Primetime 1.12.18 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, January 12th
Breaking down the NFC Divisional Round games...just how good is the Vikings defense? Also, In The News!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Time on football Friday. Candy good. Professional football and America is a special game the unique game. Lead nowhere else on it is a rare games. Make it so it's easy football Friday additional price and so yeah Isaac and soon online. Defense dot com and then yeah. Yeah. And intimidating goes soon. I coming up at 430. Nearly 2018. Is are in the news segments and down from today we'll talk about the high school basketball team they got kicked out of their tournament. We'll tell you why ants. It integrates. Whoever came up with the team name. Is Bravo to them is the kids. That that was that was his all the kids in the -- just went along with that yeah it's kind of weird to coach in the parents like to go to Israel remorseful now that it's like dude you didn't think really poor judgment on the name on the back is as bad as the name on the front which year Diana will get it will get and all that hate and is holding a gun into an innocent man's head and pulling the trigger murder. Interesting because this person is claiming it is not. Well the I may have a different opinion on that but so we have that story for you then be in the news for thirty in the meantime hate let's talk NFL let's talk. So let's start the NFC now I'm looking at the game times here. I tomorrow we're gonna get falcons Eagles first that game will be on. The NBC that's a 1:35. Kick Pacific standard I believe Allen thirty our time NBC. So I'm at some of the steam has come out of this obviously with the Philadelphia who has looked. In essence Carson whence came in went downward we got to three weeks of that nick folds and it doesn't look very good but you know you have the number one and number two defense is in the NFL. In this unplug the falcons' depth. A total defense. No way you look at up but as I saw this just snow away day or two ago that can't be right I will pull it up for you. Others have all kinds of different metrics you can use but I am what they believe in total defense and this is the vikings are number this is one vs. The vikings have the number one defense I will pull it up YI I object. To this. That's wrong. We will see Opel at a forum goes up the dogs in the houses the other day the falcons. Played really well against other rants on a minus three really yet where and this is the first time ever in the history of earth. That a number one seed. Has Dan an underdog. So that tells you something but at the same time only three like what what do minus and I I think the falcons ought to be dammit they ought to beat him. One element handily but. This is with nick pulls like and I have no faith at the Eagles in a game well distress at the way they look I mean they just. Did you say that did it's it's nick fold but we've seen this over the last couple weeks of insisting it has not been pretty beaten so I mean your plane at home. You know you're thirteen and three it's obvious is it's a very good roster you have a great defense I give Philadelphia a chance. But if if I'm up a betting man no I think Atlantic goes in there especially when they looked on the road. Against the rams they shut down the best offense in the NFL and and may look pretty easy to do so. As you look at Atlanta and their ability to run in their linebacker played get after the quarterback I mean is going to be a long day for Philadelphia so I've got here on day up and that's right go from nineteen stats. Yards per game number one defense is Minnesota the number two defense is Jacksonville. Points per game. The number one defense is Minnesota the number two defense Jackson and tunnel another. Mean what other matchup aside this just admitted that this was maybe was in the NFC. While Minnesota's union in Minnesota as the NC to more than may be whatever you see where the falcon I just think that that's you read it may be what I read was incorrect. Or or you miss read it it's possible the falcons are eight. In that points per game total defense in the NFL that's better and I thought actually Philadelphia's fourth. What I'm looking at here there fourth. Moneyline. And if not thank him. About New Orleans Minnesota this is the game of the of the week this is the one that I'm most excited about now that game will be on Sunday. To be the last game or B 140. Hour time on Sunday you know beyond fox but Minnesota has a really unique things on you know they're thirteen and three. And date they could play at home. The entire playoffs they they they may never have to travel if they win these next two games. In a post. Assuming it's not the Eagles rank as the Eagles got the one of the Eagles win and the vikings led vikings got to go to Philly. So they need. Atlanta to win which we all think Elaine is gonna win yeah so if they if it's Atlanta the vikings get the if they beat the saints at home they get Atlanta at home. And then guess what the Super Bowls in Minnesota Super Bowls in their home stadium by the way never happened before I read this and I think everything is actually correctly unlike the defense of thing it's happened twice play. There that this will have semantics to. Because LA in 1981. Inch. LA played. But they'd him playing their home stadiums in the same city but not the home state yet and then in 85 the niners played and I think they did play in their I mean there's only. Back then it was only candlestick right. So I think they did play in their home stadium. A double check that but. I think I think that's is the one time that it did happen them. On the gosh I'm kicking your ass you are kicking my ass today well this is something we covered Mike and I covered this like you were away. In I'm temper show I got a double check that I'm pretty sure as the niners and 85. But look the vikings and that's huge dude think about it. In only that but think about this okay so let's say LA and San Francisco. We're right about that. The hearing correct by the way jackass. OK and so as a they did play but it was played in Stanford stadium was not played there announcing that they played since this is Super Bowl at Stanford stadium you are correct played this a Ramones to ever see him rather than in Candlestick Park and I played. In the Rose Bowl rather than the memorial coliseum a new ideas of this was that I was correct in this that this would be the firmer as the home team played in their home stadium so. Like dozer Sims Cisco OK so yet that it to my point. In their home stadium you know what a huge advantage and all other I would what did it. What the ticket situation would be. Right because it's this this is not. Now it's its corporate it's it's it's corporates aren't rabid fans like I wonder what it would be said they'd be more viking fans there let's say it was is new England and it was Minnesota. Right. I don't necessarily think that stadium is 75% Minnesota fat. I don't know because it is is appoint as amazing like LA's different right up it's the ran it in India and the rams have more fans you know back then but. You know your playing in the Rose Bowl. They normally played in the coliseum. I can see that being real corporate not real Ramsay yeah I even those in their home market. And even in San Cisco where I think their fans or other more rabid fans that. If it's not their home stadium I can see that being more corporate bigger cities right. Minnesota. Minneapolis like that is bit of a huge following up there out and it is a regional ala the Packers right like it's. I just I could see a lot of rams fans not going are clamoring to go to the rams in that is seeded rams in the civil their home city. I don't see a lot of vikings fans. Not wanting to go and pile land and see the the freaky vikings play in the Super Bowl and by the way. In their home stadium which is brand new which a lot of those fans in in that region. Have never been there right they've never seen that stadium never been in that stadium because is brand new. I can see the vikings hacked in that. Place I just wonder what the access would be. Likes of multi you have to pay afraid and I paid afraid I just that I don't know I'd I'd be interested to see what the split would be excess filing New England fans wouldn't travel to Minnesota. I knew the fans wouldn't be trying to grab those tickets to. In just because the that your in Minnesota that the fans in Minnesota are gonna have access to Super Bowl tickets. That other fans won't he had not done yet you mean just gonna have to if it is just like any other city tech visas would be on the secondary market and and that's that's why I say. If it ended up being a team like Pittsburgh or New England I do not. I don't think it would be a giant home field advantage. As far as crowd noise goes obviously with wins Minnesota I think there'd be a level of comfort there. The destruction that we knew go to a survival city it is not that's due to two weeks now man there's parties and and I you know you're in the hotel and there's a lot that goes on I think people be surprised at how hole. Does it put unfocused. Some of the players does that favor the viking yep it was Vietnam I think it favors the vikings lost that to me is a much bigger. Would be a much bigger story then. Than any sort of of home crowd noise of the the fan base in there just the fact you get to be at home you to go with your daily routine you to be your own bed. Don't immediately come to talk an attorney here but just the fact that you have to be around your wife and kids I think would be a big advantage when they do a hotel thing. They probably would that second week or find out first ones in this and even in their hometown they would David get a hotel and I think maybe as you led up to the game but for the most part I think for the first week and a half your probably staining your your your home. And I know this sounds funky man but. What went ice. When you're around your home guy is at home are different than guys on the road it's just it's it's a different mentality there is a sense of normalcy you got your wife you've got you kids around. And the party kind of aspect of it it it textile got a lot. And when you're on the road and you're there for two weeks there is a lot that goes on. That I adds I just think there's a lot of people they just assume that guys like it's the biggest game of the year and ever what's gonna be laser focused and that's a lot of crap that they sell yet but the coach don't know we had a normal week of practice and our Garza doubt then. What ever guys accommodated for in the morning ask how's that first week. And there are out of the Playboy party the maximum party in doing all this and hobnobbing with celebrities and one not a big deal. So the hotels that hated as one of our techsters brought up 55305. A hotels would lose half their revenue it's true because a lot of the minute lot of fans normally travel wouldn't have to wouldn't be there because said the dispute at home. And then yeah any mention the patriots of there there. You know one or many patriots fans would travel there for those who won and they didn't like. 25 super bulls in a row hurt her I don't know I mean is here said I don't know if that's. If that if that's really white I don't if if the New England fan base has suitable fatigue. Yeah I mean yeah that would if it would affected but. This is by far. The best team. To ever. Position themselves. To play for the Super Bowl in their home stadium acts in other words they boy it is set up for. Am and I think I think Minnesota is the best team there are good and you know everyone keeps you know do you know thrown in the case Keenan doing out there. Rather rent I looked up the best I come up with for the defense stats is in the NFC scoring defense this is to vs three Philadelphia's two in the falcons' history. That's the dominant against the falcons had the third best scoring the third best scoring DR but everyone keeps kind of thrown out there like that well you know its its its case keen am. BS it it doesn't matter at this point case Kim is played I think since week three. And since this is had one of the best seasons he's only a a journeyman in name alone at this point in the season. I just I don't buy into this argument that somehow case Keenan can't take Minnesota to a Super Bowl it's it's our watchful at Donald and an already have this that Aetna beyond elite defense. Statistically this is Qaeda that did go to a Seahawks defense is when they went about vegetables. This is almost an identical style defense that they built in Minnesota from a personal standpoint. And from the statistical standpoint you have that defense to go along with that and this is a good offense this is not just a team that means on their defense case keep it company can move. The ball night I made I agree with you and only does anybody that would then it's just I think it's like when push comes to shove and it's the playoffs. Your money get it beyond case Keno making huge plays. Now I mean case keep them. It's not unfair to think there's no way case Kim will be in the Super Bowl because and it's not to say that he's not good it's just that he's not. Some of these other guys he's not Drew Brees he's not Tom Brady. He's not Ben Roethlisberger and there's there is some you know you're playoffs it's an oversimplification. But. You can you know you can look at this stinging quarterback. Because these wanna bet based on quarterback. I'd be curious to know. You know what what that would spit out record wise. And he is not the best quarterback in this game now in this is their first playoff game but he won't be the best quarterback if they play a Matt Ryan Atlanta I'm just say and I it is. There's something about the vikings. And it in aid in I'm looking right at him then I'm like man. I don't know if if if you if it's this is the elite stuff fewer deer at the next level here. And you get up against the saints defense is playing really well that falcons defense a look so good against. Or the Eagles defense even if they're there. In anything they force cased unity make it some place. I would be betting against them. So I went out and this one actually looked up total QBR. I'm not going off of hey I think I read this total QBR got a right in front of me. Carson went number one and he's obviously now plane which critics here can I care care to taking gas vehicles. Case keep them. Look I know I'm just saying that the playoffs are different animal and I'm not and I I he's good he's had a great year. He doesn't make the plays. That some of these other guys make. And it and there are times implant gains and given a lead defense that's gonna be great I mean it's gonna be tough to beat Minnesota particularly with their road. At home just sand. He heat. We can't expect too much from him that's for Hampshire now they when when like they normally like to win. Young male they don't need that much from him he's good in its just. If it comes down to him and the other other quarterback. No he's not get it done. Here points so there's obviously they haven't had many losses because Minnesota has been really good but in their wins this year he is completing 71% of his passes. Twenty touchdowns to five interceptions and a quarterback rating of a 105. In the losses that they've had. 55%. Completion percentage two touchdowns to interceptions so there is. You know they want an Atlanta in a win and did they beat New Orleans is well he had a B New Orleans in the first game. So this is a rematch they beat him 2919. But they want is if you look at their skin that would have been under Brad for exciting team came in week three they also beat the rams. Pretty handily that was a nicely and and they want at Atlantis and they have some nice wins. I'd say the Green Day games though they were the ones that knocked Aaron Rodgers out now and so. They be Green Bay twice. Unloaded their schedule. That there when it it Lanny wants final score was so 149 DO nine they held on that so they're they're gonna need to rely on their defense make no mistake. Not the case Kean and isn't good it's just. He is not the strength of what they have gone on but on the plus side when you look kit and everything they have from. They're they they they have stars at every level totally affects it at all of their defense and absolute their defenses. Is awesome. But again if you run into another great defense like Philly. For Atlanta which seems to be hot in New Orleans has a very good defense if that's a wash. What are you gone on here according going down a quarterback to baby encased in Emmy winning a lot of those battles or is there an I think Minnesota plays in the super ball going to the best team in the NFC. Adding new worlds you know in the scam the Obama take New Orleans. Plus five. They're getting five mean from Vegas and people love the Minnesota edges and everybody loves Minnesota and but hey it's right in front of Minnesota man New Orleans on defense it's been pretty good they're they're a little banged up it's it's been a bit of war Patricia for them. All right so let's get to. Actually it's the AFC. Yeah. Ha let's get to the AFC coming up next for seventeen on the fan. Online at 1080 defense dot com and the new Canadian defense. OK on wall we'll talk to AFC. At 515. Because a little behind me in the news coming up next. There's just one of the thing wanted to bring up about the saints vikings game and I wondered if you think this is a good thing or bad thing okay for the saints. And then I saw this on 538 dot com. And they were saying that the saints had the best rookie class this century. If you're seeing so Lattimore has been huge form of the unleash the the only had seven picks but. It looks like most of those guys are all they've been big for them yeah. And so they what they've done is. You know 538 Iran numbers and stats limiting. And they said that they not only had the top draft class of any team in 2017 to one of the best this century and they said to show this they use pro football reference dot coms approximate value metric which is a V says like a war right yes it's an attempt to put a single number on a seasonal value of a player at any position from any year so there's no way to measure contributions you know like an offensive tackle relative to middle linebacker or whatever but. This magic allows them to at least estimate the value of every player and compare them regardless of position. And comparing the total AD of every team's rookies. Two shows how well the saints drafted in 2017 relatives the rest league they are blowing the competition away. To the point where they get 18%. It says share of each teams approximate value created by their draft picks 18% of there basically a V. Is from rookies next best was the niners at 16%. They're only few teams over 10% so the saints get a lot of help from rookies good or bad. Going into the playoffs. It depends on whether you bind you the whole experience thing I think that when you get to this point in the season. The only thing that would be concerned about that is it's a really long year and some of these guys can get worn down you're just not used to playing this much football. Remember we went after the national title game and we went in after is that our governor of the Ohio State won. Maybe the house they want as a hostage and the Midland Michigan and every guy in that locker room just talked about how they tell you it's he had nothing left. Well now EEE take that the next year you go through. Eight weeks of camp including four pre season games he play sixteen regular season games and now we get into the playoffs and the saints did have to play last week. That's a lot of football. Fur for a lot of these guys that just aren't used to that so it's not anything from an experience standpoint. That I think is a huge deal at this point. No one's a rookie anymore you played this much football stress to the level you look at what to when Marcus Williams and and a lot of more than two rookies have done in the saints' secondary they've been great. By your plane to a lot of Nixon and dings right now that's the part where I think I I would I would be big concern. That your relying so much on young guys where is Minnesota is is a young team but it's. It's people that have been around the block you're not relying on rookies quite the same way you know Camara a one of their rookies is averaging six point one yards per carry out. It's what I think this is the first time. In. Zain. Sales for the first time to think this sixties or seventies. That to running backs made made the Pro Bowl roster and that's kind of the nice part about him is he hasn't had to be. The end all the be Ali he's got to split some of that network load I was with with Mark Ingram did to guys over 15100 yards yeah and you're gonna need that because that's what's your running back if he was carried the bulk of this and this this against Minnesota you have this this would be one of those that you'd get real concerned about it. But you know it's on the case keen M tip. If he if you wanna throw regular season stats out. Which a lot of people idolize guys in the it is stats and he absolutely as I watch a lot of vikings does your case Kim played really well very capable guy and there's there's no question. They can be in the Super Bowl with him but. You know on the stats argument like. Alex Smith was the number one. Passer rating in the NFL yet and he just lost. So on scene is it's not all about regular season stats when you get in the post season it's another level which is which is sick I mean the vikings are exactly I got I don't. There there are some similarities to the cheats and other defense is much better. But. The chiefs of these last handful year's derby he's been kind of debating well can they win the Super Bowl with Alex Smith right yes yes. Why don't I mean why would nobody debate that with case Keenan. It's the same thing they're both playing really well with good offensive coordinators. But neither guy is a guy that's gonna put his team on his back in the playoffs and that's that's all I'm saying is. You know if you if you count on Alex Smith in this was the danger of Alex Smith does that and and then the fifth best offense total yard area there really a good offense but. Yeah they don't have the defense of Minnesota looked at Minnesota's defense could very easily carry demonstrate to the super so they can tell you it's a seahawk level you know defense it's that good so case Tina may not even be that big of a factor I understand that that you know on the Playhouse in he'd get some bumps manual your you're coming up against some hot teams and some good teams. And you're gonna need to quarterback to make some plays in this is always the debate about Alex Smith. While a wide lead they wouldn't apply case keen him Alex Smith had a number one quarterback rating in the league he just bowed out at home in the first in the first round. So I'm looking to see where Minnesota's offense ranked. During their UC and I might might bigger question and be Hauser. Hauser run game. You know within about what's is not. Looking at conceive yankees bit again they've been doing this all year I mean this has been their ammo their eleventh by the way in which you know what in total offense that the whole idea of what they've been doing this all year this is their M I'll tell that to the rams. Yeah number one offense we were also at home and they got stymied. So it's just it's it's another level now and you really. I just I would if I'm a vikings can now be the one thing our about is probably. Case teen amber at the seventh best running game in the uniform. Even without even without code yes he does he's been out for the vast majority of the news of the year and it's huge. So high that I just I just believe in in Minnesota because I do think that this is a really special defense. I don't think this is a good defense I think this is a any leads. Mean all kind. You've got to win a Super Bowl to be considered an all time. But win when we talked about that whether it's the ravens defense about bronco defense when they want with Peyton Manning. You know Baltimore's defense over the years and their two Super Bowl wins. Did you Q talk about Damon rarefied air and I don't think Minnesota against that because there isn't necessarily. Household name right. That wind when you think about Minnesota's defense whom who is the stand out for you and the guy with the long hair guy with the long hair then again long hair but when you. When you look at Ed. And their their depth chart when I said they have stars at every single level you have two of the better pass rushers. In in the NFL when you look at every single event and then on the other side you look at hunter. And then you've got Kendrick and bar at the linebacker which are two of the better linebackers and then you have. Maybe Jacksonville has the best secondary but when you look at eggs Dave heroes one of the elite corners Harrison Smith is probably the best safety in the NFL. I dads in Dae ho is turned into a Pro Bowl safety none of the other side. You've got to it would did. Waves who is basically just that. Kind of I cast off that they have a million phenomenal right now used couldn't get on the field last year and it won't said he was a bust. And the guy's been stinking great and then Terence Newman is what 3839 years old. Cable or Mike Zimmer who was found the fountain of youth and they it's a you can run five DB he's out there the drop in right now out of trouble level. To really pass rushers. And two Pro Bowl level linebackers they're just is not a weakness. On this football team they just don't have a guy that really runs as my health. Quite like a Richard Sherman you don't have a catchy name at the legion of boom you don't have so who's the sexiest. Is you know Von Miller defensive player of the year but make no mistake about it this is the type of defense that is scary. Those teams to Super Bowl titles and when you talk of those teams the ravens Seahawks. The Broncos what are they don't have a comment not to read offenses. But their defense was good enough I think Minnesota has a solid offense. Where they truly elite defense and I think it's good enough to win a suitable with case Kia. That's getting cold is held their team. And those saints a dome team yet but it's indoors so. Oh that's right they got to cover on the etc. so won't astray that's 61 half dozen of the other Zelaya has our report was some gal reporter out there. She's like two collections freezer with the it starts us off there it's a little Chilean and four degrees and people say Jacksonville's defense is better I would rather have Minnesota's I think it's a more well rounded defense. I think when you do you talk about pass defense yeah and their ability to get after the quarterback but I think overall a giving Minnesota has a better defense than Jacksonville. But bulldozer are really stinking good can run a little bit on Jackson or anything but Jacksonville's defense and if you see it my fifteen. I just don't tedious. Like your Jacksonville fan if there are any. Did you cringe just waiting for the stupid penalty. Yeah there's an eight naming a lot of like they're kind of like the C actually started up with the CI that's where the CX guy almost went into the stands now you know. And there are a lot of penalty they they just make a lot of bone headed mistakes they play with more of an edge Minnesota's Neal of more discipline on defense their secondary is really good accuse Campbell and those guys up front you out anyway you get an obvious passing situations. Against Jacksonville and you don't run the football and you find yourself in third long good luck. Like Libya on bell and I know we will will get TSE games but it. Yeah he has to just be a monster for Pittsburgh and you've got to avoid third and five plus. I don't care who you are Ben prosper Antonio Brown. You've sorry 73 law against that defense to kisser ask why are we all tock. About the AFC games Tennessee new England and Jacksonville Pittsburgh coming up at 515 right. Now though. Well you know where easy break and then we come back from its. In the news we'll talk about a story of a youth basketball team in Ohio. That is being kicked out of their leak. And we'll tell you lie and probably should have been that here's Mike. Boo them. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise or consumed online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new Canadian defense. Bahrain's. Coming up at five. The hot five times. It's not just clever name that happens from time to time although it's really more like a high five yeah 50. Seven. Issue 89 will be late niner 515 ANC for bought stock in we'll go from there right now though it's time for. In the news January 12. The year hardware doesn't eighteen timing and he's man. And decorated reporter. Decorated none reporter can I say the most decorated non reporter reporter in the city of Portland. On the West Coast you did did the organs you like it's time non. Good thing you can do it this year though. Now. In other projects contract dispute you're you're you're working on a project together that you wanna do something with the think fans. I don't ABC the no. Alligators angered the gators that if spoken about the guys in over frozen again in North Carolina. And so there there their body of water is frozen. Let their little noses they just poke their noses out. Everything freezes and Nate is coming to adore me and Teledyne freezes yeah I guess they can lower end of their body temperature lowered they going to like it catatonic state that's bad man. We'll click the only one thing right will be their cold blooded spaghetti themselves they just. Hang out there and wait media unfurl dozens of people up like. I poke at them. I would. Get the one that's not quite as the if you tried that I would hope you'd fall through the eyes and annuity. Because that you don't don't mess with its like when. Crocodile hunter put his baby unit gators now again you well you daddy just was feed in the Gator while it was hold the key that he put her now he put his head. Don't know guys like put their heads in the habit he didn't at the end of Steve Irwin just he was feed the crowd like a big chicken and he had the BB like in his arm he was doing the gas seems to make a lot of sense but to put. Kind of Craig can. He loved those rocks OK let's go to Atlanta Cincinnati. For this story. This is a kings mills recreational basketball league so it's so it's not a school sanctioned thing it's it's a separate. Rec league but these kids are all in high school and they had a team by the name of being wet dream team. And it's that right there on the the jerseys instead do wet dream team yet and blue jerseys. And it says there. And then and a couple guys on the team who had. Come like she hate me they did nicknames on the back BM one of them is. Tune. And the guy who wore that is a white kid up and then and there's an African American kid. Who had 82 word name on the back at his first word. Niece spelled K and EE space like they need doubt. But in the second word was growth and put them together she ROW. He was negro. Now the coach is being bit defined by his name is Walt deal. But good old walls now while. Thought nothing Evan apparently and he said that he didn't run the wet dream team name passed by sheer reason Middleton. Who is a volunteer. Organization coordinator let's say when you get by she reads and her watch colliding clearly. Everything's on the up enough groceries is quoted as saying I I told him that you can't use that name well they showed up with the Jersey yeah with a wet dream team. And so I've been asked parent complained. And they were kicked out of turn and apparently kicked out of the leak. I just love that the coach was like it if we only about he's Dublin down so the coach. There. Is asking for his money back yet he wants a money back from the league he said that he sent an email. To the head cheese or somebody. And he said that down. Look I know one to complain to me about racist or sexist jerseys. And so look I want my money back if you got a white kid with majors this is true and he says I really don't feel this was handled correctly. The email thread starts of the message from Cincinnati premiere youth basketball league spokesman Dan good here too parents coloring in the team had been recently. I did hear writes as a parent I thought you ought to now. I would one of my son was involved with something like this killer responded saying the names on the jerseys which included Koon and negro were variations. Of the players. Surnames. This is the part that I'm fascinated by now I have done a million dumb things than this you know I've done a million offensive things. I offend people on a daily basis but. At least what I've done stupid things and I'm well aware of what it is I'm doing. I've ever done anything and then midnight well I think. I don't know Weis what would be bothered by that yet that's what this jackass is doing he's trying to play the victim here is that I. I had no one complained to me I'd thought I was perfectly innocent at the time and I doubt it was a good spot. Thought he stand look since nobody complained to me I want 65% of the money we spent back Timmy and I get in the return to my parents. And then good year. Says his reply to Gil was fiery. Spirit consistently pound sand about death. He said necessary you can discuss payment with you coordinator. Toon he's a racist term not a variation of the young man's name yes. So it doesn't say that the kid wearing the negro Jersey was also white allowed to be some further in usage he is not now now. And am looking at it right here okay now he he's not he's he may be as it is like Tiger Woods is mixed damage these part Asian I don't. But doesn't. Yet so that's the story as Cincinnati. Pretty exciting stuff I'm just. It never ceases to amaze me just how dumb. Our president oh split known. No just how dumb people can be taken up next we have these Super Bowl National Anthem. Singer person but the the National Anthem singer puts you know that. Menacing now. I saw this awhile back is just barely knew that this this week we announced. And is holding a gun to an innocent man's head and pulling the trigger murder. Some would say now a foot 44 on the stand. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revised again soon. Online at 1080 the fan dot com. All right Roland through that in the news January 12 2018. The next story that I have done dug up. Is from Tacoma. And it's a 21 year old Tacoma woman. Who is in some hot water. You might. Never horse around. Defying. Horse around someone may wind up dead. It 21 year old Tacoma woman was horsing around with her aunt's boyfriend and an Auburn home December 30. When she held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The shooting killed. 44 year old mark dear Dana. Just say that when you're putting a gun to someone's head and that you see them that's the horsing around. Not choose a source and I almost four horseplay I hate doing little horse play. Gunplay is not a worst shooting killed them. They killer Deanna failed told police I didn't mean to do it. And I had no idea that the gun was loaded. Up. So here's what happened so police get there. And she tells them that this was like analyst for 35 in the afternoons December 30. And our users found that the guy had been shot just behind his last year. But two relatives were there. Things got crazy to fail I told officers she was just horsing around she took a gun from her boyfriend when I deer and told her. To stop messing with the gun she allegedly told him to shut up jokingly yeah. And pointed the gun at him believing it was unloaded. After she shot him I she dropped the gun and called 91 month. Yeah that's murder. It relatives told detectives that he and his friend found the gun. In a ravine and he was showing it to her. When. She took it from bad to say this entire story is full of just. Wonderfully bright individuals but there I thought my god and I didn't bother to look and see if it was loaded this it what kind of got away those. Gets a Smith & Wesson. Ammon. OK so that's that's that's not a real gun incidents got a clip and it's the U didn't bothered at. Take the magazine out and in. It bothered to look and in and see if it was loading used assumed the don't buy you a route that whenever I finding gun in a ravine. I just assumed that it now that the boyfriend is there Tia yeah her boyfriend and he's he was holding again. And he told police that he knew there was a magazine in the gun but he didn't think it was load it. I'm just gonna go blink is David here it's a tragic thing that someone died every one of these people is a moron. And is probably better off not being on the streets whether it's you know imprisoned or whatnot the these are stupid people and today I think she gets slapped with. You know bull on murder she should it. Absolutely a 100%. Does I can be murder one and obviously there was an intent to kill but you got that's the definition of murder if pointing gonna eat they'll change shoots you. I don't get to say oops but. Didn't know that was gonna happen so how long should she go and a long long time I had twenty plus years. Instead of with the whole murder charge when that person stops being dead you get to get out of prison until there and I'd like to see you laugh and behind bars well that does happen sometimes yes. I don't understand the whole you murder and then you spend 567 years behind bars. You took the life I don't necessarily need to take viewers that you're gonna be behind bars now this is rather morbid what's the best state to a commit murder the energy research that's. I habit I don't if you gave as far as definitely goes you wanna be in California there and execute any. A year on you get a death row there for and Texas and Florida I think the two worst. Texan Florida I think you're gonna get the than dealer old Sparky they're real quick. Some assuming maybe California. Concede that says Texas he can do as little as five years. While I was thinking death penalty wise but you can also yet to think risk reward yeah. Depends on it takes is maybe a little more like Yosemite Sam like is this a little differently between friends. One of those sorts of things. Maybe you know homeless the punishment for murder in the United States and that Wikipedia has. Fascinating. We now know who will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this pink. It is peak the smoking hot. Pete too I love and may be my all time number one. She's she's tonight she just he does it forming in so many different now you know her real name. The leash or more yet leash and Beth Moore I did not know the best part you know she's routes. In the midwest somewhere Pennsylvania yeah. And wait for that stupid marriage to break up and then heard it all desperately in love with me that she she married to. Cary hardee's are really good look at those lead or leave the ol' hunk like moto cross racer so nobody died. Now now it's not so live set I've been wind at their marriage for awhile and they broke up a couple times but unfortunately she doesn't it Jimmer never circled back my way. I remember carrying her and stamp. I think she's simply wonderful and I think she's a hell of war. And she's guys that are able to see her do halftime as opposed to the National Anthem should be enough. She's pretty big day camps. She's pretty big but who is who's the halftime act this year. IGT. My bullet security you know argument Justin Timberlake that's right he's back after nipple gate yet he's got a news yet. New stuff coming down Desi and put out news they want to date yet do the old stuff yet to be hits Kelly and you know into the stuff everywhere. Wants Libyan habits of instinct palatial there with them that's my prediction. We think self we don't there's always like aghast you know there was do elected against perform in the join John stage. He throws the bone to fat Joey Fatone and the rest of us jumps. Up gets a job they joined onstage for one more like bye bye bye when those sorts of things have peaking Carey Hart have kids are alienated too. Fifty kid's name noon in willow. Nobody kids do it Jamison in heart and willow sage Hart did Jamison. Named after the whiskey by the way guaranteed debt guarantee he named him. And she's like oh man we need to know the game James tonight Janice Min and then that she named to bureau. Willow sage. There's no question on now that's that's definitely months. It's right there I like pink too I think there's you know what I like about her not only she did but she's got a little danger to her yeah. Some people are unhappy saying that that's my all time number one thing they teach their children. Don't have to be your number everybody's got different taste is being mind ever hope to see Elizabeth Hurley is back. CNN now. When she used to be minimum you know she's fifty tuna improbably salute you pretty give a jesuit school. Rage she cheap pop back up with a new like in Stu grant mechanic has gone crazy magic disappear for a while then you come back hotter than ever. Great comeback stories feel good story of the year that you want. All right that's in the news generates about two dozen eighteen coming up next we have the hot five at five the blazers are playing tonight. Quiescent coaching news Arizona football may have their guy. And I really big deal out of baseball for 56 on the fan.