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Friday, January 12th

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They solicit the primetime with ice chicken suit I'm Isaac the cool want to. My. This is our podcast that welcome to our pod as well as prescilla shove them up for the picnic. Doing the right thing since 1952. Football Friday edition. I'm suit on ten offense not content and the new 1080 the fan. And make him an adult themes. For children. But I know up. Where the incident. It does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk at six self. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were living at sixth and again tomorrow. You know flattened players drive this Cleveland. I can't imagine there's. I don't know. This is a big country. You know I. Think it's a Himalayan snow content. So it. I would approach it. My Lucille Ball. And murder stance orient. We did we get hot murder stands firm will remember we were talking about what's the best state. To commit murder thought you were going to murder this is where you want a murder yeah in I've been had I not all the way through yet that I have been I didn't diving into that topic and during the breaks initial low thoughts on the sum thinking about it well. Or again you know by two decent murdered just like on the side not as like a job. More like a hobby kind of thing at the weekend enthusiast it's hard to define beaches every state has different. Crime drank like some states go with. First degree second degree you know the whole thing other states just have. Murder. Other states separated out and did you know different types of manslaughter in the you know sits just it it varies by state but in or again. If you are going to kill someone. We have to we have to pranks here one is murder life with parole or not less than 25 years okay. Or aggravated murder which. Would constitutes the death penalty. Life without parole or life with parole eligibility after a year yet none of the those are good for me r.s think India have anything in like the seven to ten range well then you would wanna go to Texas okay. Where. Of course capital murder. So they have to you on their books one is capital murder and of course that is. Where they will which you down yet and I think they have one of the higher rates of that and I do know that if thinking cap of four you can sit on death row forever. Like Charlie Manson the rest as clowns like Richard Ramirez the keys and they forever in Texas and Florida. They do use it. Yeah Kelly if you want 82 degree murder yeah you go fifteen years. To life. Look at minimum fifteen and see again I'm I'm I'm. Look for first degree in June 25 EST you wanna go to Texas because as long as you don't commit capital murder and if you just commit basic murder you know. You know little less. Her murder the again because I'm not looking for like hardcore murdered little less murdering murder just kind of like a friendly murder minimum sentence. Five years GCC now that's more of what I'm kind of looking for. Only up to 99 years or life Diana. Use our second agreed it's a fifteen. So line. And looking for a couple of other. States that stand out but I haven't gotten that far yet so Medina but if it. All murder. I don't know of Utah's still has it that when I was there the firing squad. I think they design one of the guys. I don't remember what his name was obviously there was a murder involved but did they shot guy when I was a new job. And yet they line them up with a body or my team whose dad I don't know if he actually fired. The bullet because they did the there's like a bunch of women and only. A couple of them have live bullets you don't know who fired the shot but we got our team whose dad. Was in the in the filing in the murder business and used in the murder business. I guess that was its murder I guess it's like he's in the punishment I see here that governor Geary her certain. In Utah signed a bill in 2015. Bringing back firing squad as a method of execution scene it's back they'd be ended in 2004 but now it has returned. It's a back up option now. So we have it and then we didn't have it that we had it and that win win now it's back and then not yet deep they go lethal injection but just in case. They need to double kill someone mailed don't. Do you know that there is a short like we can't get the drugs to kill people. Now yeah there is it now this is a while ago so maybe we've caught up. See maybe 23. Years ago somewhere in that range I wrote an article seine nets. A lot of states couldn't execute people because we can get our hands on the drugs. We didn't we didn't have the and of lethal injection drugs and that's like almost across the board now. Whatever one does. Like no one does the gas you ready more than electric chair but almost everyone exclusive doesn't injection and there is like a massive shortage of do lethal injection drug. Scene of the guide me they put down. Heat they kill him in 2010 and and that was after of course they got rid of the firing squad is what you're talking about yeah. But the reason that he was able to die by firing squad is he chose that. He was able to opt into an older execution a method because he killed. An attorney he tried to escape in the courthouse any killed an attorney. What he was in court facing a murder charge any any killed somebody else. Interstate. So that's what they popped him. So this is this was from some Coke commercial project this is from 2016. So that only four states are currently carried out lethal injections. And ten are considering other methods because of the drug shortage. So I guess what was happening was is that a lot of attorneys. Were. It did they couldn't stop the execution so they were going after. There are going after the drugs they were trying to create legislation in trying to jam up. People's ability to get these drugs and then when that managed to succeed they tried to find other. George that you use these executions and then they filed motions to say that those drugs were cruel and unusual punishment. And it worked silly you know would immediately go back to hangings. So they said that ten others this is 316 is that ten of the states are considering other methods because they do not have. They don't have enough drugs to carry out the executions donated paint well I mean you got to hang he's firing squad elect Kim ledger chair. Mean you get different yet there were methods yeah. Yes and this was yeah this is just a little bit ago yet people think the firing squad is like. We'll be dealer I they think it's more of barbaric it. But if I'm on death row. I think I'd rather have that than yeah so this is a big deal lay assuming I was in school in Utah this was a hotly debated things I guess what they do it is. They light you up in front like the sandbags the cinder blocks to put the bag over your head and then they put a target over your heart. And then they lineup. You know wrote guys and a couple of mild by bullets a couple of don't and then eat you know it's just you'd take one to the heart. So I would assume that that would be now granted I've never had lethal injection I've never. I've been given cheer lead and now but I would assume that a bullet to the heart is pretty. It pretty quick right that's insanity and it's just I don't see why. I mean look you are dying anyway I don't want. They're to be people who were actually killing them and you know like the fact that. There I know that they don't know who it is who has the real bold some fake bullets but somebody literally just killed back guy. With legal lethal injection it's a machine that but since your arm kind of thing you know but again they you don't and I don't know why but I I. Am. I told that I am fascinated by the world like serial killings of murder it's possible your murder at heart just a minute end concede. Plus you on the watch yourself. But I get it all these things whether it's electric chair where this lethal injection all that stuff no one knows who pushes the button there's always safeguards. So whatever switch you have to slip whatever but you have to push. It's never one guy that's pushing the buttons and no one actually knows. Who's. Who's doing it. But you know. Look I mean if someone's volunteering for certain analysts but why care and by the way it's only tear. You know your your can win to some random purses like you to get some school kid off the street the people that did this yeah ain't gonna have a cannot. I would like state for the record I'm against capital punishment. But there is a played not to give you any ideas. But there is a place. And it's in Yellowstone. And they college the Yellowstone zone of death who. This is intriguing and yes it does you had me a zone of death. Yellowstone national parks 260. Square miles in Montana. And fifteen square miles in Idaho back in with recreation rugged terrain and wildlife. But is the only place where a federal court district extends beyond state lines it offers visitors and criminals a potential legal. No man's land why it. So what you're saying is don't go hiking with some in the you don't particularly like to the zone at depth. Yeah if this somebody says he'll if somebody says hey. Yea you wanna go on the heels moment think the answer is no don't go. Think this can't be real it's real Diana this is from any Casper star tribute. And they are. Noted award winning journalist note to self don't go to the zone dance. It says closing the loophole would be fairly simple but the law professor who first analyze the problems that it will require any political will to act. While the crimes are still minor like coaching elk. Before someone tries to get away with murder. Browsers that that. Kill zone a big sorry resume Arizona death nuts to you. I was kind of felt like that was cruise ships. I feel like one of the main reasons trees existed so that husbands and wives can push each other overboard when you don't wanna go through divorce. It's always been one of arguments they give you know I get along with your spouse and their like OK let's take a cruise. No because you're gonna end up drunk and murders. So here's the story. In the 1872 congress created Yellowstone National Park the world's first national park is a federal conclave. And not subject to state law. And OK you've following similar. By 1889. And 1890. Congress admitted Montana Idaho and Wyoming into the union. But congress aired by putting the entire Yellowstone National Park under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming US district court. An action that was and is incompatible. With the US constitution. I hope it does he go to Idaho so it's it's governed by. I'll Wyoming. But there's part of the park it's in Idaho so let's dateline Idaho doesn't apply so that's no man's. Lastly sits on death I know. There's never sort of American morning it was kind of that's gotta like this. I relieves the zone. In vulnerability you're one half's economic Coastr. That this is all that seems arcane until someone gets arrested for going on a crime spree in the Idaho portion of the park. The defendant rightly would claim article three section two requires the federal government try him in Idaho. Where the crime appeared. But the sixth amendment then applauded then requires the jury beef from the state of Idaho. And the district Wyoming in which the crime was committed in other words the jury would have to be drawn from the Idaho portion of Yellowstone National Park. Which according to the 2000 census as a population. Zero zero's whole league. Balls. We should do to hold perch the where's the realities of his but I need it you know we can do very can put the most dangerous game Manhattan. Now Kim sooner and mind blowing right now about the zone of death in Montana's PC Yellowstone has only about forty people and other stories obviously all done. He won at this time and had forty in the go on vacation. He get a pretty good Jerry NS forty. What do you just get all your kid that's we need to do just moved here since leaving records sorry not guilty again and like the ninth the game. What's Julia. Jury selection be adjusting there. All right Lance. That's murder to knock down on murder time of writing don't get any grand ideas this weekend kids. He had just say no to murder her and drugs the most the murder now let's talk about really bad words that no one should say like vessels and I heard that today all over the place 617 this is the fans. Lot of people bloom WAV by the Euro zone to depth here the end zone in death he knew. And and no we probably shouldn't have talked about that on the radio host of the people. And you're giving me any murders listen to us. Know we've had this question before how many times you let do you think you'd ever come across a murder. Kind of like it is well I mean. Average people like just people on in this industry panel now. But I mean surely there's a murder listening to us right now rate that is we have an audience I would think with the size of our audience yes I think whether we have someone that is. Done time doing time or has not being cut. Yeah I think we moved I think we drop the ever heard you think there's someone listening to this show right now who was killed someone and hasn't been calm wouldn't surprise me one bit. There's so I think there's more that going on like this is missing person reports all the time. I don't think those people just randomly disappear and moved to Key West and we never hear from again we'll have that conversation. Every day you probably walk past someone who's done something. Really bad. Right they got every day we'll fairly frequently. I am I'd be fascinated by definitely keep you could actually know the stats of how many people are you know someone. I just think it's weird. When you encounter someone that's so they can advocate copper military unassuming as those two things and not the murder. Sweeter encounters someone that's killed other people. You have like you know you have an uncle or my buddy's dad was like special forces in Vietnam and you have like a pretty now there are those guys we'll talk about it. Knowing he really wouldn't but he had a fairly you know extensive. Reds may if you will and I only he was a nice guy bed. I BC has house and I looked over across that him and he had like to see every twentysomething confirmed kills and I just thought it was weird. Then I'm uncertainties dude who was killed. You know 2030 people Hyperic. I don't know that that's up have a hard time wrapping my head around that yeah I don't cop that that's that's Johnson's until someone. A ninety C a two any murders listening to us right now you don't do it. And again yes they see they really can't because students like me it's on to it there and seek help them. Now. Bush gets more of a serial sort of thing at that and supposedly the days though is would it be when you wisely to daylight how cavaliers some people are about the decision to murder. Like I did an alias amusement. But like EC securities like well I I didn't wanna get divorced because they wanna give have my stuff so long murder. A by the way one more note on these known death I just looking at peak is that article I was reading tea was old. This. Is more recent. And it says that there was a law professor at Michigan State who brought this. Up and said you know you might wanna. Do something about this and while you know just so I'm people don't go and kill people there you know. And they said that nothing ever happened. He sent copies of his work to various government authorities. In everything he wrote a bunch of stuff about it in. Was talking about the legal technicalities and what can happen and it's somebody went out there and you know I don't know till discipline and and they said nothing happened even though news of the loop hole made national headlines federal legislators had yet taken any action. Deb. The area garnered additional attention in books in 2008. And 2016. Still. Nothing has been done. If you would like he GPS coordinates. The the the I can't give guarantees. The problem with that is is murder seems to be one of those that you don't go to buffalo lake campground you don't do that. But here's the thing why this is not is the bat do you think again. You can't really decide what specific. Let's say I wanna kill you by god and I'm tired of your crap these big twelve years and just enough I want a murder you. Might get a DU. To dock and into the middle of Idaho productive in the middle like a quarter of I don't know. Therein lies a problem because if I take you down now you wouldn't but what if you like you could have fooled me in to do on deals on why couldn't of temperament to does donut. I don't know about the wait no we don't get along right we're clearly we have thoughts every day we coming eerie yellow and it's David idea and you certainly see him it's gonna trip to the list don't wanna hook. True until the middle of yellows. That to mean and that's. It's this thing is like. There's no when their lives there are so used to be also live like that to me hillbillies that are backed -- do you have a disagreement or when shoot someone but. You can't pitcher murder victim bear but if I live in Florida and I'm like I wanna kill you right hit. IKEA teleport you'd be hard the only way would be if you wanna off your spouse. But again on a hike out there dispose. The media Austin's a pretty you you try to daily kidnappings like to ski tickets and they gave kidnapping charges. In return. That is true but you do allow time for his view it. Well it's not killing on how to there again and again just take care on a tape that that person on a cruise and pushed overboard. My brother was on the equity to bankers at a Mexico. And he thought about that he went out and stood on one of the decks at night and he goes to the boat was comment. And he goes the British was not high youth members execs fives at the really was below my waist. And that's all we could think about was how easy would be. To fall off that thing is receiving S drinks then passers and that's where you see those dateline miseries all the time. It's always a couple there are always on the honeymoon and then mysteriously. Pro hoops. I don't know what happened she think she was taken at midnight cruise as she never came back they seen a season. Other Pacific Ocean. All right. Well we want another segment on murder time. Really stuck on this murder thing moves on death is fascinating I don't have anything else to say about the astle other than it's fascinating that. Notice. Allegedly set it and now you can just say it anyway I don't I agree or not allowed to see in our our bonds did email said no because I didn't think you let them Michael CNN's CNET that it doesn't let the senate and their old. Out there. But I heard it today on two Portland airwaves it's still not say it would stations fascinating I heard it twice. That they dropped it taken Wheldon taking in trouble for. Because of the FCC and I just thought it was weird that is that going to be part of the vernacular now. You know after the he did the grab them by the Aaron. May I heard Natalie didn't say that that I heard though on link on previous program so they would just say that because it's part of the news story I yeah that's great and claim their quoting Yang who. Clue what you would be would be Ingram by the U. I'm by the kitty and now we're you know this whole. But are busted have to send a method of today's saying hey just so everyone knows this in you know and I'm glad he did that you can't do would you. No eyewitness said Burnett I I was I did think about it I mean I didn't think about sing and sing it I wonder what this what you know. I would assume that the SEC would not still not allow us to say that they can't but I'm seeing it everywhere everybody seen announced McCain on the idea that the this is great if all your friends jumped up to Brooklyn Bridge review this no probably not now. But it was barely if all your friends say hassle. To save for a second that I think it's ridiculous that s.'s swear word. Again no swear words are created equal and but yet like we can't go around governor F bombs and you can't call someone to see you know that we need some order. I feel like and it's should be allow it can I slipped to script on this before I did I actually light. Did there are words you're not supposed to say it late night you like that you like the did the duties it's dangerous. And you know I mean and the danger. I just think it's it's great that I. That I can use words to offend people that's wonderful. Right okay like is that they were all if we ought to sit OK you stop being offended by now these words and you need to save them the net takes the if you lose the effect true. I and I really enjoyed. Often times when I'm around somebody I don't like more I realize that they're super uncomfortable to throw went in there and battle I will do that here. I love I think it's great I love making people squirm sometimes. Yeah like if I'm in a I went to me a teachers think by as some friends of mine were their kid was going on a mission there is little. Teachers gathered if you will like and missionary going away and when you're setting like that it is kind of fun do. Probably a little bit and sometimes you gotta pressure back thank you get you thrown out there to test the waters passwords can be useful yes. For emphasis. You know. And there's certainly not all treated me so I don't want cuss words to be I like our I like whereas we doubt it meant between that we don't need them to be. You know like Mike Huckabee is right now you know we need some order and we need some semblance of you know proper speech. But it's fun to kind of play in the months and I'm just and I feel like the S word should. I feel like fish it did you know I have known you'd think it's a bad word you like the money ever again like you said I'd want on words that are bad statement. Quite event. Feel like that's pleasant there's no longer bad then that. I don't care I still think that's a bad word because what's gonna happen is cesium back Ferran yeah. Which you can do you legalize all these words now that's another event in and he voted to find worse words to say yeah and they are gonna be that bad. But did it mean. Answer earned only so you know yet we just got embassy words out there and I again because that's a jarring one bright wince when you're doing you're out at someone drops that like you're at a bar. In years someone calls someone that word you know I almost like you know again it and as cancers we we don't want to know there but it didn't. You have this when you go overseas. When you go over to like Scotland and Ireland added that took them again like last year that's the queen like Mary mother dirty words you don't drop dead. It's like Collins and what a fool of dirt dropped from the C word left and right right blew me away. All right coming in next. What is next. And it definitely hear Dieter striving into we can't read any mistakes on this'll swearing in front of the conversation the sickness yes. As he shed. I'm confident to know you and now it's it's really hard to offend me at this and that's what I see that's our that's our ace in the hole is that we're not offended by them now. But the fact that other people aren't that's our power. We need to keep you get hold on to him meaningful public and I'm okay. Coming up next. After 17100. Suicides. They have finally. Found the solution. In time and I don't know what you're turnabout and gonna tell you when I'm talking about. On the radio should tickle me intrigued here's my. Except what is the feeling I have gone to an eighty. And can't. A Caylee can them murder tots. We have had done. Customer tock and now. Suicide. That's lovely pair of JB yeah club and a baby germ talked to if we needed. I think so what are we gonna Sherwin here there's a new study about how babies are disgusting maybe some time next week I think you'd enjoy it shocking that the apparently they either don't need these studies only it is tough to meet the on this cutting edge of science for years and now Purdue is backing you up that babies can be affecting your health by their crawl to to discuss. They are kids hands like when they touch your face is the worst thing of all time. Groups there's something about little kids fans I'd rather wicket win that seat. Then make a child saintly I just watch him sometimes if it wants to watch them for an hour you'll. I'm never touching and towns have you ever era go to the mall and they have like that weird likely place right in the middle of it now why is it weird. Because it's like a little of the mole and that it's probably like as a lifesaver for many months there's like the lord of the flies there's always wins have been to kids who supports kids and there's like a moms and miserable we are playing on their phones and just didn't know and supervised in the being Indian kids her two little what is the zone of death in the middle of the mall right. These are just kids getting killed another kid that's the place secondly birds gotta go do on. But you just walk by that plays and there's an evil by accuses thick cloud of mute keys in disease. It moved into pieces. Just the idea even going in that zone makes my skin crawl. Let alone. Going in there and actually interacting with one of them it's just it's my eight. It's the most terrific place I could think of on earth. I gotta again I would rather go play like in the Everglades swamp and it would be good one of those small clay Wright is mall play area or zone of death. Don't. Every time I woke up in the zone and. Death compared to the mall playing them so last year they were 39. Suicides. Off the Golden Gate Bridge get him in a whole film about film about a number years ago it's pretty tribute. It is still good I mean is still happening 39 now this last year and 17100 total suicides on the bridge since it opened in 1938. So why. You ask have they never put up a suicide net. Your essay question they had those in Japan now in the view I can hire prizes Stewart he jumped out of windows edict. My name and on this. No one seems to know however that one of those is mind your own business sort of think well they did a study say they even said that they studied. The people who lived. So this is this is way back in 1978 doesn't it. It live after you want it. Well yes there's there's exceeding any guy in this guy Kevin Hines and with an enemy here he survived a suicide attempt. Oscar Golden Gate Bridge but there was a study in 1978 of 515. People who attempted suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge that was stopped. So these people were stopped they didn't survive the there there are people that that despite. And they found that 90% of those did not die from suicide later in their life. So if you survive the suicide attempts or fewer stopped you're OK well 90% of them did and lived indeed never kill themselves. The balance. And yet they still didn't put up an anthem that. Probably costs you know couple shekels and who wants to pay for that. There was a video I saw I believe it's of the guy you're talking about rob who survived actually hitting the water. He said that the moment his hands left the railing Indiana him he regretted it it instantly. The second he was clear that he he incisive wanted to do that and then that's fascinating right like that's a fascinating look into you. And and he won his trying to take their own mind all sorts of issues in his life and he. He had he has a couple of disorders and he's been just generally rough how he did he said he he said. I'd I'd like to go running leap. And they asked and he said did you ever do you regret that he said this jacket my hand left that rail and I was falling. I regretted it I want to make I guess I hadn't thought about that before a bit it's it's an agency point of how many people would jump ball stuff like. If you climbed to the top of you know whatever highrise and you do the Peter Pan. I know is what I guess at about an hour like you at peace easy fall like our it's over is that I really like did el -- Well they're put up a net. At physical gate bridge finally yes. You do it am I gonna be able to circumvent the net or is it like going to be an all encompassing sort of thing. You know it doesn't look like it. There's an artist's rendition of it and you know the thing about it is it's like a case of the nets right under the bridge. Attached to the base of that you know the the bridge there down and so if you jump from the golden gate bridge and landed in the net. Chances chances are you you can jump out of the net yeah any into the water and probably. Oh yeah I see that unless they're banking on is like Kevin like Mike was on this Kevin guy who said it connect cot and he got tough think guys. And I didn't wanna do that anyway and now I want to be sick and using an obesity with the just jump into the net just. Do it now and probably if if I get some Brazilians some drills there on dudes do is to have been the dead. Look at it this or they're talking about that in used tying it cost him many 200 million. Once that's what it says. The but the net bill long struggle for a net ended with a ceremony at the bridge marking approval of plans for 200 million dollars suicide barrier. Due for completion in 2021. Now. Again I don't understand construction far from it but it does seem ridiculous and it's 200 million dollars to build the next. Big bridge. Understand that but it didn't fit and he should get another B. Is this like some sort of super fancy like. Now the artists like you said the artist's rendering of it is just to be like Yahoo! ID it's me out of a material that's really resistant to terrorism and say did you make it out of unicorn word. 200 million dollars while. I wonder how much of them not doing this. In a release aquae it was just about vanity. Because the golden gate bridges such it's an icon in its iconic structure that's always in pictures. And maybe they're going we don't wanna net under that are ruin this iconic picture of our beds that's not only tonight but I'll betcha there's some of that the people like don't screw with our bridge. Even as San Cisco that thing is like. We've people Revere that day. Well president if that's actually the reason they didn't do it that's awful the net does certainly changed look at it. League and not giving him next Google phone so please go to jumble of huge above the Bay Bridge instead. I wonder if that's gonna happen. I don't know like. Why if you know there's a net there why would you try. To kill yourself off the golden gate because you know there's a net. He would probably right so just. About this instead of evidently you just have like a hologram him of the net that is I would think that the net itself as the deter you're gonna jump if there's a bed. We need like fooling people. You should cases like a half pass that up there because no one's gonna jump if there's a vet these you know not gonna donate futures could jump up one of the other bridges. That doesn't happen. The come cut this thing I've I've did you build this thing for 300 bucks can make double hand Dixon's entwined with students have reunited. Secretariat. Of the interior run for mayor here what is it what is distinctive in Judith and don't know is that infrastructure again. Every night it's Perry not secretary of infrastructure. There's the Bay Bridge have sidewalks on it. Yeah I think you can look at us all those owed to be Regina and remember when I went to there was one that was just lane snow sidewalks. But they just three did one. And turner which one it was like they just finished. In the you'll remember the old rule was don't read decided they return down the path for the warriors and aunts and did their jerseys. For whom that's underneath there and texts. OK are we getting Joseph Johns next understand. Mean. Do do. But it is it's. Government does have a Lawrence. Seeing arrives at 66. Wait to forty. Girls children math here and have a lesson didn't you live to date you know. This is real and did Johnson do damage to god sanity though if I am alone they're down every time I lookup he's on the floor they would need to and John big weekend and it's nice you can do anything fun red. Green and yeah. Months was nice out. Well under amenity and now its asks John stuff on the councilman John Jones an indoor creature you have. I certainly we're indoors and outdoors especially this time there but it. Like what it's like let's beautiful Yukon do you don't think he can't quite that cut the crap golf idea GAAP and I don't like to play golf enough that I would go out. Played it probably by going out by taking a bite out right now by this weekend. Yeah him after. He got what we really understand. Well I. Entities yeah high fifties then nine no rain now to me that's nice in January that's him that's give outside whether this team this. And then this Nintendo. Until pitchers and catchers report Angola with captures the of about. You need not NFL picks. You can think we got it could happen this weekend I kind of like. But the one that I haven't heard many people talking about I think it happened that night on Conan. I'm going to pick up that it did here and billion requires a dear viewers. Gay brother was town now a little bit and not yet I don't have the balls to lay it on the line their both. I just they know what's giving Jacksonville a chance and of the upsets I think if there is going to be one I I think Jacksonville could be the team to pull it off. Yeah I don't understand why nobody's given image into the army knocked it. Put it up there and play them in the regular hammered and so Rutgers broke I think begin to pick up where it would appear. I've got Pittsburgh New England AFC and then I've got to. New Orleans Atlanta. NFC. I've heard through the patriot. All the way and pipelines like the more you do this competitor. The more I want to hungry to usually intense polls show and everybody straight really. Controversial the other one on the spot debris. Pretty predictable I'm Mikey if you can't count it out and I root for. The more you missed the cut down work. I just want him to keep like I want him to win the easy answer but he. Yeah he's got time the illness. No no quarterback has five easily and a I think Charles Haley has six I think he maybe. There might be one other person but I think Haley has the most. Spiritual. Growth and try to get him but aren't they looked at the weather report speed of light warm weather teams don't teams. Thirty degrees at kick gonna be in the low teens with a windchill in Philadelphia and Atlantic comes out of there don't think it's Colin. Just. All right well. In chilling nine doing anything this weekend outdoors anyway. They're not that I that I'm gonna make a point to go out there are permanently support Arctic coast to you know sort of the bigger picture that didn't. You're you know you're you're it might take if my college usage Saturday morning let's go play nine holes of golf you'll go. I don't wanna quit golf. If you've been in your face they're putting I don't want to prop called it. Dropped calls him definitely not open at all in no particular club. Millions. And he'd done on him I don't wanna quit golf. And I can unite and do we can play the bigger and then. And whether you see here's the thing when John John won't go out of it's called the jolly glad it's on either in. He made it yet he's getting to this sweet spot somewhere between like 59 at like 71 and get it on demand and I I sense Jonathan Mann and staunch routine thing. Regardless of the weather. Think there's an Applebee's in his future this weekend. All right so I have really can't we are back on Monday no Monday is in located we will be allowed people are off but we'll be here. So three to seven. And he gets it done yet. All right signing off for. Red shoes. Okay.