any kidney ten Neeon console alone the coach at navy. Look this is the guy beat you try to go get him a couple of years back in and turned him down if you're warming guy he's a Mormon guy and he turned him down his estate navy. Lead held him you know Arizona you know maybe this is one that they can pry him away. I love this move for a school like Arizona's not done yet it's not supposed appearing contract negotiations. So I debut what you doesn't pay a lot so. I'm sure Arizona can can double BYU was gonna pay him. And some maybe he doesn't have taken the Arizona job but this is the guy that originally I wanted or a state to go again and I know everyone has this this. You know hatred of the triple option in the fear in fact we'll take their break out quarterback star tweeted and then deleted. I today I did not come to Arizona to run the triple option which. I think is madness has come realty run of the triple option would be phenomenal. Knew that guy would be great. Well as the system yeah that's like you know next year to try to go with the houses on tennis and India mart's low low get in there and sit down with him and convince him. You know I mean I guess it's just because he's. Spell enough right now doesn't mean that if they hire him they don't they are able to retain him because he really would be good enough he's. It and this this notion that this is a gimmicky offense I hate that harm. That we use gimmick offense is is the air raiding gimmick it's it's a system it's a scheme. And when your running a a scheme like this and the reason why you're doing it is because you know you don't have the athletes to line up in just play straight up football. And you're never going to Arizona you're never going to Oregon State you're never going to Washington State. You're just when we knew Abe a what a seven through twelve recruiter in the pac twelve. You're not got to line up year in year out and compete against UCLA and organ in UW Stanford in in USC is just knock it happened so. I love the fact at Arizona State and outside of the box if you brought in this triple option. First off you would be unique to no one else on the West Coast is running anything like this you know and a school around it I know his son army runs it air force rebel army runs yeah I'll air force strike but Georgia Tech is that. Our eyes yet Georgia Tech the power for a school and has been really good that and it sets you apart. Ends I gives you an identity. And and I I just think that you can have some success there and heard from people say the you know I can win a national probably not gonna go on a dominant run. You're gonna go to a dominant run at Arizona. Isn't this school that's never been to a Rose Bowl that doesn't have a a great history doesn't have agreed prestige. And you're not religious concerns are pulling in top ten recruiting class is going to Arizona. So does this notion of trying to do it the way USC doesn't do you Deborah organ is hogwash. I think this is a really Smart moves they glide give him and I think this makes the pac twelve if this ends up happening. Inherently more major steam a bring in someone like this in. All right so not done yet they're negotiating he's not been that maybe these last two days so while we'll keep you posted. The hotline at five is refresh effort refreshed by prospered course like. Duncan Bieber fans download the new course like XP at the term points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards even game tickets. Okay up next. Let's look at the AFC games NFL playoff weekend. Continues. Net I mean pretty late NFL playoff weekend. Preview it's. Continues. Next assignment specials by thirteen on the fan and so. It. This is a football Friday edition of primetime with Isaac consume online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new 1080 the fan. Welcome back at this song this is the stakes are sticks. Not those things in the this is that song renegade and DC that. They play this at Pittsburgh stadium. CNET nuggets can I don't hear mean Heinz Field. Yeah this is a huge deal so you know I'd like. Was it Wisconsin with a view the house of pain any camera. And jump around and every schools got diversity it is courtroom day yet yet they have these get their traditions are different signs I guess at. Heinz Field but the Steelers it's become a thing they played a song you know starts slow and it's can IM. In minutes into the hanging man you know and it pops like we just heard. And Agassi everybody goes crazy really and they play at a soft feature on it on night ESP and I never been there to that stay inside and experienced it but. They needed a whole piece on it and they they claim that when they play that thing. Everybody goes eight believed in the defense they'll they'll play it right before a key defensive series. And they go it's uncanny they were in being players and stuff it's uncanny how often it turns into an interception or huge players. I get it rallies and that's like they're big rallies on. Whenever I hear that I just think of Billy Memphis and I that's where my head oppose. League about a stand there with a pick tag above his head stumbling around in that creek is I don't think that is like a leg and a motivational fired up sort of thing on them but it kind of works. I guess the beginnings pretty good at that lets get into the Gore's it's like eighty soft rock China would stakes. Mean you know would it be better off with mr. Rabat on cannot be to make the case. Doesn't seem like necessarily do the greatest song but it works or good while it does end but in the stadium. I think that that's a different it's kind of that. Hello whenever he's fired up he's right Erie fired up I think what I think the key to that song is it starts really slow and sort of methodical. And Danny pops yeah it was a everybody dances surrounding goes in I guess the sideline really gets into it and say it's a biggest is kind of the way it's structured. But you're right it's like once it. It's Dennis Dion I mean at now it doesn't really you are gonna go I'd just like kick cement as a unease CDC they you know what I'm gonna go and kick some ass today you know what I'm gonna listen did get fired up. Sticks. In his DN was bred not available. About the little river band listen some Howard Jones. Kicked your ass and Christopher Cross. Hey you asked me. Global he'll fired up that layoff crops. Do you have a good two I yeah I'm kind of pitcher you deal might fired up like for one of the rob workouts all you mean my go to like work outs and a you have like an anonymous and has listened to music at liken you don't have Michael I know I need to be like pumped up to run. You know IV and aids that attracts me of people like Pollyanna again listened. Some to really get me fired up for my jaw. Or yup argue could be a soft today. See I'd rather listen to this I love this is Alex and elicited this while jogging. Think my mind that it's a nice Miller again it's in nice rhythm. With my feet. That's what's the themed Arthur right that's been condemned the skull is on Arthur C. He's. This he's still lives. Guaranteed I think he's still around he's around. All right. We'll anyway. Korea being seen as. So they hear the games. Tomorrow. You're gonna get patriots titans in the evening which I think a lot of people assume is going to be the owner and consider me. In that category you know it's the least agers dean of the the four games I he. I at a tea I have kind of a hunch about Allen being closer than you'd think he really yeah and well it's that basically. Everybody counted out the titans last week yeah and they were big underdogs and they were Dogg guess for an entire half and we're very fortunate in the second they won. And now this whole stuff I seen that 11 thing that. Is because actually two things to me puzzled this game one as the titans have a good defense they dip. And then the other thing is the patriots. You know there's some that do think there's something to that hole. Settler champagne I do but again to you were gone I think it's the best thing that ever happened in new England and a pissed off about it I think a 100% I think that's real and I think no one circles the wagons like New England. And I think this is gonna be a rallying motivational a feud everybody hollow man if they're fragmented. I just. That they're there I mean we called this before that are leaving came as that you can kind of see what when he when they'd when they turf the Tom Brady. Trainer I grew. Boy you went well that's weird that's on being on the radio Bradley trade vicious gas and grab legit and Tom Brady hasn't. Playing while the last ample weeks in my early their defense. I was looking at them a guy from my Yahoo! Sports sleepless appear. He wrote an article. On the patriots. Any wrote for reasons the patriots are a Super Bowl lock him. Tom Brady hasn't played like Tom Brady for awhile last five games he's completing 61% of his passes six touchdowns five picks in an 81 quarterback rating yeah. I know defense with this resonate has ever won a Super Bowl. And he's saying if you go by football outsiders sped DVO eight per play metric which again it's nerdy stat but it's it's interesting. The 2006 colts are the worst defense to win a Super Bowl. They finished 25. The patriots this season 31 year it's been a member of the start of the year they were Swiss cheese and then they kind of got it figured out there. And went on a bit of a run in the defense actually played really well also. You know it's it's one of those things that is is to say a bad defense or was it the defense that just took awhile to jail his third reason is the schedule wasn't tough. And then the fourth reason is they'll likely get two AFC opponents who can beat them and that. You know guys in I don't by the I'm with you there by just think Tennessee is really limited and DeMarco Murray is not gonna play in this and I I don't I don't think Marcus Mario right now is a very good quarterback. I thought he was bad against Kansas City nobody was fortunate to have to lead the comeback I've trivia and you've had Bill Belichick now wanted to just kind of sit and plan I think he's gonna take away. That and you know win in the weather I just don't see any way in which Tennessee goes in there and gives New England day. A game into the fourth quarter CI think they are I think that given the game I just mean so hard to beat the patriots at home item of the tennis he's ready for that but I think they can hang around in the game. It's just hope that showcasing his maturity ready for that yeah clearly they get to dating get blown out against Kansas City. Well they won the game I know in their damn lucky they didn't get blown out and gets as much on Kansas City in the second half. Put their heads squarely somewhere I don't think Tennessee deceive plating great second half I think Kansas City gave them that game. The schedule thing is you know the patriots. They're so good nobody saying they're not. But it you know this little thing is very real. Because spike was the last time those guys went on the road. In the playoffs. Right then they don't very often in the last summer remember they were on the road in Denver in the long right in a lot of that is. They're division I mean their division is just it's been a winnable ever since they've been dominating for like. Almost twenty years regardless and during that time they have never had a strong division. Ever so they always get the play at home. And and they've had a lot better teams than this make no mistake but my trivia is this. This blew my mind today. Do you know who led the NFL in game winning drives. UC Tennessee. Quarterbacks yeah Mario Marcus Mariette yeah he had four this year. Which is also shocking that you know who led the NFL in passing yards. In passing yards for note I think test anti touchdowns. Will slow housing tensions LaMarcus. Russell Wilson yeah that I'll anyway now back to marry go to. People some of that is due that you that you play a lot of close games that's right that's right that's it had to pull it out that's what I think that they can. They can do is I think their defense can can keep them around I don't know I just have a hunch about that because I've had a hunch this whole time that. This is the year the patriots just. It just it doesn't smell right there and then you get the article but I don't you write that can absolutely flipped and and in galvanized an alibi is she told me that Pittsburgh was gonna go in and knock a monster in the U constriction to be admitted highlight real and I'm in TI I I don't think Tennessee has what it takes to beat the patriots this year I do you think that betting them if you can get it at fourteen I would take Tennessee actually. You know. They did the rubber meets the road with Pittsburgh and I actually think Pittsburg will beat them and BD represented in the. In the super both the house that I can buy plus Pittsburg I think is number one in the NFL in sacks. And can get after Tom Brady. On specific Antonio Brown is healthy and its defense isn't Baghdad so it's not an end in Pittsburgh is is isn't is there really complete football team and I just don't I think Tennessee is lucky to be in the playoffs. Think Tennessee is damn lucky due to to have beaten Kansas City. I just don't think they're very good league Tennessee is the definition of a very average football team an average football teams don't go into Foxboro and beat. The New England Patriots and I just I don't buy dispenser with love with a does the bye coming off the bye week Pittsburg comedy in there. Even Jacksonville with the way they play defense I think that can be a different story I think it's pretty obvious it's going to be new England and Pittsburgh see and this is this is I give Jacksonville a country's chance. And I've been soft on Jacksonville most of the year. And what's a puncher chance Amin of course they have to punch a chance that look Antonio Brown is coming off you know what I calf injury I don't know I'll be he has. They kick the living hell. Out of of the Steelers earlier in the year unified picks on the part of Ben Roethlisberger. And I get that they said they've evolved since then and and they have this for explain much better but. Get when you play defense the way Jacksonville plays. This comes down to Kim Blake morals be. Not even good late morals can he be decent. Blake morals because if he can't. That defense will keep you win games I do not think Pittsburgh can blow out Jacksonville I think this will be low scoring affair. I'm by the gate if you're gonna have success you can grind out around on the ground against Jackson by their. Eighteenth or nineteenth against the run but I don't think Pittsburgh and have success throwing the football. It's I think this lends itself to being a very close game because of of the style the spurs gonna try to run the ball. Jacksonville's gonna try to run the ball. I think this is is that one score game going into the fourth quarter and don't portals make it plays the legs or if you can pull his head out and have a half we teasing game that that seems to occur one out of every three times. They've already proven that they going to Jacksonville and beat them or go into Pittsburgh and beat him so. I just think did he say you have a feeling. I think that Jacksonville has exponentially better chance of beating Pittsburgh and Tennessee does have going in in and knock it off knowing I FE onto that pits. Or has is gonna have a number for Jackson I think they might blown now. I don't think it's that it helps. I Jacksonville at all that they win there and MB invade literally embarrassed they did at first time I've been I think he's forty fortitude and that was a fluke whatever so I I don't know I think it's gimme the Steelers and patriots and quite frankly is that what we all want. And the idea is that what do you see it and it was a one of the best games of the year if you remember right it was the controversial play. You know at the end where you know he was the touchdown wasn't it Brady leads the drive. Think New England scores men. It was Jews you Shuster Smith that had the big big like seventy yard run to get Pittsburgh down there and that he threw the type sound of the tight end and it was deemed not to be a top seven in the picketing that. We got AFC title game all day law know what what about titans jags. God if I'd have that would you do you root for Mario and a I that that's that's the one thing I'll say about Tennessee is I find myself watching them simply because I want to root for him. But something's not right is that that that system that he's played and he is a regressed this year. And in the second half that happened against Kansas City it's made a lot of people forget that. And I don't buy that they should fire there and if it did their coach should. If he's gonna stick around they have to find a different offensive coordinator and find a better system. To help him up because there are doing number read any favors right now to patriots titans is 515 tomorrow night that's CBS game nine seeming that would. The may be towns rounds and Jim Nantz. Although I'm not sure. And then that Sunday also CBS. 1005 AME the regular game times on Sunday you know jags and Steelers will be the first one on Sunday. And so that Tennessee defense remember the data do a damn thing in the first half but then they he pitched what a show about the second half against Kansas City. That defense it has to be better thank you can't dig yourself a hole against that we now weighted indicate they got to Indiana hang around Ehrlich he had had a gambling now get on. The playoffs too we don't know whether by the way is gonna be like and in Pittsburgh in New England. Foxboro says 55 degrees and maybe a little rain OK so there where we're done with like the UK GC there's a man footage of doing their practicing out crazy I mean there is dad says that the Fed agrees on hair. I decided no so on Pittsburgh seventeen degrees. Well that's the other thing to remember about Jacksonville and and may be wide by eight my idea that Jackson dole will be stiff around that is is maybe not the best. Warmer there team's going to play in temperatures like this. Outdoors tradition we did not do very well in the post season. It's different plane in Pittsburgh in September then his plane Pittsburgh and in January and she's very. Earlier this week though you think defense travels a matter of whether that is the one thing that Jackson's on this kind of what I like about Tom Coughlin is what do they do they run the ball they play defense and those things tend to travel better. But I'm telling you play game at seventeen degrees. And the wind chill starts kicking out and you get down into the single digits. It hasn't affected and one team is used to the other teams coming from Jacksonville look super. Look look through the the annals of of of the history in the NFL about warm weather teams going on the road and playing these sorts of cold weather games. I remember when when I was in in Tampa and they went on the road in the NFC title game to Philadelphia. And it was you know twenty degrees or whatever it was huge deal might be worth around numbers. It is just very rarely does it happened mediated it can but it is going to be huge advantage for Pittsburg. To play this game in and cold weather when you have a team like Jacksonville even though Jacksonville style of play. Does tend to travel better than a team like New Orleans. If New Orleans had to go play you know outdoor in Pittsburgh at this time of the year that's really tough from that it was got Peyton Manning. Playing those ASE tally gives get a going to Foxboro. I commend next to have a little gambling nuggets for the weekend the may wanna hear and others another theory about what's going on with the patriots. We'll get to those items when we return here's Mike. Okay. Here's a little gambling and I saw this and thought it was interesting because. Yeah we make our picks up the year's top but the point spreads and stuff and you and I like to dabble you know it's funny gambling schemes absolutely. But in the NFL it's always is kind of in the thought that you get these large point spreads like patriots titans take go take a point six Canada I mean these these are NFL teams I mean there's there's there's just not that much diversity on these teams and when you get. Spread top that are high and you know it's. Brown's. And the the journey there an exception. At times but they their defense can keep them erect in game still. And actually you know look up to what the browns did against the spread this year. But here's the stat in this is counter intuitive to everything we just said. But double digit. Playoff favorites and have covered seven straight games they give that the notion is if you can you get to this point in the season you know with the teams are you set that spread that high chances are. You know there's there's there's a reason why Vegas thinks they're fourteen points better in the audience what was interesting is last weekend. There the spreads were all 67 Gator or north of that Ford twelve by the Wednesday. The browns against Guerrero to guest horrible like they couldn't make spread time they'd I they would. It wouldn't cover but last week all the underdog but if you just said look it's the NFL. These spreads are all too high. You have been right all four times yeah all four underdogs covered. So if you did that this week of course you do I doubt you'd be salivating over Tennessee getting to test sounds but double digit playoff favorites have covered seven straight. This New England by the way eleven and five against the spread Tennessee was 87 and one. I think if that was. Cleveland was the worst. Does the best. I think it was New England. Eleven and five Minnesota was 114 and one they were the two David that you best loan for one from Minnesota. And was eleven and five Philly in Kansas City bullpen and six. You think Phil thanks so that that falcons Eagles Hampton. I mean if he had a day take it NRA. As their value in Philly. Mean you you what you've lost it went sixteen to ten I guess who we're playing for anything now. And then you knew you struggled against what that he was there in the dolphins or whatnot. Atlanta is to me is the right side of that game it'd brilliance. But. I suppose there is something to you get a team that's what. Thirteen and is there I think thirteen in three EF thirteen and three team at home that that runs and an elite defense yeah I think there's some value in that. But I don't think if I was if I was again him and that's probably the game I wouldn't touch me I did so weird and I'd be on Atlanta now. So here's another. Theory as to what's going arm with the patriots. This was the bill Simon's theory yet. In Louisiana say that this article was one of the dumber things I've read no while what are called the Bill Simmons article I thought well I thought the one theory was it are seen. But basically Bill Simmons is discounting the Seth wicker sham peace because he doesn't believe it's. Any blow all all seed Boston fans are just insufferable and this is another reason why yeah is that no one like they would just instantly throughout their guards they know not true when the reality is. You'll they've been going to page it's been doing this for almost twenty. Years if at all crumbles tomorrow and they lose 55 to nothing. Pages and she's just been his stand out clap MEI. And an override this has been one of the best runs ever write like these these the best run in modern football history don't last this long now but to denying. That there could it possibly in our our mighty patriots there couldn't possibly be any friction or anything going on. You're an eighty like you're just you're simply and I think it's. It's 100% true but it's a fan boy article he had this idea that that will be a guy from. There's another Boston honk it's in the news. Media's today espionage and Nolan. It. Bar still arson that are still guy he's a big busing and he throughout all I know everybody there is is untrue in this in the wicker sham is always the guy who gets the the gets the scoop from the people who were disgruntled and hate the patent it's that get that they got this whole span it's like come on just. You don't know if that's true but that was a pretty. Said greater sense that the bureau article twelve different sources. And basically Bill Simmons point in the article is I don't believe it because this New England win do that and then he even throughout one of these. Even though seven quicker CM interviewed twelve people at twelve sources Bill Simmons RC said this in the peace. I know someone that hung out with a Robert Kraft and Robert Kraft was stunned by it. So I eat so the jam goes to twelve different interviews. And yet you go with hey I know a guy that hung out with a Robert Kraft so that's mice if that's that's is so typical it as a candidate was a really dumb piece I. NC Bill Simmons piece I just read this theory behind a little blurred out those trade I just read a little blurb about his his theory which am I get to that. Just this idea that there couldn't possibly be anything wrong I mean good grief though. So there's obviously something there but the question I think the better question is does it. New England and I doesn't get is this sick and I say no I think I think it rallies the tree. I think is the best thing to happen to own but do you think this is it for them IKEA are they gonna split up after this I think it's winding down real real fast and I do and I said do you regard but I I think you'll look back in two years that the garage pollute trade. Was the one who under the New England had. I I've and I I know it sounds sacrilegious but you should've kept drop load this year made one more run what Tom Brady and then made the decision to go drop below. It does sound like Bill Belichick believed the Jimmy drop low as the top ten quarterback in the NFL and to trade. An extra fifteen years of Jimmy drop low for probably realistically one to two more years of Tom Brady. It's not the patriot way it doesn't make sense just like when they when it was Ron Amadon over Joseph Montana and when you didn't try to bring back Peyton Manning after the neck injury. And I know Tom Brady's have a degree here. You go all in this year and then at the at the end of this season you should have made the move to drop below in the fact you gave him up for a second round pick. In one or two years' time they will look back on this and there will be future regret. So there is the Simmons. Theory is that Belichick traded. The problem because the locker room was beginning to gravitate towards chip maker apple products so he saw the younger -- below relating to the players better than an older Brady and Brady's like this big mega celebrity now and doesn't relate to anybody now nobody relates to Tom Brady so he he's he pointed you know he frames and as for fairness. And to continue with the theme that no one is above my wrath then him we're all in this together he jettison -- yep there's a distraction you get rid of it like he got he got rid of Jimmy but for fairness he then that's when he jumps back any -- Brady's trainers like it looks like he's playing favors to Brady because. You guys are gravitating towards rob Lowe's summit get ready him but now. Brady you're not above either this is my team so I'm gonna get ready your trainer and that that's how he explains. Getting rid of that that whack job that Brady inks are Allen but I sled that Simmons made that I've just didn't out of there and I'm not saying it's a bad theory. But he's gonna criticize a weaker sham for doing a painstakingly sourced peace. In meanwhile you write an article we you throw out literally just a theory that you came up with flub he's a fan boy while letting your ears done you know the most telling thing is to me is that the patriots tried awfully hard to deny it. Right it's like why add fuel to it if it's not true. Yeah it's the trump feud theory about the fire if you're rebook them the more defensive you get about things the more truth there is to them and the patriots immediately put out. A joint statement. Why in my life what if it's if it's just garbage. Blast off no one circles the wagons better than new England and it wouldn't shock me if this is just kind of a kick in the asked the Bill Belichick would love right now at this time a year to motivate his guys or they crumble. And Marcus card it is known as super ball. But that up by Pittsburgh. But I'm not buy in Tennessee. Our riles is next on the ten. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise it didn't suit. Online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new Canadian event happen. Okay one left over from the week. That's that was funny is fired rials. Disgrace to Baylor coach art browse thank crazy as Sylvia too. Well he is supposed to speak as they unit American football coaches association had its convention in Charlotte really. But yet they had him as a speaker. And they canceled it. Well I think that's probably appropriate. No decided that our browse to speak at that loving guy they interviewed a guy who'd he said it. And he said that. Social media backlash and was a key factor in why they canceled it but they asked Kimmel why would you put him up there anyway in the first place. And he said that while he was gonna talk about the importance of title nine regulations. No we well. That's not true in his shot no if it is true totally true I'm not going to want to blow holes. Yeah. You you're gonna put our Brian. Put OJ Susan up their for a domestic violence conference. Mean seriously. The men led. A program that went 32. Big 32. Accusers for rape and sexual misconduct. During his tenure and then actively covered it up well he's learned something so he'd he'd be able to our hair with coaches what he's learned about characters to step Alec is scared straight sort of think this is how did not. Run your program just do everything I did. But the exact opposite to anything idea edges do the job. Sitting in you'll be fine but you'll be happy you know that Rich Rodriguez did speak at conference. That again attack on farm a wonderful group of human beings Allen is saying here. The AF. CA has always taken great pride in making sure we provide the best educational experiences for our coaches we always appreciate your coaches blow up. Our browse scheduled to speak however due to concerns. We decided to cancel his session on saddened that are coaches have lost this opportunity. Really not buried the executive director we're we're saddened by that Ari is we've we want is that. It's is it amazes me sometimes Howell an immediate shouldn't just how shortsighted sports can be. Think for the win at all cost Hollywood same way right that he. Just now that you would get around and I go yeah directors probably shouldn't be sexually assaulting their their actors and actresses. She is just now we're figuring that out Berry says. He said that. There are some things that happen yes. But he can share an experience no one else can with our group so that we can avoid issues down the road. He covered thirty plus rapes. Is due may do a seminar on how to covered does Dave bliss did that they want Dave listed to come and you can talk about how to cover a murder they. And how did try to you I don't know if a thorough assault on the moon of what are your dead players and say the users drug dealer. Can can you do that went to its whole Baylor community together. It's sometimes sports is just it's this it's it's embarrassing literature on up there and he also Bob Steve's he spoke. City was miserable about football. Which he did he said it's Sox really yeah. Every time he's like do really well he's dolphin ms. egos the nine he gives you a message more than you he you know there are only talking to lead to the coaches there's nobody else. But coaches and they're so they're out there. It was a real top I just I wish in all honesty and you can never get a real answer but how many coaches don't care about what our trusted. Like how many coaches still admire our brows and think he's a hell of a coach I think is willing to look the other direction adding part of the prom and putting browser out there even now I see where the guys coming from but he can't put him up to the part of the problem that. With with having him speak is that. He could very easily start. He can go up there and be like it and say things that. Would sort of exonerate himself yeah you know I thought there in the book you know I've paid the victim to get it again this exactly he's fall guy here you know I. And so if he sends that message. You can you cannot open I can't arms now you know I mean I just are like us and I I wondered is I think that number be higher than you think comedy coaches really don't care. About what happened at Baylor heap I get a standing out and and how many guys just admire him because he's a really good football coach and I think that's pathetic hey you know what Jason what. Yeah it's pathetic. Well there's lots of do you. You know line. You know why the energy leads no. I can't theories. Like if I think a lots of them on nice sign ups and it did very sensitive you know what you are you arson and see if you know you are your bad ass. And let's get into the club so that you can talk about these great stories we do have good clubs stories today well I think so but you never know one is. The emergence of ass hole yeah. That is set I this is great I heard that all over the airwaves today to the point where the buzzer to send out via a metal about it Diana. It never embers he brought jazz age no incidents are herding dog though because were in the public domain yeah no I say I heard it on public domain as well today. Was on cable no I heard it under a couple devoting gas stations and he did I did I heard it on. ABC you know people were saying it was eighty seem like a week just some words like if you go back ten years ago you couldn't salmon now a lot of were making their relatives is asked who got. Eventually just be like. Nady I can only hope it's about time I think so club is next on the ten.