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Friday, November 17th
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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute yeah. Yeah. 5 o'clock I'm. This is prime time on football Friday ten may be the veil on the bigger. This is over football Friday edition of primetime revised again soon. Given by aggression Chrysler dodge team ran a short drive from anywhere visit dodging questions dot com. Until maybe okay. I mean to you. The only gonna get the car. I do that a lot of people who we face all. I think we need to I hear a lot of people that like I love the fact he has gets started like 510 because it gives me time to get out of the car and we'll makes his titles in nine inning can mean and gets off at Yankee right at time they're five junior car NET car again and easier to the bathroom situation. You gotta harass someone out the door. Yeah so that awkward shoulder rub opinion that the hot tied at five at 507. Was perfect people that. So that's coming up here in just moments I've got a couple of things to tease. Tease away. We are have been so next week. Is kind of a wild and wacky week because of Thanksgiving. What I want this thing of like the wild and wacky weatherman when you do the ads. The war all over whether the Purdue in the morning zoo in my line of famine guys wacky inflatable aren't willing to bend down. We're shipping are we now have thousands of what you've label are put into it and those things are terrified by the way that's like it near the top my list of things that I'm. Not scared of the that I be rationally uncomfortable around those weird blow up dancing guys. What do those work like to Gandhi's that are blowing in the wind excellent go to big sale going on you know is noticed them yeah he's a once about it do you see Aybar would say you get that thing out there. It's kind of unsettling yet don't really know winded I don't know you look at. I guess it's is to show that something special is going on there yes it's not just in against you to look in that direction. Like that and they do these like the giant inflatable animal on top of the dealership as well Brian if you like a big inflatable like. Vanilla gorilla in the gray paper something it's like today. I'm glad trek here's a giant. It like that those kids in amber ideals them. The Greek Dziena downtown had the octopus yeah comic octopus yes people love that stuff that gets that we like big giant look if they didn't they like one. Began animals at. I guess it didn't work people wouldn't do it. You know that is often said that but I amateur I subscribe to that there either. Some of the promotional items Deanna now and announced that it just because you look at lakers doesn't always look at the promotional budget annually from. Or maybe that money could be. Better spent on likes of the other than the promotional frisbee or or teaching staff. Perhaps a cheesy. Has anybody ever bought it easy now. I don't think that's ever been version never buy accuse you just get one he does find them out they did just around there like pins yet people do in the next 52 you won't accuse. Again is so uncle thinks he's. Monday is no show I hate to tell you it's no show Monday and -- Thursday it was smashing success and you parlayed that into a no show Monday Seahawks by the way yeah. CX again beyond and a that if Opel Tuesday we will be doubted big Al's in Beaverton and we'd like you to join us it's our civil war party where we'll have some more tickets to giveaway to golf simulators can be open and free eating just implant whack away. We have student drink and it's only ten dollars and eighty cents. To get in will be upstairs there if you Durbin and a Beaverton big house bill swung Kevin will be in attendance Josh as well Koch has sucked in Bieber rates you know you say that in that is true ducking beaver grades. And I am an analyst infamy to their lot of guys coming yeah when our beavers undocks. Yeah right now we're tilted more towards the leaves but condemn Cox's words just Wilcox alone is worth like three BO hill represented at it. Bieber in the hands you get one documents that's Wilcox all the fans staff will be there that we left YouTube dot com will love will toxin most sports in of the civil war. And that will be Tuesday. Our show will be lions you all can be there by four and noble party for a couple of hours. I'll Wednesday I think we're back here in studio Thursday of course no show we're gonna be in fat on Turkey and blind though. And then Friday were added PK eighty S a world road twice next the most listen and come home by enjoys tickets still available for that thing is surprised that. That's been selling the softly is an ass. Yen and seen the numbers but in I mean it's a it's Thanksgiving weekend down at its tests look their games on Thanksgiving. Yes exactly and I think that. If you look at these calls vessel Terrence early in the season have been a lot of them have been very successful yeah. Like the great Alaska great last issue down in. Nine additional aren't that many people go to scan now I just in my mind like I remember I went to degrade us to show a lot growing up. And in my and that was always packed but when actually looked up how many people fit in the great Solomon arena it's it's about 6500 I mean this is a 20000 seat and house I was like in my in my in my what I. So pleased the impact adds six that's right so I mean it's college basketball in November but this is a hell of a feel my goodness this is cool that this is coming to town. But to compare it to. March Madness when it mattered you know Cianci terminates its not. It's not the same as in it's Thanksgiving weekend and you the civil war. Going on so. I am and seen the numbers but I'll be there you and I'll be there on Friday night it right for some of those in I think it's gonna be fun can be for the DePaul. Yeah may skip them to skip them and UP no offense are we on the rights of the pilots Selena and of the pilots you will not love that game I will be. Is safe there the voices. Chase is like pro citizen to turn there might be a memorial coliseum I don't know. Yeah those three teams you know it's like Chama not in Hawaii one in the night or you de it ES. The trauma to let every now and then the sea wolves. Anchorage Alaska they would upset really I am a some about. Really well. They do every now and then they wouldn't be like you know you Cotter somebody but every doesn't this they would knock off like a top 25 team it was huge deal in the act sees something. Acts the way. When is the last time Portland or Portland State basketball pulled off a major upset. Mean I'm gonna have to do you remember wanna. I would like YouTube working Google on workers and all all handled the hot tried. Aren't. Coming up in our next signals sent to college football DVR. A big college football weekends the other few Friday rain m.s coming up. And in the club we'll talk about sky Don in the unifying Jillian and underwater hip people fire. Without right now those guide on his in my future at stories that I've seen in months are right now behind cited title nine. Times terrific. Out of billions we thought they owned park that day and are there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm private Bible. Isaac consumed. Refresh light Coors Light when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light. Coors Light whatever your name climb and number of lives. Caleb Porter is Alice as coach of the Portland Timbers. And no one really seems an ally but no team really seems necessarily shocked by now. Oh really hot and it was shocking what I thought Twitter was she shocked I think people are surprised that he stepped down but once it happened and there's a lot of people that are saying that. There has been a lot of tension in that front office and he just stepped away what fired. It's being painted as if you left. Like you said that again on T snow I speculation already that he will take over the organ state football team. And Larry Brown will be hired as coach timbers some people are saying that possibly. The US men's national team would come call. To Caleb Porter and maybe that's why he steps down but. It sounds like there was a lot of tension between order and management. And in the team president and that maybe just it was. I'm for are going to go. Their own direction. Aren't. Melbourne or Diana. The Memphis Grizzlies lose Mike Connell. Indefinitely they're shutting him down due to an Achilles slash. He'll issue again you don't want to have that thing but that's the difference between NBA and NFL Richard Sherman remember. He revealed that for ten weeks they just kept put the needle and get more than about that convinced the ruptured blazers take on the kings' ninth in Sacramento the kings appear to have already mailed it in any stunning turn of events that surprises literally everyone. The same two teams meet again tomorrow night at the motive senator idea and then falling so far the blazers. She could see print to get their number three in the NBA in defensive efficiency and number three in the NBA in three point defense. Their record. They denying the unique and something nine's X 86 tied with the nuggets or fifth in the west. Came to leave it. The host that show you know I don't know how many people and this football stadium holds. And I can't these basics I can't find a window I got mostly because of course isn't slugger would notify. Pilot's history and giving the club up like guy back in around two dozen to finish it played in the wood in the legacy tournament NBC like. You. UCLA was ranked. I believe so does that go back year by year and I met 2012 and there's not a win over big team. Again doing year by year keep don't get to sit 2010 to 2012 this year when that happens okay. But did evident when he twelve I'd be NBA news. One in general could be no more AG which surrounds your putting and silvers looking get rid of it in recently met with the NCAA and officials. And no one knows really what would replace it perhaps just the high school players can once again be able to make the jump street TV Indy game. It can also mean the league would then require players. You actually go to college to stay for at least two years are largely based on I love the baseball ball then I just makes sense if you're ready to go go but if you're gonna be there the be there for six months and don't take the class I say let that would help. Infinitely both sides all sides but I think he really helps college ask him. According to use CBS sports Chip Kelly and Mike Gundy are candidates for the Tennessee football vacancy. However Jon Gruden is not they don't like to thank he hasn't been on a college sideline in. Literally 26 years to hand only went 57 and fifty time in his seven seasons with the bucks. That's kind of my point that this is the most important hired twenty years or Tennessee you can't. Risk it to a guy that's never recruited for you know the guy what do you want his interest in no Mike Gundy has been really success little on the state. And you wonder are gonna be good strategist says this is as good as I've I can you be in second fiddle in my own state. Maybe greener pastures there at Tennessee. I TCU's still has an outside shot at ten counts of a playoff and winning the big twelve they are at Texas Tech this weekend that they will be without starting quarterback Kenny hill. Silly true freshmen whose name I don't know we'll take over. Maybe Donovan. Number one right. Number. And unfortunately I have to reports more potential sexual assault news. Reaching this four troll here the NFL is investigating the Tampa Bay quarterback genus Winston. For allegedly grabbing his Hoover driver by day you know once again. This was in march of 2016. In Arizona the uber driver releases statement saying that she was driving him through what I see in this Taco Bell. And I she said. There and drive through and makes him. Against the title miss address Republicans get touch Cokie give you had one of those crisp burritos and them who they are delicious. We've added that the bill she says he out of the blue rediscovering grander crouch. She said she was terrifying. And said hey what the hell. But. Didn't wanna make it worse or she just took him home without another instant wins and denies it now here's what Winston saying. He is saying that it wasn't him he said that the Hoover accounts. That paying for the ride. Was he is but it wasn't him in the car. Interest that's his excuse to like someone else do we believe that. I'm a little confused someone else have this phone owners to know he had he just took some Minneapolis the uber okay. Would it be it's possible wouldn't it be easier to note in the ladies is doing that woes are well James was no that's what they're saying is that she didn't know she didn't know who coolest part of it is knew he was at a football player and it in need in their saint could have been. One of his teammates eyes suppose. It's possible that that's plausible. The hot five at five is refreshed by prospered course like Duncan Bieber fans download the new course like XP app earn points towards one of the kind experiences and rewards eating game tickets. SP 21 or older. I have been given more better information from the actual us ID from your view just called me just broke. It wasn't 092010. Season in Millwood in the legacy tournament DP UCLA. They beat a ranked Minnesota and in the championship game loss to West Virginia. And they were in the top 25 after that and the next scheme that they lost to Portland State. On the land well at least as well as they beat a top 25 decades ago equate it to so that was a coach at that time I don't know. How we can look up 20092 doesn't have season. These so I saved them an in home so no sane and in 2013 they begin dagger and I see that but on this it doesn't have been dagger ranked. I guide to maybe they were not there to look up that gives that it's even find out 2013 if they were ranked but they did because dogs. I was early in the year it is retinal. Aircraft and know their team in 2000 what your you say 2000 doesn't nine tenths season and that's that's revenue they went to anyone in eleven. And a whole not he has done in 0506 okay coming up next why. I've UP basketball outside City College football DVR to train for the college football weekend when we return on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise a consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand on 1080 growth trend that. He can research here on the show we just never stops reporting for you now. Us looking at Portland State. The nurses UP a real quick here so we have figured out that because we were about it 2009 UP team. But 2013 2014. They did knock off in Baghdad who was 22 with. That would be the bigger. Isn't against top 25 win. Now I think it's much easier for Portland State to get to the tournament in UP because they claim to fix gun yeah whereas Portland past battle. Guns zag in Saint Mary's island in the West Coast but Portland State did go to back to back into turn into them that I well remember the war and they got house by kids they did they also went. The second. They they lost to see here in the turn. The very next year they went they went back and constancy. That Nvidia. There's the Boehner can't vote again he parlayed that into the job of the Washington State once the well he can't do villain because the only guy becomes is that. Of the jeopardy gap in right. No they got in the debate began from the debate limited I'll letter in the mustache I was thinking Kindle loses the jeopardy champion. The around the warming got you wrong. Tech guys in the wrong cheered I can bone now with guns Zagat. This is the coach. Again here. And Jennings. Is the end all time jeopardy champion you got me billions on different he's a special assistant to mark you. It's a good special assistant a bit and get what is it. Okay. OK let's get you tickets to PTD. So hey listen. Where we hope this elusive if it. Can assess your college football B. That if we do pay attention. On Fridays we got today we got look all stayed in buffalo and also in South Florida. And it. Yeah so. Then her. I tomorrow morning 9 AM you're looking at to have really tough game you're looking at TCU at Texas Tech. We're about Mercer at Alabama a million Virginia and Miami. I think that came to be closer than expected. Yeah the 9 AM game mission oh wait sorry I didn't scrawled on furnace at 9 o'clock right here yeah that may be the game that we EL Michigan Wisconsin now do we trust. But it's a Wisconsin's undefeated number five in the country do we trust Michigan here. I know I just don't think miss being at school war Michigan's offense is a dreadful and Wisconsin is a very very good defensive football team. I think they have enough offense it's it's not like they don't score points that put up 38. Against Iowa 45 against Indiana. I've returned the ball over a little bit they can be one dimensional but. And at that Wisconsin I can't Randall. Now Wisconsin it's a case of who of the end means. Is likely did is most likely default Wisconsin Maine here Central Florida. Such as I got a little simpler plays that temple also a nine fight game actually all the undefeated they're playing at 9 o'clock in the morning. Three I don't know what temple's got going on obviously not very much if I had yeah. Mood. And then news the other ones that include Miami Virginia. I think it would go Miami. This need to be trap game styling here is like you said Virginia isn't bad I've seen them play. A couple times and a sudden they beat Boise State that they kick ways they'd ask. And from the other one that I saw him play they just got done beaten Georgia Tech. What two weeks ago this may be remember my niece and you do with 181920. Year old kids hear ready coming out who huge it's. Looking ahead of the ACC title game big give national title picture. Bronco have his team you know for this one that could be sneaky trap game. If Miami is not careful. Also had nine Mississippi State are it's not here in the ranked team. Plane at nine that yet this week Alabama Auburn Clemson in Oklahoma all have cupcakes. The stupid but by week you know for Alabama and Auburn in the next week. If you are able at Jordan here okay looking through here. We're gonna well the next game that would be of local interest in years in the state Oregon State banking is going to be on the pac twelve network. And it will be at noon and and you like some doubles I do that's only what is a shock was seven point spread their life is think some of the energy. Arizona State is so ordered very uneven he just lost to UCLA and now they're very and even in their defense can be very sketchy bit. Organs they don't think that's where benefit. I just think that some of did the Jews that Orioles right is work. Did these last couple weeks they kind of got through to the woodshed by cal and Arizona here's a hot pac twelve fun fact. The league we'll have five teams trying to become bowl eligible this week yet so of the five. Gains in the pac twelve. Every one of them features team is trying to become below what Arizona State Oregon cal. Vuitton and UCLA. Indians at Colorado. Will try to become bowl eligible next week they're off this as the principal protection than a lot of people think that Oregon. They have to go in one of the dawn pac twelve holes because they'll be too many penalties. And they're just not going to be big drop for the organ fan base to go down to a crappy bulls where where is it depends where it is yeah I think the one I saw that they. Some people are predicting that they may end up in his would treat for us. Who were. Whatever it is the cactus bowl or something. That a lot of people think they won't be selected from one of the actual bowl game but they'll certainly Philly as well there's a lot left to play because. But he said five T do that in this activists sixteens that. Or are gonna be six or seven win teams to surrendered today they are doing some bold predictions of a lot of people had been gone actual bulls think those guys. Did do those bold predictions take their time and actually like oh they did go here and in that that. You know or they just throw crap against the there's an element to you look at where the bowl games are played it's it's all about selections if you've got a bowl game it's down to Texas whenever. Do you really think that the organ fan base is gonna travel for a six and five T. 1230. Kansas State Oklahoma State ESP into. I need to Notre Dame will be at puts on NBC Oklahoma Kansas is on ESPN yes. 37 point spread soon boomer sooner. I nothing good really at 1230. Nebraska Penn State tickle years ago. Nebraska is awful. And have you seen any of Nebraska but they are still bad and only some against them or it is. That they just Minnesota and if we saw Minnesota play and they they're limited offensive ability they beat Nebraska 54. To twenty one's. Arizona Oregon is going to be yet. 4 o'clock on the pact to never looks like at the ducks will get Justin Herbert back and listing about that today you know the two got stories yesterday came from a Brittany Murphy yeah. Here's I think that went down. I think if Brittany Murphy knows Jim Leavitt. And I think in them toll speculating. But I think it make Murphy giving him he's like an employee now picking up supposedly breaking stories I think rage Leavitt called him and said hey. This bill Snyder's death is. You'll about his little story about Bill Snyder shutting down. The idea Jim Leavitt is coaching leaning against anyone that are out there he he wanted that out there's a recall make Murphy never beat duke it out there in the nick Murphy said what do you do for me the guy. Perverts back to throw that out there but it usually I. I don't think that's a word that is waived plausible I guarantee their bodies that there's a reason why that let that story got out Leavitt wants his name out there with all these job openings. In any news nick Murphy do it now game a little nugget on the side would shock me one bit hopefully here please at least that's what they're saying. So Arizona or against 4 o'clock pact to never I like where you in this game I know a lot of people like Arizona but. Arizona is not to be trusted on the road doses that no one has stopped Khalil tapes and they should be a finesse game than. They hit cruelty at at Colorado and account and they can't hear Moscow is so worried with Herbert back he would I think with the defensive front for an. Organs is Jacqueline hiding it's hard to trust them I just as good defensive front that the real tape begin video games dialogue and it's true that I mean it just gives them a chance right like like. Hello team against UCLA. Yes good luck but Oregon has it's you know the waiting matchup they have a chance to slow him down I just think Oregon's offense was just her so much better. And Arizona on the road has not been great so I actually think the ducks. Are gonna be damned if you look at the history airs on an organ played good games yeah Rich Rod is day has done well if you look back in the years those have been it's been fun competitive game LSU Tennessee 4 o'clock ESPN who cares hit closure happened vs Brady hole on the right. I hash tag him if and forget it we are talking about this earlier in the week. Teams really don't tackle in the fall anyways how many days do you did you venture to guess the any. It. Coach. I thought we still there and Barbara are you never gets old. Thus we have done in the evening games you've got. Cal Stanford it's five on fox. You wanna Cuban around now because remember. If if cal wins that game then. Well you don't ask to be Utah but if if cal wins there's a really good chance that the pac twelve at north will come down the apple cup. If Stanford wins. Then it's either Washington Stater or Stanford took your U dub fans. You just became a huge cow golden bear you you need that did not Stanford for you to have any chance that he think he wins it somebody's gonna win that you rivalry games so where is the help. Thank you thank you yeah UCLA at USC is also a five you know be on ABC. And then at night in Utah and Washington 730 on ESPN so actual stuff late. If cow is gonna pull off the apps that are UCLA which is more likely. I think Hal just because to me Stanford Kim played down. We we've just seen it like a price club isn't healthy that's completely different team. And he hasn't been even even the big game you had last week he still was leaving that game that ankle. Without price club that's a very. Average offensive football team. I don't think UCLA has a chance in the eighties to slowdown USC up instantly. We're not immediately played the game in the eighties and where they play the game. It's just it it wouldn't matter. Boy inside a person pretty hard. Right would true Ronald Jones has been USC's best there hasn't been Sam Arnold UCLA is giving him 300 yards rushing. The date they can't score enough accuracy this. It though. Calvin much better chance a couple of tips well that's it so I have reports you that's not a great that they have college football and is now. Is that you've got a honeybees are you get cute stuff. The early games and actually you know this week probably better needs taxables tackles definitely for the Oakland Michigan and Wisconsin might be beaten. In the game of the week and that's the only game against the right to vote. All right at coming up next we will wrap up the week with a few Friday random house here's Mike. All Friday edition of primetime revise a considerable. Driven by breast and Chrysler dodge Jeep brands spontaneity affair he had with a fighter's tickets. Need will be playing at the Buddhist center on September 10 is that's. Awful early to be that the Modine and showed its. We'll but the tickets are are going on sale on night and understand that. One of the tickets to date two tickets always go on sale viscerally feel it would have bad releases like the the year two were coming up there's a good as a bit of a band is true fighters via YouTube get this I've got my own I got mine. The show's September 10 of next year. If you wondering if I'm speaking I'm not now next year next year we will give away paired tickets to see the Foo Fighters right now just be the third caller at 503. 25 vote 1080 right now third collar. 50325. Vote 1080. And AM reminder that tickets to go on sale for the show. I did Saturday that is tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Just log on to ticket master dot com if you were a minute orderly if your member of the fan club you could've been a part of the crease. Oh really. That's one of the perks of being in the yes that 1080 to think lobby means no with the Foo Fighters picked up. Well it is at the sign of that newsletter it's free I was talking about the preeminent thing club in the country now 1080 the fan but I did buy my Foo Fighters tickets and I spent a lot of money it takes I got Hamilton tickets and the fighters of the flu they wanna do IS memorandums. And anyway I it's Friday we're gonna wrap of the last twenty minutes of this hour with us Friday rain and stings we didn't get to this week. Did you see that. Bob Knight in new CI that I am something hell and have to totally rethink my position on something. No you're not. They announced it bothers me that on I'd I'd should Bobby Knight on anything Bob Knight came out he's my most Ian hey Bob Knight he is my least. I try not to hate and trying to turn over a new leaf but not dinner huge amount he is my least liked sports figure for possibly ever that. Why it is their raid career with OJ Simpson's of the world those are obviously up to recruit is get radio prison is he kept. So. Bob Knight said I have never been any John Wooden fan. Boo he says I have a lot of respect for wooden as a coach how he coached she was good coach. And this is in an interview with Joe Buck and Joe Buck shows backed up and he says but from then on and I don't mind saying it I don't respect wooden because he allowed Sam Gilbert to do whatever it took to recruit kids now. And one time he told me I just didn't know how to deal with Sam guilt for Gilbert and I'm saying to myself I do Hampshire could have dealt with him. Interest it personally I liked John as a person but it isn't just John it's a whole UCLA approach to recruiting I think John was called in toll didn't have to worry about recruiting. Did they had people who would take care of that for him about that you have a long so that team you have long now dashed. Well past you've long pointed out the hypocrisy. That of the end there surveys John when John when John Wooden John Wooden insurance program ever Sam Gilbert. Paying kids. While paying kids abortions. Hookers. Drugs cars you name it even read through some of the stuff that was going on with those UCLA teams and so. It does bother me a little bit that wouldn't gets painted as a saint and like Calipari you're herb you know whoever. Rick Pitino is another one Larry Brown. Did viewed is like these slimy kinda cheats. Where is John Wooden in the pyramid of success gets held up as like this scene of college basketball and clearly the guy was a hell of a coach in our did not argue these. One of if not the greatest coach of all time some people may throw out coach K he'd be doing in the competitive air that he did. But make no mistake about it they're dirty its program. Dead that probably ever was worth those you. CLA teams but if you say that. It's like your head and her tick sleepy they go watch it now watch the wouldn't fans just come out of the woodwork in just throw daggers. And I think that's not speculation. It's rumours. Exhibit its fact. The guy has owned up to play. No doubt that's above nights at heady feel about CNN Bob Knight you haven't this is not good for you guide it pains me. But in this case I'm right eye he is he is right in and it you know let. Uncle Aussie at. I think it's balls he that he said that yesterday now I don't know. It's one thing for a sports radio's shock jock like yourself to see it clearly. It's another for the somewhat respect is Bob Knight although he is much older announced it is east regular. The Libyan said that back in the day but if you took that program right so we which program the silly programs now. And and we put that in context of other programs that have had. Nowhere near the success but like this were dominant program that they we have a Foo Fighters when he can suck on yeah we got it. But I think. Did you on Maria island you have concrete goal fantastic as a unit like their previous you know like sonic highways. I didn't it was not my favorite who concrete gold is really doing. But so let's take. The Miami football programs let's take. The Oklahoma football programs and those. Did viewed like. Awful right they like the worst thing to ever happen to college football. UCLA basketball there was no difference other than it was run by a guy that was class year. And put on a better face. For the general public and the reason why too he was able to do that is cause that I was it. If that they've taken place in the eighties the nineties want you could have done it. And to you would have been labeled as. You know as as a renegade program but this is back when there wasn't you know that the media that we have now know was doing the gotcha thing and it was all just this week week. Nod nod trying to keep them behind closed doors and it does bother me a little bit that no one is willing to to talk about it. Except for Friesen the most hated man pop night on year. Hated men. The latter camp as sucks for you on anyway I just wanted to point out. Another random coming up next actually a couple of we get to them to GC jewel and be given and yes that was only to crack the verge of a quadruple double. Yes you know he has more points in two games at the Staples Center is that while the bald as a earlier. Outage but did you know Johnson on American public you guys can take it restart ideas that are now days now 545 on offense. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires a consumer driven by Gresham Chrysler dodge Jeep brand until they need both prayer and. I wrap up the hour with some randomness and coming up at six. B Clinton eighty and that we'll talk about skied on. It's been a long time coming. It's just this story warms my heart amongst other things. Ninety our hearts together yes. So do Allenby get a night. For the sixers scored 46 points had fifteen rebounds seven. Assists and seven blocks there was flirting with a Krug Drupal double. Which is insane and if you haven't watched him play yet. He still pisses me out he had heard the only the one season it was at Kansas how they were so did he get hurt in. Laser and it'll hurt his first two years and in the NBA and there's kind of this he kinda had that Greg Oden label about him. SO the sixers right now are eight in six and their climbing up the ladder in the east but Joseph well indeed. Is sort of he's kind of a mix while they he's he's a lot like. The dream yeah team launch on because he does that he does dream shake a little streaky. He did the double dream shake in a night he's got more moves that I that a player his size yet one. And I gave your talking about where you got the ball on the wing trying to help the three point line went around a guy and then did a little little lake Shimmy shake Wear red by admin and threw doubt he is season he's the man for 7250. You just don't move like Battier scored. Eat it here's what's crazy about his 46 he scored 46 points on twenty shots yeah. I've been exit the rip them minutes is the most routers up sixteen free throws he is the closest thing to a shack. Olajuwon hybrid. That we've had since those gas was not allowed a dominant big guys in the game ends when he's all four years ago when who stops him. The dishes you know there's just not a lot of guys that can match up with now he's the reason why guys in the NBA don't like lady yes this is saying I'm not trying to Israelis and bears should be embarrassed to be. It would die at 23 and eleven right now. He ditty in LA against the lakers which is funny because on. Mons Obama's team game goes one for nine he gets benched he's if you haven't been paying attention ball who's been getting benched in the fourth quarter consistently now forget. To the point where people are asking for Luke walled whether or not he's in danger of losing his job and bald saying all the right stuff. But there's. Serious talk about weather and Alonso ball. Is is is worth it especially in a league can be be around. This draft class has bid to itemize and either rookie of the year and a no leaks you said the rookie but. Is not just to beat is best evidence yet is the truth right now and figured if mark hill faults. Was worth a damn that was played regularly review look at they Jason Tatum and what he's doing it imagine if you put Tatum. On the sixers team with Simmons and him beat who you've got nothing out of faults and a novice shoot they are debating I saw this as they Lou we're in here we're. In the show and I looked up and ESPN is debating if bin Simmons is the best rookie ever. Really yet his numbers in numbers are comparable to magic Johnson and if he ever develops a jumper. You know game over he's averaging eighteen points nine boards and seven point seven assists per game as a rookie up. So they. Because that game was in LA gets a lakers. And she's you might you just sort of forget it's been several years with the sixers have been trying to rebuild thing you know but if you look at at their major. First round picks the sixers have had two number ones. And to number threes in the for sure right yeah. Over the last foresees. The lakers over the last four seasons have had three number twos and a number seven. And yet the sixers. Are. I mean. Their run circles around the lakers in terms of just future potential yeah. So that so that you've got to legit stars will let you know make it so the lakers what they're sitting in a seven. And then three number twos they have ball. Ingram. Had De'Angelo Russell they flipped him for Brook Lopez and then Julius Randall. Meanwhile the sixers go. CNN's. Faults which of course her up in bead. And then Oca firm which eat up orca network you but still the sixers with their four takes over the last four seasons. Infinitely better than with the lakers. Done just that false one and who knows he may be gets healthy bit. Just look at it some of the guys Donovan Mitchell in Utah who's just been great. I told you about him yeah. And I tell you about an and he wanted the blazes to get their gang and he's been great he was down there near where the blazers were around were supposed and the other kid did Arizona kid the market and they're the Chicago is dreadful but every once and I haven't seen him play but. If I keep read about the your mirrors on the Lori market and who people are saying is is a younger seeing him I haven't seen either because the bulls are warmed over garbage financial so I Mitchell went thirteenth. They have him projected down with a blazer is down the blazers traded up to elevens and any content on Mitchell and then Dennis Smith has been phenomenal for garbage mavericks team too so it's a great rookie class and you know like the whole loans a ball rookie of the year. To be able to ignore the balls top ten Ricky right now in fact. They keep darn about on the NBA inside the MB over time nick who's is the best rookie on the lakers an eight local bull mile. I can MX. Let's get to these story of the game and that is a giant Dong in the sky yes it does a 52.