Primetime 11.17.17 Hour 2

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 17th
CFB Picks ATS, Jerry Jones v the NFL more juicy details, and why is Caleb Porter done with the Timbers? 

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. And time on football Friday. Ten and he goes yeah. Professional football and America is a special game. The unique game. Leave no room Sauna. It is a rare games. Make himself. This is a football Friday edition of primetime retires again soon. Given by the resident Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. A short drive from anywhere visit dodging pressing dot com. Intimidated no sudden. Its own fly again. And we'll talk about it here on our sport shelf that's what we do. And times of sports you know it can happen sometimes. The known to happen folks right now there are college about challenge here of the records these are against the spread. Three picks to meet you this every week right now lynch. Thirteen sixteen and one. I am fourteen and sixteen in big Z at sixteen and fourteen. That means Lynch's first up. I'm my first pick is going to be West Virginia very three point favorite over Texas. West Virginia's offense is awesome but Texas defense is awesome have to close spread the west Virginia's Ford one at home enough for the playing in this game. And I think it should be. Fairly close to Texas at el Tyler a lot of good teams because their defense but maybe a ten point win for the mountaineers a mythic West Virginia miners. Okay. My first plane Jason. Jason's mechanic you think Cooper Washington. Oregon and in Washington United States they. The first world casket park if you don't do a universe Milky Way. Medal at USC. They're like 1716. That was I'm a senior at sixteen I USC is playing UCL name. And the way I feel about this game. Is that Ronald Jones will not be stopped at USC will score as much is they want in this game because UCLA's defense. Is soft as butter. And then you look at the other side and you see Josh Rosen you can obviously. I do a few things against USC's secondary who fall was able to fight. Sam don't Arnold I think is gonna be fired up for this as everyone started to put him rose and over again. So no this game does not mean much for USC in the standings but I think it will mean a lot for don't Arnold matching up against Rosen. And then I did remember the trojans they. Related giant egg at Notre Dame they failed to get after their last rivalry game I think they're gonna be up for this game knowing. Have they given a gala lady in South Bend in I think it's USC rolls here. The final score of this football game will be. 107. To 29000. And you know by the way that you feel is officially giving. On the ground. 3102. Yards per game. Yes it did dad is outside saint you have seen it studied. How many Jim how many yards think John's life. I'll bet she gets 300 thrive. In that they'll have more into. And he's Israeli defense is so bad obviously in the title as well but I'm gonna head down to the the freedom. Or doubt the big read. Where Arizona State is only have a delay seven year. And this is there's a stable game by the way they're five and five. They don't wanna have to go bowl eligibility against Arizona. So I think Arizona State's gonna be up for this one there's a stake in sport they're a little bit on even their up and down but they can score. And to be quite honest with the I think some of the the quail hollow enthusiasm has worn off after the spurs two weeks. Cal started here pretty good in the there is notably out. I'm and I know that the Arizona is it is the better offensive team than in the Sun Devils awoken many wouldn't move around a little bit. I just don't see organs they keep this with a touchdown in the Sun Devils. Latest set. My second game is gonna be in the SEC Tennessee is a 52 and a half point underdog against LSU. Did you go to Tennessee lost by over forty. To Missouri. We've made fun of over and over again on this program there is get it together man and they fired was Jones because of that I know a new coach some lesbians be life but not against LSU I think they've blown out Celtic tigers minus fifteen minutes. In the Missouri because we piled on them early right now and that they were off. We would get a lot of wins on them they were awful you know that they've covered six and around feather and down. Go to Missouri and they one formula. They had together men. And Kansas like of them. OK what what did you just say LSU minus fifteen and a half over tennis. Amano. All right play number two double. For me will be at Virginia. And at Virginia is getting nineteen points. Acts Miami of Florida now Miami Florida of course we don't know. Is undefeated. However they're coming up two huge wins and this may be ripe for a let down. You Virginia. Is already bowl eligible and so they're playing with house money and in the end I just don't think Miami's offense. Is so potent that they covered this number here Virginia is tough this is going to be one of those. Move the chains type of games and I think Miami may be let down. I hear in this spot I think it's a tough spot for them to come home and take on the Geneva could be overlooking them so I think there is value in taking nineteen. For the Virginia. Cavaliers in your boy Bronco Mendenhall the fifth I'm no look here Alabama vs Mercer a way to know that if points for a it's hit an idea. But before you've been on now is no spread on it easy Oklahoma Kansas spread you out and I may be going their way you know and there are now available on so Mike is earlier as last night are there any kid. Friday night college ball games tonight and he is like now there's some other games you know if the SEC's gonna ladies. Crappy games late in the season. Why don't they put them on Thursday and Friday night so at least. I mean if they may be net you know if you wanna get a look at Alabama tonight yet they're only playing Mercer there's nothing else on my has launched yet they have and Mercer in Clemson vs the citadel neither one of best of points for Ben think Auburn is playing Louisiana Monroe Diana. But at least that has spread by his friend 36. But that's how bad the Alabama Mercer and Clinton's instead go games are. There's no point spread around the you know where there is the spread of 37 in Oklahoma and Kansas units get into Adelaide at 37 points. This guy this is screams. Like 52 outta ten that you're getting beat because they're used to camp that Kansas is like. Covered three straight have a thing now that it would close its cover to last three and I think you barking at the wrong tree here now we'll see you would have that this is this is gonna be shocked the world and you seem gets played defense. It's going to be 55 to 24. He's just committees and kids play defense and ABC and Oklahoma play offense I have seen both unfortunately I have seen Kansas play defense does not get. But Oklahoma's discourse sixty. And now points here matters. Little grizzly about it here you feel very good about this thick paint rock jock all right listen this is a big game. I'm basically doing this on for the outright win just satisfying so let's let's roll the dies I hate Whitey hate my dad's a value on. You're still wishy washy I thought you were on board I love the free trade that is Kansas football. It's just fun to bed can't figure you it's fun to bed for and against Kansas -- you're watching the 37 Rihanna. On the good list I okay this is a controversial pick against who I'm on with my third annual can I get my perfect sorry. The installation genuine my mileage. I would go another big spread the SEC for another team I think is really bad. Mississippi State thirteen point favorite over Arkansas. Arkansas that has dead men walking breath Vilma they just fired their AD they're not very good Mississippi State should probably be an Alabama last week but it fell apart at the very end. I'll take him to win by three scores over arkansas' all have missed a Vista masters. Okay. Finally I will be on or again. On this bread. Is up to three. But I'm Italy it because. I think that it's quite revealing. That's Vegas had the Arizona working game as a pick them. Wins. Burmeister and being organs correct that that to me says that Vegas doesn't trust Arizona on the roads I went in and dug a little bit about how players on this play on the road. And it is not being great mandate barely snuck by both Colorado and Cao. In on the road in Europe and their other road game they they got beat by a US the other they played them tough I think Arizona is good however. You've got a couple things working in the ducks' favor here wander back home to adjust and Herbert is back in their offense will be much better. And not only hears most defense is great three. I think it Jim Leavitt. You know the one thing about Oregon's defense they give a pretty good defensive front the other second in the pac twelve in tackles. For a loss in the second tackles and sacks and I think with Jim Leavitt that they have a punters chance to slow down a little tape I. I think or again is to play here. And they're favored by three Ali it. I'm gonna go a little ACC action here North Carolina State are on the road is actually need all. To Wake Forest and Wake Forest is improved by C North Carolina State put a couple times. I really like their defense and they've got to Clemson tough. The one game they didn't get kind of surely leave there I kinda damp and elegance he stayed here for the killings. Great for honestly Garcia dog I'm Gideon one and a half so I'll go ahead and take them one and a half. North Carolina State goes on the roads are 73 this Tuesday in three wolfpack wins. All right Mike I have accidentally erased your picks yet West Virginia. Yes my history yes LSU minus fifteen and a half in the Muslim Mississippi State minus thirteen it. Mike's on West Virginia LSU this State's suit will be on Arizona State's. Oklahoma and NC state now will be on USC Virginia. And or again he won a little bonus gambling that it DOD get buzz looking adds. The Georgia Tech do you game. I don't know line. And I have I've of found out through Vegas insider dot com that Georgia Tech. Has only not covered one time all year who they yeah they didn't cover when they went on the road to Virginia they lost that game. Other than that they've covered everyone aided push. Against Clemson because they lost by a fourteen they are on the road at duke. Duke. Has not covered since week three. That is a nice little gambling nugget Miami Virginia Florida State hit. Virginia Tech in army duke has not covered any of those games and they have lost 123456. In a row overall did. You don't spread is on the game what. Yes. Georgia Tech by eve I don't know six. Georgia Tech minus six in Manhattan you EDS. So dumb. So you have to flip my kids pay continues in Georgia Tech action. Thank you do not stick with my these segments over stick in the sooners I was just pointing out that duke has not covered in a long time and they're losing games right left tech Georgia Tech team is they covering machine some to keep nine. Okay coming up next time that orient basketball recruiting we can carve out a segment for that right I mean they are hot. For thirteen on the fan. This is a football Friday edition of primetime revise that consumed. Driven by fresh from Chrysler does he ran on 1080 close friend yeah. Firing coming up in our next segment we'll talk about the latest has been revealed its. Roger Goodell and all Jarrett didn't go. But so we thought we should. Stop down here for a minute. And talk about the origin recruiting class in basketball. Yell. The consensus top ten class right now after the early signing period. But same end so they got. Jerry Brown the five star kid. They got Kenny wooten the Forestar K okay it's late I'm sorry Americans aren't here yet that those guys are Louis team is the five star. He elite seeing the five star miles Norris then again he is a four star. And there is a chance that they're gonna get bull bull new bulls can't out of Findlay prep. On that will Richardson is another Forestar that they were able to get in the early signing period in the new Al bull bull is the number three overall player in the class. And never they were and they were in the final three for the number one player for you when his name was but he ended up going to you know Vietnam no do you think the candidate yeah it was that there was one kid that went to you know be gathered secure that they were are in now on these yet. But the number one player most of sends us a week ago we said that the three hats who was a org and do kin and the Kentucky. You have Gordon at duke but the bull bull who is the number three overall players and in the new ball. Item some people think did did he ends up organ and if he does. Then bit him on class yet naymick says there will be consensus top three and a lot of people think this will be the number one class in the country. Well that's pretty bad ass out. And look I think you've got to give or again a lot of credit. For finding Dana Altman because when Dana Altman was hired if it. I mean nobody cared regulars like Colette that's who they hired because remember all the talk about is so in this era there's three in big and they they ended up with a guy from Creighton but you know or again. Many thought that is Dana Altman is he okay sedate Allman cosic Kansas State when I was back. A Kansas. And so and a lot of respect for him he's really tough but many signing college basketball circles that if Altman never got a crack at a bigger school. That he would become an elite coach if you saying. You know you know. OK so you got coach K you got is so. You've got self Roy Williams. Tino was a time big time is certainly out there are Calipari. Those are your elite guys you know the next level down. I guess that's why I think it's headed by dean on the he's that good and so I mean because this guy I was. Or personal he's kind of not a straight he's not knock home the brush for heaven's sakes is doing the big Como he's not that dynamic. And he was kind of hidden in the midwest. Because he's in Nebraska guy was that at Creighton. But it's because that I don't think a lot of people. You know in other like whatever they were some really tough tournament team right at a crate and and before that Kansas State. And yet so it's like college basketball I mean you could tell already did their homework and a man people love this guy like other coaches heat coaching and against in Amon. And he just got to a final four and now he could have. Or against the the best recruiting class in history the number one recruiting class in the country mean I think this dude is starting to nine he's got to do some with the here there's more to come. But I think he's starting to enter the elite conversation. I think you have to put together like he said of the get to put together a couple more deep runs but nobody missing in final four is the U on a year in year out basis if your advance into the sweet sixteen. In your make and runs and deleted in the final four and you do that. But let's let's do you do that maybe three out of five years I think that's where you really into the conversation the last year's final four. I certainly was was leagues imbalance this program about that's they said don't under the organ live article I think it was from rivals. We're talking about how organ has really capitalize on that final four run because the exposure that he's always in a nice job of getting you know players to Eugene but. He was able to take that final four run in par laid India into this because it's supposed to be a down year for him in your finish picked. While a third or fourth in the pac twelve so I don't think huge things are expected that in this year and young but you bring in a bail out of Russia this season and I have a lot of pressure from the gap team but this is big this pressure is everybody this egg egg that's kind of my point this sort of freshman class here. This is Kansas. Duke. You know sort of territory were even with freshman you make runs in the sweet sixteen. But the question is can you regularly do this. Can you costly put together top ten recruiting class is as if he can we know Dana Altman is a good coach then maybe this becomes the norm it organ. It may be organ becomes a basketball and we expect him to be six sweet sixteen or. Love I think that there's a chance that that happens because. You give a coach like him it's a coach like cause of you hire the right guy if you win a lot of games you give him the facilities the organ has. And then he's closer out here to all the talent on the West Coast he is real and amended and he's not like he's not like Ernie Kent where he can't got players. But he couldn't do anything with him for the most part against two elite eights. This guy is a tactician he x.s and those lies he's as good as it is he gets in college basketball so let. We shouldn't overstate their expectations. Because. As a cause Baskin a Hampshire Mike what do viewed this as a Syracuse and when you get these loaded classes they come in their almost always disappoint you because they're just so young that we have we heap too much expectations. Too many expectations on. These young five star kids it just takes time help Andrew Wiggins. Well Wiggins was pretty Getty Kansas but I can go through you know just a slew of guys who urges hyped up beyond belief that socked. At Kansas look no further than instill left after one year and they still leave it right it's it's not a it's not. In two aching it can be at times full school but this is the way Kentucky's doing it in this is the way a lot of the schools are doing it now it and I just think that. He is good enough to keep it. Where it is and that's that's the question is I think a lot of times you wait for the other shooter -- while Oregon was really beautiful public you know it's gonna come back down there. And it and it started dead. In basketball though. Man I don't know I think here is that I think that much of Dana Altman that I think he can keep it going as long as they keep him or he's he has a hunt is 189 games. And organ he went 73% of his games Dorian he won 327. Games at Creighton. And he went 68 and 54. 1632. Rounds of three stray round of thirty twos in the they broke through with what the elite Aden in the final four so 64 and thirteen out of the last two years ago. Meaning heats it's it's up until he's as good as some of those those big boy years started to put together again over a five year stretch here. In you've got you've got three really good runs into the NCAA tournament back to back in a leading final four. It would this beat a down year I think Condit to meet the test of these these sorts of of programs is when you are supposed to be young you have a down year what do you do. It do you get bounced in the first round or even with the team. That that team you may know doesn't have the capability of of cutting down the nets do you still take them into a sweet sixteen can still win a couple tourney games. May be out straight error out you know I'll play the expectations. And then next year with a loaded freshman class you know people are going to be expected at the front one you have those speed is different it's a different. Animal when I can't now doing one and dogs out the only very different animal because you know those guys Brooks and those guys they're all. And excellent players they developed they stayed. And that. That this is going to be a whole different ball game you get into these wheat kings and if you get the ball bulls all the world these guys that are five stars as you pointed out even though the guys Kentucky did don't play. That are bench players goes that Collins didn't start again sagged and he left and so that's. Well and not only does that put pressure on you to win immediately but it puts pressuring you to recruit like this year in year out because the guys stay. Is too but if you watch Kansas and Kentucky get a night and how much you watch that John Calipari and they'll suffer pulling their hair out there. A dealing with these young guys and Dana Altman's gonna have the same thing. It's just it takes time but you're right it's Nike getting to turn it. I just I just think he's such a good x.s and those guys and the I really think that he's on par with those other guys. As long as put it this way if talent is he called. There there aren't many guys as good as dean Allman. He's just got to be able to get the talent and he was never able to do that I'll see it as a school can't staters cricket great and although he got. Didn't he get who has to be ecstatic Creighton did he buckets or I got some good players in that goes to school suit yet but now admit Oregon Doug McDermott I think was the guy that I remember was the big player I think that's right but he now Dorgan would better facilities closer to the recruits how last I just think man. Watch out this is this is this is not I don't think it's fool's gold. Willing kit is supposed to for the one and done kid. Can't see Eugene being kind of an attractive place for six months. You know you you get to play in the best facilities on the West Coast and down. You to play in a sparkling arena the mean that they've ever been to the yeah the magnets on clearance it's unbelievable right. You go down there and I'm I'm not trying to think through shade anywhere but you know it's is smoke a little we. It's it's huge name in a ladies out there it's it's you're there for six months right now against the Newman nowhere but you know not gonna beat their from a time of the one and done. I can totally see blue kind of the sexes all. Sell there organ even to a kid from across cuts to Louis king he is an East Coast kid I was knee like in New Jersey guy or something and he came from far away you as soon as another coaster and you got to come out here is again you're not selling kids to come out to Eugene for four years he's going to be here for six to eight months. Yes me Texans and he's won twenty games eighteen of nineteen seasons now it's incredible. They get damages in that he was viewed as a higher blood to sink he's not very dynamic you know he's not these the brush and he's just more. He's not the greatest front guy but who cares. I was seeking to recruit is obviously do and something and there are Kurds living room and we think Phil's open the checkbook here and I really do we I think that's easy to go down that road and down but it. Get a and that taking it was new Jersey's Burlington New Jersey again to come over. Like any time a school. Jumps up and has a sort of pursue this success recruiting everyone's gonna speculate. Who the hell knows who. Whether or not someone's involved in this. Where it could just be again and I think organs got a lot to sell especially if you're selling to kids that easily after being there for short time now like Vista except bridge appears to excellent putt by 305. About Allman. Ducks have one term gains for genre of the guy has Ben quietly elite for a long time now. He's getting recruits and tonight to see what what he can do with. Without their players and that's got to be pretty exciting in their saints you that if he wins tonight its number 600. For Dana honors her 600 lands he's 158. If you hold in but now you had a final four of their as a yankees to the nine you put together wanted to a more of those and you know you you start to get their reputation. But you know in order to beat to be there with those that back classic guys are talking about you got to count when now. He just did. You know Calipari for all his success. Calipari who really didn't kind of join the big boys club into account when down with Kentucky and I think other coaches who aren't in that elite group. That at one. Jim Wright that haven't won or have. It's the same thing guys what Ben Howland never won one but boy you got to win three in a row so he certainly had that Jay Wright did and then the guy and is he Kevin Ollie. He want you con you con. That was his first year they're right. I yeah yeah electrical and left and yeah. What is next. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell. Civil war the latest is Mike. Ideas opinions against us got those guys stunned and not and sent weaker sham. All of on the NFL and I wonder twin powers activate. Good break everything. He had a AM play. They're getting beat dad here isn't Jerry Jones Roger Goodell think now they're the ones that originally had the Bob McNair. Comment about the inmates running the asylum. I wanna say to that they might have been Barry Bonds steroids stuff. Because they're their Boehner against Islam maybe I'm wrong thinks I thought I often am I remember a different name on that okay that was. That's gonna go I mean that's a look that up that I don't against the same guys are right so. Jet we have Jerry's quote. When now Roger Goodell was on the phone with Jerry. To tell him that Zeke Elliot had been suspended. So I guess the back story of this is Jerry all along was told by Roger Goodell and the powers that be that knows suspension was coming. Jerry I guess was 100% confident that nothing was gonna come of this. And was safe as much even go to rounder in the summer of your members and no fine. Does it come this investigation is says bear this out I heard that the league lead investigator said. No suspensions or Jerry was convinced that he was in the clear. He said quotes I'm gonna come to you with everything I have. If you think Bob Kraft came after you hired Bob Kraft is a he worked yet compared to what I'm going to give. So now nobody knows what the hell Jerry's gonna do although. You know we've been following stories the most senseless. He's. Certainly not backing down and threatening litigation and their owners are threatening to sue them back in its us is just a messed. The interesting thing about the story is nobody knows how this land you tell me how you you tell me if you can predict how to help. A sense. Well and it sounds like tuned down did you read through this the the full article and see the outside the lines piece I'm still. So it I'm still reading it is long and kinda gives a little back story about. And what is is during hearing yes the easy Hugh Elliot thing is the catalyst behind this. But it's not just about Ezekiel Elliott and it's not just about Jerry Jones he is not stand alone on this. There are some other owners that are siding with with Jerry Jones and there's mothers that are richest in the east you read. What Jerry has to say. So I guess kind of hinted at at the core of this if you wanna go beyond the Ezekiel Elliott thing. It sounds like a lot of the owners including Jerry Jones error kind of pissed about two things that one. That Roger Goodell has gotten so much power that it's no longer the owners that are running things. It used to be that did the notion was that Roger Goodell was just a puppet for the owners' right well not so much anymore that Rodgers get a little big for his britches and he's taken on some owners. And there are some Bob McNair is one Daniel Snyder is now the one Jerry Jones. Amongst other supposing they're a little unhappy that think they Goodell has too much power the other one is that they believe that the front offices become bloated carcass. Parity every time there's been a problem in the NFL what's Roger Goodell solution is to throw a couple million dollars that it member there are those two female investigators they hired an ex white house Press Secretary. General rehab. A Dell's image and kind of their point is. That this thing is is become his big bloated carcass of the front office and it's not doing anything to yardage is bad as ever. Yes that Roger Goodell has made them money but Pena forty million dollars a year their pain is staff millions upon millions of dollars and then I did anything for it. And so there's some of that and as well and so this isn't just a ballot. The ZQ it I think there are some motors now Jerry Jones kind of been at the Helm this that are asking the question. Did Roger Goodell makes him a bunch of money or did Roger you don't just sit at the head of the table while they made a bunch of money. And they wanna know why the hell they're paid in this much and why their pain in this giants staff. When Jerry Jones says hey we built this. We don't use of them did to be the ones that kind of ran the same wide we need this guy. He and they also a toddler how they've already contacted Adam silver GAAP. They called him I guess there is over and he was like ends over the NBA commissioner depth is like now I'll I needed. I'd like to say no be when you make like what is so make I don't know he makes. But Roger you know makes forty million dollars a year in NFL commissioner there were some other little tidbits in there I guess that some owners there was one in their where against Roger Goodell and some of his cronies were sent out saying that. The NFL needed to be careful because the NBA was the most likely to take them over in the need to be careful and there's a scene in there are they said that all the owners Jerry Jones some errors were rolling their eyes that Ambien like whatever almost in the sense that. Goodell and his staff for saying this is why you need us. Like he'd be keying without us the NBA is gonna take you over and the owners kind of laughed out of like and yeah I'm not so much. And they're just not happy with the fact they Goodell seemingly has botched. And his his staff like EU hard these people for the Ray Rice thing I think Greg party thing they've hired all these people and yet. The PR image is as bad as ever. And so via moms. Good point and that's a point and a point oh there there's an interest they want their say hey we're paying you forty million dollars a year what do you do first and I and that's what Jerry is saying is. Let's slow this down and take a long hard look at why we're paying him and his staff what we're doing but I thought they Jerry and Roger were tight. Well they used to be that bad then as he knows all about me like he's got points Zeke is the thing that fractured but it's it's now grown beyond that I think Jerry was willing to overlook. Some of the other things. But when you that you repeated his face and you if he felt like he said it was a betrayal that he was told one thing. And now it's gone the other way and that goes back to the crux of power. That there is a sense that Roger Goodell used to do the owners bidding and now Roger Goodell has become too big for his britches. Okay well. Pretty Taliban's. On earth does this send I think Roger Goodell ends up gone. Really I do think Jerry gets amount of that I think Jerry has enough points here and I think he can rally enough support I think Roger Goodell and so. I think he ends up out sooner rather minor out of all of us sooner rather than later but you know as he's got what eighteen more months on this. And I wonder at some point if if Goodell just says an enough is enough right I've made more money they can ever possibly spent a though. He's gonna get his lifetime health I don't know how many people are willing to walk away from forty million dollars just know this bit it sounds like Jerry Jones is an alone. And I. Have not heard one thing about the NFL over the last twenty years and that's I'm not in a bet against Jerry Jones he's the reason why the rams are in LA he's the reason why the raiders. Are where they're not going to Oakland it's true I just I'm not gonna bet against them and. You know owners are closer business guys in wind but I read that article and you kind of look at some of the points. There's a valid arguments there in the India they point out that the Nike's yell which makes ten times the revenue the NFL does the Nike CEO makes fourteen million dollars a year. Roger Goodell is asking for fifty in his made over the last two years an average of forty amongst all the perks. I think he's got a legitimate point. I guess the question is if somebody else were in there. What would lead look like that. And I I think it's an answer I think to yeah make in more than thirteen and a half billion a year and that's my and I think ultimately that mean to be in his downfall is. I don't know what Roger Goodell says that he's done. To. The dais. I I I think they've made the money despite Roger Goodell they get paid a guy forty million dollars to be the head. I've your organization to keeper running smoothly to handle the PR to be kind of the face of bits. And to make you money yes they're still making money but they've always made money. And ratings are down. Bjork couldn't be any worse it seems like every year there's been a new scandal that has popped up. LA thing and did have been a disaster not knowing is he could blame Jerry Jones that he's won the kind of helped push that through but. I'm just I'm sitting here and I'm I'm asking the question of what does Roger Goodell had to stand on where he's gonna say I want forty million dollars silver makes money. Care. Does that tell you something though that Adam silver turned down. For essentially twice may be no more than that to stay in the MBA is as opposed to to go to Vienna film a mighty think heated. Maybe I mean is the NFL damage worse. You know with these guys and that's what I that's kind of my question. The fact that he didn't even he didn't even entertain it that he justice yeah immediately said now listen. All right I text the bridge appears to sign. 553 you'll find a college football weekend preview. Bizarre. You know like a bizarre Alia the holiday was yelling holy. We that would cause the ball as we can come up one more thing to its own kind of points this out you wonder Jerry Jones can point to the fact that. Would like Ben Roethlisberger who feel like he didn't do anything got a got stabbed in the the Robert Kraft thing. We got burned with the Tom Brady were not allowed evidence and now Jerry Jones you wonder if they can paint a picture of he did it to us. Who do you do it to you to our rights for 45 on the stand. This is no football Friday edition of primetime revise it gives you can't indict fresh and Chrysler. Five in ten minutes. And then knowing knows that's more like. College football. Weekend bizarre. What did you think when he drinking. I don't know this. XY science and major terror you like energy drinks no but I'm really dragon but right now. I got found myself lecturing commercial breaks it kinda like that had not thing really and a while. Yeah as is pretty bad not a lot of sleep. He get more sleep I know it's pretty bad smoke weed. Yeah I tried some valuable stuff before a bit since the sadness and give really bad insomnia and it's until you do every night. So when you're out there like 3 in the morning mean. Do you feel tired. No wide awake line doing wide awake last night was maybe like 435 for did you get tired during the day yeah that sucks and you can't sleep. Against her in that game with drones happened am almost done with so I like anti sleep like from one to three prepare any. 249 to 45. A B a little difficult. Yeah that's the key shouting now isn't it thinking seriously Latina will your up and doing stuff I've got three kids in the house and yet all of that sort of thing. You get an app that it's and I try to squeeze when it. Yes well anyway I don't sleep as much as they should know. Gotta we gotta bout of that in about a that insomnia for the last year and a half to listen on GCD killed or news Padilla to the Caleb Porter knew about that. Yeah I didn't know that this was a now I'm not my here is not to the ground you know it's Duke's hot dead timber take us the soccer world although you know I went to my first. You know it's not a regular season game I've never been a regular season timbers game but even at either of the games that matter I've been to decreases it. And have been do a policy easing game so clearly. That's why you come me I'm expert I don't know but yeah I guess there you know. Some some tension there between coach and front office. Porter I guess is that when it is because Porter is notoriously briskly to deal with let's go to soccer Mikey he I interviewed parlance. Are you waiting for come I was waiting for soccer Mike with a new driver who started and so yeah I heard interviewed him for TV wants. And I found him boring. Well I guess though listen to people the he can be able Yankee because vanity B a bit briskly. Kenneth. Well it's surprising because she's. 112. Getting their MLS cup a couple of years ago and what into the top seed in the Western Conference this year but like what you guys said it everything I've heard is he's just not exactly the best person. To be around so maybe he wore on management or vice Versa. Where were on the players that this this isn't new I mean the kid. Jimmie Johnson was build in a dynasty and Dallas he can get along with Jerry Jones yeah and pay him this year ended because of injuries mostly a medley after team has heard of ever filed a unit but the number one seed you have but. It's interesting I wonder if maybe there is the US men's national team job broken around Caleb Porter and that's why he stepped down he think he would get the job. I think he could. I he's been successful are worries van. So I wouldn't be surprised they gave it to him. But as it is really a bad thing in my mind because the timbers of a really good team. They get a new manager who knows anything at all about. MLS soccer that I think they can still be very successful woman if she goes on to be the coaches of the US for example national team awesome having bubbly pretty good with them. Mike is rendition hired coach he knows something about soccer I think that would be one tomorrow about the MLS all pause as they needed me I mean I get to remind you between that and the Portland State job that's probably an open up I figure I should get one of those around him are less is very weird compared to the rest of soccer so what the rules of the contracts in the designated players themselves and pulled and I would immediately everywhere and upfront and we had a. I would go all out did score out. Blue and we're really playing blitz often yes well the immediate need is the whole ops things right it moves with your back defenders complain all my defenders how many guys there on the field for a team that one's eleven. Ten a moment ago there's only one goalie I have eleven guys are you kidding me yeah with it ever goes. I stop this offense I'm revolutionize the game. So Iberian campers Italian New York State catch tuna into a pat. Football parlay. But the confused about the whole football football and omen in lets the they did that bill when NBC got the Euro league. The Premier League who wasn't the juices and weakest in Nicosia if there retreat did that. Where is the American food auction which goes over to England coach. We did do the reverse of that and to kill the border out their coaches Morrissey beavers so what makes a good soccer coach does not ask questions. The bike my care. Partially. After. Right to the right formation tactically being able to change during games and see what's happening but. Lot of it's just managing the personalities soccer players had egos the size of any other athlete they wanna play if they're not playing well you Benjamin you got to manage that so it's. It's the same as any other kind of coaching job it's it's a mix of player. Stored like player relationships. And being tactically a good coach so teasing to timbers will hire Larry Brown. But the. Larry we'll remember immediately lead to employees yeah we didn't aliens yet but then they'll be suspended from. They'll be suspended from complain house for like three straight years taking every other job known to man why don't. Is Larry Brown. I don't know he's probably playing golf drinking brown water he's got to be a little old now right Debian is how. I've been seventies or it just a number the old layer upon fighter five is next college football after that on the fan.