Primetime 11.13.17 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Monday, November 13th
Hot 5 at 5, CFB and NFL weekends...which win was most surprising? 

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Right. Why would blow my big blue won the. I don't want to. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob I'm miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason six Janice Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on ten ABC. And. I welcome back good Monday help everyone's have a great day I really do hope that for you guys and gals out there. It's Isaak is soup. Lot of sports you know this week we're going to be talking to several college football guests on the bright Cass who have. I. We'll have. Jon Wilner of the Mercury news he's a big. College football scribe knows a thing or two about them may be the situation down there with. Jim Moret UCLA and it's an article on now what may be the pac twelve needs to do if you do believe they need to do something on like heat coming their way. On the oval scheduling thing in specially that the Friday Thursday night games we'll also have Brock Huard back on the show this week he has done he wants to come back on. He likes coming out with look at us so you'll be on on a thirst and it's gonna be a fun week Kaczynski now on the nitty gritty here two weeks left in the regular season and then we during the conference title games and then a cultural left. So our football coming up this hour I Suk who would like to talk about the falcons cavaliers game and like dvd. The Florida did I just thought the cowboys were ecologically stupid. In in one aspect of baffled organ in the club I this is totally random sure but I would like to bring up a stretch. Of roadway. Here and hound that fascinates me okay. And I drive through it quite a bit if I'm not taking the freeway in a chest. A similar amount that you have because there is a stretch of of a broad that every time a monetize sees something that makes me stop and ago. I don't know if I've ever seen that before oh cool so you have on his wonderful I don't think it's the same no I don't think you're down my way that much no I'm not as down. Down no so then this is different but there is one Republican the freeways are clogged. This I'll go this way did to get home and every time among their like after a blazer game I'll go that way sometimes you see you know you will see something on their I've I'm convinced every time you drive it that will make you stop and say now I haven't seen them before nominee try to guess what stretcher broad. Yeah Mikey might now you're you're down in that area yes it's just that we will get to that in the club a couple of rams notes stuck on the ranch here. I somebody will several do you mentioned look at that because us talk about the rams do you still play the Eagles up. And down they said look closer at the rams' schedule is brutal yes the next week they're at the buy keys and then they host the saints. Cardinals host at at Arizona they host the Eagles and then at Seattle and they finish up with Tennessee in the 49ers Tennessee era game to sedate they have. Road games at Minnesota Arizona Seattle Tennessee in and they play the saints and Eagles an easy and a home now you're definitely gonna get vetted out here regular hand and that's crazy. And then I looked at the attendance numbers for you. And in terms of hours like to look at percentage capacity is you know. Each stadium holds different numbers people. In terms of percentage capacity the rams are actually. Well they're 89% they're averaging 74000. Fans can that's better than the -- yet better than I thought and I know that's huge stadium yet it's the one of them I think it's the biggest stadium besides Dallas that's I think it's seats close to a 100000 people may be even over a 100000 right but it's just whenever I see it on TV and especially early in the year. When we do know what to make the rams there were so many empty seats and it just it looks terror I think they're starting to gain some traction at the averages having kids pretty good now. I do know that there is one team. Try to guess the team that is dead last in terms of percentage capacity it's chargers it has to be well but they're not rated on here because it it's kinda know counties because the plane and a small soccer stadium. No one knows it's it's a road game yes or if they're not on here is more fans of the opposing team and that's stupid soccer stated that they it's the Cincinnati Bengals. No one's going to be angles well know there are only averaging 55000 fans and they're not very good this year either so Bengals Redskins raiders and browns. Had the lowest percentage to passing only. Fill up the seats Dallas Green Bay filly in Seattle at the top four and San Cisco I'll put them together for their either sell out there there are 70000. Ha per game. Kind of blows me away and how much that is in corporate owners. And now Indies punitive Indy Indy has full house. You know all mean India has great fans support again a year in Indianapolis with those you can you aren't let's get to the hot by the five. Odd topics and opinions or are they aren't aren't and I'm there. It's time for the odd hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm the hybrid drive. Guys have been so it's. Very. Refresh by acorn slide when things get hot pink gloves with a frost brewed Coors Light colors look. Whatever your mountain climbing and number applies. Jason this'll stun you duels done. All of you I'm ready to be stunned to learn that Italy. Did not qualify for the World Cup I just saw this like a half hour ago I saw this on the yield a Twitter feed there that was the first time that Italy has not qualified for the World Cup since 1958. Soccer Mike. Let's go to him. Now the fire the coach the US wasn't very good this year you know. Was that has literally not make us a stunner was Italy I'm pretty sure this is a stunner admin following the qualifiers quite as much but. Italy makes it all the time. And they had. The this was the last season Fergie you grew from their great goalie who's been there forever Aaliyah and he's a load GG so sad to see here but he is he's gonna retire the coach is leaving at all. There bracelet is blown open up so. That's the sand and I GG. Thumb anyway. For the Socrates for you. It was sort of like. Number of all they're telling me. That is the standard so I had done. 53 guys. The CI to bring him back Byron Maxwell on a one year deal. We kind of have to hold Richard Sherman situation our mental side soccer league's got to bring someone in. And look I get the Richard Herman that you think is a big deal for them but Earl Thomas is the catalyst of that you so. Obvious is that to see what they do without Richard Sherman I don't think it's the death sentence that some people are predicting. Mean it's certainly could have an impact but it your boy that was a member of the secondary you could make the argument the bulls can't Chancery and Earl Thomas More important than which sure. And it could be the end of Richard Sherman in Seattle really. This guy contract out. Nobody makes a lot of money ends. You know you gotta give any older an Achilles injuries of those rating not those are the easiest to to come back. Monday Night Football tonight it's the dolphins at the Panthers a Jay Cutler. Sneaky seven touchdowns in his last eight quarters but he is going up against number one defense in the NFL. Carolina given up just 274 yards per game. We've got a lot of hoops tonight. Here locally. Some round ball in the case. And the blazers are playing again they're playing the Denver Nuggets to a team. The blazers are looking to snap that two game skid now. Denver is actually pretty good endeavors and it went 56. There nicely and Fuego. Edited the battle Libya the nuggets senators and they have no senator that plugs. Alia pummeling I forgot about him and went in on this and on the we need him more Alan Grant that some some ugly. And it just. Syria but no sense in a while for them a will Barton's average in fifteen points a game. So anyway that's at the Mota senate's nice places need to win big win and then now or again host prairie view a and MPV. AM. Now he damn hot pre season college basketball Andy beaters are taking on Wyoming. And it lifted up Richard Sherman next year due to make right around twelve million if they got rid of him. Only two million in debt cap space ten million dollars in savings and is a free agent after that so if you don't think Richard serving complain next year. You chop and he saved ten million you let him off. Aron judge wins American League rookie of the year announced today he's the first Yankee win that award since Derek Jeter. Cody Ballinger wins the NL award he is the first Dodgers since. Last year. Who received by the way bull unanimous. Oh yeah and I think that's the first time that that has happened now. Here's one for infants less as a fund Dodgers fact. Previously the Dodgers had five straight rookies of the year from 1992 to 1997 did you know that. Because I was surprised to three dads club and overrated and they are right he was one of them. I see the first Syrian Eric careless and remember then piazza. Then Raoul month to see. Followed by Hideo Nomo and in the last was Todd Hollandsworth. Consider my mind and my general Powell. Blow and it didn't that pesky Scott Rolen came along and still the dodgers' streak otherwise then who knows maybe they feel safe to assume let's make an excuse. Us. Number one right. No matter and number one is dads. Florida who needs a head coach they fired Jim nacco land they have begun thoroughly bad mean none other than Chip Kelly yeah position. This is it just think is that the speculation on chip was as that he didn't really like ocean cause to do like recruiting. It took too much time we didn't wanna do is a pain in his ass. And so there is always believed that if he came back you have to be somewhere recruiting with a lot easier you know an organ. Word of one of the toughest schools in the country on its coaches because the distance you have to go. Put it as sort of regardless of who the coaches you always have a top ten classic Qaeda recruits itself. Press coverage at you'll have to go very far to get the kids so if there is gonna be a college job that was. Chip Kelly out of there it may well be floor. Well according to keep them all. Who is state college football scribe for Yahoo! Sports he is saying that if there is mutual interest. I'm Chip Kelly wants the Florida job this deal could be done before the ACC title game. He also reports that Scott frost and Dan Mullen are to other names that Florida is interested. In looking at but that Darren heighten her guy he's that. That kind of nondescript dude who's the attorney who's tied into the Florida program he's the one that broke the story about tackling being fired up every is like who the hell's this guy but he's got an end. At Florida I he has also reporting that. Florida is definitely looking at Chip Kelly. Decision could be as soon as this week. He also heard that Florida was becoming very frustrated with Jimmy sexton who represents many other potential candidates. Chip is represented by David Dunn doesn't agents beat Tammy agents ESL on that can be a factor in it as well that Florida has begun thoroughly vetting. Chuck would that be fun decide they should be a blast Jackie buckles run in the cooler it's on the Florida sidelines those athletes I think he's fascinating insight if Florida brought him back I think that would be. One I I do you think that that would be damned good hire them into dispute fasting to watch how he does because the SEC's gonna have a lot of openings acting. And seniority got Alabama and opera and a big boys at their opinion got. Tennessee making removal miss making a move may be Arkansas makes a move I mean it's gonna be tough Georgia isn't going anywhere Georgia is awesome with with Kirby Smart you know. Yet so anyway. That's that's the latest on Chip Kelly Bihac five inside folks. It is brought to you by prospered course like Duncan Bieber fans download the new course like XP app earn points towards one of kind experiences and awards. Even game tickets the speech when he won or older okay. Let's let looks to be the floor on Dallas Atlanta. She's. Coming up next a wrap up our NFL discussion for the week for the weekend anyway it is a 517 on the fan. Primetime with chicken soup god Kennedy go for it and all right then cowboys and falcons it was kind of a stunner yesterday he now teaches at the falcons. And they kicked their ass Guillen did that wasn't everything to do with. Ezekiel well I mean obviously that that plays a role does there a different team with him in their bit. He doesn't solve what was wrong with the Dallas Cowboys yesterday fall are far from it so Claiborne. Is it aging Claiborne and Claiborne had six sack yes inning game it was I never I mean. Derrick Thomas a memory gets arsenic yet eight or nine he did it on one game one game. That's the NFL record I remember that we've grown up against two I was gets he talks new Easton OK guys against Seattle Dave crack. You go look it up it was such as nominee Derrick Thomas did Derrick Thomas was demands that it was. And whole league he was unholy goody was Lawrence Taylor rushed the quarterback good. And not that they Claiborne is isn't is a terrible player or anything but dead there's no excuse for that Jeff Green who is like their swing tackle now member he started the year out at left guard in Tennessee are replaced by and he was jumping Cooper because green sucked when we get enough. Andy was playing and he plays right tackle but Smith Tyrone Smith is out for the cowboys and Europe and amount left tackle. Go you can look at the highlights of that you'll not see any worse performance by an individual player in NFL game all year. She did not touch any beat him for a 45. And I don't know how many other pressures in and cornerback kids that he had. He didn't lay a hand. On Claiborne on any one of those eight is the US Nolan Ryan's he was throwing no hitters. It was unbelievable and this is the part that drove me if the cowboys fan. It would just it would (%expletive) me off beyond belief so Clooney early in the game you don't left tackle. That's not supposed to be left out right he was only play because of injury. He's a car and in a right tackle at best is already starting caliber left guard right tackle. She remove him out there to play the left side because of injury and earlier in the game clearly he cannot block Claiborne it's is that. I'm a mismatch beyond mismatch you could have been out their meat and it wouldn't immediately we could've done just as good a job. And my question is NIC this time and time again in the NFL and in college as well and it just it makes your sense to me. They cowboys did Chaz green no favors now what time. Did you see them. Take special precautions to try to protect him you didn't put a tight end over there you weren't chippy. They basically just said hey you're out there one on one within goal block him. Al what winning the game do you stop being a stubborn you know why it and give your poor guy hell. Bad form at some point is that on does benefits coordinator. A 10% of that sound Linehan that's on the opposite like what's in the end in the offensive coordinator not coordinator not getting with one another just simply say look we can't block him. And I see this all the time were like what we need our guy out the route or this doesn't fit into our game plan. I understand it did it's a pain in the ass to have to double team someone or keep a back in or keep the tide in and block. This is better than having your quarterback hit on on every drop back play. Or by the time the third quarter rolled around that would would drop back to pass any immediately just start Reddy was Billy goats. Because he was pressured every single time from the left side. Was embarrassingly bad so Liz Claiborne send as Pro Bowl check to you much ask me yes he should give like with like a turn over chain or something. What Saxon was the strip sacked it was a turnover he knows Chad. Green a huge slap on the back for his next country and that was. It was a weird and policy that Elaine is another team they did. I did now. In Dallas is get. And I thought Dallas was better than that it's about points out too loud environment to and you still gave him no hell. It's just it's in this bothers you because it happened a year it's an abomination I want you re going up against in this is this happened a couple times and it wasn't. With me I never played on the outside but I would in this I really like norms I respect normal law enormous my office or coordinator for four years. But we didn't really offer help we we wanted guys out routes and we didn't really chip immediately double team. And there were two or three different times. Where I would come off the the sidelines and norm would be screaming at us because we are again the quarterback killed. And simply said we need to give the tackle help once was against Dwight Freeney. We played Syracuse we played cal. And that was Andre Carter went and played ten years in a cell. And the other one as we are planned Washington Jason track who was the pac ten defensive player of the year and we offer our tackles zero help and we got murdered in those games. A member coming off the field and getting into screaming matches with him because he would just sit there and yell at the tackle and say you have to block him if you can't. Will find someone else that will no we won't. If you have someone else that could block him he'd be in the game and this stupid notion of well that's your job you're supposed to do it. I dip it in theory that's a good idea in theory communism works. Doesn't mean that you just sit there and stick with it all game so you're refusal to chip your refusal to keep a tight any your refusal to slide the line. That way to give him help. That's is much to me on the cowboys' coaching staff that loss as. It is on Chaz green in his (%expletive) pour reforms that he had an as the as the left tackle. So Claiborne in his career has 28. And a half sack and a he's played as is his seventh the year before I guess amateur he got six of those in one game. So that's. 74 games played it's inexcusable 22 sacks one game. Six sacks just absolutely inexcusable on the part of the dusk hours and yeah go look at any of his sacks during their during those are any of its pressures. He is not getting double teamed he is not getting hit by a tight and he's not getting chipped by a back in the one on one with a violent and it was an embarrassed so that coaches. OK so the coaches what is that they're just eat the end stubborn and it is don't. We do we shouldn't have to we shouldn't shouldn't have to do you didn't have to do that he's not thank you Ed we didn't see this on film that's gone this way you dress in their embark deaths. You know my ass and in my favorite part two is that when you bench the guy. OK so that there's a reason why you're starting him in the first place now you're gonna go to guy that's not as good as he has and that's your solution to block him just there there are some coaches that just refused to make adjustments or refuse to. Disrupt what their game plan is and I think last night and net I don't know if that's. I'd do that that's up a whole reason they lost obviously but I thought it was a big part of that was the cowboys refusal. Adjust so a couple of quick notes on that Seahawks chiefs game where. Derrick Thomas had all those sacks he had 77. And that was in 1990 in your idea of Craig was Seattle's quarterback. I Thomas I'm watching it on YouTube is quite fascinating you know that's why it's is dominated and as some one of our Texas points out. It's like Thomas would sack. Greg any did it seven times and he will. Never really celebrate is gone through this got one back it's it's interesting because universities announcing all these. Celebrations but the fun fact about that game the other fun fact is that Seattle one. I deceived I don't remember Fred thrill late game winning touchdown. Really you half. They wanna game. Housing Kansas City through. Derrick Thomas I'm looking at their own time militant sect leaders. Derrick Thomas is is good a pass rusher is I news. Ever seen in my entire you know he was some I was in Kansas City when he was there and when he died was very obviously he died current flows on the open up. I'm he. He that that was that was mean that hit that area hard and he was a freaking. It's hero that people loved it and he was a great dude to like Derrick Thomas was always out in the community doing stuff and people loved it he that guy. And you want to let gone too soon. That gang. He wasn't the all around player that Laurence Taylor was. But I I don't think that there is a fighter pass rusher. Did the NFL has ever seen. He could he could dominate games and team but 32. Some how many years he would have left. Used 32 when he died is 32 he doesn't. Know. Our command next it is back to college football in the weekend it was Georgia done. Momentum but they go down. Notre Dame. Down bad and they are. Damn well almost down. Islam and we'll get to next year's Mike. You know history missing little. Because you're talking about Derrick Thomas and brought back a lot of memories remembering him around Kansas City you know they also had Neil Smith but those those. Did those chiefs teams but the problem was they never did anything in the slam yeah that's that's when I was about to say is that those you know forgotten great team. And you totally understand why they're forgotten because he never got over the hump the playoffs but those Marty Schottenheimer teams in Kansas City Werth mean yeah. They were good name it led win ten games every year and they just never. Never got it done. Teams are dead do they they get forgotten the history of the I think the San Diego Chargers are that way with Philip Rivers. Think people forget that it won't quit I wanna say. Remember exactly what year was I think they had nine or ten pro bowlers on that team. It was LT it was gates it was Philip Rivers yet quick Jammer Shawne Merriman. Turn remember who their big Leslie O'Neal I think might have been their big give Islamic remember who it and he was before that. Turner who their big defense of Lyman was that was stud. Eric widow was on the pit that team was loaded it. With guys was the most talented team in the league and they never made a Super Bowl I remember the one year they had the patriots beat on the interception. And then the guy fumbled it MM of that in other than those. Dole's turn on thing and not think that they hitting in the Chester I think he should have caught so he intercepted a heated and you know I felt that many was running back and he fumbled it can. And he just fallen down that probably salt the game away form. To those charges teams were so Google's Minnesota teams. With Randy Moss Cris Carter Randall Cunningham number that was that Gary Anderson had missed a few will all year and then the outside it was against the falcons. The that was the Jamaal Anderson the dirty birds falcons yet even keel to fuel Chris Chandler. And quarterback and they lost another one of those teams that broke all kinds a records that. Lost was lost to history they just never was able to do it is Schottenheimer is in Kansas City for ten years he won. 811101011913. 913. Oh I forgot to Junior Seau was on those who was on some of those charger teams as well he came in in my bar wants jeered at a served him. In Kansas City minera went on the road he was awesome yeah -- needed yeah loved him could have been nicer guy now Ryan leaf on the other hand. That was a little different story well that was those are his drunk. He's just means Ryan leaf had some arm Manny was mean there was mission there was a story like a scared I was abolished a barge in and he scared me there is. Again don't remember where I read it but then when the colts were. Debating between. Peyton Manning around even that was legitimate debate I think people forget how good Ryan leaf was in college right leave was the better physical talent. Hands think the story went something to the effective they were they were gonna fly in and meet Ryan leaf. And either leaf was late to the median or blew off the media and he came back from Vegas like on a private plane was just all kinds as faced. And they are light up battle. That'll do it. So it started early on in fact he had at least one if not to DUI is her duties when he was at Washington State. In booze and pills you know did did admit and I remember right not deport him crown on the rocks. And he wanted more like you want if you like it wasn't. We can always order another drank can't treat them without one yeah no no he wanted it bigger. He's much more crown and was angry and want the ads that yeah eggs angry about it and was just he was really. Here's his confrontational he's doing better now on the I've punched him and sucked right then I threw him right out. The game away Gina after mama bar to get out here are the Q did you not Kansas City Chiefs on the for the big guys. Huge yet he's he's really date that he is he's not Leah is not a small man okay so in college football a couple things we are talking earlier but it Chip Kelly may be headed to Florida and Nebraska AD. Gilman says Mike Riley will finish the season is is deserves to finish up the season which is what a horrible like. Backhanded compliment her I mean I guess it's not really a back any combinations you deserve to finish up the season but at the end of that you are here. By golly lost again EL IE big yet they have to fire him yes so the urgency comes back. You know what they're gonna do Scott frosts. Is undefeated at Central Florida he can go to Nebraska. Vietnam. That big people say that thank you can't win in Nebraska like I see I don't buy that at all and I get that dear Tom Osborne's not walking through those doors again but. I believe that there is twenty jobs twenties to 45 jobs in this is in college football. That with the right guys you can win a national title within four or five years and I believe Nebraska is one of those places. And mother all in there I mean they're committed. Yes they're committed they have facilities little harder to recruit obviously there you don't have the the same sort of fertile recruiting down switches ended but it's it's not lacking in talent it's the top thirty recruiter he had the right guy in there with a couple good classes again it's not gonna be a an overnight turnaround but you can win at Nebraska you can win a national title at Nebraska and for people say ended the dead that's. That's ridiculous look no further than Alabama before Nick Saban got there again you will we have this this notion that like Alabama. Has been the best team in the country for forever and it's just it's not the case before Saban got there. They have fallen on hard times you know they they went to a couple bad coaches. I'm looking here one is gonna I was actually gonna look it up and unseasonable for saving got there. Was Mike Hsu remember the great Mike Shula Yang wasn't there very long knowing what Howard shell murder two in the dead Franchione and then she load the boat is was and there are. So did those ads it's a gene stallings won a national title while he was there Al shell murderers and oh yeah he was an Oklahoman that he was in Miami. But. So to both went four and 77 of five get a ten win season. And then 3887 in five and he got canned Franchione came and won ten games once and then went 496. And six than Shula comes in. She will again 110 win season and six and 77 and six. And then Nick Saban comes in mean. Alabama in the span of what ten years had. Three seasons where they won more than seven games in the Nick Saban comes in they dominate college football for ten years the use of you have what it takes her to win in a Brodsky if you hire the right guide Nebraska should not settle for mediocrity Nebraska is not. Iowa I think it there there's a distinction there though like I've always said you can win anywhere in college football. Look no further it with the right coach. Look no further than what bill Schneider has done at Kansas State yes I mean if you've never been there which many of you probably haven't it's one of the worst jobs in America I do not know how he well it was the worst job in America was even close. Four of what forty or fifty years and he'd. Jumps in there and two times has resurrected that I mean it is truly one of the best jobs ever done in college football now. I think the distinction is he's not going to win a national championship at Kansas State you're saying. You can win anywhere with the right higher. But there are only about twenty to 25 schools where with the right higher you can win the whole things is good enough to to go all the ways. In gig enough players who all the way in Nebraska is one of those C. I think Nebraska is a national championship program if you hire the right guy. It's not it's not as good a job is Alabama because recruiting. It's harder to recruit in Nebraska than it is an Alabama down south he just he put up a fence around you state you dip into Louisiana and Florida little bit when you go. Nebraska is a little bit harder in the you have to recruit a wider. A wider width of kids yet to go down into Texas Oklahoma got to go to California. But you you can. You can win a national title in Nebraska they they're not Iowa. They're not as a school like that they're not Kansas State so I don't blame Nebraska fans for wanting more than than a leader nine wins. Now every year you're not gonna compete for a national title but. I don't think Nebraska has unrealistic unrealistic expectations say we should be in the conversation every couple years. A beaded team that they should be in the college football playoff Symbian that that conversation. Because to me take a program to be less resources. Let's history less tradition all of those things who is there every couple years and seemingly every year still puts together a nine win teams in this Wisconsin. You know Wisconsin is in that mix and two to do amazingly at all. Are they in that top 20/20 five though that I could win it I think that they may be on the outside of that looking man I had the same day in Michigan State as big as one of those I just don't know all of the top ten talent is there may be catch lightning in the bottle but I think he did in Nebraska like committed to Wisconsin and that's kind of my point is I think Nebraska just has better resources there's added there more committed to. But I I think Nebraska is a better version of Wisconsin so to look and see what Wisconsin don't of the last fifteen years. If I'm depressed come look at that and say at the bare minimum that's what I'm going to expect out of my. My athletic department that's what I expect but I would go to step further than that I do think it Nebraska. So we do what Wisconsin does but I think we should have a special year every now and then where we do compete for a national title as Wisconsin is never quite been there there was an epic games sure. I Dixie Bridgeport Beers to sign my five real final wrap up the weakening college football is the biggest surprise next on the fan. Prime time where Isaac can sue god sanity though they. Voted college football playoff rankings tomorrow and end at play shake up. Over the weekend. And I still don't think that Wisconsin and cracked. They're undefeated. Really now thirty it'll be tomorrow. I think you're gonna gets. Alabama one minding Miami. Wouldn't shock me if Miami's two or Miami's three clans and it too. And an Oklahoma for Wisconsin that five Mancha. And you pretty god that's where it's I think that's where it's gonna shake out. So Miami was seven lastly yes that's a long way to jump but you know they that's the number three team in the country in the alien ass will open and it did so that that's if I'll go with the Alabama one Clemson to Miami three Oklahoma four or maybe even Oklahoma three Miami Oklahoma look at you know that was one that. You know modular type not because of what Auburn did to Georgia. And you know what Miami did to Notre Dame but Oklahoma handled. One of the top defense is in the country are looking really good. So Oklahoma's an interesting teams of the top 25 the came out today not that it matters but the top 25 DP is Alabama Miami Oklahoma Clemson Wisconsin. Auburn is your top six. And then Georgia seven Ohio State Notre Dame Oklahoma State that's your top ten. Oklahoma lose to Iowa street one Iowa State has two adults on them right they got to see him as well correct. I think they did Indiana in the uneasy TC Demi they're dead but it's just now. Oklahoma's kind of weird any. Anyway we can cause a poem and you don't show up and you get necked Alabama. In another bus to misunderstand why they should lost in Mississippi State government run out of the gym I guess ran out of these that is the built in. By the two good teams that they played and it was Auburn. And Georgia boat bull boat raced him 313 and 4910 and they had. Alabama on the ropes. Doesn't present the city's dale wasserman a gain in Vegas and them. That you miss it states is better than I thought you know a lot of arrogant a lot of heat because. Well you know Dave comes on I mean we talk about how they're sort of propping up Alabama by ranking Mississippi State so high you know they really that kid and she said they lost. A couple of they're you know they lost their two biggest games pat bad so there was seven into they Apollo seven into they are not a hollow seventy to other seven entry is awesome game but that's not how I did that in a court expert gets its well. And so a lot of you think this is the year that Dan Mullen on the checks out that he. He realizes that it's it's that in Davis said this is it toughest place to win in the SEC is I have displays to recruit to I'd hire him and he looks at it he says it's just you know I'm I'm not gonna be able to win here. The way I want to and he may finally decide to go the problem with that is where we ego. All that in Monique well that he was Urban Meyers who see out Florida so most of the Florida thing doesn't work out with wood Chip Kelly could he ego does he want the Tennessee job. You know would do would Nebraska come calling for playing him for him it could be adjusting. The thing about Dan Mullen is too he makes for a half million dollars China. So the question. To you is if you're if you're a head coach. You make it for half million dollars you've got the country club you get free seven series BMW that they give via. You got that town wired a thousand different ways you don't pay for a drink anyway not so much pressure on zero pressure UN seven games. Every year. And as you keep getting your contract extended and you can retire there are a very very rich man and no one bothers you. You just keep doing what you do when you're on cruise control or. Do you leave it do you take 66 and a half million maybe seven to go to Tennessee. More resources better chance to win but. You can win 89 games two years and Guerrero. In you have one bad season your baskets fired and everybody is up your skirt 24/7 about the job your doing which one's more attractive. Well I mean it's all personal preference translated it's it's like Tennessee is a much better job in this B statement. You can paint the case that the better life is the coach at Mississippi State. NI tigers that I just think that you know as it's it's just too depends on what's important to him he may be sitting in Mississippi State based on how he's wired in going to hide. I've done a great job here but I cannot. I'm just I'm not going to get or don't wanna go zero. He mean won ten games one year he's 68 and 45 their element and dial in well accounts that's a really good job that he did they were he has done a really good jobs is gone 5794768057610. In three knighted for. Six and seven and they love so I think that he's kind of in the Mike Riley boat and I know he's younger but he's not like when the young hotshot up and coming guys now he's been around awhile is 45 I think he's. Oh he's a wise and that I thought. I think he's in that boat where. He because Riley one of the reasons he left is like look you know this an opportunity the united really just can't pass up I'm getting older my last chance to play with all the the boy and I I want those toys I wanna see what I can do with those toys and may be Dan Mullen is that is that you know if he because these there's going to be some big time jobs open are very arts in the time jobs that may be it just depends on how he's wired in what's important to him well and how much someone's willing to pay him. Mean that's format million bucks a lot of money in others. Here is he's not leave it takes a mother in home. I give did let's say the UCLA job comes open in I leave it to take back is he still is obtained demo owns five and a half million dollars a year he's not leaving to take a lateral Paco. Well they were impressive I I thought they look good against Alabama even though Alabama pulled it out but really the most impressed present performance was. I mean I don't know it's it's between Auburn and Miami. You know Auburn did that's a statement she gave host Alabama couple weeks I think it. I don't know I think Auburn probably did the statement weekend more so than Miami. Yeah where Miami just because it would it didn't shock me that Auburn won. Shocked me the way they did it but I ate I thought. The Miami was gonna get exposed against Virginia Tech or against Notre Dame I did not buying it I've seen them play. I'm not impressed with their offense they're up it was a great against. Against Notre Dame there like. Nearly two for two for thirteen on third down and if you like a 127 yards but it didn't matter because their defense was a damn good they ran the ball well. That's the that's mine I just I would not believe that Notre Dame gets blown out the way they did against Miami but. I'll give Miami credit the last two weeks they changed my opinion of them and how about the human they're gonna be in Q2 winnable games here. The unit finish eleven and known going to take on Clemson in the ACC title game beauty part of your Miami is you can still lovable again one of these two weeks. Few if they're McLean Virginia and hit Virginian pin that somehow you got upset one of those games something flew key happens in your eleven and one and you go beat. You know clubs and who's going to be the number two number three team in the country. You still end up in the cultural playoff Miami is in the driver's seat Pittsburgh is a road game their those guys are foreign six Virginia it's not bad either six and four. The bad teams that Miami didn't pit last year aren't they the woman are tough Clinton yeah season and beat him McAfee cleanse an icon next it is the club our. The club com. I wanna tell you about because I don't buy this today and it constantly pops into my head every time I drive diet there's a stretch of road. In a part of Portland that I just. It fascinates me how Baltimore despite too when you said that I had a stretch of road that in time I'm on I always sees something that. Frightens and confuses the let's start there suck the water scarcity what's going announcer. The club next on the fan.