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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, November 17th

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They still listen to the primetime with Isaac and sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. But. This is our podcast that welcome to our part as well as prescilla shards of for the do the right thing since 1952. Is a football for additional time with his suit and by Gretchen Chrysler dodge Jeep ram and eighty. And making teams and our children. But go up to you where the NC man does go well with the chicken. And why are you drunk six. Those results. So glad that story and the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. I didn't play his time as we go. It. Everything. It's really a unique guy and guys it's. By the way have you. In fact when I was with local paper it's tonight. I said dude on Tuesday. And he did them. Jesse was his name. Jesse Jesse Minnesota's juniors emblem on my mother with the UH. Yeah nice accuse my age. You never know they even make our bread is up this it's like it's crapshoot you begin. To deal besides blood so yeah I've had Josie before the chemistry there there it's a historian once you're down at the chiropractor massage. I think a brief the media you and you uncomfortable. Not pleasant and well she was solved your day or night. That's would you do to massage figured out. We'll know but not the car seat we talked about is more I think I did I I think I talked about the junior may have discussed this I rolled into this that same chiropractor and I think right now they could interpret. Seth Seth yes doctors at the end semen on the you guys doing there and David to India little massage. And it's time before he deceived and oh you made that sit on spending creepy but you get a massage when you go get it just entered into drugs and mid twenties to sit there repeated aside again. In the need to see the doctor yes. And on is my first time in there I never I never really gone chiropractor. NN. And we into the thing and she is a guy. Jaffe jurors. No she's ninety. You massage incidents in right now Aaron the B and their idea down got naked yeah. For the massage is that's what he did write what you do and asked if she you know she was cool about it she's he knew my massages and how we're going to do whatever and accuracy is I can't just Latino. Speaking to T shirts. With the equipment. She's basically saying that while people don't you don't feel. Do you hear down fears an upset that we do every time okay well a lot of my stuff is is little back in so yes you're gonna get into the Emmys you're gonna get into the glued in the low back Garros so. Muscles mine could keep an ending on a sheep they need to vent and opera bonuses because they hear it. Considering what they hear is that what it with those two isn't comfortable by your leg care. Look I just thought that's what you do it and YouTube DOC and dangerous to your conference level Mike comfort level is let's get they can get this thing. Third dig around and see what happens. Believe nine lobbying to tell you that Jesse. Is approved and I'm happy that. You'd be so lucky to have Jesse to. Indicates they had us both. Knowing content right now to appoint. Known as that is both. So I aimed and attention because I have balls. Might just go there. So sorry about scanner on sugar. That's a hell of a transition right there no I'm not certain that. In the back of my mind even though I hadn't really thought much about it in the back in my mind I wondered. I've been wondering for 42 years why. This doesn't happen. But up in Washington. Just north of us here yeah. Pocono Ginn county. He says you can argue is it thinks big loser on the big physical be okay noggin I aliens if I'm not mistaken and I. Okay noggin. Counting the. Yeah that's where it's way up north near the border and game yet is it there's a naval air station Whidbey Island up there yeah. And down one of their deeds. Got a news. Fighter jet now enrolled up into the great. Blue sky and drew a dawn. But but in there's a bunch of people's guy darned it's a massive dunk and a bunch of people taking pictures and it's and it's just hilarious. At least I think that it sees as I'm sure some people don't dates the best thing I've seen in months and maybe this system that about my a maturity level. But not only is it fantastic because it may be the biggest dog ever drawn but these symmetry. This real pretty little hypocritical to drop the thing they're little small town you know let's. Again I mean it's it is no doubt he'd what it is that's a good question no there's no dining and is committed to your question is this the biggest. Dong ever drawn I just a Guinness world record I can't imagine that there has been a bigger one has their. But taillight the Asian market. Somebody that would I think is funny news. Like this on initial TV station report was it they'll say things like. People are seeing it resembles. A male genitalia. Now it's a penis doesn't resemble just say one drew it as they're keeping it probably did make it easy and some people are saying it resembles Hilton tonight. No eight guys that I was like look I was making some loopy loops and I didn't I mean do you ever seen Desmond as the sun times were desk and we'll have the game unintentional dogs. And they'll have like lots and whether reporters who do this the beeper. Mitterrand and financing for the football got to be doing that illustrator and that doesn't I don't know if insisted that's one mountain you're saying this guy do this. On accident don't. Yeah of course some people were trying to leave that up like wood and he'd dvd that was just as light enters its two balls and shaft. You make of these big in the infuriated with the dealers and long ovals. Yeah. Of the navy does not happy about this other this appears to Durham in the navy does not have the same sense of humor. That the rest of us and I wouldn't want them to I think that they really. Yes and navy man we can't be TB can Dominique Canty. I figure if anyone would be in this it would be the deed you'd like to see the Marines be no better received over the years that I've been navy let's do this. So in the navy released a brief statement saying the navy holds its air Khannouchi the highest standard. And we find this absolutely unacceptable and zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable. Meanwhile the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed they cannot do anything about joining means in this guy. It's dog is not punishable. By federal regulations in less there is some sort of proven safety risk which leaders announced. It's a bit but it's causing red X include just. Tip enough into the location because their drive their their drawn into the community or way to go I can't take your eyes what have. Happen to good to grab the wheel in his drive it and did you do it on there's this guy just got done on and fixed you know he's tip enough into the lake went right over the bridge didn't even see it come. That's a hell of a way to go. Now I secretly hoped that the needy like is all that they make a big public statement than behind closed doors and the they have this companies and the like will play yet wonder what's gonna happen again certainly on a few. Heaven's sakes you're up there flying in the book about an island ans that's like its top gun it's like your your fighting the Russians here. It probably got a little boy Burton. You know only one got a news did happen selling out to lead the most monumental thing ever to happen in a mock and. The penis in the stand it really is the business that would set on the local news that here's the point six Pettitte pixelated. All year it's so Clemens says. On the takes them a text machine other people that look at that look I get him looking so I get the people there like this is that's not funny I mean it's like come on. I totally get that year and far more mature than I am. But I do people that are really offended like they look at it in India just in neat literally are pinned it to the point where they. Call in and say yes give this downers keep this out of my side oh yeah for sure they're called religious people. There's no obvious there's an obviously somewhere there's within the but this truly offended let's colored image or possibly. Modeling is one thing to be discussed. Think that's it. Another piece but then yes under a 100%. Have you seen the petition going on speaking live LDS people did you see the petition that's going has got 3000 signatures of these school mascot. Got to Utah who did of this so I guess. To what you know how stupid people learn about can defend itself. Scored out of Utah I forget what party you Tut is but they they built a new high school and it's gonna be the Phoenix is the mask. And what do you know what people the world of Phoenix's. I just assumed it was Phoenix. Feel like it was the same being executed. And it is not. So literally a guy there would be he hits it Phoenix's. And that's so you've looked this up. Because for whatever reason he was like I wonder what we should she years where does the good lord above this is a real story and he realized dead. That he is either that it might I don't think it's Phoenix's I think it's another version of it it's. Maybe it was like Phoenix eyes there it's whatever the clear that it is he looked it up and he said as he sent it out loud it sounded like. Penis it's. And he became enraged. Because he thought that his kids would be taunting is is son and daughter played any thought that they'd be taunted. With chants of the penis it's and so he has started a campaign has gotten 3000. People. In the community. To back him to try to get them before the school opens to a limited the mascot. Phoenix because the love it sounds too much like penises and he thinks that it's crude. And it has no place has been sports and the US are their people offended it's guide on yes there are. There's fairly people offended at the putter in the Phoenix because not because it's or something that sounds too much like peace London. What if there actually planning this is like the strategy for North Korea. With their practice seemed to go over there and start to Iran's guidelines for Kim Jung and we have CNN has that there is going to be one has to. We know what they did likened to Vietnam like the condom drop yeah yeah so in in Vietnam they would drop like being with confidence from the sky. And the theory behind that was is that the Vietnamese would find them and think that luck. US soldiers relate races of supervision with the giant weakens and therefore be intimidated. We act as a government. So don't put. This guy don't be in some sort of strategic review the report. To taunt North Korea right right to the demilitarized zone and we just drew like a series of Skype up at its best. Just on the of the border there in South Korea North Korea just as the nice little. How you do there for if you don't it is claimed. Sort of why. I don't know why though. I don't know why it's funny and pray like why do I think that's funny. But it is here he don't like what is it about I don't think it's just so dumb I don't know did it makes me laugh every time you should watch the nit. Makes. Show about the guy. There's a whole Netflix series I've seen it the first three episodes of it. And I forget what it's called. But it's it's like a six or seven for answers about halfway through it and the whole thing is. About like the dumbest kid on earth and he gets. Expelled for drawing like thirty penises in it. On the cars of all the faculty members are related teacher in service they do isn't it like it's like fake right yeah let's say yeah I'd really hilarious and is it is. Absolutely hilarious so the whole point is this guy. He'd love is drawing penis is this is what. This is what he does he draws and on lockers he draws a month school books. And so he did that all these cars get vandalized and the Ecstasy with him and they kick him out at one the other kids goes into an investigation. It is is bound to prove that it wasn't him. And it's it's fantastic because one of the big pieces of evidence is the balls don't match and appears to pop. It's truck I don't accept that though so caught up. Those on the cars and did they take like a real deep dive into this and whether or not it's a conspiracy theory against this kid it's just. It's a great freaking show I love this thanks so much disguise themselves as do you need John can't hear a word without thinking of Dong in we're wrong. There's such a good point that's a 100% true story I just read it like. 034 days I think what is he thinking about it he if he hears. Phoenix's. As penis since he can't one other person in the world that thinks that except for that apparently there's 3000 of them they live in Utah they're not happy about it. Other of that show is because it's American band. On Netflix I highly recommend ticketed them. Are ranked coming up next new thing I discovered him in recent travels he knows a thing thing. Thus any horse that has been thrown in jail. Jill I can happen. If you and you get a DUI hours now the horse was put behind bars yeah I'm not familiar with doubt but I know you get it do you young worse and he is fully validated the photo of the end. But the horse in jail is so sad but are got the the braces for removes. 616 this beat the sand. I want the thing that went viral in a fun little viral thing yesterday. And that is the underwater vehicle fart he thought it would suggest that I did see that wasn't an adorable look at those. The end it was a grade this was a baby hit those fees Cincinnati CU. Of course they did a lot of rifle and shoot it's. Every different day. The unifying Jillian under water hit both art that is the truth that's the line needy people in it's got ten seconds and it's wonderful to. If those are fantastic if you've never seen hippo like Canada's nature shows they. And that we need to take care of their business out of the water. Their tails bids. And did you like a helicopter being within minutes braves. You know the Mona Catholic and ethnic person a large reason I guess that's how they. They kind of mark their territory as the justices now and squirted out there. Listen close. Buying dozens agrees with him I was out in Vegas last week in and night hump on mine but yet to go there. And then something happened and I've never seen before and I wonder if you guys have. Seen this. Or news thing. A woman. So I'm sitting right in the front is on me a boarding an attitude and at the front the southwest in against the franc I'll. I mean how great is an act yet the extra room like the stretch at Tony's the end nearly premise there's no place to put your drink down. Yet they need a little table there and also. From a big tablet you can't put the arm rest up. But he can't now I'll leave it wedge does like to play like you are so. Yeah but hey I need. I needed to go up a little bits that I can weasel my leg goes yes he can't there's too much that that didn't quite get past to be there. White guys can't be seen which together for a flight that's the way it. Well like literally hurts me to try to like cold myself and that's up for interfering with your neighbors and analytically taking a little bit of his or her space yes this is my life. Farmers in the fifth inning is being down did you know that you sit me I'll see most claims. There's a little button that they hide underneath. The Armas and I'll see you can pop it up a little bit mutually times yes but in the front of the southwest ones it's not even an art it's not an arm rest it's like a walls. Yeah there's an emergency rooms but the big solid piece of plastic in you there's nothing you can do about. It's like it is the first there in your crotch when you sit near the thighs rubbing together insisted since bat. Thank you get a steam some clams. That scare horrible terrible way to fly and a powder before you know there so I am watching everybody board. You know like clearing them yet judging them to get that did not sit by you yet NN end. This woman wants on enhance the flight attendants and Pakistan. And in the one of the clintons. And down but it seems like an exchange. Of which they they knew was coming it was almost like now they must he must know hours of the and it turns sounds. That she didn't know they they'd never meant. And it was just a passenger on the plane who handed the everybody in the crew. Aid. If there with a confident like he's. Stretch pants or something. You couldn't you. Not feel the pins they're like these these really popular pants that people are wearing now in they have. You'd lose an S on mine don't they just they're that agenda pants kind kind of that there there in new popular. Version that. They gave the crew paid yet. In in mirrors one for on each of the three flight attendants only if there's anything for the pilot to me before flight since whatever. But they got on the microphone later. And they said the overhead and they said you would really like to think the woman who brought to spy. This is the best gift you've ever received. And you give free drinks and perceiving this week is currently the biggest yeah NM there and he did that person Friedrich yes not everybody noticed here. Look at these things what do they call. I she she me she was so I I go it later unseen they're going to always battled did did did they send. Her out to get those like why did she bring those two I'm and just. I I've I can't figure out what happened there so I asked the flights in and I just say hey what was that all but she's alone she just brought us that she has brought his pants and I said how often do people. Green you Steffi she says all the time. She's a people bring us all the time and normally it's not stuff like that it's like. Eminem's her yeah you know it's something. From the the areas around that. The gates to terminal but she said people give a stuff all the time. In I didn't know that I had no idea that people gave flight attendants. Gifts this is completely out of left field now I've heard it's the amenities dominant. I've heard of tips like tipping them on but you're not allowed to tip. Well did you keep any. He can I think when you go around and you order years you know he like purely be allowed to give semi to do what you do two doubles and we'll just call this evening. They can do the little card think you can't know they wanting to let me just a little bit down. They're not supposed to but they. On holidays when you think ski meaner if you're flying on Thanksgiving Day are flying on Christmas Day she said a lot of times people will tip them and say hey. And things are working on a holiday is we know you want you to panic or you need him who's there here's when he ducks who have offered to get away from them. So on anyway it's a thing and with this fight attendant it's a thing to give them gifts. I mean and things I had no idea so my jerk. That I've never. Not a pretty I don't think so at all again now because I think 99% of people haven't but I just think this woman who brought those. Like that was. That was a pretty cool move. Unite against the no good feel for her to do that. Because nobody does nobody yummy time it's not common knowledge I would think so. Yeah Lula wrote you love rose zero Pasadena not to be confused with the lemon. Three they just she brought she brought them Lou rose. And leggings though with flaky yeah visiting them but they liked him they were like whoa this gate car. So. What's appropriate for media brain because I can't bring a dude like. What if I bring elected the late teens but there's it's a flight attendants of mail. Yeah I don't know I actually most of their bring him a tie you can you find out who your flight attendants are at a time it gonna call it Billy KGB the mail to feel what that's why. Society I know I'm. It would've liked it would have we heard the flight attendants and it's you would meet. Right I'd worm hole. I would do but if you get a premium media but the Portland Timbers wants did you do the soccer Jersey is that. And it got Dickie it's me that they've they've made when they first heard I was years ago. They made us soccer Jersey the name on the back did they keep me a large. I supposed to do with a large minded city suckers are you guys are small understand that they think there's it's one of the sixers don't brings me BP's these leggings they're like hey I thought have you. You may appear in medium leggings. This was due to dad. I can I complain about being a free. But. Based on that I got from the beavers but it is right handed unhooked her own yeah for the all star game in. If you remember that this sort of mine and mine too big and yet it seems as you did it since it's right. That's kind of I put these universal things. I don't know what to make of this you know I would feel awkward if I got on the plane and someone brought up something I did that feel weird. What did she was the only person on the plane that brought them something there's a 150 people on a plane. I think everyone else should feel like crap now you why wouldn't I think I'm one the only people that caught. Condit because I was sitting in Nancy don't think many people knew until they announced on them. Don't think anybody knew that yeah they announce on the loudspeaker. But you know who I thought of win. She handed does to them and and I learned that it was really just like some random woman giving gifts and I thought if Johnson can't ex wife Heather. That is something that she would do a 100% she is so thoughtful gets gifts. Whenever my brother or his wife go anywhere they will randomly pick up stuff like biggest tip for you all the time. They do yeah I have bunches of them I guess they're from them he's just that's the way they were in the birthday set up on the mantle and cool gift feeder earthly do you tip he tipped boot bushels left. Ideas well ideally if they do something for me no like cleaning the room. Like I said I'd like if they if they did. Come inning clean the room than I do that like for example I was only in Vegas for for. Like. Dean and a yeah so I didn't hit because the whole time I put to do not disturb sign on. You don't think you don't do it even though they have to clean after you leave. I know I didn't and I don't even if it's weird they suppose that's a weird being really think about it it's a weird dynamic. But like tennis and and it pleas for a week we can happen there in their B game again. The two sides of the couple times the naked photo if you land on the benefit of the Shia police. Decision was Jesus does slip that one in there. That would be harassment. Let's arrest this keeps happening legally right goal Lola my photos and editor and actually you're laying naked on the bed and into the room also. But this arrest so popular and there have been. If you there's got to do not disturb sign up as they can lay edu Freetown you do the stakes leave those taken lounge. A semi Brad this and wonder about this too was it'd initiative that they announced it to the passengers. Like you're sort of fishing for more. Gifts food. They didn't have to announce that either you have gives you don't notice like I just region in my bin Monsanto closed I think I don't Bethpage the president asked what I think what they're doing is they're spreading neat idea hey it's really cool when you bring his stuff is then we'll give you free drinks they're kind of tried to kick started this whole thing. I think that's what they were trying to keep that in an entity that does the like a company wide. Spreads them where it was the plant you know like those were southwest employees and their just that's kind of things like they need you fly now. Let's bring each other's gifts and went down to the passengers will make this thing. I still don't know what to dig that and I find ladies. To be the strangest gift that you could possibly very. They kept all the things that you're gonna bring. Leg it's. Well. We're getting reports of these late teens beating marketing scheme. Well like it's like but she brought them leans. With the idea that makes this guy says. Lou Rosie multi level marketing business for women sell the leggings and dresses. And they try to get people under then. So she's trying to probably Ruben Mendez sewn their staff the agony of ways sort of thing. But for ladies. Thank me for is that stupid and caterpillar would hurt it really shouldn't multiple reports of that to be judges though those. We have knives. Secure your friends' kids and notes. Chris Tisch says he depressing you have to buy anything he can get about the damn door for two hours and get to buy if he can knife. All right now we'll wrap it up next on the Fanny is Mike. When it does not feeling like that on to an eighty of them can. By central Catholic plaque in this. His next. Move. Like this. Your. Cougars maybe. Cavaliers. For a glitch heavily on the weekends. You're right it was there. Oh yes sure why the when he announced peace there and I was reading. I like to read would you care to elaborate. And they stuck in the break it was finally does stupid. Those dumb collectors like you see it's like. Ten shocking photos or whatever you do it through but like with the show you think historical photos of the blow your mind. And I like I always get sucked into that. And it's it's weird like there was one. Of fat in the bomb they dropped it and you can bomb that dropped on he goes Nagasaki. And it's the guys toll did not think it was the you know again the dropped it and the guys are taught weeded out on the trailer and it's it's huge the size of the car. And there's three Duke's. Like three army guys and they're sitting on it writing it like receiving stock reeling at. And it got no shirts on their side there's violent they're just they're dragging it out to be loaded the eight were sitting on the bottom and it's it's me that someone out there's a let's grandpa a and like has a photo of himself right in the first. Nuclear weapon to ever be. It's true that there was another one of Hitler at the first ever Volkswagen bug factory to. Posey didn't. Check it out to be a key any stand there they have the first thought that I gets everything about the use them. The Pentagon is that the Bachmann next. We're back Tuesday no show Monday gives us the answer back Tuesday we'll see on a big gals in Beaverton. Great weekend. Red shoes. Okay. And you.