Primetime 1.12.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, January 12th
One crazy ass 1st segment, followed by discussion, and a lot of college football coaching news!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Monster ball Friday. Miles it's. Entity the so yeah. Play. Gone is telling you. Remember criticisms would most Friday edition of primetime retires a consumer online continue to. It's called Friday and resize a consumer gun 1080 close win. Sydney's darling because rob just walked into the studio at all. Not stalling not Stalin and all its. Forty's boards boards boards and not a. Back at it at Siam late February it tends to us though in overtime. Then. To stop the attack. The best part is rob Martin now and it's gonna take him make fifteen minutes to get he's got his big hit floating them long robs the fantasyland when it comes like I just. And that's it did this particular you think you gotta you gotta situated that he's got the new ipads are now to think of that. But the cockpit. That's that's where we're go to this am flying this plane here's some sort of fighter pilot to display I don't wanna take you down captain raised so bad and master of disguise any charity as a group and in charge of keeping you alive that is true still doesn't have a better hope I got my ass in order over here now he doesn't hear anything you're saying no he doesn't doesn't have a violent talking Mike was talking to you Mike Hsu shoppers might now waiting to see if your headphones are all tangled up and that's gonna take you know that this event will take about wanting that take another hapless. Understood about records being entangled. They do and I don't know I feel like they did in their own license idea that comes out a jumbled mess like at some sort of Toy Story thing right like I feel like your record comes alive and we understand that mr. France you know that with the Indian Toy Story when the lights go off the toys get up and they move around I feel like it's that we with courts. When you know watch the court I feel like they come alive and they flew around the party I feel like they get it on. Because you can take it like when I travel league you do like to carry out of that I do a little like. A little tiny backpack but one of those little Nike like athletic bags. And they put like year you iPad in there or if you brought a got a book or some gum or whatever god yeah I'd. Like a little airplane down help at the end of the year pop book and down both government iPod you know Warren whatever it is classic stacking European pornography flask whatever it is that you're into that you wanna bring on the airplane and same league Dickey charging chords. Eight year old lover on the ice and you put him in there and you. They just sitting near but when you pull them out. They will be wrapped around each other seventy tee times the only explanation for it is you're charging gourds. Get them on when you know look I really prevent us I don't know there I'm sure there's some sort of guys out there that cut 64 bucks on Amazon right that'd be great I just have never looked in any don't come with a little. Like baggy complement. Each 'cause if I'm sure there's like a little velcro thing you could probably. You nominated. In Germany is up your resourceful arming get a guy Branyan. With sunglass case. Like does not even a case like those little on the bag yen the bank thing but didn't tell you I've done that before it it was I guess that doesn't it doesn't it doesn't change the problem you're just putting it into another smaller back you yeah I'm just avoiding. Tangling with anything else are still tang it'll still entangled with a self guaranteed I use this and it's a square kind of small little thing McCain with the headphones. And this and entitlement here T I wrap them nice and neatly in here and as I take him out I have to you spend two minutes finding where the little loops are and how to get guys. For Sorrell problem this is the stuff the only the only thing worse than that is start a focus group with the India I don't know if you are an extension cord and around the house I have several yeah. I enjoy having however I rarely use and except for Christmas or Christmas time when you go to whatever it is like the four times you're the Unita an extension cord could dot. I have like one of the really long ones prime like a hundred feet. I don't know why I have an extension cord that long because I can never use it because I've never entangled although she needed for like down like you're leaf blower. I suppose but you can never use it because it's always tangled and I'm not willing to untangle. A hundred for an extension cord. Now these store all your extension cords together now I have separate little bins reach one in this frustrating part. Is I'll go to take it out seemingly thinking that that's the last time I have to untangle it now. Now doesn't work out so frustrating JC is. That is the definition of a first world problem yes sure is that my power cords to all of my electronic devices. Don't come out the way I want them to and now we can spend a whole segment bitching about it a look at an off here now. For you guys are finally year situated I'm close to situated having an elegant in my computer and thrown out of there is gonna say this is and that is right the production in the you have going on I ran out of time and you know I shouldn't I guess I shouldn't take in my as it was in their recording spot and I should have taken my Q beaches so I guard came in there how any gave his bigs like guards side. Any stood right behind me again how you doing night isn't saying daddy is weights and I said. Can I help you. Recording a spot here I am very important sports work and then he's a Ghana. And I should put two together that he was off the air yes a window didn't win dirt Sprague leave you realize you've got like three minutes. Why didn't I didn't know that allows the fact that's why I was in the studio probably should've tipped you off that the us and I just said and you need to rub the end that I immediate at this radio program is starting job. God it's Friday. In this Friday it is yes yeah I think I took a dress today so I know it's Friday. But he your trash comes on Friday while Freddie trash man you know Garza's what used there like that I liked the dress comes at the end of the week users and look forward to. Asked Philly Tuesday kind of grow sorted trash it it. You like it kind of builds up a little bit and you get a dollar out on Friday at this again mostly a matter what day in the week it builds up it's going to be an exact week from the prior so it's going to be exact amount of trash I don't wanna get rid of my trash on the Tuesday I want to get rid of my trash on a Friday now some people I'm very happy with my Freddie drastic you know that some people around here depending on your county. Date may only get. Every other week trash C that's right now and I don't like that at all that's horse bleep IN and I get the biggest one possible do you get every other week recycling now yes it is and I was actually should be should be. Trash once a week. And then every other week on the recycling with my yard debris in the recycling and they rotate so during the winter you never need in the yard debris because. Nothing well that the cleanup Christmas tree leaves leaves I suppose. But. I I just leave the leaves down there that's I'm not dealing with leaves as just that's as high as a guide for that yeah this is nice ground covered and I just let those Kana. They go back to mother earth but with the trash I insist on having the biggest threat that's one service that I lowest pay for. I wanted every week big trash cans and I want to biggest trash can because I hate. Have been two. I don't know like monitor my trash level out. Be able to throw away what I want when I was. Yet sucks when you know I think on film might make this work exactly kind of look at you like well I can't throw that away or your like I gotta wait until they come I wanna. To be able that is. I immunity when it comes to throwing crap away I area this is. The best part of having to track. Is that well one of the best parts easy changes if you're if you garbage is full. Back in the truck east on the back and then we have a dumpster and adhered to do that all the time. I look at the fruit like the bigger ticket items look you know they're not gonna now now in the town of somebody monitors that sound IDC's suit. Very often back his truck up after the show and throw stuff into the dumpster at the but none do as often as he does so if year looking for the culprit it's Jason. Although this is the one rare out of the living in an apartment is Gianni I take my trash out to the dumpster whatever I want but isn't it. But Seattle now is and it done because you've got multiple people using it. Is full more. Oh it's full but who cares you just leave it next the dumpster. Siesta thing when when you don't have to do that each pilot on time in the gas through there and I'm with you so here's united you know my scuffle always. When I. But my current house I win over I looked at my trashed in Ireland that's not gonna work inside saw over at the neighbors in that house was empty. In a sub big trash can so I swapped a really yen so I took the big trash can knows only being charged by Waste Management does a small one. And they finally caught it idea is gal the hot nag to a day and a hot yeah how trash Selena contrast we've already I'm still wait for an introduction that hasn't happened yet she said hey man. A sink and work. Is don't fly WMU. Yeah degrees the trash got a little bit and if you do you know you slip a couple bucks here in the air yet always mr. trashy ticket trash can I do you did well christmastime. What he did he give them fifty bucks really yeah. Because over. Over the course of the year I like to know that I can you know like up a hot water heater needs to disappear like if there happens to be body in there are just looking into exactly you know hey let's not worry about that out to the dumpster gets out. Worry about what's happening here my trash situation years the city and just look the other direction and cash. I have found that you know whether it's a culture hot water heater if you grease the trash got a little bit. You can make those things disappear and I appreciate that what one of the lessons the holiday season and those guys work hard you. One of the most interest in things about this any gals yes is growing up we didn't have the automated. Trash. Trucks that come through. You can just leave the trash and in your backyard that go back there they take whatever was there for you and bring it into the truck there was no rule of life all you need this much in the in the carols they won't take because they just have the machine do it it was just. Out of rabbit you know. Why that's because unity New Jersey that was the mob. Yet the mob runs that out there are now closed while more convenient to the end like mom pop garbage in the yelled they'll take area yeah. Waste Management doesn't care now they really don't accuse our guideline media although Waste Management did run their truck through your house wants yet they did you know we've got a lot of Waste Management and that's a true story edit and don't need to revisit that here that you know it's sort talent again if you needed broadcast truck through the front door yet there one of their trucks and it was a total accident. Went through my surely was when and in my kitchen you don't tip them and that's what happened so you can attractive it just says some of the B always go I have out. I gotta give a shout out to our Waste Management burrows that got some. And we loved trash rose adieu in the in the W ember those big fan of umbrellas that but. I gotta be honest I I always think about tipping. Those those guys yet but I never do because I never see them you gotta you gotta make a point. Yeah you gotta be out there when they show up yet I just you know outside no in my I did that make sure I know in my address comes and I'm always around him I don't wanna be on any give them a hundred bucks and say you know I cheap gas. Soon put a irrigate his fifty. Well lets you have the hot translating so that's even better as spree she I'm I'm knocking each pretty hot how. You wanna meter how about we meet our trash eighty. Make and ABC who came to pay an extra fifty for your tipsy and then there's the meeting there is the Diana there is the inroad there is safety for mean here's fifty from my buddy now want you write down your number eight shrew love over trash for me for my body I mean not me. Yeah and oh yeah right now I'm right. I don't hot in the mail lady once and it was like I've there was like a magical experience thank you like a hot service provider. I doesn't happen very often and when you do you hold on to that you just you appreciate that every soccer. Well you know like let's see have a really hot server or something yeah I can get weird diesel weirdos would it would be looser yet went on Christmas Eve we were in London. And we had a big Christmas he Daryn and out in our waiter. Was this broke from France. On my god the ladies were swoon down and it got eke out a little weird it can end the eighth. Here's the thing you especially if you're married you're win if the the significant other or your with the girlfriend. And you get the super hot service person in whatever side whether it's a hot guy or the hot gal. It's always a bit of an uncomfortable situation because the other person is trying to pretend that it's not a big deal don't fool than anyone. Right if you get like mad he get like that magic Conning he's your waiter. Your wife steering and yet she's gonna pretend that she's not ages didn't disperse if you get around. Lady you're trying to do and no big deal. I once Witten got fitted. Like what I've glad I like suit jackets I easier to go get him and get them tailored. And its I have a hard time by an off the rack and so my wife was with me and we went and we went to triquint that was seamstress placed you. And the lady that was working there was like a 99. And a half unbelievable LIE docking her half point. Well you can't say attend because the intent is perfect and no one's perfect and I had a very attractive while my wife was a beautiful gal. The lady in there was smoking hot and needless to say. Guess right didn't get my suits tailored for. That place right John she announced it should put this in my wife would put the smackdown on it she would not allow that to happen which it was fast as we'd like to professional golfer. Like Tiger Woods who is that you went right she is with the Jasper parnevik was his nanny are you kidding me. Big yes part of his wife was just like (%expletive) yes per the guests were in Casper yes for yes for whoever that is that. Was his name me they've really. Like that's that's matter if that's the nanny that you hired well wife is Linton. That go by. Well as like cool ladies out there turn down party something something was up there they want it to the models slash nanny you get weird out. Well Aniston just a whole bunch of first were problems. Out there for you guys. But I'm back I'm ready to go in the cockpit is it appears to be if you. If you're feeling good we're all set up here I was Texan in my body before the show's talking to them and I was given him a hard time and he responded with powerful open book is powerful open thank you subtle but so we did to get out there you're welcome for that big opening that was just for you well think of our show is like you know those first few steps and onto a doubt. Any never really. You don't just senator graceful just cannon ball you weigh into that while got a slide and ease your way and I'm gonna be honest I'm gonna Marcus op as a potential best of opening severance plan about some show gone. I always call areas can't call that that's done now hold up although my buddy did college powerful subtle. Take that I know you meant that in a derogatory way. Take that and run with that influences hey how is the I showed today well I've got it on confirmation that the opening today. Powerful to see if we can be powerful and our next segment of powerful opening the sickly and takes them the power out of this the I you wanna start when he thought college football coaching is our go right to NFL playoff weekend let's talk about coaching news choose your own adventure shall go coach in his and then will Le. As weak as we get moved up here a little bit loose some deals. Then we'll need all bring the real power to test that we bring it that we bring with them a hard thrusts titles start with that quite a few college football coaching notes including one on Mike Riley. And you may get years on the job next on fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise or consumed online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new 1980 defense. Can't quit now before we dive into football. That's as pure baseball broke. Tomorrow night. Is the annual old timers baseball association of Portland's banquet that I am see every year is like where Tommy Gordon and all those guys get together. Tommy Gordon. Overseas network for. Tommy Dorman yeah he'll probably be there. Yes it's pretty much Jeff who's who have baseball folks. Here employing a dale Murphy has spoke into this thing is psych 85 years old now. Johnny Pesky. East succumbed to it it's been going on every single year. Well do now know what. He said that a win would that started what eighty years 84 I think is the 84 annual actually let's chop this would be the eighteenth so let's take eighteen off of eighty okay you give me Dayton. But that's like a long time and this isn't going on every year so I've been in seeing it for 84 years. A bit and seeing how you know what you Gloria thinks. And SO anyway. There are a few seats that does not 400 people again packing in the Mac club tomorrow night and they do this hot stove beer drinking thing Regis Kashmir is an. Shake hands and you know swap stories this up at four. And then doors open net 630 to dinner in the rehab an awards bank and they give out about 151000 dollars worth of scholarships to. To some worthy. I young youth in our area the two youths as they go on to to play baseball in college. So it's a great cause but they also great speakers like rob niners gonna be speaking tomorrow the great right now where Tom trouble Warren the president of Minor League Baseball be there it's awesome and it's a really fun time and it's only 65 dollars if you wanna go appear baseball brilliant do anything tomorrow night. Come by I just bring cash or check he can't do a card at the door to become bites at the Mac club tomorrow night keep their by 4430. And I it will include your dinner. A seat for that for all the shenanigans and a free beer. There's stages its own code is loads you up the beer in the get the better to sell by the rim idea uneducated viewer you math 1934 Bob cat now I think started in 1934 is still going to pack the Mac club every year so fun. And so hey I'm just you know thrown out few tickets are left. So it's 65 dollars cash a check out the door Mac club tomorrow night say 430 army to there will blow the beer to get love free beer to get up by a free beer. You do is talk about this every year in and what a cool event it is and yell at baseball guys the best because I have the best stories they do investors and you know but there's so much downtime. Like around the game of baseball that is just lends itself to. What's so this should and it there's a day or heard Tom shuttle and speak no I haven't onto the guy's hilarious I mean he brings the house and every year he's so dead. Just typical baseball night guys funny anecdotes and stuff and get into it umpires like even read s.'s late George Brett who. Bret one of the all time great read masses but listening to like I've heard him speak of torque in making find his stories on YouTube those are just. If there's something about baseball guys that's Smart I combined six to buy dollars at the dollar and noble party KM. So some college football coaching news yeah. We found that's Nate and Mike rowdy will be making 50000 dollars and organs they now realize to you that this has come along the helpers lines. Yes he's doing this that they can be more money for for the other staff but also any money that he makes it organ state comes out of the of the settlement from Nebraska. So it makes sense that he would make less of organ states they can pay other people because he still it's he's making the same money. Nebraska has to pay out fifty grand last now right. So his monthly nut from Nebraska via. Is down to 166000. Monthly guest that he will get from a rescue was a 170 but now that he's making fifty organ stayed. It's only 166 which I. Is this this is gotta be normal rightly ask how it works so when you're getting paid you you get turf. In your getting paid by another school. You'd take in new job. Is it their all different and yeah site universal but there's usually some form of this yet others like his health which is kind and assume what coverage doesn't have to anymore because helpless took a buyout how it was a member he was owed almost twelve million dollars. And helpers to go lump sum of just over eight. And is part of his agreement he can make no more than one point seven million over the next couple seasons combined. Otherwise yes to give back 50% of the the lump sum so they kind of came up with a buyout. They came up with the agreement BI a lot of this is your and it's usually not dollar for dollar. But using they're that that the money that another team has to pay you know buyout does go down if you take another job in in football. OK so if I'm Nebraska. In my pissed about Randy making 50000 dollars. I think you would have preferred Riley did take a real salary depressant Angola to help. Fifty grand holding their breath the breath is pain and Scott frost five million. Probably their their and they're geared their two upset over a couple of shackles throwing Mike Reilly's way still this is. I mean to me that's that makes it even better that they hired my granny rat like that. You get his expertise fatigue and your only having to pay him 50000 dollars mean that is he has a wealth of knowledge and he's a great gives us into the dirt spray dragons like many great point about him. And set Riley is not going to be like this hands on offensive coordinator type guy and it worked with tight ends 50000 dollar acute he'll probably be up in the Booth and ants I was talking nicely basically all the guys that are recruiting on the road. Can pick his brain about you know because his tie for diamonds in the rough a was great when he was head coach and that's what's your that's Richard you're getting that your only having to pay fifty grand for it in I was talking to someone who's who's close of the program. And and they were saying that Riley is really kind of embracing this. And doesn't really want. To. He'll stay in the shadows yes I as clearly as I sort of think of the best way to put it. He's not clear marine now two did I'd be ahead guy that we we talked about body. A while back and you don't. When we were at what was the choice place. Pro tapper. And he finally got it finally got it and Bellotti was even saying that he would like to coach because I wanna be a head coach. It is I want to head coach at wanted to be someplace Mike goes I could see myself being a coordinator at a small school or maybe even a high school. It's it's like guys like this they just wanna be involved in the game of football but they want this seventeen hour days. They don't wanna be you know on the recruiting trail all that time he's more than happy. Tig trying to get his football fix from what I've been told and yet stay in a very. Subordinate. Role in under job that's that's just like him and I says prize you know you know end. He's got a wealth of knowledge of that that means is he is a good deal I know some people don't know this is bad now get that. Plus he gets a full membership to cross country club that's usually pretty standard with all the coaches that he gets a car. He's a car yeah authorized by keenly idol too old rise by. Well I only every coaching him a bike every coach gets a car for the most part has yet to pump zone gas. That's the question yeah I don't know what it's what's going on in Corvallis. But most college football coaches you get a free car and not all of them but that the head guys the court -- the country club membership usually comes along with. But no cars of the kids that no old enough in you know and and nothing whoa whoa whoa no. What I don't understand so. What they what they do like I have a body mind that does this become the dog dealers. A PU dub. And they they do card dealers all over the state of Washington. And so maybe each car dealer Dino donates three or four cars and and its not a wishes to the football you know one will go to a basketball coach in and so basically all the assistance U dub. All get cars and is due this thing they call the dog dealers. And then beetle with that comes certain perks like they allow them to go like on the team plane like once a year and they take him down and in Doolittle booster dinner some conform like that. But basically every coach U dub has car for almost every sport. What I don't understand about things that the NCAA if you're gonna be so hard pressed to say no that they'd be kids can't make money. If you could do that for. For coaches why can't you do that for athletes. If you did did you get enough dealers don't wanna put together maybe even for you know a car share program which this would to a bowl game. And met this all four of us each the so other groups of four we all got a car there we got to have we are down at the bowl game. Why couldn't you have something like this for upper classmen just did stuff like this to me makes no sense. Vets the way to the coaches are treated vs the way the players are treated to me it's just it's asinine. Spurs when we say like well we can't afford to pay everyone meanwhile clubs is building a slide. There before they're built a slide in their. A football facility it's always places have so much money they don't know what to play with it was I mean the slide slowly but they have a multi tiered football facility and so now instead of taking the stairs and elevator they have a twisty slide sweet GAAP. So confident Ollie deserved the clintons putting the twisty slide. Well how about instead of it was he's lied I don't know you give the kid not a couple grant none none none none. Twisty slides plane that's that's like the gift that keeps on given out agrees that the and every coach that wins the bowl game or with the national title they're getting hundreds of thousand dollars but it you know the strength and conditioning coach for Alabama got a hundred g.'s first. For their land the strength and conditioning you know the kid got he gets a teacher and a half. Well I eat hopefully they'll get those sorely slot and what he call the the two sides misty slide but they were are pretty pain in the kids in an education and so it's not the people don't want to be paid uses wanna control what their median. Okay so that's the on Riley I'm sure Nebraska loves that who is intervening and may be close to a deal. To be the new head coach at Arizona in someone's not happy about it right let's get to that coming up next it's 333. On a Friday here is Mike with. Sports senator. This is a football Friday edition of primetime with Isaac and soon. Online at 1080 and dot com and the new continue to fan. Much of that today we will spend. Talking about peace and NFL playoff games. But right now. We were filtering through some college football coaching news. The Arizona job grocery tried that don't have a mighty Oregon and I yeah Rich Rod gonzo you know he he's out. Some allegations. Yes some I'll say don't. Mean he's saying that the he had the affair but none of the the rest was true and university apparently couldn't back it up or she's filing a lawsuit so he's saying that she couldn't acquire breed anything but I've also read saying that. She may not have cooperated it because she saving it for Malia a lawsuit that's not looked he. They wouldn't have fired him. If it wasn't true they just couldn't cooperated because she wouldn't cooperate with them because she's she's she's still. You should care about your investigation yet I'm gonna get my money and I am I keep these text messages and all this evidence and so that's why they couldn't figure out and they couldn't. Pin him down on and they're like other insurance scheme of an amount tops they have you wondering if this up we'll always see what happens in the lawsuit comes out he he got fired for reasons yet so the new coach. And Arizona at least according to a couple of sources football scoop dot com any Arizona Daily Star. Could be. Can near marked a low low posted their negotiating the contract right now he is the head coach at navy he's gone 84 and 48 in ten seasons at navy any runs the triple option. I just think this is a great hire this is kind of where I wanted Oregon State to go 'cause I think gore Dziena Arizona. And in people may not you know put these these schools in the same. It. I don't know the same category but to me I look at two schools without great tradition. What without a ton of I see high profile things to sell. Certainly not up there with the year the big boys in the pac twelve. And I love the fact that bringing in a guy like this gives you an instant identity. Because I think it's ridiculous for a lot of these schools to pretend you're gonna be USC and you're gonna be UCLA do you gonna be stare for even organ and U dub in the you're gonna guard your recruit foreign five star kids. I SO I do think that they quote unquote gimmick offense I think it's great for school like this. To have a different kind of identity look at what he did it was able to choose to to have the level success didn't need each. You're gonna get at ten tie him better athlete at Arizona than you will it need be and it was like he was just winning Italy against little sister Mary the poor. Held a program he's built there are so on there's so unique they are any caring for them ministers began. Is don't we see that knowing it's gonna be a mother bear in so I think this is of it if this ends up being in the higher I love this for Arizona and I think it as a chance to make them stand out by the cassette I don't think they're gonna go on some Ron and dominate the south but they were never going to you. They'll be they'll they'll give teams fits in the south yes he would be right this doesn't mean Mike now that but it but that's kind of your whole point is that. Arizona has probably never gonna be at the top of the south now mean Vick is and it kind of proof in the putting you just got Rich Rodriguez and at the time. They're like army and that's about as good as Arizona's gonna get a look at where they do it and he he got under one pactel title game right and a BCS game where they've they've Leos in the fiasco they heat the heat did a good job there. But I think it is sort of evidence. That. You can only do so much in Tucson in the right we had Rich Rodriguez who is. You know pretty elite dime. The coach and he'd only be so much of this guy kind of stabilizes things and gives you a different look. He's gonna write you a clean program. You know he's that he's a disciplined guy. Your your daughter recruited different kind of athlete. But this that the hold that the notion that the triple option. You know be in sub that you can't. Produce any kind of athletes in assisting correct mile to a Georgia Tech and and Paul Johnson. Has put out over the years. They had Johnson played at Georgia Tech and need that system and to various Thomas and a bull came out of that so it's like you can't throw the ball DC local Tate said I know on this was this was insisting Cleo Tate who is their star quarterback came on the scene. Tweet out says been deleted but he said I didn't come to Arizona to run the triple option. Yes of they hire new month low low and that's that's she's probably gone it's disappointing to hear but I'd like to think that that he can sit down with him and explained to him. How just how dangerous and how productive he could be in this system now do we care that he misspelled Tripoli is not so triple. I didn't see that TR IP PL EO type ala typo trying to write couldn't possibly. Have misspelled but to me if I if I'm. At one. Coolio Tate SP opened the idea go watch. Some of navy plane and and you tell me amazing you can't picture him running that system they can be phenomenal. So he's not coach yet what they're saying is he's been offered the job at least according to two sources and the Washington Post confirmed that. I he was not asked. The football coaches association convention. Which was earlier this week he missed that and he has not been in the opposite may be. I yesterday or today. It's I know when I brought this up organs they had a lot of organs they'd hang out all piston in the they feel like it's a slap in the face when you use run quote that the gimmick offense and I just don't I think it gives you an instant identity that sets you apart and when your swimming in note in a pawn. That has sharks sent. With USC with organ with U dub with Stanford. With now Chip Kelly UCLA so let's hear from Arizona right around Morgan State and I'm and and there's a four star kid. Two why sell if if organ you dubbed USC and UCL they all want that kid what I sell him. It's just it's it's really difficult to do inserted this notion that your gonna play the same sort of game with them. I think is is very tough even a guy like Mike Leach Washington State. That in some ways is a gimmicky offense you're gonna throw the ball sixty times a game because Mike Leach knows you're not gonna wind up at Texas Tech Washington State and knock people off the ball like he do it Alabama run a power highlight key you know you'd. The student body right student body left. It's you come up with some form of of scheme I don't like the word gimmick and it's a scheme that you can recruit to the you don't necessarily have to have the best players and will give people fits it will make you hard to prepare. And I think that's what the what this does making a move like disappears and goes in the stretch and someone else pointed out too that the West Coast is full of a lot of Polynesian talent. And I think this does help you tap into that. They you've got a guy. You know that that has that that has that background. Is only gonna help you more in a whiskers are pretty more that certainly has a lot of a Polynesian flavor to it. I have got actually believe it or not two more college football coaching out similar move on the NFL playoff weekend next on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise it didn't suit. Online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new Canadian defense. Hey they bid farewell to Alex Crawford this morning. And show. Did you we had tears. Some sadness over the one of the segments I heard. Was they were trying to see how many times it once and that they can (%expletive) off can't. Because you know Crawford I think got under Kim skin a bit rank. And so the gather there was it was his Crawford just throwing things out there that we're gonna try to said they were trying to trigger him how they did they get it. You could tell there is some there are some moments like cam can't can't resist the date aegis aegis camp. And so they got. They got it I don't know as much is because they beat he knew was coming they reeled in the big fish but ending cam was was talking about the time he first met Crawford and I was those interest hit those two are like oil and honor yeah I think doesn't appreciation there's somewhere a letter is. But it's but it worked it worked that he eight Alex conference great yet Sigalet trafford is leaving he's going down the Southern California to do a document or it is undocked Marriott's it's a films made a movie about Newport. Yang the stories from now and Newport beech yeah I think California California. And so easily him but that it doesn't surprise me that he's leaving because. He's a really talented guys creative very creative and he's he's one of the better young guys who's ever had here and he's kind of one of those guys Eads knew wouldn't be around now on he's gonna move on to bigger and better so. We wish him the best he is awesome I love trust and gain and the city's. Drinking at the alibi right now and wants to go by UK and that I think there yet your hand. I think there have an like a farewell. Tell us war he's good did so we wish him the best. He was only here I mean wasn't that long since the two and a half three years but he had a pretty big impact. Molly let's hear. He certainly was unlike some analysts have who have been here 1215 years are now it's gone it's been there knowing what you're still here now and gives a damn. Crawford is the most unique individual that that I've worked with over my twelve plus years it personality yeah he sees fit for. Either in it either behind a microphone aren't there in front of the camera are well he wants to be behind the camera he wants to direct amends that's good team I can see that he's held personally and he'll be directing foreign within six months can get I I can definitely see that as well. All right so two other coaching notes Mario crystal ball is trying to steal the running backs coach from Washington State now and you meego mobile. Lie. His name's Jim master of that heat. The testing nugget about him is that he spent eleven years at Nevada and he is one of the inventors of the pistol yeah and so may be toying around with that. Not been as low interesting. Well in the isn't it funny how like that because of health rich seated with averaging eighty Tina but the bears is an interesting how this has always been the case that. Just we I think we're just more aware of it now who runs one offense you know and their kind of there melding right leg. Nobody is running just one thing their they're adding elements of you know that help which is dead or this guy mass. OR Alabama if you notice Alabama runs quite a bit of the pistol when they try to modernize their offense. They went to December this and yes your ride that there is becoming more more hybrid sedan out there have been asking this small school people like Stanford's gonna runway at in his -- is gonna run a lot of two tight sets they're gonna be right heavy but even USC I think you're seeing some of this bleed into two US CNN running about a non traditional. Offense is why don't like labels even did the defense side of the ball rights like 034 year run of 43. Arnold you're gonna be based but a lot of times your run and a 34 you have to do is one of the guys here in the dirt and also when you got a 43 out there. So that there isn't for a more of this and and in football where you're seeing. Cub business best practices right. In our view it's that don't be so stubborn to think that your way is the only way you run best practices take a little bit may have little bit from being a little bit from CN. Put together and in there you go. Nate Costa is back his he while he back he was at I'm G coaching quarterbacks and he's gonna go to UCLA. And he'll be an offensive consultant for Chip Kelly down. So does the other night and had to be one of those he he's a coach but he can't coach players he can just. Sin on staff meetings and in and help with game he he's got to answer up and comer in the in the coaching ranks he's a bright guy got to work on the ducks post game show him over a year or two and he's one of those guys even though the career didn't quite done yet injuries and and got beat out didn't quite work out the way you wanted to he was a really bright guy he was a guy that we would sit and talk football and you could instantly tell. That there was a a good grasp. Of the game you don't always get dads as you play. Doesn't mean the you have like awful low IQ and because you're good note edged out two guys that aren't that good Herm Edwards can Herm Edwards and you QB talk to guys that may not be certain that the best player in the world but there is a yeah there's a grass so east when he. Cut cost is 29 down and down easy to go work with champ I bet you in the next you know 56 years he's got the you'll see him rise and up the ranks of the coordinator somewhere being given a coordinator with chip. All right folks that is the first hour radio broadcast we have put it off long enough it is Friday it is NFL playoff weekends get a good. Let's get into let's start with. NFC. We've got Atlanta. At Philly. And we've got the world loans at Minnesota food to those games one of those acts by far my game with the with the game of the week for me yes Eagles and ethnic. Welcome nick folds and now. Updated six on the fans.